Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Hollywood be doin it:

Not even subtle about it either.

At first I thought it was a parody, but apparently it is real. 

Nice speech:


And here's the thing:



None of those other "Pillars" will stand without a BORDER WALL>

A COMPLETED wall. Built from the Pacific to the Gulf.

Then start the rest. As for the other proposals? Yep, I gotta say I like 'em. Especially the proposal wherein bad Government workers can be fired. (I doubt he can circumvent Civil Service laws, but lets  see)

Well, that was interesting

First time at a class C airport.

Lots more to the workload: radios and frequencies, and figuring out what to repeat back and what not to is gonna take some experience.  I hope the controllers weren't laughing too hard....

So far, up 'til now, I have done all my work at untowered (pilot controlled) airports, with one class D once as a touch and go.

I'm thinking it woulda been easier to start at a class C and go down to untowered places, rather than work up.

I'll get it, just more to learn.

Onward and upwards, as they say.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

"Be Worthy"

The best part of the message.

Be worthy of the citizens who you serve.

Damned skippy.

I think most of Washington has forgotten that.


I thought it was childish when Republicans boycotted Barry's State of the Union speech.

I think it is even more petty, childish, and immature today. They can't even articulate why beside "Trump!".

14 Democrats boycott Trump's first State of the Union speech.

Surely, at some point they have to act like adults, don't they? Weren't they taught how to behave? Or will they always act like immature 12 year old girls? 

Don't trust 'em, Donnie:

Ronnie Reagan trusted the rest of his Government when he went for Immigration Amnesty in 1986....And he got screwed. So did the American people.

There was no border security implemented (as promised)...none.  Few of the "legalized" illegals paid any fines, and few ever met any of the other requirements of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.

There were 4 million illegals when the act was signed.

Now we have 25 million illegals. No border security to speak of, and the Left (and some of the Right) has done their best to keep us from getting a border wall for the past 32 years. We have a greater problem with illegal immigrants now than we did then. And remember: 4 million or more got amnesty in 1986. So those 25 million (or more) are all new.

Mr Trump: DON'T TRUST 'em. Demand a COMPLETED wall before ANY other actions take place regarding immigration or Amnesty for ANY illegals. A wall must be completed as a precondition for all the other legislation to become law.


Don't trust anything else. Don't trust the congressmen (and women) on the Right, and SURE AS HELL don't trust the congresscritters from the Left.

They want the illegals so they get cheap labor (right) and more voters (left). More people to exploit.

Make 'em ante up first. Wall.

Monday, January 29, 2018

What does this tell you?

A paper published in the journal Royal Society Open Science reports that a group of researchers directed by James Barrett of the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research at the University of Cambridge, has radiocarbon dated 153 new finds, including arrows, tools, skis, rags, horse gear and “scaring sticks” (poles used in the hunting of reindeer).

According to Cosmos magazine , the objects were all unearthed from melting ice patches in the region of Jotunheimen and the surrounding mountain areas of Oppland in Norway. According to the experts, the dates shed new light on the occupation of the region, with the researchers concluding that the population and hunting practices in the area increased and decreased drastically in combination with the climate changes there. During periods of extreme cold for example, signs of human presence decrease, while they appear to return again in the warmer periods.

This find tells me that it was longa go, warm enough that people lived there, and worked there, and hunted there and grew crops there. Then it got cold enough that they all left and went somewhere else.

Then it warmed enough that someone else went and found all the stuff that they left behind that, until now, was covered with ice.

Therefore it has been both significantly colder there (In Norway), and significantly warmer. (Much like the rest of the earth).

"Global Warming" is bullshit, so is "Global Cooling", "Climate Change" is also a bunch of bushwah.

These cycles happened over and over in the past. The changes we see today are normal variations in climate.

All thse climate scientists should be shot for stealing money from governments and false reporting. 

Who is writing the script?

Seems that all of the DNC types, and a goodly percentage of the RNC types keep repeating the Mantra:

"A Border Wall isn't a good solution, we have Technology that is more effective"

"We have technical solutions which do a better job of keeping our border safe"

WTF? Cameras don't deter anyone. Nor do motion detectors. A physical barrier that is difficult to climb or go around, that is imposing and is hard to scale is a Great Solution. It may not stop everyone, but it WILL stop most.

The only technological solution  that is a deterrent is a minefield (which is also a barrier). The downside is the maintenance (and the fact that it kills people rather than just deterring them).

Spycams and motion detectors don't do anything unless you have the manpower to back it up and apprehend what/who the devices detect. We don't have that much manpower in Customs and Border Patrol.

But seriously: Who is writing the script that these congressweasels keep repeating? Someone is telling 'em what to say. They've been saying it for the past 30 years or so, (and fighting against a wall for all that time) and so far, I can't see that we have a better solution than a wall. Oddly, walls and fences work where we put 'em along the border near California and in some places in Texas....People have to go to other locations to cross.

Who is putting words in the mouths of our Senators? Who's paying 'em to repeat back that bullshit?  

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Spent a some bucks today

Turning left: Like NASCAR only in a 172S. 2 hours of flight time isn't cheap

2.1 and 14 landings.

Wind was calm, or nearly so. Temps were upper 30's. I had actually been hoping for the forecast winds for some crosswind practice, but it stayed calm.

I did 14 touch and go's.

Expensive practice.

Civil War

Via WRSA we get THIS: (And you really should , as they say, Read the Whole Thing)

It’s not a free country when FBI agents who support Hillary take out an “insurance policy” against Trump winning the election. It’s not a free country when Obama officials engage in massive unmasking of the opposition. It’s not a free country when the media responds to the other guy winning by trying to ban the conservative media that supported him from social media. It’s not a free country when all of the above collude together to overturn an election because the guy who wasn’t supposed to win, won.

