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Thursday, February 27, 2014


So Jan Brewer, governor of AZ, vetoed the bill (SB 1602) which would have put protections in place for folks who chose not to do business with people who are gay, based on any objection to their lifestyle...

Now, I hate discrimination.


The fact is that these are private by individuals. Operated by people who have opinions. They have no legal mandate to be inclusive.

Why is the opinion of a gay person that a lifestyle which condones homosexuality is ok, when the opinion of a straight person that the homosexual lifestyle is NOT not ok?

To FORCE a person to make a cake for, or take pictures of, a wedding which a photographer or baker finds morally objectionable is wrong as the gay people find laws against sodomy.

I'm not saying that I find homosexuals bad...I really don't care what you do with your chosen partner...I really don't.

But to force people to do business with you, or anyone else whose lifestyle they object to is wrong....Say that you know someone was a KKK member.....they have every right to believe as they do....if they strongly believe that White Supremacy is the way things should be, that is their right. Would a business owner choosing not to sell them items, or to not perform a service be ok then? Would they (the gay folks) accept it if a gay man chose not to do business with a pair of "breeders"? You know, "normal" heterosexual couples?

I thought that gay people felt that they had to be "inclusive" and "respect everyone's choice"...How come a straight person's choice to object to the gay lifestyle isn't acceptable, but your gay lifestyle is? Where is the "inclusiveness" and the "tolerance'?

And why make a big deal about it? Why not go where your business is wanted...there are other bakers, and other photographers.....wouldn't you rather go somewhere where you are likely to get the best efforts of someone's talents rather than force someone to do the work?

But seriously, Why the double standard?

Why you should register your firearms and accessories

So the State knows where they are....Just in case.

Just in case they change their minds on the legality of the firearm....
Best to know where they are. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

It occurs to me

That the basic conflict in Ukraine was that the "rulers" of the country felt that they could force obedience from the citizens....that they had the right to rule rather than govern.

Whereas the citizens felt differently...
That the government is a servant, not a master.

Think on this.
We have similar issues brewing here in the US. States rights, citizens rights, etc, versus government (and enslavement) by executive fiat or regulation.

We may well be heading in the same direction as Ukraine and it's citizens find themselves in now.

What will we do?

All you shallow morons

Whose advice to Brigid (or anyone else who has lost a companion of many years) is immediately to "get a puppy", "get another dog". etc....

You show your shallowness of spirit...

If you can be cheered up and your spirit healed a day after losing your companion of 10 or 15 years, one who has placed his or her trust in you and who has chosen you to be their human, that person they would guard with their life, who has comforted you and loved you unconditionally....who is never happier than when you return home...
Who sees you as you wish you were rather than as who you really are....

If you can be fixed with the acquisition of a new dog (or cat or whatever) in a day or two or three...

Then you are so shallow that I don't think I want to ever meet you, and we certainly ain't ever gonna be friends.

Just in case you haven't seen it:

You need to GO HERE and watch the video.

All you folks who think we need a "revolution"  to fix the United States....You need to watch and realize that should that happen, those people DYING might be you friends, neighbors, drinking buddies and brothers and sisters.

While I believe that the time may come when we DO have a conflict, I sincerely hope that it does NOT come to armed conflict between the State and the Citizens. No one will "win" that fight. It'll be ugly. I'd prefer that we try all other avenues before we go there.

The above referenced video is 3 minutes long. You saw several people wounded and likely killed.

Will you have the balls of steel that those Ukranians had? Or will you run, or cower?

Or will you shoot back?

We, here in the US, have the advantage of the 2nd Amendment ...which gives us the power to shoot back, to have close to parity with the government forces, if and when the time should come.

But it still won't be pretty. People will still die...just in a more evenhanded manner. Them as well as us....In more equal amounts. But die nonetheless.

So watch....think. If you are eager for a revolution, think. Which of your friends or family will you choose to sacrifice?

Monday, February 24, 2014

Later, little Brother

Brigid has some bad news.

I received the call this morning informing me of the news. I could feel her pain even before she spoke.

It is a terrible responsibility which we accept when we allow a dog into our lives...and into our hearts.

To have to make choices...choices that, no matter how correct, how right, hurt nonetheless.

Stop by and tell her yer thinking of her.

I'll miss him too.

"If you can keep it"

What failed? The Citizens who are protected by the Constitution?
Or the Constitution that is supposed to protect the Citizens?

Ben Frankin was asked, as he stepped away from the Constitutional Convention in Independence Hall in 1787...

