Tuesday, September 26, 2017


A thought occurred to me.....(yes, it happens, sometimes even twice in a week).

If Colin Kapernick had simply waited a year, he'd be on a contract and making somewhere north of $20 million a year.

And he could have taken a great deal of that money and used it to actually DO something to improve the situation of young black men. Maybe teach 'em a trade or teach 'em how not to look like a Yo and get the attention of police or something. I dunno.

I do know that he could have made a greater difference had he been a player in the NFL than he is now....which is nothing. He now has zero effect on the situation he was protesting. He hasn't fixed a thing, and now never will.

And had he taken that path his adoptive (white) mother who raised him with the best of everything wouldn't hate him and be embarrassed by him now.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Double standards.....

Rightspeak is ok, badspeak is not:

Just a few short days ago  the Leftists were all for shutting down free speech when the National Socialists were doing their stupidity......

Yet today, we are supposed to support Free Speech 'cause this time it is for a Good Cause or something  when the NFL idiots did their little tantrum.

And the Leftists aren't even smart enough to realize the irony. 


Ordering the players to stand and respect the Anthem is a BadThing. .

But ordering the players to stay inside the locker room in a half-hearted, half-assed, cowardly display of not taking a stand is ok.
Double standards of the leftists. 


So the assholes NFL players (and, by their support, the owners, managers, and NFL management) think that it is OK to protest the (perceived) bad treatment of some black me by officers: To wit the deaths when resisting arrest or otherwise failing to comply with lawful orders.....In other words, instead of taking their lumps when caught, they run, fight, kick, resist, scream, spit, struggle and endanger the officers who are arresting them.  
Perhaps they are right, and some officers target young black me. Or it could be that young black men make themselves a target by their actions and how and where they drive. Not part of my point here.

Are these National police? Are they Federal cops?

Nope most of the cops who interact with the groups that they claim (although statistics don't bear it out) are disproportionally killing black men are LOCAL cops.

So why are they disrespecting a National symbol? Hating on their country? Why not blame their local government? You know, the one that they have the power to elect or replace? 

Just a thought:

The Steelers player with the biggest balls is Alejandro Villanueva.

He did what he thought was right, and went against his teammate's wishes.

I respect him for that.

Make no mistake, I think his teammates are cowards. Either stand, or kneel, but don't hide. Next time, make your position known.

Should count as two

Landings, that is. Glad that wasn't MY aircraft today.

Still no wind, so still no turns around a point. Today we did some reviews of skills I had learned previously and then just flew. I am getting better, smoother, and am learning more about flying. Climbs, descents, turns. All getting smoother and my power management is better.

Then some patterns.

My first landing today was a very smooth touch and go. If I could do it like that every time, I'd be happy.

The second one....not so much.

Approach was good, but I flared about 20 feet too high I was 10 feet off the runway when the stall horn went off and I ran out of airspeed....And bounced. Hard. then sideways, then hard on the runway. I didn't damage the aircraft, but, as I said, I'm glad it was someone else's plane. Pretty sure I know what I did wrong.

7.7 hours, 3 (or 4, depending) landings.

SO all these players

Each making MILLIONS of dollars.

And they disrespect the flag and country which makes their success possible.

Ok, they have that right. Yep, they do. I disagree with their actions, yet I support their right to do such asinine things.

They protest the "inequalities" of the treatment of blacks. The barriers to success.....and other undefined unfairness

Yeah, maybe there is something there.. Maybe. But cops go to folks where there is more likelihood of a bust. If one looks like a thug, then one gets treated like a thug. Having a police record is a barrier to success.

But, (and here is the point of this post) how many of those million dollar salary earning players who are protesting are spending any of their personal fortunes or their time helping the blacks in their community to succeed and get ahead? How many are teaching how to succeed and (most especially) how not to fail?

'Cause they could make a HUGE difference, if they could be bothered to actually, you know, DO something, rather than a disrespectful kneel. 

Sunday, September 24, 2017

All for free speech

Seriously. I support the rights of those NFL players who wish to make a statement. If they want to join the trend and oppose the white man (who is the source of most of the funds that pay their salaries) and disrespect the Anthem and the Flag and the country for which they stand.....They have every right.

And I will begin telling the advertisers who give money to the TV stations and networks that if they advertise on NFL games that I will find competing products. And when this begins to hurt the TV revenue, then maybe the dollars spent on the broadcast rights will drop.

and maybe, just maybe, that, along with the reduced revenue from ticket sales will get the NFL teams attention.

I would like to see each and every one of those idiot players (and managers, and other team members) who fail to stand and either salute or in some other way respect our Anthem and our flag be fired, or suspended or otherwise negatively impacted.

I think the fact that Kapernick is unable to find a job is a fitting end to his childish actions.

