Monday, September 30, 2013

Why is it

That it is only the Republicans (and especially Tea Party Republicans) that are blamed for their intransigence?

What about the Democrats who won't compromise....who pushed an unpopular government program down the throats of the unwilling populace? Who won't allow any spending cuts to be made to any socialist government aid programs? To any of the (spit) entitlement any of the "Green" boondoggles?

While neither party has covered themselves in glory in the past few years, both are at fault for the mess in which they find themselves.

Seems to me that the Democrats have turned down several budgets before this latest one....and only this latest defunds Obamacare. Seems to me that the DNC controlled Senate is the stoppage here.


Watching NBC Nightly "News" is....interesting.

The choice of descriptors when discussing the pending government shutdown is significant.

Once again, any pretense of lack of bias is being tossed to the wind.

It is sad. There is no pretense of NEWS....only liberal propaganda. Pravda is a better source of unbiased news.

I really have no issue if the congress can't find common ground on a budget and the Government shuts down.

Really, that is the way things are supposed to work.

If the opposition can muster enough votes to de-fund the Affordable Care Act ObamaCare scam, then I hope that they do so.

It's not like the DNC and Obama have ever had a plan that addresses the issues we are facing with our deficit....Nor have they ever really planned on working to resolve those issues except by raising taxes and cutting military spending while increasing handouts to those already dependant on the State already and spending more and more on Green boondoggles to enrich their campaign donors. As far as I know, the Democrats haven't brought a budget for in excess of 1500 days, which I see as illegal.

Negotiation generally means compromise, which means each side being willing to give something up.

And Barry and the DNC haven't been willing to bend at all. Nor have they passed (or proposed) a budget to fund any part of government.And until they do pass a spending resolution, they cannot legally spend any money.

Until they do so, the federal government SHOULD be shut down.

SO, really, despite the fact that many government workers will not be paid....What is the issue? If the government shuts down, what, really, will be damaged? Where, exactly, is the downside if you are not dependant on the government for a living? What will we, as non government workers and non dependant on the Federal government actually lose?

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Oh, and

Despite the general business of my life, Karl Ushanka and Mrs Ushanka did stop by Friday and forced me to stop working so that they could buy me lunch.

Mrs. Ushanka is as nice as Mr., and as witty and sharp... Plus much better looking. He got lucky there.....

We had a good lunch and a great conversation. I'd like to spend more time with both of them, but geography and time constraints currently preclude that.

Thanks for lunch folks.A very nice break in an otherwise busy day.


Appleseed day 1.

No patch for me.
Might have gotten there if the 10-22 hadn't disliked the Federal target ammo (which was all I could find). Had I known, I would have broken into the emergency stash of CCI Standard that I have.
Had to use the Savage Mark II. The bolt slowed me down, and I had to rush the last 3 targets.

And I don't have time to attend the second day.
Maybe next year.

I'll likely attend another.

I did have fun, and it was a good review of the basics that I learned a LONG time ago. 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hide your money!??!

Seems that governments all over the world are using private savings to prop up their economies.

ANd the press isn't saying much about it. So far.
Despite the flowery phrases used to describe the actions, this is theft. Pure and simple theft. How long until this happens here in the US? Then what?

WHile my retirement saving s aren't going to let me retire with  enough money to let me have my own private island and a plane to get to and from there, the money I have in IRA's and such is MONE. I will determine how the funds are invested....not some bureaucrat.

I'm not so sure that I want to invest anymore in IRA's or other banking based  retirement savings.

I'd say more, but that might get me in trouble, so I won't...besides, I gotta go finish packing up for my Appleseed class.

THat might come in handy for the not-to-distant future too.

Friday, September 27, 2013

There is hope

I'm still busy.....may not be able to take the time for the Appleseed shoot that I had planned on attending this Saturday...

But here is something that gives me hope for our country...Small, and probably insignificant, but still, a spark of hope that there are still values. Still some things that are good in our society.

Not the fact that the kids were suspended from playing, but that the parents and community chose to support the coaches in this disciplinary action.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Shakin' the bushes heah, boss...

Yeah, been a bit busy. 

Only 24 hours in the day lately.

Not much time for perusing the web for links, nor for original thought.

Did spend Saturday at the range...but not shooting. Instead worked with other men to repair the 40 year old infrastructure. Not a bad turnout: nearly 20% of the members actually showed to help. And they came prepared to work....gloves, basic hand tools and such.

