Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Odd, why didn't she let them stay and give them some Free Stuff?

I thought keeping people out was "immoral". And making them leave while their case is adjudicated is "just plain wrong"....???

Activists invade Nancy Pelosi's compound and demand food, are "escorted" off of premises.

Kinda hypocritical, innit?

Of course, she only wants to give away "Other peoples money"....And stuff.  


I dunno if it is true, wishful thinking, or just plain cojecture.

But, Via Kenney, I found THIS.

"In only five more days of the already "longest government shutdown in history" (25 days and counting, as of today), a heretofore obscure threshold will be reached, enabling permanent layoffs of bureaucrats furloughed 30 days or more."

I dunno, it sounds too easy.

Now, in most federal government offices, the ratio of 15/85 is probably pretty accurate. And reducing the size of our Federal Workforce is probably a pretty good idea. And it can be difficult to get rid of an employee once they are hired by the GSA.

Will it be that easy? Can we keep the 15 and lose the 85? Or will we end up with a lower number of employees with the same ratio?

Aaaand....I'm not the only one

Who has noticed this

No bill,

Whose fault???

Monday, January 14, 2019

Back Pay

Government employees.


Why should Federal Government employees be paid for days where they are not working?

I have friends who work for Federal agencies. some of them are out of work..."Furloughed" is the term used.
And, as of last Friday, they have not received a paycheck. This is a hardship for them....I understand this. I feel for them. They are not working due to no fault of their own. (I've offered all of them loans to help out if they need it....They are good credit risks: I know they will get paid eventually.) 

But when a private employee is laid off...Say a worker at a steel mill, or at a car plant, or nearly any manufacturing.....When those folks are "Furloughed" "Laid off" (also not by their choice), they are not given back pay for days where they do not work. No work (for any reason), no pay.

Why should Federal employees be paid for days where they do not work? What makes them special? What makes them any different than their private sector counterparts? Simply their employers?
Why, if they are not working, are they paid? (even if at a later date)....

I mean, I understand, that these folks (some of them, at least) are not allowed to find other work in the meantime, unlike private sector workers.... But many can work elsewhere, it's just a hassle for them to find temporary employment.
But here's the thing:
If they are gonna get paid either way (once the pissing match budget battle is over), then why the charade? Why not just let 'em work? Why not let them do their jobs unless (until) their department/agency is defunded and/or eliminated eliminated? Why the game of "No work/No pay"  but then give them pay afterwards?
Is is just to create havoc and chaos? Just for leverage? (hint to the politicians: It doesn't work....you get no leverage from this.) Just for a show of power, much like Barry did when he closed the parks last time? Create havoc and pain (another hint: most people served by "The Government" are unaffected in the short run by these "shutdowns")

If these folks are gonna get paid, then they should be working.  IF not, then they should be free to act as any other citizen, and take work where they can find it.
Why can't the American people get some value for the money their taxes are going for? We will be paying for work not done,...value not received.

End of rant. 


Are the folks doing the Mueller investigation laid off/Furloughed?

If not, why not? The "Government" is "Shut Down". I cannot see where they are "Essential" personnel.

Inquiring minds, and all that....

Saturday, January 12, 2019

"Asking for a friend"

If I go to a Gunshow can I, what with the federal government shut down and all (or at least the 20% that is ACTUALLY shut down, anyway) still get a NICS check done?

Just wondering. I'd call that an "essential" service, but still....

I'm asking 'cause I might go to the Indy 1500 in Indianapolis and don't wanna brave the snowpocalypse they are predicting for that area. 

You'd never have known:

Joe points out in comments that YESTERDAY, Friday the 11th of January, 2019, is the FIRST day of missed paychecks for Federal workers. due to the "government shutdown" over the border wall.

Yeah, one might have thought, according to news media, that these poor folks had gone for months without a paycheck. That they were eating scraped icebox and dishrag soup. Begging for scraps after bravely going to their terribly hard  "essential" Government jobs for 22 hours a day...

Odd, innit, all those interviews over the past week about the hardship when NOT ONE had yet suffered any hardship? About the mean and unsympathetic creditors...the loss of income...the terrible consequences for the children....All those tearful housewives wailing how hard it was.....

All bullshit. Battlespace preparation by the Left and their pet media, I suppose. But the Left voters Uneducated Audience ate that up.

Friday, January 11, 2019

It is interesting:

When Barry and the Democrats shut down the government, the Republicans were blamed...for standing fast, and refusing to negotiate...Because they would not capitulate to the wishes of the (then) President.

This time, the narrative is, of course (according to the Media), the shutdown is the fault of the (current) President to capitulate to the Congress...to the Democrats.....and for refusing to back down when THEY refuse to negotiate ("There Will Be No Wall").

