Sunday, June 1, 2014

Relative value:

So it would seem that a US soldier is worth at least 5 Taliban commanders, (which is probably a bargain for the Taliban) or our State Departement can't bargain worth a shit.

You decide which.


og said...

Send those bastards back with the clap and MERS and every damned virus you can give them, and surgically implant hand grenades in their colons. Or return them out the back of a C130

RichD said...

One thing our clueless president did was let the Taliban know that it is alright to kidnap our soldiers and we will trade very generously to get them back. Apparently he doesn't belong to the school of "we don't bargain with terrorists." I really wish they would grow some balls and impeach the imbecile. Once again, he bypassed congress with no more than a few congress critters getting their panties in a bunch.