Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year

May the upcoming year be good for you, prosperous and satisfying for each of you.

Me: I'll be glad to see 2014 in my rearview mirror,

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

It's almnost enough

To make you glad he lost....

"McCain wages "All Out War" to rid AZ GOP of Tea Party


He's "conservative" only when compared to Obama and his ilk.

Yoonyuns and Democrats taking care of working folks

Yeah, they are allowing the unions to reduce pensions because said unions haven't adequately funded the pension funds......Seems that they skimmed a bit too much over the years and now they want to cut pensions to those folks who worked hard and paid those union dues and paid into the pension funds so they could retire after 20+ years with a good living.....

Watching out for the working man and all that.....

Monday, December 29, 2014

Manhunt, huh?

So the LA police did a "Manhunt" early Monday morning because some officers thought they might have been shot at. 

Now, on the one hand, I don't have any issues with this.

On the other hand, if the police could pull officers from other locations and find all that manpower to do the area wide search and manhunt, why can't they do it for everyone? I mean, it isn't like that was the first gunshot heard in the area that month or even that week.

Odd, innit how they can react so forcefully with all those cops when it might be a cop who is the target....But not when it is another citizen who is shot at.......And lets not even talk about how they responded when Chris Dorner scared them and threatened them

I'm just sayin'.

Friday, December 26, 2014


the only thing I wanted that I didn't get for Christmas was a backhoe attachment for my Kubota tractor (the better to hide the evidence with....).

I sincerely hope you all had an excellent Christmas this year.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

And a Merry Christmas to all

To each of my readers, May you have the most merry and satisfying Christmas this year.

Whatever your traditions, be it homebound, be it spent with friends, with family, whatever you do to recharge your spirit, I wish you good tidings and joy.

Again, to those forced by duty to be tasked away from friends and family: Thank you for your service and sacrifice.

Please remember the reason for this season though.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A though goes out

To all of you having to work for us on either Christmas eve or Christmas day:

Police, Fire, etc.

Thank you.

And to all those Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, Sailors and Coast Guardsmen standing post or standing watch on these days:

Again, thank you for your service and sacrifice. Have a Merry Christmas.

To the rest of you: Say thanks to these folks as well. They stand between us and evil. Appreciate that.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


On the 24th of December, the UN Arms Trade Treaty goes into effect.

Now, the Senate hasn't ratified it, so it means nothing. Unless Barry decides (and Congress chooses to let him (again)) to do and end run around Congress, it won't matter to us.

But just in case they have a plan, Here is your practice target:

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Look what private oil well drilling has done to my neighborhood!

I mean, really. Who would have expected that I would have to deal with stuff like this?

It is a good thing Barry didn't want to let anyone drill back in 2008. I mean, just think....What might we have to deal with today?

"You can't drill your way to lower gas prices"

Saturday, December 20, 2014

You really need to see this

A somewhat different view of the "Gentle Giant" they called Mike Brown....

He wasn't as nice as they'd like you to think. 

(and BTW, notice just how big he really was...)

Thought for the day:


“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

― Benjamin Franklin

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Just plain fuckin' STUPID

Some people shouldn't be allowed to breed.

Locked in a car for over 12 hours.



Too stupid to unlock it using the buttons on the door. Too stupid to turn on the interior lights and try reading the manual.

There are days when I feel that living "Down Under" might be better than living in the US (except for the gun ban part), but then I read this and realize that the people there might well be even stupider than some living here in the US.


Since some of the folks who (allegedly) lost children or loved ones in the Sandy Hook shootings are suing Bushmaster because they were the manufacturer of the rifle that Adam Lanza stole from his (murdered) mother and used to (allegedly) kill the (alleged) victims in the school.....

Why aren't they also suing the pharmaceutical companies which made the psychotropic drugs which had been fed to the aforementioned Adam Lanza for years, breaking his (admittedly tenuous) grip on reality and sanity?
It would seem to me that the drugs had as much or more direct and indirect cause as the (alleged) firearm...

Or the Auto manufacturer that The aforementioned Mr. Lanza used to drive to the school? 

