Friday, October 31, 2014

Just outside there...

...Is where I live.....So I saw this graphic that claims that HALF of the population lives in the blue shaded areas. (I cannot confirm this, but have seen similar graphics that show a similar pattern.)

No wonder the character of this nation has changed so drastically in my lifetime. The urban people have so much influence over so great an area that they know nothing about. Note in the second graphic the concentrations of minorities....Is it any wonder things are the way they are?

Thursday, October 30, 2014


They caught Eric Frien.

He is accused of shooting 2 Pennsylvania State Troopers (killing one).

If he is guilty, then I hope he hangs. Or rides the lightning...or gets the needle. Whatever the folks in Pennsylvania use.

But I haveta ask this question:

Had he shot two "regular" people, what would have happened? What if the victims had been you and I?  Would there have been a 3 week, Multi-Million dollar manhunt?

Would they have used FLIR equipped Balloons and aircraft?
Thousands of policemen? Dogs? Spent hundreds of man hours searching?
Abrogated the constitutional rights of thousands of citizens? 

Would they have bothered for a non-police officer?

I doubt it.

Info bleg:

So Sitemeter (again) has issues. For the past week I haven't been able to see my stats.

Nor has the help desk been responsive. Have emailed them several times....but no reply. Have filled out their contact form as well....still no joy.

If the site loads and doesn't time out, I get a "this report is unavailable" message or I get a "Jgraph error" message.

Now the "this report is unavailable message isn't new, but the timeout issue is, I could always look at the 7 day graph to see my current stats, but now I get the table error as well.

I realize that this is a "free" service, but still....

Any suggestions for an alternative? Suggestions as to what I should stay away from?

Jokes on you:

“Paddy, you should be more careful about pulling your drapes at home. When I drove past your house last night I distinctly saw you kissing your wife.”

“Ha, well, then the joke’s on you, O’Riordan. I wasn’t home last night.”

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

On the bright side, he can still count the innings.....

Jose Canseco "shoots off" his middle finger while "cleaning"a gun.

Not many details, but a Negligent Discharge.

Stupid hurts.

5 states

Where "calibration errors" have resulted in Republican votes being logged as Democrat votes on electronic touch screen voting machines.

Yet there are no(reported) instances where the "Calibration Errors" have caused a machine to register a democrat vote as a republican vote.

What are the odds?

Methinks the "Margin of Fraud" has just gotten bigger.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

They should toss her ass into confinement...

Nurse says she won't abide by quarantine...

Someone needs to kick some sense into Kaci Hickox.

Despite the fact that they have stricken all references of her from their website, SHE WORKED FOR THE CDC, and should know better.


yeah, I cleaned up a bit. Some folks just stopped posting. After 6+ months, time comes when you must go. 

Yeah, yeah, I know

That I have been harping on this Ebola stuff way too much.

But really, is there no common sense in our government officials? Do the people who SHOULD know better not have the guts to stand up and say "NO!" when it comes to lying parroting the Politically Correct line of bullshit.

BTW: If you aren't reading Racontuer Report then you should be...especially THIS post...why all the aid we send is essentially a waste. And why leaving our borders open won't fix things over there. Sierra Leone is, essentially, a write off. Even the aid agencies are pulling out. And the Africans Can't/Won't /Aren't smart enough to help themselves.

And yet, oddly enough:

Troops serving in West Africa, no matter what their job, no matter who they are in contact with....


Are quarantined

So the military is convinced that quarantine works. (because it does)

But not for civilians, least according to Barry. (We must remember to add medical disease expert to his incredibly impressive resume....)

Monday, October 27, 2014

Pants on fire.

So the folks who should know what they are talking about are parroting the line  "Quarantine is ineffective" when it comes to Ebola. I am not sure why the statement was first uttered nor why Anyone would repeat it.

Seriously. How can it Not be effective? Keeping a person who may or may not have a disease under observation until the likelihood has passed that they would show symptoms or develop the disease in order that they will not infect others is "ineffective"?  How so? Why is it a good idea to allow people with potentially deadly diseases to wander around the general population until they are infectious and expose others a better idea? It may be inconvenient for the people returning from affected areas, or who have given care to people here, but it WILL prevent the spread of disease here in the US. The doctors and nurses may not like the idea, but at least they know it will happen...and it will help keep ebola out of OUR population here in the US.

Quarantine works....It has worked for many years in our past.  In fact, I had the pleasure of paying for a cat to be quarantined until it was determined that he did not have rabies a few weeks ago. THis was state law....that the cat remain under observation and was not allowed to interact with others until the time had passed wherein it could be determined if the cat had rabies and could infect others (and whether it had infected me).

