Wednesday, December 11, 2019


Yeah, it's becoming the new code word for "Inner City Yoots".

Another word: "Kids".

Zoolights Chaos: Video shows kids mob store near National Zoo, attack employees

Mobs of "Kids" are trouble, every time.

My Grandfather always told me that if the crowd becomes more than 50% "Yoots" 
"Juveniles" then one should leave the area 'cause there was gonna be trouble....So far, I have found him to be correct every time.

Odd that this doesn't happen in Amish neighborhoods,

You'd think they would have realized that it was slippery.....

Seeing as how they were salting the jogging/biking path...

Chicago Park District truck slides into Lake Michigan due to ice

Probably diversity hires. Fer shure politically connected hires. (gotta put those less than stellar cousins somewhere, right?) Notice that it took TWO men to drive ONE salt truck....

Both men were ok. The water off the edge of the breakwall isn't deep....

Amazing: Our Government actually CAN govern

Despite the acrimony and the just plain childish behavior on both sides, our government has actually done a replacement for NAFTA:

The USMCA agreement addresses (some of) the issues with NAFTA, and provides for a much better balance of trade between Mexico, Canada, and the US.

Is it perfect? No. But compared to NAFTA it is a great deal. And the House actually dealt with the President fairly enough for this deal to be agreed upon.
And, oddly enough, it appears that our Government, both the Congress and the House, as well as the White House, are willing to put the Country first, at least long enough to make this happen.

Frankly, I am shocked.
Happy, but surprised.  

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

excellent point

Well, at least they have finally done it

Now, perhaps we can move forward to end this farce.

I mean, all these months of Political Theater can begin to move towards an ending.

Sadly, I don't think the Dems realize how farcial this whole debacle appears to most of us.

At least it is now coming to a head.

What a biased, self serving, innuendo filled (yet wrapped in the mantle of the Constitution!!) set of statements the announcement was. 

Monday, December 9, 2019

Other people's money

"Education is a human right"

"Of course, we should give illegal immigrants free tuition"

"No, I'm not willing to donate any money to that cause"

That is pretty much every Democrat's socialist's attitude towards the causes that they think someone else should fund.

All those folks who think we should allow "undocumented immigrants" into our country are, of course, not willing to fund, nor house at their own expense, or in their own home, any of those undocumented immigrants.

Nor are they willing to fund someone else's Health Care.
Nor share their home with someone less fortunate than they are.

Never yet seen a Democrat who was willing to use their personal fortune to do any "Good Works" that they agitate for or "Support".

Instead, they want Someone Else to pay for it. They don't mind using someone else's money.

I am reminded of a young woman who worked for me when I ran a motel. She wanted me to give unused/unsold rooms to the homeless. A noble goal. (of course, these folks had been working the system of government assistance and church donations for several months already, but she didn't know that..she simply saw them as needy and felt that I should help them....

"Tell you what, Jen.....Instead of one room for one night, how about you split the cost with me....I'll donate half the cost of the room as long as YOU pay the other half.....that way they can stay for a few days or a week....."

She, of course, demurred and the "homeless" family moved on and did not stay at the hotel. In fact, since they had used up all the goodwill in the area they moved on to other areas where they could find other compassionate folks.

Odd, that. 

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Pearl Harbor Day

"Infamy", and all that. (if it was "Infamy), may have been simply bureaucratic incompetence in that the Japanese may well have delivered a Declaration of War prior to the attack)

Also incompetence of the Navy leadership (but that is easily seen from the rearview mirror),,,,

Lots of Heroes that day. Many unrecognized.

And a turning point for the Navy, as the Battleships were destroyed or damaged, and the newfangled Carriers (which were not in harbor and therefore not sitting ducks) were undamaged.

But remember those who Served that day as well. They did their job, thinking it was peacetime, even if they were unaware that they were about to go to War.

I am amazed

That the Media is admitting that the Pensacola shooter was a Saudi citizen.
(and that he was aided and abetted by other saudis)

I expected silence as to the identities and origins of the shooter and a statement that it is "Not Terrorism Related". ...In other words, SOP.

