Wednesday, December 30, 2009

HOLEEKrap, this is funny

Iowahawk, at his best.

I LOL'ed.

Via Insty.

"What are ya gonna do, shoot me?"


While no one wants to see anyone dead, this Darwin Candidate ended up that way.

Let's see here.....intruder (thief), accosted by man with gun (homeowner). Cooperate? Nah.

One might say that he deserved what he got.

Then again, the homeowner must now defend himself against murder charges.

Me? I say give him a medal, a small gratuity, and free beer for a week.

Might well cause other miscreants to rethink their profession.

I know, I know, you ask...."Is your property worth another man's life?"

Well, the Darwin Candidate obviously thought so.....

Monday, December 28, 2009


about the lack of any postings lately....

I got nuthin

When I do, you'll be the first to know.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

They have no idea what kind of a shitstorm this will bring

Healthcare passed

This is going to bring a shitstorm upon those who voted for it. Yet another notch forward on the cog of revolution...

Personally, I'd like to see what happens when (if) the public finds out how much of our money has been spent to bribe senators buy votes.

Were we a less civilized people, we might riot, burn, hang and behead our senators. Think torches and pitchforks, rope, tar, and feathers, tree branches.....

Of course, I would not advocate such violence.......yeah, that's it.

Methinks our forefathers would, however, have expressed their dissatisfaction in a physical way when said senators return home. Good thing for then that we are less inclined to do so. Otherwise homes and cars might burn and families flee in fear.

I expect that the elections in 2010 shall be interesting. It's always a bad idea to poke the sleeping giant dragon....

perhaps our newly elected representatives and senators will repeal this disastrous legislation

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

And once again, we follow the money

I tole a ya so (again).

Follow the above link. Read and follow HIS links.

I told ya,I told ya, I told ya.

This isn't about the climate....It's about money and power.

And, of course, control.


Someday soon, we will burn climate scientists at the stake (along with AlGore).

ETA: More HERE (via Insty).....Read more on the good Doctor at page 3

Monday, December 21, 2009

Words from a wise man now dead

Posting this again. It bears repeating. Again.

Listen to it.

True then. True today.

What, other than the incremental step forward for socialism, do the democrats get out of passage of this bill? Fully 1/3 will lose their comfortable positions in congress or the house. The DNC loses its majority, perhaps for many years.

What do they get? Other than advancing the cause of socialism forward.

I don't get it. Is socialism that important to them?

Or am I thinking checkers when they are playing chess?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

On buying shirts for men

Pay attention HERE to find out what kind of shirts you should buy for your "real man".

I could not agree more....

So now that they have 60

Does that mean that we can begin assembling the gallows and making pretty loops and such out of rope?

'cause we all know that a majority of their constituents oppose the "reforms" that they are soon to vote upon.

Personally, I'd sooner see their heads on pikes outside the capitals. Hanging's too good for 'em.

But then again, I am reactionary.

One wonders if they will ever be able to come home.

Were I that type of person, I'd make 'em afeared to do so.

I am sure that someone will....Glad it doesn't have to be me. If I were that type of person (I am not!) I would make them afraid to show their face in their home state...and make 'em afraid for the safety of their families and such.....Make'em afraid that their houses would suddenly catch fire..... afraid of car backfirings and such that sound like gunfire and all that......stuff like that.

Lucky for them that their constituents are civilized and all.....right?

(this is in no way a suggestion that anyone else should take any action discussed here...we are all adults and should take appropriate measures, never resorting to violence of any sort......!)

I'm just sayin'

Had this been just a citizen they'd be in jail

More proof that there is a double standard...One for "citizens" and one for cops.....

The upshot is that the cop pulled a gun after being hit with SNOWBALLS. Had I tried that, I'd have been hit with several charges: Displaying a weapon, intimidation, using a weapon in a threatening manner,Threatening deadly force...etc. Probably lost my carry permit as well (and as it should be).

Displaying a weapon should only be done when there is a need for the use of deadly force. Not as a threat.

The cop in question "detective Baylor" should not be allowed to possess a weapon, nor should he be in the position to protect the public nor make decisions affecting the public.

There is no (zero, none, nada, zilch,) reason for this behavior.

And the shame is that (so far) he has gotten away with it. And he is supposed to "protect and serve".

Look, Cops are human. But this is beyond bad judgement.

And they should be held to standards at least as stringent as the rest of us.

Cops should police their own.

No blue wall.

As I said, had this been any of us, we'd likely be in jail, for sure have had our weapon confiscated (even in a carry state) and likely be looking at having our ccl revoked.

More/better/longer video here....

Y'know....Someday the crowd is going to decide NOT to allow this. then what?

Then the line will be crossed...

And someone will be shot or dead. Maybe a cop, maybe a civilian....But dead or shot, nonetheless. And all because a cop went WAAAY over the line and wasn't man enough or just couldn't bring himself to back down....

At least they didn't try to tell folks that they couldn't use video.....or confiscate cameras...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Reasons why not to drive while impaired....

You'll never see any part of this ad campaign in the US (especially not on broadcast TV), as it might actually make someone think, and it might be effective.....

Warning, somewhat graphic scenes.

Hope this disturbs you.

Watch it. Show it to those it might help.

Or don't. Your choice.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

"The president said that the costs of Medicare and Medicaid are on an "unsustainable" trajectory and if there is no action taken to bring them down, "the federal government will go bankrupt.""

But if we reatly expand the government run systems, and include everyone in the risk pool, things will get better? Yep, I believe that. See also the Post Office for ean example.....

Why should we think that a greatly expanded goverenment version of medicare will save even one thin dime????

If they can't even make medicare work, why should we believe that a greater plan encompassing everyone will do any better?

I realize that the thought of a government run health care plan makes big government liberals lose continence...The thought of having control of another 1/6th of the economy makes them salivate (so both ends become moist).

Really, they should give up. They couldn't force things through in the early days of the year, and now that "we the public" has seen the plans a bit more closely, we don't like anything that is contained therin.

and let us not forget the damage they are doing to the economy with the uncertanity that this looming bill brings to business planning....they shoud simply adjourn, and stop the debate and give up.

But the lapdogs of the DNC hve not the best interests of the people of the US uppermost in their hearts, but rather the advance of their ideology at any cost.

Sad, that we elect these people to represent us.

The American people get the government we deserve....

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

'nuff said

So someone explain to me...

Why CHINA is considered a "developing country" at the climate change talks?

I mean, seriously....It is arguably the 2nd or third in the world as far as industries....It is a nuclear (nukkular?) capable power, with the 2nd biggest army (mabee the first, I don't have latest figures).

It was able to muster up enough resources to host the latest olympics, makes it's own weapons(rather than buying them form other countries) has a space program....

So why are they listed as a third world "developing country" for the climate taxation talks in Copenhagen?


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Why Britain is circling the drain

Seems that when attacked in your own home, tied up, and beaten during an attempted robbery, the best thing you should do (in Britain) is just lie there and take it.

It beats lying there in prison and taking it....

Srsly....What is Britain coming to?

This once proud nation, which literally ruled the world, which hung on with such quiet desperation against the Germans in WWII (until the US came along to save their bacon)....This country, once so strong, with stalwart citizens....Has come to THIS.

Sad. Isn't it?

Wonder what might happen to such unwanted visitors in MY home....Best not to contemplate such things...But methinks there would be no complaints post incident....

