Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dubble sekret probashun

Or something like that.

Barry isn't kidding this time. 

He means it.


THis time he's real.


For sure.



"I like vegetarians....Almost everything I eat is a vegetarian".


Does it rain on your property?

Does water ever run across it, or pond in a low spot when it rains heavily?

Is there ever a "seasonal stream" when the snow melts? When heavy fall rains happen?

Does a stream, creek, or other waterway ever overflow onto any portion of your land?

Does it ever rain on your land enough that the water runs off into a stream or creek or other body of water?

Then you don't own your land.  Seriously

Well, you may hold title to it, but the EPA controls it, so they actually own it....If they have their way.

Call your senators.  Congressmen. Tell 'em to stop this.

And oil up your boomsticks.

Yer likely gonna need 'em.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sanity breaks out in Georgia

As pointed out to me by Opie:

Georgia passes a true Common Sense concealed carry bill. 

Now if only the rest of the country's state  lawmakers could wake up and smell the bullshit, we could all enjoy this sort of freedom.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Intellectually, I knew this

But I hadn't realized that they are so easily gotten to.

How to stop an MRAP. 

Normal truck brakes.

I actually stopped and looked at one the other day, just to check. The police were VERY happy to show it off.

Now you know. I would imagine anything comparable to a .308 or .30-30 would do. A 55 grain 5.56-45 might not, at least not in one shot. But a heavier bullet should.

Now you have a disabled and non-mobile Mrap.

How things progress from there is up to you.

All knowledge is useful at some point.

Free Michael Z.Williamson

No, he ain't in jail or anything.

I mean free stories by Michael Z. Williamson.


Link fixed now.

Earth day

What a farce.

For one day people are all "green".

Then they go back to their old lifestyle.

I live the lifestyle every day, as far as that goes. Every day.

This is like Christians who go to Easter and Christmas services, but no others.

Monday, April 21, 2014

I finally had the time

To sit down and read "The Grey Man" by Jim Curtis. (AKA Old NFO)

This is an excellent book. It doesn't drag, it hangs together, and it captures you and holds you from the first few pages. It is a story many of us can relate to, and all the rest of you will find highly entertaining. It is, actually, fairly hard to put down.

Highly recommend.

One wonders:

Just how easy is it to get onto the tarmac (or ramps) of the San Jose airport in California?

Just where was security that a 16 year old boy can waltz his way across an airport loading ramp and climb into a wheel well of a transoceanic aircraft?

Why are we working so hard to keep passengers in line when apparently anyone can wander up to and into an airplane?

Seriously....If he can do so, so can anyone...say a terrorist intent on blowing the plane up.

No ordinary weakling:

Found this at Blues Blog


So Sunday, I was doing yard work and replacing a 40 year old Craftsman garage door opener, as I generally don't do the whole organized Christianity thing, 'specially on high holidays (Always thought it was sorta hypocritical to go only when God is especially watching or whatever....either get with the program or don't, but attending Church on big Holidays only seems wrong to me..., but that's not what I am writing about.) Anyway.....Sadly, Sears doesn't stock parts for openers made more than 10 years or so ago, and I couldn't find a latching relay that would replace the badly worn one on the otherwise fully functional unit that came with the house when I bought it....So upgrade time it was. I only hope this new Chamberlain lasts half as long as the unit is is replacing ....the original was installed in 1972!

Anyway, as I passed a "milestone" birthday a while back, I've been thinking a lot. No surprise there, but I have come up with a few things to comment on...Might take a few posts.

So I have been on this earth for 50 years plus or minus a few days and hours. Now, the first 30% of that I was too busy being a boy to pay that much attention to too may things, and then the next 20% I was too busy learning to live as a man does (and chasing girls and women) to pay much attention to how things were working.

But lately,  in the other years I've lived,  I gotta say that I am becoming more and more (in a nearly exponential curve) disillusioned with my country and my government. My government has, since I can remember noticing it, become ever more increasingly intrusive into people's businesses and lives. I started noticing this about the time I became aware of things the end of the Carter administration. I was adult enough to be embarrassed by the debacle of the Iran Hostage affair, and then began noticing how his Departments of XXX slowly grew in size and power....In cost...and intrusiveness.

It is now a Government by the People and for Itself....not by the People and For the People. It exists, like any lifeform to grow and adapt and feed upon something else....It no longer holds the Welfare of the Citizens first, and it is no longer constrained by any rules or law....Government exists, it seems, with no restraint and for itself and its minions, not for the purpose for which it was created and shackled by our Constitution. It rules by Executive Fiat and Regulation, with no legal oversight nor limit. THe Legilators aid and abet at worst, and simply ignore at best it's ever growing lack of control, and for the most part the Courts simply rubber stamp the regulations and executive orders.

We have the EPA which has caused no end of trouble for people..Not to fix the environment, but  to make sure that we all do the "right" things for today's ideology ...It hasn't  made the environment better, (at least not in the past 20 years)...hasn't cleaned up the air or water that much, HAS raised pricing for food, manufactured goods and electricity and gasoline prices...nearly everything else by a significant amount and soaked up a great deal of taxpayer money...Effective? Not really. Wasteful? Yes. Intrusive? You betcha.

