Saturday, May 31, 2014

A gorgeous day

and yet, due to staffing issues, I have to do a menial job and miss it.

Hey, at least I am saving labor costs....

Friday, May 30, 2014


So I downloaded the targets for EJ's June E-postal match.

And printed them.

And went to the range for an hour. 30 yards...

I shot a 70 with the 10-22. Not good. My form offhand sucks, and I am a bit wobbly. I tried with a loaned to me tricked out 10-22 with a VERY heavy barrel as well, but it caused me to be even wobblier, so I gave that one up as a bad idea.  I'd like to steal that trigger though....

Then I shot with the Buckmark with the red dot. Yeah, I am out of shape. I shot a 65.

the 15-20 knot crosswind didn't help, but I can't blame everything on that. I just plain am out of shape when it comes to shooting. I guess some dry fire practice is in order.

Could be worse, but I can (and have) done a lot better. I didn't embarrass myself, but I used to be better when I had time for the range.

You should take the time to see how you do.

I am again reminded that marksmanship with a pistol or a rifle is indeed a perishable skill.


SO I am at the Doctors. Office today.

I like my Doc. He's older, wise, doesn't preach, and is genuinely concerned about my health. He gives advice, but not to the point of preaching at me when he knows I am not gonna follow it. ("Stop drinking cheap whiskey!", etc)

So, in addition to the multitude of tests that I am about to undergo, he wants to discuss diet...

Asks me how healthy of a diet I eat..

"Well, doc, I'm not eating handfuls of lard and salt, but I could, of course, eat better"....(I actually eat a fairly decent diet, but only could be better)

"Are you getting enough vegetables and fruits?"

Well, I could eat more fruit, but I have vegetables every fact, every morning!"

"Every morning?"

"Yessir: Beans every morning"


"Yep. 2, sometimes 3 cups"


"Yessir... Coffee"

"Coffee isn't a vegetable."

"By my book it is, Doc.
Coffee is a bean, beans are vegetables. Coffee is made from ground beans....ergo, coffee is a vegetable."

He didn't buy it. More broccoli and such for B.

He also didn't buy the argument that vegetables are what food eats....

It's ok, we designed it that way!

Yer ass. 

If that's true, then let's see YOU walk on it now.

I think it'd take me WEEKS to get my sphincter unclenched.

Follow the links to see the picture.

And why not?

If it were you, or me, and we were involved in a shooting (good or not) then OUR names would be released....

Why not Police Officers?

Why should they have the veil of secrecy to hide behind?

Much like the courts deciding that is is OK to video Police Officers in their official capacity.

No more special treatment. No special immunities. Just the same rules as normal citizens.

Maybe we will get a better quality of police officer out of this.

If their actions cannot stand the light of inquiry, then what are they hiding?

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

It occurs to me

That we, as a nation, are all responsible for the VA issues. The lack of care, the failures in management, the deaths caused by people waiting for care.

THis didn't just happen overnight. We have all known that the VA was a cesspool of mismanagement and underfunding. That the level of care was poor and that there were issues with the management that never seemed to be fixed.

For many years, and for many administrations there have been stories after stories about the failures in the VA.

Yes, this latest scandal happened on Barry's watch, and yes, he should have Done Something before this.

But so should Bush, and Clinton and the elder Bush, and Reagan, and Carter. They didn't. And we let them Do Nothing.

When Obamacare was being trotted out, even before there was a vote, we used the VA as an example of why Obamacare wouldn't work.

Yet we did not demand that out Presidents and Senators and COngressmen actually fix the VA.

We, as a nation, failed our Veterans.

We allowed this to happen.

We too are guilty.


Some truth to this.

Found HERE.

If you got all butthurt from this, then you need a life.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

13 for thirteen

(even if the answer for #12 should be methane and/or water vapor, but I chose the "politically correct" answer, 'cause the correct answers weren't choices)

See how you do. How smart are you?

Try it yourself

Back to the grind

Work work work. I'll likely regret being off for 2 days.

If I could only find staff that could read and write and show up sober.

And I am not kidding, it is that bad. The people who can do that are already employed.

The others sponge off the assorted Federal and State programs, for food, rent and electric bills... they are already getting health care and medicine for free...Then they go to a food pantry (or 2) and get more free food so they can spend their EBT/SNAP money on booze and smokes.