At least, with British healthcare, the robber will get only the best care available for the rest of his life....snicker

can someone explain to me

What the difference is between military prisoners over there>>>>>>
In Gitmo, and military prisoners over here, in the Peoples Republik of Illinois?

I mean, other than the fact that the military watches them over there, and civilians will watch them here???

WTF difference does it make, except that The Obama promised to close Gitmo, and is apparently doing so....Same folks, same crimes, same interrogators, just a different venue and different guards?

I guess he can claim that he HAS indeed done what he promised (close Gitmo), in fact, if not in substance.

And where are all the NIMBYs crying about dangerous prisoners being in their neighborhood? I can't wait until one escapes and terrorizes some poor unsuspecting neighbor of the prison.....(actually, I hope it doesn't happen, But it could, and might, and if it does....)

What really, does this accomplish?

Can anyone answer?

I'd reeeeally like to know.

Monday, December 14, 2009

on RHPS and other (apparently) incurable afflictions

This says it all.

As I am currently cohabitating with someone so afflicted (RHPS, not the other, AFAIK), I can tell you that the RHPS affliction can be an issue for those of us not so afflicted.

They say that it can be cured (RHPS affliction, that is) with the proper deprogramming, and (possibly) electroshock therapy....But I am not sure.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tell us how you really feel....

Stingray has some interesting ideas...

His prose is much better than mine, so I will trash my post and link to his instead.

What he said.

In spades.

He is more restrained than I, (I am much more homicidal in my reations to things) but I can agree with him on principal.

Self control is indeed an underrated life skill.


I am very tempted to try this...

But then again, enough people are apalled by my sense of humor...

I blame climate change...

But who knows WTF this was?

Seems not everyone buys the bullshit

So where is the "consensus"?

And where is the "settled" science?

Read the letter below:
Ask yourself: Where is the MSM on this??

Posted under fair use guidelines:

His Excellency Ban Ki Moon

Secretary-General, United Nations

New York, NY

United States of America

8 December 2009

Dear Secretary-General,

Climate change science is in a period of ‘negative discovery’ - the more we learn about this exceptionally complex and rapidly evolving field the more we realize how little we know. Truly, the science is NOT settled.

Therefore, there is no sound reason to impose expensive and restrictive public policy decisions on the peoples of the Earth without first providing convincing evidence that human activities are causing dangerous climate change beyond that resulting from natural causes. Before any precipitate action is taken, we must have solid observational data demonstrating that recent changes in climate differ substantially from changes observed in the past and are well in excess of normal variations caused by solar cycles, ocean currents, changes in the Earth's orbital parameters and other natural phenomena.

We the undersigned, being qualified in climate-related scientific disciplines, challenge the UNFCCC and supporters of the United Nations Climate Change Conference to produce convincing OBSERVATIONAL EVIDENCE for their claims of dangerous human-caused global warming and other changes in climate. Projections of possible future scenarios from unproven computer models of climate are not acceptable substitutes for real world data obtained through unbiased and rigorous scientific investigation.

Specifically, we challenge supporters of the hypothesis of dangerous human-caused climate change to demonstrate that:

1.Variations in global climate in the last hundred years are significantly outside the natural range experienced in previous centuries;

2.Humanity’s emissions of carbon dioxide and other ‘greenhouse gases’ (GHG) are having a dangerous impact on global climate;
3.Computer-based models can meaningfully replicate the impact of all of the natural factors that may significantly influence climate;
4.Sea levels are rising dangerously at a rate that has accelerated with increasing human GHG emissions, thereby threatening small islands and coastal communities;
5.The incidence of malaria is increasing due to recent climate changes;
6.Human society and natural ecosystems cannot adapt to foreseeable climate change as they have done in the past;
7.Worldwide glacier retreat, and sea ice melting in Polar Regions , is unusual and related to increases in human GHG emissions;
8.Polar bears and other Arctic and Antarctic wildlife are unable to adapt to anticipated local climate change effects, independent of the causes of those changes;
9.Hurricanes, other tropical cyclones and associated extreme weather events are increasing in severity and frequency;
10.Data recorded by ground-based stations are a reliable indicator of surface temperature trends.

It is not the responsibility of ‘climate realist’ scientists to prove that dangerous human-caused climate change is not happening. Rather, it is those who propose that it is, and promote the allocation of massive investments to solve the supposed ‘problem’, who have the obligation to convincingly demonstrate that recent climate change is not of mostly natural origin and, if we do nothing, catastrophic change will ensue. To date, this they have utterly failed to do so.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

An early climate gate history lesson.

Note the date:

Told ya so

Seems that those who investigate such things have found that not only are the weather data stations that are used for climate data cherry-picked to show a trend of warming, but actually some of the "data" is actually a lie.

Told ya.

ETA: Bore Patch has much much more.....Huge amounts in fact.

Take the time to read THIS POST and follow his links..

As I have been saying.... It is all lies. Lies designed to let someone else control the economies of the major industrialized nations....

And so many of you thought that my tinfoil hat was on a bit too tightly....

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

So in light of all the private planes, limos, etc used by the so called Climate Specialists (or world domination asshole flunkies....take your choice), one might wonder how they justify their behavior...

I mean, how many attendees plane-pooled (like carpooling, only faster and at a higher altitude), Limo Pooled (like plane pooling, only at a slower speed and a lower altitude but with more and more convenient stops), or made any attempt to lower their massive contribution to the Global Warming causing carbon emissions.

Really, if they actually believe that, then they would live the word....walk the talk....

But they don't.

When the Global warming folks pledge to never attend a conference like this again.....But rather use videoconferencing....When they stop flying in private aircraft.....When they carpool....when they stop heating their houses with carbon based fuels (or use electricity generated using carbon based fuels)....When they begin to bicycle to work and only buy food grown locally.....

Until then, I will be a sceptic. Until then, I will not believe the dire warnings....I will not believe in any global warming caused by man, nor the so called danger we and the world are in because of it.

When these people live as they suggest we do, then I will begin to think about deciding to believe....

But I always figured these sorts of gatherings are for them to preen in the light of their "Peer reviewed" reports, congratulate each other in a circle jerk of adulation....and, of course, eat free hor'dourves and caviar and (because it is Copenhagen) aquavit by the glass....All on someone else's dime...

But I think they are just plain everyday hypocrites

Monday, December 7, 2009

The output of a small country

Or, actually, a not too terribly small country.

The carbon output of MOROCCO for an entire year (2006)....Now, I know that Morocco is not the most industrialized, nor the largest, nor the most populated country in the world, but still....

40,584 tons of carbon generated for this one month of "conferences".

If they really believed that mankind was a part of the problem, then, like Bali before, they'd not fly in, but would rather watch the presentations via videoconferencing at major cities around the world.

But they act like either:

Reducing emissions is for the little people, not them,


They really don't believe that AGW is an issue.

Set an example, and all that.

ETA:::: "Taking a private jet to a conference on stopping global warming is a bit like traveling in a sedan chair carried by indentured servants to a summit on stopping human trafficking."

Thursday, December 3, 2009

It must be a really thankless job.

No one is ever satisfied, especially the Congressional Black Caucus.

Seems that they expected Mr. Obama to give yet more goodies and freebies and handouts to the nations poor downtrodden and ignored African-Americans. Like they don't get enough already. Seems that the CBC wants even more.

Hey, don't look at me like that....Where's MY free cheese?


"Nah, I think I'll sit this one out..."

