Saturday, January 16, 2016


I mean,.... (name for a mexican landscaper)  H tapdancin' Cheeerist.

The Indy 1500 had a line to get in about 400 people long. AT 11:15 AM/ (the Show opens at 8).

Crowded? Like a can of pickled Norwegian Herring. I actually skipped a row and came back later several times because they were SO crowded. Had I not driven 2 hours to get there, I'da left and gone back home.....(Plus I wanted to say "Hi" to Tam)

The show promoters must LOVE IT when Barry opens his pie hole.......figure at least 15,000 people (at $12.00 a pop) That is some real cash profit there. Might have been 20K or more. I am not that good at figuring those kind of crowds

No real deals to be had though. guns or ammo. (At least not by the time I got there) fewer private sales folks too, I Barry has had some effect....maybe? ....I dunno.

All in all, a friend turned an old Colt government model into a new Mustang and a bit of cash, and I left with a decent pair of scissors......But that was it. I came to spend some money,,,,,,,but not spend it I left with nearly all that I brung.

Armslist it is then.


Tam said...

Moved the .357SIG M&P and the 469, and I'll plow that dough into a .357SIG Glock and start an AR build, probably.

It was cool seeing y'all! We'll have to do a blogmeet thingy.

RichD said...

Glad I stayed home. Had a feeling with the blow hard whining and crying Obummer was doing on TV, it would trigger another run on guns. Have a gun auction to go to in a couple of weeks. Hopefully things will calm down a bit. If I knew the frenzy would continue, I would put a few guns up for auction. Good time to turn a profit on the hysteria.

Old NFO said...

Glad y'all got a chance to meet up. Sounds like most gun shows lately, packed to the gills!