He was asked: "Well, Doctor, What have we? A Republic or a Monarchy?

He replied: "A Republic, if you can keep it".

I believe that we have failed the Constitution and the work of the Founding Fathers.

We, as a nation, and We, as individual Citizens, have failed.
Read this...Watch the video...2 minutes (2:05)..... take the time to call your Senators/Congresscritters.

Calling the White House is likely a waste of time.

But take the time.

Someday, it might be us fighting for freedom. I hope that we have the balls that these Ukranians have.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Almost to 57....

While I doubt it'll ever pass, Some folks in California want to break the state into 6 separate states. 

which means that Barry was almost right with his count of 57....

Now while this would benefit the northern states and Silicon Valley, (and may be Orange County) the rest of the State(s) would fail fairly quickly...economically.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

You can trust the police

Sure you can.

They are always honest.

They NEVER conspire together.

They never mistreat potential wrongdoers.

They NEVER falsify reports.

And police NEVER, EVER back each other up even when they know another officer is doing wrong or illegal or immoral things.

That would NEVER HAPPEN.

Me, I'd like to see officers be equipped with a shoulder or helmet mounted video camera that they cannot disable.

If they disable/"break" the camera, no charges can be filed. If they happen to have the camera "break" often, they should be dismissed.

No video, no prosecution.

I bet that a LOT of police officers find other occupations.

I be that the rest would be better behaved.

AND we'd have a lot better and more honest police force....Like we once had.

And "Policeman" would again be an honorable profession...instead of what it is today.


"Quotations found on the internet may not be wholly accurate"

Abraham Lincoln

Friday, February 21, 2014

A real "Smart" buying decision:

First smart pistol on the store shelves in California.

I doubt many will sell.

"as several residents watched in horror".

"St. Louis Today reports a middle school football coach was charged Wednesday with first-degree murder in the death of a 10-year-old girl who was snatched off a street just blocks from her home in southwestern Missouri as several residents watched in horror."

Did any of them get into a car and follow the abductor while calling police and telling them exactly where he was?? I've done that with Drunk drivers who did property damage...followed them and helped the police nail them. ANd sometimes I had to run into the house and get my keys and start my car and actually go LOOK for the dude. But these folks "watched in horror". Did they think to intervene in any way besides calling 911? 

"As several residents watched in horror". Perhaps had they done more a little girl might be alive right now. 

We are, truly, a nation of sheep.

I'm not sure

Exactly what strategy the protesters are following in Ukraine....Facing men with modern fully automatic rifles and high powered "sniper" rifles with a few hunting shotguns and bricks and Molotov cocktails.

I fail to see what their ultimate goal is in occupying their Independence Square....I don't see how this fixes their problems with their government.

Having said that, I gotta say that these folks, whoever they are, and whatever their motivations, have really big balls....guts as it were (there are a lot of women supporting the men on the protest lines).

It is really gutsy to not flee the area when the police decide to unlimber their rifles and choose to shoot into the crowd and target the protesters... When they shoulder those riot shotguns at 50 paces and YOU are looking into the bore of a 12 guage.

Will this happen here? Possibly.

But I think the battle lines might be a bit different. Here, while there might be protests, the police would shoot into a crowd exactly once.

Then they'd face similar rifles....likely identical except that they wouldn't be select fire. And they'd find that there are a LOT of re-purposed deer and other hunting rifles (depends on what you are hunting, doesn't it?) now employed from rooftops against the police/government forces.

I sincerely hope that such protests are never needed here, and I pray that if they do happen that they remain peaceful. 'Cause if they go violent, then things will go very bad very quickly. Likely there won't be enough police to hold, but the bloodshed will be massive.

On both sides.

No one will win a fight like that. let us hope that the liberals our government will never bring things to that point.

But our Second Amendment helps keep thing equal.

Remember that.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

It's really just plain foggy

Just plain damned foggy here.

Visibility sometimes measured in 10's of feet. Or less.

D'ya think that people would turn their friggin' lights on? Leave a little bit of space?

Lots didn't.

I especially like the folks on the interstate who are driving 20 MPH in a dirty gray car with no lights....endangering themselves as well as others.

I actually didn't see anyone driving too fast this time.

Of course, I expect at least one chain reaction pileup on the highways in rural areas this evening. I'd bet good money on it. 

facts are a bitch to face....

So in Barry's world, $8,000 is the same as $3,000?

Seems that the new EPA mandated fuel economy will save each of us, on average, $8,000 a year in fuel costs.

