Sunday, September 21, 2014

Anyone got a goat for sale?

'cause I gotta find one to sacrifice.

My business got struck by lightning Sat evening AFTER the storm had passed.

Fire in the attic.  I don't like fires.

Lots of water damage. And, of course, the firemen cut a 6'x8' hole in the roof after the fire was out.....(I'm not criticizing, I just don't understand WHY they do that.....I am sure they have a good reason....right?)

Twice this year. Getting a bit irksome. (Ok, a lot irksome).  I am getting tired of this game. Once was enough....I am feeling a bit put upon.....Yeah, a LOT of people are worse off in this world, but I still think it sucks royally. A lot. with Berries. Srsly. Enough, OK?

So if anyone has a goat that I can sacrifice .....

now if you'll excuse me, I got a whole shitload of cleanup to do...

Friday, September 19, 2014

So it would seem that the Australians are becoming aware that there are some seriously whacked out Islamic Radicals who wish the rest of them harm....and that there is no easy way to stop a whacked out psychotic islamic nutball who is wielding 2 swords without getting seriously hurt....especially when you cannot give them a high velocity lead injection.

With ISIS arrests, Australians wishing they had guns.

I mean, a quarterstaff works to disarm  a whackjob swinging a sword or two much of the time, but you gotta practice even more than with a pistol...and more often.

Nothing like a 230 G  .45 at 850 FPS....or a 9mm (more likely in Australia) 124 G at 12oo or soFPS.

(Although #1 Buckshot might be an appropriate substitute....)

But being disarmed, they have little to fight back with.

But that is part of what you get when you allow the Liberals to disarm you....

So Scotland chose

To remain serfs.

The reported count is 55.3% to 44.7% to keep themselves as part of the UK....They chose to be (again) the reheaded stepchildren of Britain. Poor treatment and less political power for the, same as before.I guess they chose security over freedom. Serfdom over independence.

I am sad for the (nearly) half that had the guts to try and be their own country.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Just a quick note to all you bloggers

Who block your blog from open internet connections.

Do you really think that if we are on an open public internet connection we care if someone might be able to see what we are reading? (hint: the NSA already can) It's not like I am putting my credit card info into the internet just to read you blog or anything....Does it make YOUR blog any more secure?

Can any of you explain just exactly what you are accomplishing when you block those of us who must sometimes use and unsecured network?

'cause I fail to see what it does for security.

Ashamed of our flag?

So a Federal appeal court says, in effect, that if someone is offended by the American flag, (especially on the uniquely american Cinco deMayo) that the American flag must not be displayed.


I find the flying of flags OTHER than the US flag here in the US to be offensive.

But that, my friends, is a First Amendment right....(which I actually agree with) so I can't do anything about those flags....

But a US flag? Offensive to Mexicans? Gotta go. Can't offend our brown Brothers...

Fuck that. Equal representation under the law.

GUess what I'm gonna have allover come next Cinco De Mayo?

I'll probably fly it from my truck in Hispanic neighborhoods too..

Some folks gotta keep digging

Theater shooting victims parents sue online retailers over ammunition and gear used in attack.

Are we gonna let people sue Chevy and their dealers everytime someone buys a car and then later mows down a pedestrian? Drunk or sober?

Sue Louisville Slugger everytime a kid hits another with a bat?

Belt manufacturers everytime sombody beats a kid too much?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Today should be as sacred as Labor day

Or Independence day....or even Christmas!

Yeah, Sept 17 should be a Holiday . A big one.


It is Constitution day. Today is the day that, 1n 1787, the US constitutional convention actually signed the Constitution.

This day, IMO, is as important a day as nearly any other. It is the anniversary of the creation of the set of rules that effectively makes this country what it is. It sets forth the freedoms and basis of our system of laws. IT LIMITS THE GOVERNMENT.

SO think about it today. Today marks the anniversary of what makes the US what it is.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

More on "Stop and Seize"

AKA "Steal anyone's money we can because we can...We are cops and because drugs".

Seems that everyone is finally figuring this out....

Some commentors think I am overly negative about this practice.  Perhaps I am. They seems to feel that it is OK, if it catches one drug smuggler ...I think that it needs revision if it inconveniences even one innocent person.

This is theft, plain and simple. No one should have to account for the source of the money they carry unless they have been PROVEN to have committed a crime and it can be proven that the money or goods was/were from profits from illegal activities.

Anyone involved in such schemes to steal from the citizens of this country should be charged with theft....Officer or government official or whatever. No immunity should apply.

Link fixed!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Prolly nothing

Else gonna be posted today. Am seriously busy and got nothin.

Maybe later.


Peter found it, but things are progressing as I predicted:

Unidentified virus strikes kids across 11 states likely comes from South America....

Expect more of this . Especially in cities where they are putting large numbers of illegal immigrant children.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

You've likely seen this

But if you haven't, and ya got a few bucks to spare, think about helping this guy out.

