Tuesday, September 30, 2014

How many?

How many people were exposed to him on his route from LIBERIA TO TEXAS?

A patient in a Dallas hospital has been confirmed to have the deadly Ebola virus

How many on the planes, how many on the public transportation he may ahve used...How many did he pass in the street.....Waiting outside of the emergency room?

Now apparently Ebola isn't that easy to get. Maybe. But it is not something to ignore. A man came into the United States with it. From literally the other side of the world. Carried a deadly disease. Nothing stopped him from re-entering the country.

Think about the implications there. He flew from a country where the disease is rampant and yet there were no barriers to his entry into this country.


Got facemasks and gloves? Hand sanitizer?

If not, get 'em soon before the rush. 

'Cause if there is a second case found, there won't be any available.

So it came up in conversation....

as part of that conversation, the statement was made to me that "You don't like cops".

I was, to be honest, a bit surprised...."But look at what you post!", they said.

For the record:
I neither like nor dislike cops. I think that they do a really tough job, and some of it is dealing with terribly nasty and ugly people. And for those who DO THEIR JOB WELL (which, for the record, I believe is a majority of cops) I have a great deal of respect.

However, I am very critical of men and women who have life or death powers, who have arrest powers, who can literally shoot you or me and be excused for their actions, who do their job poorly, or who have a bad attitude about those citizens (note: Cops too are citizens) whom they police. I dislike and am critical about policemen (and women, but from this point I will use the all encompassing "Policemen" as representing all genders) who are abusive of the powers they are granted as EMPLOYEES of our society. They are not lords over the rest of us, nor should they be given special treatment just because they are police. In fact, I strongly believe that they should be held to a HIGHER standard of behavior simply because of the job they do and the powers that they are given. Further, should they break laws, they should be punished to a greater level that those other citizens who they police...simply because they have violated the trust we as a society place in them.

I believe that too many policemen are unsuited for the job, being psychologically unable to wield the power they have in a benign manner. Too many are bullies, either as their normal psychological profile or from just plain job fatigue. Either way, cops shouldn't be, or act like, bullies. I know they train cops today that "If you aren't in control, you are under control", but they don't have to act like assholes in every interaction.

Here is a bit of advice for cops:

I believe that respect is earned, and that unless all police hold each other to a high standard (rather than make excuses for their fellow officers' bad behavior, as happens so often) that the respect that police officers need and want will never be forthcoming. Also, respect begets respect, and if you knock on a door or come to a car and act like an arrogant ass, you'll be treated like one more often than not. (and yes, it does work both ways, I understand that...but clamping down hard in every interaction with normal citizens just makes us mad, does not generate fear, and especially does not generate respect) Police men and women need to police their own ranks strenuously FIRST, with as much (if not more) vigor than they do the rest of the society they watch. How I interact with the next cop will likely be a result of how my previous interactions with police went.

Policemen are peace officers....not soldiers. Yes, there are situations which require that they act like soldiers, but not everyday, and not in every encounter. Wanna be treated with respect? Dress like a cop, not door-kicker in a place like Kabul or Falujah. Yes, wear protective gear, but DON"T LOOK LIKE A SOLDIER! LOOK LIKE A COP. Dump the Tactical Tommy look, especially the black uniform with the silver badges.... especially when you are on patrol.  Everyone you meet isn't planning on killing you. Yes, you need to be careful, but.......

If you are so afraid that each stop you make is going to result in your death that you treat each and every traffic stop as if there were guns poking out of the car windows....then you need to find another profession. Yes, being a cop is dangerous, and you should be careful...and believe it or not, I too want you to come home after every shift to you family safe and sound....but really. Approaching each stop and every citizen you interact with with fear and treating them as if they each were a killer like John Dillinger is both insulting to us and bit frightening as well. Relax a bit. We aren't all recently escaped from prison. If you are that afraid, then find another job. Seriously.

