Sunday, January 19, 2020

"Women's March"

So a bunch a women (and their emasculated male supporters) marched in Chicago today...

They wanted "Better access to Women's Health Care" (free shit for those born with a vagina).

There was the expected 'Trump Must Go". signage.

They marched to "Support Women Everywhere"  and to "Empower" women (ever notice that most women use the term, but really can't specify how their actions "Empower" anyone?

Altogether, this was a bunch of women marching.....just that, no real message, no focus, no real goal. Just because apparently a bunch of women need to get together and chant in shrill voices about how bad their role in life is.

I have yet to see them ever accomplish any change. 

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Wednesday, January 15, 2020


SO today is Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday. (Jan 15).

How does the government honor him? By ignoring his actual birthday and moving it to the 20th of January (a Monday) so that Government workers can have a three day weekend.

Sad, really. 

How many TONS

of "Greenhouse Gasses" are coming out of the Taal volcano in the Philippines?

I mean, it is spewing ash and gasses and has been for the past few days.

How much more will come out in the next week or so?

How does this large volume of Greenhouse gas compare to the volume we as humans put into the air every day? (And what percentage of it will offset that we HAVEN'T put in because of the "Climate Change" initiatives? ).

Just askin' here. Does anyone really know?

(and how much does the SIO2 and other reflective emissions help with Global COOLING? Remember, volcanoes have caused "A Year Without a Summer" several times.....

Monday, January 13, 2020

Wanna help the animals burned out of their habitats in Australia?

Huh, And all along I thought she was legit:

Seems that FaceBook has accidentally revealed that the FB accounts for Greta Thunberg actually belong to other people...

and that the content is entered and edited by (this is my shocked face) other people, specifically her Father and a Climate Activist in India...

Gee, desite the claims, anyone with more than 2 neurons to rub together could have figured that out on their own.

But she is still the Darling of the Media, even though she is a construct

Sunday, January 12, 2020

"Oops, My bad"

Seems that there was a text alert sent out to many people within 10 kilometers of the Pickering Ontario Nuclear power plant. 

It were a false alarm...

'Twasn't the plant itself which sent the alert. but rather the Provincial government....Apparently there was some sort of drill and "something went wrong".

Was it an error? Or was it someone who is Anti-Nuclear?

The issue here isn't the false alert, but that this will likely make people wonder if the NEXT alert (if there is one) is real or just an error.

Think "Wolf!!".

Where are the criminal charges?

Who goes to jail for this? At best it is perjury, at worst it is criminal conspiracy to change an election...

FBI Apologizes for Deceiving FISA Court in Order to Surveil Carter Page

In my opinion, each and every person involved, or who even KNEW about this at the FBI should be charged with (and tried for, and if possible, convicted) for this "Investigation" as an attempt to subvert our electoral process.

These folks KNEW they were lying on their application to the court when they applied for permission to surveil Mr. Page. KNEW.IT. and they did so anyway, because they didn't want to let Donald Trump become President of the US.

So, how many people are going to prison here? I think one could make a good case for Treason, actually.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

As bad as GLOCK vs 1911

(the correct answer for me is 1911, but Glock's work fine)

It's an ongoing argument:

So, Nav systems and ForeFlight and such:
Track Up or North Up?

Friday, January 10, 2020


For a talentless girl, she's done well.

Almost as if someone has some power and is using it to curry favors for their child.

I mean, 9 million bucks is not chump change. 

Looks like a big storm

And it's gonna hit the East Coast.

So we get lots of news coverage. Foot by foot/mile by mile coverage as it progresses past the Mississippi river and across the Ohio Valley. If it were gonna miss the New York/Washington area, it'd just be a wether report. As it is, we get breathless coverage from the National News.

But that's the way it's only news if it affects the Newsmakers. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

And more holds today.

And they were good.

I suppose this is like learning to shoot with a rifle at longer ranges...

One must get comfortable enough that at some point things just "click"

Or learning to struggle to make an arc (and then make a decent bead) and then it just happens.

I dunno. But it seems to be happening for me finally. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

I may be finally getting it.

Did some more holds (both VOR and Intersection) today.

And I finally seem to be getting them correctly.

Holds are easy in low/no wind situations. Much harder in high wind situations.

Today, I executed a hold in winds at over 35 knots. Did 'em right, with good intercepts and consistent (and correct) flight paths.

After enough practice, even I can maybe learn.

'Tis strange...

You can spend 30 minutes trying to get someone to help you at Lowes, but they act like you are invisible.

Until you put gas in a weed wacker and try to start it.....

Sunday, January 5, 2020

No step on snek

I keep seeing license plates from Virginia  like the top one in this article....(I live in Indiana, so I dunno why these keep appearing near my home)

I wondered if I was mistaken, and if that was the state motto. I wasn't mistaken....It isn't. The state motto is "Sic Semper Tyrannis"...death unto tyrants.

Perhaps the incoming (mostly Democrat) state government members might remember that motto.

