Sunday, August 31, 2014

Why not?

I mean, really. WHY NOT?  (seriously, for those who are (ahem) challenged, click on the blue letters to see what I am talking about.....)

Seems to me that this should also be front page news....and there should be protests....and marches.

Oh, wait, White people aren't subjects to mass media blitzes and propaganda to stir us up. It apparently doesn't work that way for us.  And we (generally) don't do protests, and they seldom turn to riots.

We aren't as stirred up as easily as other racial demographic groups either. We don't (generally) wish to lynch people, but rather let the courts do their job.

Of course, if we were subject to such behavior, then there'd be charges of racism......

Saturday, August 30, 2014

As it should happen

Only he was in too nice a prison.

John Walker dies in prison

How many kids and pilots died during the Vietnam war due to the messages that the Soviets intercepted and decrypted and passed on to the North Vietnamese? Decryptions that his espionage enabled?

There goes Norway

So the most popular Baby name in Norway is.....

Bringing in Muslim workers to prop up their welfare system will soon lead to the destuction of their culture and their country.

Bet on it.

With the US it'll be the Mexicans and then, eventually, the Muslims who destroy the "America" as we know it.

Perhaps Norway should  have listened to this guy:

Friday, August 29, 2014

Like I said: Blue suit of immunity

Deputy who killed former Napster COO after drifting into the bike lane while distracted by his laptop will NOT face charges because he was answering a work-related email on the laptop in the police car.....WHILE DRIVING. 

Now....if you or I were to do this...say texting while driving...we'd be charged, jailed, and likely convicted of Manslaughter (or worse). .....maybe Negligent Homicide.

Even if we were to be responding to a "work email".

This is negligence. Period And stupidity, but that goes without saying. Any lawsuits should be on the police officer, and not a burden to the taxpayers. 

But he won't be charged. Because he was "on duty" at the time of the incident. And because he was typing while driving on a police owned computer and responding to a work related email.

Like I said...Blue Suit of Immunity. When one is of (or at least a minion of) the Power Elite, one can, it appears, literally get away with murder.


It would seem that there are now, finally, limits to "Qualified Immunity".

U.S. Court Will Not Block Lawsuit Over Connecticut SWAT Raid.


And it would appear that the INDIVIDUAL officers will be on the hook for their behavior in the botched SWAT raid.....Not the Taxpayers. Less payout for the plaintiffs, but still....

I expect that Cops will have to get liability insurance. Which might well not be a good thing. But then again, they ahve lost that blue suit of immunity that some wear to hide their behavior.

Now make no mistake, I don't want to see cops sued over every little mistake, nor over everyday things they do in the performance of their duties.

But there does need to be a limit on their immunity.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

WTF is up with Blogger?

So my sidebar links disappeared, then came back.

Now the links are there, and the description and times of last post are gone

Or not

THen gone again.

WTF are they doing at Google?

I mean, I am getting exactly the service I am paying for, I realize....But still, why is it brokeen so often?


In the past three days, I have worked myself backwards around the clock in 8 hour shifts.

My sleep schedule may be screwed until Novemeber.

If I drink any more coffee, I will start to hear colors.


So, working an odd schedule this week, I go around 10 AM to a Walgreens to pick up a prescription refill.

As I approached, starting about 6 blocks away, I notice that the power is out: Stoplights are not working and businesses are not very busy, with the staff hanging around near the doors. No lights are on in any of the buildings, which is a good hint for me.

I get to the Walgreens, which is, like nearly all of them, at an intersection....Hoping to be lucky. Nope, the stoplights there aren't working either. But I see power company trucks moving around the area, so I pull into a parking space and hope that they find (and fix) the problem quickly.

I waited for a half hour. No joy.

I was, however, amused while waiting by the not insignificant number of people who drove through one of the non-functioning stoplights and then pulled into a parking space at the Walgreens and got out of their car and walked to the door, never noticing that the entire building was dark. The look of bovine-like incomprehension as the door failed to open for them was kinda funny. Despite driving through at least one non working stoplight, and despite the entire store being dark, they never noticed nor comprehended the fact that there was no power to the doors, nor that the store would not be open for business. Some of them just stood there for minutes until the light dawned.