(and yes, I say (alleged) because there are way too many inconsistencies in the assorted stories and accounts, and because the timing was SO terribly convenient for the Anti-Gun folks and because it was just shortly after several other gun massacres that also fit the meme of the Anti Gun folks....

And especially because when the American Public failed to support such anti gun measures even after the (alleged) Sandy Hook "massacre" then, strangely, such gun tragedies suddenly.....stopped. )

Odd that. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


You know that this is true, especially after the spending bill they just passed:

Definition of "hero"


Big,stainless steel (cryogenically hardened, mind you) balls. I bet he clanked when he walked.

Sadly he is gone.

Some folks are mentioning that he was gay. I say, who cares. He stood up when the time was right and did what a man is supposed to do.

Would that if my time comes I could do as well.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

But, But, But, you said:

Was he lying? Or just stupid"

If you aren't reading the Outrider every day, yer missing out.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Out of my mind:

Please leave a message

Back later when I have more time for intelligent posting. 

Read the folks in the left column.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Oh, and BTW:


I am thinking lampposts and rope and politicians.

(Some assembly required).

Others seem to think that it should be open season on RINO's

New boss=Old boss

"Second verse, same as the first!".

Seems that late last night, the house passed a $1 Trillion spending bill. Not the stopgap measure we expected until the "new" House was seated in January, but the whole enchilada.

Tell me again how the RNC folks are different than the DNC folks?

Not much hope in the Senate

Bullseye shooting

Or, actually, a lack of it.

Went to the range for a match last night. First time in 6 months. 600 point match

Yeah. It is a perishable skill.  Very

6 moths ago I shot in the 530 range.

Now 468. Target looked like I had been patterning buckshot.

Practice practice practice.

Sucks when life gets in the way of important things.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Kinda bummed

So, while SiteMeter has burned their bridges with many bloggers, I am bummed that there is no direct replacement.

While StatCounter does keep track of the visits, it doesn't keep track of where those visits are referred from. I don't know where my hits come from. I cannot tell who searched for a particular subject of they used Google or Bing or Yahoo.

Having said that, I do like the rest of StatCounter.

I am bummed, however, that SiteMeter forced me to make this decision.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

It was pointed out to me today

Than it is possible that Charles Manson may well have been right....if a bit early.

The question is, who wants it to happen? And why?  'Cause someone is pushing it. The news folks won't stop stirring it, the Black "Leaders" won't either. Someone is coordinating it.


I really don't care, and am really NOT bothered by the fact that the CIA and other intelligence agencies used "Enhanced Techniques" in other locations to interrogate people who would cause harm to me or my family or fellow citizens.

Really. I don't care. Not a whit. Not a tiny jot.  In fact, if they asked me to help, I would.

Watch THIS. The whole five minutes. Listen. Hear the fear and desperation.... 3000 others also felt that. And they didn't deserve it either. They just wanted to go to work that day and go home that evening. These were people like you and me. Your fellow citizens.

How many other of your countrymen must die so we don't offend the sensibilities of the bleeding heart cowards who wish to run this country? Who don't like the idea of torture?

We didn't start the fight, but the only way to win is to be willing to be as ruthless as those who did.

If that means that we waterboard someone in order to get information from them (or worse) to prevent another attack, then I am OK with it.

One of the best ways to safeguard this country and it's citizens is to make sure that NO ONE EVER SCREWS WITH US FOR FEAR OF RETRIBUTION.  EVER

Don't want none? Don't bring none. Period.

I never again want my countrymen to have to make the choices that these folks had to make, just because someone in another country hates our freedoms and our way of life.

Barry and his whiny ilk can get fucked. I'll shake the hand and buy the beer for those folks who did a dirty job and soiled their hands on America's enemies.

One wonders:

Just how stupid the folks who ran SiteMeter were to do it?

I mean, they weren't the best, and they were a free service, and I understand that they want to get paid somehow.  But really.

But now they have a whole bunch of folks who aren't using them anymore. (Including me).

Hello StatCounter. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

If you own Target stock


Then I advise you to sell it most ricky-tick. Like as soon as the broker will take your call.

