Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Short of Nuking the entire NRA building, is there any way to get them to stop sending emails two or three times a day?

I have unsubscribed to over a hundred emails.

I have called the headquarters and asked to be removed

These steps have reduced the emails to approximately 10 a week. Which is an improvement from 50+ .
 I have marked many as SPAM, but there are a huge number of email addresses they use. Add they come to my phone at all hours of the day.

Short of getting a new email and abandoning the one I have, is there any way to get the NRA and affiliates to stop with the incredibly irritating email marketing?I have reached the point that I will no longer buy anything marketed via the NRA.

Were my range not having membership as a requirement, I'd cancel my membership in protest.

Anyone know anyone at the NRA?

Or perhaps Wayne LaPierres cell phone or something so I can call him and ask him to make it stop?

Anyone got another suggestion?


Yeah, I got nuthin'. Too much happening for me to make a coherent post.

No free ice cream today either. Maybe later.

Read the folks on the left side.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Friday, April 26, 2013

Isn't it interesting.....

that we have all sorts of images from videos of the "Brothers Kablamasov", including(but not limited to before the bombing, the firefight, even the  FLIR from the helicopter monitoring the final capture, yet months after Sandy Hook we have not seen even on single solitary image of Adman Lanza at the school?  We know the school had video in the entrance and doorways, so why not?

Just Sayin'.

A list

Of GE Capitol credit locations....


Choose where you go. Don't give your money to GE.

Starve the beast.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Round two: They'll never stop until we drive a stake through their heart...

Toldja about Lautenberg's bill the other day. 

Make powder and other reloading components harder to get. (Explosives, doncha know...)

Reid has introduced said bill.

We shall see where it goes.

Of course, it wasn't black powder or smokeless powder that the Boston bombs were made of.  But rather the guts of fireworks...

But that bit of reality won't stop these folks from trying....

So now GE decides

To stop doing any financing of gun shops and gun manufacturers. 

Hey, it is their money....Ge Capitol can decide who they lend it to. Free enterprise and all that. I actually have no issue with them deciding to stop providing financing for anything related to guns. I actually believe that they have the right to do so.

However, just like Bank Of America, we have the right not to do business with them. Choose not to feed the beast.

(I just a few months ago pulled $450K worth of credit card processing from BoA and moved to another CC processor when they bought the CC processor I was using...)

Choose who you finance things through. If you have something financed through GE Capitol or BoA, move that loan to another bank or finance company.

Don't use any in-store credit card that is handled by or financed by either of these companies. (IIRC, at one time Bass Pro Shops in store credit card was handled by GE capitol.) I believe that Home Depot and Circuit City as well as Best Buy are also processed by Ge Capitol (My info may be out of date as I don't use any of these in store cards any more),

Be aware that some auto loans are also done by both BoA and GE. Nearly half of the "No interest for a year" loans are too.

Take the time to find out who processes or finances any loans you have. Starve the beast. You also have the right to determine who gets your money...who has the privilege of charging you interest.

If you move a loan, write them (GE or BoA) a letter and explain why. Express your displeasure at their business choices.

Just as a point of information: Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of GE, is a VERY VERY good friend of and crony of Barry Soetoro.....

I am sure that there is no connection to GE's choice to stop funding anything related to firearms.

So they can see the truth:

Even in (formerly) Great Britain.

The newspapers there can see it...

Yet our media, somehow, cannot.

Which would imply that they are either extremely stupid.....


They have an agenda...


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

So people are starting to talk

about the "sequester" and they aren't liking what they are seeing.

The latest, the cuts to the Air Traffic Controllers, are affecting people directly, not where they can't see, feel and experience things directly.

And soon, Parks, housing and schools will be affected.

THe pundits are calling for an end to the sequester, and a different budget.

But I think the American public is starting to see the games being played with their lives. The fact that the FAA is choosing to cut Air Traffic Controllers rather than levels of management, or reducing the bureaucracy is not lost on most people....and they know that they are being played by Barry and the Democrats....and they aren't fooled.

Same with the cuts being made to border control, and the fact that the administration is using those budget cuts as an excuse to release illegals that have been caught and are currently incarcerated.