Condition White. To the extreme.

Or just plain stupid.
Hard to tell.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Of course, This is not a hate crime.....

2 men are in the hospital after being attacked by 7 others.

the 2 men are white, the 7 are black.

This is, of course, just an assault, not a hate crime.

I wonder what it would be if the races were reversed?

Seems that the incident began at a waffle house in West Point, MS. The two men left and went to a different restaurant, but were followed by the group of 7. Outside of the second restaurant, a fight occurred:  the result? One (white)man severely beaten and in the hospital. The other (white) man is in an induced coma after undergoing brain surgery.

Somehow, this is being investigated as a simple assault, not a mob action and not a hate crime.

Odd how the parameters for such things change as race changes, innit?

Sunday, August 24, 2014

To serve as well as protect:

THIS cop understands. Got out of his cruiser in a blinding rainstorm to push a guy in a powered wheelchair that had broken and could no longer move. Class act there. One might say beyond the call, except it isn't, really, just unusual.

As opposed to the County Sheriff who drove past my parents Saturday while they were broken down on the side of the road with hazard lights on and the hood up and failed to stop to see if they needed help. It could be that he had somewhere to go, but he wasn't driving fast nor were his lights on. And he didn't apparently report it either, because there were there for more than 40 minutes until I arrived to help and no one else showed either. That was, sadly, not  a surprise.

It'll never be enough

'Cause the "Free Shit Army" thinks that the rest of us owe 'em a living.....

See HERE for an example of why I no longer try to help those less fortunate than me.


So the reason the US didn't pay the ransom to free the reporter, James Foley, is because it is illegal to deal with terrorists or to provide them with any material aid.

Ok. I got that.

So then how was the prisoner swap for the deserter Bowie Berghdal for AlQueda military commanders not a violation of this law?


Anyone have any contacts with them?

I have an issue woth (I think) a Ham screwing with my broadcast TV. But I can't find anything about that part of the FCC's job on their website.

Trying to find somewhere to report via their website is apparently beyond me. 

Calling the contact number  isn't terribly productive....Their phone tree is....irritating.

Anyone know anyone in the FCC who might be able to tell me how to find the people who deal with this sort of thing?

Closest major city office would likely be Chicago or Indy. I'm in NW Indiana.

Any help appreciated.

When your supporters have jobs...


Cash raised for Missouri cop surpasses Brown donations

(Can't use and EBT card to give...)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

No blog for you

The free ice cream machine is temporarily unplugged while I and MC go help a friend move a storm downed tree from his yard and home.

maybe more soon...maybe not for a while.

The folks on the sidebar
usually are more interesting anyway.

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Seems that the Obamacare system is full of holes.

"Hackers steal records on 4.5 Million patients"

Names, Dates of Birth, Social Security numbers. Just what Identity thieves need. 

So glad that I have insurance that isn't Obamacare.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

And strangely, no one is rioting over this one

Black cops shoots white man and kills him.

Now, this dude who got his insides aired out wasn't, by any means, a nice man.

But then again, by his actions, neither was the yoot in St Louis.

Either way, I don't remember hearing about the riots by white people in Salt Lake crowds of white people terrorizing the neighborhood, no riots, no vandalism, no looting, no burnt businesses.

Odd that, innit?

You really should read this article:

posted by Murphy in comments, it is a self serving commentary by a police officer:


"Even though it might sound harsh and impolitic, here is the bottom line: if you don’t want to get shot, tased, pepper-sprayed, struck with a baton or thrown to the ground, just do what I tell you. Don’t argue with me, don’t call me names, don’t tell me that I can’t stop you, don’t say I’m a racist pig, don’t threaten that you’ll sue me and take away my badge. Don’t scream at me that you pay my salary, and don’t even think of aggressively walking towards me."