Interesting double standard, innit?

And I note that they are pushing this pretty hard in the Propaganda News, so it must not be flying with the public polls. 

I'm opposed

To the concept of declaring a national Emergency and using an Executive Order to find funding for the wall.

While I DO think we need a physical barrier in place on our southern border, I want it paid for in a straightforward manner and not by Decree.....In other words, I am opposed to using an Executive Order.

This is not what Executive Orders are for. Yes, lots of Presidents have abused them in the past. Stop doing so today and in the future.

I think one could make the case for Impeachment should Donnie (mis)use an Executive Order for such a purpose. Having said that, we should have impeached many past president for the same sort of Misuse....and I don;'t just mean Barry the O either. 

Thursday, January 10, 2019

At least no dogs were killed

and the officers went home safe at the end of their shift.

After 5+ hour standoff (and teargas!) police find suspect not in home.

One wonders how much money was spent barricading the empty house? How many of the neighbors were evicted for those hours? 

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Have ya noticed?

The folks who are opposed to the Wall claim that they are all for "Border Security".
But they don't specify how that "Border Security" will be accomplished.
And they've been promising "Border Security" for DECADES....and we have seen nothing.

What is their (currently unspecified) solution to closing the border? What method are they proposing to use to secure the border? They have had ample opportunity to tell us, but they haven't. Wonder why?
I think they are simply lying.

And, can someone explain how closing the border is "immoral"? Please, I'd like to know.

They claim that most drugs come in via "Ports of Entry" therefore a Wall will not help that problem....How do they know? Some drugs do, obviously. But if you know how and where (and how much) of the drug trade comes in via those ports.....Why aren't we stopping it? Logically, since no one has tracked  those drugs that have entered...followed them from point of origin to point of distribution inside the US, we have no idea how or where they entered.  If we can count it, we can stop it. But they are for sale on our streets every day.......All we have is "estimates" by an "expert" (who likely wants more funding)....which are just guesses at best, Again, I think someone is lying.

Similarly, it is claimed that the number of illegal immigrants is declining.....Again, how do we know?  How do we count them? How do we count the ones that are already here....How do we count them when (if) they leave, and how do we count those folks who (continue to) enter illegally? If we know where they are, why aren't we deporting them, and if we can count the number who are entering, why aren't we stopping them??

 It is claimed that people use other methods of entry than the border so a Wall will do no good.......Again, how do we know? If we do know (must be we are counting them "one by one" as they enter, right?), why aren't we stopping them from entering? If those other methods of (illegal) entry are so simple to use, why do people walk for DAYS across a desert instead of using those "easier" entry point?

And why is it ok for latino people from our southern neighbors to enter illegally and live here in violation of the law, but people from everywhere else in the world are required to emigrate legally....isn't that racist? How come spanish speaking peoples get an exemption but Poles and Koreans and Congolese and Russians and Somalians and South Africans and Latvians and Indian peoples (and others) don't? If welcoming immigrants with no restrictions is such a good idea, why are we blocking people at our points of entry?
Why do we even have immigration? Why do we check passports at airports at all? if one open border is good, why bother at ports and airports and such?

Which is it? Open borders are good? Or only open borders for people who are willing to walk via Mexico are OK, and other methods of entry are bad?

I have asked, and will continue to ask:

Why do the DNC folks, and many RNC members wish to keep the southern border unprotected? Why do they object to securing the largest path of entry for illegal immigrants?

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Captain Obvious PSA:

Molten lead is really, really hot.

Bad for skin.

Next time, wear your Person Protection Gear.

Remember: Safely Third.

(yeah, it's only one finger on my off hand.) But still. I knew better. Preventable.

And painful. 

New shooter report

So one of the guys that I was friendly with during flying school for my PPL asked me if he and his girlfriend could come over and shoot at my range.

I, of course, said yes. We set it for Saturday morning about 11 AM.

While he was a shooter, if not at the level I am, nor as current, he knew what he was doing. She had shot before, but not for a decade...and that with Dad.

So we did the safety briefing, they signed waivers, and we went into the indoor range. Started out with a Buckmark to get her acquainted, then worked up. That New Shooter Smile was evident.

She shot at 50 feet at first, then we strung the cable and shot at 21 feet so she could see the holes in the paper better...

After a little coaching, she did quite well. Of course, a whole range of firearms and calibers. 22, .32, .380, 9mm. and .45. She liked the 1911 better than the Shield, and the Beretta Tomcat best of all. It just fit her hand well, and she like the way it shot best.

I don't think she will be a "gun person". She does however, know safety and how to handle, and unload and load. And she isn't "afraid" of guns.  And the one other member of the range that showed up while we were there was also a good ambassador and made her feel comfortable and welcome. She had fun. All told, if she is not pro gun, she will not be Anti Gun.

