Wednesday, July 4, 2012

It seems appropriate

On Independence Day, to suggest this as an appropriate place for you to send any spare money you have lying around.

Holsters for Heroes seems like a worthwhile cause.

Sponsor a holster for a serving soldier or Marine. I am.

I think it is a Good Thing. Let 'em know that we care.

I can tell you that Michael makes excellent holsters. He has made 3 for me, and 1 for MC (and an awesome knife sheath/holster for her as well.). He'll likely make more for us too, as the need arises.

In fact, I am evaluating the (slightly customized) Clipper holster he made for me. (Currently breaking it in before doing a review) right now.....If I could convince him to take the time (he's like really overloaded with orders right now) I'd have him make me a custom recoil pad for the Sharps.

So, seriously, support yer troops.

Just a thought.

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