Saturday, April 4, 2020


Seems that (locally, at least) WalMart is finally limiting the numbers of people in the store, and actually acting like there is a health crisis instead of Business as Usual.

No more than 5 people per thousand square feet.

'Cause everyone needs to shop for cheap chinese goods. Clothing, footballs, and cheap electronics.
The food at the SuperWalmart grocery section I can understand....But the rest?

Odd how no one ever questioned the people at Walmart considering the "lockdown" orders, innit? 

Finally found an answer for mask sterilization

How to reuse an 9-95's and don'ts.

I was wrong that sterilizing the surface with alcohol would do the trick. Treatment with alcohol degrades the efficiency of the mask.

But hot air at 158F will do the trick.

Steam 125C will do the trick.

Soap and water will degrade the efficiency of the mask.

Hot water (boiling) may well be effective.

Friday, April 3, 2020

AAANNdd here we go...

Both CBS and NBC (and possibly other DNC mouthpieces) are pushing for a "National Lockdown order".

While I do understand the reasons to want this, it is a very very very very slippery slope precedent that they are advocating.

And here these assholes were worried that Trump would do the whole Martial Law thing against them.

Yet they WANT to enable this or ANY OTHER future president to Lock-Down the whole country with the stroke of a pen.

Do they not realize what a Pandora's box they are opening?? 

Why don't they listen?

On CBS this morning....Government Health Officials are lamenting that people are not staying home....and that there isn't a national order to do so.

Firstly, dude, people no longer believe you anymore (or, like me, never really did) because your story changes often. Your advice often flouts common sense.

Second, the whole Stay At Home order things is...not really enforceable unless there is Martial Law in place, or someone declares a State Of Emergency...and no governor wants to do that.

But why should we listen to people who we know don't tell us the truth...or at least the WHOLE truth? Whose aims may or may not be in our best interest?

I AM mostly staying home, limiting my contacts, "Social Distancing". etc. I live in a mostly rural area, so it isn't that difficult for me. It is, I think, harder in more urban areas. THOSE areas might well have benefitted from more mask wearing, but they didn't because they were told not to. NOW, they wonder why folks have begun to stop listening?

Well, shit.

Took the 182 in for the annual inspection yesterday.

One bad cylinder on one side, and two marginal ones on the other side.

Shit. This is gonna be a bit costly.

But hey, no one ever said aviation is cheap.

It's the downtime while the cylinders are reworked that sucks though.

Prolly 3 weeks.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Oh, and....

Now Masks DO help the rest of us, not just the Medical Personnel. Proper fitment is key to effectiveness, but even a poorly fitting mask has a great deal of effectiveness...according to new CDC "guidelines"
Which anyone with a brain already knew.

As, while not as effective, even a kerchief is better than nothing at all, for those folks who weren't aware that water is wet and gravity makes things fall.
So says the "experts" now, in contrast to their advice of weeks ago.

How can we trust the government health organizations words when they say such things? And when their message changes halfway though the crisis from what we all suspect are lies to the exact opposite ?

And now they are admitting as well that all those unexplained cases of "not seasonal flu" after Thanksgiving were likely coronavirus, despite telling us that there had been no cases prior to the end of January.

W.T. F. 

Have ya noticed?

New York has been "running out of hospital beds for Coronavirus patients" for over a week and a half now.

And they have been "nearly out of Facemasks (and other PPE)" for over a 2 weeks now.

Now, today, CBS reports that New York is "Nearly out of Respirators" for yet another day.

I'm trying to figure out how it is that they can be "nearly" out of all of these things for weeks. yet never run out.

One can ship masks in, and can import respirators, I guess, but at some point "Nearly" out of beds becomes out of beds.

For me, the Hype from the media and the politicians is beginning to become threadbare.


Only this time, there is a wolf.

It occurred to me that a LOT of people didn't buy the fearmongering that the Media and (to a lesser extent) the Federal and Local governments) promulgated about this current "crisis".

Thing is, as long as I can remember, there have been warnings about lots of diseases....some were dire warnings of DOOM if we didn't follow some rules or other. The last  major scare..."Swine Flu"... we were told the SAME THINGS as we were about this current "Coronavirus"....Tens of Hundreds of THOUSANDS! of people were gonna die, there wouldn't be any medical personnel to take care of the dying and we would't be able to burn the bodies in pits fast enough.....

Who remembers the millions dead from H1N1? From SARS?
None of us. So when the Real Thing (if this is it) came along, no one, at first believed it.

