Monday, December 31, 2012


"Obama said that he expected even firearm owners to understand the need for new regulations in the wake of the Connecticut shooting spree that killed 20 young children.
“I think there are a vast majority of responsible gun owners out there who recognize that we can't have a situation in which somebody with severe psychological problems is able to get the kind of high-capacity weapons that this individual in Newtown obtained and gun down our kids,” Obama said."

But it is still statistically more dangerous to put yer kids on a school bus than to let them enter the school grounds.

But I don't see any calls for Bus Bans or additional bus regulations.

This is a power grab, plain and simple. This isn't about gun control or making yer kids safer. It is about control of you and your life. 


Had an interesting discussion last night with a lady who is VERY successful (from a LOT of hard work) about fairness:

Is it FAIR that they take 30+% of her money (I pointed out that it is really like 50% when you add it all up) to pay for government...about 50%  of that money is goven to other people (one way or another).

And most of those people don't even try to earn themselves anything(on the books) but rather expect their livelihood to be the Federal or State government?

And that they don't get tested for drugs or other illegal substances.

Yet she is subject to a drug test at the whim of her employer.

This is a lady I had always assumed was a liberal. I was apparently mistaken. She was just quiet about her views.

Not anymore.

We are winning, in some segments.

Sunday, December 30, 2012


If it is time to bury 'em,,.....

it's time to dig 'em up and use 'em.

When guns are outlawed:

Chances are that I will become an outlaw.

Will you?

Or will you become, instead, a subject.

Decide now, while you have time.

Don't wait for the rush.

Plan accordingly.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Siddown...,pour yerself a cuppa Joe:

This might take a while....

Here's the thing: There are a significant minority of our politicians who want to disarm the rest of their fellow citizens. They are using the latest atrocity in Sandy Hook Connecticut to further their argument that the government must force the citizens to disarm, or at least give up a very potent portion of our arms. Their recent statements make it clear that they ARE coming for your guns, Constitution and laws be damned. Will they succeed? Maybe, but probably not. But they keep trying.

"No one needs a rifle capable of firing 30 rounds before reloading for hunting"....

They are, actually, correct. Few hunting situations need more than 1 or two rounds available (yes, I know that there are exceptions, Bear with me).

The thing is, the Second Amendment isn't about hunting, nor is there any reason we should be limited in how many rounds our firearms can hold. The right to bear arms is designed to ensure the free state still exists in the country.

There are those in our government who want to remove your right to have certain types of firearms and firearms with certain features.  Features which DO make your firearms more versatile. They aren't used for hunting, but they can be used to defend our freedoms.

When it comes right down to it our right to keep and bear arms is, at the sharp end of the stick, about the threat to kill cops and other agents of the government. Nope, I'm not crazy, nor am I advocating that we start shooting policemen or Federal agents or National Guardsmen. But, ultimately, our right to keep and bear arms is to allow us to defend and keep our lives and our freedoms. We have that right. Just as our forefathers chose to rebel against the legitimate government of the time and to determine their own destiny, we too have that right. Our founding fathers rose up in armed rebellion and they preserved that right for us in the Constitution, just in case the government that they created should morph into a monster which controlled the citizens rather than the other way around.  Just in case the protections and limits on governmental power over the citizens they put into the Constitution were subverted or ignored. Just in case we needed to follow their lead and refuse to be subjects anymore.

They didn't put anything in the Second Amendment about hunting nor self defense nor defense of our homes.

"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed".

Yes, at the time, they were referring to flintlock muskets and black powder rifles. That was the technology of the time. They did not, however, place limits on the types of arms. They did not limit the "arms" to smoothbore muskets, nor to short barrels, nor only shotguns, nor certain calibers.... they stated "arms". Arms that were, effectively, the same as those possessed by the agents of the government. Arms that were available to everyone.

"The Security of a Free State" Likely that is the real reason that the Second Amendment is in the Constitution. They knew how repressive a government could become. After all, had the King played fair and straight, they likely would not have ever fomented revolution, nor chosen to revolt and send the Declaration of Independence to the king. But the King and his henchmen chose to treat the colonists poorly and the Untied States is the result. The framers of the Constitution were well aware, having just fought a war of secession, how important arms equal (or nearly equal) to those of their oppressors were. The Second Amendment is not about hunting, nor home defense, nor personal defense. It is, ultimately about control. It is the single part of the Constitution which keeps the power in the hands of the people. Should the agents of the state, choose to push things far enough, there can (and should be) a second American Revolution. While I think it should be the last choice, it should always be an option.

No one wants to see that happen. and I sincerely hope that it never does. But if the folks who would wish to begin disarming you succeed in starting with "assault weapons", or by limiting the capacity of your magazines, they will, ultimately leave you with no way, no power, to resist the agents of the state when they become ever more repressive. Next will be "sniper rifles" then "too powerful" cartridges, then handguns, and they will leave you with .22 caliber rifles and shotguns. Nothing with which to revolt against the agents of the State.

Yes, I am talking about armed revolution. Shooting agents of the state. Killing cops and Federal agents and National Guardsmen, if it should come to that.