We’re in a civil war between conservative volunteer government and leftist professional government.

The pros have made it clear that they’re not going to accept election results anymore. They’re just going to make us do whatever they want. They’re in charge and we better do what they say.

That’s the war we’re in. And it’s important that we understand that.

(see, that's how you give fair credit for an article, or a website, or even a photo that you found on someone else's website Not sure how they do it in Texas, but that's the way the rest of us do it)

Saturday, January 27, 2018

From the Pacific to the Gulf

Only then, when the wall is COMPLETED, will I support any legalization of the Dreamers and/or other action to legalize them.

Not "funded".
Not "Started".
Not "Materially complete".


No more lies nor broken promises, no more "drones" nor "Passive Sensors".

A. Fucking. WALL.

Only then can you ask me to support any other legislation which, in any way, legalizes even one single person who is here illegally.

Stop the influx. Stop the Chain Migration, the Diversity lottery and all the other shit that brings people in who aren't gonna make this their home....their nation....who won't fly the Flag of the United States as THEIR flag.

Then we can talk about the rest....When the Wall is COMPLETE.

And anyone who is legalized after that needs to pay a fairly hefty fine for being here illegally and can't vote for at least 10 years or 2 presidential election cycle, whichever comes first.

Make that happen, and I will give you my support.


(Nope, not Anti-Latino nor Anti-Hispanic. Just Anti-lawbreaking and anti-Illegal immigrant)

Boosting the Signal:

I found this article via Transterrestrial Musings....

I had to share it:

How is this not classified?” So exclaimed Hillary Clinton’s close aide and confidante, Huma Abedin. The FBI had just shown her an old e-mail exchange, over Clinton’s private account, between the then-secretary of state and a second person, whose name Abedin did not recognize. The FBI then did what the FBI is never supposed to do: The agents informed their interviewee (Abedin) of the identity of the second person. It was the president of the United States, Barack Obama, using a pseudonym to conduct communications over a non-secure e-mail system — something anyone with a high-level security clearance, such as Huma Abedin, would instantly realize was a major breach.

They couldn't prosecute Hillary without prosecuting (or at least exposing) Obama for the same crime. Which statute, BTW, doesn't not mention "intent" merely the "misuse or mishandling of Classified data or information"...Which includes ALL presidential communications.

Credibility gone

The below is supposed to be comedy, but it is, sadly, true

(got it in an email but it is all over the internet) 

Friday, January 26, 2018

I could go for this:

Trump to provide path for citizenship for Dreamers:

I'm sympathetic to the plight of the Dreamers, and would be more than willing to let them find a way to stay...

As long as we STOP the open borders and Chain colonization migration.

My only issue with these folks is that the, for the most part, don't seem to care about citizenship. They say the US is their home, but they don't ACT like it is. IF thy wish to make the US their home, and become citizens, then they might actually become loyal to the US and put the country first...

Stopping the influx of illegals over our southern border is a priority with me. (I still think if we'd tax monies (5%??) transferred from the US to Mexico and other Latin American countries we'd be able to pay for a goodly portion of the wall in about 10 years, but that's just my practicality speaking. I'd put up a wall and then a minefield, if it were up to me. )

Ending "chain Migration" is another.

So I could support this idea in principle. Haveta see the details.

ETA: Here are some more details:

I can still support it. As long as they fund the wall first. Then show me the chain migration legislation (and I want something without holes in it).

If they can do what they say, without the DNC folks watering it down, then I can still support it. Otherwise, no.

But the wall (completed) first. No more empty promises. The wall first, as a trigger for the rest.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Deep State

So yesterday (Tuesday).....While having lunch with a friend, I listened to a man  in the restaurant expound on the Deep State....You know, the ones who:

1. Covered for Hillary and Bill in all their misdeeds during Bill's term as president. (See also the definition of "Fostered").
2. Tried desperately to come up with some reason for Trump to not be eligible for election.
3. Tried to come up with false information to discredit him. Paid for by the FBI and State.
4. Colluded with each other to give Hillary an out for her misdeeds that came to light.
5. Accuse Trump of "Russian Collusion" while hiding Hillary's actual collusion with those same "Russians".

-....and about 6 or 7 other items that DO point to a conspiracy of entrenched bureaucrats. One that is now blatantly hiding evidence of their own misdeeds and ignoring requests from Congressional investigations. Blatantly.

And then he pointed out all the inconsistencies in the Kennedy Assassination, and how it couldn't have been Lee Harvey who did all of the shooting (which I do believe, Warren Commission notwithstanding) but rather the CIA under the command of the "Deep State".

He also mentioned Reagan and the oddly well-timed series of "missteps" by the Secret Service that day which allowed the attempt on his life by John Hinkley ........(and the commonalities between him and Oswald) in an attempt Reagan from doing what Trump wants to do today....

At first I was dismissive, but then I considered his statements and I couldn't help but think that there might be a bit of truth in the connection he claimed. The more I thought about it, the more disturbing it was.....I couldn't dismiss his statements.

I find that kinda scary, actually. Evidence does point in that direction. I cannot discount it. Is it possible (even likely) that there is a group of folks who, over the past 54 (or more) years, have twisted and (mis) guided and controlled our country's direction? I can't say "No" anymore.

I wish that I could laugh his statements off.....But I can't. Deeply entrenched Conspiracies??
But I can't laugh it away anymore.

And we are allowing these things to slide.

Yeah he might be crazy. I might be crazy. But that doesn't mean we are wrong......

If I only knew what to do about it. 


There's a Lot of it........Just not from the Russians:

Google, Apple, Comcast, Facebook and Amazon all set records for money spent on "lobbying".

