Thursday, October 31, 2013

Start Now.

It would seem to me that, with the current dissatisfaction of Obamacare and the rates and conditions that have become onerous to many, and are, in fact, becoming ever more onerous as we learn more about things), that NOW is the time for the GOP to begin their campaign to show how this is, nearly 100 percent, a Democratic creation and mess. Have spots all over the media showing that we were LIED to by our leaders.

Point out that "everyone" (especially these 13!) knew that the statement by Barry and his sycophants that "if you like you plan you can keep it" and "the average person will save $2500 yearly" was a LIE......and each and every one of them knew it. And that they kept saying it to support the socialist (and yes, use that word) agenda of their Party.

They knew that the statements were untrue, and that they were lying to the American people......Just so they could shove a socialist program down the throats (or, more appropriately, up the asses) of the productive citizens of this country.

Show that they lied. Show that the statements uttered by the mouthpieces of Barry and especially the leaders of the DNC and Democratic Party in the House and Senate were lies....and that they KNEW that they were lies. That they knew that they were lying to their supporters and constituents.

Start now, and pound that message home. Over and over and over. Show the opposition supporting and stating those lies. Show them lying to the American public. Spend the money now to set the stage for later.

And show also that the carve-outs for unions and other special interest groups give them a financial advantage. Show that they made grand exemptions for their greatest supporters. Show that they have exempted DNC supporters from the law that they expect everyone else to obey......

It's not that I want the RNC and their people in charge. I dream that the the entire lot of them (D and R) expire in a Tom Clancy like incident......(just kidding) and have the country start over with new lowlifes in office. Not that I would ever advocate for such a thing (I like the Capitol too much to want that to happen)...

Failing that,, however, I'd like the lesser of the two evils to have the power.

And they can do it, if they use this wisely. IF they start now. Battlespace preparation and all that.

But they won't.


Years ago, I tried an SOG Twitch XL. I liked the Tanto style, and have carried them for years. For someone who does maintenance, they are hand open, one hand closed. Great for people who often need to strip a wire or scrape a gasket and such in confined areas or who needs the other hand to hold something else while using the knife.

Notice I said "them". That is because, no matter who the maker is, I damage a knife at least every 4 months ago. I USE them...for me, a knife like this is a tool, not a weapon. (at least as it's primary purpose....After all, a frying pan or a golf club or even an old Western Electric phone can be used as a weapon in a pinch, but that is not their normal, everyday use...).

So far, this year, I have broken 2. One of them was (possibly) abuse....using it for something for which it wasn't designed....The other was a broken spring.

SOG has a "no questions repair or replace" policy, and thus far has always honored it. They never give me any hassle as long as there are no obvious signs of abuse. They just fix the knife and ship it back to me at their cost. I've never sent them a knife with a broken blade, so I am not sure how they'd handle that.

Now, I am sure that many of you are going to tell me that "brand XXXX" is better and won't break. Maybe you are right, but I haven't found this to be true. Cheap, expensive, it doesn't seem to matter to me, they all break in the type of use I have them for. This isn't a post about the relative merits and durability of one brand of knife over another. I've tried many, and none hold up to me and the work I do with them.

What the point of this post IS about is a company that honors it's warranties....and provides good customer service. And SOG does that. And does it well. Generally their turnaround time is about 10-12 days, from me dropping off the item at my post office to me getting a box back with the repaired knives inside. The knives are sharpened and ready to use.

And, really, you can't ask for more than that.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Under seige....again

Last time it was 2000 Mexicans under the command of Generalissimo Lopez de Santa Anna. The defenders there may have lost the war, but they succeeded in winning the battle......

Today, 177 years later, it is the UN...and the liberals in our own government.

Seems that the UN wants to control the Alamo and other Spanish missions in San Antonio as "World Heritage Sites". 

I think the real Texans would object. Hell, I object, and I am only a Texan by ancestry (also a Mexican by ancestry, but still....) and the blue flag of the UN might suffer repeated (and violent) mischief.I think I could be convinced to help with that sort of thing....

If the Obama Administration doesn't tell the UN to go pound sand then that will be yet another small trickle in the coming landslide that will end in Revolution...At the least, it will help move the Republic of Texas towards withdrawing from the US....As is their right in the documents signed when they joined the Union of States.

If they did that, then I think I'd move there.

Monday, October 28, 2013

I guess that I missed a memo or something.....