Logic would say that if it was effective in that instance to prevent the spread of rabies, and if it has worked in our past to prevent the spread of other diseases, it would be effective now.

I don't understand why these people are effectively lying when it comes to ebola. I fail to understand their logic, and I wonder what other reasons they have for making these false statements, They are, effectively, putting people's live at risk.

Quarantine may not be 100% effective. Few things are. But quarantining people likely to be infected upon their return to the general population will greatly reduce the chances that the  virus will be spread in this country.

And really, do they think the rest of us are that stupid as to believe such a statement?

Sunday, October 26, 2014

I didn't buy anything

Except breakfast. And some really excellent pie.

The Nappanee Indiana fall gunshow was on Saturday.

Usually a nice show. Lots of private sellers and lots of collectibles.
Generally sane(r) prices and such, unless one is looking at 120+ year old collectible leverguns in NRA 90% or something (yes, you can find those in this small show) or WWII bringbacks (of which I know nothing, so...)

But not this year. Extremely high prices. Even if one wants a 700 in 257 Robers or something, (used), you'd find it....for $850 or more...Other pricing was similar. 870 wingshooters for $600...used. Ammo was available if a bit high. But available.


I bought breakfast and a piece of pie. I did get to eat about a pound of Amish bacon for breakfast though.

Didja ever notice

That gun massacres and mass shootings generally happen only near election times or when the gun control folks are pushing an agenda or some new legislation?

And I bet that we find the perpetrator of this crime  was on ritalin or other mind altering drugs...prescribed by a doctor.

Of am I just being paranoid?

Friday, October 24, 2014

I'll come to your place, if and when

I've actually had people tell me that when I have suggested they do a bit of prepping.

My answer:

"No, no you won't. "

Here's why.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

As the man says:


Saturday was class day

16 students. Only one idiot.

Why can some people not follow basic directions?

The rest of the class did well and got a First Steps pistol certificate.

15 new shooter smiles. Worth every bit of my time.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

It is reported

That high concentrations of alcohol will quickly kill all ebola virus germs.

Start early, keep you BAC high...No, higher than that! yes, that high.

I am currently conducting experimnts right nw.

So far, I ahve no ebola, but wil kep drnkng until I am sur that there is no furtr risk. 

Mor as reslts are finlzd nad infmtn willbe rprtd and mrdsnfs as medicl necessarmry.

Because the CDC was so underfunded

They couldn't even accomplish their primary objective....

Yet they could do all of these things.....

Anyone see a a problem?

Friday, October 17, 2014


 Dusty in here

Pass it on, please.


A very interesting point

Can be found HERE.

Something to think about, if and when.


One might have thought that the health care folks who were treating Mr. Duncan in Dallas might have been, if not quarantined, at least restricted from travel....But no. Apparently, they have all gone on far flung vacations.

Third ebola caregiver showing mild symptoms... ON A CRUISE SHIP! Note that Belize doesn't want anyone from that ship on their soil. Which shows that the public health folks in Belize are smarter than Asparagus. (Which my not be true about the decisionmakers for Dallas Public Health and the CDC)

Why'n the hell are they being allowed to travel?

And if Ebola is "so hard to catch" then how did they all get it?

If there is a third wave from any of these healthcare workers, then the CDC folks should be charged with attempted homicide for their negligence.

And beaten for their stupidity...

Now, there are a LOT of diseases that look like Ebola (or Ebola looks like a lot of other diseases) in the early stages.  Cruise ships are known for harboring Norovirus, so it could be that...But still, travel after caring for Ebola patients with no quarantine?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

While Ebola carriers move through the system

Infecting others along the way...

Remember that the CDC and NIH were spending their taxpayer funded budgets on Anti-Gun propaganda and Overweight Lesbian studies and other non disease related things....

Which is why their response to the upcoming Ebola crisis has been so poor and disjointed and ineffective.

I'm not even sure if anyone there really knows more than I do (and I only know what I can find via Google, honestly) about Ebola.

So rather than spend our money on, you know, disease research, The Centers for Diease Control has been pissing it away.

And the National Institute for Health has been doing the same.

Kinda like the fact that the Feds were watching you and I while the 9-11 terrorists boldly waked into this country and killed 3000 people....because the Feds weren't looking and preparing for the right danger....

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Seems that the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has (oddly enough in today's liberal government) reinstated the Texas Voter ID law...

