Monday, November 24, 2014

I mean, after all...



Choo no

I was terribly underwhelmed by the fact that none of the illegals that the media could find to comment on Barry's immigration speech and proposal, could, despite being in the US for 5+ years (otherwise they wouldn't be eligible) could speak passable english in their interviews about the reactions to Barry Soretoro's illegal executive action on immigration.,,,, 5 or more years, and they can barely be understood in english. Couldn't speak enough to order food nor to deal with a traffic ticket in court.

I know many true immigrants (hell, I worked for some years ago!), most still speak with an accent, but ALL of them can speak the main language of their adopted county fairly well.

Not so these people Barry has tried to help. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

How it really works:

Sorta like this, any more.......

Executive orders should never be allowed to stand more that 30 days. Ever. That'd let the prezident act quickly in an emergency, but let congress control things like the Constitution directs.

As I (and many others with any knowledge of physics and engineering) have said:

"It Just Won't Work".

Google paid several engineers to try and find a way that renewable energy could be made to work.

Their conclusion: It won't.....It cannot be made to work. Period.

All renewables, those we know and those we can envision barely, at best, produce more energy that what is required to produce the device. Every Single One. Every Time.

This is Google, which so very much wants to find a way to power humanity on Magic Fairy Dust and Unicorn Farts in order to save the planet from humanity and evil Carbon Dioxide....

their conclusion: Ain't Gonna Happen.

Sorry AlGore.

SO next time

The IRS folks demand that I produce a W-2 or a 10-99 or a reciept, I am gonna just refuse to bother to look for it.

I mean, really they act that way, and NO ONE IS BEING PROSECUTED for obstruction of justice...If they can do it, I guess that the rest of us can as well....

(Myself, I think they were taking the time to review (and possibly edit) the e-mails to make sure that there was nothing pointing to any higher ups....Especially Barry)

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Just a thought:

Today, 51 years ago, we learned just how good a shot some guy called Lee Harvey Oswald was.

Our nation needs men who can shoot that well today.....

 Just sayin'.

Friday, November 21, 2014


I think Murphy has nailed it.

Pretty weak

For a "Fuck You" speech, that was pretty weak.

And the proposed emigration solution isn't really workable, is it? 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

"That's not how Democracy works"

" I swore an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States"
 But he doesn't want to follow it anymore......

You should watch this clip...the entire 8 minutes (Ad first, sorry).

Show it to your Liberal friends.

Have 'em explain.

I can't wait to hear his arguments as to how things have changed to make this legal....or right.

Things change:

“The biggest problems that we’re facing right now have to do with George Bush trying to bring more and more power into the executive branch and not go through Congress at all, and that’s what I intend to reverse when I’m President of the United States of America.”
     – Senator Barack Obama, March 31, 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


One has to wonder who Bill Cosby has pissed off enough that someone is orchestrating a smear campaign against him by resurrecting 30 year old charges against him that were, if not disproven back then, were at least in doubt enough that no authorities pursued them 30 years ago.

What did he do to make this person (or persons) stir things up? To want to trash his reputation? Why now?

I mean, really, is is hard to believe that  these women (from different locations and different professions and different backgrounds) just somehow all decided to bring up these old charges again without someone orchestrating the whole thing.....

Politics of Personal Destruction and all that......


Is National Ammo day...

Do yer part

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

just like

the BOOK

Rosetta probe finds organic molecules on comet.

kinda cool.

Is this true?

I can't find anything to prove it, one way or another:

"Obama's proposed Amnesty will loot Social Security and Medicare"

If so, it might well again come back to his mentor and their love of Cloward-Piven.

And, amazingly, enrollment dropped:

Seems that Maine decided to stop the waiver for a work requirement for food stamps.

And, amazingly enough, the enrollment in the SNAP program dropped.....

Indiana has done the same....and the same thing happened...People who have to either work at a job or contribute to the community in order to get freebies suddenly decide they don't need that freebie as much...

Amazing that. Now we need more of it elsewhere as well.

Free hats

Sort of, anyway.

Comrade Karl is having a sale:

too fer wun on Commi Obama hats.

I have one. They're good hats. 