Seems that Al the Gore has CANCELLED his appearance at Copenhagen...

Perhaps his busy social schedule leaves no room for such an important meeting as this? I mean, discussion of how to limit CO2 to save the planet from suddenly overheating and all that...?

Perhaps he doesn't want to face a mob waving Hockey Sticks....

Or perhaps he does not want to face an "Inconvenient Truth"....

Climat Gate (more of)

Note the date on THIS article....and read the whole thing. If you are not disturbed by this, then you have the sensibilities of a head of cabbage....and most likely the intellgence and cognitave ability as well.

The men referred are experts at "climate change"....not climate science....

Their whole reason for existence is to find more funding for "climate change", not climate research......It has become a business.

Sadly, that business has influenced the whole economic structure of the free world.

Read the linked article....

It's all about, fueled by propaganda, used by power seekers, funded by taxpayers, for social engineering.


Still waiting for some real reporting via the MSM.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Checkers Vs. Chess.....

Mr Obama wants a clean quick end to the war win Afghanistan.....So, no doubt, do we all.

But he fails to realize that our opponents in this are long term thinkers. They play chess.

Mr Obama, on the other hand, is thinking like a man used to playing checkers. He is, no doubt, a very skilled checkers player. But this sort of decision is not for those without a longer term strategy. To actually announce that 2011 is our goal (albeit with the caveat that we might have to stay longer) telegraphs to his opponent (AlQueda and others) that all they have to do is wait, and the current regime will lose heart and fail to pay attention long enough to win in the interval.

Were I on the opposite side in Afghanistan, I would take the intervening 2 (+/-) years to reorganize, re-equip, and train, saving my strength for the day when the deadline passes.....At which time, Mr Obama will be under the gun to finish things quickly. He will do nearly anything to meet that goal, even to the point of cut and run, and failure..... I would save my men and materiel for the future, and only pursue a strategy of harassment, never committing or allowing my forces to engage for any length of time, nor ever take risks that might lead to any real defeat or damage to my forces.

Our opponents understand that this will be a long war, and grueling one, and now they know that there will be a point at which the "Great Satan" will decide to leave, job finished or not, leaving the people of Afghanistan to their own devices. Thus leaving a void which they can fill at their leisure.

Make no mistake, I am not sure that we can win in such a place. The people and their culture is foreign to our way of living, and even, perhaps to our understanding. It may be that creating a stable democratic style government is impossible with the afghans at this time. It may be that there needs to be 2 countries rather than on Afghanistan...

Whatever the outcome, it is certain that the Bush Administrations failure to find and neuter Osama Bin Laden was indeed, a failure. After that, the war in Afghanistan became, in my opinion, a waste of men and materiel. Having said that, if we do not prune away the vines of evil continuously in areas such as Afghanistan, they will regrow, and strangle the countries and the people in that region, and regain strength and marshall their forces to strike the western wold once again. Bush (W) knew that, and warned the American people that this would be a long war.


Mr Obama told the foes of the US, in Afghanistan, that we would leave in 2 years(more or less) and we have not the strength of will nor the fortitude to continue the fight... He essentially told them how to win.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Now if they can just grow BACON!

Seems that scientist have found a way to grow "meat" in the laboratory.....

Meat. Artificial meat.

MMMMM. Now Vegetarians can enjoy bacon. And Steak. And Porkchops....

Frankenfoods, coming soon to a store near you.

Monday, November 30, 2009

More Climat-Gate..

Go see Bore Patch for a really really really good series of posts on "climate gate" and the "science" (or lack therof) therein.

He points out that there is NO warming that is not "adjusted".




And he shows that if you run the so called climate model, you GET A "HOCKEY STICK" no matter what data you input.

In other words. this whole thing is BULLSHIT.

But you already knew that.

Didn't you.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The backlash begins

The SWISS seems to be angry enough at the Muslim attempts to change the country to which they emigrated that they have banned the erection of new minarets.

This is serious. The SWISS have done this. If it had been the Germans, or the French I could understand....But the SWISS?

Here is a quote that should tell you why....and it is the same thing that OG and myself have said....."Backers said the growing Muslim population was straining the country "because Muslims don't just practice religion."".

Seems that some of the Swiss (57.5 to 42.5 percent)as Og and I do, the rest are with RobertaX.

ETA: Seems that the WOMEN of Switzerland were the larges supporters of the ammendment....

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Climat-Gate links

Ivan Kenneally has commentary on the politics of GW "science...

Jonah Goldberg has a point about the double standard of scrutiny for these leaked emails and documents...

Some snark

Others take a look at the code that is used in the program that "models" the climate.

And Megan points out that we are basing a change in our entire lifestyle and it's costs on a fairly faulty model.

Here we have a report that another bunch of climate data (from NZ of all places?) is "adjusted" to fit the preexisting theory, not the theory adjusting to real data....One wonders about the veracity of all of the other data used in light of these revelations....IS there any climate data that is not "adjusted" to make it fit the theory of global warming ???

Here we have the point that it's not about the science, it's about the funding...No one is going to pay anyone to do a report that says "all is well, we have no issues, you can relax now" least not more than once.

And, Via Insty, we have a piece that points out that it is all about the money and control....Not about the science, not about the environment, and not about the climate.....

Look: World leaders are going to Copenhagen in a few days to discuss how they are going to strangle their respective economies in order to reduce carbon emissions. I have no issue with reducing carbon, nor making our use of energy more efficient. But the fact is that this is, and always has been, based upon poor science and half assed computer models that were written to make the outcome fit a predetermined outcome that fits the "hockey stick" graph/theory. It's not like there is any real proof that WE HUMANS are causing the planet to warm. In fact, we might not be. then agaibn, we might. But science like this proves nothing except that many people have gotten a lot of money for a very poor "research" product.

If the ice is all gonna melt, and the oceans are gonna rise, then why did Al the Gore just buy a bunch of oceanfront property in California??? Kinda like the "End of the World is Near" prophet buying long term investments...

Follow the links here, decide for yourself. Look at the evidence that is mounting. If this were business (Global Warming Research IS a busines, but I am talking about a private, stockholder owned business) then the FBI would be all over this, investigating for racketeering and fraudulent use of governmnet money....

Ask yourself why, if the MSM had the time and resources to fact check Sarah Palin's book with a bunch of people, can't they devote a portion of those resources to investigating this bogus climate "research"? Why are they whitewashing this? Who benefits?

And ask yourself why you hear very little from the MSM about it?

ETA: I have been getting HUGE traffic from Google search. For those of nyou that found me that way. Please, take the time to read some of my other posts.....Hope you like them, and if not, well, your comments might just make me take the time to re-think my opinion....I hope you enjoy my blog...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

SO now...The M4 needs fixin'

Seems that the ARMY wants to fix the M4. Seems that the fixes are what everyone already says they need....A piston, and a barrel that is thicker, and a better trigger.

So maybe they are gonna buy the new Ruger??? Or maybe an SU-16?

Srsly. Why now? Not that these fixes haven't been needed. And no I am not bashing the M4. It is a good system, albeit with some issues. But what firearms platform doesn't have issues? (with the possible exception of the designs of JMB......)

One wonders though...Why now?

Who benefits from this? (other than the military men and women who may (and I say may) get a better, more reliable rifle.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Ya gotta admit....If he IS smokin' da spliff, it would explain a lot....


More on the failure of Global warming to be real

THIS points out that the earth hasn't warmed in over a decade.

