Tuesday, February 2, 2016

No shadow

So maybe the Groundhog will bring us an early spring.

Likely, since we haven't really had a winter this year....

Monday, February 1, 2016

Because cops, that's why...

If this had been you, or me, or any other "civilian" (aren't cops civilians too?) then we'd be charged and doing time for firing blindly at these women. The "perceived threat" wasn't a reasonable one. Wrong make, wrong color..... But it was a pickup....

THIS is an example of the different standards of judgement and behavior for Police officers and the rest of us citizens (aren't cops citizens too?)

They are lucky they didn't kill each other, really. If their judgement is that poor, they shouldn't have badges and guns.

"Lock the doors"

Those was the words used by Flight Director Leroy Cain when it was determined that the Columbia was lost.

Ars Technica has an excellent article on the sequence of events.


It should also be noted that the foam composition had changed. The environmentalists (and the EPA) had caused NASA to change the foaming agent and the foam composition to one that was less toxic and more environmentally friendly....this made the foam much more brittle. So the foam strikes happened because the EPA and a few environmentalist were worried about a bit of Ozone Depleting Chemicals and a few pounds of not so terribly toxic material that might vaporize....a few POUNDS....

7 people died to save the ozone...

The Chinese must be getting desperate:

So last spring, I purchased a 3 point backhoe from a company in China.  Figured I'd buy one, and learn the import process and the issues involved and try out the unit, which was HALF of similar units marketed here in the states.

Nice little unit. Not perfect, typical Chinese engineering and manufacture.

Had considred importing a few more to sell at a profit, and had discussed the pricing for multiples with the factory rep.

After a bit of use, I decided that there would have to be some small modifications made to make me (and my future buyers) happier, so I had also begun discussion about those changes.

They refused to modify pricing, so our discussions stalled.....for several months..

Then, a month ago, they made a better offer on price via email. Then a bit better offer. Then they were receptive to the modifications.


Odd that, .Must be that the stories are true.........Maybe their economy IS melting down.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Lessons and Observations

I was trying to write a post on the whole Burns, Oregon thing, and kept rewriting it because It kept coming up with me sounding like a asshole (I am an asshole, but I try not to look or sound like one in public).

The one thing that I keep coming back to is this:

They went looking for a fight, and, eventually, the Feds gave 'em one. Sadly, a man died in that fight. But:  As they say: Don't want none? Don't bring none......

The Feds were smart enough to wait until they had moved beyond support of the Refuge, and then pounced. This enabled them to take the leaders out of the game without a prolonged firefight....They HAVE learned over the past....The FBI apparently can learn from the ATF's mistakes over 20 years ago....

When surrounded by many men with guns, continuing to fight, or failing to cooperate, or running away is not a good option. The question isn't, are they taking you in??, but rather in what condition are they taking you in ...healthy? Bent? Broken? Dead?....Often the choice is one you and your actions make for them.

For a more intelligent, better written analysis, go HERE and read what Weaponsman has to say...

Thursday, January 28, 2016

So the MSM

Has finally caught up to the Wounded Warrior Project...

Wounded Warrior Project Spends Lavishly on Itself, Insiders Say

THe TV news has been quoting the NYT since yesterday....

Odd that the Cdnservative Blogosphere has known this for over a year and the NYT just figured it out....

Where were you?

30 years ago:

I remember where I was that morning:

I was in a friends apartment when over the radio the local DJs (Bob and Tom, actually) said dead flat: "The space shuttle Challenger blew up on takeoff".

I said to him:
"That isn't something to joke about".

We turned on the TV and saw the news reports.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

This could be worrisome:

"Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence"

The question is: Is it incompetence, or malice?

FBI Stops All Appeals Of Gun Owner Background Checks

So far I have never been Denied. Flagged once and Delayed, but never was I unable to purchase a firearm (eventually).

But what if you are Denied? Currently, there is no one to whom you can appeal. No one to see if an error was made, or if there is something in their records that is erroneous.

Yer just fucked.

Now, it could be that this is just mismanagement, or this could be temporary, or it could be that a larger number of people each moth will be Denied....

One way to prevent the proliferation of guns, innit?

Yeah, I don't trust many government officials. Many of those that aren't WAY beyond their Peter Principal levels are just plain incompetent, or are simply doing what they are told whether it is right/just moral or not.....If they even care that much. A large percentage couldn't hold a job in the real world without Civil Service protections or racial or gender set asides and quotas.

Having said that, their leaders are not always incompetent and sometimes have an agenda.

Which is this? Incompetence, or malice?

(Found via Wirecutter)

Did they really think it was gonna end any other way?

Really trying (and failing) to find sympathy here.....(I need to note that I wasn't there, and can only make a judgement on what I (think) I know...)

So the FBI decided that the time was ripe:

The leaders left the Refuge (really bad tactic), and therefore their only safe haven, to speak at a community meeting down the road.....
Once they left the Refuge, they were a target. Little or no support.... The Feds took advantage of their situation. Once they left the rest of their party, they were vulnerable.