Remember, the people you interact with aren't all criminals.... don't treat everyone you meet like that 3rd time loser you saw yesterday. We aren't all on drugs, aren't all thieves, and we aren't all recently paroled. Yes, I realize that many of the folks you interact with are like that, but not all of us are. Some of us haven't committed any crimes. Threatening to "run my sheet" just makes me angry, or amused, depending, as I have no "sheet". Treating me as if I were recently paroled just makes me angry. Threatening me with arrest because I am not compliant enough makes me angry enough to make a complaint.

Remember that pesky Constitution. Yes, it gets in your way sometimes. But it is what stands between US and being a Banana Republic. Respect it. Deal with the limitations if puts upon you and your job. If you can't accept that, or find it too inconvenient and are willing to ignore it, then you are in the wrong profession. 

Be ethical in how you treat people. Yes, I understand that you are busy, and frustrated and tired. I understand that it has been a long week....and that you pulled a double...Still. Treat us well. We are, after all, the folks you chose to serve. Be nice and respectful and professional. It will help with some of us. Don't cut corners. Here is a hint: If you want us to do something, explain why, if possible. Don't bark orders. I don't work for you and am not under your power.  Ask.  Politely.  You'll find that most of us will cooperate. You can always go to being an asshole, but it is hard to back up from that once you've gone there. Try nice first...Remember, we aren't subject to your orders.

Pay attention to the above, and for those of us that aren't bad guys or troublemakers, you'll have a more pleasant interaction, as will we. Less stress for both of us. More respect for you.

Try it. You'll be pleasantly surprised most of the time.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Must have been visiting Columbian hookers....

'Cause the Secret Service bodyguards who were SUPPOSED to be guarding the white house appeared to be asleep at the switch.

I mean, dude not only climbed the fence (I've been there... and if I remember correctly, it isn't a small nor easily scalable fence) but ran about 75 yards to the **UNLOCKED** doors.....then ran inside and "overpowered" the female Secret Service agent inside the building.....Because SHE wasn't alerted due to a "Muted" alarm inside the doors...

WTF? Just phoning it in there, folks? My understanding is that there are rooftop snipers on each face of the building.....and even if they are just observers, not snipers, climbing the fence takes time, running 70+ yards takes time...and the door being unlocked? The alarm muted?

Why bother? If you can fail that badly as a team, then really, why bother to even show for work?

Sunday, September 28, 2014

I thought it was only in Chicago

Where the dead often are reanimated at election time ...

But apparently it is happening everywhere.

Not just Africa, with Ebola victims, but Now Greece as well:

"Cancer victim came back to life".

Now, this is probably bullshit, but coupled with the other incidents one might begin to wonder.

Headshots. Practice your headshots.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Why I carry # 439

 Religion and Beheading attacks?

Seems that the guy who attacked his coworkers in Oklahoma (and coincidentally )DECAPITATED a front office worker WAS A RECENTLY CONVERTED MUSLIM who had tried to convert his coworkers....

Now it COULD be that he simply wanted to kill people and  in the doing so accidentally decapitated a woman in the violence attack. Maybe. But I doubt it.


Of course, the press doesn't seem to be able to show that the guy who ended the attack was a CCW holder, (and where they are admitting it, they are downplaying it heavily and calling his a deputy....He WAS a Reserve Deputy, but was just a CCW holder in a private workplace in this instance)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Time to practice

Your headshots
(but don't use too much ammo!!! You might need it!)

Ebola patients "Rise from the dead".

(Not that I think we have to worry, but still....)


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Y'all take a minute

and go to Og's site and give him some support.

He needs it today. 

He and Mrs. Og are some tough-as-nails people, but this sort of thing will hurt anyone. My prayers are with them.

You either understand, or you don't.

It is sad that their lives are so short.

Jesus H tapdancing

Keeryst on roller skates!

Yesterday was a doozy. A real big one.

Today doesn't look any better. What with contractors, repairmen, Alarm specialists, Calls to the telephone switch folks, remediation/restoration "specialists", phone calls to schedule more, (and I still haven't heard from the insurance adjuster) It was a real fun day.

Today don't look much better either.

Yes, posting has suffered. Life is like that. Gotta deal with my livelihood first.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Talking ot an older man today

ANd he pointed out that when he was young, a newspaper only cost a nickle, rather than the $2.00 it is today.