Seems that a judge has determined that banks can sue Target Corporation for losses incurred in the late 2013 credit card hack that let over 40 million card numbers (Plus personal info from over 70 million customers) be stolen from Target's computers.

Target Corp is negligent for the breach of data. Tens (or more) of MILLIONS of dollars lost to Credit Card thieves.  Tens of millions of cards had to be replaced.

Target as a company will, (unless insurance covers it) be lucky to survive this.

If ya haven't read Peter's latest

Then you should go read it.

This is the reason I want to sell my business and buy a decent farm somewhere away from most urban areas. Ideally more than 3/4 of a tank of gas away. Rais a bit of livestock and not be there "when the music stops".

The current level of spending is, really, unsustainable in either the short term or the long term. And when (not, sadly if) it stops, then things will get very ugly very fast. Very.

Read his article. 2/3 of every dollar in the us is spent on some form of entitlement. And that number is growing. Plus the incredible debt load.


Brownells loses an asset

This is a loss for Brownells (and the shooting community):

Larry Weeks is retiring. 

I can honestly say that I have never met a nicer guy. Just plain decent and kind.

Not sure what he is gonna do (besides the racing bit) but I wish him the best of luck.

And yet the media is strangely silent:

"Snitches get Stitches" (or worse)

So one of the witnesses in the Mike Brown/Darren Wilson shooting incident was found dead (and set on fire) after one of the nighttime riots.

Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not. No suspects either. Strange that, innit?

But yer not hearing about it on the Nightly News, areya?

Wonder why?

Monday, December 8, 2014

4 years

Dogs never forget. Really, they don't.

Vet reunited with dog after 4 years.

4 years he was trying to find his dog after his (ex) girlfriend gave his dog away while he was in Afghanistan.

She (the girlfriend) should be beaten and then euthanized, but that is just my opinion.

So I'm not the only one

Asking about the WHY

But the point is also the Who? Who are "They"? 

**And where do they get the money to make this happen? **

So the question is:

Who, exactly, is pushing this meme of "Black men are being indisciminately killed by police officers in unprecedented numbers" (which is a terrible misrepresentation)....

And the other question is Why are "they" pushing such a meme, and why now?

I mean, the number of back men killed by other black men (not cops at all, and not white cops) is larger by a significant factor...Why are they pushing the meme that the black men need "Justice" and such and blaming police (rather than the society they have created)?

I mean, I expect that the Mike Brown thing was pushed to rile the black voters to rally them to vote. But what is the advantage now? The elections are over, so really...WHY?

What is the game plan?

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Dec 7

Yeah, Pearl Harbor Day.

A "sneak" attack on our forces in Pearl Harbor.

Lots of men killed, lots of ships damaged, lots of planes destroyed.

But really, was it a sneak attack? Or was it just the fact that at the time, the military leaderships was inept and too bureaucratic to be able to do their jobs?

Either way, remember the men killed that day, and the many individual acts of Heroism that occurred.

And remember that Japan, after being squeezed into this action, got the war they wanted.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Sending a message:

So the Grand Jury decided NOT to charge Officer Daniel Pantaleo with the death of Eric Garner.

Ok. evidence shows he died of  heart attack, and not from the chokehold.
I can buy that:  Don't struggle with police when arrested (and don't break the law) and none of this would have happened.

Eric Garner WAS breaking the law, no matter how stupid you might think the law was (hey, the pack of cigarettes from which those "looseys" came from  was taxed, so the State got their money....even if selling a "loosey" was illegal). But lets not discuss that right now.

Do ya know who DID get indicted (and jailed) over this incident? The dude who filmed it. Seems that somehow, Police observed him putting a .25 ACP handgun in the waistband of another person....just before he was searched {Cough THROWDOWN! Cough} and charged him with the possession of a firearm..... Interesting that Ramsey Orta got tossed in jail.....

That'll each people who film incidents involving the police to release their video....Won't it?

Tell me again about coincidences? And that the "Blue Line" doesn't exist? (especially in New York!)

Y'know, the media

Or, at least, whoever holds their leash, has accomplished a great deal with the sensationalization of  Mike Brown's death at the hands of (now exonerated) officer Darrin Wilson.

