Saturday, April 17, 2010

Coming soon to a country near you....

Bet on it.

While we are noit quite yet at the stage that Argentina is, (yet) we are following a similar path.

soon, THIS will happen here too. Not today, and not tomorrow. But not too far in the future either.

Look at the parallels in the history. Bet it happens elsewhere Europe too. All in the name of public welfare, public good, or collective fairness.

Think it is impossible? So did those who thought their gold coins were safe in their safe deposit boxes in 1933. Not to mention the subsequent devaluation of the dollar. How many people got shafted by FDR when his executive order 6102 went into effect? How many people saw their saving cut nearly in half overnight, all in the name of the welfare of the US?

Will it happen here? Who knows? But I'd rather have my money in an IRA rather than a pension fund anyway, for several reasons. Or even NOT in an IRA....

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