This was one fought by Eric Holder in an attempt to defraud eligible voters "make it easier for minorities to vote".  The Justice Dept (and Eric Holder and his boss, Barry O) lost this one...For now at least.

Oddly enough, you need an ID to get beer, cash a check, get a job....Open a  bank account (unless you are an illegal alien)..get welfare, etc. But it is an undue burden to have to get least to get one when you have to use it to vote...

Here in Indiana we have had  this law for years. Last time I voted, the folks at the polling place said "Hi, B, nice to see you...lemme see your ID"... (they follow the law!).

Much less fraud here in Indiana...maybe not zero, but a LOT less. And minorities somehow were able to produce an ID when they wanted to vote for Barry......

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Does anyone know what has happened to the folks living with Mr Duncan in the aprtment where he fell ill?

No one has said what happened to them....

Are they healthy? Or do they have Ebola?

'Twould seem to me that if this disease is so virulent that a nurse could catch it despite protective gear ("Ebola is hard to catch", remember?) that the folks who were in close contact with him when he was in frank symptoms must have been exposed....especially after living in that same apartment for a few days after he was admitted to the hospital...And we haven't seen hide nor hair of them since they were whicked away and placed into isolation....

Anyone know?

Seriously, he'll fit in an overnight box....

I'll even pay shipping....

But seriously, gotta find a home for this kitten. He's starting to talk back to me, and he's cute. I really don't need another cat. He's a kitten right now, but he will soon grow into a cat.

I like kittens (who doesn't?) but I am not fond enough of cats to want 6+.

Someone must have a home for a kitten. I have a kitten to fit that home.

(and no, I wouldn't ship him..... asshole)

Monday, October 13, 2014

What with all the unrest in Ferguson, Mo...

One might think that the residents in the area might want to change the government and the police and all.

But No...they don't. Or at least they can't/Won't be bothered.

70% of the residents in the area are black....but 4 out of 5 town council members are white.

And no one has bothered to register to they get the government (and the police) they deserve.

I have found this to be a pattern with relatively poor  African American people (and the poor in general, actually).. they are unhappy with the way their lives are going and how they are treated, but they do little to improve their lot in life. 

Kornered cat update

Yeah, the Kitty (Think he should be named Buzz (as in saw)) has survived his 10 day quarantine. Still trying to find him a good home.

He is healthy, happy, and has mellowed into a normal domestic type kitten behavior.

Anyone need a nice kitten? He's pretty cute, actually.

I can overnight via USPS for only 24 dollars anywhere in the Continental US....

I'd keep him, but I already have 5 1/2 cats...

Sunday, October 12, 2014

#2 in Dallas

Best Care In The World.

Most Qualified Personnel/Most Highly trained staff.

Top Men.....Top. Best in the world on this issue. Really.

"Breach of Protocol."

So despite the best equipment and the best training, someone apparently made a mistake and contacted Ebola. I feel very sorry for her.

One might have thought that with all the resources available this could have been prevented...Of course, had  Mr. Duncan not come from Liberia without screening........

And, of course, had the CDC not lost sight of it's mission and spent the budget investigating domestic violence and workplace injuries and glowball warming and such, they might have been able to put together a cohesive, non PC response...

Saturday, October 11, 2014

So I'm at the bank

And all the tellers are wearing pink (very pink) scarves.

So I asked..."what is up with the pink scarves?"

"Breast cancer awareness" was the reply. "We are all doing our part".

"Oh"  I replied "me too"

"What are YOU doing for Breast cancer"?

"I'm offering free exams". I replied holding up both hands.

Dude behind me passed an entire Starbucks Vente latte through his left nostril. 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Awesome customer service:

So a year or so ago, our Sears garage door opener died (after literally 40 years of service)....Since this is our primary means of entry and egress from the house (we seldom use the front door) we had to purchase a new one, and after a bit of research, we chose a Chamberlain opener that Home Depot had on sale. Battery backup (not that big of a deal, but hey, the price was right) and the ability to check on the status of the door and open or close it over the internet, using a smartfone (a bigger deal, as I tend to forget whether I closed the door or not and often turned around on the way to work to make sure).

We liked the feature, and used it often....then MC got a new phone and I found out that I had, foolishly, forgotten to write down the logon and password....and for some strange reason, the Chamberlain system failed to recognize my email in order to reset the password.

One call to the help desk was all it took. The woman there, using the caller ID feature, was able to identify me, and send me a new password via email....AND INSISTED THAT SHE STAY ON THE LINE WHILE I ENTERD IT and made sure that the new password worked.... Then called me today to make sure that I had had no issues entering the new password into MC's new phone and that everything was working.