People will, I think, want harder choices made as things get more and more tight. As service are cut....People will want cuts made, and not to services that they expect from their government. Either social welfare programs cut or military..

I'm betting that those who pay taxes will prefer cuts to social welfare programs...and cuts to redundant government programs...and (one) sacred cow...Farm subsidies.

The Republicans would be smart to get in front of this, and publish a basic budget showing how  and what they would cut and what they would not.

Full page ads in newspapers. Show where they will cut waste and where they will not cut services for which we are paying.

Make Barry and the DNC, play defense. 

But I doubt that they will do so.....We call them the Stupid Party for a reason.


A ban of large fireworks...

And a limit on how many you can buy in a month.

Or possess in your home.

Because we all know that laws like that would prevent something like THIS.

We Must Do Something.

At least make blowing people up more illegaler.....

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Full on Boston:

Here is a perfect example as to why the tactics used to find the Boston Bomber are a very BAD idea.

Any excuse to keep citizens in their homes via police order. An unconstitutional order.

What is next? Drug dealers? Speeders? JAYWALKERS?

Where (when) does it stop?

Cooperation with the police is not a bad idea. But a police state when the police decide that it is a good is NOT constitutional.

And I urge everyone to say "Enough!" when they try this in your town.

Monday, April 22, 2013

I DO need to say this

For all of my questioning about the way that the search for the Marathon bomber was handled, I do need to say that the cops had a difficult job. While I wonder why none of them ever questioned the constitutionality of the searches, and why they stopped and ID'd people who were OBVIOUSLY not the man they were looking for, apparently most residents felt that the officers were polite and decent.

This was, for all of them, a difficult and stressful job. Not one that most of us would have volunteered to do. There is a reason they get paid. The men who actually handcuffed the bomber had to be scared spitless that he would detonate himself as they approached. Big ball those guys have.

And yes, the cops flocked to the scene of every possible incident, as cops are wont to do. Yes, it looks like they all just want to "get in on the action"...and maybe that is a part of it. But remember, they do run TOWARDS the danger. Part of the way they react is their training. And sadly, their training for certain scenarios doesn't always make sense, nor do they always use common sense.


These police officers, even with their unconstitutional actions and with their sometimes foolish approach to the way they handled people...these men and women were still doing their level best to protect the citizens under their watch. They may have made mistakes and forgotten the Constitution, and we get the opportunity to judge them from the safety of our homes while they are out there doing their job. This does not excuse things, but it does go a ways to explaining it.

And again, while I and others may criticize them, and that criticism may be merited...and even useful.....These police officers did put themselves in harms way. They may not like the fact that we look from afar and criticize(or the fact that the criticism is sometimes dead on), but that does not mean that their work is not appreciated.

And they do deserve our thanks.

As George Orwell said:

"We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready to visit violence on those who would do us harm"

Sunday, April 21, 2013

So where is the probable cause

For things like this? I'd love an explanation from a LEO as to how things like this occur....Is it that police assume anyone not in uniform is a suspect? Or that they just like being badasses.....I can see no way that this guy fits the description of the fugitive....Other than being male and human.

I mean, he OBVIOUSLY could fit the description of the guy they are looking for..And he is under duress...Every reason to point a firearm at his head....Right? Right?

I realize that tensions were high...I realize that the police have a job to do...But really? Following procedure is one thing. Common sense is another. And if they can't understand the difference, then they shouldn't be allowed to play with guns and all those other neat toys, much less have the authority and power that they do.

I'd also like to hear the explanation for this:

One would assume that there was a good, CONSTITUTIONAL reason for this. But I can't think of one. I'll withhold any comment until the police have a chance to explain. Citizens being treated like criminals? Why?  

Food for thought:

Read THIS. 


A sad, misguided rant

can be found HERE

Some of the comments are even worse.

"Exigent Circumstances".

Yeah, hold an entire town hostage for half a day....And it is ok, because these are "special" circumstances.

How long can the "Exigent Circumstances" linger? hours? days Weeks/ MONTHS?

What are the definititions of "Exigent"?

Where is the line for a terrible enough crime that this order applies? There are thousands of criminals at large in our cities today....So where is the line?  Murder? Drug dealing? Grand Theft Auto?