At all.



The average temperature rise over the last decade:

0.00 degrees C.

None. Not even a teensy teensy tiny bit.

Makes one go HMMMMM.....

Good question:

Via Hoosierboy, I found THIS.

Ask yourself: How do YOU answer his question?

I know my answer......

Monday, November 23, 2009

Thought for the day....

A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.
- Edward R. Murrow

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lies, lies, lies.....

Via Devi's Kitchen

We have THIS.....

......have presented, as fact, data which privately they have acknowledged to be, at best, flawed.

Further, many members of The Club are editors of the reports submitted to the IPCC, and the emails show that they have deliberately cherry-picked those that agree with their position—and conspired to discredit or reject those that do not agree with their political position.

The Club has also conspired to suborne journals, and to oust editors of other journals who are perceived as being unsympathetic to their cause. And they have been successful.

The emails show that, whilst claiming that sceptics' papers are not peer-reviewed, The Club have actively and deliberately used blackmail and smears to prevent such peer-review or, when review is unavoidable, to have conspired to skew the review process to discredit their opponents.

All of these actions render the scientific reports produced by the IPCC extremely suspect. At best.

And they most certainly destroy the concept of the "scientific consensus".

None of these emails disprove anthropogenic climate change: but they do shatter the idea that there is no dissent and, crucially, they absolutely annihilate the idea that scientists are impartial and uncorrupt.

And these emails most certainly explode the proposition that we should reorder the world economy because of an impending climate disaster.

So we have "scientists" who have skewed data to present (and "prove") a foregone conclusion.....That Global Warming is actually happening, and happening at a rate which will cause widespread damage to our way of life very soon..... It is incontrovertable...

Except it isn't...and the "consensus" doesn't exist....

While the MSM hasn't run with this (yet) we can only hope that they will.

Spread the truth wherever you can.

SHOW people what the truth is....

Make this become mainstream.

In other words...

"Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining"

Wow. SNL had actual satire....

Now if only that were just satire.....

HT: Anarchangel

Saturday, November 21, 2009

So is Al the Gore

A buffoon for believing the Global Warming bullshit, or a co-conspirator in the whole thing?

Either he is a tool (and a fool), or he is a liar.

It doesn't look good for him no matter which you believe.

Will this destroy the Church Of Glowbal Warmening?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Free speech for me, but not for thee...

Arianna Huffington feels that Free speech I.E. First ammendment rights, should not be equally applied.


I dislike her with a passion, but would fight to the death defending her right to be stupid in her comments. She has the right to show her stupidity as much as the next person. Free speech is, after all, free speech.

Muzzling your opponent is not a way to win. Win on your merits. Or fail. Either way, let us not even consider stepping on THAT particular slippery slope.

This comment shows how foolish the left wingers are.

The left must be getting scared.

Breaking news! Global Warming IS a scam..Climate gate!

File this under "I tole ya so"!

Seems that hacker broke into a "Global Climate Center" and hacked their database of emails and other documents.....Go to the link and read. I am not sure where the "Global Climate Center" is, other than the referenced "University of East Anglia Climate Research Center....A yahoo search shows one such named university in Norwich, UK, and Wikipedia has an entry for the University....The Register reports that a massive data breach has occured..... Apparently there is a huge file containing all sorts of interesting emails and such oput thereand available to those interested parties. Wonder what will come of this???

If (and I say "if" because I cannot confirm the report) this information and the supposed file is confirmed, then this should blow the lid off of the whole scam....If the MSM does it's job. (bets?)

Let us see how this pans out....

"The truth shall set ye free"

ETA: HERE is the link to the (alleged) files...

ETA 2: At lest some of the files have been verified by their authors....If this is what they DIDN'T delete, one would wonder what they DID delete.....

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cowardly congresscritter?

Sen. Evan Bayh seems to have an issue at his offices....For some reason, he is "experiencing extremely high call volume" and no one is able to answer the published phone number for any of his offices.

Seems that this problem has existed for about the last two weeks. Strange.

Or, it could be that the spineless asshole doesn't want to hear from any of his constituents before the Health Care vote.

Could be that the high call volume thing is true......For the past two all offices.....It could happen.

I am most likely wasting my time, but.....

I will try once more, then I will mosey down to the local office and make sure my opinion is heard.

Please, donate generously to my bail money fund.

Thanks in advance.

Think I'll have some Cheeze with that Whine

This is a perfect example of why these people have no clue. This person wants his health care back ....I understand that. He wants health care that he can afford. I understand that too. He has no job, so he can't afford the COBRA cost for the same coverage his employer subsidized. I understand THAT too. But the fact is that he has no clue as to what the health care really cost, not just his share, but with the amount that the employer had to kick in. This amount was pre-tax wages, and he fails to realize exactly what the cost for his health care was. Now all he can see is that he wants his cheap health care. He (like most liberals,..... actually, like most people, but conservatives don't expect it) wants something for nothing.

Guess what dude: your health care is gonna be expensive. If you think that your health care is expensive now, just wait until it is free. It's gonna cost you something like $350 a month as it is for the Obamacare plan. Since you have no job, what are you gonna use to pay for it? How are you gonna find the money for the plan that YOU HAVE NO CHOICE TO PAY FOR?

Your employer subsidized your health care plan when you were employed. Who is gonna do it now? Others are, that's who. Your employer will be taxed to make up the difference. Bet he doesn't hire too many people then. You think unemployment is bad now? Just wait.

All you seem to care is that you want what you had before.You had free or low cost health care because your employer paid for (subsidized) most of it. Now you want free or low cost health care and you want some other person or group of persons (like the "government") to subsidize your health care.

Who is gonna pay the bills?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More commentary

on the "Islam is not evil" discussion started by Og and Roberta X....

Best one is HERE. Pay particular attention to the quote by Jefferson.

Since my stance seems to be twisted by peoples replies, I will state things as I see them.

1. Islam, in it's fundamentalist form, is incompatible with the laws of the US.

2. You cannot be a practicing Muslim and be a good citizen, something must give.

3. "Tolerance" does not mean that you have the right to kill, maim, or in any way harm your daughters or other female family members because your religion says it is OK. Your personal beliefs must be subject to the laws of the US. Deal with it however you please, or go back home.

4. If you hate this country, leave. We like it with the laws that exist now. Want it to be like the Islamic shithole you left? Too bad. You wanna live under Islamic rule? Find another country that is ruled by the Koran. This one isn't. You left that country for a reason. Good or bad, you came here. Live under these laws. We revere another document, called the constitution. Live under that law, or be punished. Same goes for fundamentalist whatevers (Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, etc.)

5. You have no right to the US taxpaying public funding mosques, foot washing basins, prayer rooms, etc. Want them? Find a space and make your own. Pay for it out of your pocket, not the states.

6. For those that are ignorant, realize what the Koran tells it's followers regarding your status as an infidel. Learn what it says. Realize that while many Muslims just want to get along, they support the mosques that preach hate and preach such things as Dhimmitude. Understand that they support the preaching of hate, and murder, and death and Sharia. Understand that the ultimate goal of the Islamic world is domination and eventual conversion (or death) of all infidels. It is OK to lie, cheat, or whatever is necessary to further this goal, as long as the lies are to an infidel. It is OK to murder an infidel.

Don't hide the truth. Understand it.