I'd like to see this happen to each and every one of his co-conspirators.

And until it does, except to find out advertisers, I'll not watch.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some e-mails to write to some companies.

AAAND once again,

Puerto Rico wants the US to bail them out post hurricane.

Which I wouldn't think would be a bad idea, except that the cittizens pay no Federal Income Tax.

And, of course, they have a government that is broke, and nearly bankrupt, so they have no money to pay for their own fixes after Hurricane Irma.
They can't pay their own bills. They can't help themselves.

Now, I am all for humanitarian aid, but rebuilding? Fuck That. Let 'em rebuild their own country. The only time they want US intervention and laws is when they need help.

Saturday, September 23, 2017


Dunes Rifle and Pistol club is having their fall gunshow. in Valparaiso Indiana.

See me there. 

Friday, September 22, 2017

About that "end of the world" thing:

Yeah, maybe not so much:

Man who claimed the world would end on Sept 23 2017 says "NeverMind".

Huh, Imagine that.


So today there was NO wind. Zero. Calm.

So no Turns around a Point, no S-Turns. Kinda woulda been pointless.

So, instead, I got briefed on how to deal with an Engine Out Situation.

Then I took off and flew south to the "Practice Area"  and we went over the procedures again.

Then Mike demonstrated.

My turn.

3K feet (~2200 AGL) gives (more or less) 3.5 miles of glide.

Pull power back.

Pick a field
navigate towards it while:

Do you checks. Fuel, mags, etc.

Make your radio call.

Set up for landing.

Lots of time. And yet not much either.

So I did it twice. THought I was comfortable,

Did some stalls. Power Off and Power On.

Started back to the airport. Was about 3 miles away, just ready to make my first radio call when the power went away.

Mike says: "you have just lost your engine".

I looked over at him while trimming for 65 KIAS. "Prick".

And chose a (soybean) field.
Did the procedure.

and realized as I began my approach that the field I had chosen had a linear sprinkler across it.

Fuck. That woulda been bad.

But, I added power, climbed to 1700' and entered the pattern and did a really nice landing.

Plus, my Taxiing is better. Still needs work, but better.

He says I'm the first student to call him bad names, ever.

Oh, Jesus,

Are we really supposed to think that this isn't a propaganda campaign? That the News Media isn't conspiring to set or change public opinion? That they aren't a propaganda arm of the DNC?

Zuckerberg is gonna show us ads that "might have" had "Russian influence".

This a day after the media gave Hillary a tour so she could give us her version of how she thinks the election should have gone.

And the nighttime talk shows all had either Hillary on their show or had commentary....and said shows got commentary on the morning news shows so there was even MORE coverage.

It is, all about the meme.

And since the "Russian influence" meme died, they are trying to resurrect it.

And the News Media wonders why they have no credibility anymore.

Hillary seems to be like a Zombie. No matter what you shoot her with, she still gets up and comes at you again.
Perhaps someone needs to shoot her in the head. I am told that is the only way to kill Zombies.

Now, to clear my head of this propaganda, as soon as the fog lifts, I'm gonna go fly.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Pretty much today

Pretty much, today is the day that they gotta find you if you are trapped by debris from the earthquake in Mexico.

Yes, some folks like longer, but, statistically, if they don't find you today, alive, then they will find you later, dead.

Say a prayer for all those folks in Mexico.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

1.4 more

Fog this AM, but it burned off by 9, so I showed up at quarter to 10 and preflighted the 172. When my instructor showed at 5 'til, we had a short instruction period and then we took off on Runway 18 and flew south.

More stalls, (the 172 is harder to stall than the 150 and better behaved when it does) both power off and power on, then S-turns, which were kinda hard to do because the wind was variable and gusting. I got it right at the end, but the wind was causing me issues for most of the turns.

One approach with a go around and then one landing. I still need more practice taxiing.

I am, however, getting more comfortable and some stuff, like holding altitude and heading is easier and more automatic now. Less thinking, as it were.

I think I am getting this, if slowly. 


That pretty much covers it.

Now go forth and do better in the next election(s).

And please, stop giving Hillary any credence.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

SO who benefits?

Chicago (thank GOD I don't live there, but I do get their TV and radio) has a Beverage Tax. Something like a penny per ounce of sweetened soda...or sports drink. Or Tea. Or any beverage that uses sweetener.

The tax was sold as a way to reduce obesity. But now that folks are bitching complaining about their increased soda cost to their local Councilpersonages demanding a repeal of the tax,  there is a concerted push to convince folks that the hotfoot they are getting is, after all, in their best interest....all "paid for by none other than Michael Bloomberg". Which I find odd, 'cause he isn't (AFAICT) a part of the Chicago Political Machine....and he is spending HUGE money buying ad time on radio, TV Newspapers, billboards, etc.

