Friday, May 25, 2018

So when

are we gonna get some form of communication from the Mueller led "investigation"???

So far, I haven't seen squat from them or anyone else as far as them finding anything. They've claimed that they have found things about some of the folks that were around the Trump Campaign, but so far, nothing on any of the principals. And I have not ever seen any document that shows what the scope of their investigation is, or what limits they have.....Even Kenneth Starr had limits and a destination in mind when he began his journey into the dark secrets of the Clintons....

Is there a deadline wherein they must produce something or give up their "investigation"? Are there any responsible people doing any reviewing of the work they claim to be doing? Is there a point where someone says "Ok, you've spent enough money and have "X" man hour invested and you haven't got squat" and forces them to disband their witch hunt?

Or is this open ended investigation going to keep digging forever? Is it an actual, you know, investigation, or just a jobs program for mediocre lawyers? 

At what point does this witch hunt end? 

Thursday, May 24, 2018

But women don't lie about stuff like that.....

Yeah, sure. How often have we heard that from other women?
Except that this sort of thing keeps happening. Women can no longer make the accusation and then just cry to be believed....

Bodycam proves Texas Highway cop DID NOT sexually assault woman he arrested for DUI. It appears that he was very professional

So is she gonna get time for the false accusation? Seems to me that she should get the maximum penalty that HE was up against. If he was up for 5 years, then she should get 5 years. Plus character assasinnation damages.

The thing is, these false allegations undermine the credibility of those women who ARE victims of men who rape or otherwise molest them.  Who do we believe?

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

"Stand or stay off the field"

The NFL finally grew a set of balls....sorta. 

If players are on the field when the National Anthem is played, they will stand.

Or, they can hide in the locker room.

Or fines will be levied on their employers.

This is a decent start. I have grown tired of the bullshit. Tired of the disrespect towards our country.
These players are, at the end, employees. And it is time that the NFL (and the teams) made them behave.

I'm all for folks exercising their First Amendment rights....just not when they are working.

And the perceived "Brutality" towards black people is just that....perceived. Behave, don't run, don't act like an animal, and yer not likely to get shot. Whites get shot at the same rate when interacting with the police.....It's just that, due to behavior, the black inner city kids get interacted with more....and they decide how it goes from the first point of contact. Run, fight, struggle, and yer gonna get treated accordingly.

Don't wanna get pulled over? Don't act like a "Yo". Don't cruise around in town with the ganga smoke detectable 3 blocks away. Don't play your music loud enough to be hears 3 blocks over.  In short, behave.

Running and strugggling will generally get you non-gentle treatment. Act like a criminal, you'll get treated like one.

There are a LOT of things that the players could legitimately protest, and lots of respectful ways in which they could do so.

Their stated reason...the one started by Colin Kaepernick is bullshit and is disrespectful. I'd like to see 10 game suspensions, but this is a start. 

A Sure-Fire way to win greater approval:

What Donald Trump really needs to do in order to raise his approval rating and to help all the other Conservatives that are running for re-election is to demand that the FCC/FTC and whatever other department has jurisdiction start enforcing the Do Not Call list, and also find and drive a stake through the heart of "Susie from Credit Card Services" and her ilk.

Get a conviction for her and her enablers and publicize it, and even hard core Liberals will think better of him. Hang 'em on the Washington Mall (after disemboweling preceded by scalping preceded by a firing squad) and televise it, and he'll retain the majorities in the Legislative branch.

Make the calls stop, and he'll get re-elected.

(Why is it that the FCC/FTC are not stopping these calls and preventing firms from ignoring the DoNotCall list? There are HUGE fines possible, and I get at least 5 a week from assorted folks wanting to offer me something...sometimes 5 a DAY)

The only issue

is that it is the citizens that will end up paying, not the individuals who made the asinine and political decision.

Student sues school because he was kicked out of class for wearing a Pro-Border Wall t-shirt. 

We need to figure out a way that the perpetrators of such misjudgement will be held personally responsible rather than the taxpayers that employ 'em. 

I wonder

How long it takes for Starbucks to go under?

I mean, now that anyone can sit in their booths and use their bathrooms.....and never be asked to pay or a coffee or a cookie or a drink....

'Cause I am willing to be that most of their customers, despite leaning to the Left and having "egalitarian" beliefs, won't want to share a table with some dude who is homeless and hasn't showered in a month.....and who trims his toenails where it is air conditioned and sleeps where it is warm in the winter.....Or find some chick shooting up in the bathrooms.....

I predict a large fall off in sales at Starbucks in Urban locations. Rapidly, once people realize that they can just stay there all day....

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

So they are real?

I mean, Zombies!  WTF?