In other words, you have no rights, can't ask questions, and have to be subservient to me for my safety and convenience, no matter what.

Followed by:

" And you don’t have to submit to an illegal stop or search. You can refuse consent to search your car or home if there’s no warrant (though a pat-down is still allowed if there is cause for suspicion). Always ask the officer whether you are under detention or are free to leave. Unless the officer has a legal basis to stop and search you, he or she must let you go."

But if you follow the second bit of advice, the first paragraph says you might get "shot, tazed, pepper sprayed", etc., even though the officer has no reason to stop you.

The attitude of this cop is that everyone is subservient to his choices, and his decisions. The fact is that I am a citizen, and have no reason to submit to a police officer unless I am a criminal and am being charged with a crime. Now, I generally am polite to officers, if they are polite to me. I have found that it (generally) makes for a better experience. But f they begin pushing me around, they get pushed back....both figuratively and literally. Just because a police officer stops you does not give him the right to handcuff you "for his safety" or his convenience, nor do you have any reason to follow his orders. This is not to excuse being rude or an asshole either....on either side.

Any officer who feels that I should submit just because he feels it necessary to detain me for his convenience or safety without reasonable cause should not have police powers.The police need to remember that the majority of the people they encounter are citizens, not criminals,and that the police are not rulers over serfs. Most of us in the US aren't lowlifes, drug users, drunks, petty criminals or
murderers. And, while I realize that when cops first meet us, they don't know, they can be decent while being cautious....and most cops, while having an attitude, aren't jerks or assholes. Any cop who professes an attitude like Officer Dutta should not be a cop.

And until the police departments purge themselves of bad, corrupt, racist, ignorant and psychologically unfit officers rather than making excuses and/or hiding their actions, (as happens so often when cops hide issues behind the "Blue Line") and we as citizens can expect fair and decent and professional treatment from every officer nearly every time (not true today) then no police officer can reasonably expect unquestioning cooperation.

I have had outstanding encounters with police, where I was treated well and professionally. Sadly, however, these are a rarity. I have had others that were not so good or professional.  I take the time for both the good and the bad to inform their superiors about them. 

Monday, August 18, 2014


So now the Missouri National Guard is to be the on scene LEO presence in Ferguson.

Not so sure that is a good idea. unless these men and women are trained in Riot Suppression (and they may well be, as there are several Military Police units available to the Governor), they are gonna be like fish out of water on a bicycle.

I predict that at some point, some National Guardsman is going to pop a cap in a rioting first amendment loving redistibutionist Urban Yoot when he is threatened. And this is gonna inflame the situation even more.
Especially now that the Curfew has been rescinded and that Eric Holder has ordered that the police get the "Damned Tanks off the street" (Not tanks, but MRAPS that the DOD has given the local LEO's, Mr. Holder).

But if you put Nationa Gurdsmen, no matter how well trained with poorly defined rules of engagement in a situation where they feel threatened....expect trouble.

IMO, the cops were too restrained.

Not always the good guys

As they say, it is the coverup which gets you.....

So cops in California beat and taze a mentally ill man....

Ok, we don't know what led up to this, so at first glance, one might be thinking of giving the cops the benefit of the doubt.

Until they then seize cell phones and demand that users delete any recordings of the incident.

At that point, one has to wonder what they felt they had to hide.
Further, they were complicit in (and conspired to) destruction of evidence of a crime.

If any of the police officers involved in this incident are still acting as police officers, with police powers, then the entire force is illegitimate.

I would wonder how many (cops, not bystanders) will be jailed for this?

Again: I don't know what led up to the incident, but the evidence that the officers wanted to destroy evidence of their criminal actions is clear.

Can you make it?

If ebola were to come here to the US, it could be bad...very bad. Probably won't happen, so you can refuse to be be bothered by the thought and choose not to prepare for it. I sincerely hope you are right.....

If it does come however (and lets face it, there isn't much except the disease itself to prevent it),  an ounce of preparation will be worth......Your best solution for survival is to not interact with others, but rather to hole up and wait until the epidemic burns itself out.