I replied that today, the newspaper is still only worth a nickle.....

He agreed.

A cop who gets it.

There is a lot more in this article than just the militarization of the police, but at least one cop has figured out why they aren't seen as the good guys anymore.....

If you have cop friends, you should show this to them. Might make 'em understand.

If they care, that is.....Many won't.

Power grab:

Are you aware that the EPA has defied the Supreme Court and intends to institute new regulations that make it possible for them to claim jurisdiction over nearly and body of water and nearly any land that has water on it, over which water flows...even water is only flowing over it sometimes (like a drainage ditch during heavy rains)? Even water that runs into a storm sewer (because it eventually ends up in some kind of waterway), so is therefore part of the "navigable Waterways"

That this ruling would allow them to define what improvements a landowner could do to their own property...if said property or improvements are within 500 feet of any land that ever has or once did or might have in the future water flowing over it.....A homeowner could not build a deck or a building, or even a sandbox, or remove a tree or dig a hole without permission and a permit and permission from the EPA. 

A farmer could not use water in a lake (that he owns and which is entirely on his property) to irrigate or to water cattle....even if the lake or pond was built expressly for that purpose....no matter how long it has been in existence.

That the EPA defines very broadly what "Navigable Waters" are...to include that shallow 4" deep stream that runs across your property only during the wetter months?

Better pay attention and call your congressmen and senators and get them to stop the EPA...While you still have some control over your land.

The EPA says that they will not be "Heavy Handed" in their  enforcement of these new rules......but their history says otherwise. Once the rule (and the power for the EPA) is in place, how long before they change their enforcement levels and methods? Remember, they now have their own highly mobile SWAT team.....

Monday, September 22, 2014

"The program began with good intentions but now, having failed in both purpose and execution, it should be abolished."

So assert John Yoder and Brad Cates, Directors of the Justice Dept asset forfeiture office in the 80's. 

Basically, like every government plan, program, or initiative, it gets bastardized and fails due to Mission Creep and other factors until it ceases to do the job that it was designed to do.

Utter failure, really

Just wait....the Government isn't done with you yet.....

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Post fire update:

Yes, the building is salvageable. Yes, we caught it early., so the damage was limited...

Yes, a lot of water damage, and yes, I have to get the roof fixed.

The alarms system appears to be damaged (EMP? Dihydrogen oxide?)  dunno until the experts come out on Monday. The internal video surveillance system has issues....again, maybe EMP?

Insurance is, sadly, unreachable til Monday AM.

All I know at this time.

'Twas an interesting day. 

I thank you for your thoughts and words of encouragement.

Anyone got a goat for sale?

'cause I gotta find one to sacrifice.

My business got struck by lightning Sat evening AFTER the storm had passed.

Fire in the attic.  I don't like fires.

Lots of water damage. And, of course, the firemen cut a 6'x8' hole in the roof after the fire was out.....(I'm not criticizing, I just don't understand WHY they do that.....I am sure they have a good reason....right?)

Twice this year. Getting a bit irksome. (Ok, a lot irksome).  I am getting tired of this game. Once was enough....I am feeling a bit put upon.....Yeah, a LOT of people are worse off in this world, but I still think it sucks royally. A lot. with Berries. Srsly. Enough, OK?

So if anyone has a goat that I can sacrifice .....

now if you'll excuse me, I got a whole shitload of cleanup to do...

Friday, September 19, 2014

So it would seem that the Australians are becoming aware that there are some seriously whacked out Islamic Radicals who wish the rest of them harm....and that there is no easy way to stop a whacked out psychotic islamic nutball who is wielding 2 swords without getting seriously hurt....especially when you cannot give them a high velocity lead injection.

With ISIS arrests, Australians wishing they had guns.

I mean, a quarterstaff works to disarm  a whackjob swinging a sword or two much of the time, but you gotta practice even more than with a pistol...and more often.

Nothing like a 230 G  .45 at 850 FPS....or a 9mm (more likely in Australia) 124 G at 12oo or soFPS.