And, apparently, there were two heroes, men who charged, literally, into the gun. Ryan Blackwell and Charles Hogue.

Question that the Media isn't asking: Where (and how) did a Saudi citizen, a guest in this country, get a pistol?

Friday, December 6, 2019

Won $50 last night

At the range, there was discussion of field stripping semi auto pistols and reassembly. Some folks said it was difficult:

I stated that I could field strip and reassemble a 1911 blindfolded, it was that simple. (and another dude claimed the same thing for him and his Glock)

So bets were made. The contest was on.

I was blindfolded (really) and took my empty (we checked before the blindfold...several times) full size 1911 and field stripped it, laid the parts out, then reassembled it...blindfolded (the only hard part is getting the pin into the barrel link, really). Won 20 from one guy, and ten from three others. (and I think there were some side bets going on, but I'm not sure) Then they bet me I couldn't do it again. I agreed, but there was no money on the table, so I did it again just to show off.

'Twasn't hard, until I went to put the slide stop wasn't there! Seems that it was in someone's pocket.....I fumbled and fumbled and then gave up and took of the blindfold...
All laughter and I got my slide stop back.

And I proved a point...if you've been cleaning your firearm regularly for long enough, you SHOULD be able to do it blindfolded. (assuming your carry gun isn't something weird, like a Bergmann, or a Luger or a Broomhandle (ETA: or a Ruger Mk 2 or 3))

Glock Boy was able to do the same....Easier for him as there are fewer parts....But he did it with skill and speed....methinks he's done it before. He was faster, I think....

It was a fun evening, and I won some ammo money.

And proved a point. 

Antisemitism at CBS?

Today, on CBS This Morning, the commentators could not help but point out that Bloomberg would be (if elected) the first "Jewish President".

Now, I don't want ex Mayor Bloomberg to be my president. His record of thumbing his nose at the Constitution (Stop and Frisk, etc) is a big reason, as is his socialist tendencies...
Oddly, however, the fact that he is a Jew wasn't even on my radar. It is neither a reason to vote FOR him, nor a reason to vote AGAINST him. It really doesn't matter to me one way nor the other....his religious upbringing and whatever shape the Deity he prays to might be, I mean.

I wonder why Gail King and her staff at CBS thought that was an important fact? 

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Strange Coincidence?

I dunno.....

So I stopped the plane last time with 666.0 hours on the tach.

Went to fly a Instrument lesson, and broke the Carb heat cable.....Taxiied back and ordered a new one.

We replaced the cable...did a runup. now tach time is 666.4

Went to move it, and had a low tire (new this last February). Filled the tire and moved it to the hangar as it was too windy (+50 MPH) to fly. Did a complete warmup before putting it away. Tach time now 666.8

Taxiied out today for a lesson (tire pressure was still fine). During the runup, left mag showed a 300 RPM drop and lots of engine roughness. Leaning the mixture and running the engine up did not help. Taxiied down the runway to the nearest turnoff. Checked again. Engine now runs fine (apparently the taxi at more power/higher load/higher RPM was enough to get the plugs to cleaning temp.

Tach time? 667.0...

Coincidence? Or something more sinister?

Either way, did a 1.4 hour lesson and had nary a glitch.

Odd that the entire 666.X hour was gremlin prone though. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Odd Bank officer's suicides:

It seems that these "bankers" are dying by hanging..."Suicide"....Just like Epstein to whom they are (or were) connected.....

Odd, that.

Also, it seems that they at one time arranged some loans for the Trump Corporation, so who knows. Also Putin, so there is that.

But also connected to the late and unlamented (except for the stories he could have told) Jeffrey Epstein, who may or may not have been laundering money through those same banks and whose connection to both "bankers" is most recent.

Coincidence? "Arckancide"?  Likely someone tying up loose ends now that Epstein is safely silenced.

Second link via It Ain't Holy Water

Still alive

I just got nuthin' to say at this time. 