Likely, you'd have to deal with things on your own for about 90 days. Time to let the virus run through it's victims and allow for 3-4 cycles before it burns itself out. Maybe as long as 180 days...

Can you stay in your home for 90-120+ days? (21 day + incubation 3-5 cycles). Have you 120+ days worth of food for each member of your household?? Can you supply water for your entire household if the tap dries up? If on a well, and the electricity stops, then what are ya gonna do? Got a generator? One that can run the well? Have you enough fuel stored that you can keep your drinking, washing, bathing  and sanitary needs supplied for 90+ days? If you have a whole house emergency genset, will it work? Will the gas for it be there when you need it? If on propane, do you have enough? 

How about fuel to cook that food you (hopefully) have stored? (that generator is gonna use up you cooking fuel if yer on propane, so ration accordingly).

Fuel to heat your house? (what if the electric and the gas stop because no one is making sure it is up because they are sick?) Then what?  What about wintertime? Can you keep from freezing to death if the gas or the electricity stops and no one restores it and it is -20F outside with 70 MPH winds?....(happened here last winter, BTW, for 4 days..the storm, not the power outage)

Think about it. 

I have things covered at my house, but don't come over unless you are invited. Trust me, you'll know if you are. If not it'd be best of you stayed away.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

You may have noticed

or then again, you may not have...

Anyway, Barry Obama has had a LOT to say about Ferguson, MO.....and yet, he couldn't find the time to say anything about the 2 star General who was killed in Afghanistan, who was buried today in a private ceremony. (Probably why Barry wasn't there, the ceremony was barred to reporters)

Couldn't be bothered to say anything at all, much less attend the funeral....or send the Vice Prez...and a notable missing presence was the SecDef.

Dude couldn't be bothered to even say anything to acknowledge the dead. 

I find that saddening and disgusting.

But there is a lot of that going on around Barry these days.

Can anyone explain

exactly what law Rick Perry has broken by threatening to veto the spending bill?

What charges he is indicted on?

And exactly what he is charged with? What specific statute he has broken?

'Cause if vetoing billss, or even threatening to veto legislation is illegal, then Barry should be in jail.

Mebbe this is why GWB never used his power of veto.

Something to remember:

There are, according to Wikipedia about 21,000 people in Ferguson, Mo. About 67 percent of them are black.  That means that about 14,000 of the folks in Ferguson are black.

As far as I can tell, the crowds that the media has shown the past few nights are about 300  people. These are the folks that are getting gassed and such. maybe as many as 500.

Which means that about 13,700 (more or less) of the black population of Ferguson are NOT rioting, and if protesting, are doing it during daylight hours and are doing so peacefully.

Blue suit of immunity

Now, if you or me had shot a person holding a power drill, black or not, we'd be charged with murder, or at least manslaughter.

No matter what we claimed we thought at the time. We'd not get to use the excuse that we saw a gun shaped object and feared for our lives or the lives of others....

We'd be charged with murdering a human being. Period. Likely convicted as well. But being a cop.....well, that blue suit gives a kind of extra immunity.

Kinda like if a cop shoots my dog, he can say that he was in fear....and it is OK. But if I shoot a police dog because it is attacking me, then I get treated like I shot a police officer.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

called out.

So my mother taught me to be polite. To treat others with respect, to hold door open for ladies, etc.

And while I do have to work at it, I can, if I pay attention, resemble a gentleman.

So the other day, I am at the bank, and as I reach the door, shortly behind me come two women, Remembering the lessons momma taught me, I hold the door for the closer one, who looks at me and says"I am perfectly capable of opening a door myself".

Mmmm, okay.

The second woman, older than her, comes up behind both of us and looks at the first one and says"You are a bitch, why can't you be polite? "... went though the door I was still holding (I was kinda in shock to hear another woman call the first one out on her rudeness).... Said to me "thank you" and went into the bank.

I followed her and pulled the door closed in the face of the first one.