Yeah, I find that idea disturbing. I hope you do too.

But the fact that at this time we CAN revolt, CAN push back, CAN say "enough!" and back it with force, is one of the largest deterrents against government overreach.  If Feinstein and her ilk have their way, they'll take some more of that ability away from you and I and other like minded citizens.

Estimates for the number of "assault rifles" (AR, AK, and other military style rifles) range as low as 3,000,00 to a high of 18 million. The number of owners of these types of rifles range from 2 million to 8 million. I can find no definitive statistics for these.

If we take the low end, that is 2 million people who own at least one (and likely more than one) of these style of rifles. Likely the count is somewhere close to 4 times that number.

Make the ownership of these illegal, you create criminals out of mostly law abiding citizens. And forced confiscation, even with compensation, is still theft.

If 10% refuse to give up their suddenly illegal rifles then they become criminals and have little to lose. If only 10% stand up and say "no" they become felons and rebels and enemies of the state. If only 10% resist, then there are now somewhere between 200,000 and 800,000 people who are rebels and criminals. These are people who know how to use their weapons, generally have more than one, and who would feel that this is a line they cannot let the government cross. People who would be willing to be jailed or become a martyr before allowing themselves and their children and fellow citizens become slaves rather than citizens..

There are about 800,000 cops and other police in the US. This includes city cops, state policemen, County sheriffs and other policemen.

Add in agents of the state, ATF, FBI, and US Marshals, one million or so.... if every one of them chooses to obey unconstitutional orders (more likely than you think). So not more than 5 agents of the government for each "resistor". Maybe a lot less than that. In reality the people that could be used in raids is about 20% of that (someone has to be a policeman rather than a raider). So not less than one resistor for every enforcement agent. Likely an even less attractive number (for them, not us).

Should the police and federal agents choose to begin to raid in order to take those remaining rifles away, there will likely be bloodshed. A lot. On both sides. How many newly minted criminals will be on guard after the first wave of arrests?  How many and for how long will the raids persist? How many policemen will continue when their buddies fail to come home at the end of the day? Sure some of us will likely be arrested (or shot). But how many more agents and police will be shot or killed as well? When they stack up outside your neighbors door and you express your displeasure at that act, maybe with a firearm, will that discourage them? Or your friend chooses to resist instead of turning in his firearms...then what? Yeah, he goes down, but how many go down with him? That "stack" of 25 officers outside the door in the middle of the night becomes 20 shortly thereafter when they are expected.....then 17, then 12,  then 8. How long until they choose not to do their job? There are a lot more resistors than policemen. 

How long until we run out of police? It is, sadly, an honest question.

How long until the police refuse to come to work? Until the sight of a uniform or a police car is enough to make them a target? When the general citizenry becomes an enemy of the police? When the families of the police are in danger.....When someone publishes names, and addresses and personal vehicles and tags..... And parents names and addresses.....Sisters and brothers. How long will the police do their job then?

 How long until the State must show its true colors? Must declare martial law or take other steps to keep its citizens in line? At what point does an unpopular law cause enough damage and bloodshed that the populace will stand up and say "Enough!" ?

What about all of those other rifles that are not "Assault rifles"? How many of them will be used to show defiance?  How often will they speak from 1--2--500 yards or more away? How many of THOSE will be used in defiance? How many official vehicles will be destroyed, even if their occupants are not? Government buildings?

And what happens then? Call in the Army? The Marines? Will they follow orders? Some will. Some won't. That pesky Constitution that they swore an oath to might get in the way....

Think it can't happen? I didn't think that people like Feinstein would have the guts to call for theft and confiscation of firearms. When any government official would ever advocate for such a blatantly un-Constitutional action. I find it disturbing that one of the biggest cheerleaders of the anti-gun movement is the Chinese. Think about it. How would they gain with a disarmed US population?

This issue could well break this country. Could lead to armed revolt against our government. Lead to deaths and destruction.  Lead to a second revolution. Lead to the death of the US as we know it. Not all those who cleaned out the inventory of "assault rifles" and ammunition and pistols were first timers or investors... Many were just stocking up. Many were planning ahead. Many were looking at the same thing I am right now.

I leave you with this: 

“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?... The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin's thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If...if...We didn't love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation.... We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.” 

Alexander Solzhenitsyn

We have much more than axes and hammers and pokers. And we have the knowledge and wherewithal to use them. And we have the lessons of history to inspire us. Some of us love freedom enough.

How can this end well? If only 1% resist, then perhaps they lose, but so does the country. No one wins. But that does not mean that the struggle for freedom is not worth the fight. It does not mean that freedom dies when they lose.

I sincerely hope they do not turn me into a criminal nor force me to choose.....I sincerely do not want to fight my country and the police. It won't end well. For any of us. But I am OK with that, if it should come to pass. The alternative is worse.

ETA: I ain't the only one thinking this

Thursday, December 27, 2012

30 round magazines

Not my first choice, but a decent price:

While they last.

If you need more.


Is any of THIS going to help prevent another Sandy Hook?


It ain't.

This isn't about gun control, it is about resistance control.

Maybe it'll pass both houses, maybe not. But if it does....

