Monday, June 30, 2014

Or, we could, you know

Build the fucking fence that has been promised so many times!

Instead, Barry wants $2BILLION dollars to "stem border crossings and speed deportation".

How about this instead:

We use about 200Million dollars and build a fence.

Let the Border Patrol do it's job without fear of prosecution

And deport every illegal we can find simply by sending them back over the border they crossed: Take 'em to the nearest border station and, if need be, push 'em over the border....But make 'em cross and let Mexico deal with 'em.

I bet that it immediately decreases the incentive to cross over the border in a northerly direction, and makes the Mexican Government have a screaming hissy fit because they have then got to deal with all those people.

Your illegal immigrant issues would be solved in 6 weeks, tops.

And you wouldn't have to spend $2 Billion dollars. Just a fraction. And you'd have a fence to discourage future crossers too.

I find it interesting

That in the Hobby Lobby/Obamacare contraception issue, the fact that the company does not wish to provide contraception coverage due to religious objections is now:

"Discrimination against women ".

I find it interesting that women getting contraception coverage is such a terrible burden....Sandra Fluke apparently felt the same way. Yet we are supposed to believe that women are, at the same time, strong and able to take care of themselves without a man's protection....but yet: Not being covered by the insurance for $9/month birth control pills is such a terrible burden for women? And this is Discrimination? Which is it? Are you Fragile Flowers requiring the care and protection of the patriarchy, or independent women who don't need men to survive?

IS the world such a good place that this issue is now the only one that liberals and women have left to fight about?

Sunday, June 29, 2014

THis is funny


Betcha can't help but laugh.

I found

an empty plate in the Fridge.

I think something ate something else.

If they are private organizations

Then I guess we can dispense with the whole Qualified Immunity thing too, right?

Can't be a public servant and yet, be exempt from public rules, now can we?

If SWAT teams are not subject to public review and open records request, then their employees (the SWAT officers) and their management aren't pubklic employees anymore, are they?

This would make them subject to the laws that you and I must follow then.

So....I'm still waiting:

A whole lot of air has passed the lips of a large number of senators....and there has been a whole bunch of outrage tossed out by a bunch of "conservative" senators and congressmen at the crap that went down at the IRS.

There has been shouting, and glaring, and veiled threats, and insults, and a bunch of people have been yelled at....

But nothing has been done. No one has been charged, no real investigation has taken placed. Sure the heads of the departments have been grilled and taken to task, but ultimately, here is the result of that.



No one has lost a job.

No one has lost their pension (and this is worse than jail for a government drone).

No one has been charged with a crime.

No one is in jail.

So all that those senators and other government officials have done is waste a bunch of time...and a bunch of YOUR money holding hearings that are, essentially, worthless.


When will people go to jail?
Lose their jobs?
Lose their government pensions?

Until then, you've wasted our time.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

If a cop had done this

To my dog, I really think that we'd both end up dead. Him first, then me, by his fellows....because cop. Might happen face to face, might happen from about 600 yards away. But it'd happen.....

Think Henry Bowman....


I gotta feel sorry for the cops who had to deal with this mess their fellow officer left them. Must have been embarrassing.

And the question comes up, as pointed out in the video, "why not back off?".

Because cop, that's why.
He had a mission, and that is all. Look for a missing boy, so invade anywhere he wants, destroy any threat.

It is a shame that the other (good) officers allow cops like this to be on their force. There are good cops. But they don't chase the bad ones away.

The public, it would seem, is outraged. As they should be. 

This officer is still on the force, still on duty, and is "awaiting the results of the investigation".

Now, if you or I were to go into a private residence, open a gate and shoot a dog, FOR ANY REASON, would we not face punishment? Why should this officer not? He, not the taxpayers should be paying restitution and big fines. Not the city he works for, but HE personally. Instead he is protected. Because cop. See also: Blue Line

No more of the "Qualified Immunity" that is blanket for a cop.

Even police dogs are more equal than others.... "We couldn't let them fight"

Impressive response from the NRA:


I got an automated response in my email, telling me someone would get back to me shortly regarding my plea for relief from the increasingly strident requests for more money. So far they have called me 4 times at home this week and 6 times on my cell phone (or at least they were people representing that they were with either the NRA or the NRA-ILA. (The NRA must keep detailed records: my original application to the NRA only had my home number. The only time that have given them my cell phone was when I was trying to get them to resolve an issue with my instructors credentials).