What is he getting out of it. Where is his payoff payback? He's investing tens of millions, and I doubt that is is just because he really thinks that the tax will really prevent heart disease, kidney disease, obesity, diabetes and halitosis.

Is this just Social Engineering? I mean, the Cook County politicians never met a tax they didn't like, and they need the money so they can keep lining the pockets of their friends and relatives the City from going broke.....Without it, they will have to lay off something like 1 in 5 useless workers...All of whom vote.

But how/where does Michael Bloomberg come to this party?

So what does she wear?

I mean, if cotton causes her to freak out, does she only wear artificial fibers?

Or does she wear jeans? T-shirts. Does she sleep only on bamboo sheets. Rayon? Nylon? Does she wear blouses and shirts made from any natural fiber like linen?
'Cause linen and cotton were picked by slaves...In her world cotton is offensive, and I am sure linen would be too if she knew what it looked like.
How about leather shoes and belts and jackets? Slaves raised cattle too.

So,  again, is she wearing and using only rayon, nylon and polyester?

Or is it only cotton.... 'cause she was raised and educated that slaves picked cotton....and she is trying so desperately to find something to be offended by?

At some point someone needs to just bitch-slap these folks.

Monday, September 18, 2017

1.4 and stalls

Stalls are FUN! Easy too.

No landing yet, but did several smoother descents and one approach.

I'm getting much smoother with the controls and some things are becoming automatic. Seems as if my workload is decreasing.

Starting to really like this.

ETA: Oh, and I made my first radio call on Unicom today.

Odd, that

So in St Louis there are protests over the acquittal of a police officer for shooting a black dude. Now, the community waited since 2011 for "justice". It does appear that there was evidence planting and some other shennanigans. But Anthony Smith was no angel either, so there is room for doubt both ways, really.

The protests there,  as protests do, turned violent. Yet the organizers claim that THEY are peaceful and that the violence was perpetrated by “a group of agitators"....And the media is pushing this story.

Of course, when it was right leaning protestors, the entire group was castigated for violence, even though it also was blamed on an outside group of agitators....but that was given no credence by the left leaning media.


So my oak and walnut trees are CARPETING my lawn with nuts. I mean, so many acorns that it is sometimes difficult to walk, like walking on marbles in the grass.

According to the old men, those who (supposedly) have forgotten more that I know, this presages a very cold winter. Which makes sense since the previous winter was unusually warm. (or last year was just a surge of glowbal warmenizing. (although we didn't set any records that year)).  This fits with what my Dad's Dad always told me prior to his passing. (and the older I get, the smarter he seems)

Nature finds balance,  I think this gonna be a really cold winter. And I think that the deer and the skwirelz and the other forest denizens will need those acorns and walnuts hidden in the snow.

You heard it here first. Plan accordingly. Or not. 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

"Tired of your shit there, son"

So Grandpa gets tired of having a standoff at his house: He gets a ladder and climbs up and pushes the dude causing the standoff off the roof.

One wonders why the cops couldn't have climbed the same ladder or gotten one from the fire department and simply done the same? Or arrested the dude on the roof?

Didja ever notice:

That, when a Leftist is losing the argument in a conversation regarding immigration, crime rates, poverty, or racial quotas in workforce, or other stuff where race is a factor..

That they ALWAYS fall back to calling the other side a "Racist".....even when it is obviously not true? (sometimes directly and sometimes in thinly veiled hints that shows their cowardice)

I mean, if you disagree that illegal immigrants should be allowed to come over the border any time choose and that they should immediately get Free Shit like welfare, food stamps, ObamaCare and other state benefits.....You must be a racist....Even if you are hispanic in heritage.
If you think the Wall is  a flawed, but acceptable part of the counter to illegal immigration, not perfect, but indeed, a part of the overall solution....then you Must also be a racist.

If you point out that in (most)larger cities (and many smaller ones), crime is nearly 80% black crime (much of it black on black), yet there are only 22% blacks in the population and tossing large amounts of (government) money at the problem doesn't seem to help and hasn't for 50 years... you are a racist.

If you think that Affirmative Action demeans black people because it says that they are somehow lesser, and cannot compete on their own merits, then you are, somehow, a racist.

If you point out that a black person (and to a lesser extent, a hispanic person) with an education, who speaks decent english, and who doesn't have (much of) a criminal record can go VERY far in life......who will have opportunities that white folks would not, merely based on the color of their skin....Then you are a racist...because it is unfair to expect those folks to not have records or speak decent english....or get an education.

If you point out that NO ONE in your ancestry has ever owned a slave, yet you are being blamed for slavery, that marks you as a racist.

