Wednesday, February 12, 2014

So it seems that Atlanta residents CAN learn

Most of them stayed home and let the storm happen ...

But the rest of the denizens of the South can't. 

Record delays in North Carolina, People stuck on the roads and unable to climb hills to go home.

Jesus Christ, I knew that it was going to be bad there..That there would be Ice and snow and other bad things......and I live a thousand miles or more away. WTF is wrong with these people?

And the media found a family (one would guess by ethnicity and demeanor that she was a welfare recipient) that had ALREADY run out of food...Of course.

It would seem that the southern people are living up to their reputation of stubbornness and stupidity.

I find that sad.


og said...

I cannot comprehend running out of food.

Keads said...

Ah, I am offended Sir. I had no choice, I had to go to work this AM when the roads were clear. Only 2 hours later when they were craptacular I was allowed (and ready) to leave.

Don't paint us all with the same brush. Yes, I made in home in a 1994 Mustang with rear wheel drive and manual transmission.

Some of us don't get to choose.

Again. I'm offended.

Keads said...

Oh, its the worst storm since 2002 as well. We don't do snow or ice very well because it happens so infrequently. WE don't have the infrastructure, nor would I want to pay for it to sit and rust for over a decade until you need it.

We will be fine, I promise. Thanks for your concern.

B said...

Keads: I am sorry my words offended you.

Having said that, look at the evidence.

Perhaps not every southerner is stupid, but enough are (as reported by the media) to uphold your reputation.

Old NFO said...

As usual, it's the 'usual suspects'... Those expecting the .gov to do everything for them...

Karl said...

The South will rise again (weather permitting...)

og said...

yeah, there's no way that southern cities could guard against this kind of thing. Lacking large snowfalls, they would have to buy SaltDogg pickup truck salt inserts which are eminently indestructible, fill them with sea salt or rock salt most of which comes from southern coastal states, using small tractors. And there certainly aren't any people in georgia with small tractors or pickup trucks, And no way they could look at something like radar to tell them that a storm was coming and pre emptively get some salt out on the roads, that's just crazy talk.

Sure, there are plenty of people who are prepared and have their heads out of their asses. Most are not.

For the hotdog vendors budget at a couple of nascar races you could have enough equipment standing by to take care of all this crap.

No. Sympathy.

Keads said...

B., No harm or foul, but I don't like getting painted with such a large brush. I am a native of North Carolina and these things happen so infrequently. I do agree with the sheeple aspect of all of it though.

Most are transplants!

Keads said...

og, the hotdog vendors are private. NCDOT, County, City infrastructure is not. I scratch off a hefty check for that every year. BIG difference!

og said...

Please point out where I said to take the money from them. I of course did not. You must read what I actually wrote, and not what the voices in your head tell you I wrote. I was comparing the amount of money, which you would understand if you had some reading comprehension. My point being the amount of money required to be prepared for these circumstances is minuscule. BIG difference!

As for most being transplants, well, so are YOU.