Thursday, May 30, 2013

Helpful Hint

Because clean guns are important, and SO IS THE ENVIRONMENT.

Just sayin'.

Keeping a clean house and clean guns is very important.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

More fear of gun shaped objects

Anyone involved in this debacle obviously has no sense.....more importantly, they have not the judgement that is necessary to allow them to care for and educate anyone's children.

How is it that these people are allowed to continue as educators in any capacity?

So a quarter sized gun causes hysteria? At least is was gun shaped and not a poptart....

Seriously though. Fired. Each and every one involved in this.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Another example of why

We NEED the Second Amendment:

Police in Sweden chose to focus on the people trying to patrol their streets, protecting their homes...., instead of taking action to stop the rioters from continuing their violence and destruction.

A large group of police officers rounded up and dispersed a group of vigilantes trying to fend off rioters.

Police choose NOT to confront the rioters, letting them rampage and destroy neighborhoods. They prevent citizens from defending their homes and property. 

Try that here? Never happen where I live. 

If the police will not maintain order, then the citizens least where they live. 

What do you think the future for our country holds? Remember the Rodney King riots?  
Will you be able to defend your home and neighborhood, if and when? Do you really think that these riots won't happen here someday soon? (might be muslims, might be the inner city "entitlement class"...might be those who get upset when the welfare stops.....) 

Will you be able to determine thatyour home is defended? Will you be able to tell the police that if they won't do their job, then you and your neighbors will? Will you be able to enforce that? 

I will. And the police won't be able to stop me either.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

3 day weekend:

When You Go Home
Tell Them Of Us
And Say
"For Your Tomorrow,
We Gave Our Today”

Memorial Day
(image via Wikipedia)

Memorial day. A day to remember the fallen....Those who fell in the defense of our country, our Constitution, and our freedom.

Set on the last Monday in May, for many (most) people, this is a weekend with an extra day off, with maybe an auto race thrown in. It should be more. It should be a sacred day, a solemn day....A day of thanks.

For many, it is a day to do work in the yard, work on the house, and then grill out, maybe with friends. Hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill....maybe baked beans and potato salad and chips. A few beers and some conversation with the neighbors or guests....

But take a moment, remember the reason for the day. If you have family members who gave the ultimate sacrifice, take a moment to remember them. If their grave is nearby, you might take a few minutes and tidy that gravesite up just a bit...maybe a flag placed there. If you don't, or if you have the time, maybe find a grave that is no longer taken care of and spend a few minutes.

But remember the reason. Remember those who fell in the service of your country:

Remember the Soldier who died in the civil war, a lead ball puncturing him and the slow death on a battlefield....

Remember the Doughboy in WWI who died at the bottom a a muddy trench, cold and wet, a german bullet in his chest.

Think of the man who fell assaulting a sandy beach in WWII, his blood staining the black volcanic sands. Or the man who died after parachuting into France for Operation Overloard, or who died on Gold beach.....Or the boys who perished when their shot up bomber couldn't struggle to stay in the air anymore over the English Channel and fell into the sea despite everything they did to fly home....

The men who froze to death at the Chosin Reservoir in Korea.

The boys who died in a jungle for a war they didn't understand in Vietnam....

The soldier who bled to death when his leg was blown off by an IED in Fallujah.

The Seal who died in the mountains of Afghanistan saving his buddies.

And really, you should remember the man or woman who died because they could not adjust to life anymore due to PTSD. Even if they died after the end of their enlistment.  They too gave all....

Remember them. They died serving their country....and serving you. They defended your way of life. Defended the country which gave you what you have today. Freedom.

If you forget them, you do them a disservice. you devalue their sacrifice...You devalue the gifts that they gave you.

You devalue yourself.

If all this weekend is to you is a three day weekend, and extra day off, then you are not deserving of the gifts they sacrificed to give you.


Enjoy what they gave you.

I will.

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Ain't it the truth?


Found HERE

I want one.

For $20K? I'd buy a truck that comes on a pallet and needs to be assembled.

2.2 L diesel engine, front wheel drive, 2.2 tons to ford 30 inches of water?

I doubt if the EPA and NTSB would let me buy one though.....


I wasn't there, and I don't have all the videos....So this may not be fair.

But apparently, while the 2 black Muslims were killing the British Soldier, lots of people were "filming" their actions.

I realize that the men were armed with knives and/or cleavers/axes.