And that (and the New Shooter Smile) makes the time worthwhile. 

Sunday, January 6, 2019

And more dinner flying

Saturday, My Dad called and wanted to know when I was gonna take HIM (and Mom) out to dinner? Flying , that is.....

So I did.  A quick flight plan, and a call to 1-800 WXBrief , and then bang, we were off! Me and Mom and Dad and Midwest Chick. I did take the ballast out of the baggage compartment (for balance, rather than weight) for this trip.

3 PM Central. We took off and flew to another place I know that has a good restaurant within walking distance of an airport. Just plain good chow.

Shorter flight this time. But it was as fun as Friday, just shorter. First landing was in daylight, but with only 29/11 as choices, and a 13 knot crosswind (250) it was a challenge...especially as the wind was different (both direction and intensity) on downwind, base,  and final.

But I did a decent crosswind landing. Parked, shut down, secured and walked to eat.

Walked back, quick but thorough preflight, and we took off in the darkness from 29 (the winds were 26 at 3, so it really didn't matter) and 29 was more in our direction of travel and went back home.

A bit of excitement on my approach to the airport: I called 10 miles east of the airport... then 7 miles, and then another plane called 7 miles east of the airport just after I did...at the SAME ALTITUDE. We all swivelled our heads all over looking for him, as I started my long final approach no one could see another plane....then he made his 5 mile call as WEST of the airport. Whew.

We saw him on downwind at 3 miles final. He saw us and called "Landing Traffic in sight" and I unpuckered ....and so we landed (I still gotta work on making my night landings as smooth as my daylight landings) and taxiied back to the hangar and pushed the plane in.

We had Flight Following both ways. This time the controllers were a bit busier. Skies were clear, but vis was only 20 or 30 miles from 4500 feet. Kinda hazy

As Aaron puts it: another 1.3 and 2.

You just can't do quick unscheduled trips if you are renting airplanes. 

African Air and Space Programmes

No, I'm serious. Stop laughing.

They are serious too.

Someday, they might actually meet the Wright Brothers first flight duration and distance.


Ok, you can laugh.
I did.  Especially the Flying Winnabago. 

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Night flying

Took Midwest Chick and Ed to Eagle Creek for dinner last Friday night.

Preflighted at 4 PM Central time and then fueled up (I had about 7 gallons in one tank and just under 30 in the other according to the dip tube...which was enough, but just barely and my reserve would have been marginal) with 37 gallons of 100LL.

Fired up and listened to the weather, then taxiied out to 18 and did a southbound departure. The takeoff roll was long as the weather was fairly warm (FIFTY DEGREES in January!!!) and I had full fuel with me (180lbs), Ed( 250) and MC (120 lbs) plus 40 lbs of ballast in the luggage compartment. fist time I have had that much load in the plane. Climbed out well though.

We went up to 5500 and flew to Eagle Creek with Flight Following, arriving after dark. Picking out the airport from the other light clutter on the ground was at first difficult, then, once we saw the airport, it was easy. Did a base leg entry and an Ok landing...not my best, not my worst. I did miss the last taxiway and had to turn around and back taxi as there was a plane waiting at the end of the runway (winds were negligible, so either end was useable. We never did hear any of his radio call though, (and yes, I WAS on the right freq....I checked)

Dinner was AWESOME. Service was excellent. Walked back to the FBO and unlocked the plane and did a preflight and fired up and took off. The ATC folks weren't busy, so they were pleasant and fun to interact with. We had 'em watch us on the way back too...

Arrived back home, did another base leg entry for 27 and was a bit fast over the numbers....but other than the float, the landing was good.

Pushed the pane into the hangar and went home.
A VERY good evening. MC had never seen the lights on the ground from up at night, so she was happy. Ed got his "Altitude Fix" so he was as well. (his 182 is down for an engine/prop rebuild)....he does now want an autopilot though. His 182 doesn't have one. The air was smooth as one could ask for, clear as glass, and ceilings were 25,000 or greater.

I gotta do some pattern work and practice night landings. Mine are OK, but just OK. I need more practice so that I have better perspective on final. The lights and nighttime illusions make it hard.

But overall, nights like this are why I wanted to learn to fly. this would have been a 2+ hour drive each way, with lots more hassle and stress. In a plane, it is a bit less than an hour each way.
Plus it is fun. I could not do things like this with rental aircraft either. Too expensive and the availability of the planes just isn't there.

I'm glad I learned to fly and bought an airplane.

As Aaron puts it: 2.2 and 2.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Have you ever noticed

That some bloggers keep coming back to BLEG again and again for money, either for themselves or a "family member"....?

