Tuesday, January 17, 2017

"Stop Resisting!"

Gotta love how cops always say that as they dogpile some dude (been there!) that they are overreacting on....just so they can say you were resisting arrest...both to give them something to charge you with to cover their ass when they realize that they overreacted....and so that they have some excuse for their overzealous action on the dashcam.

Don't believe me?

See this.

(much longer version HERE)

Not as rare a happening as it should be...takes 6 cops to take down one unresisting dude. (Once they get started, you can't "not resist" enough......trust me.). I think these cops should be personally liable, not their employers, the taxpayers.  Massive overreaction. Cuff him? Maybe. The rest?, come on. All these cops are unfit to be peace officers. Every one that participated in the dogpile. All should be forced to find other career...(like maybe greeters at WalMart...or the dude who follows the horses with a shovel in the parades....).  


Spikessib said...


In which a Florida officer had all of his possessions taken to pay medical bills for someone he shot.

Comrade Misfit said...

Exactly right. It's about getting their "justifications" on tape.

B said...

Spike: I posted on that a while back.