Friday, May 22, 2015

"Feared throughout the land....."

CNN reports that there is a bulletin warning of possible revenge attacks against Texas cops by the Bandidos and other motorcycle groups:

      The bulletin warns of plots targeting high-ranking law enforcement officials and their          families with car bombs. The bulletin is based on unsubstantiated information from an        informant who claimed to have obtained it from Bandidos and Black Widows                       motorcycle gang members.

Perhaps the cops need to learn reality from fiction. 


An overreaction to a biker brawl....Cops kill 9.......And now they can't even be bothered to find out that the "Black Widows"  MC doesn't exist outside of a  Clint Eastwood movie.  As a parody....

I'm wondering if the Waco cops were so afraid of the bikers that day because all they knew about bikers was what they saw in the movies.


When you are enjoying your freedom on you 3 day weekend...

Grilling burgers and dogs and watching the races or attending parties with friends, or whatever you do on Memorial Day weekend.

Take a few moments and remember the reason for the holiday (not just so that Government workers can have a 3 day weekend, really): Remember those who Memorial Day is meant to honor.

Raise a glass to their spirits.

Say 'Thank You"'s all that they would ask.

Remember them, honor their memory, and their sacrifice.

Because of them, you have the freedom to celebrate.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

It occurs to me....

(And please understand, I am waiting like the rest of you to find out what the official story is/will be/evolves into regarding the "shootout" at the Twin Peaks in Waco....First it was no cops doing the shooting, and as of this posting they are admitting that 4 of the deaths were from Police firearms as well as several of the injuries....)

Now, I wasn't there, and likely neither were you. I'm not willing to pass any judgement on what happened.....we don't know, and likely never really will know just how it went down.

But I do know this. All of the members of the Bandidos and the Cossacks (and likely the rest of the Clubs there) were white or appeared to be white ...maybe somewhat Hispanic.

None were black.

Had this been a group of black people, there would already be rioting and crimes and looting. Because "Black".

While I really doubt that the members of the motorcycle clubs deserved to be shot at and killed by the police in Waco, they weren't choir boys either......

Oddly,  I don't see any white folks rioting.... Nor looting. Nor sympathy riots or marches in other cities....

(Although I hear that the Bandidos other member clubs are gathering to demonstrate their displeasure to the Waco police, but that is personal).


Dude goes walking. While open carrying. With his dog and wife.

A Pants Shitting Hysterical person calls the police.

Cop arrives.

Overreacts.  Threatens, Handcuffs
Arrests  (for "Inducing a Panic" ....  (then  Detains) Mr. Open Carry.

Finally cites him for "failing to disclose personal information" and lets him go after a few hours.

Dude sues. Illegal arrest and detainment.

Courts agree to hear argument that the police, at least in this case, have no "Qualified Immunity". 

In this case, they are likely right.

I do believe that a police officer should have a partial shield of immunity if he is doing his job in a reasonable manner and simply makes a mistake. But there has to be limits, which, up until very recently, there have not been.

Good to see the courts are willing to reexamine the concept of blanket "'Cause I'm a cop and I can get away with it" shield that some police officers use to hide behind for their bad or stupid (or often vindictive) behavior.

Cue Murph in 3...2...

Rumor has it

That Brian Williams will be giving us a live report of what he remembers from the Shooting at the Waco Twin Peaks last week......Apparently he was there and witnessed the entire thing.

Philim at 11.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Apparently, some police departments do practice

Seems that the Bardstown Ky. police have used their firearms (GLOCK 23's) enough that the frames are cracking.  (and no, this isn't a slam on GLOCK pistols)

I honestly didn't think many police officers actually, you know, *fired* enough rounds for this to happen. I have no idea of the round count, but I bet it is a lot, for this to happen.....

I mean, it took 15 years, but still...

Did anyone notice

How all the "Biker Gang Members" pictured in the articles about the Waco shindig all appear to be wearing brand new patches on their colors?

I've never seen so many bikers wearing brand new, clean, colors...on vests that have no apparent wear.

I mean, I know a lot of bikers, and a lot that are 1%, and I have never seen anyone with colors that are brand new like that, unless they lost 'em in a fire or an accident. Never the whole gang.


Monday, May 18, 2015

For those few

of my readers who don't read Borepatch every day (you should, he's over there, linked on my sidebar:)


Or somehow missed his link to this article.

You Rilly Rilly need top read THIS. (beverage alert!)