This is a lot better than I expected. I really expected to get "Peggy" from Indonesia with an accent that was hard to understand or Achmed from Pakistan or something...but I got a real American sounding person who was pleasant and easily understood..... Who followed up to make sure that I was happy and satisfied.

Now, I expect that this door opener will last a few years, but I also know that when I buy another one, I will certainly look at Chamberlain first.

They coninue to have the opportunity to cheat

At the polls.

Why do our court justices not see the fact that an ID is required to function in this society today....but accept the lie that the requirement of an ID to vote is somehow a burden?

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Even more incompetence

By the CDC:

Deputy who had contact with Dallas"Patient Zero" hospitalized with possible Ebola symptoms

Now, this is likely a false alarm. Then again, WHY WASN"T THE CDC paying attention to ANYONE who was in contact with patient zero--Mr Duncan (who, BTW, died earlier Wed AM). I mean, monitoring several times a day for fever and other symptoms....Why did he go to a "quick care" facility instead of a hospital? (And why, when he visited the partement of Duncan, wasn't he given at least a mask and gloves?).

Again, this MIGHT (probably is) a false alarm. But again, this illustrates the casualness that the CDC and the Texas and Dallas Health departments are treating this.

(and BTW, despite the "best care in the world" Mr Duncan died....Think about that).

Seriously, if I were in the Dallas area, I'd be gettin worried about now. The whole handling of this entire incident seems like an opening storyline from a book like "The Stand" or a movie like "Outbreak". (or How to Enable a Pandemic in 6 Easy Steps...)

But,as Tam points out, at this point the odds of you or I contracting Ebola are fairly small... But the more I learn about the response by the CDC (and others who SHOULD know better) the higher I think those chances get.

Book Review:

The Gray Man: Payback

An excellent story. A page turner. I was hard pressed to put the copy I had down (I was a beta reader for him as he is my friend).

If you haven't read Vingettes, then you need to read that first.

This is a continuation of the story....and one that ends badly for those who screw with the family and friends of John Cronin. The details are there, of both rifle shooting and pistol shooting. The character development is excellent, and, for a while, you live his story.

I'd hate to be his enemy...

Read 'em both. You won't be disappointed.

I am waiting for volume 3.....

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

If you would

Think a good thought for my brother. He has to do the right thing for an friend of 17 years today.....

He's hurtin'.


A day at the range:

Except that I have my priorities totally screwed up, and I did the adult thing and did pre-winter chores all weekend.

So total rounds downrange---zero.

I am feeling the lack.

Monday, October 6, 2014

It's all good: (and other stuff)

So if the CDC (that is, the Centers for Disease Control) can totally drop the ball on a single case of open border foolishness ebola,  then perhaps we need a shakeup of their management....and perhaps a redefinition of their primary responsibility....maybe they oughta stop telling us about our (un)healthy lifestyles global warming and such and concentrate on, you know, DISEASE...since they apparently have forgotten their primary mission....See, I am not much for government agencies, and think most of our Federal government should be disbanded....but the CDC might just be one of the agencies that have merit....if they'd do their job.

Their response was, well, let us be kind and say it was suboptimal. I'm not a doctor (although I have played one, but that is another post) and I can easily see that they basically fucked up by the numbers. Both the CDC and Dallas and Texas Health departments. Yeah, once they got rolling and the news media got to reporting it, the authorities began (or maybe it simply took that long to get rolling) to act, but their response wasn't timely at all....Thing is, we don't have the ability to deal with this disease if and when it gains a foothold here. Yes, we have great healthcare. I got that. But not for something like this. We have neither the people nor the facilities with which to deal with a major epidemic....

Which is why our borders are our only real protection, and why failing to properly screen or quarantine people entering from ebola affected areas is so important and must be fixed.

(part of me wonders how many cases there have been in European countries which we haven't heard about? If one could get here, it is just as easy, actually easier, to get to Europe, as most routes go from Africa to Europe to the US....)

Seriously...if this case in Dallas does not demonstrate WHY we need better Customs and Border Controls, then nothing will.

This one case may well spread to others....It may be contained, it may not. We shall know more in another 20+ days...if it is contained, then we, as a nation, will be lucky. If not, well, we shall see how bad it gets. Patient Zero (Dallas) may well have infected others on his route from Liberia through Brussels through Dulles, and then to Dallas.....Lots of people who had contact with him when he may or may not have been contagious. And contact with the airplane and airport furniture after he had been there and maybe contaminated those surfaces...... and if he is dying and in critical condition on 10/1 then he was sick enough to be contagious on the 9/22.