No one could find something to hit them with? I understand that law abiding Brits are unable to possess or carry firearms, but surely people could have found a way to distract these men. Surely the men passing by could find a tree limb, or a chair, or a large tone to ....discourage these animals?

Or am I missing something?

ETA: Apparently some folks "remonstrated" with the attackers AFTER the fact. Maybe there are some guts left in the British city dwellers after all.

Shades of Jack Ruby....

So, somehow, the friend of one of the brothers Kablamov Tsarnev brothers (the Boston Marathon Bombers) was involved in an investigation for murder...

And somehow, while being investigated (and, according to some reports, just before he signed a confession to a murder) he shot at an FBI agent.... and subsequently assumed ambient temperature.


Odd though. Lots of questions loom.

I am sure that the conspiracy theorists will make something of it. I know that I find it....convenient.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

This is what happens

When you allow immigration without assimilation.

Warning: This is gruesome.

It'll happen here, if we don't change the way we handle those who want to move here from other countries. It has happened here...see also the Tsarnevs and Major Hassan...and countless Mexicans in the southwest on a smaller scale.

If we don't do something about the situation soon, it'll get worse.

Notice that it took armed police to stop them.  No bystanders were, of course, armed.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

You should

Read this

Then call your Representatives and ask them to do it.

Stop it all until this gets worked out, and we have assurances that the guilty are punished, those associated are out of government service, and that it will never happen again. 

As I said below. if each of us who called, wrote or emailed out elected officials over gun control would do the same for these scandals, we might just inject some steel into their spines.

So call, write, and email.

And no lube

IRS Glove 590 LI

You CAN bet it'll happen.

Found HERE

Does anyone really believe?

You can take the politician out of Chicago, but you can't take the "Chicago" out of the politician. Intimidation is the Chicago Way. It works, as long as everyone lets it. As long as everyone accepts it as a way of doing business.

Lets look at a few things:

When the Obama administration revamped the dealer network for GM during the Auto bailout, the overwhelming percentage of closed dealers were conservative. Most of them were donors to the GOP or to conservative causes. No one really said anything, but we all noticed it.

Companies like Gibson guitars got hassled by, and shut down by the Justice Department. To this day, no one has stated exactly how Gibson ran afoul of the law. It has cost them millions of dollars and many jobs. Interestingly enough, they too are big contributors to conservatives.

The latest scandal is, of course, the IRS and their treatment of Tea Party and other conservative groups in their quest to follow the law regarding 501 tax exemption.

Now, I have no doubt that Obama can truthfully state that he gave no orders regarding the treatment of these (and other) conservative supporters by any of the arms of our government. I am sure that he never gave orders requiring that conservatives be hassled or held up to special scrutiny.

Remember though: King Henry II of England never gave any orders to have Thomas Beckett killed by his four knights either. While he may not have uttered the phrase "Will no one rid me of this meddling priest", Historians do say that he questioned "What miserable drones and traitors have I nourished and brought up in my household, who let their lord be treated with such shameful contempt by a low-born cleric?". Four knights took this as an order and killed Beckett with swords and knives.

The knights were not arrested by the king....their actions were, instead, ignored.

Notice any parallels with todays actions by the government, with Obama as the head?

We need to pressure the Republicans to MAKE THIS STOP. They are, at this time, making a lot of noise and spending a lot of our money with their "investigation". At the least, people need to be in jail.

We need to pressure them to not, as they have in the past, made a lot of noise but , at the end, done nothing, but rather convene not only an investigation, but file charges and prosecute to the fullext extent of the law..

The persecution of conservative groups may well have had an impact on the election (and then again, with Romney running, maybe not). But squelching of dissent by the government, the damage to the political process, the stifling of free speech MUST STOP.

And while you, and I and all of our friends may lack the power to stop this, our elected officials do have the power. Sadly, I think that they lack the backbone.

If each of us that called them over gun control would call them over this debacle, we could inspire them to grow enough spine to stop this. If the response was as impressive as it was over gun control, they'd grow some backbone, just like they grew backbones over gun control when they heard from their constituents then. IF each of us took enough time, and called and wrote and emailed our representatives and Senators, we can make a difference. They like their jobs, and when we hold their feet to the fire, they do the right thing. We can make it happen.

It's better than the alternative.

Monday, May 20, 2013

If you haven't heard

THen say a prayer for the folks in Moore, OK.

Mile wide tornadoes just hit the town again.