Other than that, my yard looks like it belongs to a bank repossessed home, and I am behind in everything.

Blogging will likely continue to suffer for a while.

Go read the folks on the left.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Perhaps we should ban cops too....

"Park shooting shows why assault guns should be banned"

Cops abuse helpless victims

So because some whackjob from the south side of Chicago decides to light up the homeboys and their friends, all guns, especially AK and AR rifles, should be banned.

But even though it is easy to document abusive police officers, we "shouldn't paint with a broad brush".

The logic of liberals escapes me...

Note: South side of Chicago. This is the area where 2-6 people a NIGHT are shot, and more are stabbed or beaten...every night. Not all residents of the area are bad, but it is an area which is a....""high gang conflict area". 

And one would wonder why a three year old, a 15 year old and a 17 year old are in a park at 10:15 pm...on a school night. And those are just the one who didn't duck fast enough. How many other lids were out late on a school night?
And really, if the rest of the victims had a job, or were even trying to get one, they'd not be shootin' hoops that late at night either. 
The issue isn't guns. The issue that no one wants to talk about or admit is that it is the people...the culture....This generally doesn't happen in the more norther areas of Chicago. Less welfare, less drugs, less gangs. You figure it out. 

Only in CA

and myabe some other liberal east coast areas.

"California college bars student from handing out copies of Constitution"

Can't we just let Kalifornia leave the union?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

A lesson we can all learn

While I don't think that the flooding in Colorado was unprecedented, it was unusual.

Foreseeable? Yes.

But the reality is that we plan for what we can see, and (sometimes) fail to plan for what we cannot.

Is all yer stuff in a basement?

Got a sump pump? Have a spare? A means to power it? How about a manual backup?

Have you a secondary stash of supplies?

Have you gamed out all the "what ifs" you can and made plans for them?

The folks in Colorado obviously were caught least some of them. I doubt that they were all sheep either. Flash Floods happen quicker than you know. Now no doubt many folks never even considered that they were in a flash flood zone, or that rivers can and will leave their banks.

Living in or near a waterway OR DRAINAGE AREA is asking for disaster, especially if you are unprepared. Some towns are still cut off from the rest of us, as all their roads have washed away.

Think on it.

Dont't forget!

It be Talk like a Pirate Day!


Yeah, that pretty much covers it

Wizard has the right of it.

For those of you who stand there and scream "SHallNotBeInfringed!!!!" Really, no one at Starbucks was or currently IS infringing.They chose to stay out of the fight. Let it be decided elsewhere while they sold coffee.

Really, all they are currently doing is trying to get the furor to wind down so that they can sell coffee and such. Nothing more.

They chose NOT to take a stand...which was, really a stand for our side. No banning of guns. No giving in to the anti gunners. Just no stand at all except "we follow state laws". Nothing more.

This was a victory for our side. A win  Remember: Starbucks is private property.
But some dumbasses had to make a point and open carry a big hawgleg, or an AR into a place where they normally wouldn't just to show that they could...and if it frightened some people, well, that's ok too.After all, they point out, it worked for the gay folks 2o years ago...and the black people 50 years ago. But, boys and girls, this ain't the same thing at all.

Now look: Really, the fact that Starbucks corporate chose not to take a stand was not only implicit support for all of us folks who carry, but was also opening them up to LOSING customers...the holophobes and the anti gunners. They are likely a significant portion of the Starbucks target demographic. And nothing we do is going to change their minds. But getting in their faces just makes them more vocal.... So Starbucks chose us over them...until some folks had to turn it up to 11 and get in peoples faces. And it backfired.

In addition, the fact that they welcomed us actually opened them up to significant liability if some bezerker asshole like the latest suicide-by-cop attention-seeking multi-murderer at the Naval Yard chooses a Starbucks for their last hurrah.

I'm not a big fan of Starbucks coffee, but I am glad that they chose to do what they did years before. They neither gained a customer in me, nor lost one.

Stop feeding the beast. Go if you like their product. Don't (like me) if you prefer other purveyors of caffeine. If you do, be polite and cover up.

But don't be a dick. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

End of the welfare state

In Holland, not here is the US.

Seems that Holland has decided that they must make a choice.

New society will be a "Participation Society"......Fewer freebies. Less gifts from the Government. Not just cuts to the military, but cuts to Big Government programs like Job Retraining...Cuts in Health Care (who coulda seen that coming?) and other social programs.