Monday, May 26, 2014

A parting thought this Memorial Day:

Ronald Reagan was a master at dramatic speeches. But our current President (who is also a great speaker) can't be bothered to take the time to honor those who have fallen.

He'll never make a speech like this one:

Ever..... He cares not for the citizens nor the soldiers of this country. Not a whit. He has no pride in either, and no respect for either as well. And no respect for what this country stands for.

Cardboard personalities cannot make speeches like the above. 

Hey, Folks:

Monday is MEMORIAL Day. (although there are good reasons why it shouldn't be today, but May 30) (I've written about movable holidays before and agree 100%)

Not Veteran's day....That is in November.

Veterans Day is when we say thanks to all who served in the Military.

Memorial Day is for those who gave their all....the ones who didn't come back.

If yer gonna say "thank you" to the folks for whom this day is for, then go to a cemetery. Take off yer hat, and think of those buried there who Didn't Come Back.

I'm not saying that thanking a vet is ever a bad thing, but understand what this day is all about.

Remember those who gave their all in service of the country.

Think of them when you are grilling burgers on your deck, or spending time with friends or family, or just enjoying your third day of your three day weekend.

Take a moment, and remember them. Raise a glass, if you are so inclined...

But just don't forget.

I won't.

Thank you, wherever you are, wherever you fell. 


Go, read.

Think about this

Whatever your political party, this is wrong.

Sunday, May 25, 2014


Put down the drink.


Then watch .


Interesting that the rules change

depending on the political party of the affected candidate.....

So 2 years ago, a different candidate was dropped from the ballot because he didn't have enough valid signatures on his election petition.

OK, thems the rules.

Fast forward two years:  Obama appointed (isn't that a surprise!) Judge Matthew Leitman decided to bend the rules and allow US Representative Conyers to be placed on the ballot despite not having enough valid signatures on HIS petition.

Now, the difference between the two candidates, other than 2 years,  is, of course, political party.

Republican Thad McCotter DIDN'T get on the ballot (in 2012), because he didn't have enough valid signatures on his election petition.

Democrat John Conyers IS to be placed on the ballot in 2014, even though nearly half of his signatures are invalid.

Notice the difference? 

When the rules are not solid, but are, in fact, mutable, we no longer have a country of laws.

When they are applied differently to different people....

We have tyranny.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

On "arsenals"

So the cops in New York (Brooklyn) break down some doors execute a search warrant at a Brooklyn apartment and find an "arsenal".

Go ahead, read the description of what they found. Cartridges with no guns for them, even. And codeine tablets!!!!

“It was enough to arm a small army or militia,” a police source said of the bust. “These guys were ready for war.”


Yeah, just wait 'til you find the real thing. Come out to the Midwest, find a real "arsenal" in homes. I mean, except for the carbine with a defaced serial number, we've got that and more. In our cars. Except for the codeine.

Arsenal. Right.]

A hint for the ladies:

No matter what you are wearing, no matter how provocative or revealing your outfit....Silky, clingy, form fitting etc.

No matter what color it is, no matter how well it matches your complexion, eyes, or hair color....

If your belly sticks out farther than your boobs, yer not sexy, period.

Few of us are underweight in this country, but if your spare tire's circumference exceeds that of your chest, it ain't sexy. If it is double the circumference, you are obese. Some men like "curvy" girls, but fat is fat.

We guys don't expect you to have a flat belly like a supermodel, but seriously, drop the self delusion.
Look at yourself.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Hard to believe

That anyone, anyone, could be that stupid.

But then again, it is a liberal, or it wouldn't have happened at all.

Glad to see the people of the community were able to make some sense happen, and get the cancellation canceled.

One would wonder how someone gets to that position without having the sense to think things through. Yeah, we all have bad judgement days, but really, if you are that bad, you don't need to be in that position. Or any position which doesn't require constant supervision and oversight.


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Selective reporting

Example HERE

Hey, if it doesn't affect the coastal population (either one) or someone's vacation home, it isn't news.

Much like the midwest winter storms don't get any coverage, but if the east coast gets 6" of snow, it is OMG!!! Bizzard!!! Catastrophe!

Same with the wildfires.


And racism.

Here's the thing:

There is a large group in this country who care not for the COUNTRY, but rather for RACE.

Nope, not talking about Blacks, African-Americans, etc. Nope, not Vietnamese, Chinese, not any of the Asians. Not Middle Easterners either. Not  Irish, nor Germans, not Poles, none of the Europeans.