Starting a gunfight when you are stopped at a place of the other sides choosing, surrounded by armed men....with no support from your comrades?....Letting the other side choose the time and place (and terrain)?
Bad idea. (We don't know who shot first)
Never ends well. And it didn't end well in this instance. Bad decisions led to bad outcomes. Perhaps it was Hubris....I dunno

But really, how could they think that this would end any differently, no matter what the circumstances that started it?

It either ended away from the Refuge, or it ends AT the refuge. Now or later.

Not taking sides here, but I don't see how this can/could end any other way, except with gunfire and deaths.Bad tactics, from the start.

Taking a stand is one thing, Defying the Federal Government, without the support of the populace, is another.  This should have ended 4 days after it started, when the rest of the US population chose not to rally to them.
I really don't see where the leaders of this "Movement" had planned this out very well.

One man is dead, and the folks that are supposedly leading this movement are in custody. For what?

When one breaks the law, one must be prepared to pay the price when caught.

I find it hard to feel sympathy for any of these folks.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Apparently the feds have gotten tired of waiting in Burns Oregon.

Rumor has it that shots were fired, the Feds have control of the compound and Ammon Bundy and others are in Custody. Casualties (unknown as to whose casualties they might be...) are in the hospital, hospital is on lockdown.

More as it develops.

ETA: The Feds have told the rest of the occupiers that they can go, and they should just go now, while they can.


See it HERE

But I bet that many folks won't get it

Monday, January 25, 2016


Got a friends who is looking for her second carry gun.

She is looking for a DAO pistol, single stack.

I gave her my Sig P250 to try, but she is a curvy girl, and cannot easily conceal it. She likes the trigger, but it is too bulky for her

She likes the feel of the Glock 43, but it isn't DAO.  She is kinda stuck on the longer trigger.....

She doesn't want a tiny 9mm, but she does want a concealable 9mm....

Any suggestions?

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Another class

I'm helping teach yet another NRA First Steps pistol course. Demand for this course has grown to the point where we are teaching once a month and the classes are full every time (the classroom at our range accommodates 27 max).

More and more people are getting serious about carrying, and this class is as it is called, the first step. Women, non-white people (in an an area that is probably 90% white) are taking this class. Lots of interest, we could run 3 classes a month, but there are only so many instructors..... Used to be a few years ago, we had issues getting enough interest for a once a month class that was half full, not so much today. Every time Barry talks, attendance jumps. Plus crime is rising everywhere, and people are realizing that the police just make a report after the fact....(or, as one of my students pointed out,if they aren't drawing a line with chalk around your body)

We charge just a bit more than the NRA charges us for the class, (covers insurance and a few dollars per person for the range facilities) none of the instructors or coaches are paid, the pop and coffee is free and range time is at zero cost.

I enjoy this, and I owe a lot of folks who taught me 30-40 years ago, few of whom I am able to thank, cause they have passed. So this is my thanks to them......

Payin' it forward, one person at a time.


Today is JMB day,....IMO, should be a National Holiday.

Yes, the Birthday of John Moses Browning.

'Twas his genius  which created such firearms as the Model 19898, Model 19892 and 19894 lever actions....and the M-60 family of machineguns. And other designs.

And, of course, the Model 1911 pistol, that tilting barrel action which has essentially influenced the creation of nearly every non-blowback pistol on the market today.

There were many others, but these are the highlights.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

It never ceases to amaze me

That people who are terribly emotionally tied up in an argument, when it is pointed out to them the flaw in their argument or position, cannot accept their failure in logic.

"Yes, but...."

"A=B Yes? "


"B=C, yes?"


"Therefore A=C,"

"NONONONONONO.....I think that...."

Aaaaand around we go again. Emotion is the enemy of logic for many people. Religion is the only thing that trumps that.....

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

How many black people

Who think the Oscars are too white, and that blacks are ......underrepresented in the awards, shall we say....

Are going to vote Democratic this year...

and choose between Hillary Clinton (a white woman) and Bernie Sanders(a white man) and not complain about how they are underrepresented....?

I mean, double standards are fine, up to a point.

The blue cities are imploding

The Blue model is beginning to show the cracks....

First Baltimore and that poorly run police department (and the mayor who said, in effect, "Let the niggers riot")..

Then we hear about the failure in Flint, Michigan. and the elevated lead level in the water (although I doubt that the lead levels in the kids are solely from a years worth of slightly acidic river water eroding pipes)....and the Hype by the Media is that no one can in any way use the water, even for bathing or washing......or even flushing. Instead, an example of how dependent these citizens are, is that the National Guard must DELIVER water door to door, because the residents apparently cannot even rouse themselves to go to distribution centers to get the FREE WATER.... The Democrats failed that city so badly that the State took over most operations in Flint....