Which will be great for us, as the average auto only costs us $3k per year in fuel costs right now....

Barry: You can either rebate my taxes to the tune of $5,000 or, if you prefer, use it to pay my insurance costs that have gone up due to Obamacare. Either will work for me.

Either he really has no clue as to what driving costs, or he is lying....or he thinks that we are all stupid, which is more likely.

I bet a lot of his supporters really believe that he is gonna save them by increasing the cost, and decreasing the performance, of their personal automobiles.

I'm wondering

How much Glowbal Warmenating Co2 is being emitted by the Olympic flame in Sochi?

And where the Climate Change folks are....One would think they would be protesting.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Has anyone noticed

That the farther left a country is, the faster it's economy is going into the crapper?

Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, etc in South America are prime examples.

Greece and other PIIGS countries in Europe.

Russia and the former Soviet Republics have already failed, and are on the road to somewhere else....

Banking crises, governmental debt woes, declining standard of living, less and less government services. More and more government interference in commerce.

Someone tell Barry and his pet NC cronies.

And tell me how to avoid getting splashed.


I cannot vouch for the veracity, but if true......

ETA: Comment says photoshop. 

Wha they think of you and your music

Democrat? Republican? Independent?

Pandora says that your music tastes tells them a LOT about you. SO much so that they are going to target ads to you based upon your music selections.

They even have an example quiz.

I expect that Amazon will do likewise soon.

"May be the dumbest poll evar"

Seems some liberal journalist (but I repeat myself) was all up in arms about the news that Huntsville Alabama is going to gain (up to) 2000 jobs at the (soon to be) expense of Ilion, New York and ran a poll to see what the newspaper readership thought of the idea that icky guns would be made in a factory in the area.

The responses to the poll were overwhelmingly positive. People care little about the fact that gunz would be made in the new factory. All they see is jobs that produce wealth for the community.

The comments are overwhelmingly disparaging.

I mean...Alabama.

Monday, February 17, 2014

'Nuff said

Lesson learned ?:

"We're in Indiana, they [are] from Illinois, they don't know people got permits to carry guns, so bang bang, that is what happened," 

So I asked....

Seems that Chase Bank is open on President's day (which, IMO, should still be Washington's and Lincoln's birthday, not a National Holiday that always falls on a Monday so that the Federal workers can get an extra long weekend)...

Now while I found this conveneient for by business banking, I asked the manager why they were open on President's day, but not MLK day, as both were national holidays.

"we are closed on MLK day out of respect for Martil Luther King, and because it is important to our minority customers."

Well, see, now we have an issue, dude. "cause I find it DIS-respectful that you are open today, as both Lincoln and Washington ARE PERSONAL HEROES OF MINE"

"yeah, we've heard it a lot lately. I'll let you talk to my boss....." and he proceeds to pull out his cell phone and call his boss..."yeah, another one"..and he hands he phone to me.

so I say my piece and he apologizes and I hang up.

Now here is the thing...

I really don't care if the bank is open on either holiday. But if they are going to be closed for MLK day, then they really should be closed for President's day....of open on both.

Why do they give more respect to a (admittedly brave) black preacher than to an abolitionist or to the founding father of our country?

I think it is for fear of being labeled racist....Else they wouldn't bother to close at all.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

"And yet it moves"

Today is the 450th birthday of Galileo Galilei. (Go ahead, use Google, you'll find lots of links and might learn something).....Who believed in Heliocentrism in support of Copernicus.....That the Earth revolves around the Sun, rather than the other way 'round....And who was imprisoned by the Church because his beliefs were opposed to Church doctrine.

How many other doctrines held true today will be seen as transparently wrong years in the future? 

ETA: Read this and weep

Friday, February 14, 2014

On judicial decisions and the rule of law.

So the Ninth Circuit Court chose to decide that Kalifonia's restrictive handgun carry laws are illegal. Liberals everywhere are crying....and the rest of us are smiling.

But I have to ask:

Where has the rule of law been for the past 40 or 50 years? Why now are the decisions like this, and Heller and McDonald being adjudicated in the way that they are? Why were these laws allowed to stand in the past?

Where was the Judiciary in the years prior to this? No one chose to sue because the political climate of opinion wasn't conducive to a favorable outcome for the pro-Second Amendment side....

So why have a judiciary at all if we can have courts who, with the changing of judges (who are, after all, human) who will rule one way on an opinion and the same (or similar) court choose to offer a different viewpoint at a later time?

