Saturday, April 3, 2010

"arm yourself"

A lesson on why you should own a firearm and be reasonably proficient in its use and deployment. Why you should pracice often enough to maintain that proficiency.

This article explains why. The violence in Mexico is spilling over the border. Law enforcement can't be everywhere, and they are advising folks to "arm yourself".But to arm yourself without the skills to use those arms is foolish, and dangerous, and could lead to the person bearing arms being more confident than he/she should be.

Look, it ain't that hard to maintain your proficiency, should it be a rifle or a pistol. A few hundred rounds a year. Why not? You might need it. Hopefully not, but you might.

Bet those folks who live on the border are wishing that they had practiced more recently. Or even that thy owned a gun...

So sometime this month, take your weapon to the range and practice. Do drills. Maintain your proficiency.

The way things are going, you might need it soon.

Of course, all that proficiency means nothing without situational awareness, but that is another discussion.

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