(Although #1 Buckshot might be an appropriate substitute....)

But being disarmed, they have little to fight back with.

But that is part of what you get when you allow the Liberals to disarm you....

So Scotland chose

To remain serfs.

The reported count is 55.3% to 44.7% to keep themselves as part of the UK....They chose to be (again) the reheaded stepchildren of Britain. Poor treatment and less political power for the, same as before.I guess they chose security over freedom. Serfdom over independence.

I am sad for the (nearly) half that had the guts to try and be their own country.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Just a quick note to all you bloggers

Who block your blog from open internet connections.

Do you really think that if we are on an open public internet connection we care if someone might be able to see what we are reading? (hint: the NSA already can) It's not like I am putting my credit card info into the internet just to read you blog or anything....Does it make YOUR blog any more secure?

Can any of you explain just exactly what you are accomplishing when you block those of us who must sometimes use and unsecured network?

'cause I fail to see what it does for security.

Ashamed of our flag?

So a Federal appeal court says, in effect, that if someone is offended by the American flag, (especially on the uniquely american Cinco deMayo) that the American flag must not be displayed.


I find the flying of flags OTHER than the US flag here in the US to be offensive.

But that, my friends, is a First Amendment right....(which I actually agree with) so I can't do anything about those flags....

But a US flag? Offensive to Mexicans? Gotta go. Can't offend our brown Brothers...

Fuck that. Equal representation under the law.

GUess what I'm gonna have allover come next Cinco De Mayo?

I'll probably fly it from my truck in Hispanic neighborhoods too..

Some folks gotta keep digging

Theater shooting victims parents sue online retailers over ammunition and gear used in attack.

Are we gonna let people sue Chevy and their dealers everytime someone buys a car and then later mows down a pedestrian? Drunk or sober?

Sue Louisville Slugger everytime a kid hits another with a bat?

Belt manufacturers everytime sombody beats a kid too much?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Today should be as sacred as Labor day

Or Independence day....or even Christmas!

Yeah, Sept 17 should be a Holiday . A big one.


It is Constitution day. Today is the day that, 1n 1787, the US constitutional convention actually signed the Constitution.

This day, IMO, is as important a day as nearly any other. It is the anniversary of the creation of the set of rules that effectively makes this country what it is. It sets forth the freedoms and basis of our system of laws. IT LIMITS THE GOVERNMENT.

SO think about it today. Today marks the anniversary of what makes the US what it is.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

More on "Stop and Seize"

AKA "Steal anyone's money we can because we can...We are cops and because drugs".

Seems that everyone is finally figuring this out....

Some commentors think I am overly negative about this practice.  Perhaps I am. They seems to feel that it is OK, if it catches one drug smuggler ...I think that it needs revision if it inconveniences even one innocent person.

This is theft, plain and simple. No one should have to account for the source of the money they carry unless they have been PROVEN to have committed a crime and it can be proven that the money or goods was/were from profits from illegal activities.

Anyone involved in such schemes to steal from the citizens of this country should be charged with theft....Officer or government official or whatever. No immunity should apply.

Link fixed!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Prolly nothing

Else gonna be posted today. Am seriously busy and got nothin.

Maybe later.


Peter found it, but things are progressing as I predicted:

Unidentified virus strikes kids across 11 states likely comes from South America....

Expect more of this . Especially in cities where they are putting large numbers of illegal immigrant children.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

You've likely seen this

But if you haven't, and ya got a few bucks to spare, think about helping this guy out.

He's had a bad run of luck, and needs a few to get him where he needs to be.

Details HERE.

I will send him $50 as soon as I get a snail mail address for a check. This was to be a start of a new gun fund, but I don't need a new gun as much as he needs it....(hint, for god's sake someone get me a mailing address!)

If ya got a $10 or even a $20 to spare then think about helping the dude and his wife out....

We spend a lot more a month on frivolous things.....

Yah hey...

Even da Canucks have noticed that the (at least Some) police are thieves....and that they have oficial sanction.

There’s a shakedown going on in the U.S., and the perps are in uniform

Christ, It's gotten so bad that even the Canadians are bitchin about it. THink about it.