Friday, November 29, 2019

Not a chance

That I will join the crowds of lemmings people shopping at the "Black Friday" sales. I hate crowds of people normally, and the mentality of the Black Friday folks is weird.

If you choose to go, I applaud you. But there are no bargains great enough to get me shopping, standing in line, having to battle for parking, etc. 

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope you are happy, spending this Thanksgiving day with family or friends.

I hope that each of you has much to be thankful for...even if life is not as we might like it to be at times.

I am thankful for many things. No, life isn't perfect, but I would bet that 92+ percent of the folks in most other countries would change place with me in a heartbeat. I remember that every day, but especially today.

For those who are forced to work today. I am sorry. For those walking a beat or standing a post, I am  Truly thankful for you and your work as well.

And for those who feel the need to go out and look for bargains this evening:
 Remember, it is because of you and folks like you that some clerks have to work instead of spending it with THEIR family or friends.

Socialism is the real reason we have Thanksgiving

Remember, the original Plymouth colonists were socialists, with food and other supplies held in common and distributed as needed and as determined by the colonies leaders.

So, essentially, working harder got one nothing. Few men worked harder, and few women worked harder to process the foods and fruits of the men's labor.

Why should they? Harder work, more work, less work, it all remained the same. One did not get more if one worked hard. Others could work as little as possible and still get their "Fair Share" of the harvest, the hunt, or whatever. 
There was no incentive to work harder, as there was no way to get ahead.

And that is the reason the colony was near starvation....and why they were so thankful for the help of the "Indians" that led to what we consider to be the first Thanksgiving. Of course, removal of the whole commune bit helped as well. Allowing people to hold their own supplies allowed them to actually gain from their hard(er) labor. Which made for a much more prosperous colony.

But without the failure that the socialist model caused, there would have been no reason for the thanks. And no reason to thank the Natives whose help made them prosperous.

"Come help me move a body"

"Bring some rope and a tarp if you have one".

Seriously, that is the phone call I got about 3 pm on Wed.

Now, Bobby is a good friend. Great guy. Outstandingly generous.

But he brooks no stupidity, and has a temper.

So it IS possible that he needs my help to "move a body".

(I'd not expect the call to come at 3 pm...more like in the middle of the night, but with Bobby, you never know....)

Anyway, he gave me an address that was only about 5 miles from where I live....

So I went, if only to see what was going on....

Many thoughts crossed my mind on the way.....

Was it a joke?
If not, what do I do? Help him move the body? (yeah, he's that good of a friend) or suggest he call the po-po......

As I drive there, I realize that I had been there once before....It's Ed's house....This could be good or bad.....

I exit the truck, and wander over to where Bobby is standing, just almost in the back yard...

And there is the body.
Of a Deer that had been hit by a car and had died in Ed's backyard....

Well, then.

"Asshole" I said.
"yeah, but you showed up" he answered.

Took the three of us to load it into his truck. Bobby isn't young anymore and Ed is kinda crippled...Not that I am as healthy and strong as I was when I was 20 either....But it is loaded (and he has a DNR  tag for it) to dispose of, rather than letting it be eaten over the next few days by coyotes in Ed's backyard.

So now he knows who he can call, if and when....

I got some odd friends though...

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Real WInd Damage:

A lady I know had a large limb come down and damage her Lincoln SUV while she was loading for a trip.

Might well total her car.

Pushing 60

MPH winds,

The local airport AWOS says gusts of 52 knots. (ETA Now 58 knots)

Luckily I (so far) only lost one small tree and just a bit of damage to the barn upon which it fell. It did not, however, do the 3 pt backhoe (dismounted) that it fell on any good.

Nothing likely enough to overcome the deductible, or t least not enough to make claiming it worthwhile. I will check further when it ain't so windy Tomorrow or Friday.

The one day a year I get to wear this T-shirt

Context HERE if you don't know

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Passing of a Great

Today is the anniversary of the death of John Moses Browning.

Arguably the father of the modern auto pistol, as well as many other firearm designs.

