Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Another endorsement

I now hold a "Complex" endorsement.

I did it with a Piper aircraft. Which flies OK, it just isn't the aircraft I would choose to buy.

"Complex" isn't really that big of a deal, actually. Just more to do at takeoff, climb, descent and landing. Pretty simple though.

Damned fast, that Turbo Arrow, what with no gear and no struts causing drag. 


Unknown said...

Cool beans. The complex is probably the most fun, that is, outside the taildragger or seaplane.

Since you seem a Cessna man, are you considering a strutless 210? Which ever type you choose, I heartedly recommend the Cessna Owner Organization, or Mike Busch who is based at KSMX.


B said...

Prolly a 182 P or Q first. I figure I can fly it for a year or two (and figure what I REALLY want/need in an airplane) and still get my money back out of it, more or less.

If it works out that I have a need for it, I REALLY lust after the 337's. But I dunno.

Unknown said...

If you think the 337 is something, you will be bowled over by the 336. It is not same same. Do yourself a favor and look into.