Monday, October 5, 2020

Have ya noticed?

 While the press is focused  on Donald Trump's condition, as far as I have seen none of them are asking how the First Lady is doing....Odd, that. One might think that her condition would matter as well. It does to me, anyway

I guess that it only matters if she is dying. 

I think that tells us something about the Press. 


Igor said...

What did you expect? They don't care anything about Orange Man, but methinks if anybody attacked Melania then there would be a backlash that would show them in their true light. Can't have that bad image, y'know!

Pete said...

Or maybe there's just nothing much to report.


Peteforester said...

The only thing "the press" cares about is its hope that Trump will die. It couldn't care less about Melania. It couldn't care less about you and me!

Old NFO said...

They are doom and glooming him, hoping for his death... sigh