Isn't the original task of the National Security Agency SUPPOSED to be spying on other governments?
Tapping their phones, reading their emails, bugging their apartments....all that sort of stuff. That is the original mission....Innit? When did that change...Did I miss the memo???

AFAIK, there was nothing in the original mission of the NSA about spying on US citizens inside the borders of this country..

So there is outrage! over the fact that someone was listening in on other countries leaders cell phone conversations....Like anyone with half a brain couldn't expect that....

But there is nothing in the press about the outrage that the NSA is spying on US citizens constantly....and without a warrant (except from the sooper-seekret rubber-stamp FISA court that no one ever gets to review).

Protip: Never say anything on any phone...wired or not, that you would be embarrassed by (or go to jail over) if the wrong person heard it. Never write anything in an email (or snail mail, for that matter) that would be bad for you if the wrong person (or government agency) found out about it.

Anything else is just fooling yourself.

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Gunshows are no different than anywhere else.

One never knows who is selling real stuff, and who is selling fakes.

adjust your tinfoil yarmulke....

So you may have read on these pages my suspicion as to why we have never seen any of the video surveillance from the state of the art video systems installed inside and outside the Sandy Hook Elementary school. Not a single second of the video...not even any shots of Adam Lanza approaching the entry...not of him in the halls....Not a single still either. It isn't like any pictures are going to harm the case against Adam, either....

And now, it seems that the State and the Town are demolishing the school..Which is understandable, sorta.

Bu the company and the workers actually doing the demolition work are subject to a complete Non-Disclosure order.

Odd that all this secrecy exists for a mass murderer.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

First thought:

What runs through your mind when you first see



Sometimes a Range Day means you don't shoot much

But you can still have fun.

Spent last Sunday afternoon at the range. And I brought a boatload of firearms with me...

But I think I only shot about 30 rounds total.

However, we fired over 700 rounds downrange.

See, my nephew brought his uncle with him from upstate Illinois to turn money into smoke and noise.

They (and I) spent over 4 hours punching holes in paper

and aiding in the demise of several hundred bowling pins from 50 yards away.

They had fun. My nephew fine tuned his technique for rifle and pistol, and his Dad just fed rounds through my Marlin lever action .22.

Sometimes a satisfying day at the range can be had without shooting much.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Gone for the weekend

at a sooper Secret location for a very, very Special ceremony.

More later, if possible.

"If you like your plan you can keep it"

Except that, for most people, that turns out to not be true.

Sheep People are learning that the "Affordable Care Act" sacrifices the affordability of existing plans in order to subsidize insurance for those who didn't have any because they didn't or couldn't pay for it to or subsidize someone with a pre-existing condition.

And most plans have become more expensive because they have to cover additional ailments in order to meet the new regulations of Obamacare.

So if you liked your existing plan, you likely are going to have to change to a more expensive one in order to help pay for someone else....

In other words, Barry lied.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Yeah, what he said:

THIS (follow the link) goes along with what I said HERE....

And it is exactly what I think.

Follow the first link to see what the basic difference in philosophy is between some of us, and the liberals.

I have no issue with the idea of helping others. However, when you attempt to help others (no matter if it works or not) at the "point of a gun" taking my property and the fruits of my hard work by force....and GIVE it to someone else because you think it is fair, or right or that your opinion is somehow better or more right than mine.....Well, then we have issues.

Follow the first link...It is worth it.

More blogging as I have time.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

And they think we are paranoid and extremists

Which we may well be.

But that doesn't mean that we are wrong, either. 

And this is a European agency. Seems like people are realizing that "Gun Control" doesn't work against truly evil people.

Hey, Barry:

Got a question for ya....

I am sure that, as you announced, "no one is more frustrated" than you are regarding the website being, at best, a dismal failure...

But I didn't hear, anywhere in your speech, who got fired, who got demoted, and how much of that $634,000,000 you got back from the firm that created this mess.

Nor did I hear that you fired the people responsible for choosing the contractor (since there was no competitive bidding) or the firing of the people responsible for signing off on the testing of the website and the underlying structure BEFORE the bills were paid.

So, exactly who DID get fired....demoted....shot for incompetence?

Where are the criminal charges against those responsible for this fiasco?


How they think:

I find it chilling....and against the principles upon which this nation is founded.