Good to see that at least one European government has the guts to make hard decisions. Now if only OUR federal government could grow the stones to do the same.

Any bets on how long it takes before the serfs sheep people toss them out of office?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A more or less forgotten Holiday

Constitution Day is today.

Not that the government nor the bureaucrats running the country care for it.

Let the celebrations begin

Vera II (range report)

So I finally made it to the range to shoot my new upper.

See, just before Sandy Hook, I had ordered a heavy barrel .223wylde 20" flattop upper from RGuns just before their prices went apeshit. What with the issues from that incident and the supply problems that that caused, they didn't get it to me until late March. (they DID honor their lower price, even if they took 14 weeks instead of 4 to get it to me)

What with having a life and work, weather and all that, I never made it to a decent range until this last weekend. Seemed like every time I had the time to take a range trip to sight it in and do more than function test it, it either rained or was very windy or something else came up. So the upper sat, unused, until I had time to do things right. (my local range is .22 and pistol only, and 50 yards maximum, so no joy there)

And since MC had conspired with a friend to buy me an old Redfield scope that I had admired at a gunshow (diamond reticule, no graduations, 4x12 x 40) (see, I had looked at it, made an offer that was rejected, walked away...changed my mind and went back to buy it 15 minutes later and it was gone....but reappeared in a box when I had a birthday a few weeks later....sneaky), I had to find some rings for it and some folding BUIS.

Now: While RGuns lacks a LOT in service (customer service) (OK, they HAVE NO CUSTOMER SERVICE, but that is another story) their uppers DO shoot accurately.

So, anyway, back to the story...I got the scope mounted to the  rifle with quick detach rings that JUST allowed the scope to clear the BackUpIronSights. and picked up an ammo can 1/3 full of Lake City 55G M193 from my stash...loaded the range bag with a few targets and some clothespins and a spotting scope and went with a friend to the range on Sunday.

Got the range and waited for an open lane. Set up the rest, the spotting scope and loaded the bench and waited for the "All Clear" to go downrange and hang targets.
Back to the bench and waited for everyone else to return and the range to go hot.

Conditions were overcast, about 58 degrees F and wind at 1-2 knots quartering from behind me from my left. Nearly perfect.

 First 5 rounds, the bolt didn't want to go all the way forward...would go all the way with the forward assist, but not on it's own.....broke the rifle down, couldn't find anything wrong. Reassembled and fired another 10, using the forward assist for the first 7. Then the bolt worked as it should. Not sure why that happened. It would go with no cartridge, but not when stripping a cartridge from the mag.??? Anyway, after a few shots that issue disappeared.

With Mike spotting, I found that the iron sights were shooting OK windadge wise, but were about 8 inches low at 100 yards. I reached into the range bag, but my sight adjustment tool was nowhere to be found. Looked and looked, but the tool wasn't in the bag, even though I had put it in the bag the night before. Gone to wherever such things (and maybe lost socks from the washer) go. Have to get another one. No sight adjustment for the folding irons.

Oh well, mounted the scope and shot again.

Dead on for windadge, but low again for elevation. 12 clicks later, I was in the black. Now for some serious sighting in.

20 rounds downrange, a few small adjustments, and I was hitting where I wanted to.

After 80 rounds (4 mags) I was out of bullseyes on all four targets. (I was using some old (and moldy) NRA 50 foot bullseye (rapid fire) targets that someone had given me.

We moved to the 200 yard range and began again. with a 100 yard zero, the impact was ~3'' low at 200 yards. At that range, at 12 power, I was chasing my heartbeat, but all was good. (I left the zero at 100 yards and just aimed for the top of the 7 ring). The wind had moved to over my right shoulder, but still only 1-3 knots. I commenced to mutilating paper. 90 rounds later, I was finished. My arms were getting shakey and I was beginning to wander across the target.

Last target of the day (yeah, I hung it upside down) Click to embigginifcate)
91 x 3 slow fire @ 200 yds...I are happy.

A little Loctite on the sight mounts  and some adjustment to the BUIS and I'll be happy and all will be nearly perfect.

I'll call her Vera II
(extra internet points for the reference)

It occurs to me

That if Obama had a son, he might look like THIS

Start with the children

And educate them YOUR way...

Make them more compliant citizens with proper (and early) indoctrination.