7. I, in no way, wish to see any Muslims deported, corralled, hurt, injured, incarcerated, harassed, or in any way wish to see their civil rights trampled. But neither do I wish to allow them to either trample my rights, nor should they be given any extra rights just because they are a Muslim minority.

8. Freedom to practice your religion is a fundamental right, recognized and stated in the Constitution. But those rights to practice your religion have limits when it comes to others. Deal with the limits or find another country.

Rant off

Please resume your normal day. Thank you for reading.

ETA: for those Muslims reading this, HERE are a few hints on how to get along.

I am so


Monday, November 16, 2009

Interesting animation

showing counties and unemployment vs time:

link HERE:

Note: I have no way of verifying if this is correct. But, it does seem to be somewhat realistic...scary too.

Interesting point is that the "blue" (DNC Controlled) states started out higher, then the cancer spread to the rest of the country..

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Seen at the Gun Show:


"Do you need a silencer to shoot a Mime?"

Some people

are alive only because killing them would require too much work to explain why.

Self control is vastly underrated as a life skill.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Did Catholics in WWII fighting for the US only fight non-Catholics in Germany?

Or Protestants the same?

Or did they fight for their country (and countrymen) and against the soldiers of the other country?

IF the latter, the n why do we give Major Hasan a pass for not wanting to fight against other Muslims? He is a citizen, right? and a volunteer in the US army, right?

So why does the MSM make excuses for him?


Near miss.

No warning.

Makes ya wonder....



In Union Square [Manhattan] An earnest lass ran up to me and said "Would you like to feed starving children?" I said "To what?"

HT: NewPaltzJournal via Tam


It goes something like this:....

There once was a man walking through the woods in the winter.
During his walk, he chanced upon a snake frozen in the snow.

Being a kind soul, he picked up the frozen snake along with the snow and ice that encased it, and carried said snake back to the cabin, where he warmed the snake, freed it from the snow and ice, and held it against his body, sharing warmth with the snake that it might thaw and live again.

After a time, the snake stirred, raised it's head, and promptly bit the man, injecting venom.

"I am dead!", cried the man. "You have killed me with your bite!"

"How could you do this? I brought you into my house, warmed you, and nurtured you back to life!"

The snake replied, as the man lay dying...."You knew what I was when you picked me up."

Compare this to Ft. Hood and other terrorist actions in our country.

Draw your own conclusions.



Is Veterans day.

Thank you all.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


For all the effort involved in the Kelo decision (for those that don't know, this was the theft of a private residence using Eminent Domain, but the property ended up in the hands of a corporation), the Pfizer corporation abandoned the plan to build it's new R&D plant, leaving New London, Conn holding the bag. And after all that the city did for the corporation, in the hope that they would stay and bring new jobs with them.

And, Of course, Susan Kelo is forever without her family's home.

Yeah, she got paid for it under Eminent Domain, but she lost the house her parents left to her, and the site is now just a field, with all the houses torn down.

For nothing. No new R&D plant, no development. Nothing.


Happy Birthday Marines!

Nov 10, 1775, IIRC.

Thank you all.
Og and RobertaX are having a (sorta) discussion (or argument) regarding Islam. Her side starts HERE, his is HERE.

While I enjoy talking with them both, and can see both sides, I must say that Roberta is being soft hearted and Pollyanna-Ish in her viewpoint.

Og has the right of it. Read back a few of his posts for some history. Same with Roberta....

While there are many nice, decent, law abiding citizens who are of the Muslim faith, the fact remains that the religion does have the Koran as it's word. These are (supposedly) the words of Muhammad. And they must be followed. Or you aren't a good Muslim. Period. If you haven't read the Koran (I have), it is full of hate for infidels, and it's rules for society make women no better than cattle. My thanks to CAIR for providing me with the book that opened my eyes to Islam. If you haven't read it, then you should, especially before making such judgements.

Sadly, Islam does not allow it's followers to pick and choose. It is not an ala-carte sort of religion. You cannot be a devout Muslim and be a good citizen of the US. Period. Nor can you be a devout muslim and be a member of the US military. The society mandated by Islam is at odds with the society of the US.

(You cannot be a practicing Catholic and work at an abortion clinic, either, and for the same reasons.)

While not all Muslims are terrorists, the fact remains that most terrorists are Muslims.
And the major Muslim organizations do nothing to purge the radicals from their religion. They are supported by someone.....

Not all spree shooters are Muslims. But not all spree shooters cry "Allah Akbar!" before shooting people. Christians, Muslims, Jews, etc have been murderers in this country. But few others do the deed in the name of their god or their faith. And they are condemned by their church immediately.

Sadly, not so with Islam.
Interesting read at Ferfal's blog.....

It could happen here. In fact, as he pints out, it IS happening here.

We elected the politician he talked about (more than one, actually) and his experiences in Argentina demonstrate that the US is following a similar path.

Will we end up in the same place? Who knows? But we are firmly on the same path, and we are now electing the same types of leaders that the Argentines already have.

Some places in large cities in the US already have the conditions of which he speaks.


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Why elections matter....

It isn't always about what judges they will allow a president to appoint...

Here is another reason to get out the vote, and to campaign for the politician you want, (or at least against the one you don't).

Sometimes it matters more than you realize.

Today is one of those days.

Pelosi should be hung for violating her oath.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Do you ever get

the impression that the news media hopes and prays for tragedies like the FT Hood Massacre just so that they have something to bloviate upon for days and days afterwards?

One wonders.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

even in Canada, the 2nd is winning

Canada MP s vote to repeal the long gun registry. (like it had been working anyway)....

It isn't a done deal, but it is a start.

If the semi socialist countries are failing in their control, then why do we have a socialist portion of government that keeps trying to assert even more control? It would seem that "our" supposed "Intellectuals"(spit) can't even learn from their brethren about what works and what doesn't.

But they will keep trying, with YOUR money of course. It is the way of the socialist.


Pravda has the right of it. Read this article (it's long and windy, but indeed, it is correct) about the EU, and the fact that it is moving farther and farther towards the state that was behind the Iron Curtain. It is, of course, Pravda, with all that that implies, but being Pravda does not make the message any less correct.....

Seems that the socialists have won, they just had to wait for the effects to occur. All that posturing, all the military hardware they had in order to bring socialism to the masses of Europe, and yet, the Europeans have gone and brought their own socialism to themselves. Either this is a really, really well crafted long, long, long, range plan coming to fruition, or they were just lucky...

Either way, the socialists seem to have won. And even Pravda notices.

And we, as Americans, have elected a socialist "Great Leader" who wants to emulate the EU in its drive towards a more socialist state.

He is bankrupting the country, socializing our industries, and controlling our banks.

What is next? There is already an attempt at the curtailing of free speech........

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hey, this Kool-Aid tastes bad!!!!!

Seems that those who jumped on the Obama Bandwagon are unhappy. Not too many people like him nearly as much as they thought they would after they voted for him.

Many of those who drank the Kool Aid seem to have become disenchanted with the flavor of the drink, now that they have had a chance to reflect on the taste for a while......It seems to be leaving a bad taste in even his most ardent supporters mouths.


Did you really think that Mr.Obama, the poster child for DNC Liberalism, was going to be able to make everyone happy at the same time? Srsly folks, who among us really thought that he would? Seems that reality has smacked the nice Obama in the face, and he is realizing that doing the job is harder than campaigning for it....

Seems that they can't even sell Obama memorabilia in D.C. anymore....