Nope, I am talking about Latinos....Now I am sure that there are a LOT of Latinos who are good citizens of this country...People who love the USA as much or more that I do. Many are likely better citizens that I am. (not that that is hard...)

However, in this group of people who we call Latinos, there are also a bunch of people who care little for the laws of this country, and who only care that other people who look like and speak like them are allowed in this country. Who only care that the people who share a culture with them are given free access to the things that make this a freedom loving nation of laws where people can succeed without being trodden in the dirt by their government and the richer people. That no matter how many laws they break, those people who look like, talk like and think like them get the benefits and freedoms that citizens are entitled to, without contributing anything to their country.

These people have no loyalty to their COUNTRY, only loyalty to their race. To those who speak like them, and have skin and features like them. They are racists. They hold race over country. Some are citizens. Some are not. Some of the people who give the non citizens a voice are also racists. 

When you would circumvent the laws of the country over and over, just so someone of your race and culture can benefit, when you will actively work to overturn laws which have kept this country well protected....then you are a racist. It's not like these folks are actively working to have open borders so we can get millions of Irish people into the country, is it? If white people wanted to change the laws to chase you out, that would be as wrong, and as racist as you are...

So, people who want amnesty for the folks who look like them and talk like them......who care less about the laws of the country than that they can help people of their own race......To the detriment of the citizens of that country...IMO these people aren't citizens.....

Yeah, I call 'em racist. And, actually, traitors.

Here is one of them.

Traitors once, long a go, used to be shot. Maybe we should bring that practice back. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Some people will believe anything they hear on the newz or read on twitter....they just believe, and they don't know any better.

An example

Yep, that's me lately


Pretty much my life lately.
Y'know, If I am at a restaurant, and you walk in carrying an AK variant or any other rifle into the restaurant, I am not going to assume you mean no harm.

It is one thing if you are carrying a pistol on your hip, in plain view. It is another if you are carrying a rifle in your a restaurant.

Not sure that my reaction would be appropriate. I carry too, if not as openly. I'd have to assume that you meant me harm. And yes, I'd be disturbed just like those anti gunners were, if for different reasons.

For your own safety:

Don't be a dick.

Thanks, assholes, you really helped there.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The free ice cream dispenser

Is too tired, and has too little time, to pontificate, and has little time to scour the internet for interesting things.

The brain behind it isn't functioning except at a maintainance level.

Check back early and often for updates.

In the meantine, might I suggest you read the folks listed on the left.

They are both smarter and more entertaining than your host.

No thirty.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

So the Swiss aren't as stupid as we thought

Seems that despite a great deal of pressure from the Socialists to raise the minimum wage to $25.00 per hour, the Swiss people rejected it 76%/24%.

Strangely, Switzerland doesn't have any minimum wage at this time.

And surprisingly, unskilled people in service trades don't get paid as much as skilled workers in other trades.....In other news, water is wet.

Wonder what this will do to the thinking processes of the Liberals....what with them wanting to emulate the Euros in general the Swiss in particular.....

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Marketing fail, NRA edition

There are times when I despair that the NRA is run by fools.

Especially when I see things like the below:

I got a nice envelope in the mail yesterday... Cost the NRA $1.72 to mail it to me. A padded envelope.

Upon opening it, I find the letter and a gift.

Now in thsi letter they tell me they are sending me a gift and IN THE SAME LETTER they are telling me that they want to save money by having me change my monthly subscription to an all digital edition rather than the dead tree version. After sending me a nice (but un- needed or wanted gift). And this after sending me over 20 requests for additional funding this year....and not to mention the duplicate mailings for the other person in my household, who receives mail at the same address (we have called and asked that they stop such mailings as they too are a waste of money, but they don't/won't). The other half of the letter was, of course a request for even more money from me...

The knife is a nice, wood handled swiss army type knife......

Notice the sticker on the right of the box? I did.

If I thought it would do any good I'd ship it to NRA headquarters (Attention: Wayne Lapierre) with a note attached suggesting what he can do with their Made-in-China piece-of-shit knife. Can't even use an American manufacturer.

I swear, if I didn't need the NRA certification to teach, and if membership wasn't mandatory at my range, I'd cease to be a member.

