Monday, September 1, 2014

There is no copper in this church:

But How about Some LEAD

Now where I live, shooting at a burglar is not Kosher unless you can prove that he was a threat you.

Having said that, I think this story is grand.

Some disassembly required

 The fruits of last weeks labors:

We got firewood for next year:

those rounds are 40" + diameter. Tree was somewhere around 130 years old.

Lots and lots of firewood:

Wind damaged trees supply most of my heat every winter. The smaller rounds are 20"-25" dia, the larger one in the foreground is 34"

This was a big tree:

Unloading these from the trailer without the tractor and log tongs to lift them required a lot a careful work with a large bar.....

There is more to get, but what with all the rain (nearly 7" since the last Saturday when cleanup began), the ground near the tree is of a consistency somewhere between oatmeal and pudding. Kinda hard to carry rounds weighing in the range of 400-600 pounds through that. Traction becomes an issue, even with 4 wheel drive.....and he doesn't need his yard torn up any more.

Now we just gotta split it into "stove bolt" sized chunks.

The cool thing is that in the 19 years that I have been heating with wood, I have never had to cut down a live tree. There is enough storm and wind and ice damage every year that I get plenty of firewood selected for me by Ma Nature. I just haveta cut it up and split it.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Why not?

I mean, really. WHY NOT?  (seriously, for those who are (ahem) challenged, click on the blue letters to see what I am talking about.....)

Seems to me that this should also be front page news....and there should be protests....and marches.

Oh, wait, White people aren't subjects to mass media blitzes and propaganda to stir us up. It apparently doesn't work that way for us.  And we (generally) don't do protests, and they seldom turn to riots.

We aren't as stirred up as easily as other racial demographic groups either. We don't (generally) wish to lynch people, but rather let the courts do their job.

Of course, if we were subject to such behavior, then there'd be charges of racism......

Saturday, August 30, 2014

As it should happen

Only he was in too nice a prison.

John Walker dies in prison

How many kids and pilots died during the Vietnam war due to the messages that the Soviets intercepted and decrypted and passed on to the North Vietnamese? Decryptions that his espionage enabled?

There goes Norway

So the most popular Baby name in Norway is.....

Bringing in Muslim workers to prop up their welfare system will soon lead to the destuction of their culture and their country.

Bet on it.

With the US it'll be the Mexicans and then, eventually, the Muslims who destroy the "America" as we know it.

Perhaps Norway should  have listened to this guy:

Friday, August 29, 2014

Like I said: Blue suit of immunity

Deputy who killed former Napster COO after drifting into the bike lane while distracted by his laptop will NOT face charges because he was answering a work-related email on the laptop in the police car.....WHILE DRIVING. 

Now....if you or I were to do this...say texting while driving...we'd be charged, jailed, and likely convicted of Manslaughter (or worse). .....maybe Negligent Homicide.

Even if we were to be responding to a "work email".

This is negligence. Period And stupidity, but that goes without saying. Any lawsuits should be on the police officer, and not a burden to the taxpayers. 

But he won't be charged. Because he was "on duty" at the time of the incident. And because he was typing while driving on a police owned computer and responding to a work related email.

Like I said...Blue Suit of Immunity. When one is of (or at least a minion of) the Power Elite, one can, it appears, literally get away with murder.


It would seem that there are now, finally, limits to "Qualified Immunity".

U.S. Court Will Not Block Lawsuit Over Connecticut SWAT Raid.


And it would appear that the INDIVIDUAL officers will be on the hook for their behavior in the botched SWAT raid.....Not the Taxpayers. Less payout for the plaintiffs, but still....

I expect that Cops will have to get liability insurance. Which might well not be a good thing. But then again, they ahve lost that blue suit of immunity that some wear to hide their behavior.

Now make no mistake, I don't want to see cops sued over every little mistake, nor over everyday things they do in the performance of their duties.

But there does need to be a limit on their immunity.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

WTF is up with Blogger?

So my sidebar links disappeared, then came back.

Now the links are there, and the description and times of last post are gone

Or not

THen gone again.

WTF are they doing at Google?

I mean, I am getting exactly the service I am paying for, I realize....But still, why is it brokeen so often?


