Friday, October 31, 2014

Just outside there...

...Is where I live.....So I saw this graphic that claims that HALF of the population lives in the blue shaded areas. (I cannot confirm this, but have seen similar graphics that show a similar pattern.)

No wonder the character of this nation has changed so drastically in my lifetime. The urban people have so much influence over so great an area that they know nothing about. Note in the second graphic the concentrations of minorities....Is it any wonder things are the way they are?

Thursday, October 30, 2014


They caught Eric Frien.

He is accused of shooting 2 Pennsylvania State Troopers (killing one).

If he is guilty, then I hope he hangs. Or rides the lightning...or gets the needle. Whatever the folks in Pennsylvania use.

But I haveta ask this question:

Had he shot two "regular" people, what would have happened? What if the victims had been you and I?  Would there have been a 3 week, Multi-Million dollar manhunt?

Would they have used FLIR equipped Balloons and aircraft?
Thousands of policemen? Dogs? Spent hundreds of man hours searching?
Abrogated the constitutional rights of thousands of citizens? 

Would they have bothered for a non-police officer?

I doubt it.

Info bleg:

So Sitemeter (again) has issues. For the past week I haven't been able to see my stats.

Nor has the help desk been responsive. Have emailed them several times....but no reply. Have filled out their contact form as well....still no joy.

If the site loads and doesn't time out, I get a "this report is unavailable" message or I get a "Jgraph error" message.

Now the "this report is unavailable message isn't new, but the timeout issue is, I could always look at the 7 day graph to see my current stats, but now I get the table error as well.

I realize that this is a "free" service, but still....

Any suggestions for an alternative? Suggestions as to what I should stay away from?

Jokes on you:

“Paddy, you should be more careful about pulling your drapes at home. When I drove past your house last night I distinctly saw you kissing your wife.”

“Ha, well, then the joke’s on you, O’Riordan. I wasn’t home last night.”

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

On the bright side, he can still count the innings.....

Jose Canseco "shoots off" his middle finger while "cleaning"a gun.

Not many details, but a Negligent Discharge.

Stupid hurts.

5 states

Where "calibration errors" have resulted in Republican votes being logged as Democrat votes on electronic touch screen voting machines.

Yet there are no(reported) instances where the "Calibration Errors" have caused a machine to register a democrat vote as a republican vote.

What are the odds?

Methinks the "Margin of Fraud" has just gotten bigger.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

They should toss her ass into confinement...

Nurse says she won't abide by quarantine...

Someone needs to kick some sense into Kaci Hickox.

Despite the fact that they have stricken all references of her from their website, SHE WORKED FOR THE CDC, and should know better.


yeah, I cleaned up a bit. Some folks just stopped posting. After 6+ months, time comes when you must go. 

Yeah, yeah, I know

That I have been harping on this Ebola stuff way too much.

But really, is there no common sense in our government officials? Do the people who SHOULD know better not have the guts to stand up and say "NO!" when it comes to lying parroting the Politically Correct line of bullshit.

BTW: If you aren't reading Racontuer Report then you should be...especially THIS post...why all the aid we send is essentially a waste. And why leaving our borders open won't fix things over there. Sierra Leone is, essentially, a write off. Even the aid agencies are pulling out. And the Africans Can't/Won't /Aren't smart enough to help themselves.

And yet, oddly enough:

Troops serving in West Africa, no matter what their job, no matter who they are in contact with....


Are quarantined

So the military is convinced that quarantine works. (because it does)

But not for civilians, least according to Barry. (We must remember to add medical disease expert to his incredibly impressive resume....)

Monday, October 27, 2014

Pants on fire.

So the folks who should know what they are talking about are parroting the line  "Quarantine is ineffective" when it comes to Ebola. I am not sure why the statement was first uttered nor why Anyone would repeat it.

Seriously. How can it Not be effective? Keeping a person who may or may not have a disease under observation until the likelihood has passed that they would show symptoms or develop the disease in order that they will not infect others is "ineffective"?  How so? Why is it a good idea to allow people with potentially deadly diseases to wander around the general population until they are infectious and expose others a better idea? It may be inconvenient for the people returning from affected areas, or who have given care to people here, but it WILL prevent the spread of disease here in the US. The doctors and nurses may not like the idea, but at least they know it will happen...and it will help keep ebola out of OUR population here in the US.

Quarantine works....It has worked for many years in our past.  In fact, I had the pleasure of paying for a cat to be quarantined until it was determined that he did not have rabies a few weeks ago. THis was state law....that the cat remain under observation and was not allowed to interact with others until the time had passed wherein it could be determined if the cat had rabies and could infect others (and whether it had infected me).

Logic would say that if it was effective in that instance to prevent the spread of rabies, and if it has worked in our past to prevent the spread of other diseases, it would be effective now.

I don't understand why these people are effectively lying when it comes to ebola. I fail to understand their logic, and I wonder what other reasons they have for making these false statements, They are, effectively, putting people's live at risk.

Quarantine may not be 100% effective. Few things are. But quarantining people likely to be infected upon their return to the general population will greatly reduce the chances that the  virus will be spread in this country.

And really, do they think the rest of us are that stupid as to believe such a statement?

Sunday, October 26, 2014

I didn't buy anything

Except breakfast. And some really excellent pie.

The Nappanee Indiana fall gunshow was on Saturday.

Usually a nice show. Lots of private sellers and lots of collectibles.
Generally sane(r) prices and such, unless one is looking at 120+ year old collectible leverguns in NRA 90% or something (yes, you can find those in this small show) or WWII bringbacks (of which I know nothing, so...)

But not this year. Extremely high prices. Even if one wants a 700 in 257 Robers or something, (used), you'd find it....for $850 or more...Other pricing was similar. 870 wingshooters for $600...used. Ammo was available if a bit high. But available.


I bought breakfast and a piece of pie. I did get to eat about a pound of Amish bacon for breakfast though.

Didja ever notice

That gun massacres and mass shootings generally happen only near election times or when the gun control folks are pushing an agenda or some new legislation?

And I bet that we find the perpetrator of this crime  was on ritalin or other mind altering drugs...prescribed by a doctor.

Of am I just being paranoid?

Friday, October 24, 2014

I'll come to your place, if and when

I've actually had people tell me that when I have suggested they do a bit of prepping.

My answer:

"No, no you won't. "

Here's why.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Advice for young men:


Found HERE

princess versus queen

Monday, October 20, 2014


Stolen from Comrade Karl