Muslim Terrorists=Good, Religious Christian refugees=Bad

So our govenment gave asylum to the Tsarnev family....who turned on the country which gave them shelter, gave them money, and gave them freedom. They responded by hurting 200+ fellow citizens in an act of terror. They were granted political asylum, yet they have made frequent trips back to their homeland....Despite needing welfare to survive, they had the money for trips back to Chechnya.

Yet a peaceful family who merely wanted to teach their children in the way that they choose to, we are kicking out of the country.

Muslim terrorists are held to a different standard than religious Christians, apparently, when it comes to asylum. 


Why? Peaceful people coming to the US for a chance at religious freedoms....Isn't there some history there? Didn't the Plymouth colonists come for that reason?

Yet we give sanctuary to people who hate us instead.....

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mind the dust

Marine reunited with his service dog he served with in Afghanistan.

Hats off to the Elks for stepping up.


So will we

Require background checks on drivers (or purchasers) of automobiles?

Background checks for transfers?

Limits on horsepower (or cylinders)...Tire size or weight?

57 injured in parade crowd as car plows into bystanders.



I didn't win anything, either in the Mega Millions nor the Powerball.

Guess I'll have to go to work on Monday.

My congratulations to the winners, whoever they are.

Friday, May 17, 2013

So the government made your Gas Can less than useful.....Updated at bottom

We all know that EPA regulations that went into effect in 2009 made gas cans harder to use. Easier to spill, and generally a pain in the ass. We all know that the intent was to reduce evaporation, but in reality it make the cans harder to use and promoted spills.

Strike back.

You have an alternative to buying older gas cans at garage sales to have some containers that are actually useful:

Buy this: EzPour Spout replacement kit.

This thing rocks. Fits nearly any gas can. No more waiting for the "vent"  in the nozzle to let air into the can, gurgling all the way...No more cursing the EPA as you wait for that 5 gallons of gas to slowly trickle out of the new style nozzle. No more sudden spills as your mower's tank fills up and you try to remove the spout before the tank overflows....resulting in even more spillage and subsequent evaporation.

Now, regulations would, of course, prevent you from retrofitting any gas can made after January of 2009. I would never, ever suggest that all you need to install the vent is a small drill and a half inch spade bit (fluted bits will make holes that aren't round in the plastic can)  to make the included vent replacement fit into a new can. YOU SHOULD NEVER DO THAT.  Never retrofit a vent onto a new can.

This is to replace your old spout and vent on your old can...Remember that. Not for use on newer cans. One wouldn't want to run afoul of the EPA you know.

You can find them via mail order HERE, or find your nearest retail outlet HERE.

Remember, you can't use these on newer gas cans even to make them less prone to spillage or to make them easier to use. While I am no attorney, I believe that that would be illegal. So don't. Srsly. That would be bad.

[no liberals (or Gaia worshipping hippies)were harmed in the writing of this post]

Update: I finally received a reply from the company (Ez-Pour) and their products are made is China. Likely no plastics molding company in the US wanted to possibly run afoul of the EPA....

Thursday, May 16, 2013

So about that resignation::

Seems that he was leaving the IRS anyway....

Seems that Steve Miller's acting appointment was limited and was up in June anyway..

'It is with regret that I will be departing from the IRS as my acting assignment ends in early June,' Miller wrote. 

So really, he's just leaving a few weeks early. 

Nicely done, Mr. Obama, you almost had me fooled there for a minute. 

Nuttin' to see here, move along....

Seems that some folks from the mideast were found trespassing AFTER MIDNIGHT in a restricted area around a reservoir.

But it's ok, they were just students on a sightseeing trip.....

Nothing suspicious.

Yeah, right

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

IRS scandal

SO the administration is claiming that the IRS targeting conservative groups (and, apparently, jews) is over, and steps have been taken to correct this oversight by management at the IRS.

Perhaps they are correct....

But until I see people fired for their actions, managers terminated for incompetence, people barred from government employment ever again for their complicity in this, and possibly jail time for these actions  and "oversights", I won't believe it.

Until we start coming down HARD on these sorts of actions, there will be more of them.
Until people go to jail and lose their comfy (and generous) government bennies and retirement, then there is no real reason for them not to do such things.

But you can bet that this will happen again....likely this was done at the behest of high government officials. Nothing was written down, I am sure, but you and I and most of the rest of the country believe that. 

I can't wait for the abuses ObamaCare will make possible.