We had Heard  "Wolf!!!....WOLF!!!" too many times. Most of us simply ignored the warnings. We had heard all the warnings before, and they had turned out to be.....nothing. Less than nothing.

And, while this time it IS serious, we are again being told that THIS time, we are all gonna die if we don't stay inside and refuse to interact with people for then NEXT 30 days.

Sadly, I thing many people still don't believe the government nor the media. They've lied to and overstated too many times....about many things. Too many things. (Lets not even look at "Global Warming" "Climate Change"...Or AIDS. Both were gonna wipe humanity from the face of the earth).

Look: These precautions are probably a good plan. In fact, lets say that they are necessary to prevent the spread of Covid-19. But lets face it, even now the big 3 news media are telling us that there will be MILLIONS of dead. More sober projections say somewhere between 200,000 and 600,000. Not MILLIONS. Not multiple millions. So, again, in order to have something to talk about, the media destroys their credibility...and in doing so, they take the already mostly-not-believed Centers for Disease Control down with them.

Yes, this is a serious disease. Yes, it affects lots of folks. Yes, we all should take some precautions. Yes, we should limit our gatherings. But at what cost the hype, the fearmongering, the drive for ratings? The breathlessly dramatic recitation of the number of people sick and/or dying? No one in the media has pointed out that of the number of people presenting symptoms (not just "tested", but actually showing some symptoms....the percentage of people dying is still very low. You'd think, watching the national news, that this is the end of the world.And that is, again, another lie.

And because of the overly-hyped news, as people grow inured to the hype and the dramatic scenes from (a very few) hospitals and the ever increasing predictions of death for all, they will soon begin returning to their "normal" ways....because they simply don't believe the media even if this time there might be a kernel of truth to what they are telling us. People in the US will put up with some inconvenience. In fact, I believe they will sacrifice a LOT of comfort if they believe there is a good reason for it. But they have been lied to so often, for so long, by the media and the "authorities" that  even if this time it is real, they won't believe it. And because they Don't Believe, when it becomes too inconvenient, they will cease to take precautions.

And therein lies a recipe for Bad Things to happen. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

An oddity:

Strangely, according to the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus website shows ZERO people recovered in the United States. Zero.

Perhaps it is simply a reporting issue. Perhaps something more. I dunno.

And, again, that part of me that thinks that Reynolds Wrap is a good fashion choice for a chapeau is trying to tell me something.....
ETA: Others are thinking along the same lines..

ETA2: As of 4:55 pm central time, the US didn't even have a listing in the "Recovered" column. As of 6:30, there is a listing.

As I said, an oddity.


Happy April Fools day.

No, sadly, the shit you are seeing is real, not a joke.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Am still healthy

Am just a bit busy and got nothin' to say right now.

Read the folks on the sidebar.

Wash your hands.

Stay safe. 

Sunday, March 29, 2020

An interesting theory:

It was postulated to me that China ALLOWED the Covid-19 Coronavirus to escape it's borders and deliberately  downplayed the seriousness of the outbreak in order that, while it;s economy would be seriously damaged by the disease and the social disruptions, if it should get into the world population and damage the rest of the world's social structure and economies it would keep us ll on the same level.

Further, if the schedule was such that China would begin recovering first, then they would have a "Leg Up" on the rest of the world.

I'm not sure that I can buy that, but I did find it disturbing to think about....that people, even the Chinese leadership, might think in those terms.

I suppose it could be that I am naive. 

An old saying:

"Pigs get fat, Hogs get slaughtered"

The DNC types (and, lets face it some RNC types as well) tried to load up the bailout bill with a whole shitload of pork for their pet projects in order to advance their chosen philosophy...

and, had they chosen one or two items, it might be that they had gotten their wishes, and the fight to remove those items would not have been worth the fight or political capital....and they'd have likely gotten that funding for some of their pet projects.

As it was, they loaded so much Pork onto the Stimulus Bill, that it WAS worth the effort to get it removed...

And in doing so, the victory by Trump damaged their cause and their standing with the American People badly.
It backfired.

Saturday, March 28, 2020


I've been mostly staying at home this past few days.,

"Social Distancing" as it were, with a vengeance.
(I'm lucky that I don't need to leave the house for anything important, so I haven't been....)

Anyway, I needed some fresh milk, vegetables and some chips and some cheese and a few other incidentals, so I ventured out to the store.

What a difference a week makes.

Firstly, the store wasn't crowded. The shelves were not fully stocked, but, for the most part, there was  some of everything....although folks that work at the store that I am friendly with told me that they had been told that things were simply not in stock at the warehouse, so expect shortages soon.....