I expect that if they don't remember, or choose to ignore it, then things might get all "Rodeo" when they try to keep the promise they made to remove certain "bad" firearms from the people of Virginia

Friday, January 3, 2020

So Iran vows revenge

And every DNC type is claiming that this is Trump's fault.

Thing is, like every middle eastern country, the natives are big on threats and rhetoric and short on action.

And, in the end, if we are so worried about terror threats here in the US from middle eastern folks, then maybe we oughta start tossing them out if we are so afraid of threats. (Note that I am not saying we should toss all immigrants, just those that are known to DHS and might be threat, be they citizens or not)

One more thing: Iran has been an opponent of the US for monger than many of my readers have been alive....Ever since the Shah was deposed (and possibly since even before that). Ever since Jimmeh Carter had a cowards approach to the invasion of our embassy there and subsequent embassy prisoner debacle in 1979, they have been an enemy of the US. 

BBBUT I DESERVE a cushy gooberment job!!

Read this article from a career State Department employee unhappy with the act that Donnie Trump has changed things up.

Pretty much this message:

Only Career Diplomats can handle the job. Without them, diplomacy can't happen.
These people DESERVE the jobs they have. It's not fair to just fire them.  (He forgets that Barry Obama fired ALL of Bush's ambassadors shortly after taking office).
It takes a trained Career Diplomat to do the job. (forgetting that nearly every president has appointed people he feels can be relied to speak for the President, often acquaintances or respected figures from business)

The final line in this screed:
"We Deserve Better".  As if being a diplomat somehow makes one special.
And that, right there, is why we need to clean house.

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Powerful cartridge

So the defender in the Texas Church shooting, Jack Wilson did a one stop headshot.

What caliber did he use?

.357 Sig.
Not 9mm, not .40, not even .45 ACP.

.357 Sig.
(Pretty much the ballistics of a .357 magnum in an auto style cartridge).
(ok, not exactly, but close.....forget the minutiae here and concentrate)

Mass matters, but velocity matters as well.

The .357 Sig delivers a pretty good combination of both.

Is there a perfect cartridge for defense? Probably not. But the .357 is probably one of the cartridges on the "ideal" category.
Would a 9mm have done the job? Maybe. .40? Likely. .45? Most probably.
Placement matters as well, and by all accounts, his aim was good and his placement was spot on.

What you carry is your choice. I want a cartridge/bullet/firearm combination that helps me to get the job done should I ever need to. (and I hope and pray that I am never in the position he found himself....but that I can do as well if I am). 

Wednesday, January 1, 2020


Seems that one of the leaders of the protest that trashed the embassy in Iraq was a visitor to the White House a few years ago.

(I can't back this up anywhere, so take it for what it is worth)

Seems that he and his boss met with Barry Obama as guests

But you likely won't hear that on CBSMSNBCABC. (as yourself why not??)

And yet the current DNC meme is that Trump is a puppet of Putin, yet we have LOTS of evidence that Barry was the puppet of the Islamic leadership.

HT: Kenny

Happy Fookin' New Year

May your New Year find you happiness, prosperity, security and contentment.

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

I wouldn't use "stun Grenades"

The US embassy in Iraq was "stormed" by protestors.

Embassy security used "Stun Grenades"and "tear gas" to drive them back....

This is US sovereign soil. The Iraqi police ("Security Forces" have failed to keep the mob outside the walls. Were it up to me, I'd not use non-lethal force to protect the compound and the people within.

I'd use whatever force was required to keep those walls and gates secure.
Send a message. "Don't fuck with the US".

Do I want to see people killed? No, not at all. But being nice or using "Non lethal" force works for only so long.....Especially with a mob of folks like that.

A pile of dead bodies works better. Once they breach the gate, then all bets are off. If the Iraqi government wants to protect it's citizens, then they need to step up and provide security outside the walls. Letting a mob run amok inside the walls is, in itself, a message.

The US too needs to send a message. Being nice doesn't send the appropriate message.

It is all well and good to be nice if your opponent is rational. If they aren't, then one must Stop Being Nice. Nothing says "Don't fuck with the US, this is a line you cannot cross than wounded or dead members of the Mob.

If you keep on being Nice, then you end up with the same sort of situation that Carter gave us back in 1979.

Enough is enough. Stop being Nice. Be Firm, instead.

People respect firm, I would bet good money that it will only happen once. Then the Mob will respect the boundaries.

Remember: Slow Joe says....

"Use a shotgun, you don't have to aim"

Seems the Texas shooter (now at room temperature) followed his advice. 

Monday, December 30, 2019

Pretty good

30 feet away. (some say 50)

Head shot.

71 years old.

I'm not sure I could do that well.

And I practice fairly often.

Could you do it?


Funny strange, not Funny ha-ha.

The shooter in the Texas Church at White Settlement has not yet been identified.
In most incidents like this in the past, we know the identity and ideology of the shooter.
This time, not so much.

I wonder why? Perhaps because this time it was conservatives who were targeted and the shooter isn't a member of a "right wing" group?
Perhaps there is another reason...I dunno

ETA: Keith Kinnunen. But no other information. Which is wierd, 'cause normally we have all sorts of data immediately after an incident.