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Friday, November 22, 2019

This won't end well

I mean, if he has actual useful knowledge, then I would expect something bad to happen before he can tell his story....

I'm thinking "Arkancide" Also known as being "Fostered"

Jail guard  in Epstein "suicide" to cooperate fully with investigation

Just sayin'

(and there are a LOT of folks besides the Clintons who could (and would have a reason to) do this...wealthy and powerful people who have a LOT to lose, if the stories of Epstein's parties are true)

overflow into personal space....

So the School "Punished" the students with a 2 day suspension...

For doing something not on the school grounds, not done during school hours.

Student punished for "racially insensitive" ad posted on craigslist. 
(The ad advertised "Slave for sale" with a photo of a black classmate)

This ad was in poor taste, but other than the fact that the photo was taken at the school, there is no connection to the school. How is it that the school and the administration gets to discipline a student for this? What gives them the right to punish for free speech? Is this just social conditioning?
Where are the parents? Or is the school doing the parenting?

And now he is charged with a "Hate Crime".

I call BULLSHIT. Bad judgement? You betcha. Insensitive? Damned straight. Stupid? Yes. Bad taste? Yep. Despicable? Pretty much.

But, in the end, it is Free Speech, not a chargeable offense.

Punishment for this strikes me as RightSpeak.

Pretty much the same story in every DNC controlled environ:

Rotting infrastructure, Failure to replace or repair....

Woman struck by falling downtown light pole that rusted through at base.

Just walking along and the pole (which was rusted through at the bottom) fell on her. Subsequent inspection showed 4 other poles on the same block that were a danger and were removed.

It keeps happening. 4 Times (that we know of) in 2019, and apparently more last year.
 They've spent all the money on "Social Safety Nets", allowing people to sponge off the hard work (and thus taxes) of others, Instead of spending money maintaining the infrastructure that was paid for by taxpayers 30 or 40 or 50 or even more years ago, they simply ignore the maintenance and spend the money elsewhere for another year or 6.... Hoping that they will get by and it will be problem for someone else....

Which is ok, until the infrastructure fails and someone gets hurt....

Thursday, November 21, 2019

From the CBS Evening News:

"Testimony by "Apolitical Public Servants"". 

One wonders what, exactly they are smoking and where can I buy some? 

perhaps Lush Rimbaugh was correct:

'Cause a WHOLE BUNCH of folks are hearing the headlines and thinking that the "Impeachment Hearings" are showing that Donald The Orange Bad Man Trump personally told the Ukranians to find some dirt of Hunter Biden in order to ensure his rule for life or something. I mean, anyone who believes that Trump is about to be impeached must be one of those "Low Information Voters"

I've watched and/or listened to a fair bit of the "testimony" at the hearings. While I can't say it shows the President in a good light, neither does it show any "Smoking Gun" or other evidence of the (current meme of the day as to his bad behavior) "Quid Pro Quo" (yesterday it was "bribery", before that is was somehow "campaign contributions" or something.
If you only looked at or listened to what the Media was telling you, you might believe that the testimony was damning. So far, what they claim is "Damning Evidence" is a bunch of innuendo, supposition, and finger pointing, but little hard fact nor unimpeachable evidence.

So really, despite the Spin placed upon the reporting, I haven't seen any more reason to believe the current charges than those of the "Collusion" charges.

And have you noticed that no one is trying to find a way to excuse (or explain) the payments to Hunter Biden? And not one of the DNC folks seems to think that there SHOULD be any investigation as to that whole bunch of folks, Biden, Burisma, (apparently) all the other DNC leaders children, etc....? Why is that? What are they trying to hide? 

only whites can be racist

Black college students could never be racist.

Because black people can never be racist.

Only whites can be racist. At least that is what I have been told for all these past years.

Yet here we have some proof that that just isn't so.

Black students demand ability to select roommates based on race. 

Now, I understand that black kids would be more comfortable rooming with another black kid. They'd feel more comfortable with someone of similar culture.

Yet if a WHITE kid said that he'd prefer a white roommate...well now, that is, of course, racist.

Funny how that works, innit?