The folks that were at the store were friendly, but were practicing "Social Distancing" People were almost afraid to invade that magical 6 foot envelope. they talked, they just kept their distance,
For the folks that were unable to determine what 8 foot means, there were helpful signs placed more or less the correct distance apart to show people how far away they should stand from each other....lots of  well made very well designed (lots of the nuances I learned about in my advertising design classes long, long ago) signs like that. (More on that later).

Unlike before , people were tolerant and polite. everyone appears to be trying out the new rules. No one is sure exactly what they should do, but at least they are being polite about it.

There is now clear plexiglass (lexan) panels in front of the folks behind the counter, separating the customers from the cashiers...but the folks bagging the groceries have no such protection. Nice idea, but FAIL.

The Starbucks in the outlot of the grocery store had a line of cars wrapped all the way around it. IN fact, one and a half times around it. People , despite the current situation must really need that Carmel Latte Macchiato to survive. (or whatever the hell overpriced and expensive sounding drink they buy at a Starbucks). I would estimate that the wait time in the Drive-Up line exceeded 35 minutes.

For the most part, traffic was about a quarter to a third of "normal" on a Saturday.

A part of me....the part that thinks that Reynolds-Wrap is a fine material for a beanie....cannot help but wonder where those very well made and finely nuanced vinyl signs that were stuck all over the floor came from. Seriously, there were over a hundred and fifty of them in just the one store I went into...and it wasn't a huge grocery store. (a normal sized midwest grocery store, probably originally built on the 80's, may have been a Jewel-Osco or Kroger at one time long ago.....I realize that printers can move quickly, but it was almost odd the if someone had them ready....and this whole  "Social Distancing" thing is a just an experiment in conditioning of the populace...(much like I sometimes wonder about the TSA). I seriously doubt the effectiveness of the magical 6 foot spacing...either people are sneezing and coughing and putting droplets of mucus out into the air, or they aren't...and if they are, then we are breathing that, and 6 foot is not enough to keep us safe.

Anyway, that is the report from Northwest Indiana for Saturday, March 28, 2020. 

I woke up this morning

And it was a dreary, rainy morning.

And it kinda felt like this was the manifestation of the first chapter of a really badly written dystopian science fiction novella ...

It was kinda weird.

But then I realized that, while it might be like that in New York, it wasn't that bad here, where I live.

So I counted my blessings and went on living.

You should too, if you can.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Real numbers

And, a lesson on statistics.

While I believe that most of my readers CAN see things this way, and can understand statistics,  just in case, you should READ THIS. 

As we test for more cases, we find that the rate of death is remaining pretty stable. we find that the rate of people dying looks to be just a bit over 1%. Not that the death of 1% of the Coronavirus sufferers is not is. But it isn't the 10% that the WHO told us might happen.

And, having said that, Aesop has a great commentary on a previous post here as to why that number of people hitting the hospitals is overwhelming their ability to care for these people.

One statistic I DO NOT have, and would like to have, is the number of people with severe cases of Covid-19 that need a ventilator that recover. In other words, if you get bad enough that you need a ventilator, and are placed on a ventilator, what are your chances of recovery? 50%? 20%? 10%? I suspect that people that get sick enough to need  a ventilator may not recover no matter what care is given.  I hope I am incorrect. I simply don't know, as there is, again, simply no data to be had. It would be a good bit of information to know though.

Things that we should ponder

SO since restaurants are closed, and people can only get food from them via delivery or take-out, in many locations the liquor rules that would "normally" prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages under these circumstance have been "relaxed". (and it is a pretty cool world where you can get a margarita DELIVERED to your door, innit?)

Now, if there was a good reason to prohibit the sale of alcohol in such circumstances 2 weeks ago, those same reasons should exist today....right?

Or, if the sale of alcohol is OK in these trying times, then why shouldn't it be OK 6 weeks or two months from now when this coronavirus crisis has ebbed?

I mean, if we were restricting the sale of alcohol to on-premise consumption for some reason other than to keep the prohibitionist people happy enough that they would stay quiet and now they've been told to shut up, then is that a good reason to put those restrictions back when this is all over?

I'm thinking that this is but one example of rules and regulations...laws and ordinances that could be stricken from the books when things get more normal shaped.

Relaxing the rules on when truckers can drive, how long they are on duty? We were told that this was to make us safer on the roads. But have we sacrificed any safety by letting those drivers drive an extra hour or two just so that the shelves of the local supermarket can be stocked with cereal? With more Toilet Paper? With Frozen orange juice?