The cracks continue to widen...... This statement is priceless....(HT: the Blogfather)

Things look good for the GOP in 2010 and 2012, if they just get their heads removed from their anal orifice.

Monday, November 2, 2009

What Copenhagen is really all about:

Socialism. Plain and simple. Evening out all of the world's population in order that there is an even amount of misery. Everyone (except,of course the self appointed ruling class) will share in the lack of things. This is a tax upon the developed countries of the world, for the (supposed) benefit of the less developed countries. (go HERE for more info) THIS IS ABOUT CONTROL.

(It might well be that the Global Conspiracy Theorists have been right all along?) I know that this sounds like I am a crackpot (and maybe I am), but the actual reality is WORSE! Take the time to read the links, then decide.....IF you don't get angry, then you aren't paying attention. Read what they admit they want to do.

Let us not forget the fact that the US, much of Europe, and many other countries have both taken (and paid for) and used the resources from those poorer countries that Copenhagen wishes to help by damaging those more successful countries, but that we have spent billions of dollars trying to help those same poor countries elevate their standard of living, to no avail.

Were it not for the World Health Organization, those same poorer countries would have fewer people in them (due to disease) and were it not for the food that was given to those countries by the US and Europe in aid, many of their citizens would have died from starvation. Now we have to tax the "richer" countries in order to make things "fairer". And much like contributions to the UN, most of the value given to the organizations will be used internally, for the benefit of the organization, and little actually flowing to the intended recipients.

It's not like they didn't have the chance to drag themselves out of the mud with all the help that was given....What happened was that the best and the boldest left their third world shitholes for better opportunities and the socialist weenies want to give the rest of them that stayed behind the same benefits without the effort.

Expect to pay big carbon taxes soon so that the poorer countries can reap big rewards for their failure to become something (it probably won't help, but they will try, and at our expense.)

(Of course, my first thought about shooting anyone (including government officials) who wants to tax this country for it's success is probably over the top, so we'll have to come up with a better, more nuanced version idea).

If this treaty is passed, I see big discussion fodder in the next election cycle, and big changes, even bigger that what might occur due to health care. The thought that any official of this government would undermine the sovereignty of this nation is utterly abhorrent to me. The thought that they think that they can get away with is is even more shocking. The thing is, we, the people, by voting such folk into power, HAVE GIVEN THEM THE RIGHT TO TRY!

Me, I am a neanderthal, and would advocate for torches and lampposts and rope and such (some assembly required) for those that would ratify such actions against the interests of the US and it's citizens.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Read this!


But it is SO true.
Interesting ruling on property rights HERE ..(HT: Insty)..Can a landlord prevent his/her tenants from possessing a firearm on rented premises? The Tennessee AG says they can.

Interesting that fourth amendment rights apply to rental housing, but in the opinion of the AG (in Tennessee) the 2nd doesn't.

I think that the landlord should have the final say. It is his/her property, and they can set the rules for rental. While I am a strong supporter of 2nd amendment rights, I am also a strong believer that the landlord owns the property and can set the rules. Don't like it? don't rent from that person.

Post Racial

Anarchangel has some interesting observations regarding racial issues, or the lack therof. Seems that his daughter goes to a well integrated school.

But the comments show that there is a strong belief that there are still discriminatory practices happening.....and also show a lot of white guilt.

Sadly, it is generally culture that holds people back and makes for discrimination, rather than race or color.

Wanna get treated well? Don't act like a lowlife or dress like a gang banger or rapper. Be nice and polite. Want to get a good job? Learn to speak english well, and not sound like you were edumacated in the deep south or Cabrini Green. Learn to use the word "ask" rather than "axe".

We are winning!

Or, to be more specific: THe DNC is falling apart when it comes to health care....

Lets hope the crumbling continues.


Vaccine time!

So they are handing out hamthrax* swine flu vaccinations today in my area.

Dire warnings that there are short supplies and that it is first come, first served.

I'm being A Good Citizen and skipping the whole thing in order that some other citizen (like a poor orphan or whatever) can get his/her shot. Risking my life and health for another and all that folderol.

Or maybe I just don't care enough to get that vaccine. Its hard to give a shit when these dire warnings happen every year like clockwork and yet we never have the big die-off that is promised.

Can anyone explain what the big issue with the Swine Flu is over regular flu?

Is it what the conspiracy nuts think, and this push for vaccination is a secretly hatched plan to infect all of us with some other dreaded disease (to be named later)...?

*hamthrax as a name for swine flu should be credited to JayG, (or so I am informed)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Not by police, but a bystander

Shot by an armed bystander in Boston. A psych patient attacks a doctor, and is shot by an armed, off duty security guard. Not an on duty or off duty cop, but a guy who was armed. Carrying a pistol.

Being a sheepdog, rather than a sheep

Possibly saving the doctors life (stabbed several times, but alive and recovering at this time) by shooting and killing the psycho psych patient. Even though most people in Massechussets are not allowed to be armed (Restrictive May Issue), this man was armed due to his profession, and he was in the right place at the right time.

How many more killings, robberies, or muggings could be stopped if more citizens were armed and able to stop criminal acts?

More on Glowball Warmening

Seems that the data is getting SPARSER and SPARSER when it comes to the number of data points used for temperature recording....Making it harder to compare things to earlier years....Like 1975!

Follow the link. Interesting stuff.

Worth pondering:

Something to think about

Monday, October 26, 2009

Humor...Put your coffee down and swallow.

If Email has a good use, it is the perpetuation of good jokes propagated via ones and zeros....

From a much forwarded email which wound up in my inbox.....

How I learned to mind my own business :

I was walking past the mental hospital the other day,
And all the patients were shouting, '13....13....13.'

The fence was too high to see over, but I saw a
Little gap in the planks, so I looked through to see
What was going on.....

Some idiot poked me in the eye with a stick!

Then they all started shouting '14....14....14'...

Sadly, I can see many of my friends being the organizer of such behavior at an institution.....You know who you are....

Probably not a good idea to toss trash when they are there

Seems that in Minnesota they are packin' heat when picking up trash.

And I be that no guns were discharged while the road was being cleaned.

Despite the evil loaded firearms affecting people's minds and all that.


I'd take it too

I find it hard to see how this is theft.

I mean, if you are gonna give me money, expect me to take it.

Armatys accepted a job with Basking Ridge, N.J.-based telecommunications company Avaya Inc. in September 2002, then changed his mind. But the company's computer system never removed his name from the payroll.

Paychecks were deposited into his bank account until February 2007, when Avaya auditors discovered the mistake.

Seems that they are charging him with theft.

I think it's just too bad for the company.

Be even more afraid

Via Hoosierboy comes THIS..

Slanted? Yes. Factual? More or less. Scary? You bet.

But that is what "Hope and Change" was all about. Hoe all of those who voted for it choke on it .

You've probably seen this, but....

As Caleb says..."Well Played" even though this photo was most likely staged, the whole thing with the Pig Sickness Vaccine and the failure to ramp up production or to distribute it in an orderly fashion (like say to high risk folks first...) or with even a bit of forethought (perhaps there is a bit of forethought, but the distribution appears to be highly haphazard...)

If the vaccine distribution is any indication of the effectiveness of the way that the government will operate our healthcare then we should all be afraid.....Very very afraid (like we weren't already...)


So I had a great time at the Indy Blogmeet. Thanks to whomever (Roberta??) set it up. I always enjoy meeting people who are intelligent witty and interesting. Everyone I met on Sunday afternoon met all those criteria...