Like this:

Textbook: "2nd Amendment:"The people have a right to keep and bear arms in a state militia".

Not the way I remember reading the Constitution  either....

But hey, catch them early, and maybe the indoctrination will stick. Especially if they have liberal parents.

Via Rio Norte Line

Monday, September 16, 2013


Regarding all those communities and homes around Aurora and Denver and such that are having issues with flooding:

How many of those areas have flooded before? Say in the past 20 years? Past 50?  Before or after they were developed??

Or is this flooding "never ever happened before" flooding?

See, around here, it is the same areas (and the same houses) that flood every few years.
Bet it is the same there too.  This might be an unusual flood, but I'd bet significant money that is is not an unprecedented one.

There might be an unusual amount of water, and maybe even higher currents because mankind has channeled some of that water in a tighter area than nature intended....But those same areas have likely seen floods several times this century.

The fact is that this will happen again. People shouldn't live in these areas. If you live near a river, you can bet that AT SOME POINT the river will become unruly and will leave its banks.

If you live in area that floods, even occasionally, you can bet that your stuff will get wet. You may not be aware that such things have happened on the past, but the precedent is there.

Look: I understand flash floods. I've experienced them myself. But I don't LIVE in areas that experience them. If you choose to do so, then you have to deal with the consequences.  

And for Gods sake, don't drive into water that is deeper than the center of your tires, folks.

You gotta ask why...

Why haven't you seen much (if any) coverage of this on the MSM? ?

Sunday, September 15, 2013

still happening

And getting worse...


TEPCO is now admitting that the levels of radiation are triple what they were reported to have been weeks ago.  An earlier reporting error? Or is the mess getting worse? Or are they admitting what really is? Either way, it is not good.

Why don't the rest of the world governments make Japan do something?

Low levels of radioactive pollution add up over time.

And the rate of pollution is INCREASING. 

How much longer? This isn't just the rabid anti nuclear envirowhackos who are starting to notice, either.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

A matter of priorities

So one of my employees (part time) asked if I could give her a ride to the food pantry, where her husband boyfriend would meet her and take her home.  This would save them a 15 mile round trip...As it isn't too far out of my way I agreed.

I get requests for donations for this (and every other local) food pantry in the area all the time. I don't donate.

Now I really don't care if you get your food from a food pantry...But when I saw the other folks there, waiting in line for a chance to get FREE food, donated by other people and/or businesses, I actually grew angry (again).

There was not a single person in line that didn't sport at least three tattoos. Not small one either. Several were obviously new. I'm talking serious artwork, likely costing big bucks.

Not a single person didn't have a cell phone....Not a basic talk only type of cell phone, but a smartfone. Every.Single.One.

And to be truthful I didn't see a single person there who was anywhere near starving.  All of the women and most of the men looked as if they could lose 30+ pounds and still be healthy. No one was starving.

If you've got the means to have a smartfone and spend all that money on tats, then you are making the choice to have to depend on charity for sustenance.

But there are jobs going wanting around here. Part time, yeah, and not the best pay, but jobs nonethless.

ETA: this goes along with the above

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


A tale of two marches:

Seems that the "Million Muslim March"  (renamed) "Million Americans Against Fear" rally was a fizzle. (like most muslim group ventures).

And, to be honest, so was the "2 Million Biker" event, if to a lesser extent.

Neither had anywhere near the numbers that their names might suggest.

Despite blatant discrimination by the city of Washington D.C. and the Parks Department, the Bikers rallied anyway. 

True men,....Free men, don't need or require a permit from Big Brother any government to assemble. They do so when and where they choose. They do not fear repercussions should their government not grant them permission. Working with, and informing the authorities is a good idea, but lack of cooperation or "permission" from your government should not be a bar to protest or your right to congregate in public spaces for lawful purposes.

The bikers did so...Thereby proving that they, at least are free men. 

ETA: seems that another group helped the bikers avoid any issues with the po-po. 

"The highest rank in a democracy is citizen, not Senate President"

Of course, we aren't a true democracy...But at that level, we sorta are.

But the People have spoken:

Ousted (some of) the overreaching legislators who went against the will of their constituents.

A lesson to all the rest of them, both in Colorado and outside that state. A lesson that the people expect representation, not to be ignored and left with party politics. That they expect the person elected to represent their views to the governing body will actually represent their constituents.

Or else.

Good on ya, citizens of Colorado.


