Monday, January 4, 2016

So, Isn't this "Racist"?

I mean, forcing people to get ID's and all......Especially ID's that meet Federal Standards and such.

Didn't we hear how an ID (of any kind) to vote was a terrible hardship to people, poor people, people of color and all that?

Yet I don't hear the outcry from the DNC or any other liberal organization about this:

Illinois, Missouri and other states State Issued ID (and Drivers licensees) not valid ID for entry into Federal facilities.....Including Airports.... (link fixed)

Isn't that racist? It was a hardship for people to prove their identity to you have to meet even more stringent Identification standards to fly, or enter a federal courthouse, or a federal prison....Isn't that even more racist(er) or something?

Think about this, however:

Now, to fly DOMESTICALLY, you need either a Compliant State ID, or a US State Department issued PASSPORT....

 Haven't we heard this somewhere before?

Ihre Papiere bitte Your Papers, Please......

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