If the State is warning you about 'em....

This is my shocked face:

I mean who would have guessed?

Parkland survivor’s dad: David Hogg and Cameron Casky love each other, but not romantically

Rumor has it that they are taking each other to Prom.
(not that there is anything wrong with that, mind you).

Or this could just be a last grasp for some residual fame...

I'm really trying to give a shit here, but it just won't happen. 

Media surprised when basic Chemistry and physics happen:

I guess Journalism majors, in addition to not learning english or spelling, don't learn any basic chemistry or physics either.....

USA Today: 'Hawaii volcano poses a new threat: Acid from Kilauea's lava, called 'laze,' pouring into the ocean'...which is kinda wrong. (The lava interacting with the seawater creates, among other things, hydrochloric acid vapor, which is bad for lungs)

This is a natural process, giving off vaporized hydrochloric acid and fine particles of "glass". Happens every time that lava meets the ocean...every time.....No surprise to anyone who pays attention, but to the media and apparently most journalists, this is both a surprise and a scary new phenomenon. Apparently, it frightens them as well. The CBS newscritters are surprised at this and frightened by it and are also under the impression that a simple N-100 mask can keep you safe (it won't).

I'm no genius, but I understood this sort of thing after high school chemistry and physics for gods sake. Apparently though, journalists never learn anything...even though they supposedly went to college?

Monday, May 21, 2018

So the media

Keeps saying that the asshole shooter in Santa Fe TX left behind both some Molotov coctails and some "CO2 explosives".

What, exactly are "CO2 explosives"?

Is this just the uneducated (as to anything worth knowing)  repeating what they thought they heard? Or was there an actual device and it was, perhaps somehow powered by or charged by CO2? It is awfully hard to get CO2 to do anything ...energetically... as far as I know. I mean, pressure vessels, yes, but explosive?  For all intents and purposes CO2 is pretty inert. It would be a great dispersant for a powder or an aerosol, perhaps....

I'm just curious as to what, exactly the media is chattering about here.

Any idea? 

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Boosting the signal yet again (not the same one as last time)

Seems that my friend Tam has had an incident.

Good thoughts sent her way, please. more if you can. 

DB Cooper???

DB Cooper was one of my heroes. He thumbed his nose at everyone and got away with it....and hurt no one in the process. Yes, he was a criminal, and a thief, but his methods were good, and he had class....and style.

They claim that the mystery from 1971 is solved....

Walter Reca?  Was he really "DB Cooper"? Did his friends really know...and were they really part of his conspiracy?

Supposedly, his identity is now revealed. And Walter Reca is dead of old age.

(18 minute video)

I dunno. But they claim they have taped confessions and a written confession.

 Fox News thinks so, apparently...
Others, not so much

FBI conspiracy? Did they really let him get away with the Hijacking just so they could use him for other purposes?
Seems odd, but then again, things like that happened back then.

Maybe just an attempt to sell a book?
We will likely never know.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Boosting the signal:

So, via Kens place, we get this:

For his 100th birthday on June 6 -- which comes 74 years after he was miraculously pulled off a Normandy-bound boat on D-Day -- Michigan WWII veteran Isaac "Ike" Fabela has just one wish, his family said.

Fabela will be anxiously checking his mail, as the happy and humble vet hopes to rack up 100 birthday cards from well-wishers across the country.

Send the dude a card. A couple a bucks won't hurt ya too bad, and it'll make his day.

Address, in case you didn't follow the link:

Ike Fabela
C/O Nick Rodgers
PO Box 3112 Montrose, MI

If doing an old vet a favor...if that is too much bother, then I hope I never meet you.

Interesting veiwpoint:

Overheard in the checkout line:

"A Caddylak cost de same as a Ford, you just be payin' longer"...

I blinked.
Took a minute to process what I had just heard....

And from one perspective, he's right...If you think that short term, that is. The same is true of Toyota/Lexus, or Honda/Acura.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

I'd really like to see

The supposed "documents" that link the "russians" the Trump campaign, and the NRA. 

this meme keeps coming up, and yet, I haven't seen any "documents"....

I'm beginning to think this is like the accusations that "the russians" are the ones that broke into the DNC severs and such....nothing but innuendo from the Democrats, and all with an agenda.

If there is something to it, then I'd like to see it published.

Especially since, like the Mueller investigation, the expenditure of taxpayer money appears to be for naught but political gain. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

I wish I had that kind of scratch..

......That I could total a $300,000 car and simply leave it in the desert outside of Vegas. 

I mean, I'm doin' alright and all, but to be able to just leave a totalled McLaren and be glad I walked away is still too much like rich for me. 