“The sharp deterioration of the public finances in many countries has revived interest in a “capital levy”— a one-off tax on private wealth—as an exceptional measure to restore debt sustainability. The appeal is that such a tax, if it is implemented before avoidance is possible and there is a belief that it will never be repeated, does not distort behavior (and may be seen by some as fair). … The conditions for success are strong, but also need to be weighed against the risks of the alternatives, which include repudiating public debt or inflating it away. … The tax rates needed to bring down public debt to precrisis levels, moreover, are sizable: reducing debt ratios to end-2007 levels would require (for a sample of 15 euro area countries) a tax rate of about 10 percent on households with positive net wealth. (page 49)”

(notice, no one ever suggests stopping spending increases)

This is why I want a balanced budget rather than the continued overspending. Eventually, when the debt is high enough, they will steal someone's wealth to pay for it. The bill has to be paid at some point.

It hasn't been spoken of here in the US (yet), but expect the liberals to begin thinking about it soon, if they haven't already.

And if they choose to do so, what are you going to do about it?

At what point will you rise up and resist?

At what point will you stop paying to keep your own property?

(If the IMF is talking about it, then you know that there are plans to act upon such an idea).

(original link from HERE)

Stuff unlikely to be read by those that need it #413:


I have been extremely busy, and haven't had much time to post.

But lately, I have been thinking:

So many liberal/communistic people are saying that we need to "make everything fair"..."Level the playing field"..."Give everyone the same opportunity".

Yet I see things differently:

We already have a more or less level playing field. The federal and state governments give everyone a chance to gain a high school education. They give everyone a chance to go to college. Not it isn't free, but it is possible if you are willing to work. Maybe not a prestigious institution like Harvard r whatever, but a college education is possible for even the poorest American if they are willing to do the work necessary to go. Grants and scholarships are available. In fact, the poorer you are, the more there are available. Everyone gets a chance to go, if they care to. And this can lead to a modicum of success if the degree is a marketable one. People DO have opportunities....they just choose to ignore them most of the time.

The thing is, many people CHOOSE to fail in our society. Yes, luck may play a part, but most people who are poor or who have failed to find what they expected life to be have made bad choices....often over and over again. Drugs, drinking, early motherhood, crime...just plain laziness, these are all factors in success (or not) in life.

Choosing to depend on the government for your livelihood is another reason to not get your expected lot in life.

And, quite often, laziness is the single largest factor. I know of no one who is successful who does not work hard. Most  people who are successful to one degree or another are hard workers. They generally work more than 40 hours per week. They generally make choices that lead to income....I know plumbers and electricians and other tradesmen  in the Midwest who make significantly more than I do....and often they work 70+ hour weeks. They also bring home really good money. And they made good choices that got them to where they are today with hard work and effort.

They also don't waste their money. They choose to live at or below their income level, and save their money for leaner times. Few have big debt, unless it is debt that they incurred starting their business. And they are trying hard to pay it off.

I have come to the conclusion that poverty (however you choose to define it) is most often due to culture. People are taught by those who raised them to be either successful or not. To live well, and make good choices, or not. To work hard and think for the future, or not.

Some people can learn to be successful despite the culture in which they are raised, and some cannot. Some who are raised to succeed choose not to. .

While some people are  given advantages, we all are given the "level playing field" to succeed....or fail, as we choose. Yes, some are lucky, and some have advantages. But in most other parts of the world, you will seldom rise above the station to which you are born. And I include Europe in that description.

It isn't others keeping you down, it is generally yourself.

Is the paying field perfectly level? Absolutely not. But it is the most level of anywhere in the world.

Remember, having the right to succeed also means you have the right to fail.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Gotta wonder:

SO people who know are saying that the site should have cost 2-5 Million dollars to set up and execute.

We, as taxpayers, spent $634 Million. And they are "fixing it" again

Now, while I am sure that the software and hardware vendor made a profit, this  was not a project for which bids were solicited.

This project was GIVEN to a single vendor with no bidding or other competition...Despite government rules which require a competitive bidding process. (and the contractor was fired by the Canadians a while back for failing to complete a similar project after 3 years of delay)

Which leads me to wonder:

What sort of kickbacks, gifting or ghost-employment happened?

We got a website (after 3 years) that doesn't work, written and executed with technology that is at least 10 (ten!) years out of date.  So for 126 times the realistic expected cost, we have an unworkable website that uses outdated technology. Even if the experts are wrong by a factor of 5, we still spent 25 times as much as we should have.

Makes ya wonder, don't it?