I mean, the level of snark here is huge, and it is weapons grade and overwhelming.

I laughed. And I spilled my drink.... through my nose.

It's not like it is a surprise....

That the people of this country don't want the Police to be militarized.....

Obama announces restrictions on distribution of military-style equipment to police.

Not only is the idea of the police being equipped with military weapons scary to a lot of people, but in many cases they have no training on how to use that same equipment.

Plus, when they dress and act like jack booted thugs stormtroopers, they get treated like they are stormtroopers....

Really, how does an MRAP  aid in door to door searches (likely illegal anyway) for a bombing suspect, or for that mater any police activity? Why do the police need Grenade Launchers? Camouflage uniforms? While thre is some (very small) overlap in the tools that soldiers use and that which police use, it is very small. THe mission of policing is NOT that of soldiers occupying a country or region. The mission of a soldier is to break things that the enemy has until they surrender. The mission of the police is to keep the peace and protect the citizens from crime.

Different missions, different job. Different tools. Just because the DOD has a surplus doesn't mean that they should be given to the police....

I think the police departments that have armed themselves with MRAPs, M2 machine guns and Grenade Launchers have lost sight of their missions, are afraid of the populations they police, or are wannabe soldiers.

I think Barry got this one right.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Legal fees oughta be paid....

By the agents who initiated the theft forfeiture, their supervisors, and their supervisors, and anyone up the chain who had knowledge of the incident and allowed this theft to continue.

Man will get his $107K(+) taken by Feds against policy. 

Every single IRS agent who was involved in this should get their pay docked and/or THEIR assets seized until all legal fees (and interest) is paid to Mr. McLellan.

Not the IRS as such, that (ultimately) is You and I. But rather, the agents who seized the money with no proof of wrongdoing.

Investigate? Yes, Absolutely.
But to seize the money before there was evidence of a crime being committed, that is on the agents and their superiors....They should pay the legal fees and any interest owed Mr. McLellan. Not the taxpayers.

Might make 'em a bit more careful next time they exercise their not inconsiderable power against the citizens that pay their salary.

Friday, May 15, 2015

And a very big "Fuck You" was given

Young man flies the POW/MIA flag and the American Flag on his pickup truck.

Principal at the school says "No way", orders him to take it down, and SENDS PEOPLE TO UNBOLT THE FLAGS THAT VERY SAME DAY.

The rest of his fellow students quietly come to school the next day flying American Flags from their vehicles.

Somehow, the Principal has a change of heart. What an ass.

Dude should be fired. Right there, right now: Pack your shit and leave. Your services are no longer needed, sir. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, friend. Are you still here? Why?

Not sure I could be that honest.....

So dude buys a chest of drawers in an estate sale.

For less than a hunnerd bucks.

Decides to load it into his truck.

Hears a strange rattling sound.


Finds a secret drawer with thousands of dollar of gold, silver, and jewels.


Now, I am honest. I (generally) do the Right Thing, simply because I gotta look at myself every morning (it ain't pretty) when I shave, and I'd like to be able to look the dude in the mirror in the eye....

But I'm not so sure that I could do what Mr Knodell did.

Kudos to him.

Another legend passes

BB King, gone at 89.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

What did Nepal do wrong?

First a 7.8 last week, now a 7.2.

Perhaps they need to ...I dunno, maybe make a proper sacrifice of goats or something?

Poor folks, can't catch a break.

Maybe he was just a thug

Tony Robinson was higher than a kite the day he got shot......By a white officer. 

He was attacking people, got the cops called on him, and ended up attacking a police officer.

He was black. 19 years old.

Now he is dead.

The officer is facing no charges.

Expect more "black lives matter" riots. (even in Wisconsin)

Because black, that's why. Because white cop.

Damned straight

" proof that we will not surrender, we will not submit, and we will not allow our God-given rights to be stolen from us by anyone, not Seventh Century savages, not Gucci-wearing liberal narcissists, and not twisted social justice warriorettes taking out on the rest of humanity their lingering disappointment that no boy wanted to be seen with them at the prom "

Yeah, I gotta agree. There's more there too...

Read the whole thing. If your blood doesn't begin pumping, then you are a  lost cause. Go hide in your mommy's basement and get out of the way of the adults.

ETA: THIS    (found HERE)

Monday, May 11, 2015

I am still here

Just too busy to think enough for a cogent blogpost.