Theoretically, our judges and court system should rule the same way each and every time....and once a ruling is made, that should be the law of the land.....But that isn't so. Arguments change, but moreso the makeup of the judges and their opinions. Yet opinions and biases SHOULDN'T be a part of a judgeship. Nor should it (theoretically) have a bearing on the decisions made.

Yet it does.

And if judgements like McDonald and Heller and the most recent one can overturn previous and lower courts decisions, have we realistically got true Rule of Law? Or do we have Rule of Current Opinion? Rule of Current Political Climate?

Are our laws really that mutable that depending on the political climate they can change so radically? Is a decision made by a lower court 30 years ago so easily changed today? And if a lower court's decision is overturned, should those judges be retained as Judges?

While i welcome these recent interpretations of our laws I fear that others of which I might not approve, can be overturned as well. We might not like those decision.

What I fear is instability in our way of life, caused by political opinion changes. Our laws should not be so mutable.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

So it seems that Atlanta residents CAN learn

Most of them stayed home and let the storm happen ...

But the rest of the denizens of the South can't. 

Record delays in North Carolina, People stuck on the roads and unable to climb hills to go home.

Jesus Christ, I knew that it was going to be bad there..That there would be Ice and snow and other bad things......and I live a thousand miles or more away. WTF is wrong with these people?

And the media found a family (one would guess by ethnicity and demeanor that she was a welfare recipient) that had ALREADY run out of food...Of course.

It would seem that the southern people are living up to their reputation of stubbornness and stupidity.

I find that sad.

So why do we let him get away with it?

As you all know, Barry once again changed the law by decree.

(I thought we "Couldn't wait to act!")

But the real question is that, since Obamacare is the law of the matter how unpopular, WHY isn't it being implemented according to the way the law was written? Why does our president get to decide how and when a law will be implemented and enforced? (Hint, he shouldn' that Constitution thing that I am always talking about).

Isn't that the job for the, you know, LAWMAKERS? (for those of you who were stoned during Civics class(or whatever they are calling it these days)), the Prez doesn't have this power. The power to make, and change, laws is in the legislative branch...The congress and the Senate...NOT the prezident.

Why isn't congress stopping him from doing so? (and let us not get into the inequally applied law)


Or has the NSA got enough on all of them after tapping their phones and reading their emails that they are willingly going along with Barry's plans?

A thought:

In a conversation last night, it was stated that "Police would never obey orders to disarm law abiding citizens just because some Government official said to".

I laughed.

and laughed

and laughed.

Then I suggested he take a look at the aftermath of Katrina, where police officers from all across the country helped the local boys in blue keep "order".....and part of that was the illegal searches and the illegal seizure of firearms...rifles, shotguns and pistols. All the while, looters took what they wanted from people unable to protect themselves form them.

All in the name of "Public Safety".

Legally owned firearms.

That sobered him up a bit...He's not so sure that the law will keep the Police at bay anymore.

Are you?

It won't help, but they will do it anywy

And it is gonna make electricity costs increase by over 80%.

But the Obama Administration and the EPA don't care what it costs you, they are going to decrease the carbon dioxide emissions no matter what.

(this despite the fact that Volcanoes and other volcanic emissions will produce 98+% more carbon than these new technologies (that don't work) will save...and that the rest of the WORLD doesn't use them.)

“Today’s hearing shed further light on how grossly underdeveloped CCS remains and revealed the staggering cost increases American consumers and manufacturers will face if future power plants are forced to operate under EPA’s inane regulations,” Sheehan said. “DOE and EPA are wasting valuable taxpayer dollars by pursuing policies that will do nothing to build economic confidence and create jobs but everything to drive up energy costs and put hardworking Americans out of work.”

But the science is settled.

It doesn't matter how much your electric bill goes up, We MUST DO SOMETHING...

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

And this is why we need firearms:

'cause not only does the town have a cop with issues, but the rest of the Police department is willing to back him up.

Are cops being trained to be overreaching cowards these days?

Myself, if it were my dog.....well, let's just say that my sister would "whisper in his ear"...

Via Knuckledraggin

(take 2.5)This is cool

If it is real:

From an email

Monday, February 10, 2014

Now that is an idea:

Stop feeding the Beast:

Maryland lawmakers push to cut water and electricity to NSA headquarters.

Cut of the tentacles of the Beast...Starve it.

Not sure of this might actually work, or if it'll even pass.

But it is a start.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Is it just me?

Or does Barry look stoned out of his mind lately?

I'm not being mean...His face is slack, his eyes are droopy and his facial expression is one that I have seen before...

He honestly looks like he is stoned.

