Saturday, August 26, 2017

But hey, it's a statue of a white guy

So we MUST tear it down or damage it.

I mean, Statue. White guy. Bad. Right?

Except this was a guy who died 78 years BEFORE the Civil War.  But some jerkwad cut the head off the statue of Colonel Crawford. Even though he wasn't a Confederate.

"Oops, my bad". Said no vandal or Leftist ever.

If they find this guy, they should incarcerate him for vandalism, and castrate him so he doesn't pass his stupidity on to the next generation.


Old NFO said...

We should be so lucky... Castration is too good for him...

RichD said...

All vandals should be punished. The statues are protected public property. I don't understand how the government condones the vandals. They should be locked up before the act is finished. Not allow the vandalism and then either ignore it, or as in the one case, investigate and try and ID the vandals the police calmly watched tear up the statue. These idiots need to be brought down. There is no recourse, so it goes on. The government needs to step in and say enough.