In the past three days, I have worked myself backwards around the clock in 8 hour shifts.

My sleep schedule may be screwed until Novemeber.

If I drink any more coffee, I will start to hear colors.


So, working an odd schedule this week, I go around 10 AM to a Walgreens to pick up a prescription refill.

As I approached, starting about 6 blocks away, I notice that the power is out: Stoplights are not working and businesses are not very busy, with the staff hanging around near the doors. No lights are on in any of the buildings, which is a good hint for me.

I get to the Walgreens, which is, like nearly all of them, at an intersection....Hoping to be lucky. Nope, the stoplights there aren't working either. But I see power company trucks moving around the area, so I pull into a parking space and hope that they find (and fix) the problem quickly.

I waited for a half hour. No joy.

I was, however, amused while waiting by the not insignificant number of people who drove through one of the non-functioning stoplights and then pulled into a parking space at the Walgreens and got out of their car and walked to the door, never noticing that the entire building was dark. The look of bovine-like incomprehension as the door failed to open for them was kinda funny. Despite driving through at least one non working stoplight, and despite the entire store being dark, they never noticed nor comprehended the fact that there was no power to the doors, nor that the store would not be open for business. Some of them just stood there for minutes until the light dawned.

Condition White. To the extreme.

Or just plain stupid.
Hard to tell.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Of course, This is not a hate crime.....

2 men are in the hospital after being attacked by 7 others.

the 2 men are white, the 7 are black.

This is, of course, just an assault, not a hate crime.

I wonder what it would be if the races were reversed?

Seems that the incident began at a waffle house in West Point, MS. The two men left and went to a different restaurant, but were followed by the group of 7. Outside of the second restaurant, a fight occurred:  the result? One (white)man severely beaten and in the hospital. The other (white) man is in an induced coma after undergoing brain surgery.

Somehow, this is being investigated as a simple assault, not a mob action and not a hate crime.

Odd how the parameters for such things change as race changes, innit?

Sunday, August 24, 2014

To serve as well as protect:

THIS cop understands. Got out of his cruiser in a blinding rainstorm to push a guy in a powered wheelchair that had broken and could no longer move. Class act there. One might say beyond the call, except it isn't, really, just unusual.

As opposed to the County Sheriff who drove past my parents Saturday while they were broken down on the side of the road with hazard lights on and the hood up and failed to stop to see if they needed help. It could be that he had somewhere to go, but he wasn't driving fast nor were his lights on. And he didn't apparently report it either, because there were there for more than 40 minutes until I arrived to help and no one else showed either. That was, sadly, not  a surprise.

It'll never be enough

'Cause the "Free Shit Army" thinks that the rest of us owe 'em a living.....

See HERE for an example of why I no longer try to help those less fortunate than me.


So the reason the US didn't pay the ransom to free the reporter, James Foley, is because it is illegal to deal with terrorists or to provide them with any material aid.

Ok. I got that.

So then how was the prisoner swap for the deserter Bowie Berghdal for AlQueda military commanders not a violation of this law?


Anyone have any contacts with them?

I have an issue woth (I think) a Ham screwing with my broadcast TV. But I can't find anything about that part of the FCC's job on their website.

Trying to find somewhere to report via their website is apparently beyond me. 

Calling the contact number  isn't terribly productive....Their phone tree is....irritating.

Anyone know anyone in the FCC who might be able to tell me how to find the people who deal with this sort of thing?

Closest major city office would likely be Chicago or Indy. I'm in NW Indiana.

Any help appreciated.

When your supporters have jobs...


Cash raised for Missouri cop surpasses Brown donations

(Can't use and EBT card to give...)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

No blog for you

The free ice cream machine is temporarily unplugged while I and MC go help a friend move a storm downed tree from his yard and home.

maybe more soon...maybe not for a while.

The folks on the sidebar
usually are more interesting anyway.

Friday, August 22, 2014


Another view of the folks in Ferguson


Rick Perry loses his carry permit while under indictment

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Seems that the Obamacare system is full of holes.

"Hackers steal records on 4.5 Million patients"

Names, Dates of Birth, Social Security numbers. Just what Identity thieves need. 

So glad that I have insurance that isn't Obamacare.