Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Still no computer

The local Geek Squad could't fix it (deleted comment) so it was shipped out to Depot Level repair for a hard drive replacement.

Bloggging will continue to be light and terse because Android doesn't work well with Blogger and there are, apparently, no decent keyboards avaiable for bluetooth.

24 yearz ago

TheATF attacked the "Branch Davidians"compound in a remote part of rural Waco Texas. Believing that the isolated ocation would allow them to get away with a commando style raid, the untrained agents stormed the compound...leading to a debacle that lasted an additional 50 days and one that showed the ineptness of the ATF management and the Federal  oversight of that agency.

Further, it showe the Federal Government use propaganda to demonize the Branch Davidians and whitewash the mess the Feds made when they negotiated and eventually stormed the compound and killed 76 people.

Somewhere I have a t-shirt that asks the question: "Is Your Church BATF Approved?

'Tis a good question....

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Don't play well together.

Laptop is in the body & fender shop due to imminent hard dive failure, so am using the Android tablet.

Which is nice for surfing the web, but SUCKS for adding content to it.

Expect a lot less bogging for a while. Blogger and Android do NOT play well together.

Which is ok, as the weather is nice and I gotta go help my brother clear a fenceline for his new homesite.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


7 miles on the sand today. Monday.  Total for the day 11.

I helped a friend at the Gunshow this weekend....I was on my feet all day, both days, but I didn't actually MOVE that much. I only walked a mile and half on Saturday, and a little less on Sunday. Not my normal level of exercise...

So, Monday, I went for a walk on the beach. The temps at noon were 61 degrees F and there was little to no wind. The lake has 4" waves. Looked like a millpond. I  walked the whole way in a tee shirt and jeans...Got a sunburn.

The sand was soft, so that 7 miles probably equalled 10 (or more) on pavement.

Feelin it this mornin. 

Monday, February 20, 2017

A report for Harry:

The Valpo gunshow was as normal. Lots of old collectible rifles and some pistols..., lots of plastic and new guns available. Pricing for New firearms was 10-15% under MSRP.

There were no cases of old surplus import rifles for sale. Mosins were $230-300 (each), little old ammo for sale.

Powder and bullets in bulk were a bit pricey, new ammo the same. .22 LR is available, and the prices are coming down......bricks for $35-45.

Lots of lookers, not as many buyers as last year. No panic. Lots of Trump hats and such (go figure). People seemed to be waiting for prices to go down.

Watching on the Tee-Vee

The evening News Propaganda....

The Media just can't miss a chance to twist what they report to try and make Trump look bad, can they?

The thing that pisses me off is that they seem to think that I and my fellow Citizens won't notice....Or that they ALL use the SAME terminology and descriptions in their slanted reports of The Donald.....Almost as if they were coordinated.........

Sunday, February 19, 2017

I am told

By the News Media, so the story is somewhat suspect) that the Government and people of Canada are "welcoming Syrian Refugees with open arms and smiles".

(Perhaps the Government, but I doubt the "People" are welcoming)

I say, if it is true, fine. Let 'em have all the Syrian refugees they want to take in. In fact, they can have all the ones that aren't welcome here.

A caution, however:

They should look to most of western Europe for examples. Germany, France, Switzerland, etc. Where even the police and other white people can't go before they welcome too many,....but hey, they can invite as many as they want into their country. We don't get a say.

Of course, at some point we will likely have to build a border wall in the north too, and the fallout of the unchecked muslim immigration  will, eventually, cause issues with the maple syrup supply and the some other Canadian products like back bacon and whisky, but I am sure we will adapt when the Syrians take over canadia.

A joke? Not really.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Gunshow today

Valpo Gunshow today.

Oughta be a different show, now that Trump is President.

I'll be there looking for deals.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Just FYI:

The "Day Without an (Illegal) Immigrant was, again, a flop.

This despite the help from the Media.

Such a surprise.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Who knew this was illegal?

While it has been a few years, I have, indeed, been intoxicated enough to try something like this..........