I am busier than a one legged cat trying to cover up his business on a linoleum floor so I haven't taken the time to give this subject the attention that it deserves:

But I will take the time to remember.

12 years ago.

Will you?

Never forget. Never let it be that we forget...that we become complacent enough to let it happen again on our soil.

Never forget that, while we don't wish to be the enemy of radical islam, they wish to be our enemy.

Never forget what creatures like that can do when they consider anyone not of their religion to be less than cattle:  Infidels and those who associate with them are easily disposed of. What they are capable of when any "unbeliever"s life is expendable.. and cheap.

Never, ever, forget.

Gotta go.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hey Barry: A hint...

If your cause is just, and your way is true, then you don't need to make up lies make excuses explain why that is so.

It'll be obvious.

And those principles that the US stands for???
Why are you remembering those now? (Instead of trying to change them for the past 5 years???)

Weak, Barry, very weak. And anyone with an IQ higher than warm bread can see that your "Explanation" twisted a bunch of facts...." But your supporters might not notice that. Everyone else though....we saw right through the obfuscation.

Nice try. Never thought I'd see anyone look weaker and less sure f himself than Jimmy Carter, but you succeeded tonight.


Muslims? OK...Bikers? not so much

Seems that the bureaucrats in Washington D.C. are willing to give permits for the "Million Muslim American March" on 9/11/13 (kinda insensitive doncha think??) but have denied a similar permit for the "2 Million Bikers" rally (same day) commemorating the loss of those lives in the 9/11 attacks...

Bias? Maybe.
Discrimination? Surely.
Stupid? Absolutely.

A political decision influenced by "Multiculturalism? You bet.

But the Bikers won't stop coming either.

Freedom to travel and all that.

You answered 28 out of 33 correctly — 84.85 %

Take the quiz...See how you do.

My bet is that most Obama voters won't get above 50%.

They call it civics...But it is history too.

HT: Knuckledraggin (not always SFW)

Saturday, September 7, 2013

THe aussies are a bit more free today

Or at least on a path which might take them there...

Seems that the Australian people decided that they had had enough of the Liberals....They threw the Labor Party out.

They ahve a LONG way to go to become a free people again. THey have a longer road to find in themsleves the spirit which once made them a great country.

But hey, it is a start.

Now if only the American people will wake up and do the same.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Apropos of nothing...

Nothing at all:

If you are ever shipping items and you have a choice, I would strongly suggest that you choose NOT to ship via R + L Carriers.

A most unprofessional (and foul mouthed) bunch of people....from the delivery driver, to the dispatcher, to the supervisors.

At least in the Greater Chicago area....I don't know about the rest of the country.


And if the Liberals have their way, it'll happen here too

Poland nationalizes retirement accounts.

It is, of course, for the good of those who own the retiremnt acocunts.

This is billed, of course, as a Good Thing...Pension Fund Reform.

It will reduce the states's debt, and make the balance sheet look good.

It could, of course, never happen here in the states....

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


That's what we, as a country, would be if we let the Arab countries pay for any military action we should take against any country....not the least Syria.

If they want Assad deposed, let them use their military might and machines (snicker) and their personnel to do so.

Forget the fact that there is no "smoking gun" as to who, exactly, released the chemical weapons.

Forget the fact that all of Europe isn't sure enough to take action.

Forget the fact that the UN (who should be spearheading any action against another country) won't do so.

Forget the fact that an attack on any country by the United States is an act of war.

Do we dance to the tune of the Saudis and the Kuwaitis and the rest of the Arabs?

ETA: Apparently, parts of our government do.

It would seems that we do, indeed have the best government our money can buy.

More of the same

Old NFO has a roundup of the underreported / spun media coverage of the incidents from the government handout type of minority crowd.

And an observation: The working class folks, no matter what their race, aren't too thrilled with the miscreants either.

Kinda goes along with what I was saying HERE.

Something is gonna break soon. And it ain't gonna be pretty when it does.

Info bleg

So at the end of the month I am attending an Appleseed 2 day shoot.

I have read the instructions, but thought I'd ask you folks who have attended one what else to bring?


Do's and don'ts?

Comments please. 

Sunday, September 1, 2013


If it was the Assad led folks who gassed the people, where did they get the Sarin and delivery systems?

I doubt that thay could make and/or build it themselves.

SO where did they get it???

Iraq? Say 10 years ago maybe? Just to make Bush (W) look bad or something?