Anyone really think that they don't influence elections (and legislators)? That they didn't "Collude" with elected officials to influence elections? To change the message presented to voters?

If you do, I have this neat bridge to sell you.

Small bills only, please,  and all that.....

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Fans of Science Fiction:


Is John Moses Browning's birthday.

Nearly every semi-automatic pistol sold today owes him for the operating mechanism it uses.

One wonders what he could do today in design with modern materials and metal manufacturing techniques....back then his designs were limited to "Start with a hunk of good quality steel (which wasn't that great by today's standards) and carve away everything that doesn't look like a gun part".

With today's steels, metals, manufacturing techniques, and modern polymers? What might he create?

An excellent ad:

An interesting point about the NRA

You should read it.


It would seem that there is no place for Wayne LaPierre in the NRA bylaws.

Found via Uncle

I wonder how long before they regret it?

Seems that there is a movement by Black Americans to help (or at least convince) other black people to move from the US to Somewhere Else because "Reasons". (The reason given is "In response to the recent rise in racism and the 2016 election, Blaxit has returned. We have built their civilization thanklessly, now it's time to build our own")

On the one hand, I would think that the standard of living in Angola could be pretty high if you have any reasonable amount of saving in US dollars.....But I doubt that it is a great place to live, when one looks at the crime stats and such. There may be opportunities for skilled workers in those countries, but there are just as many opportunities of you have skills here in the US.

And, despite what they claim, there are still better protections here in the us than anywhere else.

I hear they are accepting donations too, if that interests you....


Monday, January 22, 2018


So it is 2140 local.

"I think I'm gonna stop drinking coffee"

She looks up in alarm "Do you REALLY think that's a good idea? Someone might die."

"I mean for the evening"

Visibly relaxing "Oh, good". 

Funny how that works, Ain't it?

If it is a WHITE girl going with a Black man, then they seem to be OK with it.
So why not this way?  Malia is a Big Girl, she gets to make her own decisions.

(Hint: I really don't see the issue either way, if she's happy with her boyfriend, then what's the big deal????)

Seems that Racism is raising it's ugly head....only it isn't WHITE racists.

Read the comments in the article

So how many folks are gonna go to jail?

It seems that the NSA had a court order to preserve the data.

And didn't do it.

“NSA senior management is fully aware of this failure, and the Agency is committed to taking swift action to respond to the loss of this data.”

It was a mistake...and oversight.

I don't care.

Every person involved, every single one, should get jail time. Starting at Michael S Rodgers, and every deputy of his, manager, employee and any other person who was involved in the decision to cull the data. Each and every one gets criminal felony penalties for destruction of evidence and conspiracy to hide or destroy evidence. Loss of pension and position. Be barred from ever working for the Federal Government again, or holding a position where they might handle sensitive data. But jail time, and not in "Club Fed".

If I were doing the sentencing, I'd add in a good horsewhippin' as well. 


How did the Illegal Immigrant movement somehow gain such power over the Democratic Party that they are, in effect, saying"Fuck YOU" to the rest of their constituents over illegal immigration?

What hold do these folks have? They can't vote (yet, anyway, at least not legally) why does the DNC pander to their wishes? It is, really a significant part of why Trump got to the position he did. He was the only one who called it on Illegals.

So why does the DNC-type folks cling to this as their cause? Why do they say "fuck you" to to their rest of their constituents?

Inquiring minds and all that....


Very, very interestin' indeed:

Read this story. It ain't unpossible.


Just in case you don't know

Who your Congressmen and representatives are, you can find them here:

Who is my Representative?

I urge you to call and let 'em know what you think about this government shutdown. I am told that a call carries more weight than an email.

And, oddly, most Senate and Congressional Representative offices are still open during this shutdown.

(It ain't over, only pushed down the road a few weeks, so Make Those Calls!)

Of course even the NSA

Conveniently "loses" data when it is convenient .....

especially when it hinders an investigation of them.

There is, apparently, no integrity left in our Government agencies. (Not that any of us expected much). The sad part is, we (and out politicians) are allowing them to get away with it. 

Pretty sure they could ask the NSA

It is likely that THEY have the missing texts.

FBI "Fails to Preserve" 5 months of texts between anti Trump agents.

Funny how that happens innit?

Any credibility the FBI has left is rapidly vaporizing. 

Looks like things are kicking off "Hot" in Sweden:

Seems that the Muslim "youths" have formed gangs and are now actively taking on the police in Malmo and other cities. (Up 'til now they've been fighting each other, mostly). Seems that the public transport folks won't stop at certain train stations anymore, and there are something like 55 areas where even the police find to be "No Go" zones.

Apparently, the Swedes are considering bringing in their Army to deal with the issue......which is not good. The army is going to use a hatchet, not a scalpel. Likely to get really ugly.

The Swedes have taken nearly twice as many migrants per unit of native population as anyone else. Apparently they are starting to regret that.

I think that they, along with France, Germany, and Norway will soon learn the negatives of such actions.

Odd that you aren't hearing any of this from CNN or any of the other media, innit?

Poor misunderstood Muslim Children refugees......

Sunday, January 21, 2018

One wonders:

Just how long the "government Shutdown" would last if, since there is no funding for parts of the Government, we included the salaries of the Congressional and Senatorial aides and the Congressmen and Senators themselves. I'd bet that they'd get their shit together fairly quickly when their staff started whining

I mean, if we simply stopped paying the bar tab for the legislators they'd likely see it in a different light.....And I don't mean just the DNC folks.

Lying liars

and their Democratic lies:

Charges that this shutdown is the fault of Republicans, or that Democrats haven’t been part of the negotiations leading to the spending bill they rejected, are not true. Instead what’s obvious is that Democrats methodically engineered a situation where the government could shut down over the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

And the thing is, they GOT what they wanted on DACA, just not that AND no border security.