Get 'em while they last.

Monday, November 17, 2014

It occurs to me...

That it *COULD* be that the authorities in MO in general and Ferguson in particular have heard that the Grand Jury is gonna indict Officer Darren Wilson....and they expect the white folk in the area to riot, and burn, and loot in protest.

What? (stop laughing!) Could happen....right? We do that all the time, don't we? I mean there is a history going back over a hundred years of white people trashing their own neighborhoods in protest when something makes the get all riled up and shit, right?

I have one question: Is it cultural or genetic?

Warning order:

Decision soon?

Just heard from a guy I know in the Missouri National Guard:

They (the Guvner) have declared a state of emergency in MO and expect a decision soon...They've lit the phone tree and expect the orders soon.

I have a call into someone who is in the east ST. Louis area, 'cause he told me they'd received their warning orders last weekend.

Pretty well tells us what they expect to happen, doesn't it? And what the Grand Jury is gonna has decided....

Stay frosty.

ETA: For once on the civil front, I agree with Murphy.


So, due to vacations, I've been working in areas that I generally don't, covering those folks who are on vacation.

Now, I work with a lot of middle aged women, and they tend to lot.  No group of 1+ women can work in silence, it seems. They discuss weather, finances, clothing, styles, other women, other women, other women, people in general, other women, relationships, etc.

So, while I am not much of the kind of person who likes to listen to other people's conversations, sometimes circumstances force that to happen. They never stopped talking and simply forgot that I was there.

Last week, I heard more than I ever cared to about several ladies. And I found out that one of them is ...unhappy...with the attention that her husband is paying her.

I found out that she has gone out of her way to make herself attractive to him, buying lots and lots of lingerie, and having her hair done  and nails and all sorts of other woman style tricks to make him notice her and want her. (Sadly, she doesn't bother to realize that few of these will make her more attractive in HIS eyes, but only make her feel good about herself).

The other ladies were sympathetic and supportive. It is, of course, the fault of the man here.

No one pointed out that she has, in the past 5 years, gone from a shapely (if large) physique (rubenesque might be appropriate here), to a shape that more closely resembles a barrel with legs. She was never a slim woman as long as I have known her, but she at least had a shape. Hips, if large, and a waist. ....Now as I said,  she no longer looks like that....she resembles a barrel with arms and legs. Has a huge jelly roll, and is, frankly, fat. I never cared much one way or the other as she is a co-worker, not anyone I could or would be interested in, but I felt sad that no one, not one of her female friends, would point out to her that she was, frankly, fat...if not the edge of obese.  That to most men she wasn't attractive. None of her co-workers suggested that she lose say...,..30 or 50 lbs. (I certainly wasn't going to, that is for sure!)

Now I understand that in a perfect world this wouldn't matter, but to most men, it does. Physical attractiveness is linked to health and fertility,  and that is just the way it is..... Ladies: Here is a hint....if you have no waist (or if your waist is thicker and bigger around than your hipbones), and if your belly sticks out farther than yer boobs, then you might want to think about a diet and/or exercise.

But the ladies all commiserated with her on how it was a shame that "He" wouldn't look at her anymore.  How it was a shame that men just don't look at women as they age. And all that other folderol that fails to admit the truth: For most men, fat (really fat) isn't attractive. 

So few left.....


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Just a thought:

In a just world, Rose Eveleth would be fired from her job and shunned by all for her whiny, bitchy tirade against Dr. Matt Taylor.

She shows why some people believe that women should be cloistered by their fathers until they are sent to an all women's school until they meet their (arranged) husband. You women are all obviously too weak and sensitive to be able to deal with the real world...and are too easily disturbed by things to be allowed to run free in the modern world.

What, really has she ever done that is productive, constructive or worthwhile? 

Sunday thought:

“What can be said for a man who would allow his home to be invaded by strangers who demanded they be fed, clothed, housed and granted the rights of the first-born? What can be said for a ruling elite that permits this to be done to the nation, and who celebrate it as a milestone of moral progress?” — Patrick Buchanan (State of Emergency, 2006)

So can I hold services in mosques?