Riding a couch, towed by an ATV, though a drive though. 

Hammered, of course. And the cops had to, (because cops) arrest someone. Killjoys.

Dude, McDonalds run...munchies.

But at least they were  wearing helmets.

Safety first when out in public while intoxicated and riding a couch....

Now if the couch had been pulled by a moose.....

"A day without immigrants"

"Seems that in Chicago, there are gonna be massive protests over the recent actions of ICE in rounding up illegal immigrant criminals....That is, folks who have committed a crime HERE IN THE US AFTER ENTERING ILLEGALLY....And that, is somehow unfair.

So, a Day Without Immigrants.....(they forget to say Illegal, but that is passed by the media)......And, of course, they won't just stay home quietly, which would make an impression. Instead, (surprise!!) there will be protests and gatherings and such.

And, oddly, a bunch of businesses in the greater Chicago area will be closed ....Restaurants, service facilities, other low wage paying, (relatively) unskilled job producing businesses. Odd, when I worked in restaurants, I could never afford to take a day off......

All because some criminals have been deported. No massive deportations, although, apparently, the threat of that has a LOT of folks nervous....it has , from reports, seriously impacted the Mexican (Latino) business community.....The one that serves the illegals.

ETA: It was pointed out to me that if ICE is smart, they'll observe which businesses are closed, in order to know where to look for undocumented illegal immigrant workers later...

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

'Yknow....I fail to see the problem....

"Shame on ICE for putting New York’s immigrant communities—four million strong—in a state of panic,” said Steven Choi of the New York Immigration Coalition."


"Every arrest produces fingerprints that are sent to federal law enforcement officials.”

Just what is the problem here?

Undocumented immigrants invaders should live in fear of being caught and deported.  They should be afraid. They should be afraid of breaking ANY law....for fear of being deported.

Notice in the article that many countries ....Australia, Canada and others deport criminal immigrants at rates higher than the US....

And, in my opinion, anyone who puts race or culture before their fellow citizens and the law is a traitor to their country. 

Warning order:

The Valpo Gun Show is this weekend.

AKA Dunes Rifle and Pistol Club Gun and Knife Show

Monday, February 13, 2017

Note to self:

Stay out of Winnipeg for the near future....seeing as the Canadian Government has disarmed most people. ....seeing as how murderers and cannibals and such go free....

WTF? How does this man NOT present a danger to the other citizens? "Not criminally responsible"? 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

I miss all of the dogs

That I have been blessed to share a portion of my life with. Sometimes I think about getting another dog...But I'm not ready yet.

But some days, I miss some of them more than other days. Lucky, Kaira, Gip, Schmoo. Others too. Even the Poms.

Some days it is terrible. I miss 'em so bad.

I have the cats, but it ain't the same.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Am very confuzed here....

So lemme see if I got this straight here:

On the one hand:  Liberals say that "Terrorism has NOTHING to do with Islam".

On the other hand: "If we ban Muslims from entering the US...Especially from those 7 countries....then we will create more terrorists".

Odd, that, Innit?

First world problems:

So I was at the grocery store...

In the produce section.

This woman was bitching about the quality of the green peppers. (they were pretty bad).

I pointed out that it was a great thing that they had any fresh green peppers AT ALL...It was, in fact, February. In North America. That 20 years ago, there would have been NONE available...unless frozen.

She really didn't get it. As I said, "First World problems".

None so blind...

.......as those who refuse to learn.

Yeah, a paraphrase.

But for so many, it is true.

There is no shame in being wrong. There is shame in refusing to admit it, when someone points it out...Refusing to learn, or even BOTHER to learn where or when you went wrong. Of refusing to learn, or expand your knowledge. Of insisting that that which you believe is correct, even when the evidence causes doubt.

I don't expect people to believe when it is pointed out that they have an error in their knowledge or assumptions....I DO expect them to investigate and learn and decide if they are correct or not. Failure to do so is childish. Assuming one is always correct is foolish.

We have all been guilty of that, I suppose. I certainly have....