I think most of us are OK with the DACA folks, and the DREAMers getting some sort of accommodation for their status, we JUST WANT THE CONTINUED ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION TO STOP.

And the Democrats don't want that (and to be honest some of the RNC boys don't either). They'd prefer to use DACA to hide the fact that they won't see a penny spent on a border wall or other EFFECTIVE security.
They DNC folks would rather shut down the Federal Government (for whatever level of shutdown one might achieve) and cause great strife to our military and many government workers rather than play straight. And,at the end of the day, they don't care about those citizens they claim to represent at the expense of some illegal immigrant they've never heard of, who might someday vote  for them (or whose children might vote).

At the end of the day, we want a secure border. The rest is workable, but the lack of border security is irritating. 

The truth about the shithole outrage:

Can be found HERE

Which was stolen from HERE.

Or you can watch it right here:

(and for those of you in Central Texas, the above way is one good way to show attribution) 

And this is why gun registration.....

Is a Bad Thing.

They know that some folks have guns, they have a list.  In fact they have that list because folks took their time to register. Because "Safety".

So now those folks get a letter that says "If you have this device on the gun you registered, you had better turn it in (for no compensation) or face fines or prison or both".

Expect next that there will be mandatory inspections. Why not? They banned an item that was once legal,,,,

Then, soon, because they have that list, the next letter: You firearms is now banned and therefore you must turn it in as well. Because "Assault Rifle" Again: for "safety".

And what are you gonna do about it? You gonna die for an AR? How about a Bump Stock? How about when they say anything with a magazine that holds more than 5 rounds? 2 rounds? Only single shot? Only shotguns? Where is the line?  And remember, they have a list, so they know....and with "universal background checks" they know if you sold it to someone else....or bought one from someone else.....And they know where to come to take it.

They won't come for you all at once, but they will nibble about the edges, first.

All because they "registered" that gun for "safety".

Think about it.

A final thought: If you think it's time to bury 'em, it is really time to dig 'em up and USE THEM.

A thought:

There are two types of people in this world.
1) Those that can extrapolate from incomplete data

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Top. Men. (link fixed)

Security in Ohare and other Chicago airports is airtight.

For a given level of airtight, that is:

She did it AGAIN: Woman gets past TSA without a ticket and boards flight from Ohare to London. Is returned when she can't get past Customs and Immigration 'cause she has no passport.

Layers and layers of Security. Top. Men are working to keep us safe. (did you know that having a High School diploma isn't a requirement to be a TSA agent?)

I feel much safer now. At least our airlines are secure...

For some odd reason, Google seems to be breaking the links to articles lately.
Perhaps I should post direct copy/paste links at the bottom of my postings?

One year ago today:

Hillary Clinton did not become President.

And that doesn't suck. 


Will be at the Crown Point gunshow today.

Selling raffle tickets.

(And I will, of course, offer a reward for lost BMW keys) .

Get your tickets from me! I sold 2 of the 3 winners the last two years. 

Friday, January 19, 2018

It would seem to me

That if the Congress and Senate feel that shutting down the government (by not funding it) is that trivial, then they also believe that most of the Government is not really needed.

I mean, if they can shut it down that easily, then they must not think much of all those departments, eh? 

Thursday, January 18, 2018

And they breed

Went to the bank Wed.

Withdrew $200....

Asked for small bills.

The teller said "They are all the same size".  And she held up a $1 and a $100. Sure enough, they were the same size.

I asked for twenties. Easier that way.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Amazin', innit?

So....when you let folks (or corporations) keep their profits (or at least more of them) then they choose to invest in the United States, instead of keeping those profits out of the reach of the greedy bureaucrats at the US Treasury, and the Federal Government in general..

Apple to repatriate $252.3 billion (yes, with a "B") and pay a one time tax payment of $38 billion (again, with a "B")...and will create approximately 20,000 jobs here in the US...and will spend about $30 billion (there's that "B" again) in the US. 

Lots of money and lots of jobs, and lots of investment.....which equates to lots of construction jobs and other jobs when they spend that $30 Billion dollars over the next five years.....

And all 'cause now the US isn't taking too much of their money. Strange, that....

That's a Big snapper:

No, I mean a REALLY big snapper.

Apparently the cold in Arkansas is causing the wildlife to do strange things to survive.

Where Dick Durbin admits he's a traitor

He'd rather represent foreign invaders (not immigrants) than the people who elected him to represent their interests.

If the DNC (or RNC) would run anyone who didn't appear to be less smart than the south end of a northbound horse against him, they could replace him.

But then again, the DNC wants all these new voters, don't they? 

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Think it's cold where you are?

Wimp. Pussy.


There is no way I would live there. Maybe if you kept me in prison.

But -88 F is just too cold.
Screw that.

Ninth Circle and all that. 

Pretty much the way I see it too:

They are testing their systems for when it gets real. I think he is right. Once is happenstance twice is coincidence(maybe). If there is a third time.....

If you don't have some preparations in place, think hard about getting some. A few weeks of food and some water will go a long way towards giving you more options than most folks. Even a few flats of cans of beans and a few pounds of rice will go very far, and they buy you the most important thing in a crisis: The time to consider your situation and plan for what is next. Most people will not have that luxury because they are stupid. Don't be them.

And, if you are smart, a plan for, and the tools to, defend your stash from those folks who are unable or unwilling to plan ahead. 

Proving how disconnected they are

Seems that the Lincoln Navigator has been named the 2019 Truck of the Year.

Have ya seen the thing?