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Solve the deficit

Just do like we do with Canadians who cross the border illegally:

 A Canadian who illegally crossed the border this week was fined $5,000 for breaking U.S. law and was returned to Canada on an expedited removal.

Now it we could only get our more southern border crossers to cough up  pay a fine of $5k each (and then send 'em back) we could easily cut our deficit....

Plan on it

You can bet that what with all these illegal immigrant children being tossed into our society with absolutely zero health checks or quarantining for disease that there will be a upsurge in diseases....

Plan on it.

Coincidentally, of course, there is Enterovirus (a respiratory disease) outbreak in 12 (currently) states (heading for epidemic stage).

Bet money that people will die from this. Be more that you can guess where the origins are from.
You can lay the responsibility for this and the soon to come outbreaks onto the heads of the Obama Administration and the legislators that let him get away with the border debacle.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The health of citizens children doesn't matter

As long as we give these new, undocumented, ILLEGAL children an education.

Since they can't (legally) do it any other way, they deemed the children "Homeless"

and then, of course, waived all the rules. Including immunization rules.

 “In addition, division superintendents cannot exclude from school attendance those homeless children who do not provide the requisite health or immunization information required of other students,” the memo continued. “School divisions must immediately refer the student to the school division liaison required to assist the student in obtaining necessary physical examinations or proof of completion of immunizations.”

Were I a parent with children in these schools, I'd be livid.

The immunization rules were in place for a reason. Public health. So waiving the rules for political expediency is endangering the citizen children.

ETA: a friend suggested that this was a carefully orchestrated plan to stimulate our children's immune systems by exposing them to many "third world" diseases.....

I remember

Do you?

I won't forget. Ever.

Will you?

Sadly though, you are no safer traveling today than you were 9/10/01. Lots of money has been spent, and lots of Security Theater, but no safer. The muslim Extremist are, in fact, greatly emboldened.

Be safe.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Is this legal?

Or is it just another "he's getting away with it because no opne in congress is willing to step up and stop him"?

DOJ to give leftist groups who supported Obama a cut of settlement money.

Rewarding them with money extorted from Bank of America....money that is OURS, as a country. Not his to give away without any reason....

I call it theft.

Might be a good idea to check

and make sure your preps are up to snuff.

NOAA forecasters have issued a geomagnetic storm warning for Sept. 12th when a CME launched on Sept. 9th (see below) is expected to deliver a glancing but potent blow to Earth's magnetic field.

Now, this might be nothing (in fact, I'd bet on it)


A full blown CME could make life interesting, if and when. 

Having a backup plan might not be a bad idea.


Food for thought:


It's worse than .22!

So for most of the summer, the mosquito population has been....quiescent. Pretty much not an issue. We had a normal amount of rainfall, but there weren't many mosquitoes.

Not so this past week or so. Little buggers are vicious and hungry. And there are a LOT of them.

Because of this, the supply chain has been overwhelmed as per any mosquito repellent type stuff.

You can't find Deepwoods Off or the like for love nor money.

Menards/Home Dept/Target/WalMart....all out.

I did see (online) where Home Depot Tractor Supply had some in the local store, and went to see if I could purchase some. I'm not out, but I was down to half a can as of yesterday. (I worked outside yesterday for 3 hours and had to reapply *liberally* every hour or so.)

I got to the store, and went to the department where they sell the insect repellent....this little old lady TRIPPED me to get the last can. (I got it anyway, and for a second or two, thought she was gonna hit me). She literally tried to take it out of my hand.

Now they are out too. And no, I didn't give it to her. If she'd have been a lady about it, I might have, but she wasn't, so I didn't.

She stalked off.

As I was checking out, some guy offered me $20 for the can....I sold it to him so HE could buy it from the store. (Hey, I'm not out and there is always Amazon.. $20 is $20...).

Now, I am sure that the supply chain will catch up here shortly , but in the meantime, this stuff is worth more than .22LR. And even harder to get.

Might be something I will have to stock in my preps....

Brokeback mountain?