WhatAreYaGonnaDo about it?

I know where my line is, do you know where yours is?

Better think about it and decide soon.

Have a plan.


Registration is the first step to confiscation.

Expect another mass shooting just before this bill comes to a vote. 


When guns are truly outlawed

Then only the State and criminals will have guns.

You'll have a choice, be a subject, or a criminal, or a victim.

Which will you choose? 


From an e-mail:

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Spent the day at my parents

My family was there, and while we aren't a Norman Rockwell kinda family, we had a fun and friendship and family time and fellowship.

And it was good.

And partway through it, I though of, and gave thanks for, all those men and women who couldn't be with their family because they were elsewhere, in the military, spending their days standing guard in order that I and my family could enjoy that afternoon.

Thank you, men and women of the military. And Merry Christmas.

I appreciate your sacrifice.

Spread my thanks to the rest of your unit, if you are reading this.

Remember why

Why we celebrate this day.

Why we give gifts.

Why we gather with friends and family.

It ain't about the food and the goodies and the presents.

Remember what we celebrate.

I wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 24, 2012

What to get everyone for Christmas

I bet you know someone (or a LOT of someones) who would be delighted to have some of THESE.

I know that I do, and that I would. Just think, with this system, after the zombie apocalypse, you can not only have gold bars, BUT YOU CAN MAKE CHANGE.

Cool, eh?

A lot better than FRN's.

TSA Christmas

Help a dude's Christmas.

A friend of Marks, (Talk Radio blogger) has had a bit of misfortune.

I thought I'd bring it to your attention, so if you have a bit of cash to spare, or a gift card you don't need or might not use, you might be able to send him some help.

Details HERE

Short story: Vietnam vet lost his house in a fire. Friends are rallying around to help him, but since there are a LOT of us on the internet, I thought I'd let loose an appeal for a little more help.

If you can spare a few, or can help in other ways, here is an address:

Wayne Kine
C/O Mark Anderson
230 Allen M Parks Dr.
Rockport Tx, 78382

I put my money where my blog is and sent the hundred bucks that I had laying around for a new lower reciever that is currently out of stock thanks to Obama and Feinstein. So I sent it to him instead.

If you can, even a little, I am sure that it will be appreciated.

Open letter to the NRA

Since their "contact Us" page doesn't work all that well (keeps asking me to remove anything but numbers, letters and punctuation), and since there is no email via which to contact them (although I will be faxing them a copy of this as soon as their offices open in order to make sure that they hear this.

Dear NRA:

I am a member of the NRA. I am also an NRA certified instructor. I am a gun owner, and I shoot regularly and believe in the Second Amendment.

After viewing the speech by Wayne LaPierre, I feel that this was the final straw. His leadership against our opponents is, at best, tepid, and his speech on Friday was an embarrassment.

I do not think that I will be renewing my membership next time unless he is replaced. He has always been, at best, marginal as a leader of the NRA.  His opposition to the many lawsuits in recent years, all of which were essentially won by the SAF demonstrated his poor judgement and leadership. Friday showed that his usefulness to the organization and the members has come to an end.

It is time for the board of Directors to act. Find a leader who is effective.

I cannot speak for my many fellow members, but unless you do, I think you will lose many members, effectively reducing the effectiveness of the NRA, and ceding it's power to others, like the SAF.


Oh, and if any of you need them, the Second Amendment Foundation can be found HERE

Gun Owners of America can be found HERE

I think that they are much more effective organizations.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Coming soon to a location near you

Looting. Mass protests orchestrated by unions and other socialists. Ineffective police.

Bet on it.

Argentina is just a few years ahead of the rest of the "Western" world.

Are you ready for THIS?

Friday, December 21, 2012

Para update # whatever.

Finally got my Para LDA back from it's THIRD trip back to the factory.

This time it was for a firing pin that was stuck forward by the Series 80 style firing pin safety. Pull the trigger, the pin sticks out....Rack the slide and pull again, the pin returns to normal. Was kind a interesting finding that error....the first time, the gun jammed, as the firing pin was forward enough that it went OVER the cartridge and prevented feeding.

Cleared that malfunction and then a few mags later got a double. Nope, not a double feed, a double fire. First round on the target, second one went (I think) high. Not sure though.  No damage to the range or backstop. Being the curious type, I had to try once more. loaded two in the magazine and gave it a try.... Got 2 in a row that time too. Both on target Not bad when you are expecting it

Now the pin sticks out most of the time even under dry hammer drop to make it stick out, another makes it pop back correctly. Even after a THOROUGH cleaning and lubing.

So I call Para (again), select for Customer Service and wait about 5 minutes.....Get a nice female voice asking how she can help me?. I explained my problem and politely asked if there was anyone in authority who MIGHT CARE TO MAKE MY FIREARM WORK RIGHT!

"Please Hold".

A 3-4 minute wait....

"Please Hold"...from a different voice...?

"Hello, how can I help you?"  Male voice asks.

"Who are you?"  I ask.

"I'm (so and so) from customer service. I handle people who are unhappy with our service. I expedite things and make sure you are happy.,,,How can I help you?"

