Monday, April 15, 2013

And here I had my eye on a 700 in.308

But now it looks like I'm gonna have to buy another Savage instead. BUMMER.

Remington prostitutes itself for the promise of government business.

I am sure that the government contract for Sniper rifles is very lucrative. Likely the markup to the government is higher than to Joe hunter.

Having said that, I find it sad that Remington is willing to stay, so long as they get what amounts to a massive bribe....With Taxpayer's money.



og said...

You can't beat the savage for trigger pull, barrel and receiver, dollar for dollar. The only better rifle would be custom and cost a wad of cash.

Old NFO said...

That it is... sigh

Jester said...

Their quality and customer service is terrible anyway. I bought a 300 WSM in 09, never shot it, and had all sorts of issues with it. Mind you I was an Armorer and Direct Support weapons repairman in the army. I could not get it unfucked. After one trip there and back under warranty repair it still is not fixed. Savage from now on.