It ain't a truck, it is a glorified (if nicely outfittted) SUV/Station Wagon. Lots of nice goodies, but not a truck. An expensive and somewhat capable luxury car that rides poorly.

Shows the difference between the city folks and real folks. Folks who think Style is more important that, you know, function.

Monday, January 15, 2018

It occurred to me today:

That the Rev. Martin Luther King would likely be very disappointed in what the Black rights/Civil Rights movement has become, and the general attitudes of black people in general and especially the ends pf the spectrum....powerful and wealthy, and poor and undeducated, have become.

He'd likely be ashamed of the movement and his people today.

And lets not get into what the CULTURE has morphed into.

Yeah, I'm white and yeah, I know the above makes me "Raciss"...but at least I can both pronounce and spell "Racist" correctly.

If this offends you, then you are a part of the problem. 

One would think she'd choose better:

So, in preparation for the move, I was helping my brother on Thursday....and as happens to people who use their hands, I took a chunk out of the edge of one finger with a chisel that slipped. Not a big deal, a bit of blood and a curse and all good. Except this was right at a joint, so despite the fact that I clot quickly, it kept breaking open.

Being as it was a new house, no one living there yet, no bandaids, so a bit of paper toweling and some of his finest Scotch 33 tape (only the good stuff , not Jap Wrap) and I'm not bleeding all over his new floor anymore. We finish that job and move to another.

Later that day, I leave to go to a Dentist appointment.

The dental assistant, a nice young lady, asks what is up with my stylish tape on my hand?

I explained how I got the tape, and why.

"My boyfriend would not be able to keep working if that happened to him, he can't take blood, he'd have to go home" She said. "He'd never just tape it up and keep on working...He's not very tough"

I (probably wisely) refrained from pointing out that she needed to find a more manly boyfriend, (seeing as how she would soon be probing onside my mouth with sharp objects....) Perhaps one with a set of cojones putting some testosterone in his blood.....

But seriously, WTF? Why do women go with, and stay with, such wimpy men? One would think she'd want someone tough enough to deal with a very minor injury, and manly enough to suck it up and keep working.

Perhaps he's "sensitive to her needs" or something?

Why would women, seemingly intelligent, want such a wimp? I thought they'd want tough manly men, not pussified ones.
Or is this the new Millennial womanhood? "I am Woman, hear me squeek."  Mates as weak and soft as they are? Raising children to be as weak as they?


MLK day is actually being celebrated on.....MLK day! It is, actually his birthday on the day it is celebrated instead of kinda-sorta close to that day.....

Usually it is just whatever Monday is closest so that Government employees and leeches (but I repeat myself) get a three day weekend......Which always seemed to me to weaken the impact and import of the holiday and doesn't really honor the person that the holiday is supposed to honor.

Pick the day, and celebrate it when it actually happens. Or not. But the holiday isn't just another excuse for a three day weekend. 

Sunday, January 14, 2018

At 5:30 AM it got real.... Solo time:

That's when I woke up and realized that today was the day that I solo;

First time in a week that I could fly (the eather in NW Indiana isn't always cooperative in winter)
It was cold (-5 F) and calm. Like perfectly calm.

So at 7 AM they unlocked the doors and I preflighted the plane. The last user had overtightened the oil cap, but other than that, the plane was good. (I loosened it using a pair of pliers from my toolbox ...oil level was good).

Then a quick flight check with the Chief Instructor. 2 stalls, some slow flight, an engine out procedure, and a landing...then another landing. First one was flat, second one was a go around (my choice) and then a really smooth landing. Touched down as the stall horn went off, exactly where I wanted.

Taxi back to the barn, turn around, he got out, and I taxied back to the hold short line for 18.

Now it REALLY got real. No one next to me. No safety net.

and I called for departure on 18 on CTAF, and warned everyone:

"Look out above,
Watch out below:
Y'all better be ready,
Here I go. "

and with that, I did my first ever solo takeoff .
Around the pattern....
And landing.

Was OK, the second landing was better than the first, and then a third one which was ok.

Then back to the barn and parked it.

Like most first times, it went too fast...

Maybe video later if I can get it off the camera.

ETA: Can't seem to get any good clips from the GoPro, so none at this time.

And yes, I did transmit that. Figured I'd better warn everyone.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

I'll be damned

Everyone showed up to help with the move. Plus some brought their kids or whatever.

If it is possible to have too much help, today was that situation.

Moving an entire household took LESS than 3 hours.

We spent the rest of the time putting beds and such back together and unpacking shit.

Moving day:

Today is moving day for my brother.

Let us hope that all the 14 people that promised to help actually show up.

2 LARGE trailers, 1 medium. 10 miles.

If everyone shows up, maybe 3 hours. If not....

And I got a phase check tomorrow at 7 AM. If the weather holds, I will fly.

Hope I can walk.... 

Friday, January 12, 2018

So TSA agents are not only bullies and cowards

They are, apparently, also totally STUPID.

Via Wirecutter:

This Sorority Girl Tried To Show Some School Spirit And Accidentally Pissed Off The TSA

Hassled, searched and reprimanded for a hand gesture. 

Hit him

Good point

Joe asks:

"We all know many of you who are now in the throes of vapor swoons over this comment secretly call those Third World shitholes..."shitholes". 
Your outrage is that Trump said it.
No? How many of you are saving up your cash to take a dream vacation to Haiti or El Salvador or Uganda?
That is what I thought."

And right there is the issue. If (and it is unlikely) those folks most outraged have ever been to any of those places referred to as Shitholes (if that is what was said), then they went from an airport to a resort (where it was inexpensive because labor was cheap) and likely never saw any of the country. And I doubt that any of them have ever visited Hati or any other true shithole. 

Odd, that:

Make it worthwhile for a company to stay or return to the US, and they do.....