He's had a bad run of luck, and needs a few to get him where he needs to be.

Details HERE.

I will send him $50 as soon as I get a snail mail address for a check. This was to be a start of a new gun fund, but I don't need a new gun as much as he needs it....(hint, for god's sake someone get me a mailing address!)

If ya got a $10 or even a $20 to spare then think about helping the dude and his wife out....

We spend a lot more a month on frivolous things.....

Yah hey...

Even da Canucks have noticed that the (at least Some) police are thieves....and that they have oficial sanction.

There’s a shakedown going on in the U.S., and the perps are in uniform

Christ, It's gotten so bad that even the Canadians are bitchin about it. THink about it.


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Solve the deficit

Just do like we do with Canadians who cross the border illegally:

 A Canadian who illegally crossed the border this week was fined $5,000 for breaking U.S. law and was returned to Canada on an expedited removal.

Now it we could only get our more southern border crossers to cough up  pay a fine of $5k each (and then send 'em back) we could easily cut our deficit....

Plan on it

You can bet that what with all these illegal immigrant children being tossed into our society with absolutely zero health checks or quarantining for disease that there will be a upsurge in diseases....

Plan on it.

Coincidentally, of course, there is Enterovirus (a respiratory disease) outbreak in 12 (currently) states (heading for epidemic stage).

Bet money that people will die from this. Be more that you can guess where the origins are from.
You can lay the responsibility for this and the soon to come outbreaks onto the heads of the Obama Administration and the legislators that let him get away with the border debacle.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The health of citizens children doesn't matter

As long as we give these new, undocumented, ILLEGAL children an education.

Since they can't (legally) do it any other way, they deemed the children "Homeless"

and then, of course, waived all the rules. Including immunization rules.

 “In addition, division superintendents cannot exclude from school attendance those homeless children who do not provide the requisite health or immunization information required of other students,” the memo continued. “School divisions must immediately refer the student to the school division liaison required to assist the student in obtaining necessary physical examinations or proof of completion of immunizations.”

Were I a parent with children in these schools, I'd be livid.

The immunization rules were in place for a reason. Public health. So waiving the rules for political expediency is endangering the citizen children.

ETA: a friend suggested that this was a carefully orchestrated plan to stimulate our children's immune systems by exposing them to many "third world" diseases.....

I remember

Do you?

I won't forget. Ever.

Will you?

Sadly though, you are no safer traveling today than you were 9/10/01. Lots of money has been spent, and lots of Security Theater, but no safer. The muslim Extremist are, in fact, greatly emboldened.

Be safe.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Is this legal?

Or is it just another "he's getting away with it because no opne in congress is willing to step up and stop him"?

DOJ to give leftist groups who supported Obama a cut of settlement money.

Rewarding them with money extorted from Bank of that is OURS, as a country. Not his to give away without any reason....

I call it theft.

Might be a good idea to check

and make sure your preps are up to snuff.

NOAA forecasters have issued a geomagnetic storm warning for Sept. 12th when a CME launched on Sept. 9th (see below) is expected to deliver a glancing but potent blow to Earth's magnetic field.

Now, this might be nothing (in fact, I'd bet on it)


A full blown CME could make life interesting, if and when. 

Having a backup plan might not be a bad idea.


Food for thought:


It's worse than .22!

So for most of the summer, the mosquito population has been....quiescent. Pretty much not an issue. We had a normal amount of rainfall, but there weren't many mosquitoes.

Not so this past week or so. Little buggers are vicious and hungry. And there are a LOT of them.

Because of this, the supply chain has been overwhelmed as per any mosquito repellent type stuff.

You can't find Deepwoods Off or the like for love nor money.

Menards/Home Dept/Target/WalMart....all out.

I did see (online) where Home Depot Tractor Supply had some in the local store, and went to see if I could purchase some. I'm not out, but I was down to half a can as of yesterday. (I worked outside yesterday for 3 hours and had to reapply *liberally* every hour or so.)

I got to the store, and went to the department where they sell the insect repellent....this little old lady TRIPPED me to get the last can. (I got it anyway, and for a second or two, thought she was gonna hit me). She literally tried to take it out of my hand.

Now they are out too. And no, I didn't give it to her. If she'd have been a lady about it, I might have, but she wasn't, so I didn't.

She stalked off.

As I was checking out, some guy offered me $20 for the can....I sold it to him so HE could buy it from the store. (Hey, I'm not out and there is always Amazon.. $20 is $20...).

Now, I am sure that the supply chain will catch up here shortly , but in the meantime, this stuff is worth more than .22LR. And even harder to get.

Might be something I will have to stock in my preps....

Brokeback mountain?

So one of the ladies who works for me is having "Man Trouble" .

She complained that she couldn't find a decent man.

"Why can't I find a decent guy who cleans up after himself, who can communicate with me, and share his feelings with me? THat's all I am asking...."

"Sorry dear, those men already have boyfriends"