Fuck 'em.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


As I pointed out HERE, the feds are moving again against cattlemen, this time in New Mexico.....Using a mouse as a lever against the cattlemen's water rights.

Thing is, the county commissioners not only sent a "Cease and Desist" to the feds, they have now ordered the Sheriff  to open or remove any gates or fencing which may block access to the water.

Another battle against the Feds. Only this time the County and the Sheriff have some guts. I wonder if they will have the guts to arrest the Park Rangers, if and when?

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I hate the fact that

I agree with this.

But it is true. I'm not gonna vote for another McCain, nor another Rommney.


And I ain't gonna vote for Jeb Bush.

The lesser of the two evils is still evil.

Yes, the folks who say that Jeb Bush will be less damaging that Hillary Clinton are correct. IMO, He won't win anyway, so a vote for him is wasted. I held my nose and voted with the lesser evil twice. It got us nowhere, and it didn't send a message to the RNC that they need to stop playing the patronage game, and that they need to find a candidate which isn't "DNC lite" and "middle ground" and all that. The games that they are playing are foolish and short sighted...and their strategy has failed twice. It'll fail this time as well.

It ultimately comes down to this: Either the RNC finds a real candidate who is conservative, by whatever definition you should choose to use, that will shrink and de-power the Federal government, or lose yet again.

Sometimes I wonder if that is the goal.



I hope he has to move and change his name.

 "I can't go to the grocery store without being recognized, pointed at, laughed at" Said Dooley "Cant pay my water bill without hearing my name, saying "there's the sorry cop that killed the dog""

Hope it hurts. Bet it's lonely living in a small town where everyone knows that you are a small man who abused your badge and uniform. Wonder if he learned anything?
 go to the grocery store without being recognized, pointed at, laughed at," said Dooley. "Can't pay my water bill without hearing my name, saying 'There's the sorry cop that killed the dog.’” - See more at:
“I can’t go to the grocery store without being recognized, pointed at, laughed at," said Dooley. "Can't pay my water bill without hearing my name, saying 'There's the sorry cop that killed the dog.’” - See more at:

Monday, May 12, 2014

Sometimes it isn't a drill

And when it isn't, then your training is useful...

“They asked, ‘Is there somebody up there who needs rescuing?’ And we said, ‘It’s taken care of,’” Jurgens said.

That's the way it is supposed to work.

Good on ya boys.

All that matters....

Is that the suspect shot a cop.

So every cop piles onto the chase....

And once a shot is fired, EVERY cop shoots until he locks back on an empty magazine. It has happened before, and it'll happen again.

Now, a couple of points. A good way to get your innards aired out is to shoot a cop. This pisses the rest of them off. At that juncture, your life expectancy is greatly reduced unless you do everything very right from that point.....

But really, EVERY cop going to the scene at high speeds? How much danger did they put the public in, just so they could get a shot off at a guy who shot a cop? (and lets not even discuss the poor people in the immediate area where they found the guy and his friend., bullets flying everywhere) Or the danger they placed each other in with their own "circular firing squad"

And really, if they left the rest of the area uncovered so they could go to the scene (at high speed)....what good did they do the citizens they are paid to protect (or, are there too many policemen on the street anyway?) if the majority could leave their patrol areas at high speed to get in on the apprehension or killing of a cop killer?

By all reports (even the cops own!) these men were out of control. They weren't listening to their supervisors..... Yet we give them the power of life and death over regular citizens. Scary, that. Now, I know that police are men and women...human beings. But if they can't act better than that, are they the right people for the job?

Question: Would they react the same way if it were just an average citizen that had been shot?
You know that answer...

And here I thought the chase scene from the Blues Brothers movie was just parody....

It'd be funny, except the one in Miami was real....

Sunday, May 11, 2014

It's a bitch

I have been working 65+ hour weeks since the week before the NRA show.

and this is geting in the way of my shooting.  Badly.

Today, while I finally had an hour to spare, I actually sat down for a few minutes after getting the yard and other chores done (my house doesn't look as if it is in a reposession status....) And promptly fell asleep for the time I had allotted for range time.

Ah, well, there is always tomorow.

If so

Then several people need to be demoted or fired..

Reports are that Valerie Jarrett was the person who gave the military the "Stand Down" order when Benghazi was going all pear shaped.

Now, I don't know, I wasn't there. But IF (and again, I haveta say IF) this is true, then the people who accepted that order were in dereliction of duty by taking an order from an unelected civilian not in the chain of command.