So one of the ladies who works for me is having "Man Trouble" .

She complained that she couldn't find a decent man.

"Why can't I find a decent guy who cleans up after himself, who can communicate with me, and share his feelings with me? THat's all I am asking...."

"Sorry dear, those men already have boyfriends"

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Been remiss

Thermonuclear. Isis, Hamas. Terrorism. Border cross. IED.

Intifada. Pressure cooker.

Dirty Bomb.

Gunpowder. Ammonium Nitrate. Bomb plans.





There, that oughta keep the NSA happy for a while.....Hi guys. Didja miss me?

Your government at work:

Keeping you safe from a terror that doesn't exist...

FDA restrictions keeping some cheeses out of US stores. 

Seems that the Feds, in the form of faceless FDA Bureaucrats, decided to cut the allowable (harmless) bacteria counts by a factor of 10...from 100 to 10.

Now, despite the fact that the old level seemed fine, and that no one had died or even gotten sick at the old level that had been in place for many years, they decided to change it.

With no notice. SO thousands of pounds of cheese were unsalable at a moments notice.

So even if the cheesmakers could (and many can) change their methods of producing cheese to meet the new standards, they won't even try to do so...in fact many european cheesmakers are choosing to not sell their products in the US because they are unhappy with the new standards.,....and the fact that these standards can be changed WITH NO NOTICE, making their current product unsalable and subject to destruction at the whim of a bureaucrat.

Understand: This new standard didn't make you any safer, it didn't save any lives, it didn't keep people from being sickened. There was no reason for the change, the FDA just changed the spec.

And in doing so, deprived us from being able to buy and enjoy some really great cheeses.

ETA: From Og, in the comments we get this:


Y'know, we went out to dinner Sat night.

Ended up at an Olive Garden. Food was good, but that isn't what I intend to discuss
I'm gonna talk about race relations:

See, Olive Garden doesn't do reservations, so ya shows up and gives 'em yer name and waits yer turn.

20+ minute wait.

Now there were Black people and White people and Hispanics and Eastern Indians and some folks where the women were wearing Hijab-like headcoverings, so I am gonna assume Muslims. There were Eastern Asians and (likely) Pacific Islanders.

Everyone was polite, and decent to everyone else. Maybe not friendly, but at least polite and decent. Social, one might say. Well behaved.  Not loud. Doors were held for the old or ladies... No pushing or shoving, and people tried to make room for the next guy...The kids were (for kids), well behaved. Parents corrected them or disciplined when they got out of line.

There were several tables with a broad mix of skin tones and facial features. Whites blacks Hispanics, etc. not sure if work folks with families or what....It doesn't matter. They seemed to get along.

Everyone spoke clear english. Accented, perhaps, but clear. No Ghetto accents. No one was loud or overbearing either. And no one was rude. While I doubt any of us were unaware of color or ethnicity, I also don't think any of us cared that much about it. All we cared about was passing the time until we could be seated and then waiting for our food.

Now, these folks, none of them, were poor. Nor were they Ghetto, by their actions...raised right. With manners. I doubt that any of us had "Private Plane" money, but I also doubt any of the folks there were on welfare, either.

Thing is, I would  doubt that these people have issues with the police in their daily lives....,...I also doubt that they have racial tensions in their neighborhoods. In fact, I'd bet that their neighborhoods don't look like Ferguson, either. 

Point is, no one was a lowlife...or at least no one acted, or dressed like one.

And no one got treated like one either....Were there racial tensions in the restaurant? Not that one could easily notice. No one blamed me for anything because I am white, and I didn't expect to be mugged because there were Black and Hispanic people there. We were just people eating. As it should be.

Draw your own conclusion from this anecdote.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Bad planning

And what does this mean? Green power=grid failure.

Extraordinary steps are being taken to resurrect the power generation capacity of Great Britain.  And they are afraid that they will have to take other steps to ration power....

Restarting coal plants (if possible) (where are the operators gonna get the trained operators?) Power plants aren't something you can train people to operate in a few days.....and letting that machinery cool off and stop turning has (sometimes) big consequences for operationality.

