Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Strangely, you didn't see this on the media, did you?

Seems a Muslim  in Kentucky went all psycho and killed several people. All in the name of Allah. Praying before he did so.  Yet you never heard anything about this hate crime on the MSM, didja?

I don't fully understand his beef, and really don't care. He killed people. And he called upon his god when he did so.

And note that it was an armed, retired police officer who stopped him. Armed citizen and all that.

Was this religiously motivated? Maybe. Maybe not.  But if it had been a Christian who did this (admittedly praying to another god) then the news media would have trumpeted this in prime time.

Not so in this case. Wonder why?



og said...

"admittedly praying to another god"

No, actually, same God, as odd as that seems. Muslims share the same God of Abraham that Christians worship. Cliffs notes version here


Mr.B said...

Yes, well. I agree. But generally they don't.

og said...

Indeed. Odd how two different groups can get two different messages ostensibly from the same place.