Monday, October 20, 2014


Stolen from Comrade Karl

Sunday, October 19, 2014

As the man says:


Saturday was class day

16 students. Only one idiot.

Why can some people not follow basic directions?

The rest of the class did well and got a First Steps pistol certificate.

15 new shooter smiles. Worth every bit of my time.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

It is reported

That high concentrations of alcohol will quickly kill all ebola virus germs.

Start early, keep you BAC high...No, higher than that! yes, that high.

I am currently conducting experimnts right nw.

So far, I ahve no ebola, but wil kep drnkng until I am sur that there is no furtr risk. 

Mor as reslts are finlzd nad infmtn willbe rprtd and mrdsnfs as medicl necessarmry.

Because the CDC was so underfunded

They couldn't even accomplish their primary objective....

Yet they could do all of these things.....

Anyone see a a problem?

Friday, October 17, 2014


 Dusty in here

Pass it on, please.


A very interesting point

Can be found HERE.

Something to think about, if and when.


One might have thought that the health care folks who were treating Mr. Duncan in Dallas might have been, if not quarantined, at least restricted from travel....But no. Apparently, they have all gone on far flung vacations.

Third ebola caregiver showing mild symptoms... ON A CRUISE SHIP! Note that Belize doesn't want anyone from that ship on their soil. Which shows that the public health folks in Belize are smarter than Asparagus. (Which my not be true about the decisionmakers for Dallas Public Health and the CDC)

Why'n the hell are they being allowed to travel?

And if Ebola is "so hard to catch" then how did they all get it?

If there is a third wave from any of these healthcare workers, then the CDC folks should be charged with attempted homicide for their negligence.

And beaten for their stupidity...

Now, there are a LOT of diseases that look like Ebola (or Ebola looks like a lot of other diseases) in the early stages.  Cruise ships are known for harboring Norovirus, so it could be that...But still, travel after caring for Ebola patients with no quarantine?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

While Ebola carriers move through the system

Infecting others along the way...

Remember that the CDC and NIH were spending their taxpayer funded budgets on Anti-Gun propaganda and Overweight Lesbian studies and other non disease related things....

Which is why their response to the upcoming Ebola crisis has been so poor and disjointed and ineffective.

I'm not even sure if anyone there really knows more than I do (and I only know what I can find via Google, honestly) about Ebola.

So rather than spend our money on, you know, disease research, The Centers for Diease Control has been pissing it away.

And the National Institute for Health has been doing the same.

Kinda like the fact that the Feds were watching you and I while the 9-11 terrorists boldly waked into this country and killed 3000 people....because the Feds weren't looking and preparing for the right danger....

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Seems that the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has (oddly enough in today's liberal government) reinstated the Texas Voter ID law...

This was one fought by Eric Holder in an attempt to defraud eligible voters "make it easier for minorities to vote".  The Justice Dept (and Eric Holder and his boss, Barry O) lost this one...For now at least.

Oddly enough, you need an ID to get beer, cash a check, get a job....Open a  bank account (unless you are an illegal alien)..get welfare, etc. But it is an undue burden to have to get least to get one when you have to use it to vote...

Here in Indiana we have had  this law for years. Last time I voted, the folks at the polling place said "Hi, B, nice to see you...lemme see your ID"... (they follow the law!).

Much less fraud here in Indiana...maybe not zero, but a LOT less. And minorities somehow were able to produce an ID when they wanted to vote for Barry......

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Does anyone know what has happened to the folks living with Mr Duncan in the aprtment where he fell ill?

No one has said what happened to them....

Are they healthy? Or do they have Ebola?

'Twould seem to me that if this disease is so virulent that a nurse could catch it despite protective gear ("Ebola is hard to catch", remember?) that the folks who were in close contact with him when he was in frank symptoms must have been exposed....especially after living in that same apartment for a few days after he was admitted to the hospital...And we haven't seen hide nor hair of them since they were whicked away and placed into isolation....

Anyone know?

Seriously, he'll fit in an overnight box....

I'll even pay shipping....

But seriously, gotta find a home for this kitten. He's starting to talk back to me, and he's cute. I really don't need another cat. He's a kitten right now, but he will soon grow into a cat.

I like kittens (who doesn't?) but I am not fond enough of cats to want 6+.

Someone must have a home for a kitten. I have a kitten to fit that home.

(and no, I wouldn't ship him..... asshole)

Monday, October 13, 2014

What with all the unrest in Ferguson, Mo...

One might think that the residents in the area might want to change the government and the police and all.

But No...they don't. Or at least they can't/Won't be bothered.

70% of the residents in the area are black....but 4 out of 5 town council members are white.

And no one has bothered to register to they get the government (and the police) they deserve.

I have found this to be a pattern with relatively poor  African American people (and the poor in general, actually).. they are unhappy with the way their lives are going and how they are treated, but they do little to improve their lot in life. 

Kornered cat update

Yeah, the Kitty (Think he should be named Buzz (as in saw)) has survived his 10 day quarantine. Still trying to find him a good home.

He is healthy, happy, and has mellowed into a normal domestic type kitten behavior.

Anyone need a nice kitten? He's pretty cute, actually.

I can overnight via USPS for only 24 dollars anywhere in the Continental US....

I'd keep him, but I already have 5 1/2 cats...


Sunday, October 12, 2014

#2 in Dallas

Best Care In The World.

Most Qualified Personnel/Most Highly trained staff.

Top Men.....Top. Best in the world on this issue. Really.

"Breach of Protocol."

So despite the best equipment and the best training, someone apparently made a mistake and contacted Ebola. I feel very sorry for her.

One might have thought that with all the resources available this could have been prevented...Of course, had  Mr. Duncan not come from Liberia without screening........

And, of course, had the CDC not lost sight of it's mission and spent the budget investigating domestic violence and workplace injuries and glowball warming and such, they might have been able to put together a cohesive, non PC response...

Saturday, October 11, 2014

So I'm at the bank

And all the tellers are wearing pink (very pink) scarves.

So I asked..."what is up with the pink scarves?"

"Breast cancer awareness" was the reply. "We are all doing our part".

"Oh"  I replied "me too"

"What are YOU doing for Breast cancer"?

"I'm offering free exams". I replied holding up both hands.

Dude behind me passed an entire Starbucks Vente latte through his left nostril.