Anyway as of right now, the NRA hasn't responded. However, I have, at least as of Friday morning, not gotten any phone calls on either phone number. Might be a coincidence, or maybe they got the message.

However, it would be nice to hear from, you know, an actual human, either via telephone or at least an email.

An apology would be even better.

But silence, at least when they are leaving me alone, is acceptable.

Friday, June 27, 2014


The Chinese had them from about 605 until 1905.

The term comes from the latin: Mandare: To rule. They did so in China, controlling access to the throne and enforcing and interepereting the laws and edicts of the Emperor. They were rife with corruption and essentially answered to no one.

We have them today. They control the bureaucracy of our government just as they controlled the government of Imperial China then. They are, essentially powerful men and women woth no worries about liability for their actions.

Don't believe me?

Read THIS.

HT Peter

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Small potatoes

But, really, we need more of this.

Entire park district board placed under Citizen's arrest.....and the Sheriff upholds the arrest!

Seems that the park board forgot that they were public servants and that they had to follow the laws....And that they were not rulers of the citizens, but rather servants of the community.

I think we need more of this. Up to and including our congressmen and women, and especially our Senators.

The IRS too. Especially them.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Just wrote to the NRA

Let us see if it does any good:

Your continued pestering me for money via telephone and email, especially telephone WHEN I HAVE REQUESTED THAT YOU NOT CALL ME, is becoming offensive.

I support the NRA mission. Further I support your education programs, working as an unpaid certified instructor to educate people on firearm safety and use.

BUT IF YOU CANNOT CONTROL YOUR FUNDRAISINGS (especially ILA),  I will CEASE to be an NRA member or supporter.
Enough is enough. You get my support, but STOP ASKING ME FOR MONEY TIME AFTER TIME. You are PISSING ME OFF.

Godammit, leave me alone

2nds call this week: one to my cell phone (how in the hell did they get that? They asked for me by NAME!) in the middle of the day, and now one in the evening at my home....I have requested that they STOP pestering me for money (and I talked to a real live person that time).

The mass mailing probably cost tens of dollars every year, the telephone calls through some third party fundraisers can't be cheap (and hey, folks, at least try to get they dude making the call to be able to read the script well enough to sound as if he wasn't reading in front of the class in say...third grade) and the cheap gifts made in China aren't gonna get a you plugged nickle, and are going to make me choose not to be a member very very soon.

And my range requires that I be an NRA member....

Anyone know anyone at the NRA who can make this stop?

An important decision regarding your privacy

Seems that the Supreme Court actually made a decent, well thought out decision regarding the privacy of the contents of your cell phone.

It now is required that police get a warrant when wanting to search the contents of your cell phone. No matter WHY they arrest you, they have to get a warrant for the information in your cell phone's memory... Contacts, calls, texts, etc re confidential information until and unless the po=po find a judge and convince him/her that the in your phone is somehow relevant to a case they are making against you....

This is BIG.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Range trip: AAR

So brother and Nephew arrived around 9....Temps were already in the 80's, and with the 4" of rain in the past 3 days (including 1/2" the night before, the day was....moist.

Thick, it was. Really. Humid.

Not much wind either.

We loaded up the car and drove to the range, wondering what we might find, what with all the rain and such. My dad came along as well. 

Now, the range was recently reworked by the county, they finally got around to removing the block to drainage that had been there for 20+ years, And I had worked with the tractor and bladed the outdoor range to make it drain into the drainage ditch..

All that work paid off, as the range was merely "skwishy" rather than "flooded".

There was still water draining, but it wasn't too bad. The grass made it walkable, and there wasn't too much mud...except at the bowling pin range.

Nephew wanted to shoot there first, so we turned a bunch of my reloads and most of a box of Winchester White Box into smoke noise and empty .45 cases. Plus a bunch of 9mm from grandpa's pistol, and little over 200 .22 LR.  I spent most of my time just being a Range Officer, and bit of time coaching. I can shoot anytime.