Now if they'll only put cheese and chili in the buns, life will be perfect.

One might ask:

If you were as cynical about your government (not the government itself, mind you, just the people who operate and run it) as I am, then you might begin to wonder....

Wonder about the timing of the whole apology from the IRS regarding poor treatment of any group affiliated in any way with anyone vaguely right wing (or at least perceived as right wing by the leftists at the IRS) when applying for 501-c status.

You might wonder if the whole IRS apology is an attempt to divert us from the whole Benghazi "investigation" that is currently playing out in the halls of congress. Where the lying, prevaricating and dissembling is major league levels of professionalism in a politician. Where the man who smiles has figured out who he can pin the blame on. Where the cover up is king.

How much of the IRS revelation is an attempt to make the media (and therefore the majority of left wing voters and a significant number of their brethren on the right) just plain forget about the whole mess somewhere "over there in one of them darkies countries" that was Benghazi. The failure in leadership that many of us have known about, but that the press (and now some of, but not all, of the "low information voters") are becoming aware of. The massive coverup by blaming a poorly known and distributed film that mocked Islam (sorta) all just before an election?

So ask yourself: Will we let them get away with it again? 

Depends on culture, and who raised them

But some are good, some less so, and some, sadly, are not good at all.

You'll find, here is the US, that the more rural, the nicer....the southerners are moreso than the northerners, and that east coasters and west coasters are less so than Misdwesterners.

But that isn't always the whole story.

Apparently, in Russia, it is the same.


If you are in a service industry......:

Show the customer that you value his what you promise to do.

Don't tell him after he has cancelled the contract due to non performance. Show him before he leaves.

Afterwards, don't apologize and tell him how much you value his business and want to make it up to him. Don't make promises to do better. He won't believe you.

Do better first, before you lose that customer. At least do your job.

When he calls you and tells you why he is unhappy, don't blow it off. Don't ignore him until he leaves, address his concerns before you get notice of cancellation of contract.

It is a LOT harder to fix things you should have dealt with after the customer gets mad and leaves.

And especially don't ask how you could have done better. He told you BEFORE he left.

Yes, I am pissed.  (Cintas)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Sometimes it's good news

Cat lost after Sandy evacuation returns 6 months later.

Cool. Happy endings and all that.


life is getting in the way o blogging...

The alligators are rising faster than I can deal with them, and something has to give.

Maybe later.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

To those who are Moms:

Happy Mother's day.

We may not always express ourselves very well, but we appreciate you.

More than you know.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Swiss have it right

Integration over Religion.

If the parents don't want to conform to the local culture, then they should move to a place where their culture is the norm.

So says the Swiss Supreme Court.

Now if only our courts could take lessons from the Swiss.

What else is hidden in there?

Seems that there is a hidden thorn in all of those 800 or so pages of the immigration bill.

Facial recognition/biometric database containing all your biometric data....A HUGE database of all US citizens.

The excuse is, of course, to help find undocumented workers and keep them out of the workforce.

Can you think of ways that it will be abused? Especially when it becomes linked with the Obamacare database?

I can.

The modern version of "Papiere, bitte." 

Coming soon to your neighborhood.

Remember, the original intent of the Social Security number was to track your it is a part of your ID. You need it to find a (legitimate) job and as a ID to pay open a bank account, to buy health insurance.Without it you can't be tracked cannot function in our society.


Friday, May 10, 2013


Colonel Jeff Cooper

Born today, 93 years ago.

Rushing things:

Had a new member (and new shooter) at the range a week ago ask me to take a look at his newly purchased Ruger MkIII.

He couldn't seem to get decent groups with it. So, being the helpful sort that I am, I loaded up some of his  .22 LR and stepped up to the the firing line (who doesn't like to shoot someone else's gun with their ammo?????).

I shot poorly with his new firearm 6 inch groups at 50 feet. (I normally shoot 2 inch or so groups).

This brand new firearm had the most atrocious trigger I have ever seen in a Ruger firearm. Creep, slack, and enough grit to seem like it had been dropped on a beach....several dragging a brick over gravel.  A trigger that broke like warm oatmeal...Now, I own several Ruger products and they, like most production guns, can often use a bit of work in the trigger department, but I have never seen one that was so bad that the gun was all but unshootable out of the box.