Apparently the Constitution can be suspended if the circumstances warrant or if the criminal is evil enough....of if the need is great enough in the rulers government's mind. Or if it makes the police officers job easier...?

Having said that, really, staying home was probably a good idea Friday afternoon, 4/19, in Boston and the surrounding area. Letting the police do their jobs, not a bad thing. Cooperation? Probably best. But really, their job was done by a civilian. They were alerted by a homeowner, one outside of their perimeter...and they all swarmed in that direction, sirens and lights...Easy to do because those pesky civilians were kept off the streets. Hundreds of cops standing around. Who was protecting the rest of the city?

Asking people to stay inside is a good idea...But to make it on pain of arrest? Really? And for a cop (or anyone) to feel that it is justified? To justify the action of threatening arrest if people were out on the street because "we are tracking a very bad man"...."And you civilians will just be in our way..." Keeping the population in their homes so that the police had control of the streets....

You who agree with the poster should be ashamed of yourselves. Your attitude is what leads to a police state. I am not saying that people should have walked the streets in defiance, but really, you police type folks need to get a grip. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THIS ATTITUDE. EVER.

You should be ashamed for even thinking like that. Remember Peele.

And it should be pointed out that the fugitive in question was found BY A CIVILIAN...outside the perimeter....after the "shelter in place" order had been lifted. Who then called 911 and let the pros handle the actual arrest and get credit for "finding and capturing" him

BTW, the arresting cops had big brass ones...They had to approach not knowing if he was wired to go boom. Gotta say, they had guts.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Since the media isn't asking...

Where did the Chechen bombers get their money? Cash enough to live in a relatively expensive burb of Boston?

And (this one is imporant) where did they get their GUNS?

Enquiring minds want to know.......

I find it interesting

Interesting that when everyone wanted the Bomber(s) arrested after the Boston Marathon, They all were OK with men with pistols and assaullt weapons doing the deed, running around their neighborhoods with guns in their hands ....guns with "High capacity magazines".

And none of them have spoken up about the fact that they, the citizens of the Greater Boston Metro Area have been effectively disarmed by their government.

I also find it interesting that in the aftermath of the bombings, no one called for pressure cooker controls, background checks for BB's and nails, etc. They simply pointed the blame where it belongs...on the two men who did this. Not at the retailer who sold the pressure cooker, not at the outlet that sold them the backpack...not at the place where they bought the thousands of bb's. But at the perpetrators of this crime.

Why can't they do the same when a firearm is used in a crime?

I know it is a stupid question, but really, can the liberals not separate logic from emotion and use logic in their arguments and criticism ?

Friday, April 19, 2013

Let us not forget:

That, according to record, today was the day that the jews in Warsaw chose to stand up and fight...

To choose not to die like sheep, but rather like wolves.

They know they would dies. They really had no other option.

But rather than cower and wait for their fate, they chose to stand their ground and let their deaths mean something.

Fought like wolves, died like free men and women.

Again, when you have nothing to lose, you fight better.

Some survived.

But more importantly, they stood up.

Words to remember:

Stand your ground; don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here —

Captain John Parker, Battle of Lexington and Concord, April 19, 1775.


Is it legal for the authorities in greater Boston to force (Order) people in certain locations to stay in their homes? Can they enforce that order, legally?

Can they prevent you from going to work?

From going to your friends home?

From going shopping?

Can they order businesses closed?

Search homes without a warrant?

They can order you to do so... But can they legally enforce it?  Can they order a store or gas station to close?

The Police obviously did think that their orders were legal, and the populace (obviously) obeyed.

But did they have to obey those orders? Did those people have to stay home from work?

Where I live, those orders would be unenforceable. Not legal.

Now, make no mistake, if a crazed person were running round with explosives while being hunted by the police, following those orders might just be a good idea. Probably save a lot of hassle if you did so.

But One wonders if they were really legal.  Really enforceable. Or if the populace just went along. Which isn't, really, such a bad idea in this instance. 