"Good!" I reply. "How many times should a firearm be returned for service before you make it right?"

"At most once,"He replies.

"Well, this will be the THIRD time I am returning a pistol to you for service".

I go on to explain my issue and suggest that one of three things should happen:


2.   Replace said pistol with another one that does work.

III.  Refund my purchase price. Offered to provide the bill of sale.

I explain that any of the above choices is acceptable. There are no other options.

He apologizes and says he will personally fire the pistol . I suggest more than one magazine.  In fact, I suggest that he fire it for a few hundred rounds and MAKE SURE THE THING WILL WORK PROPERLY before sending it back to me, as this pistol isn't going to sit in a drawer. It is gonna get fired...if not as much as some, more than many... He agrees that it will be test fired more than a few rounds.

He sends me a call tag THAT DAY and I ship my pistol to them overnight on their dime.

I get notification that it is on it's way back 14 days later. I unpack the thing and realize that they have replaced the trigger, the safety, all the slide components (except the slide itself)... the grip safety, the slide stop and, as far as I can tell, everything except the frame and the grips. Maybe the barrel is original. All the new components are blued steel instead of the stainless originals. Not terribly happy about that, but it is acceptable....The gun is FILTHY.....Likely had been fired more than 200 rounds.

Events make me wait a week or so before I have time to get to the range for a decent session.

150 rounds, not one FTF, not one FTE, not one misfire, not one double...Everything is excellent. Rapid fire, slow fire, Ghetto style, all good. Floated 5 cases in the air a couple of times, still no issues.

Next range session a week or so later: no issues over 100 rounds.

Next range session a few days later (I hadda reload some cases) 150 rounds with one FTF (a cracked case that I didn't notice, led to a set back bullet and a rolled case mouth, not blaming the gun) and otherwise perfect. Lead 230 G round nose , ball 230 G, lead 200 G SWC, all fed well....loads ranging from 4.0 grains of 700x to 5.3 grains of 231.... even a box of Blazer Brass just for fun.

Round count is currently at 450 with no issues AT ALL. The gun hasn't been cleaned, and the only lube was that which I applied when I cleaned and disassembled the firearm when I received it after being serviced (it was DIRTY then). Slow fire groups are about 1.5" at 7 yds, 3" at 50 feet. Not bad for a 3" autoloader.

The new trigger has finally smoothed out and I am beginning to think that is is finally fixed.

Further testing is, of course, required. As soon as my order for 1000 230G lead round nose comes in, I'll continue.

I only wish that the damned thing had been this good the first time.


It's the 21st.

If you are reading this then nothing happe

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Never works.


Not even once.

It may appear to work at first, but in the end, you have to either fight or capitulate entirely.

Ask those who believed Neville Chamberlin....Gerrmany under Hitler still went to war, despite appeasement. Ask the jews in Israel.....Giving up territory just brought the rocket launchers closer. Appeasement fails every time.

It'll fail here too, if we let 'em take even some of our gains in 2nd Amendment issues. Gun control hasn't made anyone safer. Ever. If it did, then there wouldn't be the gun crime so prevalent in Chicago or Wash. D.C.

Banning of all guns hasn't worked in the UK, and certainly not in Australia. (wonder how many buried guns are there, waiting for the day?) and restrictions or bans won't make anyone safer here either.

All of these examples show that it doesn't work. "reasonable gun controls" won't be the end, just the beginning. The bar will move and we will then negotiate (or appease) to keep what we have left  Then again a few years later..... Remember, the gun used by (supposedly) Adam Peter Lanza in Connecticut was legal under their "assault weapons ban" as well as under the old, national "Assault Weapons Ban" enacted in 1994. Banning others won't bring those kids back. Making another law won't make his actions any "illegaler" either. He (or someone) had 20 minutes before the police to do his deed. 10 round magazines would not have reduced his carnage at all. He would have had to reload more often, but that would not have materially reduced the level of violence nor his ability to kill those children in any way.  He had nearly one minute per person...lots of time to do his killing. Possibly changing the ways we handle disturbed or mentally diseased individuals might, but that, like gun bans or restriction of speech is something approached with caution. It too can be a slippery slope.

Are you prepared to fight for your freedoms? Might have to, or you become a subject.

Which will it be? 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Never, ever, let a crisis go to waste

Especially when you can use emotion to get people to agree to do something they will later regret.

any surprise?


Gun bans didn't help the UK....their violent crime rate is still high.

Maybe this will:

Knife Bans!

Then what? Cricket bats? Spiked shoes? Shovels? socks filled with rocks?

Where does it end?

Expect More

Expect more "False Flag" atrocities with firearms in general and especially "Bushmaster High Capacity Ammunition Magazine Assault Rifle" type firearms in the coming days. Especially just before the new congress is sworn in. Or some type of Executive Order. Which won't be challenged by congress or the courts.

Bet on it.

Buy your High Capacity magazines NOW. Expect pricing to go way up in the next few weeks.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Safety logic.

Let us assume that the official stories about the last few shooting incidents are 100% true. That the crimes were committed in the exact ways that the officials involved state that have stated. That all the inconsistencies are just coincidental. That all the similarities are also just coincidence. That everything went down just as they said it did. That all of the reports of a second or third person were false, or misreported.