Draw your own conclusions.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hearings, hearings, hearing,,,,So what

Seems that the House held a hearing regarding the behavior of the National Park Service over the course of the Government "Shutdown".

So what?

While the answers given by Director Jarvis may or may not have been lies, the fact is that besides being on the "hot seat" for the stupid behavior of the NPS, what will come of it?

Will he or any of his deputies be fired?
Will steps be taken to see that this sort of BS will never happen again?
Someone sent to bed without supper? 

What, really, have the House lawmakers accomplished?

From where I see, nothing.

And that is, Sadly their record in all of this.

Lots of noise, very little effect.

An open message to the GOP


Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Proving once again that the GOP has absolutely ZERO guts, Zero principles, and ZERO willingness to stand for anything, the Senate and House will vote for the current proposal to stave off the real hard choices that come with hitting the debt limit.

Further, they will, over time, cave to the DNC and allow the US to continue farther down the path to economic ruin.

And leave us in the same boat they did a while back, looking forward to more and further budget battles when this latest "fix" runs out.

Just following orders

Seems that stopping at a Ranger station and taking a picture is worth $125. 

These peoples names need to be publicized. they have to live somewhere, and their neighbors should be informed as to what who lives near order that they can shun them as they would a pedophile.

One would hope that their local barista would refuse to serve them...their local diner would at best give surly, slow service...

Their community needs to know what kind of assholes are living in their midst so that they can apply some "negative reinforcement".

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pants on fire.

NBC news tonight was FULL of stories about the soon to be reached Federal Credit Limit and the coming "default" of the US on its debt and the resultant armageddon which will happen worldwide shortly thereafter.....They suggested that everyone's mortgage rates would go up, no one would be able to get a loan, etc.

Which is, of course, a lie.

The US may not be able to spend into the future devalue the dollar even further go farther into debt, but no matter what, it is law that the interest and other obligations MUST BE PAID.

And it will. Anyone who states differently is either ignorant of the law or, more likely, is a liar.

There may be severe spending cuts, but the US debt will be paid. Personally, I hope we reach the debt limit and start living on a balanced budget.

New mortgage rates may increase, and new loans may be a bit harder to get and my be more expensive, but old ones won't increase until the end of their term...

Of course, it is more likely that the GOP will fold and allow a debt limit increase.

If true, you'd better take the next two weeks to plan and prepare:

Some say that the Feds are gonna cut off EBT/SNAP.

I dunno.

If true, then things might get all..."sporty". Especially in the higher density "Blue" areas.

I'd take the time to think about that, if I lived in or near such an area.

Then again it might just be disinformation.

But having a plan never hurts.

'Cause a significant portion of our population will get upset if the free food runs out. They might not behave as you or I would....

Makes you wonder:

If you live in or near Chicago (or the State of Illinois, for that matter), you are generally aware how things work when the Government (State, County, and Local) spend money....

Someone, somewhere, gets a kickback. Usually the person who has the power to grant a contract....often without competitive bids, or that person provides enough information that the vendor of goods or services has inside info to tailor his/her bid to make sure that they are awarded the contract...maybe not in all cases, but in most. Or someones family member is given a "ghost" job that pays way more than the title for that job would suggest.

It is the "Chicago Way". Been going on for years. There are rules as to how it works and how to do it legally, and most politicians are very careful to not get caught doing anything illegal. They may toe the line, but (with the exception of the past few Governors of Illinois) the line is never crossed.

Now we find out that the contract for the (totally unworkable) Healthcare.Gov website was granted WITHOUT ANY COMPETITIVE BIDDING. (and, likely no oversight either).

Barry matured in politics, tutored by the best Democratic Machine politicians in the area, in Chicago, as did many of his closest advisors.....Draw your own conclusions.

And whoever signed off on it won't be fired, either. Betcha.

ETA: “I will finally end the abuse of no-bid contracts once and for all,”

Monday, October 14, 2013

Yet, strangely, they got paid

S0 the $634 Million dollar Obamacare website still doesn't work.

But the contractor still got paid, and the government employees responsible for oversight are, somehow, still employed.

Yet the Amazon website, for which people are responsible and who MUST make work in order to KEEP THEIR JOBS works, and works well.  In fact, their entire IT system works, as without it, Amazon would lose millions every minute that it doesn't.

See for yourself:

You can buy tar HERE

And your choice of feathers from THIS page.

Get 'em now, before the rush. Just sayin'.

Strange how Amazon can get it right and yet those responsible for ObamaCare can't....