Fiat Chrysler will move Ram Heavy Duty truck manufacturing back to Michigan from Mexico.

"FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne says the company should adjust its manufacturing footprint to reflect “improvement in the U.S. business environment.”"

MAGA and all that. But, at the end of it all, the economic policies make it worthwhile to bring that production back to the US.

A long time ago I did work for a subcontractor  that made wiring harness testers for Ford. The Ford folks hated the fact that they had production in Mexico....the workers sucked, the plant was shit and they wished they could afford to move the pant back. But they couldn't, due to Clinton policies. Bush didn't fix that, and neither did Clinton.

Economic policy dictates where Big Business (and the small businesses that supply and support them) locate.

Now, look what is happening

AAAAND this is why

Puerto Rico was a shithole even before the hurricane devastated what they had.

And why half the island is still without power.

One wonders, were they planning on selling the supplies and equipment for profit?
(The Governor, of course,  is investigating )

Note that half the powerline workers are (or WERE) waiting on parts and pieces so they can get the job done.

The problem (as we see once again) with Puerto Rico is the Puerto Ricans....and their Government.

Via Elmtree Forge

Thursday, January 11, 2018

CBS can't use the word "Shithole" in their reporting

Seems that the fainting flowers at CBS are afraid to use the word that President TheDonald used to describe some third world countries from which many immigrants are coming.....In particular African countries, El Salvador and Hati. "Shithole"...which adequately and somewhat accurately describes  portions of some of those countries....The thing that gets me is that that is exactly what they mean when they say "Third World" but when they can bias their coverage and (breathlessly) NOT say the word in order to twist what he said....

Note: he was asking WHY we should protect immigration numbers from these countries and not promote immigration from places like Norway....Which to their minds, means "White", rather than "First World".

And why shouldn't we promote immigration from places where people are literate, clean, disease free, skilled and whose values closely approximate those of the US? Why should we "protect" immigration from places where the population hates OUR culture, where diseases are rampant, where there are few (or no) skills, where the immigrants fail to assimilate and dislike and do not want to learn the culture of the US?

The bias of the media becomes ever more plain. 

Thank you Barry

(and the DNC).

I no longer have the same Doctor.

My health insurance cost has gone up by a factor of five:
My deductible has gone from $500 per year to 5 times that.
I no longer have vision insurance.
I have less access to care than I did before your wonderful "Affordable Health Care Act".

I know of NO ONE who is better off now than they were then. No one. Not even the "Poor" people. Even they have lost out in this.

So, from the Heart of my Bottom, I would like to say Thanks, you assholes.


So when, exactly, are laws upheld?

So if your actions are illegal, but "correct" in the political hysteria climate....and fits the prejudices of the DA.....One can get away with breaking the law.

Durham DA will not pursue Felony charges in toppling of statue

Does this mean that I can start trashing statues of MLK? (No, I wouldn't, even if I could)

(One wonders if RACE had a role to play here? 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

It occurs to me

That Oprah's embracing of the "#MeeToo/TimesUp movement will prevent her from being elected President. Not because she is necessarily anti male, but because of what the #Movement will morph into.

Ultimately, it will become a monster from which nearly every woman (except the man hating Feminists) will distance herself. But by then, it will be too late for Oprah.

We shall see. 


So, I'm still waiting:

When will there be charges posted against the Federal Prosecutors in the Bundy Trial? Why are they not currently disbarred? (or in proceedings for such?)

How about those FBI who willfully chose to lie under oath? Why aren't they charged? Under suspension as well?

Any supervisors of those agents and prosecutors should have all their Emails subpoenaed to determine if they were aware of the malfeasance....and if they were involved. Did they condone or order the behavior? How about their bosses?

We should be working our way up the chain of management to root out this rot....Gut them if we need to. Ultimately, the agencies need cleansing....That this behavior happened at all, for any reason, shows that.

So much for oaths. So much for "Sworn" officers. So much for the "Fidelity", "Integrity" parts of the FBI motto.
So now we have 2 instances of the FBI lying and subverting investigations. Manufacturing and/or withholding evidence.....failing their oaths.

I have known a fair number of FBI agents. They may have been foolish, uneducated, idiotic, shortsighted and just plain dumb sometimes....But the ones I knew were honest, at least. The New FBI? I cannot say....I do know that whatever they say I will not believe without corroborating evidence. 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Here's a hint:

All you assholes who think a tax cut for nearly everyone is a Bad Idea:

Fuck you. If you want more money in the treasury, feel free to write a check.

Feel free to reduce your lifestyle and level of living to the subsistence level.

Then write a check for the difference between your needs and your income.

Make it out to "US Treasury".

Until you do that, shut up.


So I had the occasion to talk about the "SWAT" shooting (that I posted about here) with an ex cop.

His take: "Dude didn't obey orders, so the shooting is justified".

I pointed out that dude had no idea what was going on, and WAS ON HIS FRONT PORCH..... that some folks he couldn't identify (maybe) shouted at him from across the street....that he was at least 30 yards (more like 60) away from the cops that had cover.

His take: If a cop tells you to do something, you'd better do it so you don't get shot".

I pointed out that it wasn't like a cop was, you know, on the uniform, giving the orders.

His response: "I don't know, I haven't seen the video".

I then asked, if he hadn't seen the video, how could he judge?

"Doesn't matter, it just matters what the cop on the scene thought. If he thought the dude was a threat, then the shooting was justified."

I pretty much pulled back from the conversation at that point, 'cause it wasn't gonna go anywhere.....

His parting shot? "If you see a cop at 2 am in your bedroom, you'd better do what he says or you could get shot....and that is justified too."