'Cause the Muslims get to hold services in a CHRISTIAN cathedral. Seems some chick objected and got tossed out.

I actually believe in religious tolerance. I really don't care how you worship, or whom you worship. Couldn't care less., Your business, not mine. Until you make it my business.  But there is a point where the Muslims are starting to piss even me off. They (or at least a subset of them) seem to feel that they have to defile every single other religious place with theirs. Now, "Defile"  may be too strong of a word, but really. I haven't ever seen any Christian or Jewish services held in a Mosque. And rightly so. It'd piss the Muslims off. But they seems to feel that doing similar things to Christian houses of worship is ok.

At some point, in order to keep the peace in this country, we are going to have to say, and enforce, "No" to these muslims.

Or there is gonna be a war.

And we are gonna end up like Sweden and England (look it up yourself) and Germany (ditto).

Saturday, November 15, 2014

And yet they want everyone else to

"Accommodate Women"

I mean, we've gotta give 'em up to two years to decide whether they want to come back from giving birth, (and have to hold her job for her so that IF she returns, she gets it back). We gotta give her special treatment and cannot charge more for insurance, even though her use of medical facitlites will be 37% higher than a mans (on average).

If we object, then we are part of the "War on Women"

But the DNC can't accommodate a pregnant member of their own party....

Sad, this continuing war on women by the DNC......Especially the women of the DNC.

Friday, November 14, 2014

It's not always a natural disaster

That you can prep for:

Sometimes it is your fellow citizens that might make life difficult for a few days...

Ferinstance, say you live near Ferguson, MO... Like the nearby town of Berkeley.....

I guess that the authorities expect the some black folks in the area to riot if the decision of the Grand Jury goes the way it looks like it will.

If I were living in, or nearby to, a largely urban area, I think I might take heed. The cops I know expect sympathy riots to happen in larger urban areas. While they don't think that too much will happen, there may be some who march (which is harmless), and others who use this as an excuse to loot riot (which is not harmless).

If you travel through, or work in such an area, I'd pay close attention, and leave work early if possible when things break. If you have a business in such an area, I'd think about having plans to secure it quickly, and either have stocked supplies so I could stay and protect, or a plan and several routes to leave soon after securing my building. Each

Have a plan to retrieve yer kids if they have to travel through an area to get home from school too.

Preparation is the key here. If and when, you'll be glad you had a plan.

Pic found HERE

Big bad SWAT

Because SWAT, that's why. 

Not sure of all the details here, but the VIDEO (bottom of article if you haven't seen it already) is pretty dramatic. (Warning: might be disturbing to some)

I mean, really, a 5 lb dog?  A danger? Or just because?

Now most of this could have been avoided by the dogs owner not being stupid, I will admit...But still.

And I want to know where I can buy one of those "Armor Piercing Crossbows"?

Methinks the dog was irritating the SWAT boys as they stacked up for the door rush....and since they had their guns handy,,,,,

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Will our congress let him get away from it?????

So rumor has it that Barry is gonna just write an executive order that legalizes a whole bunch of illegal aliens immigrants. 

Now this, in my opinion, is illegal. HE DOESN'T GET TO WRITE LAWS. Laws are made, and voted on, our two Houses of Congress. He gets a veto on the laws presented to him, period.

At least that is what the Constitution says.

Barry ain't a king, and our Congressmen and women and our Representatives need to remind him of that. They've let him get away with acting like one, but this has to stop. There needs to be a message sent, and, if need be, a court challenge to his executive orders should he choose to attempt to legalize a bunch of lawbreakers criminals border crossing illegal aliens who have broken our laws and care little for the country. Our representatives need to stop him this time.

If Barry can break the law and is not bound by  laws, and if he is not bound by the Constitution, the why should the rest of us be? Why should I acknowledge the legitimacy of his authority under the same document he flaunts? 

And that is a good point

Tam has a really good point to ponder.

Why should I follow the law, when there appear to be no consequences for those who don't?

When being an upright, honorable, model citizen means I get jacked for piddly little shit, when Mr. Violent Sumdood gets away with blatant misdeeds because the po-po just can't be bothered.......

Why should I follow the law?