I could bring other examples to this, but at some point it becomes redundant.

And, again, if our government can still make the wheels turn and the busses run on time and the water flow and such with only "essential personnel" in place, then do we really need all those other people in those offices eating up tax dollars? Yes, those offices probably DO need a few more than those few working today, but do we really need to have the other 50-75 (or more) percent of the staff that is currently "Sheltering in Place" if they are able to accomplish their duties right now?

When this is all over, we should push for a closer look at ALL the laws that were relaxed for the "emergency" and see if we really need 'em. And we should seriously look at cutting staffing in local, county and state office, much less the Federal ones.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Mask shortage

SO why can't the masks be sterilized in an autoclave?

Do hospitals still even have autoclaves anymore?

How about misting the masks with isopropyl? It is a pretty good sterilization agent (the active ingredient in that Hand Sanitizer people use instead of handwashing). It's cheap and readily available. Easy to apply....  one could easily wet the surfaces with a mist using a simple airbrush. (might need ventilation as the fumes can be flammable) and let them dry for a few hours.

Of course, they could just stop using the masks ONCE for each time they enter and then leave the room....but yes, I know..."Protocol". But that protocol assumes an unlimited supply of those masks. Now that supply is finite. so one would think they would change that "Protocol".

Someone has a brain

Indianapolis 500 is rescheduled.

'Cause having 235,000 people in (more or less) one place in the next few weeks is probably a REALLY bad idea.

Plus, let's face it, having all those folks travel, be it by air or auto, then packed into motels restaurants and bars, then at the parking areas waiting on the shuttles, then in lines, then back to the motels, restaurants and bars, then the travel home.....It would be a mass infection event.

Prudent precaution there.

If only our Federal government had been that prudent in January.....


Yeah, I know, I ask a LOT of questions. Blame my parents.


So New York City claims 20,000 new infections of Coronavirus.

So far, it appears that the virus causes few symptoms in most people, at most 15-20% of them need ANY sort of care.

NY also claims that the "Hospitals are overwhelmed".

Really? They can't handle a load of 4000 coronavirus patients? Remember, they've already cancelled most elective surgery, and they have recalled as many retired health care folks as they can find....

The numbers just don't add up. Around 7% of people need some sort of care when they get Covid-19 on average. If the group of people that get it is older than normal, that number can double. At most, 20% of them might need some sort of skilled care.

so 20% of 20,000 is....4000 people. Probably less than half that will really need some care from hospital staff.

Four thousand people MIGHT need a bed and some care. Might. likely (at a max) 5% will need intensive care. (1000 people). Maybe. If these numbers hit the high end of the statistics we already have seen and collected for this disease.

Even if it is four thousand.....You gonna tell me that NY can't handle four thousand people?

Are their hospitals that poorly staffed? Are there that few hospitals per population?

Something doesn't make sense. 

The stats from yesterday:

I know math is hard. It is for me too.

1570 visits yesterday to this blog. Let's assume that each person in the US is exposed to the Coronavirus.

Approximately 15 people known to have the virus were reported in comments (at least one death, sadly)

So the anecdotal data shows about 1 in 100 people from 1570 responses.

Now let us use some numbers and some math.

For a number, lets say that each person responding knows....50 people in the parameters that I set. I don't know that that is a valid number, but it should work to give us a picture. 50 times 1500 gives us a sample size of  75,000

15 cases out of 1570 responses. Lets round that down to 1500 just to make the numbers neat.

15/1500= 0.01....1 percent.......1 percent of the people reading this blog knew of a death or a case of coronavirus in their circle of friends and/or acquaintances and chose to comment. 

So far, most have or are recovering. 1 out 15. So of the confirmed (ish) cases, we have a current death rate of  (1/15)....or 6.6666% Six percent of the cases died. Let's round that number to percent.

So (so far!) we have 7 percent of 1% as a rate of death. 0.01 times 0.07 equals .0007. Do it in percentages......07%.

Is it gonna be a big number when extrapolated out to the 375 Million people in the US? Let us see....

0.0007 times 375,000,000 equals 262,500. Which is pretty close to the death total for Swine Flu. (and we all remember the dead piled up like cordwood outside of the hospitals in 2009-2010, right?).

This is more serious than the  "Normal" flu (about 55,000 dead each year) but it isn't gonna end up killing us all. Even if this is low by a factor of TEN, it still isn't gonna end us all. 