No matter

How you look at it, Today was really the birth of our nation:

On this day in1775, thanks to the warning issued by William Dawes and Paul Revere, the colonists were ready to resist.attempted confiscation..Ready to resist the  King... Ready for the attempt to restrict their freedoms and options  Today, really is the anniversary of the beginning of our country. This was the day of resistance. The day that people stood up and said "Enough!".  This was the day, so long ago, that the founders of our country chose to determine their own fate and told the King that he no longer ruled them.That they would not be kept as serfs, but rather would determine their own fate,

Was it desperation that made them make that choice? Fear that they had no choice...that if they allowed the agents and soldiers of the King to take action that they would never have another chance....never again have the ability to choose their future? Likely we will never know. All we know is that they did make that choice, and in doing so, set into motion a chain of events which led to the birth of a great nation. One that we are citizens of today. It led to the creation of a set of rules that allowed freedom with responsibility and which gave the citizens the ability to flourish under it's protection.

We owe those folks who stood up all those years ago, for their courage, their determination, and their legacy.


can't argue with this at all.

You should READ.

Thursday, April 18, 2013


You knew it wouldn't take long

Background checks for smokeless and black powder.

One of the gun grabbers dreams.

Of course, it is sponsored by Lautenberg, one of the perpetually pants-shitting liberals.

Do these people not realize how many recipes there are for low order explosives? How easy (relatively) they can be to make? How many people know how?


Betcha this gets used to limit the amount of rounds you can buy or legally possess because of the powder they contain.

Bet on it. It is a logical extension.

So..... A question:

If the NRA is SO POWERFUL that it can make Senators quake in their boots vote against the wishes of 90 80 some large percentage of their constituents and vote "NO" on the gun banning bills....

Should we all petition Wayne LaPierre and his NRA board members to start talking to the Senators and Congressmen about things like the deficit and spending and unemployment and the increase in entitlements and immigration and Social Security and such?

I mean, if we and the NRA have so much power and all.....

Didja call?

If yer congressthing voted against the gun ban legislation(s) then you should take the time to call or email a thank you.

If they voted FOR such garbage, call and ask demand an explanation.

When I did so at Donnelley's office, the girl answering the phone at first tried to explain, then assured me that thre would be a letter forthcoming with an explanation. She said that I wasn't the first to ask for such a thing.

We shall see.


Take the time to raise a glass to Paul Revere (and his compatriot William Dawes, who did the same thing by a different route, but was never immortalized in poetry).

Mr. Revere and Mr. Dawes embarked on a journey to warn their fellow citizens that "The British are coming!" Coming for the powder and shot that the colonials would need to defend their homes and property.

The British were, essentially, planning on doing what Obama, Feinstein and her ilk wanted to do to you now, here in the present. Take a way your means to resist. Take away your ability to remain free and to decide for yourself what your future brings. Take away the right of self determination. Make you a servant rather than a citizen.

Thanks to Paul Revere and William Dawes, the British failed to confiscate the powder and shot (ammunition) that the colonials needed. Thanks to those two men, the colonials were ready when the British came. Ready to resist. And they did, but that is another story for another time.

Essentially, thanks to those men's actions, the colonials were able to resist and to begin the fight which led to the Revolution, and ultimately, to the creation of the United States and the Constitution....

So today, take the time to raise a glass, Take the time to thank those two men, who risked arrest and imprisonment to warn their fellow citizens. Think on their actions and their courage and their contribution to the revolution and, ultimately, our country.

Take the time to watch this, or to read the words of Longfellow's poem below.

Think of the bravery, the courage and the guts they had.  And how well we and our ancestors were served by their actions.

Raise a glass, make a toast, think of those men. Say thank you whatever Deity who hears you for men such as these. We owe them greatly.

Listen, my children, and you shall hear
Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere,
On the eighteenth of April, in Seventy-five;
Hardly a man is now alive
Who remembers that famous day and year.

He said to his friend, "If the British march By land or sea from the town to-night, Hang a lantern aloft in the belfry arch Of the North Church tower as a signal light, One, if by land, and two, if by sea; And I on the opposite shore will be, Ready to ride and spread the alarm Through every Middlesex village and farm, For the country folk to be up and to arm. 

(click for complete poem)


I gotta try this someday...