Once, I can understand. Everyone needs some help now and again. Twice, maybe, some of us have a run of just plain old bad luck.

But some families seem to either have LOTS of bad luck, or (maybe) have learned that people can be fleeced over and over again as long as they present a good enough sob story to tug those old heartstrings....Because, for the most part, bloggers and their audiences are good hearted people.

But, sadly, I must remove one from my sidebar. Too much. I cannot countenance continual blegging.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

I'm coming to realize

That the biggest issue with folks who vote Democrat (and/or are liberal) is that they, as a whole, can't seem to determine when their "news" sources are News, and when they are Op-Ed pieces....especially when that Op-Ed says something that they agree with.

Nevermind that a statement that is made, with no supporting facts, is just an opinion...nevermind that the statements are biased....."if it is published (and I agree with it) it must be factual. This is why a headline may say one thing,  but the body of text in the article may show something else...But the headline is all they read....and believe.

We, on the right, are also (To a lesser extent) subject to making this failure in our search for knowledge.

But the Dems and the Liberals (but I repeat myself) seem to have a lack of discrimination when it comes their News.

By the way, this is an example of Op-Ed. No supporting facts, just opinion...if I had facts, there'd be links and support for the statement(s) I made. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

I wish every one of my readers

A happy, prosperous, and satisfying 2019.

May your finances be good and your personal life be happy and fulfilling.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Hey, it's 40 years old....

So I get the call about 5 pm last night.

"The range won't shut off".

See, there is a neat relay/contactor setup that, when one (or all) of three light switches (left/middle/right)  is turned on, also turns on the air handler and enables the air compressor that turns the target holders. As it had always worked, no one had ever worried.

Until Saturday evening.....when it stopped working correctly. Turn off the lights and the big fan keeps running. Not what is spozed to happen.

As I am the closest member to the range, I get the call.

My first thought was to simply turn off the breaker and wait for another day.... But the breaker that controls the lights and fan also powers the sewage ejection pump and the heater for that small room where the pump is located. (And last time we had issues with the sewer pump, at least one idiot ignored the signs and used the terlet....with messy results)

So I opened the control box, hoping to see something obvious.
No joy.

And, of course, while it appears that (at one time) there was a diagram of some kind for guidance on the door, it fell off or was removed long ago, leaving only the glue behind to mock those who might need it.....

So I had to close contactors one at a time, and follow the wiring (which was really nicely done, it looked like the interior of an Otis Elevator cabinet) and figure out how the thing worked.

And, while it took an hour and a half, I traced the logic and figured which contactor was stuck.
Pried the welded contact apart, and (for now) everything works).
Kinda proud of that diagnosis. Haven't worked relay logic for over 25 years. But I can still do it. So it is (sorta) fixed....For now.

Simply worn out and pitted contacts. But all the others are worn as well.

Someone is gonna have to replace the contactors ....all 5 of 'em.
And, since there are only 3 of us that have the ability (much less knowledge) it's gonna fall on us. And since one is pretty much crippled, and the other is nearly 80 years old, it's gonna be me. 

Friday, December 28, 2018

Remember: all those illegals

Illegal Aliens (undocumented immigrants ...yeah, and the corner drug dealer is just an undocumented pharmacist)

And we are told they just want to come and be in this country.....and live like us and be good productive citizens.
And maybe that is the goal of some of them.

BUT some are criminals. Bad people. Cop killers

Most of the rest just want Free Shit and a less littered (unlike their home) place to live.

Finished installing the dishwasher

Had to cobble up an adapter for the water line yesterday, as some brainiac engineer decided that all new dishwashers should use GARDEN HOSE as the water supply inlet, rather than 3/8 or half inch pipe thread, or compression.

Nothing, it seems, uses precision machining anymore. Rough castings, machined to a minimum, then a rubber(neoprene?) gasket to make the seal.

So on the 26th, I cobbled the water supply line together, and today, I did it right...

Led worklights might not be the pinnacle of invention, but they sure as hell are a good one, and should rank right up there on the list of GoodThings.

Headlights and lightsticks....rechargeable. Really nice.

especially this:

Astro pneumatic 450 lumen LED workight.

You don't yet know that you need one, but you do.

You'll thank me later. 

Thursday, December 27, 2018

I discovered something today:

Aerospace engineers should NOT design door latches.

Jesus H Christ on a Pogo stick....there are 2 lbs of unneeded screws in that door.
Plus the latch is extraordinarily complicated and WAY too heavy for the job it does.

Yes, I am doing my own plane maintenance.

And Cessna wants over $400 for a set of lock cylinders. I gotta talk to a locksmith and see if he can fix 'em.

At least the door locks properly now though.