But some of us grew up.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

22 years

And a family....here in the US......22 years.

Yet she couldn't be bothered to try to become a citizen.

Got caught using a false Social Security number...and did the thing she thought was right, which was to show up at the immigration official's office when she was scheduled to.

By all rights, all accounts, a model citizen.....
Except she wasn't, and apparently never wanted to be, nor saw a need to be, a citizen.

Now she is deported.

While I feel for her and her family, when one breaks the rules, one often must pay the price for that. I don't feel sorry for her. Were it not for Obama's politics, she'd have been deported years ago. Being a Felon and all...
Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos is paying the price for her behavior. 

Monday, February 6, 2017

Interesting coincidence:

The Left has begun using the word "Nazi" to describe anyone that they disagree with....it has become their "hate" word in the past few weeks (Seems "Racist" doesn't work anymore?)

And, oddly, we are shown on the Television and Print media a great spate of incidents where people are drawing, spray painting, and using stickers of.....Swastikas.....Generally where there are a great number of people of Jewish extraction.

Is it just that the Media has "suddenly" decided to show us all these incidents? (or is it a false flag thing?)

Or are the Swastikas and other "Nazi" symbols.....part of the campaign to make "Nazi" the new hate word? The new epithet..?

One wonders. I have come to believe that there are no coincidences when it comes to the Media and attempts to influence public opinion. 

'Tis interesting

When Trump makes a remark or a tweet, and the Republicans feel the need to bloviate make a comment on his words, it is often in opposition to The Donald.

Which is reported by the Media as "Even Trump's own Party opposes him.

This is foolish and disingenuous....The Republican Party is not Trump's party. They made that plain all the way until he was elected in November.

But the media can't not take any advantage to damage TheDonald.

Lawyers making sure lawyers are employed....

Should be interesting in the courts today
Trump's team is gonna appeal the stay on his immigration ban.

As he should.

While I am not an attorney, (and don't even play one on TV), I haven't heard nor seen any arguments as to why the stay should be legal, nor valid. Some say "unconstitutional", but I don't see that....and I have asked for explanations....But no one can seem to come up with any cogent argument as to why that is....Nor even why the lower court found any reason to give the decision that it did.

"Because" won't cut it. Real, legal reasoned arguments will. And so far, besides emotion, I haven't seen anything. besides the former. Nothing resembling the latter.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Superbowl (commercial) thoughts:

5:30 Central:

Coke commercial:
If you want to honor "America", then sing it in American, not some other language. (If you can't speak the language, you never gonna be a part of this country). THis shit doesn't belong here. Advertise your product, don't try social engineering...

5:34: Now, Ford understands.....They just told me why I should buy a Ford, with no social commentary.

5:43: Google gets it too.

5:55 Now the Skittles ad is FUNNY.
6:00 API pissed their money away.

So did GoDaddy.

6:05: #WeAccept...a nice message. Still, doesn't belong here....Superbowl folks, not Kumbayah.
Yellowtail wines? Yeah, you wasted your money. But at least no social commentary.

6:13 The choice of spokesperson by T-Mobil is nearly as good as having Lon Horuchi give testimony on rifles......:

6:24. Tide. Nice.

6:29: Coke: Now that is a good commercial. No politics.

6:46 Alfa Romeo. Makes me wanna buy one.

7:09: 84 Lumber. Nice sentiment (you gotta go HERE to understand the whole thing) But breaking into the country isn't a good start to begin your life in you new home, now is it?
Again: This doesn't belong in the Superbowl.
I will remember this...and buy my home improvement products anywhere but 84 Lumber. No wonder Fox wouldn't run the whole thing. This is, at best unpatriotic....

7:39. Audi has a great, inspiring commercial.....
Right up 'til the end. Then it pissed me off. I may have to go look at Alfas...
Social engineering doesn't belong here...even if the message is good.

7:54 Funny, but I'll prolly not buy a Kia Niro.

8:05:30....Nice.....Walking Dead. Works for me.