And if we end up with 20 cases, or a hundred, WE REALLY DON'T HAVE THE FACILITIES TO DEAL WITH THAT MANY PATIENTS .

Maybe we were lucky this time. Maybe. But keeping such people out of our country is the only way to prevent a worse "Next time".

Everything is fine......The government has said so...

There, don't you feel better?

If you don't have preps...facemasks, gloves, faceshields, something to cover your exterior and to sterilize surfaces and hands with, then you might want to perhaps plan, SOON, on finding some....'cause your government is doing dick-all to keep you safe. I'm not saying that the time to panic is here, but if there is a second or third patient with ebola, you won't find anything to use at all.

This weekend, Home Depot and Menards in my area ran out of N-95 facemasks and tyvek suits....They are up 4000% at Amazon...(I already had a stock of both in my preps) ...Some folks think that there will be a need.....
Let us hope they are wrong.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fer an extra fity bucks, the kitty doesn't have to die

So I am at work .....I hear this terrible crying from outside. Sounds like a kitten in distress.

I go outside. Sure enough there is a 4-8 week old kitten in the bushes. Frightened and when it sees me, it hisses and backs up into the corner.

Hmmm. Wonder where it came from???
No houses around..Maybe momma cat stashed it in the bushes. I decide to leave it for a while and see what happens.

2 hours later, kitty is still there and it is beginning to rain.


Ok, I reach into the bushes and grab kitty by the scruff of the neck.

Turns out it isn't helpless and that it is faster than a striking snake.....It turns its little head and bites my thumb.... and again.... and again.
I almost dropped the ungrateful little thing.
But instead, I carried it inside and put it in the office bathroom. I ended up with11 bites. One in the meat of my thumb. I let all the punctures bleed for a few minutes until they begin to clot, then pour 70% isopropyl on them to clean and disinfect as best I can....I mean, I thought I might get a scratch, but not bites....certainly not 11. (yeah, I got my ass kicked by a 1 lb kitten.....)

"Rabies?" said I to myself? "Feral kitten...could be rabies." Now the only test I know of for rabies is hard on the animal, as it requires samples of brain is a destructive test, if you get my drift. Then again, I don't want rabies. My understanding is that it is a bad way to go, although I hear the hallucinations are great just before you kick off....

So I call the local county animal control office. No help. Not even interested. Couldn't care less and couldn't have any less knowledge as to procedure...They will have someone call me back. Maybe..... Might even be today....Suggest I call Public Health Department.  I give them my name and number and hope that I will get a call back. I mean, you couldn't find a less caring more incompetent bunch if you dragged people of the street....Patronage employment in Lake County Indiana has destroyed every government office. One might have thought that the ANIMAL CONTROL folks might have some idea as to what to do for an animal.....but no...  In the meantime, since I have a good 20 year relationship with my vet (I have 5.35 cats currently) I call them:

"Yeah, likely in a kitten you don't have anything to worry about. But best to have it tested..." is the opinion..... I enquired about the method of testing and yes, it is hard on the cat. The alternative is 10 days of quarantine and an examination. Which runs about $260. How much is the brain type rabies test? I ask... $215.

In the meantime the County Board of Health calls me and wants to know what I am going to do.....Have to fill out a report.... HAVE to have the animal tested or owner verified. (I was tempted to tell them that I lost the cat and it ran away....). This is the help I got from the Animal Control folks...they called the Board of Health...Procedure, you know. The Health people's only concern is that I could have rabies (and who suggested I look out for infection and maybe get a Tetanus shot....)

So, I went home, got a cat carrier (and leather welding gloves!), crated the kitty (who was not happy about the whole thing but couldn't get through the gloves) and took the little spiteful feral kitten to the vet for quarantine. hey, what's an extra fifty or so? The test now HAS to be done, as the County is now informed (I, foolishly, woke the beast). The County Health folks apparently did a reverse lookup and knew my home address from my cell phone number and will fine me if I don't fill out a report. Not like they are helping with the cat either....Or the test...... Somehow I ended up being responsible for the frikkin test.  No owner, so I am the responsible party...and the fine is "not less than $250...I should have told 'em I lost the thing and taken my chances with rabies.... 10 days we know if I have rabies...and now I gotta find a home for this little kitten (which is worth $260....)

Anybody need a cat? A feisty one?