Again, I wasn't there.  I don't know how the order to Stand Down was transmitted, or who signed it. But if the military folks accepted the command of Valerie Jarrett, then they need to be fired. 

Happy Day

To all those Moms out there.

Mine especially.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

John Coleman slaps

The Climate Change Glowbal Warming Climate Disruption crowd. and the "Federal Climate Report"...Calls it a  " and a "600 Page Litany of Doom" and a "Total distortion of the data and agenda driven, destructive episode of bad science gone beserk"

I gotta say, my bet is on Mr. Coleman.

Friday, May 9, 2014

It never ceases to amaze me

How when someone is called out for their behavior or for their failings, if they are a member of a minority group, they immediately cry "discrimination!" rather than address the issues. Invariably, they use the fact that they are different as an excuse, and become victims.

Especially if they can use this to change the subject away from their bad behavior.

Instead of being big boys/girls and dealing with their issues.

Sad, really.

I am reminded (again) to "never to argue with an idiot....they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience."

Samuel L Clemens

I am also reminded that stereotypes exist for a reason.

Its never OK

So the FBI is "investigating" the supposed incidents of the Bundy supporters pointing firearms at the Clark County Sheriff and other policemen.

Now, this might have happened. Then again, a lot of policemen get upset whenever they aren't the only people with firearms. Most police don't like it when mere civilians have guns...especially when  they outnumber the police. It makes them worried when they don't have a monopoly on force....(and yes, I know a lot of good cops who aren't that way, but a significant majority of police ARE that way).

Seems to me that if they had video of the actual "pointing of guns at officers" then that would be one thing. But I didn't see any of that video, and I have watched just about all of the video that I can find on the "standoff". I did see a LOT of BLM contractors with M-4 look alikes holding them in a very operational manner, and I did see one still shot and a few frames f video where a supposed Bundy supporter has a longarm pointed in the general direction of the BLM contractors (albeit about 400 yards away)....I didn't see anyone pointing a gun of any kind in a threatening manner. Maybe you did...if so, please send me a link fr the picture or video.

Most of the video and photos I have seen are of people standing around with their firearms (both sides) ready for use but not pointed at anyone. Which is really how it should be. I would take anyone pointing a firearm at me as a hostile act, and I would expect that anyone I point a firearm at to do the same. It is NEVER ok to point a firearm at anyone you don't wish dead....When cops do it, it is often excused, but if a civilian does it, not so much....

Having said that, I really think that this was the first time that a group of cops couldn't intimidate the people in a crowd....and it frightened them...a lot. They want to know who these people were who are willing to stand up to police.


ETA: I have heard that the "snipers" that were working for the BLM were surveilling the crowd with their scopes on the rifles, and others in the Bundy side took exception to that practice and returned the favor. This is all rumor, and unprovable. I wasn't there, so I can't comment more than this.

Bad gun sale

Via Way Up North, we have an interesting tale.

Go read it for yourself.

Me? In the absence of a "stolen gun" police report, I'd convict the shop owner. The way I see it, he sold the gun.

What say you?

Can't give it away

Seems that Mike Rowe, of Dirty Jobs fame is giving away full boat free ride scholarships....A million dollars worth.

And he can't give it away.

Know some young person who would like to be a mechanic? Send them his way.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

You really should read


Best dissing of "global cooling warming climate change climate disruption whatever the new name is today

Worth your time.

Via 90 Miles

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

New name, same goal

Now it is "Global Climate Disruption".

It is still a scam.


Seems that there are allegations that at least one of the brothers Tsarnev was indeed known the the FBI....and that they had pressured him to become an informant.

The FBI, of course, denies that this is true.

If so (and I say IF, because we will likely never be able to prove this, one way or another), it would indicate that the FBI KNEW that he was a radical, and a danger (or at least associated with people who were a danger) to the country and its citizens.

If we did that here

We'd be a "danger to the State" and labeled as a crazy and a terrorists.

But in Ukraine, they are Freedom Fighters

I guess it depends on which despotic government you are preparing to fight against.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Later, dude.

Never met him. but we spent a lot of time back and forth via the internet.

I knew he was sick, but not this bad.


Link via Tam

For the guy (or gal) who has everything:

Here is a safe to put it in:

Monday, May 5, 2014

So today, a customer pointed out that Bundy was getting something free from the government, and that was what bothered him the most. He's a good guy, and always is looking for another I gave him one.