Surprisingly, Nephew liked my compact alloy framed 3" Para for bowling pins over the full size 1911. Lighter seemed to work for him, and he had no issues with recoil, either one handed or two handed. He didn't like the 9mm as much either.  He went 5 for 5 several times.

After knocking over bowling pins for a while, it became difficult to police the brass, as the grass is sorta thin there, and the clay was becoming churned up. Just plain muddy.

But we had a great time, and except for a bit of inattention to trigger finger discipline (hey, 11 years old and still fairly new to guns in general) all was good after a few pointed reminders.

So we packed up and moved to the 50 yard range and unlimbered the rifles. Brother immediately took charge of the Marlin 39 and Nephew went for the Savage bolt action that he liked so well last year (I won that in a raffle, best $10 I ever spent)

For a while they were content to knock down bowling pins at 50 yards, but then Nephew wanted to shoot at paper targets for score. I had brought along a bunch of NRA 50 yard targets and after a few practice shots he and his dad and I shot for score.

I had a 96, his dad had a 85 and he had an 73. (Grandpa had to leave early due to heat and humidity).

He practiced for a while, with coaching from his uncle, and eventually shot an 84.  By that time he was getting overheated, so we packed up and went to have a late lunch at Grandma's house)

All told it was a good Sunday. Shooting with a motivated young man and his father....and HIS father.
3 generations at one time enjoying a somewhat American pastime; Plinking and punching holes in paper.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Someone needs to be run out of town on a rail. **Updated...Judge modifies her ruling.

Reposting from Old NFO:

SO we have an unfit mother....Who lost her child because her child was removed from the home by CPS.
We have the father, a deployed naval sailor.

We have an activist asshole judge, who provides no recourse for the father to appear in court or lose custody of his daughter...EVEN THOUGH HE IS ON A SUBMARINE CURRENTLY UNDER THE PACIFIC OCEAN.

Now me, I see a good reason for a protest outside of the judges haunts....a loud one, making him very nervous....trample his her flowerbeds, ruin his her neighbor's peace and tranquility, follow him her wherever he goes, etc.

Peacefully, of course.

And as I posted on NFO's site, I'd break into the gun fund to contribute to a legal defense fund. 

*Updated: Seems the Judge has seen fit to modify her ruling. Perhaps the bad press (and the fact that she looks like a fool) has made a difference? 

I still think she has disqualified herself from any judicial duties outside of traffic court, if that.

It is to laugh...

Kinda what my week is gonna be like.

Sunday, June 22, 2014


Why do printer and fax manufacturers give you error codes (ex: error 347) instead of a description of what the fucking error is? 347 means nothing unless you have the manual in front of you, and how many of us can even find the frigging manual after a week or so?

WHY NOT just put a basic description of the error (eg: "no dial tone" or "receiving fax unable to handshake properly") or whatever instead of an error that is meaningless to anyone who was not part of the development team?

Nothing else today

Out shooting.

Teaching my nephew how to turn money into smoke and noise.

Priorities, you know.....


I kinda want one. 

Not sure why though.

So it would seem

That the IRS was paying an outside vendor to back up emails from IRS employees.

If congress really wants to get to the bottom of this (which I am beginning to doubt, suspecting that the whole Faux Outrage is just for show) all they have to do is subpoena the company's data. Simple to do, and if THEY (SonaSoft) have lost the data, then we all will know for sure that there is a coverup. There can be only so many coincidences....

Were I the president of SonaSoft, I'd have already pulled the appropriate emails and would have them sitting in a thumb drive waiting for the appropriate parties to request them. (or I'd be waiting for my truckload of used bills to be delivered to my bank account in Geneva....)

If Congress chooses not to subpoena the emails from the backup company, SonaSoft, then we all will know that we are being played...and that Ryan and his ilk are as much a part of things as Obama and Lerner.

Which opens up a whole shitload of other options.

Lampposts, ropes, cartridge boxes, Rails, tar and feathers, these are a few of the things I dream about....

Perhaps it is time we watered a tree.....

The alternatives, for both us and those who follow us, are worse that what could happen if that tree is watered.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Travel by air? Dislike the TSA?

Think they are a waste of money? Most people do.

Now they are a greater waste of money.

Fees to double for most air travelers

Hey, someone has to pay for those big buildings for all those administrative workers at TSA headquarters and all those VIPR teams at bus stations and such.