Plus, of course, White Priviledge

I mean, yeah, my Mom made similar GOOD Choices.

and I and my siblings gained from her good choice of mate.

"What my Mother did for me"

And my siblings are carrying on that tradition, and are raising wonderful, fairly well adjusted and very well educated children who will likely be successful and carry on the tradition of raising intelligent, well educated, well adjusted children.

And so on and so on and more of that.

Not so in many families. And this we can, indeed, blame on Mothers. Good (or bad) choices of mates makes for successful (or not) children in most cases.

This is indeed a part of culture of white privilege, (and/or not) in many cases in white other "less successful"/downtrodden cultures here in America. Part of setting your children up for success. Or not.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

my my, isn't this interesting:

Perhaps Soros or his ilk?

peaceful Switzerland is in the crosshairs of international and domestic gun control advocates who are intent on abolishing the idyllic nation’s tradition of an armed citizenry. Using the 2017 changes to the European Firearms Directive as justification, these foreign and home-grown forces are attempting to burden the tranquil republic with gun controls the Swiss people have continually rejected. However, as was pointed out in a recent Bloomberg article, many Swiss citizens are refusing to take this assault on their inalienable rights and national sovereignty lying down

So even though the Swiss don't have a "Gun crime problem " (hint: the US doesn't either if you don't count the mostly "ethnic" parts of Liberal Large Cities.....South side of Chicago, etc.) the EU and their ever intrusive Statist Bureaucrats are pushing for even more gun control in Switzerland.....

And the Swiss have said "Fuck You...we like things just the way they are"

This ougha get, as Kenny said, "interesting"...... I think this might be a line that the Swiss won't let be crossed.

This article was found over at Ken's place, BTW. 

One has to wonder

Who, exactly, is orchestrating this current push to show how all whites and all businesses NOT owned by blacks are racist?

I mean, just because someone insists that one be a customer to sit in a restaurant and take up a table, or someone gets tossed out of a restaurant because one is fighting, or cannot behave....Or claims racism because they aren't shown deference BECAUSE they are black....

I mean, I dislike and speak out against racism when I see it. (and, rarely, I DO see it). But the other side is folks who DEMAND special treatment....and when they don't get it, try playing the race card. Sometimes one is mistreated simply because one is an ass....

I've been mistreated on many occasions by black or hispanic employees of businesses. They would fail to see me and take the black or hispanic person behind me. Part of living in our society. I would wager that there are more racists (for sure percentage wise) in this country who are black than white. Probably the same for Hispanics too. You don't hear whites crying, we simply either deal with it, or go somewhere else to spend our money. (And because it isn't worth it to try to file a lawsuit.....which is, in itself, discrimination)

But my point is that someone is behind this push for stories and op-ed pieces that have suddenly proliferated...

Is it because they plan to use race (again) as a divisive topic in the upcoming election? Is it because support for Trump and the Republican Party is fairly high among our darker citizens?

For whatever reason, Race is becoming a hot topic. I do believe that the Starbucks incident was orchestrated simply to give a base for the rest of these stories. Those men chose to be arrested, they could have stopped the process many times along the way bu coughing up $4 for a single drink...or leaving when requested after refusing to become customers. And now we have a proliferation of articles claiming other restaurants are racist. (really? 4 ATTEMPTED suits in 40 years? That's all you got?)

So Who.....and Why?

Monday, May 14, 2018

Does anyone believe

The images shown by the Media Re: the "Palestinians" at the Israeli border aren't staged?

I stopped believing that they were anything but theater about 10 years ago....once I started paying attention.

If you think that the images of the violence and the "Victims" (women trying to use the cloth of Hijabs as facemasks to filter teargas? Really? I'd think they, of all people, would know better....and why are muslim WOMEN protesting?) are anything but theater and staged by and for the media, you are a fool.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Boosting the signal:

And, of course helping to point out the failures of socializm socialized medicine and the asininiity of bureaucrats.

Send a few bucks, if you can, to offset the failures of the British National Health System and the bureaucrats who run it and fund the care of children. I mean, to misquote Maggie Thatcher: "They are running out of other people's money"

Remember, this will be the fate of you children and grandchildren soon.

And I wouldn't expect much care as you age, either. Pretty much Ice Floes for the likes of you and me. Even though we are funding most of  Obamacare, they will spend all of it on folks that won't work and simply use, not they gotta save money somewhere......

The original story was found at Elmtree Forge

I'll take that as a compliment:

Had an ex cop tell me i am observant, and see things, like a cop.

Happy Mothers day

To all the Moms out there.

I hope this day is special for you.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Location, location, location:

6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms.

Stone construction.

3+ acres.

Modernized in the late 80's...

