Monday, June 4, 2018

Technical difficulties:

So I FINALLY got the big Windows update to run, and actually finish. Took 4 calls to Windows to resolve it.

and it worked for 2 dys......Then I rebooted the machine.

Big Big mistake. That update? Yeah, it really fixed my machine.....

Now I have all sorts of configuration errors and other things preventing the machine from booting.

I am gonna have to go to an expert for this, or at least someone who knows more than I do.

I can't blog from a tablet, so there may be little new posting for a day or 2.

Thanks Windows. Thnaks a LOT.


DTWND said...

That's good news. It's summertime. Now get out there and finish that training and get that Private Pilot License. No excuses, now.


B said...


leaperman said...

Full reload. Nothing else fixes it. It's that damn 1803 update.
Has had 6 computers in our shop so far with the problems you are having.

Old NFO said...

Sorry to hear that...