Monday, November 5, 2012

Preppers: Better stock up now

There are likely to be shortages in the coming weeks!

Anheuser-Busch stops making beer, cans water for Sandy victims instead.

I wonder if I could buy couple of cases for long term storage?


og said...

I have seen canned water but not in beercans, only in the 24 ounce sizes.

I wonder if, in the long run, some kind of lite canned beer wouldn't be better for you? I never touch the stuff anymore, but it has some (Possibly minimal) nutritional value, it does contain some electrolytes, and aside from the taste (Which while dying of thirst is not an issue) i bet the "Safe to drink" shelf life is humongous. I wonder what the downsides would be? Can beer dehydrate you or cause other issues (Aside from intoxication)?

Old NFO said...

Kudos to them! And since I'm NOT a big beer drinker, no loss over here... :-)