Joe Donnelly, you are a weasel

Despite polling data showing that YOUR constituents wanted no part of the Manchin-Toomey bill, you went ahead and voted along the party lines. Following the wished of Der Leader, and not your constituents.

Rest assured that I will do all I can to see you removed from the office of Senator. Lots of people drive by my place of business. They'll see your voting record . They'll see support for whomever is your opponent. I'll donate money and time to your opponent. I really don't care if the persion running against you is a communist pederast, he will get my support over you.

You fucking little fuck.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I am reliably informed

that the original bill, S. 649 by Harry Reid, is up for a vote tomorrow....and this one actually has a chance to pass the Senate.

The others were just window dressing.

I dunno, but pay attention tomorrow.

I intend to let my Senators know I am still watching.

ETA: GO here for more info

If you have plans

To ever use a Pressure Cooker (for canning or cooking)you might want to buy one before the BATF(e) decides that they need controls...background checks, serial numbers, 4473's etc.

Also, if you use powder for reloading, might want to stock up.

I'm gonna go this weekend and stock up on FFg and FFFFg ....

I will also look for parts for my pressure cooker...Just in case.

Senators see reason

Or at least realize what voting for more gun control would do to their prospects.

54-46 AGAINST!

National Journal makes all sorts of excuses. They repeat the 90% manta, (although I don't believe that poll) and they blame, of course, the NRA and something called the "National Association for Gun Rights"...an organization which I had never heard of until today.

But ultimately, I think this was a battle fought and won by We The People...We called, we wrote, we e-mailed and we made out wishes known.....And that, more than anything else, kept our Senators in line.

ETA: Now maybe gun and ammo pricing will return to normal......

It occurs to me

That the President is crying crocodile tears over the victims of the madman(men?) who set the bombs in Boston.

If he finds the act of setting bombs so terrible, so repugnant, then why is he friends with William Ayres?

The man has said "I don't regret setting bombs" and "I feel we didn't do enough" about his past. Mr Ayres is a domestic terrorist. 

He is also a friend of, and mentor to Barack Hussein Obama. One of the people who helped launch Obama's political career. 

To my knowledge, William Ayres has never apologized for his action. 

Had things not gone awry, he would have participated in setting EXACTLY the same type of bomb that was used in Boston. 

Yer Barry still counts Ayres as his friend. 

So...., Barry, which is it? Bombing is good as a political statement? Or is it bad? Is terrorism ok, or is it not? 

Tell us, please. 

If ya haven't called your senators

Now might be a good time to do so.

If you haven;t got a clue how to do so (in which case I am disgusted, but whatever) you can find the information on the left side of this blog, at the top, marked "contacting the congress" (or you can click on the link here).

Tell em NOT to vote for Toomey Manchin.

You voice might be the one that makes him/her/it change their mind.

Even if they have already stated their opposition to the bill, make sure that they know that it was the right decision.

Congressmen and women and senators all want to get re-elected. Make sure that they know how you feel.

RIP, Iron Lady

Today is her funeral.

Conspicuously absent is anyone from the Obama administration.

I find that to be disgusting.

I am sure that it is a calculated insult to Britain.

And they'll remember. Both the British people and their leaders.

And it'll affect the relations between our nations for a long time.

That failure to attend is stupid. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spent some time

Looking at Youtube videos today. Videos of the explosions at the Boston Marathon. I did this to see if my first impressions were right, and to see what the media couldn't (or didn't) show.


1. These were fairly small  devices.

2. The finish line bomb had to be a fairly low order explosive. The blast wavefront wasn't moving very fast.

I'd bet AMFO. 15 lbs or so. Or something similar. Maybe black powder, but I don't think so.(ETA: others disagree)

3. Amazingly, once people got over the shock, many ran TO the site and knew what to do and did it. Not everyone, but a significant percentage of them. Heroes, each of them. I am impressed by the nearly instant reaction of those folks. I bet that many lives were saved because of this. It restored (a little) my faith in my fellow citizens.

Innit interesting

When Adam Lanza did his ting at Sandy Hook, we knew withing HOURS everything about him...his age, where he lived, who he last spoke with, what he ate for lunch and when his last bowel movement was....

Same thing with James Homes, of Aurora Colorado fame.

Same with Jared Laughner.

