Friday, April 30, 2010

If one were just the tiniest bit untrusting.....

of the government, and the Obama Administration in particular, one might wonder about the timing of the well fire and explosion and resulting oil spill off the Louisiana coast.

Just as the administration had announced that it was going to allow more offshore drilling, much to the wailing and weeping of the EnviroZombies, this accident happens.....

Fortuitous timing to get him out of the jam he was in between those citizens who need and want less expensive energy and those who are rabidly psychotic environmentalists (who, I might note, still travel in dinosaur burning, toxin spewing, Gaia destroying, automobiles,ships, and airplanes).

Now he has an excuse to put a halt to all new drilling (and even curtail current drilling) all in the name of environmental safety and security. He gets off the hook with the EnviroZombies and has an excuse to give to the rest of us proles.

Hey....If Bush the PuppetChimpMeister could kill 3k+/-  people for an excuse to go to war with Iraq (or so the theory goes) then why is this out of the question???

And it does tie his problem up in a nice neat bow, doesn't it???

I'm just sayin'

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