Thursday, March 5, 2015

The onliest ones.

"But I Am a Cop!"

So on my way home, I stopped at the Post Office in a very small town to check the P.O. Box.  I stop about twice a week to check on it.

As is Federal Law, I disarm, leaving my carry gun locked in the car (or truck). I believe the requirement that I disarm to get my mail is illegal and unconstitutional, but the courts disagree, so I follow the law.

As I am coming into the Post Office, my holster empty (and coat pulled over it) , I encounter the Chief of Police of that small town. He is in civilian clothes and I realized that the car I had parked next to in the lot was his personal car. I smile and raise my hand in greeting.

He looks at me and says "Hi", and then waits while I fish out my key and open the mailbox. I retrieve my mail and then turn to see what he wants...

Now this Cop is, actually, generally a decent sort. He does his job, seldom has an attitude, and is a decent guy most of the time... I have interacted with him several times over the years. His officers use our range twice a year to practice and before their certification testing (which is another good story for another time). He knows I carry, and have a permit.

"Got a question for ya, B" he says. "Do you carry here in the Post Office?"

"Nope," I said, "Federal Law, ya know.....not worth losing my permit there is the whole prison thing...".

"You wouldn't just be saying that, would you?" He asks.

"Nope, I am serious. No heater today...not in here......In the car".

"Mind if I check?"

"Actually, yes....Got a warrant?"

"No. Was just curious"

"Probable cause?"


"Then I decline to be searched" I said with a smile..."Fourth Amendment, you know"

We stare at each other for a moment, then I step between him and the door and then ask...."You on duty? Or on the way home?"

"On the way home".

"Ah, so you are here as a civilian then, not on Police business"

"Yep, if you want to look at it that way.".

"But you are carrying," I point out pointing at his Glock in a OWB holster..."In a Post Office....Isn't that a felony?"

"I'm a cop" he says, and brushed past me and left....

Interesting, Innit?


Irish said...

Rules are for thee, not me, I see.

Serious question, let's say, for arguments sake, you decided to run in and run out. Maybe you saw someone in a suspicous car and didnt want to be unarmed at all. Do you think he would have arrested you?

Another point that I think of. Don't these LEO's realize that if they were in a bad situation, most law abiding, carrying citizens would help them?

I don't see how this tension of authority over the civilians will be remedied.

Murphy's Law said...

Now seeing a problem, here. Sworn police officers are almost universally expected to take police action should a serious crime occur in their presence, on the clock or off it.

Of course I don't see any "tension of authority over civilians", either. What I do see is lots of people trying to make an "us vs them" contest vis-a-vis the police when there's no real cause for it. And as proof, how many videos can you find on Youtube of armed citizens doing thei best to provoke a police response just so they can pick a fight and post it to the internet? Now if cops did that, people would be outraged, wouldn't they?

Brass said...

It's actually illegal for a gun to be in the parking lot of a post office as well as the interior. We are going through a lawsuit up here in Avon CO. over that because we do not have any mail delivery. Also, and you'd have to look this up, but seeing as it's a federal law that doesn't have a corresponding state law, I've heard that most local cops can't arrest you on it and it takes some form of Fed.


B said...

My understanding is that as long as it remains in the vehicle, I am ok. Can't leave the vehicle with it on me.

As far as I am aware, I am following the law. If not, and someone can show the relevant cites for regulations, I would appreciate it.

Don't want to get a Federal felony.

B said...

Moe said...

" ...don't see any "tension of authority over civilians", either. What I do see is lots of people trying to make an "us vs them" contest vis-a-vis the police when there's no real cause for it."

Doug Dendinger would beg to differ.