But what have we heard about the suspected Bomber Person of interest? His name is Abduhl Rahman Ali Alharbi. He is from Revere

But do we have anything on the MSM? Nope. Nothing. Zero. Nada. 

Wonder why? 


So, what? Did the FBI fuck up and give the Bomber a real bomb instead of a fake one this time?
Never thought of that.

Joe talks about the bombs

and he points out that they 'COULD" have been made from commercially available reloading powder.

If so, expect bans

Or controls

Or something.


Read THIS.

Good points.

A lesson in communications

Shortly after he terrorist bombing in Boston yesterday (04.15.13), the "authorities" (likely DHS) temporarily shut down the cell hone networks as a precaution against other bombs being detonated by remote control through the cellular networks.

While I understand the reasoning behind this action, (perhaps they were disarming the other bomb they (reportedly) found). It did, no doubt, cause a great deal of issues for many urban dwellers who have no other form of communication.

Just a thought: If that is the only telecommunications device your friends and family have in order to contact you, or you the rest of the world, you should have a backup plan.

I'm not talking a way to update your Facebook and such (although you could do that at any shop with Wi-Fi), but a plan to check in with your fellows and family in the event that the Cell networks are down. Perhaps Skype using Wi-Fi....perhaps a number you can call from a land line (if you can access one) to make contact with someone.

Just a thought.




Kennecott mine in Utah has had a landslide and is currently closed....

Why is this a big deal?

They produce 25% of the Us produced copper.
12% of US sourced silver
8% of US produced gold

Watch the price of gold (which has unexplicably decreased today) and silver (ditto) go higher in the next month.

I am buying what I can in Gold and Silver. I expect that soon the current price will seem like a bargain.

Expect the price of copper to skyrocket. Guess what your guns use that have copper as a major component??

Make of it what you will. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

So I gotta wonder

What could be happening that the Boston Marathon terrorist bombing is covering up[?

I mean, while your (and the newsies) attention is focused on the terrible atrocity, what else is happening?

What is our government doing?

Yeah, maybe I am crazy. Maybe I am not. You have to admit that you find my theory plausible.

And I find the fact that i could even suspect something like that to be tragic. But not unfounded.


Yeah, read this....I'll wait.

Will you fight? Or will you submit.

I know which side I have chosen. And I am cool with it. Not looking forward to it, but good with it if (when?) it happens.

Better decide now. Make good with your God.  Be ready.

If nothing else, you'll reduce the ranks for the next guy. There are more of us than there are of them. Remember that.

If and when and all that.

Take heart. Be strong.
Others have been there. Stand upon their memory and resist.

Holy shit!

Terrorist bombing at the Boston Marathon.

2 explosions, 1 other device found and defused. 2 dead, 20+injured according to news reports.

No much other news. Of course, this is Bush's fault. Or right wing guns and Bible clingers.

Might be. Hope not.
Hope they find the perpetrators and hang 'em or shoot 'em.
Good chance of that if they have a defused device.
I'd participate in the firing squad.

Say a prayer to whatever God you talk to for the victims.

Bet that this is used to erode more of our freedoms. 

Interesting viewpoint.  

ETA: Suspect in custody If true

And here I had my eye on a 700 in.308

But now it looks like I'm gonna have to buy another Savage instead. BUMMER.

Remington prostitutes itself for the promise of government business.

I am sure that the government contract for Sniper rifles is very lucrative. Likely the markup to the government is higher than to Joe hunter.

Having said that, I find it sad that Remington is willing to stay, so long as they get what amounts to a massive bribe....With Taxpayer's money.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Thought for the day:

"A closed mouth gathers no feet".

Takers gotta take

No matter what happens, the DNC types always find a way to try and take money. Money from a group of ever less well affluent people.

This time, it looks like they re going after your retirement...Not that that is a surprise. I told ya.

I wonder if they are gonna limit the public union folks too?  'Cause lots of them have pensions (paid for by taxpayers, not the worker, unlike the rest of us in private employment) that are higher than those that Obama wants to limit.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Yeah, I figured it was like that

Booze and parties on a Yacht.

Wonder what was said, what was done, and especially WHAT WAS RECORDED for later publication...

