Friday, October 2, 2020

I expect the Left to go completely Apeshit

 I mean, moreso than they already have. 

Seems that Donald J Trump has tested positive for Coronavirus.  

(Note: He has not yet shown symptoms, nor is he, at the time, sick)

I fully expect that the Trump Haters will go nuts and bloviate on and on ad nauseum how he deserves this, how it is his own fault, etc, etc, etc


B P said...

Thereby throwing away any remaining illusion of moral high ground.

Aaron said...

Oh, they already have. Social media is full of them squealing with glee about it.

Eck! said...

Project much?

Oh I'm sure there will the the few that gloat and makes
noises but hey each side does that.

As to sick, he is. He has the virus and may be asymptomatic
and can spread it. The real test is would shake his hand,
right now?

He's at the age group I'm in so I don't envy him if it develops
as it has for others. Difference is I take all precautions
he claimed they were not needed.


B said...


Look on the media, I'm not wrong.


They're rejoicing at the chance that OrangeCheetoHitler may die.

This is why "spicy time" is inevitable.

When it starts, have no mercy for you shall receive none from them.