Detail stripping showed that this was not the most well finished firearm that Ruger has ever produced. Tool marks galore on the inside of the frame, the bolt needed polishing to function smoothly, the trigger group stampings were only marginally (if at all) polished, the pivot pins and their respective holes were...less than what one might expect from Ruger. Likely there will be an aftermarket trigger in this gun's future, as the trigger group was so bad that it is likely that polishing the mating faces enough to make a good break will result in an unsafe trigger. Basically, this gun is a piece of crap.

While it is possible that this is a one off gun, made on a Friday afternoon and passed by QC on a hungover Monday morning, I think that it is indicative of the fact that Ruger is pushing their wares out the factory door as quickly as possible...even to the detriment of quality.

I do find it sad that they are selling substandard products. I think that it will, eventually, hurt them. Cosmetics are one thing, functionality is another.

Why yes, I am a vegetarian (mostly)....


My favorite meat animals eat nothing but plants.

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Stolen from the Chief


Unverified, but interesting.


If true, it explains a LOT about our money issues.

Where do you fall?

I am. apparently, "Neutral Good"....on this test.

Funny, I thought I was more evil than that.

Guess I am getting mellow as I age.

How is your alignment?


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Someone's gonna haveta explain....

Seems that one of the cops shot in the "exchange of gunfire" the night that the 'splodey Tsarnevs got cornered and "Suspect #2" drove over "Suspect #1" (the elder brother), was likely shot by one of his brother officers.

Now, this is NOT an indictment of the police at the scene. Things got really, really sideways really fast, and they followed their training. Sadly, one of their fellow officers got hit by friendly fire. Luckily, he survived, but barely.

High energy, armed BOMB trowing the dark.

Just shows how quickly things can go wrong.


The elixir or life....

If true, I should live to 217 yeas old.....

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

If this is true

(and it appears that it is)

Then things like this make it important that you get a prepaid cell phone and pay cash for it now. Make sure that the batteries for that phone are removable. Activate it, make sure it works. Do so as far from your home and work area as possible. Take the batteries out of the phone.Don't get a smart phone, get a really simple dumb one (or two or three).

Have your friends do so as well. Do so now, so that any video records at the store are overwritten before you need to use them.

Exchange numbers (but write them down, don't program them into the phones) and keep the minutes paid up. NEVER call anything but another throwaway phone from your "burn phone". Ever.

Refresh them with cash (yearly if possible) as far away from your home as possible)

Take (and keep) the batteries out  of the phone.

Just in case.

You'll probably never need 'em, but what is $20 a month for secure, untraceable-to-you communication?

(You can be tracked, but not until you put the battery back into the phone).

Think of getting a "one time pad" paperback books, for coded texts. (google it if you don't know what I mean). Might come in handy.

You'll likely only be able to use those particular phones for a few days, if and when. Maybe a week or two at most. Set up a code word that you can text to people of like minds to alert them that you will be using your new phone and leaving your old one. Never use the new phone at your home. Never even close to you home. Never put the batteries in the new phone anywhere near your home or work. Once the new phone is powered up, there is a record of it's location and movement.

And remember this:
Never say anything on any phone that you don't want recorded and reviewed by the government. Never write anything on the internet or in an email that you don't want read by the government. Only communications face to face are (sort of) secure...And that is iffy if someone cares to pay attention to you and the people you meet with..

Yeah, I am paranoid.
I have reason to be.
Now you do too.

I only hope that the feds have bigger, badder people to look at, and I get lost in the clutter.

Via Wirecutter

Monday, May 6, 2013

If you only read one thing today

Via Insty,

I’ve come to realize after the Sandy Hook shooting that the reason we can’t have a rational gun debate is because the anti-gun side pre-supposes that their pro-gun opponents must first accept that guns are bad in order to have a discussion about guns in the first place.

And that is exactly the issue.  You cannot "have a conversation" or Compromise" or "come to an agreement" when the other side cannot respect, if not agree with the other side's point of view.

But really, no matter what we agree to, they'll just move the goalposts and try again.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

start with the Radical Muslims

'cause statistically, they are the most likely to use 'em for nefarious purposes.......

But I bet that they waste countless man hours checking NRA members and such.

ATF offers $5k reward for information......

Wonder how big a pressure cooker you need for all that?

Friday, May 3, 2013


But to do so, you'll have to go to Comrade Ushanka's place and enter his contest.

Not much time left.

And you should read his stuff HERE as well.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

But he hates black people......

Although, now, even to a Democrat who knows,

He isn't so bad, and didn't do that bad of a job. And this from CNN....I guess that it is time for the meme to die, as it has no use anymore for the opposition.

Now if the rest of the media could only apologize for being tools of the DNC machine, that'd be good.

And someone needs to find that asshole, Kayne West and kick him in the nuts.

Sea level panic

SO the global warmists/climate change believers/total whackjobs are saying that the rate of increas in the sea level is accelerating.

Maybe it is.

But two things: First of all, the method of measurement has changed. This is a bigger deal than you might think, because the new measurements do not correlate with ACTUAL DATA from the continuing older methods.

and, secondarily, one would wonder what other causes there might be....

If (and it is a very big IF) the rate of sea level rise has actually increased in the past 70+ years or so, one would wonder if there is correlation to the rate of building that has taken place....and perhaps farming...both of which cause significant erosion of soil.

Erosion likely accounts for a significant amount of the real sea level rise...The slow wearing away of the earths surface. (eventually the earth will be a giant salt water swamp, with all the mountains worn away and the dry land washed into the sea).

Estimates are that the total amount of sediment washed into the ocean by rivers alone is 60-80 BILLION tons per year. Add in coastal erosion and you have a significant amount of sediment ending up in the ocean every year. Increased construction in nearly all countries, mining and farming.......

Add in the fact that many of our rivers (and rivers in nearly all semi industrialized countries) have been straightened and otherwise controlled, leading to faster flows and less natural deposition of sediment, and you have a significant amount of sediment that is deposited in the oceans that wasn't going there before.

Is it enough to explain the change in rate rise in sea level? Maybe. Enough to explain the (supposed) rate of change? I dunno. I had a hard enough time finding the facts that I did.

Smarter people than me can do the math and tell me what percentage of the (supposed) rise is caused by increased erosion.

But I haven't seen his addressed by the climate change folks either...all they do is pint to the current estimates from satellite measurements (which don't correlate with older measurement methods) and cry "catastrophe!"

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"Courage is the complement of fear. A man who is fearless cannot be courageous. (He is also a fool.)"



Everyone seems to be asking why (and how) the people of Boston (Watertown) could let the police do what they did in the search for the mad "Bomber # 2"? Allow police to search their houses without a warrant.....Let their Constitutional rights be trampled?

Really, what choice did they have? To lock their doors and wait for the gunfire? Wait for the battering ram to break the door down and the Tac Team to come in shooting?

Who did they have as support? 30 or 40 cops surrounding your house, each cop liberally supplied with weapons and tactical gear....Who did the homeowners have for support? Their neighbors? Not likely.

Unless they (the people, not the cops) were well supplied with weapons and gear, they really didn't have much choice.

If they wanted to live, they had no choice but to submit. And that is the issue.

Kids in the home? Wife? Girlfriend? Elderly parent(s)? All in the line of fire and all potential victims, even if the man/woman leader of the house wanted to resist....wanted to say "no!"

You gonna get in a firefight with 30-40-50 cops in your neighborhood, with more on call only a block away? Take the chance that they will be reasonable and allow your family to leave before they killed you in a hail of bullets? When tensions are already high? You'll lose. Life ain't TV.

I might have resisted, but then again, I am not a normal person. Definitely not an east coast liberal, and I have no kids in my home. My girlfriend would likely support my resistance. I have the tools to resist as well. And I try very hard not to be a sheep. I have less to lose. Very little in fact. I might well stand on principle. And in Indiana I have the right to resist illegal entry...Even from police.
Fairly certain those folks in Boston do not have that right. Likely few had the means to resist, even if they had the will to do so.

But ultimately, I, by myself, would lose. Maybe pay the Ferryman's Fee, maybe not... It is how the folks in Waco got beaten, and how Randy Weaver was taken. No one else there to support them. They were islands. Alone against overwhelming odds.

And I doubt that the INDIVIDUAL Bostonians had any other support. No like minded neighbors, no friends that they could call, no support at all. No one to harass the rear of the cops, no one to draw fire, no one to help resist. No one to help in any way.

So to resist was to die for nothing. Maybe have loved ones in harm's way as well. Being sheep-like didn't even enter into the equation (although many (most) were). Vulnerabilities played a factor. Being surrounded and outnumbered did as well. Having a losing battle for no gain....very likely.

Think about that before you condemn them for acquiescing.

Despite being surrounded by neighbors, they were unarmed (for the most part) islands in a sea of people....against really overwhelming force.

And therefore vulnerable.