Friday, October 3, 2014

Still available

And so far at a decent price....


While they last and all that.

Remember, the whole thing about prepping is to PREP. Note the the root of the word...PRE, meaning BEFORE.

Just sayin'


If this whole Ebola in Dallas thing didn't have some SERIOUS possible consequences it would be laughable.

The inept emergency room folks on the 26th

The inept handling of the situation by both Texas/Dallas Public health and the CDC. (what, exactly, are they doing with all the money we spend in them, if they cannot react well to a single instance of a communicable disease?)

The fact that only today, 5 days later, are they doing any sort of disinfecting of the areas where Mr. Duncan vomited in the public spaces outside of the apartment where he was visiting....

This whole thing reads like an implausible scenario of a 1970's disaster.horror flick.

Except it isn't one. It is real....and there are people in charge who are inept enough to let things happen like this..,. I mean, I realize they are government workers, but still, shouldn't we expect them to have some idea what to do....? Isn't thre someone in charge who knows something?

Scary...and angering that the folks who should have known better and have known what to do.....didn't. They couldn't even send someone out to the apartment sidewalks with some bleach water and a Hudson sprayer to disinfect....they let a work crew PRESSURE WASH the sidewalk....possibly aerosoliszing the infectious residue...

Like a bad book....First there was one...then 6, then 25, then...

Screen shot 2014-10-02 at 8.08.57 PM

The above illustrates the ineptness of the folks in Dallas.  Note: It isn't a steam cleaner, but a pressure washer. 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Better late than never..

Happy Birthday Jimmeh!

I never thouht that the DNC could find anyone incompetent enough to make YOU look good, but they did.

More to the Ebola in Dallas story

You should read this.

If true, then Duncan KNEW he was exposed to Ebola....and he willfully exposed others.

If there is a nightmare scenario for the spread of a disease, this is it. Read the link. It is scary that he KNEW he had been exposed and selfishly decided to come here....exposing others to a DEADLY disease in his travels

His actions are, IMO, criminal.

If others die from this, here is the US or from exposure to him in any of the planes or airports, he should be tried for murder.

The scary part is that if he could do what he did, then others may as well.

I would like to see travellers from Africa in general quarantined until the outbreak is contained.

Apparently, you have to be smarter than Broccoli

to wok as an emergency room doctor in Hawaii...

unlike Dallas....

They don't know if he has Ebola, or what he might have.....
He is sick.
He came from africa.
They are treating it as if it were Ebola until they know otherwise.

Smart, those doctors in Hawaii. 

It occurs to me

That if Kalifornia were to get rid of all the illegal immigrants that it provides sanctuary for, then they'd likely not have to enact water restrictions due to the 4 year drought.

How many illegals? Seriously. Do you think that those folks will pay any attention to the water restrictions? Obey the laws?

But simply getting rid of all those illegals would reduce the water usage by millions of gallons a day.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

This is funny

As anything you'll watch today


Be aware that it is only sorta SFW.

Nuttin' to see here folks....move along.

About 25 people had somewhat close contact with the Dude in Dallas who brought Ebola here. One person is in "close monitor" as are the three paramedics who transported Patient Zero. 

So. Far.

Apparently he had some kind of contact with about 20 others, including 5 or so school age kids.

Plus, of course, the folks on the airplane and in the airport.

Nuttin' to see here folks....move along. Nothing to worry about.

If you are of a mind to prepare, buy safety glasses, alcohol and bleach and gloves. Trash bags too, so you can improvise protective gear for caregivers.



plus, of course, food and water and such. And your adult beverage of choice....

Doubt if it spreads too far, but since no one is monitoring the people who enter this country (legally or not....) then it can happen again.

And the Doctors in Dallas apparently weren't too bright......Dude informed the emergency room folks on his FIRST visit that he HAD BEEN TO LIBERIA and was "sent home with antibiotics"...

Scary, isn't it? Medical professionals dropped the ball that badly: "On September 26, he sought treatment at the hospital after becoming ill but was sent home with a prescription for antibiotics. Two days later, he was admitted with more critical symptoms, after requiring an ambulance ride to the hospital."

And the ambulance "has been disinfected " and is back in service. Howdja like to find out you'd been transported in that carriage?

We shall see how things progress. On the one hand, they claim that if you aren't showing symptoms, you aren't infectious...on the other had, everyone who was in contact with Patient Zero is supposed to stay home and out of contact with others for 21 days....Hmmm....why, if they aren't infectious until symptomatic?

"There is nothing to fear about Ebola in the United States".