So now you get to pay more for ineffective security that you don't want anyway.

Because "Safety".

So, exactly what

Just what the fuck are you gonna do about it, Mr Ryan and Congress?


Are you going to start charging people with impeding an investigation?

With destroying evidence?

Lying to congress?

Conspiracy in all of the above?


All of you bloviating, you words, your faux outrage mean NOTING until you start putting people in jail.

When does that start?

Well, We're waitng....


Cop or not. Slitting the throat of a dog?

And, apparently, at this time, No longer a cop.

Which is good, sorta. Thing is, how did a person like this ever become a cop. How did his fellow cops not see the psychopath inside him? And if they did, then how was he still a cop?

I know, the Blue Line/Blue Wall....Which is why the police aren't respected anymore.

I'm not trying to bash cops here...thousands of cops did everything right yesterday, harmed no one, and treated everyone they met well.

But how is it that a cop could do this?

Friday, June 20, 2014


'cause he didn't have how can they get it if it was never there?

I mean, they never existed.


Unless they went to Syria before the war....

"Bush lied" and all that

So how can they "seize Saddam Hussein's chemical weapons stockpile" if it doesn't exist?

Thursday, June 19, 2014

If true, then they planned this 6 months ago or more

See HERE for an interesting post about the feds soliciting bids for escorts for unaccompanied alien children to be taken to regional shelters.

Things that make ya go HMMM?

I have no way to verify this, one way or another, so I don't know....But it fits. Fits with the Fast and Furious debacle, fits with so many other Obama methods that are designed to make a statement for the press that can be used to convince the generally un informed public to go along with the proposed solution.

You decide.

HT Golden Goose

Politics over law

SO if the US Patent and Trademark office can, arbitrarily, decide to renege on the protections that are basic to a trademark, can they also do so with a patent, just because a political figure chooses to lend his support to having those protections removed? Especially because some group of people feels that the name is offensive to them? Can they decide that a patent is also null and void because some group whines loudly enough?

Really, this is again a destruction of our laws and protections that we have used for over 200 years.

How can we allow such heavy handed actions?

Look, I am sorry that the Native Americans don't like the name "Redskins" and the associated logo. However, no one says that they have to like it, nor do they get priority in the law over the owner of the trademarked logo and name. Nowhere in our constitution is there a right to not be offended.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Thanks Bobby!

I'm hot

No, I mean, really hot. Like 15,000 CPM hot, according to my geiger counter.

I went in this morning for a cardiac stress test. Never had one before. I had heard stories about how bad (how hard) it was. to take the test, but I didn't find it that bad.

So first hard part was "no caffeine for 24 hours"!!!! Luckily, all the people I encountered this morning were either pleasant or just stayed away from me, so no deaths or anything like that.

Then I get to the testing center and I am injected with Technetium-99 and we wait while it is distributed in my bloodstream.They handled this in lead cases and lead sheilded syringes and told me it was pretty "hot"...I asked a"how hot" and they said that for up to 2 days I could set off radiation detectors if I were close enough.(actually not, as with a 6 hour half life, it is all gone in about 60 hours (10 half lifes), or 2.5 days)

I then laid down and had some sort of computer controlled 3 dimensional photography while I am laying quietly. Then I am hooked up to a 6 lead electrocardiogram device and put on a treadmill.

Now I had heard horror stories about the treadmill test: that it was horrific torture and that the testing technicians pushed people into near death in order to stress the heart. I did not find it so.

I have a resting heart rate of 67. I went up to nearly 4 times that over a 10 minute period, holding it there for the last 3. While I was out of breath, It wasn't that bad. I work harder that that most weekends. The machine said I was doing 13 times my resting metabolic rate. My blood pressure never went above 160/110.

While I did start to sweat and breathe hard, I never was feeling like I was working THAT hard, although my pulse rate did get to over 180 + (peaking at 224) for the last three minutes or so.

Anyway, they let me go for a few hours before returning for more photographs.

I couldn't resist the urge to go home and get out my CDV 700 (you have a Geiger counter, don't you?) and see how "hot" I was.