Sorry, no Free Ice Cream lately. Maybe later.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

IZZIT true?

The rumors surrounding the TPP.  Trans Pacific Partnership.

I mean, according to Breitbart, and the GOA and Townhall and others it is going to be the worst thing that could happen. Secret drafts of the treaty supposedly will restrict gun ownership, ammo manufacture, the size of your balls and how much food you can store....(OK, I made the last two up) I mean, it sounds like a conspiracy nuts wet dream with berries and whipped cream.....

I generally dislike having my tinfoil hat on too tightly, but this makes me wonder.....

So I was discussing the riots in Baltimore

With one of my regular customers today. Dude happens to be black. Great guy. Hates lowlifes of all colors 'cause they are lowlifes.

I pointed out that nothing shows the world how you support the dead career criminal (that Few of the rioters never met) (and BTW, I think the cops probably ARE guilty, but we shall see...) like looting stores in protest.

Dude looked me straight in the eye and said..."Those weren't looters, they were "undocumented shoppers".

We both laughed.

He doesn't ever want to live in a poor inner city neighborhood. He is Union trucker and Teamster, Works very hard and makes a decent bit of scratch because of it and he would rather spend his money to live in the suburbs where decent people live.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Yeah, it'll never pass

But if it does, I'll take 3 of 'em.

Congressman wants to dispose of surplus (and obsolete) 1911's via CMP.

My gun club is already a CMP certified club, so I'm ready when they are.....I mean, I got an FFL on speed dial here....I already own several 1911's, but no GI models.

I mean, a nice Singer Sewing Machine company one would work nicely....

Cinco de Mayo

A uniquely American, Mexican holiday.

"In the United States Cinco de Mayo has taken on a significance beyond that in Mexico."....."Although Mexican citizens feel very proud of the meaning of the Anniversary of the Battle of Puebla, today it is not observed as a national holiday in Mexico"

Monday, May 4, 2015

Yeoman Rand passes

Grace Lee Whitney , Yeoman Rand, from the original Star Trek, has passed.

"Nice Bank accoun youse has dere....Shame if sommat happened to it"

"You should think about INSURANCE."

So says the Australian Government...They will levy a 0.05% "insurance charge" against all bank accounts.    Gonna raise $500 Million $ per year. It'll be put is a "Financial Stability Fund" (much like the US FDIC....BUT here is the kicker: Until it is needed it will be used to "offset gross Debt".

Plain and simple, it is a tax upon every citizen's holding.

Watch the bank runs start. Watch already weak banks fail. Watch the "Johnny come latelies" who fail to withdraw their money early lose their savings.

Bet it'll happen here too. And especially in Europe.

That Mason Jar in my Backyard is lookin' more and more attractive every day. Or, I could invest in Precious metals (I prefer Copper, Brass, and Lead over Gold and Silver.....)

If the timing is correct, then this is terrorism....

(and it appear that it is) then why aren't we hearing more about these two men? Terrorism on American Soil isn't Really Big News? If a bunch of others knew about it, then it is also a conspiracy, which is a much bigger issue....

I mean, we don't know it they were American Citizens, Legal (or illegal) aliens, travelers here on a visa, or what?

All we know is that they apparently had firearms and explosives and planned to use them, but were somehow intercepted and killed by an "officer", who was himself wounded.

Link HERE...

ETA: A real story about this HERE...Sadly, it is UK newspaper, not a US one....

Another thing they got wrong with Bammycare

Seems that Emergency Room visits have INCREASED, rather than the promised decrease, as we were promised would happen. More costs that we working folks have to cover, for a problem that didn't used to exist, but now does....

But really, what have the Obamacare folks gotten right? I mean, really they got nearly everything wrong, all the consequences of Barrycare have been "surprises"'s almost like they had a dream that they couldn't make into reality because people wouldn't do what the Liberal Dreamers wanted them to do.

Gotta be a bitch

When you cannot get spare parts for your artificial arm anymore.

Especially when the company is still in business, just not in the artificial arm business anymore.

"Sorry, Bud, yer screwed'"......that implant is obsolete.

I thought getting parts for old equipment was bad, but damn!.

unless you live

(and work and commute in) in a single race area, I'd plan on a long hot summer of unrest.

Might be a good idea to have some firepower in your car, even if you can't carry at work.

Maybe a bail-out bag just in case driving isn't a good idea....

Or a change (or two) of clothes and some food and water at work, just in case staying put is a better idea.