The British Government, especially Parliament, has failed their constituents. I hope the citizens realise this come winter when they are out of work and shivering because they don't have enough electrical power.

(Personally, I think this was/is part of the Socialist's plan to weaken the Brits even more. I am just amazed that the British people keep electing them.)

I guess they aren't selling enough

Enough of the Cryptophone 500 that is.

Seems that they are making a splash telling everyone that their phone data is being intercepted by "mysterious phony cell towers" that are found all around the US. (They claim 19?).

Thing is, they aren't cell towers as such, they are a collection of antennae. Many police departments have them. Others call the devices a 'Stingray". there are a LOT of them in the US.

I'm actually surprised that they only found 17.  I mean, really, if someone is looking at cell phone data and spying on US citizens (Besides the NSA, I mean) then 17 "towers" really doesn't give that much coverage.....And the NSA doesn't need these 'Fake Towers" they can pipe your info directly from Verizon, or Sprint, or whoever your carrier is.

But making this splash all over the internet makes me wonder if they are trying to boost the sales of their reworked cell phone they are selling...The CryptoPhone 500.

I mean, they not only got PopularScience to run an article (and mention their phone) but they even got Instapundit to link to that article.

I guess that they aren't selling enough CryptoPhones.


If I come and stick a gun in your face and steal your money while you are traveling, do you have the right to defend yourself from the threat and shoot me?

In my state, yes. you can, if you can prove that you were in fear for your life or safety during the robbery (and I think that you can make a decent argument that the threat posed by a gun is a decent reason to fear, even if it isn't pointed at you while I am robbing you....)

How about if I am wearing a badge and a uniform? If I pull you over and demand to search you, and find cash on you, Then take it at gunpoint and demand that you account for where you got it.....and maybe (but likely not) give it back until you sue my employer..... Does the badge make it OK? Or is it still armed robbery?

Now, I am not advocating shooting cops. Nor anyone else for that matter.

But really, when cops shake people passing through their jurisdictions down for cash....what is the difference between them and the common criminals found in many cities? You know, the ones we call "muggers" .

What, exactly is the difference? How is this not theft? Why do I have to prove that any cash on me is not the result of illegal activity? Why is it up to me to prove my innocence rather than the cops proving my guilt? Why is it all of a sudden wrong to carry cash?

And why are the cops getting away with theft at the point of a gun?

Sunday, September 7, 2014

She's baaaack!

The forces of good nearly always win in the end.....

No comments, but that is understandable.

At least she's back at some level.


This says it all.

I fear for our future.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

How terribly convenient:

Seems that the IRS has some issues with computer crashes and failed hard drives.

Their IT department must be full of incompetent idiots as well.

IRS: Lost emails from at least 5 more employees linked to Lois Lerner. 

Interesting how this keeps happening. Innit? 

Friday, September 5, 2014

It's ok, a near miss is still a miss....

Yeah, another asteroid....this one will be coming to within 25,000 miles. 

About 1/10 the average distance from the earth to the moon.

Astronomers found it Aug 31 2014.

This asteroid is, just for reference, just a bit bigger than the one that entered the atmosphere and exploded over Chelyabinsk, Russia.

It'll pass just over New Zealand on Sept, 7th.

What if it hadn't been detected? What if it were to hit us?

Bad things would occur. How bad depends on how it hits, and how fast...What angle will make a big difference as to the damage.

And, of course, having some knowledge beforehand....

until the election is over:

Civil rights probe into Trayvon Martin shooting still active....

Be glad you don't live on our southern border

Even though the folks crossing the border are now moving to a town near you with the help of the Feds....Who have abandoned any pretext that they are trying to secure the border.

Soon you'll be as afraid as the ranchers on the Texas border.

Thursday, September 4, 2014




Happy Birthday!

You know who I am referring to, my dear.

No names

Which, given the style of murder, should tell you all you need to know:

A man has been arrested in London after a woman was found beheaded in a garden near a home.

THis is what the folks in europe will face, more and more, as the fruits of their immigration policies (put in place for cheap labor and to help pay their entitlement programs) will be seeing more and more.