Sunday, October 13, 2013

It's all going to be more expensive:

You just know that the GOP will fold and give the DNC a raise in the debt limit for the US.
in 2013.

They have, in fact, already proposed it, albeit with some concessions.

Eventually they will, like in the past, fold and let things happen the DNC way.

If they do this (again!), then everything you have saved, every dollar in your IRA and in your bank account, will be worth even less. That $10/20/40/50/80/100 thousand you have put back for your "Golden Years" will buy even less in your retirement than it does today.

Forget being able to go shooting and travelling in your retirement, you are gonna be happy you can buy enough to eat.....

Everytime they raise the debt limit of the US, they generate dollars out of free air. Just conjure them up into existence.

This makes the existing dollars worth, proportionately, less.

Now, if you are paying off long term debt, then this isn't a bad thing...sorta. If you are paying off a mortgage or business loan, then this is kinda nice. You are paying off a loan taken out in, say, 2000 in dollars that are worth about half as much in 2013. Same dollar number, they just have less value...they'll buy less.

This is part of why food and fuel and ammo cost more than they did 5 or 10 or 20 years ago. THat dollar you use to buy is worth less because it has no real value except for what someone else will give you for it. It is based, not in gold or silver or other tangibles, but on the "full faith and credit of the United States". Which means very little when the dollar supply keeps growing.The rest of the world has evaluated what the "full faith and credit" is worth....less every day.

Now if you were a Saudi, or a Chinese, and you were selling your oil or labor or tin or lead or whatever to a guy who just keeps making more money, with nothing backing it, would'nt you want more of those dollars for your stuff? They are only worth what some other guy will give you for them, and you can't buy as much with them  as you did last year...

I sincerely hope that the debt limit becomes a hard ceiling. It'll stop the devaluation of my retirement.

I'd like to have enough to spend on wild women and good whiskey, rather than dog food and cheap wine.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Moody's calls "Bullshit"

On that debt limit issue:

” We believe the government would continue to pay interest and principal on its debt even in the event that the debt limit is not raised, leaving its creditworthiness intact,” the memo says. “The debt limit restricts government expenditures to the amount of its incoming revenues; it does not prohibit the government from servicing its debt."

See: all the debt limit does is stop the deficit spending. Much like a limit on a credit card, you can only go into debt so far....then, as you pay down the debt, you can spend some more, but your debt only can be so high. It doesn't mean that you can't write a check to the power company or your landlord, just that you can't buy more stuff without finding a way to pay for it. Congress wants to keep Barry and the DNC Senate from getting another credit card. Barry says that not raising the limit will cause "Economic Chaos!"....and it will for some...if they depend on further government spending for their livelihood....For the rest of us though....

Either Barry and the DNC are stupid, or they believe that you and I and all our neighbors are stupid. I think that they are lying, and a significant portion of the country doesn't understand well enough (or at all) to detect the lie....Especially when the News Media isn't calling them on that lie.

All this does is put the USA on a balanced budget. Cuts WILL have to be made (strangely, the Sequester didn't keep this from happening) and the screaming as to exactly where those cuts will have to be made will be loud, strident, and cries of "Calamity!!!" will come from every quarter. But ultimately, for the first time in decades, the US will be on a balanced budget (at least, kinda/sorta, because both parties will play games with the numbers....but it'll be closer to balanced than we have been in many years.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I'm from the government and I'm here to help

Fewer and fewer people (who aren't already dependent on the feds for their livelihood) believe that anymore.

Daily, the numbers are dropping.

The actions of park rangers and other minions of the Feds show that they will follow orders, no matter how stupid.

People are beginning to realize that the government and the federal personnel no longer believe themselves to be servant of the citizens, but rather the other way around....master of the citizens. They believe that the citizens are subject their whim. Many of us knew that, but now, Joe average-low-information-voter is realizing it. and that is bad for the State.

They have forgotten that they govern only by the consent of the governed.

Bad precedents being set here. Not for us....for them.

Gonna make you miserable until you give up...

Even if we have to spend extra money to show you how bad our fonances are...

Why, if you won't stay out of our parks, then we will remove the handles from the water fountains just to make you extra more unhappy.


Barry: You look like an ass more and more every day
So the veil of competence is being torn from the face of government.

As is the veil of respectability.

