Monday, January 2, 2017

First at the range

So me and Ed went to the range on 1/1/17.  He called and said that he was gonna see if he had the new night sights on his 1911 aligned....and did I wanna go with him?

I allowed as I had time. So to the range we went. We were the first two folks to sign into the range this year.

50 rounds of Blazer Brass out of the Sig 1911 at 50 feet later, it was happy...there were 50 holes in the paper. Not a great target, but they were all in a 12x12 paper..... I gotta lighten up the trigger jut a bit.

'Twas a good way to start the New Year.

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Old NFO said...

Nothing wrong with that out of a brand new gun! :-)