Then lets look at a few things:

 Since 1 in 17 people in the US (13 million) have a serious or debilitating mental illness (NIMH).


Since the last 3 attempted mass shootings were perpetrated by people with severe mental health or emotional or behavioral issues:


Since the current calls for gun control are to ban "Assault Weapons" because they were used in the last few mass shootings. And no doubt will be used in the future if Something Isn't Done Immediately...

And since those advocating for such controls or bans are claiming that they are out to make the country safer. ("It's for the children!")

One would then surmise that along with an "Assault Weapons" ban, they would support, in addition, the incarceration and or imprisonment of every one of those approximately 13 million people diagnosed with a serious or debilitating mental illness.You know, those who might harbor homicidal thoughts and all.

Perhaps even the euthanization of these (extremely) dangerous people. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of these people?

I mean, since these people can, apparently at will, purchase of otherwise acquire a deadly "Assault Weapon" with "High Capacity Ammunition Magazines" with which to perpetrate their mass murder schemes. one would think that this would be a good start to keep the rest of us safe....Right? It's not the sportsman who does this, nor the average law abiding citizen, it is the ones with a mental issue, disease, or defect, right? The ones with high level autism, or emotional problems, or others who are, for a time, able to seemingly cope with their issues and be a part of our society...until they snap and become dangerous....You never can tell when the urge might strike them, you know.

I fully realize that few of these people will, actually commit a mass murder, ore even a single murder. But few, if any of the so called "Assault Weapons" will be used for that purpose either.

So along with the weapons ban , in order to make the country safer, we should lock up any of those we already know might have issues and decide to hurt or kill others.

Make things safer in the future, you know. Trampling on a few rights is OK, as long as it saves even one life and all that.....Right?

(No, I am not advocating that we round up or incarcerate (or euthanize) any of these people with mental issues.  I merely brought it up to demonstrate the absurdity of the entire "Assault weapons" ban argument.)

13 million of our fellow citizens with mental disease didn't commit acts of atrocity yesterday. Nor did 40 million gun owners, nor 8 million "Assault Rifles". I don't, for a moment, advocate that we remove the rights of the folks with mental issues, nor do I believe that we should remove the rights of firearms owners....and for the same reasons.

We need

More of this.

All across the country.

Starting immediately.

Add a $1k fine for every day an illegal works. Per employee, 

It'd solve the unemployment issue overnight. (not that many of the people would want those jobs, but they'd at least have jobs available.)

The illegals will come to wherever there is a job.  If there isn't any jobs (because potential employers would be unwilling to hire illegals) then there would be no illegals.

The only thing that I wonder about in this instance is who did he forget to pay off?

Sunday, December 16, 2012

I have spent much of the day contemplating

And I have to ask myself:

While I have always accepted that there are monsters in this world, I always expected that they would look like monsters.

Today, I cannot be sure of that.

I am wondering if the real monsters of this world camouflage themselves to look like normal, decent people.

Interesting (Conneticut school shooting)

The early reports of the shootings were, obviously, confused. Much was said which was wrong, or only a part of the picture, or was confused or mixed up.

However: at approximately 3:00 pm Central, CBS (national) had an eyewitness state that there had been two shooters, and one of them had killed himself. When asked about the other shooter, he stated "he's locked up in that car over there" (or words to that effect) pointing to a cluster of police cars.

Now reports are that the shooter was all alone, and there were no accomplices. That it was the disturbed son of a teacher.

Odd.... I was sure that I had witnessed the CBS broadcast, yet I cannot find that portion now. I was wondering if my memory was faulty....Apparently that clip went down the memory hole....

Others (see comments) noticed this as well.

This could be poor reporting in the rush to get something out on the air, but I don't think so. I saw what I saw, and heard what I heard.

If what I am thinking has happened, and what I am suspecting has been perpetrated, then someone is a very evil person. If it is possible that one deranged man would do this, then is it not possible that several deranged (yet seemingly normal)people might make such a tragedy incident happen in order to further their agenda?

There were similar issues over the reporting of the Aurora shooting in the movie theater. two people became one shortly after the situation "clarified". Yet the reports were clear at first, then disappeared.  Discrepancies are still not explained in the reports from that incident.  Handlers? helpers? Controlling a crazed and or drugged patsy? ?

I hate to sound like a conspiracy nut. But really, that does not preclude the possibility that there is a conspiracy. 

Could people really be that evil?

ETA: and now it seems the (current) reporting (via the Medical Examiner) is that the majority of the wounds were from the "Assault Rifle" found IN THE CAR after the fact, rather than one of the 2 pistols found with the body of the perpetrator. Interesting that the shooter had the time to carry the rifle to the car and carefully stow it in the trunk before returning to the scene and painting the walls with his brain.

Strange. I know I sound like a broken record here, but the "coincidences" keep piling up. Can a rational person not wonder?Especially after watching the Sunday morning "news" shows, all promoting "gun control" so heavily in the wake of the shooting?


Kid eyewitness
ABC news

Bad reporting? I dunno. Why would the kid make the statement that he did? Yeah, I know this is tinfoil hat stuff. But still. Makes ya wonder.

Friday, December 14, 2012


20+ people killed.... many of them children

The press is in full "We must have an assault weapon ban!"mode.

As I watch, CBS is discussing the "large caliber .223 assault weapon with high capacity magazine" firearm used in the shooting (then they state that this is unconfirmed).

I cannot wonder, again, if this is not planned and executed as a means of further enacting gun control by demonizing these weapons in the minds of the public.

I find the thought that I can consider this of my politicians and other leaders to be disturbing.

Yet, it is true. I cannot discount my suspicion that some people could help perpetrate such a tragedy to gain their ends.

More details may change my mind. We really don't know enough to decide anything yet.

My prayers are with the families and survivors.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fixing union violence

When the protests were happening in Lansing, Michigan, there sere some innocent bystanders caught up in the melee.

Now, on the one hand, the viewpoint of the union thugs protesters is that it is a binary solution set. There are those who agree with the union viewpoint, and those who don't. I am sure that in the mind of the protesters, anyone associated in any way with the opposition viewpoint was fair game. Mr Tarver was hired to hand out hot dogs by the opposing side, American For Prosperity.

This is, sadly, not true. Were it, then I would have the ability to trash the homes and property of every owner that displays "Proud Union Home" on their front lawn. I don't have that right. No one does. They have a right to belong to a union, and their choice should not enable or justify others to do violence against them for their choices.

The union members protesting the choice of the people's representatives to allow free and open workplaces (rather than forcing people whose workplaces may or may not have a union which claims to represent everyone from joining said union) felt, with justification, that they could get away with such public violence. (Why they do get away with it is another discussion, for another time).

Sadly, the individuals who perpetrated this sort of violence will, indeed, likely find that there are no consequences to their actions. This will likely continue until the rest of us have had enough and decide to take our gloves off and confront the bullies and make them understand that their actions will not be tolerated. Until they find out that being part of a union has negative consequences for their daily lives. Luckily for them, the rest of us are better behaved than they are.

Having said that, I am proud that the rest of the citizens of the city and state (and, in fact elsewhere) chose to help Mr. Tarver (who was just trying to make a decent living) recover from the damages wrought by the union thugs and bullyboys proud Union members that day.

Having had my own experiences with threats of violence from people who think that just because they were members of a union they could dictate terms on a jobsite, and having a friend who brought this current incident to my attention (and who, for her own reasons (violence, lies, and threats), felt that she should not blog about this) I felt that I should bring this to your attention. She (and I) have donated (anonymously) a few bucks to help Mr.Tarver recover from this. I hope, in fact, that the donations are more than his losses, so that he can expand his business, and stick a finger in the eye of the unions and their members who showed their character that day.

If you feel like it, and have a buck or two to spare, think about donating. Stick a finger in the eye of the thugs.

ETA: some good commentary on the incident HERE

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I gotta wonder

The mall shooting near Portland has striking similarities to the Aurora shootings.

Face mask, "Assault weapon" (specifically an AR) and body armor. Hmmm. One wonders

Name of shooter currently (as of posting) withheld.

Weapon jammed.

All, strangely, details also in the Aurora CO shooting. With a mask, no one can be sure who was actually doing the shooting.....


If one were a suspicious type of person, who sees conspiracies in such things, one might wonder.

Especially in light of the Fast and Furious debacle. I have wondered if the Aurora shooter was also supposed to wind up dead as well.

Interesting witness quotes:

"I couldn’t count because they were going off so quick,” Referring to the speed of the shots

 "He looked like a teenager wearing a gun, like a bullet-proof vest and he had a machine, like an assault rifle and a white mask and he looked at me," she said.

One might wonder if they (the witness statements) were scripted...... If one were willing to see things like that. 

How many eggs must the gun grabbers break in order to make that omelet? Just wondering....

I'd bet that there is legislation waiting in the wings. Legislation to restrict the possession of AR (or "high capacity" "assault weapons".   Already at hand....Just a coincidence, of course.

Look: I am not making light of this tragedy. But the coincidences keep piling up.
And I don't trust our government not to lie to us, nor manipulate us, nor to protect our freedoms.

ETA: I am not the only one who sees this.

I'm glad I don't live

In an airport landing pattern.

The mess must be incredible

Apparently the Mayans were serious

Maybe they did know something?

Either way, It appears that they felt that their prognosticators knew....and they wanted us to know too.

So they left us "Delay Mail". 

(some will get the reference, some won't).

Monday, December 10, 2012

Texas Jeans Company

100% Made in the USA!

Texas Jeans Company (made in Asheboro NC) are 100% made in the USA.  All components are sourced from vendors in the USA. Fabric, buttons, zippers etc are sourced from US vendors.

These are good jeans. well made, double stitched, well made buttonholes etc. Like Levis used to be.

I found that the sizing was slightly smaller than what I normally wear. I had to go up a size or two, but other than that, they are perfect for me.

Pricing is excellent, at $29.99 for the basic jeans Some as low as $19.99. ($45.99 for the concealed carry jeans and the flannel lined version) Shipping is reasonable. You'll find that even with shipping, the price is comparable to what you'll buy in stores for a comparable pair of jeans.

Check them out!

(cross posted to both MiddleofTheRight and Made in America)

A look into the mind of

Government officials

Seems that some emergency management folks have this thought that in an emergency, your preps should be given to others. Taken from you and given to others that is.

Now if you prepare, you no doubt have struggled with the question of what to do for people who choose not to prepare, but rather spend their money on other things...Trips, cars, jet skis, beer , etc. Who have no plan for when if things go bad and life isn't "normal"...., be it a day, a week or a year.....
People who have less than a few days worth of food in the lights, no means of self defense, you know, the folks down the block...The guy who says "I'll just come to YOUR house!". I know what I will do....and that is my decision. Yours may be different.

Yet, in the eyes of (at lest some) emergency managers, the fact that you don't already have a plan to distribute your goods, paid for with your money, and in many cases, paid for by NOT purchasing fun stuff like jet skis and newer cars and other adult toys and such, is proof that you are selfish.

The selfish people are the ones that make no preparation for when things are not "normal" and therefore need help immediately. But that isn't the thought of the emergency management culture in the US, apparently. We, the folks who are prepared, who haven't done enough for the rest of the community are selfish. Especially if we don't plan on sharing it all, if and when.

Much like the Democrats (and some RHINO's Republicans), who believe that  those who make good choices SHOULD be forced to help those who make bad ones.

Are you your brothers keeper?


If your neighbors house burns down, through no fault of his own, then yes, you should likely offer them shelter until they can make other arrangements. I have no issues with this sort of help for things that really can't be prepared for.  However:

If he fails to buy gas for his mower, would you give him some? Up to you. How about air for his tire that he won't get fixed? Gas money at the end of the pay period? Food for his kids, when he spent it buying beer?

If he decides to spend all of his money on beer and can't pay the rent, should you help him out? Again, up to you. What if he does it several times a year? Then what? Maybe if he used it for an above ground pool, or a 4-wheeler? THen what?

So what about the folks who refuse to prepare for even a small disruption in their life? Who can't be bothered to stock up a few weeks worth of food. Who can't be bothered to learn any skills that might be useful in an emergency. Who decide to spend their money, not on any preparation, but on frivolous toys and then expects you to cover him and his family when things go sour? You gonna feed him and his family? Gonna take 'em in and keep 'em warm too. Share shelter and food? Even though they wouldn't help themselves?

People like Valerie Lucus-McEwen believe that they should be helped by others, even at the expense of those who choose to spend their money on preparations, and if you don't/wont, then you are selfish. It's the old "Ant vs Grasshopper" issue.

The scary part is that she worked in the emergency management field. She's probably a Democrat. She thinks that people who stock up BEFORE there is a perceived need are "hoarders". Especially if they don't plan to distribute their goods to the community as a whole if and when. Forget the fact that people make choices and choose how to spend their money.She thinks that because you prepare for YOURSELF and YOUR FAMILY and not the community as a whole you are being selfish. Me, I see it that the guy who has all of the toys and no preps is the selfish one, because he and his family are going to need help immediately, provided by the governments (state, local or federal) and paid for with OUR tax dollars.

Kinda like the Democrat ideal has been as long as I can remember. "We must help those who make bad choices by taking from those who make good choices".

Are we responsible to feed those who chose not to prepare? Or are we responsible for ourselves only? Where is the line?  Are you willing to starve sooner, or let your family go hungry so you can feed the large numbers of Grasshoppers out there if and when?

And this thinking frightens me...Do they think it will be OK to take what is yours to feed/house/clothe others if and when? If you have gasoline and someone else needs it, or if your home is intact and they feel that it could house a few others, or you have a 4WD pickup and they need it, or perhaps your generator or.....


Can't argue with this


 And they always tell us booze isn't good for anything:

And yet...

Likely this will be the next semiconductor substrate.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

I want this in a t-shirt.

 and maybe as my epitaph:

So I fully expect the weasel

(excuse me), I meant Mr. Costas to go on and pontificate for 10 minutes about how cars are dangerous and drunk drivers even more so. 

How we need some sort of monitoring devices in cars to prevent them from being driven when the operator is, you know,  tanked.

I fully expect a pontification on the evils of alcohol and how society would be better if everyone didn't have access to booze.

Bet he won't mention impulse control...

Yeah, right.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Good advice:

Guard your mind. 

Can't say I disagree with anything said here.

"But you ain’t dead so you got a chance to make things better"

I hold this thought dear to me. It was said to me by a man who knew much more, and had experienced much more that I likely ever will. Nice to see that someone else has heard it too.

Yer headed towards the wall at 100 MPH:

You have a car which is headed for the brick wall at 100 MPH. Accelerating quickly

You and those in the car are all aware of this, and understand the consequences.

Sadly, the folks in the front seat are arguing as to whether they should take their foot off the pedal halfway or just a bit more than that.

We have that scenario here is the US with the budget:

Obama wants higher taxes and some minuscule cuts for a deficit reduction and savings of 1.8 trillion over 10 years (likely weighted to ramp up after he is out of office. Mostly made up from higher taxes on the "rich")

Boehner wants cuts of 2.2 trillion. (likely also weighted for later years) mostly through cuts in Medicaid and Social Security.

If we were to believe that the cuts were to begin immediately and were even for all ten years (not that this is true, these are phantom cuts which will not take place years down the road) then:

Obama cuts  $180 Billion from the yearly government budget.

Boehner cuts $220 Billion from the yearly budget.

WE HAVE A (yearly) DEFICIT OF 600 BILLION. Not a debt, WE ADD TO OUR DEBT BY $600 BILLION each year.

And so, the folks driving the car haven't even begun to apply the brakes. They are, actually, arguing over which radio station should be playing on the radio.

We are so fucked. The Democrats want to spend. The Republicans really seem to want to spend too, just less and in different ways. 

No one is applying the brakes. No one is trying to do anything about the deficit. Not really. The cuts they propose are to take place years down the road. Meanwhile, they are going to raise the debt limit yet again, further diluting our savings and retirement.

We are so screwed.

I am so disgusted.

 Someone, somehow needs to do something. Can we charge them as traitors? They seem to be violating their oath of office.


I'll not post what I am thinking. Don't want a visit from the SS Secret Service, you know....

Rooftops.  You figure it out.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Thought for the day:

Since the liberals all claim that the Second Amendment is not about current firearms, and doesn't apply to revolvers, autoloading pistols, rifles which fire more than one shot, and (especially) AR-15's and Ak-47's, since none of those types existed when the Constitution was written in 1776.... then one would wonder:

Will they apply the same logic to the First Amendment? After all, communication was verbal or by newspaper (printed on real paper!) in, following their logic, the First should not apply to television, radio, printed t-shirts or the internet or speeches amplified with modern sound equipment, since they didn't exist when the Constitution was written either.

Wonder how they'd like that idea. Not that (being liberals and all) they'd see the logic. 

Someday, it's gonna be the wrong dog owner

and when the cop shoots the dog, he's gonna get shot himself.

The gun and badge only gets you so much respect, and that is a line that it is bad to cross with some people. I loved my late dog as I love the rest of my family. Were a cop to have shot her, I'd react exactly as if it were my parents or a brother.

Yeah, I'd be in jail and a cop would have bullet wounds, or be dead. Wouldn't help the dog, but I'd make damned sure that the cop didn't ever shoot a dog on duty again.

But notice that these shooting generally happen where the populace is disarmed. Strange that it seldom happens where the people are likely to be armed at  the same level as the cops, innit?

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Amnesty is only for brown people


No discrimination there,


No preference for brown people

No discrimination against white people.

Never happen.

Strange, innit? 

ETA: VDare has some sort of splash page up asking for donations. Sorry about that. 

Here is the gist: 21 year old white girl, a British national, brought to this country by her father (who is working in this country LEGALLY) at 14, will soon be deported on her 21st birthday. The De-Facto Amnesty policy Mr. Obama's administration has put in place apparently doesn't apply to non-hispanics like her, even though she meets all of the criteria for DACA. I guess being brought into the country legally disbars her from consideration. 

Small blurb HERE.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Holy Crap!! INDEED

I found this graphic via WRSA.

It really is worth the time to follow the link and absorb the meaning.


I mean, Holy Shit on a cracker. Put the way it is, I found it astonishing...I mean, really, I thought I had a handle on the magnitude and all that. I am an engineer by training, and I never work with anything even close to 1...Scientific notation is the only way I can handle most figures in the engineering that I used to do.  But I never looked at things like this. Bet you didn't either.

But seriously.

Go, look, realize. Freak..... Take a deep breath.

Then share with others. Realize the depths of the damage they are doing to the country and your savings.

At the rate of things, I think you might really want to  mortgage your house for 30 more years, and invest in gold.... You'll pay back expensive dollars borrowed today with essentially worthless dollars a very low interest rate.

After looking at the graphic, you might understand why savings accounts and retirement savings are a losing proposition...

Sunday, December 2, 2012

70 years ago

Enrico Fermi built the first "Nuclear Pile"... called a "pile" because bricks of graphite were literally piled up one on another with nuggets of uranium inserted into some of them until they began to react spontaneously. (yeah, for those who like to pick nits, I have left a LOT of details sue me. 

Literally the first man made nuclear reactor. The first controlled nuclear fission reaction. His research led to much mathematics which led to even more research which led to what became the Manhattan Project.

Was he the father of the atomic bomb? Sorta. But the atomic bomb had MANY parents. But his research was groundbreaking.

Reading about this is interesting.  I suggest you start with "The making of the Atomic Bomb" by Richard Rhodes. The chapter about Fermi and his "pile" is interesting.

Surprisingly, self sustaining reactors actually happen in nature. But no one knew what to look for until Fermi and his team (and others) made the first one happen.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Yeah, step out there.....


Good idea, Rep. Johnson (d). No doubt that will work out well, in the end.

Wasn't this the guy who worried that the Island of Guam might tip over?

Yeah, it was him: (about 1:25 )

Whoops! FiveTens beat me to it, and has better commentary)