And people are beginning to wonder why they have to obey the orders of the minions of the government. The actions of the Obama administration, in that the capricious blocking of certain parks and other portions of our government apparatus in an attempt to cause the greatest possible inconvenience to the American people irritates us and shows that the Administration considers us stupid enough to believe the hype and undermines the respect that we (generally) had for our government and our leaders.

It could be that the Obama administration is trying to anger enough people by inconveniencing them in the hope that the people will pressure their legislators to fold.

Instead it is encouraging disobedience. Lots and lots of disobedience. People are posting and tweeting their disobedience without fear of reprisal.

What is happening instead of people begging for their government to continue as it was is that people are realizing that they really don't need (or care) for that government.

If the petty, vindictive actions of our government.continue, there will be more civil disobedience.

And if the government continues it's actions, eventually, civil war.

Most people, conservative or liberal, upper, middle or lower class are decent people, not wishing to engage in a fight. Most are passive and choose other paths than fighting.

If they can.
If those other paths actually change things. If the government doesn't continue to ratchet up the pressure.

But piss them off enough, give them a good enough reason, and even those passive people will stand up and say "ENOUGH!".

How much longer will the Obama folks keep up the pressure? How many people have suddenly realized that they can only visit a park if Barry says so, or risk arrest?

How many have just, in the last few days, felt the urge to go to a federal park, just because some guy says that they can't?

How long until people's anger makes them realize that disobedience isn't so bad, and that the consequences aren't either.

And how many steps is it from civil disobedience to civil war?

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Ask yourself: Why is that?

Just following orders:

Think any government police will stand up and ever say "No!".

Think again. Treating old folks like they were common trash.

All because their supervisors told 'em to.

Lots of stories like this, but you'll never hear 'em on the media.


With the shutdown, and the closure of the parks and all the rest of the irritating things Barry has done...

Obama wants to teach us how much we need a powerful federal government.

I see how dangerous a vindictive government can be if it is angered....and how little we need such a government.

Settled law:

So was the Fugitive Slave Act.

So when we hit the debt limit......

And the law says that we have to pay the interest on our debts....

Won't this really just be a spending cut? Won't our government, for the first time in a long time, actually have to cut spending until the budget is actually balanced? Where there can be no deficit spending? Where we cannot spend more than we take in?

I see no crash, unless you are dependent on the gubmint for your livelihood, be it as a worker or as a welfare/SNAP/EBT/etc. recipient.

Perhaps, for once, if the GOP stands firm, we can actually have a chance at cutting some government bloat and waste.

Then the big fight over what to cut will begin.

But this will, at least, be a beginning.

Ain't it the truth?

Found HERE

We need to write more rubber checks....

So we can pay you your social security (with ever more worthless dollars) that we promised you we would fund properly...


"Lockbox"my ass.

They took your money and spent it, now they want to get an increase in their credit line so their checks won't bounce when they give you your money (that they forced you to cough up) back.


Seems that the National Mall isn't closed to everyone. Just to some of us.

Some animals are more equal than others.

Since "there isn't any money" is the excuse to close all the parks, then how can there be money  to have or deal with the rally?

WWII vets = Bad. Us Citizens wanting to enjoy their national parks = Bad. Folks wanting amnesty fr people breaking immigration law = Good.

So only "approved" people can use the parks?

Selective enforcement of the law is one definition of tyrrany.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Its only temporary...

Russia has a new and novel excuse to confiscate hold your pension funds.

It'll happen here soon.

Betcha it'll be a loan to the feds instead of raising he debt ceiling. You'll be forced invited asked at the point of a gun to buy a bond.

Or something like that.

Plan accordingly.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

So then I expect them all at work on Monday

'cause they are gonna get paid anyway...

House approves back pay for furloughed Federal workers.

Why play this game and shut down the (mostly not needed) government and send the workers home if you are gonna pay 'em anyway?

Invest accordingly

You really really should read this.

A scary dose of reality.

Very Scary.

If you own GM stock, (you fool, you) or stock in GM suppliers, (ditto) then perhaps you should take a second and reconsider.

If there was ever any doubt

As to whether we should trust the Obama administration with our healthcare....

His handling of the National parks closing(s) should make the right decision obvious.

I mean, look at how vindictive he has been.

And closing Military PX's....But not military golf courses?

Yeah, just wait until he gets pissed at YOU. No healthcare for you.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Yep, like that

tourists and veterans alike have gained access to the World War II memorial by parting the barriers -- the Park Rangers cannot stop individuals from going in.

And now for the rest of the public's property.....

Why let them?

Seriously, