Friday, July 3, 2015


I have things to get done today, I be having Friday and Saturday off, and therefore haveta get all of my stuff done on Friday 'cause Saturday is like a special day.....According to the sale paper, anyway.


Just not feeling it.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Just sayin'

Yeah, I know it is late.....

Still funny though

Aaaannndd... you knew it was coming

“It’s about marriage equality,” Nathan Collier told reporters in Montana on Wednesday, using the term supporters of same-sex marriage prefer to advocate for their cause. “You can’t have this without polygamy.”

Look: I don't care if you have a relationship with your lawnmower (as long as the lawnmower can consent and is of legal age....), but really, we all knew that this was coming as soon as the Gay Marriage case was adjudicated. I personally think the State should only record the contract between consenting partie(s) for legal purposes (next of kin, consent/healthcare decisions, inheritance, etc) and leave "marriage" to other organizations to solemnize. 

It does, however,  appear to be an attack on "Marriage" in our culture. 

Officially jumped the shark

TV Land has pulled "Dukes of Hazzard" reruns.

Because "confederate Flag".

Flag bad

This is completely insane now. I can (maybe) understand Amazon and Ebay and WalMar'ts actions....but this is now groupthink gone way too far. Despite attempts, you can't rewrite all history.

I guess this action somehow fixes all the issues? Makes the world a better place?

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Damned Good Question

Are Republican Leaders being blackmailed?

I'd like to believe otherwise, but it it, really, the only explanation that I can see that makes sense.

Unless, of course, they are selectively replaced by something from a pod or whatever.....

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Rifle stock Bleg

Does anyone know of a manufacturer of 10-22 rifle stocks with adjust able Length of Pull and adjustable height cheekpiece?

Bell and Carlson make one, but the workmanship was....terrible. Their tolerances could be measured with a yardstick, and accuracy and tightness is....lacking. Checkering was...cosmetic, and seams would require a file to cut down....Sad, that. I liked the idea of the stock, but the workmanship was terrible.

I'm building a custom 10-22  range gun with mostly aftermarket parts, and plan on having to fit things  a bit here and there...but I'd prefer not to have to inlay/cut the stock to fit the action...which I'd have to do with the Bell and Carlson. (they are that bad, sadly)


So the mom of the 2 young ladies I taught this weekend

Called and offered to pay for the ammo we used over the weekend....

I declined to accept any money....for ammo or my time.

She said "the girls want to go again".

I said she could buy the ammo for that trip.

She pointed out that she could afford to pay, and that I had spent a fair amount on ammo. And that I could teach others with the ammo I could buy to replace the stuff we had used for her girls...

I said that I didn't care.

She asked why I do it.

"Well", I said, "I began to teach classes without any charge primarily to pay back those who taught me, many of whom have passed on, and I teach to honor the time, effort and money they spent for me.....paying back, and continuing the legacy."

"Now, I do it for that reason, and because I love teaching and seeing that "smile" that every new shooter gets on their face, no matter what age"

"Besides, if I can help keep even one person from harming another accidentally, then it is all worth it"

And really, that is it. I also don't think that anyone who has actually been taught in a class how to handle a firearm and to shoot them ever becomes an Anti-Gun" type....

Why do you folks do it?

Monday, June 29, 2015


But at least it isn't "Purse Carry" as proscribed by the experts........

2 more for the Dark side....

So Saturday was the shoot for the 2 young ladies.

Mom brought them to the range about 10 AM. Signed them in and had them sign waivers and all the other stuff the range requires.

Showed them around.

Then we had a short familiarization for the 2 girls.

Safety briefing.
4 rules
types of actions
4 rules.

Range safety briefing
4 rules

Time to shoot. Indoor range (Mosquitos were....voracious.) Strung the 7 yd cable and hung some targets.

go over the 4 rules again.

.22 pistols (the girls liked those, especially the ones with red dots)

.380's (not so much)

big 9MM. Yeah!

small 9mm (not so much).

.38Special. (Meh)

.45 (1911). YES!

Their hands were a bit small for the pistols (being young girls) but they hit every time, at least on a NRA 50 ft Small Bore Pistol target. (about 12X12). With the .22 and the .45 they ate the black out of the targets....

The outdoor 50 yd/25 yd range was occupied, so we did .22 rifles inside at 50 ft.

Both girls like the scoped 10-22....(who wouldn't?) and the one said "This is just like Call of Duty!"

Hits were hard to call after the first one, even with Shoot and See targets. All one hole (I know, 50 feet, but still, first time shooters).

I had fun, they had fun, they learned something, learned that guns are not toys, and above all, I got to see two beautiful "first time shooters" smiles. Was too busy to take pictures.

They want to come and do some more shooting soon.

Mission accomplished.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

So Tuesday is, apparently, the day

Apparently, on Tuesday, Greece is gonna default.

Which begins the death spiral for the EU.

This should be interesting.

If you haven't pulled out your money from anything remotely connected to Europe, or a European market, it is probably too late.

But try anyway.

Save what you can.

Saturday, June 27, 2015



The dude at BLM must need to have his ass kicked.  He obviously thinks he can do what he wants.

I bet he thinks the Hippies and all will just knuckle under. I'd bet on the Burning Man attendees just ignoring any BLM directives and getting together anyway. .

I actually hope the BLM boyz and girlz deny the permit.....It'll be interesting to see the fallout.

Proper planning prevents Piss Poor performance....ezpecially when machines break

So I am doing inventory of my ammo, as acquaintance had asked if I might take her and her two teenaged girls to the range...I said yes, (they have both expressed an interest in pistols), and she asked me for advice...

Sure!, I said, how about Saturday?

It was on.

So Thursday, I am going through the ammo shelf, preparing I have .22LR, check. ,380 ACP (reloads)(holy shit, I have a BUNCH of those...), check. .38 special? Check. .45ACP? Getting low, but ok for now.....9mm....9mm...Shit. All I have is Self Defense loads, no ball....and no reloads.

So Friday, I get home from work and go down to the loading bench.....I haven't loaded in about 3 months, as I have been busy, and haven't been practicing as much as I should. Looking at my notes, I haven't loaded 9mm for nearly 6 months.

Set the press (Dillon 550) up for 9mm(Lugar),....I have a few hundred cleaned cases in a ziplock bag.... find a half box of 125g (hard) lead truncated cone bullets on the shelf and do my checks...... OAL, ok. Powder charge is set up for 3.5 g of 231. Cool. Toss some primers in a tray, load the tube, and away I go.

I check, on average, every 10th case.

Good thing. For some reason, the powder measure was tossing 2.5 to 4.6 grain loads. 2.5 won't function most autos, but will (generally) push the bullet from the bore. But my load data shows 4.1 is a max load.

4.6 bad.

So I threw those loads into the reject can for later disassembly.

Put that powder in a different can , and tried a new batch.

Same deal.

Throwing weights from 2.6 to 4.6 grains.

Took the whole powder measure apart....down to individual parts.   Nothing apparently wrong. everything that should move, does so smoothly. Everything that shouldn't, doesn't. I dunno. Mebbe a cat hair (we have 6) ? piece of dirt?

Put it back together? Tosses powder loads at 3.5g to 3.7g. not great accuracy, but acceptable for training ammo. Still not sure what happened.

But I loaded 200 rounds, weighing every single one. Single loading the Dillon press is inefficient... Can't be too sure here. My pistols will probably handle 4.6 grains of 231, but that is a fair overload, so I'd rather not find out.

Gonna have to call Dillon Precision on Monday. I know that they will either help me fix it or replace the powder measure. (lifetime warranty, and they mean it)

In the meantime, I have ammo for the Ladies.

MC is going with me to be an extra set of eyes and all that. It'll be fun.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Having said what I did below

I am glad to see the Supremes FINALLY make a decision on gay marriage.

Sadly, while I DO think it is the right decision, the legitimacy of SCOTUS is tarnished with the decision referenced below.

I was raised.....

to believe in the rule of law.

I didn't always follow the law, but that is a story for another day.