Had an interesting discussion with OG, met Brigid (finally!!!) who is as interesting in person as her writing is, Tam (who I had met the day before, but is SO fun to talk to (and tall, BTW)), Owen, Jay (an interesting fellow, I assure you), Old Grouch and I had an interesting discussion of the psychological profiles of the folks carving pumpkins outside (there were some fairly disturbed folks, adult and children using fairly sharp objects..... Glad I was armed...)

Wayne (I think) was open carrying, and no one really cared (except that it was, I think, a Glock, which is sacrilege to those of us who are disciples of JMB, but even so, it was a Good Thing). I have a feeling that the rest of us were carrying concealed (maybe I was, and maybe I wasn't....???) but I doubt that there was a lack of lead and brass in the room...

I think that Og did not mark his territory on my Prius.....

All in all, I really enjoyed the blogmeet. If I had been able to leave the gunshow earlier, I would have, just to be able to spend more time with these folks....

If you can make a blogmeet with these people, I strongly urge you to do so.

I gotta update my blogroll too...

There are better places to make a profit

than health care.....

But it seems that the DNC and the Socialized Medicine folks don't want to let anyone know that.

Much like the profit margins of the Evil capitalists oil companies that were the bad boys last year, the Heartless bastards Health Insurers have low profit margins. You are better off investing in a LOT of other industries.


Sunday, October 25, 2009


TO all of you I had met before: It was nice seeing you again....I met even MORE interesting people (that is....a larger number of interesting people and others whom I did not meet last blogmeet, not people who were more interesting than the people I met last time) at this latest blogmeet. It was fun and interesting....

If you can make a blogmeet in Indy, I strongly urge you to do so..

More tomorrow, I am tired after pushing Strike-Hold on people all weekend at the Indy 1500.

Again, It was nice meeting you all....

Thursday, October 22, 2009

All those people look alike to me....

Via Insty I bring you THIS.....I am sure you have seen it already, but just in case...... I want to make sure everyone sees it.

Seems that the liberal folks at MSNBC really can't tell one black guy from another....I mean, "they all look the same to me"....right?

And the look on the Rev. Jackson's face is priceless.

I mean, while I really don't like either one of them, I can tell them apart. And I am a white guy.....But Sharpton and Jackson are as unalike as the Rev. and myself. Suppose she isn't sure what Sharpton looks like?

Up next: Don King Al Sharpton Eddie Murphy

Monday, October 19, 2009

This weekend

I will be at the Indy 1500 Gun Show....Stop by the 3 table and introduce yourself. I'll be the taller guy with a pony tail.

More Glowbal Warmening debunkingness

Via Bore Patch.....

"Something very strange is happening in the Scientific community right now - something healthy. We see a rejection of Received Wisdom, and in particular of Received Wisdom imparted by a closed circle of the anointed few. We see demands to see the data behind the theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming (the assertion that mankind's burning of fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, triggering a runaway temperature increase)......"

As the man says...Read the whole thing.

It's what I have been saying for years. Real science can withstand being held up to the light, and can withstand having its data reviewed.

If the models are so good, then why can't we plug in data from the '50's, '60's, '70's '80's and 90's and get something resembling today's climate (check it out, you don't get anything like this years temperatures). So the models MUST be flawed.

But that doesn't seem to convince those who have drunk from the Kool-Aid glass of the ALGORE Church....Which I would not normally mind except that they are screwing with our economy and inconveniencing me greatly with no real proof that their messiah is correct. How many MILLIONS of dollar, (or Euro equivalent) have been spent on pseudoscientific research and half baked ideas to slow the (probably) nonexistent global warming?

Make no mistake, I run a diesel truck on used fryer oil, and my other car is a Prius....I hate waste, and I am cheap thrifty enough to recycle (that means re-use, not just throw in a container for someone else to deal with) nearly everything but toilet paper and toothpaste.

But I really don't think that the effort, capitol, and energy we waste on pursuing the global warming rabbit is productive, unless you think that keeping AL Gore's days busy with speaking engagements and a bunch of half assed "scientists" busy doing pseudoscience and pursuing government grant money as productive.

But hey, I am a skeptic

Cash for Electric GOLF CARTS.


Subsidies for GOLF CARTS? YaGottaBeKiddinMeHere

"We thought cash for clunkers was the ultimate waste of taxpayer money, but as usual we were too optimistic. Thanks to the federal tax credit to buy high-mileage cars that was part of President Obama's stimulus plan, Uncle Sam is now paying Americans to buy that great necessity of modern life, the golf cart."

"The federal credit provides from $4,200 to $5,500 for the purchase of an electric vehicle...."

Will wonders never cease...Another WTF? moment from the government....

And these people are the type that will be handling health care....Wasting our money.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Trapped behind the cheddar curtain

Stuck here for the weekend.

Another gun show.

People in this state are.....different.

But at least it ain't Illinois.


And more propaganda.

Promoted by the White House, distributed by the major TV media outlets.

I suppose that the networks have no choice, as the feds own the airwaves, but still this is a bit over the top.

"We control what you see and hear"....Remember the opening of the show "outer limits"?

Watch for the media blitz next week. It will be sickening. And it might well work on those who were stupid enough to vote for Mr. Obama, as they can be easily swayed by a week of emotional appeals. The rest of us (who probably already serve our community in some manner already, despite having jobs and lives), will not be easily swayed by a week long blitz, just angered.

Personally, I think that this will lead to a backlash....

Politicians from lampposts and all that.

More info on the whole thing HERE.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

So why is health care the big thing? If they want to be socialist (first of all, then get the hell out of my country....But, I digress) then why start with health care?

Why not use schools as the first big equalizer? Make each and every person attend public schools. You'd get better indoctrination there, and that would indeed be a great equalizer. No more special schools or better funded schools for white suburbanite kids and poorly funded schools that are poorly administered for the inner city youths. One size fits all...No special privileges for anyone.

The Obama Administration made noises about public service by school aged kids, but those seem to have faded away soon after inauguration day. If not schools and not public service to "equalize " all of us socially, then what is the plan?

So why health care? Is it about control? Or is there another agenda after this.....Not to get too tinfoil hat wearing stuff here, but why the big push by the Democrats? They know that the majority of citizens are against the reform, and that the majorities in both houses are in jeopardy because of this (and the stimulus package), which leads to danger for holding the White House in 2012 too...

Anyone who can add can see that the plans proposed are bankrupt from the start. They will damage the country's 260+/- million people with decent health care, all at risk for the 25 million who don't have great health care...Everyone gets emergency medical care, just not for free.....And this plan won't give anyone free health care either....

So why? Win this fight over health care, and they lose voters and seats in the houses....Lose the fight over health care, and they lose prestige and votes and again, the majority in both houses....

Is it just that the socialist dream seems possible for these socialists now that they have the majority in both houses AND a president who sill sign any socialist bill they present to him? Are they willing to chance it all just so they can push forward the socialist agenda a big notch forward?

If not that, then what?

Or am I missing something?

Monday, October 12, 2009

There's enough blame for many

via Second City Cop, I offer you THIS.

I would refrain from commenting, because for the most part, what is said in the article is almost enough.