I refrained from pointing out that ANYONE in my bedroom uninvited at 2 AM is probably also gonna get shot...I also refrained from asking him who he, or any cop, was that they thought they were justified in giving me orders?

But if cops really think this way, or even a significant fraction (by "significant", I mean like more than 2%)  of them do, how can we be safe around them? If all they need to be "justified" (at least in their minds) to use deadly force is that they think anyone is a threat, then how can we let them interact with the rest of us? I, as a concealed carry holder have much more stringent rules than that for using deadly force, shouldn't the "trained professionals" have at least as stringent rules of engagement?

More importantly, should we allow officers with that mindset to, you know, police the rest of us?

Monday, January 8, 2018

Have ya noticed????

How there are lots of articles lately trying to whitewash the past actions of the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (and explosives now too)) and how now they are unable to do their (self defined) job because they are terribly underfunded and all?

Someone who wasn't paying attention might think that the ATF has some pull with some folks in the Media and is trying to keep the agency from disappearing altogether or something...or at least gain funding.

'Bout time:

Cliven Bundy walks free as federal judge dismisses Bundy Ranch standoff case

I never did see what they though he had done wrong, except defy the Feds.

Now, when will we see charges against the Federal lawyers for Malfeasance and Prosecutorial Misconduct?

(And then those Federal officers who threatened all those protesters with firearms?)

Sunday, January 7, 2018

You'd never be able

to sleep, nor would you ever not have to have your head on a swivel.

I'd find a way to finish you. And it wouldn't be quick,

Man wrongly taken into custody, forced to take antipsychotic drugs, attorney says

Found at Elmtree Forge

I've known some this tough

And yes, you'd better believe that they were nobody to mess with.

Some little old ladies are just that kind of bad-ass even when they are old.

Nearly 100 year old woman huntress bags a deer. She turns 100 on Tuesday.


Joe is absolutely right.

If the Feds wanna say they can regulate pot, then why don't they regulate the sales (and availability) of booze? Why can i buy it here in Indiana in a bar, but not in a package store on Sunday? Hows come I can buy it in Illinois on a Sunday but not in Indiana? How about county to county in Kaintuky? Some places you can buy it, some places you can't. States rights mean something.

The way I see it, the Feds can prevent inter-state commerce, but not in-state commerce. This is, again, a States Rights issue.

And, as stated in the linked commentary, the best way for the GOP type folks to retain power is to let this allow the STATES to make their choice.

But, realize that one cannot have the Feds stay out of pot and booze, and yet require Federal reciprocal carry rights.  Pick one way or the other.

He's got a point:

If you don’t feel the need to carry a gun because you believe the government will keep you safe, why do you care if I or anyone else decides to Carry a gun? If anyone tries to harm you, the government will stop it right? 🤷🏾‍♂️ Where Is your faith in government?

Colion Noir @MrColionNoir

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Seen on Facebook:

It is rumored that it is so cold in Massachusetts that Elizabeth Warren now claims to be an Eskimo. 

Friday, January 5, 2018

And why didn't we hear about this "investigation" during the election:

Who ordered the investigation stopped? Why?

The FBI has been investigating the Clinton Foundation for months, reviving a probe that was dialed back during the 2016 campaign amid tensions between Justice Department prosecutors and FBI agents about the politically charged case, according to people familiar with the matter.

Why did they stop investigating "dial back" during the presidential campaign?

Why are we only now hearing about this investigation, rather than during the campaign?
One wonders why it was stopped...Did the FBI think the case about the classified emails/Unsecured server would put her away (It should have, she WAS guilty, and folks have gone to prison for lesser failures with classified info)??? Or did someone...say a guy with big ears who lives in a pale house near a swamp, order Comey and his minions to stop? Perhaps it happened after another "chance meeting" with Loretta Lynch or something. One wonders what leverage the Clintons had over the higher ups in the Justice department.....Were they afraid of being "Fostered"? I cannot find any other reason as to why they would have stopped it.

I still want to know where the press was regarding this investigation before the election, and who ordered them to keep it quiet.

And I want to know why the FBI agents kept it quiet too? They talk about every other investigation, why keep mum on this one?

Weather is screwing with me...But I am getting there nonetheless.

So I was supposed to fly Wednesday. Nope. snow squalls all day, bad viz. So, no flying. It was, of course, clear and nice at my house, 9 miles away....

Same same today. Clear and sunny at my home, viz in excess of 10 miles, unlimited ceiling. But to the east, Lake Effect snow. Viz 1/2 to 3/4, ceiling at 1700. So no flaying at 10 AM.

So I cancelled flying at 10. At 3 pm, it was awesome clear and smooth and no clouds or haze. I went up and did stalls and steep turns and slow flight and then some some landings. Winds 310 at 12 gusting 22.... So runway 27. First approach, wind gust picked me up a quarter mile off the end of the runway. I chose to go around, even though I could have used some more of the 7000 foot runway to set down. Trying to learn to make good decisions.

Second landing was a bit flat, but not too bad. The wind dropped me at the last minute, but I was correcting for it and was prepared for it. I'm actually not having to THINK about it, I am just doing the corrections.

3rd landing was just about perfect.
4th was perhaps the best I've ever done. Just touched on the upwind wheel and then the downwind. If you'd had a cup of coffee it wouldn't have spilled. Didn't even squawk the tires, just a rumble to show I was down.

5th was smooth, but not as smooth as the 4th one.

Taxi back and call it good.
0.9 for the day.

I did learn how much fun a snow covered taxiway can be though.

Gonna do it again today. 

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Not ready for prime time.

So all these folks pushing for electric cars: You know, Coal powered cars.

I actually took the time to look at electric cars: Not the expensive Teslas, but the Leafs and the Bolts and the Mitsubishi IMiEV (I tried to get some specs on the Fords, but their web pages either won't load or go to an error page...I finally gave up, so I can't comment on them).