I did, until today, believe in our laws, as adjudicated (more or less....Less rather than more recently) by the courts.

Yet, today, I am seeing that even our Supreme Court of the United States is, a least in part, a tool of our political leaders.

How else can they change the meanings of words written into law? How else could they have adjudicated the King Vs Burwell case the way they did?

If they can change the meaning of "State", they can also change the meaning of "Arms" Or "Keep and Bear" or "the People". They can decide to re-define "Citizen" and/or "rights"... They can, in other words, change the Constitution, should they desire. This is wrong.

One is as valid as any other.

If the law is written wrongly, then, legislatively, fix it. Not via the Courts. The only thing the Courts should be able to do is decide a law is legal, or not. Valid, or not valid.

Today, again, we have no laws...only the meanings as changed and interpreted today by the SCOTUS to meet the changing political needs.

I think that the country cannot any longer be fixed via the Ballot Box.

Bobbie disagrees.

INteresting timing

First, we have the Charleston Shootings.

Which begat the entire Confederate Flag Must Come Down controversy.

And immediately after....the SCOTUS decision of King Vs Burwell.

Distraction? I am thinking so.

I actually think the furor over the Flag was supposed to peak TODAY, in order to obscure the SCOTUS decision.

But I am suspicious of coincidences...always.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

I do believe the current kerfluffle


is a part of the dance that will lead us to THIS

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Not my flag

But yet, I do have a dog in this hunt.

The Confederate flag. Stars and Bars.

It stands for different things to different people (and generally different cultures).

To those who have a history...ancestors who fought the war (sometimes described as the war of Northern aggression, to others the Civil War) it represents the proud heritage of a culture which chose not to easily surrender their way of life to people who thought they knew better and who chose to order the changes without representation from the people whose way of life they wished to change.

To others, most of whom really don't know, it represents slavery....a time when people bought and sold human beings like cattle, and put them to work, with essentially zero rights as human beings.

The flag ( the Stars and Bars) means neither to me, really. I am what southerners would call a Yankee....born and raised. I've visited the South, and have found the people there, both white and black, to be fairly nice people. (not talking about ghetto denizens, just normal every day working class folks).

To some Racists, white Supremacists, etc, it is a symbol of their beliefs.....

To me it is a flag. Nothing else.

But now it has become a "symbol of divisiveness and racism"...Really? Just because some little asshole who owned a Confederate Flag killed people...Black People....and fewer than other black people kill in any major city over most weekends? Why is it, now...Today: a "symbol"....why wasn't it bad and banned yesterday, or a month ago, or a year ago? 

But symbols are powerful. They mean things to people. To some black people, a noose represents lynching and hatred of blacks. (nevermind that more whites were lynched and hanged than blacks.....and nevermind that they know of no-one that has ever been lynched or hanged) them, it is a symbol of fear, and repression, and hatred. I once, long ago had a group of black people demand that I take down a Halloween display because it had a noose on it....and therefore, it was "racist". They didn't know me, but they knew what the symbol meant to them. (I refused, despite a visit from the police).

And so it is with the Stars and Bars. For some, it is a symbol of pride ("The South is gonna do it again!"didn't happen the first time dude..."again" suggests it happened once. You lost the first time....). For others, it is a symbol of hate. For others, it is a symbol of repression and fear and racism. For many, it is a rallying point...whether that point is for unity, or for demanding change...they want it gone. Not for what it means to others, but for what they think it means.

And so, because one deranged young man, who may or may not have been sane, and who was, certainly a user of mind altering drugs, major retailers like Walmart, Sears, and Amazon and Ebay are removing any products which have some resemblance to the Confederate flag.

They are private businesses, they have the right to do so, no matter how stupid the reasons.

Will they also remove symbols which I find to represent racism? I find the MalcomX "X"symbol to be irritating and offensive and while it wasn't meant that way originally, it now represents Black racism towards whites. Are they gonna remove that from their shelves/web pages? How about the "Black Power" raised fist? The Black Panther Party items? Are they racist? They are to me.....