Friday, August 15, 2014

I am pretty much waiting

I was gonna post this this morning, but then other facts began to come out, so I waited even longer. 

To let things settle on the Ferguson MO shooting of Michael Brown. Trying not to pass judgement until I know all of the facts. The media is portraying Mr. Brown as an innocent youth who was angelic and never mean to anyone....Few 18 year olds (of any race) fit this description. This is not to cast aspersions on him either. He may well have been a nice kid. There is evidence that he may have had a violent Juvenile record too.

(and I am glad I did, BTW)


From all reports, young Mr. Brown was shot, from the rear, while running away. And he was unarmed.  Those facts appear to be undisputed. (Not so much, he was, apparently NOT shot in the back as first reported)

Now, I don't know what transpired, what the series of actions were that ultimately resulted in the shooting. I doubt that the cop just decided to shoot Mr. Brown for no reason.

(You can read the details at Gateway Pundit, if you care to). 

But I do know that if I shoot anyone, innocent victim or even someone who has assaulted me or another person while they are RUNNING AWAY, I would be charged with murder. Once they are running away, they can no longer be considered a threat. It would not matter what had transpired before he began to run away.

Now perhaps the facts have been misreported, and the kid wasn't shot in the back, or perhaps he wasn't unarmed. Perhaps he had a knife or something. I'd like to give the cop the benefit of the doubt, but if the facts are as presented, the the policeman (who still hasn't been named) should be charged with murder, just as you or I would be charged in similar circumstances.

We shall see.


And as I said then, We shall, indeed see. Seems the media misrepresented the whole story. 

"Big Mike" Brown robs a convenience store. Gets stopped by the cops. disses cop. maybe a struggle.... Cop draws gun. Brown rushes cop. Cop fires.

Not quite what the media told us, is it?

Grey Man

So someone who knows a little about me asked why there are no NRA window decals on my truck or pro Second Amendment bumper anti federal government or tea party insignia. No Gadsen flags or such. No "1911" or "GLOCK" or "SigArms" decals.

I replied that I saw no reason to reason for the cop who pulled me over to have any idea what my political views are. Not  reason to let anyone know that there are likely firearms in my vehicles (there might well be....).

Why tell the guy who might be interested in stealing your firearms that all he has to do is follow you home and break in after you leave to go to work?

Why wave a flag until the time is nigh? 

Better to blend in with the rest of society and hide amongst the sheep until it is time.


Somehow, I lost half of my blogroll. It was there last might, now it be gone.

Will fix as I have time.

ETA: it is back.
 I dunno.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Like Father, so are the Sons:

Rednecks in Vermont.

So, if I got this right the story goes like this:

Older brother, Joshua, crashes his car, drunk off his ass. Breathalizes at 3 (that'sTHREE) times the legal limit.

Younger brother (Nicholas) drives to the scene of the crash to check up on older brother and is observed exiting the drivers side of the vehicle. He walks up to the scene and is arrested because the cops have seen him exit the vehicle and he appears to be impaired, so they breathalize him too, finding him with a BAC three times the legal limit as well.

Dad slides over from the passenger's seat of Nicholas's car and drives closer to the scene of the accident to see what he can see, and is also arrested because he too appears to be impaired behind the wheel and blows a 3X legal BAC as well.

Not satisfied yet, Nicholas is observed as well drinking even MORE booze.

3 family members, all arrested for DUI in the same afternoon AT THE SAME WRECK.

One wonders....Genetics or just culture?

I wonder what their collective IQ is?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

They say

That Barry is a Chicago politician. And he is.

But his projects (Obamacare website and program?) is more like a California State Highway project.

Failures, missed deadlines, poor quality control, etc.

I wonder who mentored him in that part of his education?

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

It occurs to me.....

That if half of the people who said nice things about Robin Williams after he was dead had bothered to say those same things before he killed himself, he might not have done so.


Seems that the FAA has declared the area above and around Ferguson, MO a No-Fly-Zone.