Yes, they stirred up the ghetto people (some small percentage of whom likely voted in the midterm elections....maybe)....Yes, they got the whole Black against White thing going again, as it had faded in the time since the Trayvon Martin debacle..... Yes, they stirred up the welfare underclass (at least the black portion). Yes, they got riots to occur under the guise of protests...(one wonders how many of the rioters (as opposed to protesters) were local to the area and how many were....imported?)

The other thing they accomplished was to set back by about 30 years the view that whites had about blacks. Bad enough that we already saw a portion of the black community as a danger, and as leeches on society and criminals (some of which had a basis, at least, in reality). No, what the mongerers did was to help reinforce in nearly every white mind the stereotypes (some earned, some not) of how black people act, and how they see the whites that they encounter.  Of how the blacks (or at least a significant portion of them) feel entitled to freebies, and how they feel entitled to steal, loot and destroy. How they think so differently than the whites that robbing or stealing is acceptable and that there should be no consequences......

In short, they have allowed every white person, even those who were willing to give black people a chance, to begin to wonder if every black person, deep down, fits the stereotypes. Lazy, no good, drug using, thieving wastrels who are good for nothing but trouble. Best not to allow them to move into your neighborhood, you know, and if they do, best to move out as soon as possible......

Even the most open minded white persons have to wonder. Have to, at least a little, fear. Have to think that that racist guy they know who preaches white separatism and/or supremacy might well be right?

I posted this image, with the notice that it HAD to be photoshop .....and most of the people who saw it thought so too......and later had a link in comments to show the original... But quite a few people that I know of said..."so what? It is how they think" that leftist "fake but accurate" George Bush TNG memo. Some people really don't care that it isn't real, because it sums up how they believe the people who look like, act like, talk like, lived with, befriended, and raised Mike Brown seem to think. They are willing to paint all black people with that brush... And blacks across the board are willing to see all white people as willing enablers of cops who kill, in cold blood, for no reason (other than they are black),  young black matter what the evidence might show.

So congrats, whoever you are, you destroyed any chance for another generation or two for equality and integration. For Dr. Kings dream to become reality.....And for black people to have the willingness to change their culture and embrace success. To reinforce all the stereotypes that do so much to keep us apart.

Good job.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Indiana hunters and wannabe hunters:

Go HERE and read. And vote and comment.

The DNR is apparently starting to think clearly.

I swear

The friggin Californians are NEVER happy:

"Oh, the drought is killing us!"

"Oh, this rain is too much!"

By the horns of Odin, are they never happy?

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

104 yards?

One handed.

Holding TWO horses.

With a pistol.

One shot.  (I think an M+P?)

Badass.....and he credits God for the shot.

If true, I'll buy him a beer and shake his hand. And call him "Sir".

From Karl in the comments:
"So 312ft, one handed and under pressure, is the new standard".

Indeed.  And DRT in one shot....I'm gonna have to work on that.

HA HA is to laugh

Saw this on Comrade Karl's blog  (Glad he's ok and out of the hospital, BTW) and since it makes me laugh every time see it, I thought I'd share it with you.

Put the drink down first.
(I warned you)

Scroll down:

Hope she wasn't hurt too badly....

Yes, at times I am a juvenile. Sue me.

So Barry is gonna provide funding

Using, of course, borrowed taxpayer dollars, for up to 50,000 police cameras.

I think police cameras area a good idea, but I expect that they will be abused...bad police will fail to turn them on, or they will be "accidentally" damaged, or the images will somehow get deleted when it is deemed expedient for it to happen.....

And lets face it, the folks in Ferguson would still have rioted. Ii was time. Look at history. Every so often....

But, sadly, the first thing I thought when I heard the news about the Feds funding the cameras was "I wonder which of Barry's friends will get the contract to supply the cameras and the service contract afterwards?"

Sad that that is what we have come to.

If you do the math, that is $1500 per camera, which seems high, considering that a Go-Pro basic camera goes for less than $130.

Of course, this may not be comparing apples to apples, but still, more than 10X the price?