8:12....T-Mobil is hitting it after stepping on their crank at the first....and no social commentary.

8:19 Lite Beer. Nice. Even though they never told me why theirs is better. But at least they didn't try to tell me why I should give up my country to invaders.....nor try to make me feel guilty for being an American....

8:31 Bud Light told me why I want to drink their beer. Works for me.

9:24 Congrats Patriots.

9:30 Hyundai. Nice commercial. Classy.

Overall, the commercials were not terribly entertaining, nor original, nor funny. Some did the job....I remembered the product and the name and others made sure I wouldn't buy that product or from that company. The social engineering , for me at least, backfired.

Don't get me wrong, I believe that these folks can spend their money any way they want, up to the FCC limits and to the limits that Fox will allow....That First Amendment thing and all....


A thought for

All of you folks who like to toss around the word 'Nazi"....
Especially those who use it for Trump and his supporters, or Right wingers in general.

I'd like to see even one example of Nazi-ism. Seriously. You toss it around, but you won't back it up.

The Right leaning folks aren't acting like Brownshirts, we aren't eradicating you because you have a different race, nor religion, nor gender appeal, nor sexual identity. For the most part, we follow the law..... We are not frying people or beating them because we don't agree with your lifestyle.....We haven't penned you up because you don't meet the norms.....And you are still alive to use the word "Nazi"....Trust me, if those you care calling "Nazi" were, in fact Nazis, then you'd have a hard time complaining because you'd be dead or imprisoned awaiting death.....

Whereas the Left has nothing but hate for those who are different from them......They bash out windows everytime someone who is different than them or has different views tries to speak, they loot, they burn, they threaten violence and death. They don't seem to follow the rule of law, instead depending on numbers to let them get away with their violence and disregard for others. There is no tolerance for those who are different than they are. They use a lot of terms that aren't true, and make false statements ("against the Constitution!!!" when that thing isn't) and generally lie.... and people hear those words and believe in an unthinking manner.....Much like the happenings about 1938 and 1939......

So, again, where is the validity of the comparison to Nazis? How can you legitimately compare the Right to the National Socialists of Germany? Do you even know what the word means? Do you know enough history to even know what you are saying?

Or are you just parroting the words your facebook acquaintances are using to feel like part of a group? Following in and wallowing in the GroupThink and the crowd?

I'm waiting to be convinced I am wrong....

ETA: Read THIS too...

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Activist Judges

So Trumps "Muslim immigration Ban" (which isn't a ban, and doesn't target muslims, but hey, let's not quibble over the truth) has been (temporarily) stayed by a judge in Seattle. On a Friday (of course).

The temporary ban will likely be overturned.

It is my belief, that in cases like this, if a judges order is overturned they should be  temporarily removed from the office of Judge pending removal as a judge permanently  after case review by the judges who overturned that decision. Give them a chance to explain their reasoning and justify their decision...

Judges can make such decision with no consequences. There should be consequences. They have HUGE power, and it should be used well, and sparingly and with good conscience. Too often, judges fail to do the latter.

If they had the possibility of being removed as a judge, they might well think twice before making such decisions.

Thursday, February 2, 2017


Good point.


How many

Feminists does it take to change a lightbulb?

They Never Will. They'd rather march and blame men...Because "Patriarchy". The bulb will stay dark, but there will be calls for legislation and eventually a government commission that will result in no change in photon output.....

Go ahead, tell me where I am wrong...

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


How does one deal with a person who is so totally party loyal they that they simply cannot look at any issue outside of "Political Party" and "What I read on Facebook". Not stupid, mind you, but really unthinking... Just a sheep following the herd. Parroting the party line because others do it.

Especially when it is a family member.

So far left they couldn't see the center if it was lit with flares. And they can't even understand that.

You really need

To read this.

Read it all. 

Follow the links.

Take the time.

If you can, (and can get them to read it) show it to your liberal friends. They won't like it.

But this is something that needs light to disinfect.

Not that it is a surprise to any of US, mind you, but the level of detail in the Soros plan is....scary.