Wonder what they are planning on hiding?

We don't know

(moved back to the top)

exactly what happened in Ferguson.....

We do know that a (white) cop shot a black kid. Reportedly in the back.

And we know the community is incensed. Apparently, for once, this was a really good kid.

But when the community protested, did they do so in front the local cops? No.

Did they throw rocks and break windows at the local police station? No

Overturn and burn the police cars? Nope.

They burned and looted and destroyed local businesses....

Used this protest as an excuse to steal.

Nothing they have done will change the situation. Nothing. All they did was steal and destroy.

And therefore, while I had some sympathy, it is gone.


ETA: Wirecutter agrees and states it more plainly

ETA2: Even the Brothaz seem to think that the crowd had the wrong target.... Of course, those "white" neighborhoods might be better protected than they think....

True today:

“Men by their constitutions are naturally divided into two parties: 1. Those who fear and distrust the people, and wish to draw all powers from them into the hands of the higher classes. 2. Those who identify themselves with the people, have confidence in them, cherish and consider them as the most honest and safe, although not the most wise depositary of the public interests. In every country these two parties exist, and in every one where they are free to think, speak, and write, they will declare themselves. Call them, therefore, Liberals and Serviles, Jacobins and Ultras, Whigs and Tories, Republicans and Federalists, Aristocrats and Democrats, or by whatever name you please, they are the same parties still and pursue the same object. The last one of Aristocrats and Democrats is the true one expressing the essence of all.”
– Thomas Jefferson (Letter to Henry Lee, 1824)

Monday, August 11, 2014

Who is patrolling the (nonexistent) border?

'cause James O'Keefe couldn't find anyone ......

Not that this is a surprise....

Watch the whole video.

There is no border security. Never has been, really. 


Has apparently returned to Ork.

Robin Williams is dead.


He was damned funny during my younger years. 

So Dude says:

"Man, my trailer hitch is stuck in the receiver.."

Me: "Gotta take 'em out every few years and clean up the rust. Or use "Never Seize"..even so, take 'em out once a year.".

He says: "I had it moving back and forth about a 1/4" in June, but  I was afraid I'd break the chain and I didn't have anything but a telephone pole to hook to, and it swayed too much".

Me: "Bring it over, I got a chain your truck can't break and a tree you can't pull down....We'll get it out".

So he comes over on Sunday, and we proceed to hook the chain to the tree and the truck.

Bang!    Bang!    nope, not moving. Shook the tree a bit and pissed off the squirrels, but no joy.

Try a little heat and some Strike Hold....

Bang! Bang! Bang! Nope, still not moving. More heat...enough that I went and got a piece of aluminum sheet to act as a heat deflector so I didn't melt the plastic on his bumper. Lots of Strike-Hold (from both ends) and some gentle love with the air hammer to crack the rust.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Nope. Nothing. Not any movement at all. It's like the pin is still in (it isn't).

Got out the bigger torch head. Still nothing. Am afraid I am gonna pull the hitch out from under his truck.   There is no more paint on the receiver or the hitch itself. The chrome is peeling off the ball from the heat.  The bottom of the receiver is orange. Much more and something is gonna catch fire.....The squirrels are pissed and have filed an OSHA complaint and are ready to go to the Housing Board. All told, I have been at it for over an hour...

Me: "Dude, how did you get it to move a few months ago? It is STUCK."

Him: "I don't rightly remember. It's been over a year...."

Me: So when it moved, it wasn't LAST June.......2 months ago??

Him: "Nope, a year ago this last June....I think. Maybe longer. "

I unhooked the chain, dragged it to the barn (it is a 1" chain) and put it away. And the torch and the rest. Spooled up the air hose, put the air hammer away.

Him: "You are just gonna give up? I though you said you could get it out.?

Me: "Nope. I'm done. Go find a dealer and buy another'll be easier, and likely cheaper. If I'da known it hadn't moved since June a YEAR ago, I'd not have wasted my time. It has been rusted in place for over two years or more. Go home"

Ass. I wasted a fair amount of a Sunday trying to help an idiot. Coulda been splitting wood.