Thought for the day:

"Did you ever wonder if the person in the puddle is real,
and you're just a reflection of him?"
~ Calvin and Hobbes


Monday, December 1, 2014

Gotta be a photoshop

At least, I hope it is.....

 (Update: It is a photoshop (and a damned good one). See comments for a link to the real deal)

Ferguson Sign


This post saddens me....Go read it. I'll wait.

Done? Good.

It saddens me. A lot. Kinda angers me too.

Not because anything she says is wrong, nor incorrect. In fact, she's right. Some of "America" is racist. She, for instance, is racist. She sees color. Color matters to her. Color is important. Me?: Color matters not a whit. Interests and culture matter to me. Race doesn't. But to her, it does. And to many, of all races, it does.

But it only faces one side of the issue. And I think she is suffering from "White guilt" for some unknown reason

Yes, many white people have a very few black friends. I have that "issue". I am not ashamed of it. I live in an area where there are few black people. Few black people share my interests....Of those who do, I welcome them. Not my fault that few enough people like to shoot and hunt. Not my fault that not too many black people (or Hispanics) live in my area (some do, but not many...Oddly there are not a lot of black people who seem to want to live in very rural areas in NW Indiana. )

But how many black people have good friends who are white? Not just acquaintances from work, but real friends? How many have invited them over for dinner or a cookout or something like that? I have done so with a fair amount of people from other cultures and while some come out to my home, few black people are comfortable driving into the country. Not my fault that they choose not be integrated either.

Why does the author blame herself for her self perceived failure to fully integrate her social life? I don't feel that I am a failure for not having 12.6% of my social circle be black (like I care what color any of my friends are, really.....It takes a certain kind of asshole to be part of my social circle, and color is NOT one of the qualifications, trust me....) How many people are calling her to come and be a part of their "black" social circle? Really? Is the lack at one end not just as bad as the lack at the other? Shouldn't all black people have a high percentage of white friends too? Like, say 6:1 ratio (white to black)? Should we each have 72% White 12.6% Black (African American)  4.8% Asian and  10.2% (OTHER) friends?  Is there some special percentage that makes me not a racist? Or really, is the fact that I care not a whit about race? There is that whole "content of character" rather than the "color of the skin" thing, for me, anyway.....Shouldn't we base our friendship on real, important factors other than race?

I find this sort of self- flagellation to be irritating. People separate themselves into circles based on common interests, on common goals and on common needs. If I am to be friends with you, then we have to have some common ground, and be able to talk and discuss things and have common needs and wants and interests. If you and I have nothing in common because you are a person who lives on welfare and watches "Survivor" and thinks that any story from CNN is the truth (or, for that matter, Fox News) and you live in the city and I live in the country (both of us by choice) and you think that guns are bad, or that the DNC is the savior of the human race, or that Unions are the saving grace of the country or that the country will only be saved when your brand of religion becomes dominant, then what do we have in common? Do ya really think that we are gonna be friends no matter what color we are?

I have a fair number of people, both black, white and hispanic that I am friendly with, that I greatly respect, and who, if they call, I will turn out to help in any way they ask. Color matters little to me, nor to them except as a descriptor of physical characterisics.. We respect and admire each other, and if our interests intersect then we are glad of that.  They know that if a pipe breaks in the middle of the night they can call me for help, and that if I break down and need a ride at midnite I may well call them if I am near where they live. We shoot together, or do other things together, and that is enough. We aren't great social animals, we don't get together for coffee on weekdays after 5 or do lunch or anything like that (except for the bowling that I do on Friday nights, where color doesn't matter anymore than gender, as long as you have a good time bowling)

Are these people my friends? By my definition, yes. Are we terribly social? No. (Facebook isn't a measure here, 'cause few of us use it). But if they call me I'll be there. And I can call them and have them show up when I need them. And for me, that is the important thing.

Facebook be damned.

Cyber Monday......If you buy your Christmas presents

Through Amazon:

 Would you do me a favor please? If you purchase through the link over there at the left....that little box that says "Search Amazon"....I get a (small) commission.

This helps me feed my starving firearms and other important duties at zero cost to you.

Thank you in advance.