Monday, December 3, 2012

Holy Crap!! INDEED

I found this graphic via WRSA.

It really is worth the time to follow the link and absorb the meaning.


I mean, Holy Shit on a cracker. Put the way it is, I found it astonishing...I mean, really, I thought I had a handle on the magnitude and all that. I am an engineer by training, and I never work with anything even close to 1...Scientific notation is the only way I can handle most figures in the engineering that I used to do.  But I never looked at things like this. Bet you didn't either.

But seriously.

Go, look, realize. Freak..... Take a deep breath.

Then share with others. Realize the depths of the damage they are doing to the country and your savings.

At the rate of things, I think you might really want to  mortgage your house for 30 more years, and invest in gold.... You'll pay back expensive dollars borrowed today with essentially worthless dollars a very low interest rate.

After looking at the graphic, you might understand why savings accounts and retirement savings are a losing proposition...


Irish said...

Un. Real. Being an engineer as well this puts it into a sickening perspective.



Old NFO said...

A perspective that 'should' be getting folks attention, but you can bet all the left is seeing is MOAR votes to be bought with handouts...

PioneerPreppy said...

Yep. When you see that you realize tangibles and real wealth is what is going to be needed in the very near future.