Now, please understand, this isn't a valid survey, it isn't really terribly good data (lots of assumptions made, and a poor sample, and it isn't corrected for location nor age of the sample or a lot of other things), and it isn't, in fact, designed to prove anything one way or the other. But as  a sample, it does match the currently REPORTED cases vs deaths at least somewhat. The picture looks something like what I present here.

This is based on some pretty sketchy data and it is a snapshot, not total cases...., so take these numbers with a grain of salt...maybe the whole shaker....

Try to stay healthy. Do the Distancing Thing. Be smart about this.

Wash your goddamned hands. Often.

A sad commentary

On our cites.

Have you noticed that many "High End" shops that are closed are also boarded up? Windows and door covered in plywood?
They are afraid that "Yoots" will  smash the widows and grab the stock. And the police are too busy to patrol enough to keep this from happening. Boarded up to prevent looting and vandalism.

Best thing the city governments could do, both from a public order standpoint and to prevent the transmission of disease would be to shut down Public Transportation.

A sad commentary on both the state of our civilization and on the progress of Dr. King's dream. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

need my readers help:

On any given day, I have about 800-1200 readers.

I'm gonna assume that each readers has 100 close contacts...close co-workers, friends, family, neighbors,  etc. Someone you had contact with via phone or face to face, in the past month...(just to set a limit).

Do any of the people you know have the Covid-19? Any of those people?
Then lets take a step even farther. Do any of THOSE people have, in that same defined circle of connections, have anyone that has the virus. (please, if possible, make sure that they are real, not rumor).

I'm not talking "In the county" or "at the plant where you (or they) work". Not "someone in the warehouse of the store that my sisters cousins't neighbors brother works for but has never met".

Real incidences, with two points of separation. Either someone YOU know closely, or someone THEY know closely.

I'd really like to know.

Please let us know in comments.
(I shouldn't have to say this, but please respect privacy concerns).


ETA: Please also tell me if they have a positive test  and/or are symptomatic please.

Looks like New York

So it looks like LOTS of cases in New York. (No surprise there).

Yet I can't help but notice that the City Government has not yet shut down the busses and Subways.

One would think that this would help prevent the spread of the disease by keeping people farther apart when they walk instead of ride, and even more by keeping people closer to home.

I dunno. 

Men hit harder by coronavirus response

Stolen from Thomas

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Monday, March 23, 2020

This is a good article

And not just because it says (better than I have!) what I have been trying to point out all along:

The numbers just don't add up as to why we have destroyed our economy and essentially shut down. 

You can look up actual WORLDWIDE cases here, sorted by country. Cases/deaths/recovered.  This is Johns Hopkins data, so I would expect it to be pretty reliable.

(as of 18:30 local time here in the Midwest) there have been WORLDWIDE:

375,458 CASES. IE tested for and found to have the virus. (Probably more that were asymptomatic and did not bother to get tested though). Please note that the world population is approximately 7,690.000.

16, 371 deaths. Please note that the "normal" flu killed more people this year just here in the US than the CoronaVirus has killed worldwide.

100,958 have recovered.

Notice how low these numbers really are?

And for this we have essentially shut down the WORLD economies?

One wonders what, exactly is going on here. (unless these governments know something about this illness that they aren't sharing, this is a massive overreaction)

Go, READ this article. It is longer than 20 sentences, but it is worth reading and no skipping.

A week ago:

From CBS:

CBS: "A week ago there were no cases reported in New Orleans, now there are HUNDREDS!"

Of course, a week ago, no one had been tested for Covid-19, either.

Now, since we are testing everyone with any symptoms that are in any way flu-like, the number of cases is, of course, exploding.

Prior to that, of course, folks were assumed to have the FLU (one of many) and were sent home.

Now, of course, they are tested for CV-19.

So yeah, the number of cases is skyrocketing.

(There is a lot of speculation that this disease has been here since early January, that it took a long time for us to notice).

Also, the Media is starting to try to panic everyone with the "there are no medical supplies!!!" "People are gonna be triaged and some will be left outside to die!!" .

Again, if they choose to continue to use masks only once before disposal, then yeah, that might happen. In other countries, they use 'em for hours. I haven't yet seen the bodies stacked like cordwood, nor have I seen old people refused treatment (or left on an ice floe) least not yet here is the US.

As to the rest? I dunno. I do know that the Media like death and blood and panic. At this point they are beyond crying "wolf".

There are times I am thinking this is a giant Social Experiment in control of the populace.