It would explain a lot.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

No due process?

Seems that the NICS check bill that Toomey and Manchin have compromised on has (of course) some hooks.

You can be added to the database as mentally ill by your Doctor....Without your knowledge. With no way to protest until you are denied the right to purchase.

Kinda like the "no fly list", only worse.

Forget the record keeping issues, forget the "backdoor registration". This is an ample reason to oppose this bill. 

Soon, if this passes, we will all be mentally ill. Bet on it. 10 years, tops.

Spread the word. Tell all your acquaintances. 


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Senator Pat Toomey

Needs his ass kicked. He and Manchin have decided to sell out gun owners and the 2nd ammendment.

How much of Bloomberg's silver did he clutch in his sweaty little hands?

Or was it even more than just Bloomberg money? Perhaps something else? What induced him to make such a career ending blunder? Photos with a goat? Perhaps a young boy? Dead hooker in the trunk? What?

You should go HERE and let him know your displeasure. I have.

And I intend to find out who his opponents are and contribute to their campaign(s). I'll vote for a support a liberal who stands for something over a turncoat like Toomey.


Read this: Ugly

makes ya think, doesn't it?

I really can't understand........

Ya know, I have no idea of the magnitude of the grief the parents of the slain children in Newtown CT must feel. I have no children myself, so I cannot understand, not really, the grief that they must feel in having their children killed by a madman with a gun. 

Having said that, I have to wonder what convincing it took for some of them to allow themselves to be used as tools by the anti- gun folks. To be manipulated by the President and his ilk. To allow the memory of their children to be perverted for anyone's cause.

What inducements were used to get these people to allow their voices and visages to be used to promote gun control laws which would not, had they been in place before the Newtown tragedy, have prevented it from happening.

Can grief induce people to allow themselves to be used as pawns? Can grief allow them to be induced to pervert the memory of their innocent children? To allow themselves to blame the inanimate object and not Adam Lanza?

(This presupposes that the entire thing wasn't some sort of put-up job, mind you, a fact of which I am not entirely convinced....there are as many holes in the story as there were in the report from the Warren Commission).

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Michael Steele: Asshole extraordinaire

He is willing to sell out conservative values for airtime.

And he repeats the lie that over 90% of americans are for more gun control.

What the fuck were the folks in the GOP thinking making him RNC Chairman? He really has (and would like to) move the GOP to the left.


In my humble opinion he should be horsewhipped.

Just depends on the tools used

14 people stabbed at Lone Star College.

It appears that an X-Acto knife was used.Mostly just lacerations.

What if he had used a bigger knife? A chainsaw? A machete?

Not to be "blood dancing" here, but seriously. What if it had been at an elementary school? How many would be dead?

And no one had the wherewithal to hit the guy with a backpack or chair or anything? Perhaps it all happened too fast for the bystanders to react, I dunno. I wasn't there so I cannot guess. But I wonder.

It'll happen here too

Bet on it.

Seems the Aussies have decided that that tax free retirement savings withdrawal setup (a Roth IRA like scheme) that was promised to responsible people who chose to save for retirement is now subject to a 15% tax. 

Just like your Roth IRA here ins the US is promised to be tax free when you withdraw it after retirement, The Aussies retirement was supposed to free of taxes.

But the current government has changed their mind. And there is nothing anyone can do about it.

The "Bank of Simmons looks more and more attractive. Why save or do anything when the government can choose to renege on it's promises? When they can decide to steal tax you money at whim?

I keep hearing rumors that the DNC types are looking at a similar scheme to take tax retirement accounts over some arbitrary amount (like $2million).

As the late (and lamented) Margaret Thatcher, the "Iron Lady" said:
"The problem with Socialism is the you eventually run out of other people's money".

She was right.

Another reason we as American Citizens need to have the Second Amendment......They can't do anything about their rulers government down under, they are disarmed and at the mercy of those with arms....the government and the police.  We can still (sorta) revolt.

When they make guns illegal:

Mine won't be illegal, they'll just be "undocumented".

Hey, it works for Mexicans and such....

I am talking , of course, about the few firearms left after that terribly tragic canoe accident last week.......

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Could it be that there are simply more of them committing crimes?

