Thursday, May 25, 2017

California farmers

Can't get enough cheap labor now that there aren't enough illegal Mexicans to exploit.


I can't find it in my heart to feel anything for them. 


Rich D said...

Why can't they simply go to the unemployment office. If you are drawing unemployment and turn down a job like that, you are kicked off the roles. Work your way down the line. Jobs are filled and people that want to leach off the system are weeded out. win win.

PeteForester1 said...

Boo-hoo. All the state needs to do is to round up all of the Section Eighters sitting around, smoking dope and drinking beer all day, and put 'em to work for their money! The state won't do that though, as the Left would lose its insane supermajority. Imagine; doonuttin Democrat voters actually being told to WORK for a living. O' the HORROR!

Harry Flashman said...

Any yet, while 12% of the entire U.S. population lives in California, 34% of all Americans on welfare live in California. Something wrong with that picture.