But I must add to the indictment the welfare system, that system that promotes bad behavior in our children when they become able to bear children themselves. To provide cash payments to young women who do nothing more than lay with a boy (or man) and then, 9 months later, give birth without a thought to the future of that child or its rearing is wrong. The system as it stands had destroyed the family culture in the black community (and, let us not forget, is destroying it in the white community as well). The system which promotes (yes, promotes) husbandless mothers and fatherless children. A system that causes men, who should be providing parenting and who should be father figures, to become only sperm donors.

This lack of parenting by women, and especially by men, is what leads to the exact sort of violence that is referred to in the article. Men who are only sperm donors do nothing to provide for the emotional and cultural education and maturity of the children that they "father".

Until we stop rewarding bad behavior by young women, and stop making them economically viable without fathers, there will be recurrences of the sort of behavior which killed Derrion Albert.

A rule of economics I was taught in school: if you subsidize something, you will get more of it.

Until we cause young women to think about the future, to look at their children's future, especially economic future....Until these women look at their sexual partners as potential mates in the economic and family sense, and not just in the sexual sense, there will be other generations of young men (and women) who demonstrate the same animal like behavior. Until we begin teaching them civilization, they will be that which their their nature makes them to be, animals.

This is not about race, it is about culture....Or the lack thereof.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

10/12/00 Let us not forget this day either,,,

Today, 9 years ago, some 17 sailors were killed and 39 or so injured.

Yep, I am talking about the USS Cole.

Another day when the Islamic Radicals were willing to blow themselves up just so they could damage or kill American servicemen and women, and express their hatred against the US. (which, incidentally, has done more to help the Muslims than nearly all of the rest of the countries in the world combined, INCLUDING the Muslim oil producing states....But I digress.

This day, 9 years ago, the US learned just how loved the US was by the country of Yemen. (see here for details of how the investigators were treated).

But I bring this up for a reason......It was the rules of engagement that were in place which allowed the bombing boat (which held a 1000+ lb shaped charge bomb) to even get close enough. Rather than have rules of engagement in place to provide for the safety of our servicemen, we had in place politically correct ROE which required that the captain or other command level officer approve even the loading of weapons, much less firing to defend the ship.

It is bullshit thinking, the deliberate hobbling of our sailors, that got 17 men and women killed and 39 others injured, some for life.

You can't be at war halfway.....Either you are in the fight with all you have and can bring to bear, or you aren't in it at all, but are merely striving hard to lose. War, like a bar fight, is won by those who fight hardest, give it all they have, and work to win.

These facts seem to be lost on the diplomatic folks (many of whom, I am sure, have never seen a fight of any kind). I learned these rules of fighting on the playground at an early age, but some folks seem to have forgotten them, if they ever learned them at all.

But these folks who are making decisions, not only killed sailors 9 years ago, but are making the same decisions today, and are getting our soldiers killed, in far away, dusty places like Iraq and especially Afghanistan.

Either let those men and women fight, and support them with all the weapons and materials that they need, or bring them home so not another dies uselessly, hobbled by some poorly thought out ROE which places them in harms way without the ability to fight hard to win, in order to prevent the possibility of harm to civilians who allow the enemy to live among them.

If our politicians, especially Mr. Obama fail to do one or the other, then the blood of those who die in the next days, weeks or months shall be on their hands.

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Nobel Peace prize is worth less than a plate of noodles

Seems nearly anyone can get the Peace Prize.

FOR WHAT? What has he done to earn such an honor?

Seriously....What has he done to earn it?

I'm not trying to insult the man here, but he has no more earned it that my brother has. (hey, they are both decent men and all that, but neither one has done anything to earn recognition by the Nobel Committee). This is an insult to those who have done something to earn the prize. By awarding this to Mr. Obama at this time, the committee demonstrates that this prize is just a political award, and no longer recognition for Truly Good Works.

Bah. The Nobel Committee is now just a parody of what it once was.

The nomination deadline was, IIRC, only 2 weeks after his inauguration. so how indeed could he have done anything worth reviewing by that time? Perhaps, as with most liberals, Good Intentions are all that matter to the committee?

Even the "Times" (UK, that is...) agrees.

Snark can be found HERE

Update II:

After hearing his speech, the thought occured to me that had he really meant what he said in the opening of his speech, he would have graciously declined the award, (hey, for the liberals, this would have been even better than the award itself...) and instead named several others who actually did deserve it. "I do not deserve this award, and I gratefully thank the Committee, but I must humbly decline the award as I have not yet completed my agenda, and therefore haven't done enough to deserve this fine honor" or something along those lines

I mean, the honor of having been awarded the prize, even though it is BS, is still there, whether you take it or not. And deep down, even Mr.Obama must know he doesn't deserve it.

But that would have been the Classy Thing to do, and I have a feeling that there are going to be a lot of opportunities to do the Right Thing, and Show Some Class that he will miss.

Or, is it about the money? I mean, that is a LOT of scratch. What will he do with it?

Probably not the Classy Thing....

Rainbows and Unicorn Farts....

Update III:

In his will, Alfred Nobel stipulated that the recipent of the peace prize should go to "the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations and the abolition or reduction of standing armies and the formation and spreading of peace congresses".

"Splain how Mr. Obama made that list, please? I mean, seriously.

My brother is looking better and better for next year. He intends to break up a fight next month.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Like that will help. The blind leading the stupid.

Seems that Mr. Obama is bringing the Attorney General and Education Secretary to Chicago to find out how to prevent anyone from videotaping black on black violence do something about the violence that plagues the Chicago schools.

Never mind that the issue has little to do with the schools themselves, but rather much to do with the culture of those who attend. Never mind the fact that the majority of those children were raised in a home that is without a father because liberals many years ago decided to make a single woman a stable economic unit with welfare payments, destroying the black family culture that kept young men and women from becoming animal-like in their behavior. Forget the fact that these kids beat another kid to death. Forget the fact that it was because no one thought about the fact that in closing a school, they mixed children of two neighborhoods together in one school, leaving the law of unintended consequences to cause violence as children of different tribes cultures and neighborhoods were forced together.

The fact is that this is a bunch of kids, who have never learned how to behave, killing another of their kind. Had this been a bunch of whites killing a black kid, the outcry would be loud and resonant from nearly every liberal quarter. But the fact that it is black kids killing another black kid just means that the government must "stop the violence". Jesse Jackson and his ilk don't condemn the black on black violence, just the violence.... It must be the fault of, and responsibility of, the "government" to fix, not the parents mothers that raised these animals children.

Until we stop making excuses and face facts, there will always be incidents such as these. The proliferation of cell phone cameras and videos just make it all the easier to see.

HMMM.....Which liar to believe?

Reports are the "Dreams of my Fathers" is the work of Bill Ayers.

Seems Mr. Ayers claims that he wrote it.

You decide for yourself which liar to believe......Someone has to be breaking tradition and telling the truth.

This law, but not that law

Seems the sheriff of Maricopa County AZ, Sheriff Joe Arapio is not supposed to find, arrest or detain illegals on the streets of his county.

Seems that ICE has caved to the whining complaints of the ACLU.

Forget about the fact that the Sheriff is a sworn law enforcement officer, and that laws are being broken. Forget about the fact that he is arresting those who are illegally in this country. Forget about the fact that he is doing what ICE won't or can't do.

IIRC, the Sheriff is the top Lawdog in his county, and his authority trumps even the feds within the borders of his county.

If ICE is unable or unwilling to do their job, they should stay out of the way of someone who will do it for them. Perhaps someone should charge the ICE staff with dereliction of duty or something....In court.