Racial Discrimination is always the fallback. Especially of the undereducated.Yet he claims that the justice system is targeted against blacks.

But one would expect someone as educated as Eric Holder to somehow rise above such things.


Yet looking at his career, you can see that he was given preference over many because of his skin color....How many white folks? But that sort of thing doesn't matter, does it? 

He is as racist as he claims white people are.


Friday, April 5, 2013


Beretta is leaving Maryland

Can't blame 'em either. But it is gonna hurt the state and the citizens of that state.

But actions have consequences.

420 jobs and $31 million in taxes. Plus support industries. Soon to be gone.

Hope they come to Indiana.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

That's the way I see it too


That is why I have the same caliber weapons as our oppressors friends.

Now all I need is a 1911 in .40....

If you laugh

at this,

Then I'll save you a seat next to me in hell. (Chances are it'll be crowded there)

(Via an email, not sure of source)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


This is SO true.

The opposite is true as well lately.


All that money DOWN THE RATHOLE

Another "Green Jobs" initiative gone bankrupt. And no one is held responsible. No one (but the taxpayers) is responsible for this money.

How much more of this can we afford? How much was spent unwisely, and how much went to pay of the people who made the loan possible?

How many insiders in the Obama administration were enriched by this "deal"?

How long will we allow this to go on?

And on and ON.

Nice idea

Of course, He'll be broke in a year or so. Not more than two at the outside.

If the market was there, it'd be filled already.

Capitalists go where the money is, and stay away from where they will lose money. Guess which one this is likely to be?

Watch the video HERE. (sorry about the ad first) The implication is that there is some conspiracy to keep these people from eating well.

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

The strange thing is that most of us live in a "Food Desert". More than a mile to a decent grocery store? Yep, nearly all of my life. I always have had to go to a grocery store a few miles (or more) from my home. So what?

Get a car or find transportation. If you want fresh food or vegetables, you'll find a way to get to the store where they sell them. So what if you can't walk there and have to go there on a public bus....if you want to get there, you will. If you want fresh food, and veggies and fruit, you'll make the effort to find them.

They aren't sold in some areas because no one buys them, instead buying food at convenience stores. Most of the people living in some areas don't plan ahead, so buying groceries isn't high on their priority list....They'd rather buy ready made food, even if it isn't good nutritious.

The "Food Desert" happens not because of racism, but because of culture....and not because of the business, but because of the customers.

I'll bet money that his "shuttle" stops running in 6 months. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

And now the dollar:

Seems that even the Aussies have given up on it

If OPEC chooses another currency, then your dollars won't be worth anything.

Not even toilet paper. (too scratchy).

Just wait....

This graphic says it all.

In a year or so, the screaming begins

And all those who voted for it will get their "just desserts". Sadly, so will the rest of us.


another brick

in the wall.


Beans, bullets and bandages.

Get 'em while you can.

yer gonna need 'em.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Resignation: Biden takes over:

Seems that Obama has announced that effective 5 pm today he is resigning., The New York Times reports. Seems that the finances of the country have fallen so far that he can't continue, and will abdicate to Joe Biden.

Times link HERE.

Wall Street Journal link  HERE

Tribune link HERE


April Fools! (clicked the links, Didn't ya?)

But we have FDIC insurance

But, really, DO WE?  Do we really?

Look at that chart.

Think a Cyprus-like incident can't happen here?

If you think your money is safe in banks because the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp covers your deposits, then you are a fool. They are underfunded.

They can't cover more than 2% of the banks if/when there is a run, or for other reasons the banks need their capital back quickly. If we all decide to withdraw the contents of our Checking and savings accounts, they collapse. In less than a week. All of 'em.

If a private insurance company had as few assets to cover their obligations, the Feds would shut them down instantly.

Besides, you are only covered for the first $100K or so of your total deposits in all banks combined. 

So if your "nest egg" is more than that, you are exposed. Big time. And most retirement accounts are NOT FDIC insured.

The "Bank of Simmons" seems like a good idea...

Betcha that the retirement accounts and depositors are the next cash cow for the DNC government here.

See also: Cyprus.    Writ large.

THis is NOT an april fools joke.

Via the Captain