The DOE (Department of Energy) is another. They cost us a LOT of money, change our way of doing business and we get very little for the changes to our lives that they cause.

OSHA does a lot to keep the workplace safe, but in typical government style it goes completely overboard in a lot of ways.

Lets not even go there when it comes to the NSA....Or the War on Drugs...

But seriously, I WANT THE GOVERNMENT THAT I WAS TAUGHT ABOUT IN HIGH SCHOOL. Not the one we have now. I want the limited government which plays by the rules that are spelled out in the Constitution. Not the slapdash-lackadaisical sorta law-abiding half-assed Congress and Executive branch that we now have. I want Congressmen with guts enough to stand up and say STOP!....and NO!!! And those who will limit the excesses of our government agencies....And make sure that if we pass laws they are enforced.

I WANT THE CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT that I was taught about in school...... I want the COUNTRY I was taught about in school. I want to know what the hell happened to it.

I want a country that works as well as the one I grew up in in the 70's. Where people worked and were able to find work. Where help was there if you really needed it, but not as many people were needing or willing to take it. Where the incentive was to find a job.

And I am willing to try to get it back with the Soapbox, and the Ballot box and yes, if necessary (although I sincerely hope it isn't), the other box. 

Also,where in the hell is the flying cars they promised me in Popular Science?

Get the hell off my lawn. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014


So ya gotta wonder what the folks in Lexington and Concord thought on the next day, April 20th:

"WTF did we do yesterday?" ?

"Can we get out of this fine mess?" ?

"Finally glad we got a chance to shoot those bastards."?

Seriously, what does one think the day after one starts a revolution?

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Here's why

Here is why I asked you all to say a prayer for my friend Brigid.

Never met the dude, but if he is half as good as she is, the world lost a great deal yesterday.

April 19

Many things happened on this day in history:

Beginning of the American Revolution

(depending on whose material you check) Hitler's birthday (or maybe it is tomorrow)

Warsaw uprising:

First Parachute Jump

The end of the Waco siege.
(which led to)
Oklahoma city bombing.

Many good things happened on this date in history, and many bad as well.

On THIS date, I turn a half Century OLD.

I'm not too sure what to think about that.

One the one hand, it is just another day on the calendar.

On the other hand, The frigggin AARP tells me I can join them.

I really gotta tell ya, I never seriously planned on living this long anyway, so it is all a bonus. 

Ah, well. .

Friday, April 18, 2014

Y'all take a moment

And say a prayer to whomever or whatever deity you talk to, or if none of those, send good thoughts towards Brigid's direction.

Can't tell you why, I'll let her explain when she decides to.

But prayers and thoughts would be nice.


Thursday, April 17, 2014

"If you have a Boehner lasting more than 23 years...."


You KNOW you wanna vote for this guy.

At least he has balls enough to "approve this message"

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Since the cattle wranglers (Cowboys) who were hired to round up Cliven Bundy's cattle were paid for with government funds...

And Government funds are public property...

Can someone find out the names of those hired cattle wranglers?

And publish them?

Let the people decide how they should be treated?

I'm not talking violence here, but rather, should other ranchers decide that they don't need their services, and veterinarians choose not to take care of their horses, and other people in their communities where they live choose not to sell them groceries and mechanics choose not to work on their cars and parts stores not sell them parts, andother merchants choose not to do business with them.....

Would that send a message?

;Perhaps the working for the Federal government isn't such a good idea?

Let the community as a whole make that decision?

Smells right

You've probably seen it already, but if not, take a few minutes (11 actually) and watch and listen.

Video  and website HERE.

I can't verify much, but it all hangs together with what we have seen and heard over the past few days.

Draw your own conclusions.

H/T Free North Carolina

good kwestion:


Stolen from HERE

Tuesday, April 15, 2014



So I am shopping online for parts to build a new "Ruger" 10-22.

(not that it will have many (if any?) Ruger parts in it)..

Anyway, I find that about 2 out of 5 retailers AUTOMATICALLY  disqualify themselves....

If you aren't aware that is is spelled Muzzle *BRAKE* not BREAK, then I really don't want to do business with you. Period. Just because spellcheck doesn't flag it doesn't mean it is the right word. Really, it tells me that you have zero knowledge of the products you retail.....None at all, or you wouldn't spell it wrong.

(Although, I can't find any reason that a .22 caliber rifle needs a muzzle brake anyway, to be honest, but if you choose to buy one, that is your business).

A muzzle brake is a device for redirecting propellant gasses to the rear (or upwards) to reduce felt recoil.(Wikipedia)....We are talking a .22 rimfire (or .17HMR) here. Not too much felt recoil anyway, to be honest. Not like you are shooting on full auto or anything....

Kinda like putting a "Flash Hider" on your 10-22. Flash hider? No need for one no matter how dark you shoot in . (But again, should you choose to waste spend your money on one that is up to you....)

Now both *might* be useful on a pistol, but on a rifle?

And for gods sake. learn to spell it right if you want my business.

I'm open to suggestions from anyone as to specific parts to buy or vendors to use...If they can choose the right word in their descriptions.