Tuesday, June 5, 2018

I Iz Back

New hard drive. Seems that the data was totally scrozzled. So, even though Geek Squad thought that it was the update (apprently , others have had this same issue) they chose tor start fresh with a new drive as well.

So, new Windows, New drive, same chassis.

And I am back. 


leaperman said...

send it to me and I bet I could get your data off.
I have low level recovery tools at our computer shop.
GDI computers

RichD said...

That is odd. I had a similar issue. Last window update, my drive died a few days after. Being frugal, I bought a new drive and ran the software and transferred most of the items to the new drive. I thought the timing was rather odd. I lost some items, but I have a working computer now.

B said...

Hey, Fritz, I had a weekly backup, so no great loss. Just a pain in the ass.