I am amazed

T the number of people, especially women, who think somehow that the only way to cleanse your hands is to use "Hand Sanitizer".....that simple handwashing with soap won't do it, that using a small spray bottle with Isopropyl (or ethyl, for that matter) alcohol and vigorous wiping won't do it.

They gotta have hand sanitizer or they gonna die. No other way to cleanse your hands.

Sometimes people's ignorance amazes me. 

'Twas pointed out to me....

That if this "shelter in Place" shit goes on for as long as they say it might...

We are gonna find out what a whole shitload of women's hair color really is....

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Christ on roller skates

So it is bad enough that the "Social Distancing" has caused the NASCAR race to be cancelled in an "Overabundance of Caution"...

But they were showing the 1986 Richmond 400....Which was kinda entertaining...seeing the older cars (back when they were really "stock" cars) and the terrible resolution of the then state of the art TV cameras...

But then the Governor of Illinois pre-empts the channel to bloviate about the efforts to....something and the fact that something else was being done and blah blah BLAHBLAH BLAH. and then he talked about AMAIRHGHROEWNBSXDS and then some other person came up and spent 5 minutes saying nothing about MLKJFFAJDP{WQNF and then the Governor came back and discussed the fforts in reducing the alkfjads;kfja;kfjalskf.

thank god they are done. So much hot air wasted to say essentially nothing that has not already been said about a (apparently, it appears) non emergency disease "outbreak".

I think he is just trying to get as much camera time as possible.

Thank god I didn't miss much of the race rerun.

Others are starting to ask the same questions:

Like Here

At some point the Feds and the State Governments are gonna have to address this. 

(Yet another) Question:

People are (mostly) complying with the "Shelter in place" request from our State governments.

These precautions are...inconvenient for most of us, but not unreasonable. Social Distancing, greater awareness of handwashing, all are good things, reasonable precautions.... things we likely should do every cold and flu season. Now that we have this additional disease, we should all take precautions to not spread this and other diseases, despite the inconvenience....

To a point.....

At what point will we decide, when the tens of thousands of cases of CoronaVirus DON'T appear at the hospitals, when the health care system ISN'T overwhelmed, when the inconvenience stretches for weeks (or months)...when folks can't pay their rent, their car payments.....When the economy in which they live is destroyed around them....when will they say "Ok, this has gone too far".

The infection rates of this virus don't appear to be even as high as the "Swine Flu"/H1N1 of 11 years past. Yet the reaction by our government is greatly fact, it is bordering outrageous and over the top. (I think they are doing what they can to emphasize the stats to scare us, actually)

Effectively holding people prisoner in their homes? Closing restaurants and stores? Putting hundreds of thousands (or more) out of work?  Effectively destroying our economy? Over the fear that this virus, with a rate of sickness that is lower than the "Normal" seasonal flu, with a rate of death that is near to or lower than the Swine Flu of years ago, that this "MIGHT" grow greater?

At what point will enough be enough?

What happens then?

Especially since we are probably "Flattening the wrong Curve"

Plus there's this:

Now part of this may simply be the testing...what percentage of the population gets tested vs deaths.
But there may be a LOT more to why Italy is approaching 3 times the rate of the US or Australia or even Japan. And it appears that the Italians have pretty poor health care facilities...and even there, the rates are still actually pretty low...

Either way, at what cost are these precautions?

(Note: These precautions MIGHT be valid,...if the federal government knows something about the virus that they are't telling us....But so far, this whole debacle looks to be a terrible overreaction.

Then again, at moments here and there, I can't help but wonder if those tin-foil hatted folks might not have a point that there is something more sinister to this....Some sort of "economic reset" type thing and the Wu-Flu is just a convenient vehicle to make it happen....That explanation would, perhaps, explain Trumps performance the other night when he made his wooden speech to all the American People......)

Another question:

(yeah, I was raised by my Dad and Mom (and a few other mentors) to ask a lot of questions. I question everything and I like to turn a lot of data over in my mind)

We get stats on the Media about "number of cases" of CororinaVirus, and we get stats for "number of deaths" (those I question...not that they are dead, but that they died from Covid-19...often they are already old, weak or otherwise compromised and have other complicating factors).

But one bit of data I don't ever see is the number of people needing little or no care, or some level of hospitalization because of the effects of Covid-19. In fact, if you look, the data is pretty much only aimed at "deaths" and not much else.

Out of the several thousand cases for any one given area that have shown enough symptoms that they are tested, how many need any level of hospitalization?
I guess because they aren't anything the media can sensationalize, they don't give us any of that data.