First world problems.

2 people in this house, and we are down to ONE functioning toilet.

Scheduling is difficult.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Shit just got real:

Not here in the US (yet), But EBOLA IS AIRBORNE.

Now, this isn't a big deal, as long as you have the appropriate precautions....have you a supply of facemasks and a supply of hand sanitzer and other methods of sterilizing your skin after you interact with other people? (I am prepped for this, you should be too, if not for ebola, then for influenza). I'd order a supply of facemasks before the rush.  Seriously. if there is an outbreak then these masks will very quickly become unavailable.... have some on hand.enough for 30 days worth.

Gloves aren't a bad idea either.  (and if nothing else, you can play "Bad TSA Agent" with your significant other....)

If there is no outbreak this year, it isn't like these spoil in storage.

They call it gouging...

I call it capitalism. Basic economics drive the price.

Some people in Toledo were prepared. Others had to pay a higher price for bottled water because demand went up and they couldn't use the municipal water for drinking. The demand for bottled water went up...the supp;y stayed the same. ergo the price increased. This is a basic supply/demand/price equation I learned in Econ 101.

Some merchants drove many miles to find a supply of water....who pays for their time and fuel they invested to meet a need?

If they had paid for the water and couldn't sell it, who would reimburse them for their investment (and loss?).

If these people had bothered to have a weeks worth of water on hand, they'd not have had to pay a higher price for their water.

Much like people bemoaning the increase in price for plywood before a hurricane (and the increase in price for gasoline after) demand increases the it should.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

As predicted

it is getting difficult for Obamacare patients to find doctors who will accept them as patients.

There will soon be two levels of care....(because there will not nay uninsured, otherwise there'd be three levels): One for those who have Obamacare, and one for those who have "normal" insurance.

Those who have Obamacare will not get as good treatment for things like cancer or other diseases, not for those who have chronic issues as those who have normal insurance. And how many people lost their insurance and were forced into Obamacare plans?

Thanks, Barry! You took a system that worked and broke it.

Jesus, you'd better prepare!

I mean, this could be serious here.

There is, apparently, a shortage of pigs. This means that BACON pricing will soon skyrocket.

Prepare now, while you can.

Don't say you weren't warned. 

An interesting point

It'll take more that just the Amish type skillset to survive in a grid-down situation:

The Amish likely won't survive. Or at least their faith won't.

Like the rest of us, they'll have to make some hard choices.

I think many would remain true to their faith, Hopefully they could find some decent folks to defend them....If only so they could survive to feed others.

How to win the next presidential election:

Emulate Vladimir Putin:

"In Russia live Russians. Any minority, from anywhere, if it wants to live in Russia, to work and eat in Russia, should speak Russian, and should respect the Russian laws. If they prefer Shari'ya Law, then we advise them to go to those places where that's the state law. Russia does not need minorities. Minorities need Russia, and we will not grant them special privileges, or try to change our laws to fit their desires, no matter how loud they yell 'discrimination'. We better learn from the suicides of America, England, Holland and France, if we are to survive as a nation. The Russian customs and traditions are not compatible with the lack of culture or the primitive ways of most minorities. When this honorable legislative body thinks of creating new laws, it should have in mind the national interest first, observing that the minorities are not Russians." -- Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, addressing the Duma February 4th, 2013. The politicians in the Duma gave Putin a standing ovation for 5+ minutes!

If any politician had the balls to say something similar here in the US, they'd likely receive a standing ovation as well....and likely get elected.

Bet it'd get you elected here in the US as well. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

When you buy your copy

(and yes, it is a "when", not an "if"'..... you really need to suck it up and buy the book, as you will learn things and will enjoy it)

Anyway, when you buy Brigid's book The Book of Barkley (Kindle) or (Paperback), please buy through the links on this page...the (very small) commissions that are earned help me reduce my crushing ammo debt.

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Help feed starving rifles and pistols!