I pulled it out of storage and put batteries in it, turned it on and found that I was half scale on the high range. 15,000 CPM or 25 mR/hr. (I actually fired up both of them, one calibrated recently, one not, and found that they both read nearly identically.)  Pretty hot. Hot enough to find mid scale on my CDV 715 on the lowest scale (0.1). Pretty active, really. Hot enough to trigger the (minimal) warning chirp on my NukAlert.  And I will be for awhile with a half life of 6 hours.

I can't wait to see if I glow in the dark.

ETA: If I figured it correctly, I had about 2350 Banana Equivalent Doses

Monday, June 16, 2014

I guess it is legit then

I mean, if the US Marshalls are selling Bitcoin, then the US Government must accept that it is "Money".

(not that Federal Reserve Notes are any more a legitimate kind of money, really....Neither Bitcoin nor FRN's are backed by anything.)

They think you are stupid

Stupid enough to believe that somehow, someone could accidentally screw up and lose 2 years worth of emails from Lois Lerner..

Now, that is 2 years worth of backups that had to be destroyed. 2 years worth. Plus generally quarterly and yearly backups.

Seems that somehow there was a computer crash that caused all of that data loss.


Just like the missing 18 minutes from Nixon's era. (and that, at least, was plausible, if not likely).

This is now a conspiracy to hide or destroy evidence. THERE IS NO WAY THAT THIS WAS AN ACCIDENT. Someone(s) need to go to jail for conspiracy to destroy evidence.

A GREAT explanation why this can be no accident HERE.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Mass confusion

Today, in Gary, IN, Most of Detroit, and downtown Atlanta...Oh, and the South Side of Chicago. .

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Come, come to the Dark Side!

So my brother, who if not a liberal, does hang with that type of crowd, and repeats their mantra of the day.....which is often anti gun. It isn't unusual to hear the words "Gun Nut" in conversation at their house....

Now, last summer, his son, (my nephew, for those that are slow) who is a Boy Scout, wanted to get his Rifle Marksmanship Merit they live in the People's Republic of Illinois, they found this difficult.  Remembering that his uncle was an NRA instructor, they called and asked if I could find the time to teach.....(duh! Of course).

So we spent an ENTIRE Saturday at the range. Nephew, Dad and Uncle B.  We did the entire NRA first steps Rifle course (and the Pistol course just for fun).

My brother and Nephew spend 4 hours on the range killing assorted paper targets at ranges from 7 yards to 50 yards. After we got basic marksmanship down, then we spent some time killing clay pigeons and bowling pins at 50 yards, and killing assorted silhouettes at 50 yards.

They each fired, through various and sundry rifles and pistols, in excess of 1000 rounds, mostly .22LR. They had if you'll pardon the pun, a blast.

SO My brother asks if we can do a range trip again. Of course, I reply. He asks what kind of .22 to buy....."any you can find" I suggest.

He can't find any in any sort of bulk ammo locally (He does, finally, have his FOID card, so calls and says that we will have to postpone the range day.....

"Not an issue, little bro....I got plenty!"

"Really?" he says

"Yep, I got in excess of 5000 rounds on the shelf. More in storage.  No big deal"

"cool!" he says.

"Remember, I have been a "gun nut" for a long time....this isn't my first Rodeo when it comes to ammo. I "Buy it cheap and stack it deep" so that when I want some, it is there." You mentioned a year or so ago about the guy in your subdivision that made the papers when the cops searched his house and he had several thousand rounds of ammo? Made the local paper and all that "


"He's a piker......Your local cops would SHIT A BRICK if they came to my house...." (and I feel that I am understocked, but am willing to part with ammo for a good cause)

"Remember, you two shot nearly 2K rounds last year....I shoot, so I stock most "Gun Nuts".

So yeah, I have enough ammo for them to come next weekend.  He and Nephew are happy.....and he's slowly coming to the good side.... And finding that all that his friends tell him isn't always true....

Friday, June 13, 2014

Whut? Shit happens

Seems that the IRS (Ahem) Lost (wink) 2 years worth of Lois Lerner's Emails.

Sometimes stuff happens, you know.

Coincidences are like that. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

“I believe I was misled,”

No, my dear, you were lied to. Admit it.

Those employees weren't fired, they were reassigned.

Still able to mismanage the health and care of other veterans.

