Sunday, March 20, 2016

They say more arrests soon for people carrying firearms at the Bundy Ranch debacle.

HERE is the story.

Now, if those people were legally carrying the firearms, and not trespassing, what charges can be brought? If they never threatened the newly minted mercenaries freshly badged contractors that were dressed as Federal Agents, then under what laws are any arrests valid?

I'd like to know.

(I heard stories that the agents were watching the crowd through their scopes (which were still mounted to the AR's) and some of the crowd were scoping them back, but still, I doubt that meets even the criteria of menacing)

We shall see. It may be that this is just a tactic to make the rest of us remember and be cautious next time...

HT for the link goes to Irish

ETA: What happens when someone decides not to go quietly? All it takes is one Patriot to decide to change the odds for the next guy....."Shorten the stack", as it were...Then what?

Or are we all gonna watch it happen and do nothing? What can we do,  if and when?

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Old NFO said...

How many more will die 'resisting arrest'???