$222 Large. Such a deal....

only one issue:

It's in FLINT Michigan.

I was in Flint about 15 years ago...It was like a WAR zone in spots.

The (ahem) more affluent, non minority suburbs were ok, but Flint proper was terrible. Sometimes only one unburnt (or still standing) house in a 4 block area.

Graffiti abounded. At dusk, the cops suggested that I might not want to stay in the area....I was not safe there.....mostly cause I wasn't a part of the neighborhood, but also 'cause I was white.

But hey, there is a bargain home just waiting for someone.

Friday, May 11, 2018

I see your Race Card

And raise you one BodyCam video:

So some woman got pulled over for speeding...

And then, went on Facebook and tried to play the Race card 'Cause she is Black and the Cop was white.

She was, apparently, combative with the officer when she found out she was gonna get an actual ticket for 70 in a 55 zone.

"It doesn’t matter how polite you are, it’s all sick, crazy bullying and the police are ridiculous,” Hilton-Williams says in the 11-minute video, at times wiping tears from her face and speaking in a frightened tone

and then this:
“I have had a traumatic experience and I want the people who are not African-American who know me to really get where we are coming from,” she says. “When I saw the police pull up behind me, the state trooper, I was immediately afraid."

“This is the area I’m in," she says, panning the camera around to show the rural roadway. “In the middle of, this kind of stuff. This is where I am, so it’s not like I’m not afraid, because this is where we got lynched."

Yeah, 'cause lynchings happen nearly every day of the week these days.......

At the end of the day, the cops BodyCam shows he was professional.


Now I gotta clean 3 1911's and a M&P shield:

Took a kid from the flight school to the range. He like the 1911 platform, so I took my Rock Island GiImodel, my Para and my new Sig for him to play with.

He killed several bowling pins and rang the gongs to the tune of 100 of my reloads and 250 factory Federal 230g. Oddly, he likes the GI model (with GI sights) best.....must be 19 year old eyes.

I watched him and put the first 100 rounds of WWB 9mm through the pipe of the new M&P Shield.
Me like....A lot. It ain't a 1911, but it is easier to conceal and a lot lighter....Not a bad trigger, and THIS model has a thumb safety (which is a requirement for me) and, of course, the trigger safety.. The laser was visible at 30 feet in afternoon full sunlight and was as easy to see on the light gray painted gong as the 3 dot sights.

So about an hour of detail strip and clean on the 1911's and then however long it takes to fully strip and clean the M&P.

Terrible chores to have.....

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Why crimes are high in Liberal enclaves:

I mean, seriously, Can you believe this attitude?

Yet I struggle and consider this boy. Would I really want him to get a punishment that would cut him off from any opportunity or future?

Carjacked. Property taken by FORCE. Strongarm robbery, really.

Only by the grace of God that her child wasn't taken with the car.
Yet she worries about the kid, a part of the robbery. Taking her property by FORCE. Stealing property that they didn't ear with violence.

"but I worry about the poor young man".

If she were bitten by a dog, would she think that it just needed "understanding" and "counseling"? Or would she want the dog locked up and/or euthanized?

I'm of the opinion that the dog is the better probably doesn't know the difference between right and wrong. The fokks that carjacked her did, and don't care.

It's no wonder that crime rises when Liberalism becomes prevalent in an area. 

By most standards today

My parents would be in jail...

Except, now, in Utah:

"Utah’s 'Free Range Parenting' law is a good example of common sense legislation," Herbert told ABC News in a statement Tuesday. "We believe that parents know and love their children better than anybody. We also believe that absent evidence of neglect, danger or cruelty, parents have the best sense of how to teach responsibility to their children. Responsible parents should be able to let kids be kids without constantly looking over their shoulders for approval.”

Pretty much, I had to be home at dinnertime, and then inside at dark. I pretty much went where I wanted and when I wanted, as long as I did the chores they assigned.

If I got in trouble elsewhere, I got into a LOT more trouble when I got home or they heard about it.

Somehow I escaped being kidnapped, abducted, sold into slavery, etc.

Today, parents in rural locations DRIVE their kids to the end of the driveway and wait for the bus with their kids..... MY parents kicked me out the door and expected that I would catch the bus......And trusted me to know how to be safe.

Same way during the summer. I wandered anywhere I wanted on my long as I was home for dinner or informed them as to where I was.

Parents today claim that their kids live in a much more dangerous environment, but statistics don't bear that out. Much like the "razor blades in Halloween candy" it's just a fear that is ungrounded in fact.... just mothers being fearful.

At least Utah has decided that parents can decide when and where their kids can go and do unsupervised....and let their kids learn to be responsible.