No punishment or accountability.

Why is that?

Should be on every ballot

"None of the above" wins inNevada Democratic primary. 

Now, this was a primary where the chances of the winner actually winning the election for governor were, at best, slim. I got that. The candidates weren't the cream of the crop...I get that too.

But still. What a slap in the face when you lose to "none of the above".

I do think that the choice should be in every contest, from president to dogcatcher and everything in between. And if "none of the above" wins, then the candidates on that ballot should be ineligible until the next election cycle and there should be a special election to fill the slot.

It'd make for a better class of lowlife politicians.

SO just FYI

Friday is a full moon.


Friday is also the 13th .

Now, make of it what you will.

There are those who say that the full moon makes no difference in how people behave.

And you might believe that, unless you are a cop, an ambulance driver, a bartender, or work in an emergency room. Then you know that is bullshit.

People get WEIRD in the light of the full moon, at least a subset of them, anyway...A full moon Friday night (or Saturday) makes things fun for the above folks.

Add in a Friday 13th.....

Won't happen again 'til 2049, I am told. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

You probably heard

That the FDA was gonna ban the aging of cheese on wooden boards (which help with the flavor of the cheese, unlike plastic) despite the fact that cheese has been aged using this method for hundreds of years (the method, not the cheese). After a great deal of crying, likely from influential people who buy and consume artinsanal cheeses, they have backed down...for now

Thing is, aged cheese is not something that makes the FDA happy. Like raw milk, they can see many ways that this could possibly, under JUST the right conditions cause you some small bit of harm....maybe.

Is it really their mandate to make all food perfectly healthy for you to eat all of the time.....and are they really just trying to make all our food bland and tasteless?

Cheese contains a fair amount of bacteria, if it is made and aged the "old world" way. Much like southeren Barbecue, if you are doing it right, you are probably violating some health law. THat doesn't make it dangerous.

But how many people die(d) from eating cheese that was aged on a wooden shelf? Seriously.

Feel safe flying?

I am sure that you believe that the person controlling your plane's path, making sure you don't fly into other airplanes or rock filled clouds is the best person we can hire for the job....Right?

How about if you knew that the FAA was giving preferential treatment to minorities and women, even to the exclusion of the most highly qualified candidates in order to meet gender and racial profiles/quotas?

It is true. ..They are, in the interest of Diversity, excluding the most qualified candidates if they are white, and lowering the standards for women, blacks and Hispanics.

One would almost think that the standards were a joke. Seems that having a college degree is a "barrier" to black folks. And to Women. But not to white men. All to promote diversity.

Makes me feel safe to fly...

Diversity. And racism. Blatant racism.


The conditions can't be too severe nor can they be too hungry....

Seems that they are not enamored of the food being served, so they are throwing most of it in the trash.

Could be that it is because the food meets Michelle Obama's food guidlines, but it might be because they just aren't that hungry.

These "Kids" (no one knows how old they actually are, do we? 12? 15? 17? ) know where their parents are,  and could be returned there, but the Obama Administration would rather use them as a demonstration of how we need "Immigration Reform"

I still think Obama is using this in order to break the country via the Cloward-Piven strategy. Overload the government and break it.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Me, I'd buy a lottery ticket

While my luck was still running high

As near a miss as you'll ever get.

An incomvenient



Real data , not pie in the sky models that fail even the most basic tests...

Monday, June 9, 2014

Yust inn case

You don't read Borepatch (and you should, every day)

You should read THIS ONE.

You should be asking everyone you meet:

Why are we spending BILLIONS and enacting programs and policies that cost Billions (or even trillions) more yearly to combat a unproven and increasingly failed hypothesis?

Preventing something that isn't happening at the cost of a lot of money and even more peoples jobs and quality of life?

Why are we allowing these Global Warming believers to continue to direct our lives, policies and economies to their benefit at the expense of ours?

Tip of the iceberg

Yeah, I expect that the VA is just an example of how bad things are gonna get now that Obamacare is (sorta) up and running.

Just wait: Obamacare is gonna make the VA look like nothing ever happened.

Sunday, June 8, 2014


Just FYI:

If you are going to have a business that sells things...and you offer custom work...., and you have a "contact me" form on your web page for questions or inquiries.....Especially when you worked the blogging folks at the Indy NRA show to demonstrate and show off your products and drum up business....