Clint...a real badass

Seems that one of my real life heroes actually can react and know what to do when things get happy....And saves a man from choking

At 83 years old...

Friday, February 7, 2014

Home invaders

That is what the Grand Jury saw....and chose not to indict the man who killed a Deputy who entered his home at 6 AM in a No-Knock raid.

The thing is, SWAT teams and no-Knock raids have been overused, and have become more or less the standard way of police who wish to question people or search a residence or other property. Even when there is limited or no reason to suspect that the officers would be in unreasonable danger or that the occupants might resist, they are used.  Raids such as these need to be used only when there is overwhelming evidence that there is a need for them.

Had police and Federal agents not used such tactics at Waco and other places, fewer police and civilians would have been hurt and situations would not have spiraled out of control so easily.

And a Burleson County Deputy would likely still be alive.

Is a man believing that he is defending his home from invaders justified in shooting the black clad person invading his home early in the morning?

Apparently, the answer is YES.

Of course, he is lucky  he wasn't killed by the rest of the police.

Man Charged With Killing Burleson County Deputy No Billed by Grand Jury

 At least in Texas.

 Of course, the homeowner is lucky  he wasn't killed by the rest of the police.


Thursday, February 6, 2014

It'll be here soon!

Peter's new book will be here soon!

I enjoyed the first two, and look forward to the third as soon as they collect enough dead trees to make some "real" books.


As long as we support a party who supports John Boehner as Speaker, we will continue to lose ground in this country. He is as much a art of the problem as Barry.

Stop feeding the beast. Do all you can to unfund and stop support for the RHINO's...even if it means voting for third party folks.

Tell your friends and neighbors. SHOW them the failures of the leadership of the RNC.

Man, we need you today

Instead of the non conservative conservatives or the giant government progressives.

Today is Ronald Reagan's birthday.

Arguably the greatest president we have had in modern times. (not that is is hard to be "greater" than the bunch we have had in my lifetime...and that is not a dig at RR either)

Oh that the Republican Party could find another like him to return this country to the path of greatness, instead of the path upon which we travel today.

Someone who believes like him:

An interesting viepoint

I have often pondered this very idea.

Not sure if I was crazy or paranoid.

Yet others are beginning to think this way as well....

To believe that this is a conspiracy rather than incompetent is ludicrous....Isn't it?

That a non-US born "citizen" could be raised up (with no one ever questioning his past or who paid for his education) and made into a State Senator from nowhere....then a Senator....then the President of the United States....who would then (essentially unimpeded by either the Congress OR the courts) implement programs that, while unconstitutional and economically foolish, accomplish the aims of his mentor....

It all hangs together neatly, which makes me suspicious.

But he is "Fundamentally transforming America" isn't he?

And we, the citizens of the US, are allowing him and his ilk to do so.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

It's like Deja vu

All over again.

US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew has warned the US may default on its debt by the end of the month if Congress does not raise its borrowing limit.

Rumor has it that John Boehner is practicing walking backwards.

I wonder how he is going to let the Democrats lead him....and where?
And how much the "Budget Cuts" will raise our deficit this time? 

Post Office reform:

Not what you'd think.

It'll never pass though.


Monday, February 3, 2014


For all of you who say "Violence doesn't solve anything"   This is a simplistic short sighted statement typical of liberals and protected people who have no idea how the world works.

Read the post:

Violence is Golden.

So very true.

Violence has solved many things. And the threat of violence has solved many more.

Found via

Sunday, February 2, 2014

All you folks tired of winter

And all you folks who think this an exceptionally severe winter:

This is a picture of my Grandpa


He's 6'2"

Location: Hammond, Indiana.

Notice the level of the snow.

This was ONE storm.

and he shoveled the entire 120  foot driveway to get to the front of his garage.

So tell me again how this winter is historically so terribly bad?

Really?Not like it hasn't happened since.

"Climate Change" and all that....

Saturday, February 1, 2014

When it is only 31 F outside

It is hard to make a fire small enough in the woodstove that the house won't be 87.4 F inside.

Threfore we must use the furnace instead of burning wood.

And that adds to my gas bill.

Which sucks.

For my NW (and Central) Indiana gun owner associates: Warning order:

Nappanee Indiana gun show (the one with the restaurant with AWESOME bacon) is about a month away.

March 29th 2014 (Saturday only, the Amish don't work on Sunday or something?)

Borkholders Dutch Village

700 N Tomahawk Trl,
 Nappanee, IN 46550

Someone make sure and tell Tam.