And the folks, the leftist, the ones that brand you a racist, are (generally) white. Yet they don't apply those same criteria to themselves, nor the folks who talk like, and vote like them. Sadly, this overuse of "Racist" waters down the epithet that it once was, and when it is used against REAL racists, no one even bothers to care.

At least it makes it easy to tell when they are losing the  argument and got nothing else.

Izzit me?

Or is the news Media showing all the crowds protesting in St Louis composed of mostly white girls and a few white men with a smattering of black faces? Chicago media was nearly exclusively videos like this.

Murphy said the same thing about protests in New Orleans.

Not saying the protests aren't for a good cause...(Maybe they are, and maybe they aren't there is doubt either way, but the folks killed by police weren't choirboys) but you'd think, since it is Black Lives Matter, that there would be a majority of black folks instead of young white girls....

Friday, September 15, 2017

add 1.4

to my logbook. This time in a C150.

Oddly, I had issues taxiing this time. I found the 150 hard to steer. Maybe 'cause it is a higher time airframe and  a bit worn. I dunno.

My takeoff was good, even with a LOT less power to climb with. My climb out was good.  I got straight and level down. Turns, (level,climbing and descending) were OK. I got the concept, now I just need practice.

Pracicing descents was ok. it was windy, and I fought the changing wind a bit.

Landing? Nope. I got behind as we descended and was chasing the damned thing. Ended up giving up and going around and letting my instructor do the landing. He bounced. Twice. The gusts were straight out of 180, but they were on and off. I didn't feel too bad that I had to go around.

Monday is 30% chance of precipitation, so maybe I will and maybe I won't. We shall see. 

interstellar Kamikaze

Likely, as you read this, the Cassini probe is beginning (or, has ended, depending) it's final portion of its mission, diving into  the atmosphere of Saturn.

Just shy of 20 years....and everything (mostly) still works. Pretty good engineering for a VERY harsh environment.

And, despite the protests, it hasn't polluted the earth with Plutonium 238.

Instead, it has increased our knowledge about our solar system immensely.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

And again

Fog, this time.....

and there were no afternoon slots available for aircraft. Except the Baron, and I am not ready for dual.

The Forecast for tomorrow is much better. So there is that.

Liberal women have issues

Probably because of lack of a Daddy.

"Help, I can't stop hooking up with Trump Supporters!"

Perhaps she should stop hooking up so much? I mean, yeah, she can do what she wants, and I am all for women of questionable virtue and all....But damn, this one has issues. 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

1.1 Hours

Of heavier than air flight.

Yep, I started private pilot school yesterday.

I got a lot of work to do. Lots of things to learn. And unlearn.

Turns were ok.... for some reason a coordinated turn is easy for me. Straight and level, I have issues. I tend to climb slightly.

But hey, one hour and 6 minutes. Lots more to do.

It was fun. And I learned a fair bit.

I wasn't the great car driver I am today the first time I tried that, either.

Thanks to StinsonGal and Aaron and others who inspired me to get off my ass and do this.

Monday, September 11, 2017


I know it is racist and all;

And maybe it is just media bias in that they only show the one kind and all.

But in all the hurricane aftermath coverage, it appears that there are no Asian looters. No Hispanic looters. No White looters.

Odd that.

How come only the Black folks get their portion of  "15 minutes of fame"?

I think it is terrible that they won't show all the other looters in Florida. Those folks deserve their fame too.


Today is the 16th anniversary.
Yep, 16 years.

I haven't forgotten.

Have you?

How many folks that you know HAVE forgotten?
How many think we still are not at war?  Think that the folks high in the culture of and governments of counties where the state is Islam still want us all dead because we are "unbelievers"? Still think that the fundamentalists still don't want our country to be a part of their Caliphate?
How many still think that most Muslims are moderate? That they don't want to colonize the US? To bring Sharia law to this country?

Sadly, many folks that I know all think that we aren't at war, that the Caliphate is a myth.....That most Muslims are moderate. That Sharia law can coexist with our laws. That one can be a good, practicing Muslim and still obey the laws of the United States.  That our Constitution can coexist with Islam.

It just isn't so. And I know many Muslims, some of whom ARE moderate. Nice folks. Decent people (by their own lights)....But they are Muslims first, Americans second. Their values are NOT ours. And if you are an unbeliever, then they have NO regard for you....Period.

And remember, it isn't Bhuddist monks who do suicide attacks. It isn't (generally) Irish terrorists who target children to blow them up. It isn't Basque separatists that explode themselves in crowded markets. It isn't Hindus who drive car bombs full of propane and gasoline into stores full of innocents. It isn't Black Lives Matter folks who use their grievances to destroy themselves while taking tens or hundreds with them. It isn't South Africans Christian that make pressure cooker bombs and plant them in crowds... 'tis only those touched by the stain of Islam.