Then fucking well answer the inquiry in a timely say, a week or so.

Or the person doing the inquiring will go to another aspiring holster manufacturer who is also trying to make a living.

If only

all cops thought this way.

Sadly, they don't. Even more sadly, they don't see a need.

and even more sadly, many never will.

And until they do, they'll never be seen as the "Good Guys" again, and will be seen as enemies of citizens rather than the guardians of peaceful society.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

If true, my water bill would go WAY up

'Cause I'd have a filter and water would be running through it 24/7.

Gold in the tap water?

Srsly, at $1250 or so per troy Oz? I can buy a LOT of water for that....

One wonders where it could be coming from.

Friday, June 6, 2014

I'll probably not live this long

But if I do, I hope I can be this Bad-Ass at this age.


93 years old. 

ETA: Or follow the example of this guy either.

Tough bastards, even today.

As it would be told today:



Couldn't say it better if I tried:

There was a time when giants walked this earth, and seventy years ago many of them never came home.

So I really got nothing to say.

I mean, what hasn't been said over the past 70 years.

The "Allies" (which really means the US, who supplied the majority of the materiel and the bulk of the troops) crossed the English Channel to begin the end of WWII.  Nearly 25,000 men, hundreds of ships (and that was just in the first wave) that ended up being 150,000 men and 195 000 sailors on nearly 7000 ships by the end of the day...and nearly 350,000 men a week later.

And, of course, the 100,000 men of the "First US Army Group" ...which didn't really exist, but convinced the Germans that Normandy was a feint, as well as the others who diverted a great deal of German defenders to the north .

A bunch of men, with great big balls, just went and did the job they were assigned. They broke the back of the Third Reich that day, along with the folks who, on the same day, invaded Italy.

I stand in awe of those men. Few of them are alive today, most are old, or dead.

Remember them.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

A border fence

would prevent this.

But then again, that's not what they want, is it?

More people to vote for Democrats illegally.

I am coming more and more to the theory that liberals in general, and the Obama Administration if particular, is trying to overwhelm the country with leeches.

Cloward-Piven and all that.


Just where did this dude get $71,000 to send to people in other countries? Somehow, a cab driver in Boston has that kind of stash laying around? That is a lot of moola.

While you may have that kind of money laying around, I don't.

I mean, I would have that kind of cash NOW If I hadn't spent it over the years on ammo, guns and easy whiskey and cheap women...But I don't have it to toss around and certainly not to send to other people in other countries using fake names and all that I'd have to live a pretty austere lifestyle to save that kind of cash in a year or 3. . I sure as hell didn't/couldn't when I was 23 years old! Yet I don't see anyone asking where he got that kind of scratch.

Something suspicious here. Maybe he is one of those "Domestic" terrorists the "Justice" Dept. is so worried about. Nah, he isn't white nor christian, nor from the midwest....

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

no more left

The last of the original 29 volunteer Code Talkers has passed.

Gutsy folks, who didn't have to put themselves in harms way, but chose to serve a nation which had not treated their people as well as it could have, but who volunteered anyway.

You gotta wonder

Are the Open Carry Texas folks really that stupid, or are they being paid by Michael Bloomberg?

Now they are carrying into Target.

The reason I ask if they are being paid to do their "activism" is that they seem to be choosing businesses which have, so far, chosen to NOT take a stand on carriage of firearms....Almost as if "Open Carry Texas" is choosing to force major chains to take a stand....and one which helps the anti-gun folks.

The only other explanation I can see is that they are really really really stupid...But I am beginning to lean towards the false flag scenario...Because they couldn't be helping the anti's more if they tried.


United, we own the government, singly, we are owned by it

Monday, June 2, 2014

Not all that it seemed....

SO the soldier, Bergdahl, wasn't "captured" but rather walked off, according to REPORTS.

Puts a different spin on things, doesn't it?

Just stop

So more open carry activists (or maybe the same set of Retards) got asked to leave yet another restaurant or two.