Best place to be if there is a riot?:  Somewhere else.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

"Fair Share"

George Soros has always felt tht the "rich" should pay more (a fair share) taxes than those of us who earn less than him.

Except, he's been trying to duck those taxes since 2009. 

Half of his income. 


Saturday, May 2, 2015

Makin' friends

It is, of course, all about safety.


Not Revenue. Ever.

Cops in Hawaii write $18K in tickets for cell phone use while in a traffic jam.

" Honolulu Police Department Assistant Chief Clayton Kau said that the whole thing was just one giant misunderstanding.

“At the time, that they were doing that, they weren’t aware of the traffic problem. When they were notified, at that point, they ceased enforcement action,” Kau said."

Friday, May 1, 2015

Kickin' the can

On down the road.....

So the rush to judgement has 6 cops charged, after only a  few days of investigation.

Did the cops take Freddie Gray on a wild ride? A little "Road Therapy"? Probably. Is there proof? Not really..the Detectives doing the internal "Investigation" (oops!) waited too long to collect videotaped evidence, so much of it is taped over by now....

Are all 6 of the cops guilty? Maybe, maybe not. But the "Nickle Tour"...a little "Screen Test" or, as they call it around here, "Road Therapy" is a common  thing for people who the cops wish to impart a lesson to...Adjusts their attitude a bit, you see.....

But I think the charges were rushed to placate the crowd.....Arrests (temporarily) satisfy the crowd. [Look!!! We are doing something!!!]

The real big riot is gonna happen when there isn't enough evidence to convict. And that(unless the verdict is released during a hurricane or a blizzard) is gonna lead to even bigger and more intense riots.

Bet on it. The only thing the people who rioted will accept to placate them is a lynching.

thought for the week

"If a man neglects to enforce his rights, he cannot complain if, after a while, the law follows his example."

Oliver Wendell Holmes

Big holiday

Happy Socialist Workerz day.

Also known as Labour day, Labor day, etc in much of the world.

Be Socialist today....or something.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Today, at work

I met a dude (a customer) I'm gonna call slinky....

He ain't good for much, but I thought if I could push him down the stairs  he'd amuse me for a while.....

King (M.L.) would be proud of these men:

Not so much these

You had me until I read the first paragraph:

As the people of Baltimore take to the streets to fight back against decades of systemic racism and police brutality, crunchy granola grocery store Whole Foods is on the scene with some much needed rations. Only instead of giving them to the non-violent protestors, volunteer clean-up crews or kids who went hungry because school was canceled today, they’re giving them to the fucking cops.

Lessee here:

Non violent protestors: Yep, saw that happen while the cops stood by and let the protestors non-violently loot and burn....and non-violently threaten the people leaving the baseball game.

Volunteer clean up crews: That would be the people who finished cleaning the shelves in the looted stores? 

"Kinds who went hungry because school was cancelled: Yep, that's the reason for school, to feed yer kids. Can't make 'em a sandwich at home or anything.....School feeds 'em breakfast and lunch. Gotcha.

There is so much wrong with this article and the attitudes of the people who wrote it that I don't think that there is ever hope for an understanding between me and them. 

How about instead, you teach 'em not to break the law?

I understand that it is said black kids get it harder than us white folk when it comes to the law......maybe it is even true.

But to complain that “There is something wrong when a third of all black men face the prospect of prison during their lifetimes,” and that it MUST be RACISM, is bullshit.  All men face the prospect of prison. Some of us choose not to do things that will put us there....

Maybe a few white kids get a break that blacks don't. But here is a thing: Don't get caught stealing from a store, or  stealing a car, or carrying sale weight of drugs....or selling crack on a street corner. Try finding a real job. There are a LOT of  ' help wanted " signs, even in the inner cities. Thing is, you gotta be disciplined enough to actually show up when you are supposed to and behave properly when you are at work.... do what you are told and shut up while doing it. And that can be difficult if your society, culture, and family never taught you how to do those things. And if you can't learn to do those things, and behave a certain way, then you are, in effect, unemployable.... And it helps if your parents (if the school doesn't) will bother to teach you to read and write and add and subtract and such....If you lack the discipline or the basic knowledge, then you are unemployable.... Leaving you on that street corner selling dime bags of crack in order to eat.

And, if you do that long enough, then you are gonna get arrested and charged and DO TIME....which makes you have a much harder time finding a decent job.