Monday, April 30, 2012

Thought for the day

Taxes are not levied for the benefit of the taxed.
-Lazarus Long, Time Enough for Love

Then they came for the Jews...

and I said nothing...for I was not a Jew.

Then they came for the Tea Party...

and only 63 were ballsy enough to speak up. 63 men of courage and conviction.

Remember this, come election day. If yer reps didn't bother to speak up, then pick anyone else....But get rid of the cowards.

Or we will eventually be left with "voting from the rooftops"...and nothing to lose if when we do.

Only 63 congressmen had the guts to stand up.  I find that sad...Sad that only 63 out of 435. Not a single Senator .  only 1 in 4 Republikans. Not a single Democrat. Or an Independent. The rest are Cowards at best....or traitors. Traitors to their constituents. Traitors to their Oath. Traitors to their country. Bet the majority of those who chose to take the cowards route not to sign will be reelected.

Sometimes I think the population of this country gets what it deserves.

Perhaps those folks in McMinn County had the right idea?

I could actually

do this with my truck....

and it's only a 2500.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

We only want to suspend

the Constitution (state or Federal) for a little while.

Because we are frightened of protesters....

And they might have guns. Guns are bad. And evil. And scary.

Or gas masks.

And those folks might not be as controllable as we like.

But we'll never do this, of course, unless we really, really need to....

For now.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What caliber

For Drones?

And how much do ya lead 'em?

Just wondering. 

Hat tip

(WTF is up with Bloggers scheduler? This was supposed to post early Friday AM...I am really thinking I should move to wordpress or something....suggestions??)

everything old is new again...

So I see that Springfield Armory and Smith and Wesson are now both producing firearms that have the following features:

Single stack for thinness to ease concealed carry.
mag capacity of  6 or 7 or so. 

And all this time people have been telling me that I need to get with the times and ditch my 3" 1911 for something newer and with more magazine capacity.


You have to read this article in order to believe what happened to Pepsi.
Read it, and determine for yourself what happened.
They were, in a word, mugged.

All I can say is  that this is, likely, just the beginning.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

If they find these folks

and try them and find them guilty of the crime....

Then I will donate a gallon of that the punishment will fit the crime.

Alternatively, I'll be part of the hanging party.

You've likely seen this

But since everyone should, I'll waste a small part of the innerwebz and re post this...

I first saw this on Instapundit, but am not sure who started it.

And we thought it was over

But apparently Fukushima is still bubbling merrily along.....

I'm not knowledgeable enough to evaluate the danger (or lack), and I really can't prepare or defend against it is there is and issue.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Those blue helmets

are so easy to see through a scope....

Look at what the UN has in mind for us.

And we have a Statist in the white house.... One who loves the UN.

Read the whole thing. Don't hit your monitor. 

Aim small, miss small.

I'm just sayin'.

Friday, April 20, 2012


Frank James says it better than I can.

I agree with him 100%.

The best we can hope for is the scenario of a very divided government this time around. 

I really think that Mittens Romney will be a bigger disaster than Barry O....if he is elected, which I doubt will happen...

Many disagree. That is ok, you all vote your best choices, and I'l vote mine. I sincerely hope I am wrong, but I doubt that I am.

Either way, we are screwed. Liberal or "less Liberal"....Statist or just a Big Government guy.

We got nothin' to vote for, and a vote against just brings the lesser of the two weasels into play. Bad, or worse?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A partial win

Unlike Indiana, many states do not require an ID to vote. Generally each time they try to implement such a rule, they get slammed by lawsuits.

Most of the time the argument against is that this somehow inconveniences or disenfranchises the minority voter....Despite the fact that anyone who works (legally), has a bank account, cashes a check, gets government assistance or ever needs to go into a government building must have an ID document issued by the state to do so.

But to vote? Oh, No, that'd be an inconvenience and a hardship to require an ID.

But, believe it or not, the 9th (yeah, that one) Court of Appeals finds that there is no evidence of the undue hardship or burden for anyone, especially minority voters.

We are winning. Slowly, and with a great struggle, but we are winning. This is precedent setting.

I guess that the DNC will have to find another way to cheat soon.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Things like this could easily make me a criminal

While I do sympathize with police and the shit they deal with on their job:

Were something like this to happen on my property or to my dog, I'd likely end up in prison, on death row, charged with killing a cop about 20 seconds later.

And yeah, my dog is a sweetie, and I'd shoot a cop if he/she shot her. Of that there is no doubt. Up close, at the time, or from a ways off the next day....It'd happen. The badge wouldn't be a shield for that.

WTF is it with cops shooting dogs?

Monday, April 16, 2012

Lady luck

She who usually doesn't even notice my existence, has seen fit to gift me.

While I usually figure that my purchase of a raffle ticket as a donation to the particular charity or organization which is holding the raffle, in this case, I won a rifle. A nice change of luck.

A Savage Mark II .22 bolt action rifle with Accutrigger. Synthetic stock. Blued finish. 3-9 X 40 scope.

She's a sweetie. I'll have to post a range report when I get a chance.

I figure that if I had all the money that I have spent on gun raffles for organizations over the years, I could have had H&H make me a custom and have money left over.

So it's nice to win one for a change.

And just in time for BAG day too.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Home again

An interesting trip, part business and part fun.
But it is good to be home again.

It was relaxing, the last part, and the entire trip was fun, We were easily able to relax knowing that our menagerie was in the capable hands of a friend.

Thank you Brigid. You have no idea how much your taking care of our home is appreciated.

And thank you to EJ for making the trip home as painless as possible. It's nice having a chauffeur to make the trip from the airport easy and painless. 

Tomorrow: Back to the grind.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

View from our porch

Not Tam's, ours.

Can anyone guess where we are?

Blogging should resume in a few days, as we were off grid, and will be home in 6 days or so.

In the mean time, enjoy the view that we are experiencing:

If anyone can guess, there is an all expense paid trip to your kitchen as a prize.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Britain follows suit

Britain follows on the heels of the US.

They will monitor all calls and emails, and all web use of the citizens (and, apparently, visitors) in the UK.

Orwell was a prophet.

Kinda scary. isn't it?

Soon, here in the US too. Unless something drastic should happen to that site in Utah.

Remember, they are watching and listening. Perhaps I am not as paranoid as I have been accused of....