I do think it would be a good bit of data though.

People showing symptoms and tested vs people tested showing positive vs people needing actual care vs people needing hospitalization vs people needing intensive care vs people dying.

I think the numbers would be not as terrible as the media and our governments might like you to think.

Then again, until I see some data I just don't know.

Census tips

At least for the online version:

(I got my census the other day and did the online entering).

told 'em two people live here.

One male and one female.

The website kept trying for more info but if you keep hitting "enter" it eventually moves to the next page.

Fuck 'em they don't need to know about my hispanic heritage.

They don't need to know my age.

Nor the amount of money that I make
Nor anything else that their questions asked.

Legally, I gave 'em the answers that the Constitution demands. Anything else is not legal, no matter what they say.

2 adults, one male, one female. Unless they are gonna start counting black and Hispanic folks as 3/5 again or something, it shouldn't matter. Despite the scary warnings, I don't think they are gonna prosecute me because I chose not to tell them my income, nor my shoe size, nor the size of anything else (Ahem, Large, Ahem), how many cars I own, etc.

So if you get the online version, just hit enter a few times and it sill go to the next question.
At least it did for me.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Well, DUH

"now that Coronavirus test kits are widely available, the number of confirmed cases has skyrocketed"

Duh.  No shit? Prior to that, they couldn't be confirmed.

There should be a minimal IQ level to be a newsweasel At least ...70? 

"Aced" it.

As to why a lot of people (myself included) are not taking the "Panic! (Don't panic) news about the CoronaVirus as seriously as the powers that govern us might like us to.

Apocalypse Fatigue

(He fails to mention the Swine Flu, which was supposed to leave diseased corpses stacked up in the streets around the hospitals as overworked Doctors and Nurses fell from exhaustion trying to Save Us All....)

Look: I think this is serious. I think closing the schools and large-ish gatherings is not a bad idea. Greater emphasis on personal hygiene..handwashing, sanitizing yer hands, etc. is probably a good idea that we should practice most Clold and Flu seasons...or any time, really.
Closing the roads and "Shelter in Place? I dunno. But I'm not a doctor.

If they really believed the predictions they quote, then the larger cities would stop mass transport.

But at the end of it, they, (the Media and/or the Government) have cried wolf too many times. No one knows what to believe. Should we REALLY panic THIS TIME? Or will it end up being a nothingburger like the last 57 or more times they told us to panic?

And now the politics takes precedence

So some folks are now getting their "profession" designated as "critical Infrastructure".

Ferinstance: Flight schools are considered "critical" and are, therefore, mostly exempt from many regulations during the "Travel Ban" in California.

So now we see that the :Social Distancing, etc so much so that the Government of California and the United States, has decided that having flight students take 2 or three weeks off is a Bad Idea, even though the rest of the country is essentially crippling parts of our economy to (supposedly) keep this disease from spreading....and we are essentially stopping education for our children for the rest of the school year.

March 20, 2020

Flight Schools Remaining Open

On Thursday, March 19, 2020, Governor Gavin Newsom of California issued an Executive Order (N-33-20) issuing a stay-at-home decree and the shuttering of all non-essential businesses in California. There are many questions from flight schools within California and elsewhere about the California Executive Order and how it affects whether a flight school can remain open.

The Executive Order States:

“The federal government has identified 16 critical infrastructure sectors whose assets, systems and networks, whether physical or virtual, are considered so vital to the United States that their incapacitation or destruction would have a debilitating effect on security, economic security, public health or safety, or any combination thereof. I order that Californians working in these 16 critical infrastructure sectors may continue their work because of the importance of these sectors to Californians’ health and well-being.”

The Executive Order includes a link to the Department of Homeland Security’s Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) which identifies the 16 critical infrastructure sectors and detailed information of which businesses are included in these sectors. You will find that the Aviation sub-sector of the Transportation Systems Sector details the following:

“… the aviation mode includes commercial and recreational aircraft (manned and unmanned) and a wide variety of support services, such as repair stations, fueling facilities, navigation aids, and flight schools."

If your flight school is a college or university program or works with a college or university, the definitions are less clear.

According to California Executive Order N-33-20, flight schools in California may remain open.

Why is this important to flight schools outside of California?

The California Executive Order is important to all flight schools because it specifically ties the list of businesses that may remain open to a federal agency, CISA. It is FSANA’s opinion that flight schools outside of California may also choose to remain open because of this very important designation. FSANA believes the CISA definition of critical infrastructure businesses should preempt any state or local declarations that are to the contrary.