Are ya prepped?

So now there are several cases of "Possible" Ebola here in the US.

All from people who travelled from west Africa recently.

Now here is the thing:Ebola has an incubation period of 21 days. You are contagious for about 4 days BEFORE having definite symptoms in most cases.

90% death rate (in Africa, which has a much lesser supportive care infrastructure that the US, but still....)

21 days incubation..... Yet you can be back in the continental US in 17 HOURS from West Africa.

Not saying that there will be an outbreak here, but could happen very easily.The environment is different, we have better health care, and Ebola has adapted to live (and especially spread) in the environmental conditions found in Africa....not the US.

 Having said that:

Can you deal with no electricity and no governmental support (police, etc) for a 60-90 day period? Remember, the aid organizations that provide doctors and other care in Africa are so afraid of this new strain of Ebola that they are pulling their staff back to the US....

If you don't have the ability to deal with no stores open and no electricity and no fuel for 60-90 days, then you will have a hard time should things get bad here.

Think about it. Things are getting ugly over there, and while the situation is different here, that could change.What if someone decides to quarantine the area in which you reside? How much food and police protection do you think those quarantined folks are gonna get?

Got food? Water (or a source of water other than Municipal tap water?)? A means of defending that food and water?

If not, think about getting it. Might be that you could be needing it, if and when.

Yeah, I am crazy....
Those Africans didn't think they'd need it either....Yet their areas are now "Quarantined".

We oughta take up a collection

Seems that the Kurds are having to pull back from their fighting positions because they are running out of ammo.

I wonder what caliber they need?

I mean, if we each sent them 100 rounds of that caliber, it'd be like a goFundMe thing, only in brass and lead.

Anyone got any idea what caliber they need? And where to send it? 9mm, .5.56X45, 7.62X39, 7.62 NATO, I can spare a few hunnerd rounds......

Give, give 'til it hurts.....

I'd move

It probably won't hold up in court, but the fact that the legislature in Massachusetts even PASSED such a piece of legislation is too scary for me.

Read the article:  Realize that the legislature in Massachusetts OVERWHELMINGLY chose to pass a a law that makes your Second Amendment rights subject to police permission and judicial review....They can be taken away at any time.

Why would anyone choose to remain there?

Monday, August 4, 2014

Yeah, you'll like it

Reading the "Book Of Barkley.....I think you'll like it.

Now I am biased, because the author is one of my dearest friends, and even more because I star in the book have been a part of her life during the time frame the book encompasses and am mentioned in passing.

Really, it is a good story, you WILL smile, you WILL grimace, you WILL tear up (if you don't, then I don't wanna know you....).

Read it, You won't regret it.

If you order via Amazon, the link is HERE.

If you want to have an autographed copy, here are instructions for how to make that happen.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

So 15 people showed up at the range to do the work we had planned.

Which was, to be honest, about 5 more than I expected. For once, it wasn't the same 10 guys...

We now have a foundation drain that should actually be functional. Maybe the floor won't weep water this fall and winter on the indoor range.

Would have been nice to have more help, but hey, we actually had 10% of the membership show up, with tools required to do the job.

Folks, if you belong to a volunteer  or member supported organization, when they need help, try to show up and provide that help. Don't leave all the work to the 10% of people that are there every work day. If you are a member, the BE A MEMBER. It is more than just paying dues....

MY thanks to all of my fellow members who DID show.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Wow.... Time flies

Seems like only last week we had a Saturday.

Work day at the range. Will be fixing old storm drains and the bowling pin range (if it can be straightened at all)

General cleanup and such.

I am SO far behind in my work at my house, but this is needful, so I'm going.

SO what are they gonna charge him with?

Murder? Manslaughter?

I mean, a cop puts a non-resisting person in a chokehold when arresting him. Claims he is resisting because he doesn't move fast enough and raises his hands to defend himself.... Dude dies.

Luckily, there is video proving the chokehold.

Ruled a homicide by the coroner.

So is the cop going to jail for murder?