Where do we stop? Hoodies worn the way black kids do that makes 'em look like thugs?  Boots that resemble stormtrooper boots? Gay Pride Rainbow flags to keep the Fundamentalist Christians from foaming over at the thought of 2 men or two women ...... Or is it only Unapproved Flags that the Liberals choose to decry and banish??

Look, folks, it isn't the symbol. It is what the symbol means to you or to another person. The fact that you don't like what the symbol means to YOU isn't anyone elses problem....or shouldn't be.

Now I really think that just because a segment of our country doesn't like the Confederate Flag being flown by southern states...well, too bad. Move to another state. It flew there before you or your parents or your grandparents were born.

For some people, the American Flag is a symbol of hate and oppression. But I will fight you tooth and nail, with all my being and all my wealth and all my blood before I let you have that flag removed. It is the symbol of MY country....and all the laws and documents and people that make it the best place in the world.........To many people, that set of Stars and Bars is just as valuable, just as sacred and has just as much meaning.

And I am especially offended that they use the blood of innocent churchgoers to help their attempts at removal of that symbol.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Can't argue with any of these

Offensive pub signs:

Made me laugh.

They conveniently forget about the rest

You know, the Black on Black shootings.....

The Black on White shootings.....

The terrible genocide(s) in Africa, which are tribal, rather than race, related.

They only focus on this one terrible thing that happened a few days ago:

In the wake of the heinous attack on Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, the United Nations Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent released a statement calling on the United States to “investigate the hate crimes” and take “urgent measures” for gun control.

9 lives. Yes, a terrible tragedy. ( people who didn't deserve to die). Shot by a deranged white kid. On psychotropic drugs. (There are those who say that he was programmed, a drone, and those murdered people were merely "eggs for the omelet" of race relations issues for the upcoming elections, and I cannot find where they are wrong.....)

Yet they forget that in Chicago alone, this month, more shootings took place. Black people shooting other black people. Yes, most of those were drug or gang related, not decent people in a church. But that happened in a place where there are some of the strictest gun control measures.


But they focus on this one, and forget to mention the others. Here and around the world.

Men VS Women. A play in one part.


Sunday, June 21, 2015

I'm sorry, it sounded like you said "Twenty-Nine Million Dollars"....

Wait, that is indeed the number....

For 9 shooting victims.


Must be big famblies or sumthin'.

Happy Father's day

To all the Dads out there.

I'm having breakfast with the best Dad in the world today.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Izzn't this interestin'.....

"I don't know what drew my attention to the car," 

Followed him for 30 miles. No evasive action, nothing. You'd think you'd notice after a few miles that a car was following you....especially after you've just shot up 9 people in a church. 

Unless you were drugged up.....or programmed.... Just sayin'.

This is another one of those reactions like James Holmes....who was also on psychotropic drugs....who oddly, just sat in his car afterwards. Strange that, 

So did McVeigh so may years ago. 


One wonders.

ETA: I mean, the timing of this incident and the beginnings of an election and such.......

I mean, after the gun control push failed post Sandy Hook, there were, strangely, no publicized massacres (if any at all).....

And all these kids on medication....

Friday, June 19, 2015

'twas pointed out to me....

that the acceptance of Rachel Dolezal and those who "Self Identify" as black by the liberals (and the NAACP) is, really, the death knell of such programs as Affirmative Action and other race based programs designed to "level the playing field" for African Americans...

And Bruce Caitlyn Jenner shall do the same for those programs designed for women...

If we all can self identify as whatever we wish, then the real black/women/hispanic/minority deal is flushed away.......leaving us only with US citizens and Non-US citizens.....

I, personally, Self Identify as a black, female, Vietnam Veteran  with war wounds  (for the record, I am NONE of those things) because that is where the money is in government grants and set asides and such.

Just food for thought.....

Thursday, June 18, 2015

8 x battery life

By using voltage boosting technology.

8X the light out of a battery.....Eight TIMES.

for (starting price) $2.50.

Expect the Chinese to sell one on Ebay in a moth or two for half that.

Next year they'll put it IN the battery.

Bet on it.

This will kill the battery folks.