In doing so, because of their stupid "activism" they are forcing two more restaurant chains to take a stand, where before they had not. Prior to this, both Chili's and Sonic had chosen to ignore the shrill cries of "Moms Demand Action", but, when forced to, they chose to make a statement that ultimately gave the anti-gunners a win, if only because they got a statement saying "Please don't bring your guns here so we have to take notice of them".

Please, just stop. Your activism is hurting rather than helping and I think most of the rest of us would rather you stay home in Mommy's basement

If you are a member of that group, please stop. If you know someone who is (you don't have to admit it) ask them to stop. While I would not go so far as to suggest that if you know someone who is going to go out next week and do some more activism you should catch them when they are leaving and whack them smartly in the left knee with a ball pein hammer, I would ask you to do whatever you can to discourage them from screwing things up for the rest of us.

Activism like this works better for the other side than for our side. 

Carbon offset?

Burning methane creates......CO2!

SO in an attempt to find something to "Offset" the carbon released in California's industry, there is a buch opf folks who buy and sell "carbon offsets"....HERE is an example of one such scheme.

At first glance it sounds good....: Generate electricity from what is, essentially a waste product from a Dairy... Free electricity! electricity that doesn't come from coal! And it is as true as saying that an electric car is a zero emissions form of transportation.....(hint, it isn't)

Now, the issues here are severalfold:

On the one hand, they are reducing the methane evaporated into the atmosphere, which is a good thing (if you believe in global warming), as methane is about 8  times the greenhouse gas that CO2 is.

On the other hand, that engine that is driving the generator is putting CO2 out into the atmosphere at about 3 times the rate per megawatt that a coal plant other words, a coal plant puts out about 1/3 the CO2 per megawatt that this engine does.

Is this a carbon offset? Not by any way you can easily measure. The generator is producing CO2 at a higher rate than a coal plant per watt of electricity. It isn't reducing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, in fact, it is likely adding to it. It MAY be reducing the greenhouse gas effect, by subsituting water vapor and CO2 for methane (but that is likely a wash).

This is a scam. Period. No significant reduction in any greenhouse effect (if any) and yet, someone is making money selling this as a "carbon offset".

But hey, it makes someone feel good and the farmer gets to be happpy and make a bit of cash.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Are you prepared?

So the grill runs out of propane.

No big deal, I have spares.

In fact, I have 3 spares.

all 20 lb tanks of propane. Ready and waiting.

Or do I....?

I get the first tank, and hook it up. Still has the blue cap covering the threads.

Has pressure, but what was in the tank surely wasn't propane.

No flame, just a hiss.

Tank # 2, purchased (exchanged) at the same time, was the same. No heat, barely any flame.

Tank # 3 was not full, oddly enough. I had thought it was, but I must have been mistaken. I generally don't put them back in the same place as the full ones.

The point is, I THOUGHT I had at least 2 full tanks of propane, when I actually had two tanks of air.

If you are planning on propane as a prep, test the contents before putting them away.

The girl at the propane place said that they had several pallets of exchange tanks that had issues late last year (which is when I purchased these tanks).

Just an FYI if you have propane as a prep.

This time it was merely an inconvenience as I just had to cook indoors. But if you are planning on that tank for heat or to fuel a generator.......

Relative value:

So it would seem that a US soldier is worth at least 5 Taliban commanders, (which is probably a bargain for the Taliban) or our State Departement can't bargain worth a shit.

You decide which.

They want (even more) info on you

Seems that the Feds already think that reading your emails, watching your surfing habits, listening to your phone calls, checking where your phone goes (and when) reading your texts etc...isn't enough.

Now they wanna know who you owe money to, where you are spending it, and any other credit related or financial information on you. 

And this giant database will, of course, be kept private and secure. No one will ever be able to hack it to find your SSN, address, D.O.B., Mothers Maiden Name, etc.

And just WTF do they need the info for, anyway? (yeah, bad sentence structure,  I

This is mission creep, like the Census questionnaire, where  the only thing you are legally required to answer is number of adults and children living at the residence, but they make like you have to answer all of the questions under the pretense that it is a legal requirement, but it really isn't.....and then they sell the aggregated data? The National Mortgage Database was never envisioned to have all this information, it was never intended to be used this way.

" “Congress did not explicitly require (or even explicitly authorize) the FHFA to build anything resembling the NMD,” the Chamber told Watt in its May 16 letter"