If you decide to keep your flight school operational, FSANA strongly recommends following all CDC, WHO, and medical advisories regarding employee hygiene, aircraft and facility sanitization, social distancing, and any other precautionary measures that you deem necessary to keep your employees and students safe and healthy. FSANA is developing a set of recommended COVID-19 Precautions and Best Practices which we will provide in the coming days.

Flight Schools are "critical".


One wonders what other "critical" activities have been designated that really....aren't

Airport control towers:

Midway (MDW) and Las Vegas (LAS) control towers had personnel who tested positive for Covid-19.

The towers have been closed since late March 17.

Now, I can understand closing the towers for cleaning.

But one might think that they would be able to clean and disinfect the spaces in a few hours. Bleach and water, soap and water, disinfecting wipes, or even alcohol. I've been in the MDW tower, and it isn't that large that it could not be sanitized by 2 or three people in an hour or so. And I mean wiped down, not just sprayed down.

One would think they'd have been able to do it three or 4 times by now.


I'm tempted to fly there  (MDW, not LAS) while the tower is closed just so I can say I did it without being cleared to land.....

Friday, March 20, 2020

If you aren't doing it

And you can't go to work and have some time on your hands....

Contact (maybe don't visit in person though) your elderly or infirm neighbors and see if they need anything.

Perhaps go shopping for them, in order that they don't have to expose themselves to the general public during the "Health Crisis"....minimize, in other words, their contact with the general public.....since they are most at risk.

Especially if you are going shopping anyway. 

Chicago on "Lockdown"

Except they admit that it has no force of law.

And the Chicago Transit Authority is still running busses and trains. even though it is a major vector for the spread of disease.

The Governor of Illinois got all squirmy when asked at a press conference as to whether he could make it illegal to be outside or even to drive.

And roads and interstates will still be open.

So it's not a "Lockdown" lockdown....


We are all told that n-95 (or any other kind) of facemask doesn't help with prevention re: Covid-19.

(Which I call "Bullshit" on, as the disease, we are told, is spread by droplets from sneezes and coughs, and anyone who has worn a dust mask knows that, while they don't stop all particles, they do stop the majority....)

But since we are told the masks don't work, then why is the Health Care industry screaming that they need those same masks? That without them, they will all get sick and die?
Which is it? Either they work, or they don't.

Also, Have you ever watched to see how those masks are used? They (caregivers) go in to a patient's room, masked, gloved, gowned.
Once done, when they leave, they remove ALL of the PPE (mask, gloves, gown) and then put on the PPE before entering another patient's room.
Now I can see gloves, cause they are touching the patient, but mask and gown being completely replaced for EACH patient?
I'm no doctor, but I have to ask why new mask, new gown every time. Especially when the next patient is also sick with the same virus.
I find it hard to believe that 5 minutes of use renders that (doesn't work anyway!) mask less effective.

It is no wonder they are running out of masks and gowns.

A suggestion: Lots of closed restaurants...they have gloves, if nothing else.

Can any medical professional clarify my questions on PPE? 

The experiment continues....

So far, no Wu-Flu.

And I am keeping to my regimen of C2H5OH.

It appears to be working. Not a bit of coronavirus symptoms.

We shall see how it goes.

(Note: I'm not a Doctor, but I have played one...)

Coronavirus stories

Not everyone dies. Not everyone even gets terribly sick,

Some people recover at home.

But don't let that stop you from washing your hands. 


From my brother:

No shit?

Who woulda thunk it?

99% of Those Who Died From Virus Had Other Illness, Italy Says.

More than 99% of Italy’s coronavirus fatalities were people who suffered from previous medical conditions, according to a study by the country’s national health authority

just three victims, or 0.8% of the total, had no previous pathology. Almost half of the victims suffered from at least three prior illnesses and about a fourth had either one or two previous conditions.

The average age of those who’ve died from the virus in Italy is 79.5 (emphasis mine) . As of March 17, 17 people under 50 had died from the disease. All of Italy’s victims under 40 have been males with serious existing medical conditions.

about 100,000 Italians have contracted the virus, daily Il Sole 24 Ore reported. That would bring back the country’s death rate closer to the global average of about 2%

Note: a bunch more deaths in the past 24 hours. So the statistics might well change.

Having said that, the first run, Hot-wash numbers don't look like it is as bad as the Swine Flu.

Having said that, dead is dead. Might they have died from "normal" flu? Who knows?

As the saying goesL Read the whole thing.