I asked him:

If that is true, which I don't necessarily agree with....but lets say you are right, and  Bundy IS getting something for free.....

What about all those people getting welfare, foodstamps, and free housing? What about them? Some of them for their entire lives?  They are getting stuff from the citizens of the United States for free too...

You gonna cut them off?
Some of them have been on the dole for longer than you have been alive....never paid taxes, never worked. Never contributed one thin dime to society...

Bundy is at least paying taxes.....Contributing to society....

He left, thinking....

Interesting how once you get past them spin the government media puts on things the perspective changes, isn't it?

Inspiration...for when it comes your way.


"The Spartans do not inquire how many the enemy are, but where they are."

 AGIS II 427 B.C.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

How did YOU do?

You scored better than 75% of the public, below 15% and the same as 10%.

I didn't do as well as I thought I would. 

It's a trap.

Seems that a bunch of folks are getting together to decide how to do an Article V Constitutional Convention.

While I'd like to see a bunch of things added to our Constitution, like maybe a Balanced Budget amendment and some other limits to the Federal Government, I fear such a convention could be used to hijack what we currently have.

Who is to say that they don't use this opportunity to gut the 2nd or even the First?

Perhaps the 5th or the 4th?

Maybe the 10th?

All are important pieces of the document which makes this country, despite it's flaws, still reign as the best place for Freedom loving peoples. Makes this place the destination for those who wish to prosper in freedom, limited though it is anymore.

I think that many politicians will use this to remove freedoms and make this a lesser country than it currently is.

It's a trap.

And we have one less badass dude in the world today.

Walter R Walsh. dead at 106.

Apparently,  one real righteous badass.


Saturday, May 3, 2014

Coming soon to America

Pork off the menu at Subways in the UK.

Expect it here soon.

For those that took AD's class with me last Saturday:

Here's the lyrics to help, if and when you have to do CPR:

Not quite 2 1/2'd be very tired doing all those compressions by yourself.

And here is the one I learned to do CPR to about 8 years ago. The instructor actually played in the classroom to to help us get the rate of compressions right....

ProTip: Best if you don't sing this one out loud while doing compressions.....

Remember: if you ain't breakin' ribs you ain't  doing it right.


'I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it,'

Attributed to Voltaire.

Similar thoughts  here:

“Here’s an unpopular opinion: Donald Sterling has the right as an American to be an old bigot in the security of his own home. He’s a victim.”

I agree. Why and how can ones opinion result in being forced to sell your property? I don't necessarily think that one's opinions should when expressed PUBLICLY, be without consequences, but this wasn't something he proclaimed from on high, but rather something he said in private.

I think that there is a scheme afoot to force him to sell so that someone(s) high in the African American rights movement can purchase the Clippers. 

Friday, May 2, 2014


Now I don't know if all of the allegations in the article are true.... (likely are, but I don't have time to verify) but if they are then it is again one of those astroturf grassroots things that we see time after time from the left.

Moms Demand Action? Or instant movement?

Read it. All of it. Draw your own conclusions.

Via Feral Irishman

"Man behind the curtain" indeed.

And now the Forest Service

"Cattle Free by '93" was the motto of the environmentalists

And now, instead of  using the Desert Tortoise as the reason, it is the New Mexico Meadow Jumping Mouse as the excuse in New Mexico.  Luckily, the County Commissioners aren't having any of that. Hopefully they will be willing to assert their lawful power and STOP this.

Will the Feds never stop?

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sure, I'll go for that

As soon as you cut the Federal tax on gasoline.

White house opens the door for tolls on *ALL* interstate highways.

Instead of deciding to run more efficiently, to stop wasting money, to use new technology and materials rather than building roads in the same way that we have for a hundred years, We gotta (of course) raise new taxes!

And you know that once they get the tolls in place, they'll begin moving tax money to to other programs....and then raise tolls gain.

Correct me if I am wrong, but weren't the tolls on the toll roads supposed to pay for the bonds that were issued to pay for the construction cost of the roads...and isn't the current gas tax (and diesel) supposed to pay for the upkeep? Weren't the tolls supposed to STOP once the bonds were paid off?

Yeah, I know, I am idealistic and foolish to think that any government entity would actually choose to shut down a revenue stream, especially one that the citizens were used to paying.