I thought , Hey, much (90+%) of the time we go less than a hundred miles in a day, total, so why not check them out? Might save us a bit of cash, fuel wise, and we'd still have the other car for those longer trips......And the truck to carry anything heavy, long or large.

Ultimately, it comes to this: One can get a small (very small) car for about $30,000 after incentives....government rebates, power company rebates, etc. About $10K off the actual price. One with not a whole lot of features...(the features are available, but at a higher $5-$7 K more). Less room than most cars, even less cargo capacity. Performance that is not bad, but not great. Of course, the Bolt has a backup camera washer jet that is kinda cool, but not enough to offset the other negatives....

Charge time is more than overnight for most cars from full to empty; at least 6 hours for a half full battery, which only gives you about 100 miles range, tops.

So one gets a smaller car, with less performance, long refuel times, at a cost that is about 25% higher than an equivalent (or even nicer) gasoline fueled car....And a gas or diesel car can be refueled to full 250+ mile range in 10 minutes or so...

And in addition to that inconvenience, one must drive the car for about 45,000 miles to make up the difference in cost....yep, 45,000 miles to break even cost wise. And that isn't figuring any resale value (which seems to be much less for full electric cars). And that isn't counting the cost of the home charger and installation, either, nor the cost of the actual electricity to charge the car.


More money, less car, less range, less convenience, for no monetary savings for at least 4 years for the average person (12K miles per year)...Not counting depreciation and resale losses.

Why should we buy these cars the "green" folks want us to? Less (much less), for more money?

And they are still coal powered cars! Somehow their CO2 savings calculations never take that into account. most of your electrical power still comes from burning a hydrocarbon of some kind....

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Thinking out loud here:

Now, up front, I gotta say that I know, and have known, a lot of cops who were and/or are good people, decent police officers and good examples of what a cop should be. This is not directed towards them nor those who are like them.....although, they do allow the bad ones to wear the same uniforms, so I can't tell them apart.......And in most incidents, I have been inclined to give cops the benefit of the doubt when it comes to second guessing their actions....


What would happen, if each time a cop shot an innocent......and got away with it.....I'm not meaning where there is any way to give the cop the benefit of the doubt, but like the last two incidences I posted where a cop shot a man for doing nothing....where the cops were so concerned about their safety that they couldn't use a reasonable set of tactics to secure the person ....

What if....?

What if people of the family of the person slain by the cops were to exact revenge?....Say my brother is shot in a similar incident...... Say he was the dude on the porch in the last SWATting incident....and say the cop(s) get clean away with it in a hearing because they claim it was a "furtive movement" or  "appeared to reach for the waist" or somesuch....
And then, say, I were to resolve the issue by revenging my brother's death (Not saying I would, and not suggesting that people should either) ...from up close on the street, or from 600 or more yards away. (I have the skills for either method of revenge, and enough ways to probably prevent incarceration, should it come to do many of my acquaintances).
If enough of us started doing that: taking cops who killed innocents from the gene pool entirely or at least out of circulation............would the cops start thinking twice if they got got put in prison by the courts or if the rest of us started taking them out? (In the olden days, apparently,  one could hire such work out, if one knew the right people....) Would the cops begin spending a few moments deciding to actually do their jobs rather than shoot first so that all cops get to "go home safe" at night? (even though being a cop isn't in the top 20 of dangerous professions, BTW....and "Going Home Safe" isn't a part of their job description)You really should read the article at that link. Or would these folks who took the job as a cop because they thought it would be easy and would give them power over their fellow citizens find another profession?

Seriously: how do we ENcourage good behavior and DIScourage the referenced bad behavior.....
Wwhat happened to cops I knew when I was growing up that weren't so pants pissing afraid of everyone that they just shot people instead of, you know, doing their jobs?? Why aren't those "GOOD" cops doing something to get these deadly dangerous cops out of their departments?

If cops get to shoot people because they are afraid of them, next time a cop makes an intimidating or threatening movement near me, do I get to shoot him or her preemptively?

The forecast was wrong

It were actually -14 F last night.

Which is, really, a pretty significant amount of error.

Monday, January 1, 2018

But it's a DRY cold...

-10 degrees on the Fahrenheit scale tonight. (For you folks whose countries have never put a man on the moon or sent an interstellar probe beyond Saturn, that is -23 C)

Which is pretty much plain old "fucking cold" no matter what you measure it in. Kelvins or Rankines or Delisles or whatever.
Even Harold the outdoor cat wants to come in when it gets that cold. He's ensconced happily in the barn right now in a warm box out of the wind.

Gotta feel sorry for the deer and the other denizens of the forest when it gets that cold. Plus real wind for even more chill tonight

Don't wanna confuse WEATHER with CLIMATE (I've seen it colder here in winter, and much warmer too), but I wants me some Glowball Warming right now

Pretty much don't need a trial here, do we?

That guy who the cops shot in Wichita? You know, the one who got "SWATTED"?

HERE is the video.

Notice how far away the cops were from the suspect. If (and it was, at that point, an IF) the dude had had a handgun in his waistband, he wasn't much of threat to cops that far away and behind the cover of vehicles. I dislike second guessing cops, but here, it is obvious. I'll call it a really bad shoot. No matter what the circumstances leading up to it, this was a bad thing.

Notice how clearly lit the scene was. (yes, that was sarcasm)

Notice the "movement".

I can, now that I have the video, call it murder.

Remember, these folks are "professionals"....."Trained to handle firearms". (Yes, that was also sarcasm)...."The only ones that should be allowed to have guns" and all that.

I am beginning now to see why so many cops were against the mandatory BodyCams.