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Troubleshooting II

Fixed. Was something to do with the log tongs image.

Once I deleted that, things seem to work like they should.


For some reason, the below two posts are not clickable, nor are the comments

are other blogger blogs having this issue?

Enquiring minds and all that....

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


What is YOUR reaction time?

Find out here
(since blogger seems to be having issues, go to  )

I averaged a bit under 240 ms....high of 304, low of 146.

Try it.


So SiteMeter FINALLY fixed whatever issue I (or they) had with my ability to sign in and view my hits and statistics.

Only took 2 1/2 weeks and 3 emails.

Not so sure I wanna pay for their service....

No explanation or notice, it just started working again.

Veterans Day

Thanks very much to all of you.

Monday, November 10, 2014


Today, 39 years ago, the Edmund Fitzgerald was lost. Broken in two, she lays in 530 feet of water near the Canada US boundary near Whitefish bay in Lake Superior.

29 men died that day, Nov 10 1975.

Gordon Lightfoot made a large sum of money with his ballad, not much of which was facts. But were it not for his ballad, there'd be little remembrance of that loss.

29 men died, and that is the sad part.Their families remember though.

Might explain Liberalism:

Scientists find virus that hinders Cognitive functions...

Fanning the flames

Seems that *Someone* wants to stir people up.

Perhaps make another day of rage.

'Cause we all know that, without any facts at all, we can judge the actions of others based solely on race, right?

Now, I don't know what happened that day in Ferguson, Mo...neither do you, nor do any of the folks who want Officer Wilson lynched (and yes, they want a lynching). Reports are that there are (more that) several witnesses who dispute the stories being bandied about by the race baiters and the rabble rousers. And all of THOSE witnesses are black.

I haven't heard their testimony, so I really don't know, but reports are that they more or less corroborate the testimony of Officer Wilson.

I refuse to make any judgement. I do know that young Mr. Brown appears to not have been a very nice person, that evidence disputes the "Gentle Giant" meme, and that Officer Wilson appeared to be a good officer.

But again: I. Don't. Know. And I am not willing to judge either one based on facts not in evidence. I *DO know that there is a disparate news coverage based on race. I *DO* believe that this is being pushed to start (or inflame) a race war.

I *DO* know that most people (of any color/race/ethnicity) couldn't protest if they wanted to....because they are working for a living. Only the unemployed, the welfare takers, and those who don't have to work for a living have the time to protest, and have noting to lose if they are arrested, so they are gonna be there. Decent, hardworking people likely won't be.


In order to save time (like 2 hours disassembling some machinery, the the same reassembling) I used an old fashioned method of fixing something....Which included turning a piece of tooling with a 24" pipe wrench about 2 foot over my head. (with the help of a piece of pipe for additional leverage)

The result? I did indeed save 3+ hours.  I impressed myself and my helper with the amount of force I could exert..

And I appear to have damaged the deltoid and top of the bicep in my right arm.

That was 2 weeks ago. 

Now when I was 18, and had an injury like that? It'd heal in a day or three, 5 tops. Not too sore after a day or two.

Not so much that I am on the downhill side of the half century mark. It has been getting more and more painful. Not healing at all.
Tiger Balm and massage, and if I'm lucky, I'll be able to hold a 1911 up at shoulder level for 60 seconds in a day or two.... 'Cause right now, I have to shoot as soon as the sights are on target, 'cause I can't hold the gun up long.

Aging sucks.

Happy Birthday Marines

fighting for the country since 1775.....

I got wood...serious wood

I used a different set of log tongs (still gonna make a set as soon as I find some half inch plate) to pick up the rounds in my front yard and stack 'em in the back yard. It's nice having the tractor to pick 'em up.

Yeah, those rounds stacked are 70+inches tall.

Plus these:

Makes for a lot of wood. It'll make a LOT of firewood come next year.

I used a set of these:

Which are nice tongs, for what they are, but they really don't grip the logs the way the tongs that I lost . They just sorta hook the wood. Yeah, they are meant for skidding, not lifting, but they really won't replace what I had, either.

I'm still gonna make a new set. I gotta find some 1/2" drops that are like 18"X 6"