And now, the TEACHERS in Detroit have become so disgusted with the conditions in the school building (Mold, Rats,leaky ceilings, rotting floors, lack of heat, etc) that they are staging a "Sick Out".

What do these cities (and the Greater St Louis, and the Katrina era New Orleans and most "old" US cities) have in common?

Yep, run by Democrats for 30 or more years. Run into the ground. Political appointees with little proper backgrounds (Usually a degree in something like Political Science) making decisions that affect millions, both immediately and into the future...

Chicago, Milwaukee Cincinnati and Pittsburgh and Philadelphia and many others are not far behind.

And now the cities are crumbling, and the wealth is going to the suburbs, or elsewhere, leaving only the poor to reap the results of the leadership failure.

Expect more reports of infrastructure failures and failures of leadership to come from these cities run by those who follow the DNC.


Or something.

I mean....."Blizzerdd warnings!!!!!!....As much as (haha, you whiney little wimps) a FOOT of snow in a day! Zomg!  Prepare! (actually, in the winter (or any time) you should be prepared for a week without heat or electricity and the possibility that you can't get out because of the weather...)..

The authorities are sounding the alarm:

12 inches in a day and up to 20 inches in the storm total? Here, we call it a "significant snowfall".... and go on about our business. Winds of "up to 35 MPH with gusts of 60"....gee, guess you'll have to buy a frikkin hat and maybe some gloves (although it isn't supposed to be that terribly cold....).  Possibility of ice? Better get some (fresh) gas for the genset....... So you can power the Dish and all...

Seriously, this is gonna be a decent snowfall and winter storm, but the hype and panic are making me laugh.....Many parts of the US and Canada wouldn't even slow down for a "Winter Storm" such as this....But because it will impact both DC and New York Cittee, the news folks are going apeshit.

If this happened in Rapid City S.D or OKC, the national news probably wouldn't even mention it....

Monday, January 18, 2016

Glenn Frey

Has passed.

Gone to the Hotel California.

Hope he is takin' it easy.....

Jesus, the musicians and performers of my youth are fallin' like dominoes....

MLK's dream:

 (BTW, his Birthday was the 15th, but the Democrats move it around so the Government employees have an extra long weekend every year.....)...Hardly a tribute to the man when his day just becomes another day off....

So here we are....53 (actually 52-1/2) years later after his big speech on the Mall in Washington.
Is his dream alive?.

Depends. Most places, yes, it thrives. If people are willing to let it.


We bowl with a bunch of people. All races. White, Black, Hispanic, Asian. It is a fun league, and we do have a lot o fun.....together. Color/race/ethnicity is not a factor in our relationships. No one really cares. The kids that run around are treated as kids. Children of all races play together...Adults of all colors watch out for those same kids.  Asshole adults are treated like assholes (they don't stick around long).....Content of Character is really the only judgement....No one acts like a "Yo" or an inbred cracker....everyone is a decent solid citizen. Cops from Gary mingle with firefighters from Portage who mingle with business owners from Valparaiso......all fairly well educated and who speak English. People wearing Hijabs are looked at, but are treated with courtesy and politeness...and not noticed..... like everyone else.

Same-Same at the gunshow this weekend. The folks showing and selling Nazi items were, for the most part, shunned. The crowd was mostly white, but no one cared about the other ethnicities....I didn't see a single vendor turn anyone with cash away from a sale.... Yes, there were a lot of assholes....they were treated as such, no matter what their skin color. Decent people who acted well were treated politely. The big point here is that no one CARED what your ethnicity was. Buyers were treated like buyers....ethnicity was, for the most part, ignored. If you didn't look (and more importantly ACT) like a gangbanger, or a skinhead, then you were not treated any differently than any of the rest of the crowd.

The point is that no one gets treated special, or differently based on skin color or ethnicity. Everyone gets treated the same.

MLK's "Dream" may not be alive everywhere, but here in the Middle and upper class midwest, it lives and breathes.

Saturday, January 16, 2016


I mean,.... (name for a mexican landscaper)  H tapdancin' Cheeerist.

The Indy 1500 had a line to get in about 400 people long. AT 11:15 AM/ (the Show opens at 8).

Crowded? Like a can of pickled Norwegian Herring. I actually skipped a row and came back later several times because they were SO crowded. Had I not driven 2 hours to get there, I'da left and gone back home.....(Plus I wanted to say "Hi" to Tam)

The show promoters must LOVE IT when Barry opens his pie hole.......figure at least 15,000 people (at $12.00 a pop) That is some real cash profit there. Might have been 20K or more. I am not that good at figuring those kind of crowds

No real deals to be had though. guns or ammo. (At least not by the time I got there) fewer private sales folks too, I noticed....so Barry has had some effect....maybe? ....I dunno.

All in all, a friend turned an old Colt government model into a new Mustang and a bit of cash, and I left with a decent pair of scissors......But that was it. I came to spend some money,,,,,,,but not spend it foolishly....so I left with nearly all that I brung.

Armslist it is then.