And the destruction of their culture and eventual loss of their country is soon to follow.

THe US will be only a few short years behind only with Mexicans and other Hispanic peoples doing the destruction f we don't fix our border soon. 

The price of an unmoderated internet


You can find an example of why Tam got spooked HERE on Roberta's blog.

Dude has been asked to stay away and not comment....

Does it anyway.

Won't go away. Won't stop.

Denies being a stalker, but exhibits the exact behavior defining a stalker.

Not happy with what he has done to Tam, he hasta go onto her roommate's blog to make a statement since Tam's blog is shut down. Thinks he has a right to be heard.

What an ass. In an older time, he'd be beaten or run out of town on a rail.

Now he can't be, lest the person doing it be jailed.

(Notice that while he talks big, he won't tell anyone his place of business, his address, and note also that he posts anonymously. Telling that innit?)

ETA: apparently Tam is not the first person he has stalked over the internet(see comment #1) and driven off.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


So apparently Tam has closed her blog to the public. 

Rumor has it that it was due to an extremely bad commenter. There are people saying that there were some kind of threat made, but as I cannot see the blog I cannot comment beyond that.

In a perfect world, we'd know who (and where) this asshole was and find him and beat him up until he saw the error of his (or her) ways.

This ain't a perfect world, sadly.

I hope Tam comes back, and that she remembers that many of us consider he a friend. She is a fine lady, and a great person. It would be a shame if the asshole wins and drives her from the web.

Now it is possible she has closed her blog so that some sort of investigation can take place and she will return shortly. I hope that is the case.

Dear lady: you will be missed...not just for your Snark, but for your insightful commentary.

Please, come back.

"Glowball warmenating" fail

Seems that the arctic ice is growing by great leaps and bounds....In fact Arctic ice has very nearly DOUBLED in area in the last two years....And it is thicker too

Doubled. In. Area. And. Thickness.

Odd, last I heard, we were supposed to be ice free by now.

AlGore did not comment.

This could happen to any of us

I wonder how he is gonna get out of the psych eval?

Seems some dude wrote two books. One in 2012 and one in 2013. One of the books mentions a school massacre in 2902.

Now this dude is a teacher. And someone connected his pen name to hsi real name. And apparently went nuts.

He has been pulled in for psychological evaluation and his home and workplace searched.

His whereabouts are currently unknown. He has been, effectively, disappeared. 

On 'Administrative Leave" from his job and tossed into a psych ward. For a book he wrote over a year ago.

This is wrong on so many levels. That a law enforcement officer would do such a thing, that any law enforcement agency would condone such behavior, and that it can happen in a society like ours.

I see a 7 or 8 figure settlement for him coming soon from the Dorchester County Sheriff.  Plus some more from the School Board.....Lots of time for him to hone his writing skills in the future.

Monday, September 1, 2014

There is no copper in this church:

But How about Some LEAD

Now where I live, shooting at a burglar is not Kosher unless you can prove that he was a threat you.

Having said that, I think this story is grand.

Some disassembly required

 The fruits of last weeks labors:

We got firewood for next year:

those rounds are 40" + diameter. Tree was somewhere around 130 years old.

Lots and lots of firewood:

Wind damaged trees supply most of my heat every winter. The smaller rounds are 20"-25" dia, the larger one in the foreground is 34"

This was a big tree:

Unloading these from the trailer without the tractor and log tongs to lift them required a lot a careful work with a large bar.....

There is more to get, but what with all the rain (nearly 7" since the last Saturday when cleanup began), the ground near the tree is of a consistency somewhere between oatmeal and pudding. Kinda hard to carry rounds weighing in the range of 400-600 pounds through that. Traction becomes an issue, even with 4 wheel drive.....and he doesn't need his yard torn up any more.

Now we just gotta split it into "stove bolt" sized chunks.

The cool thing is that in the 19 years that I have been heating with wood, I have never had to cut down a live tree. There is enough storm and wind and ice damage every year that I get plenty of firewood selected for me by Ma Nature. I just haveta cut it up and split it.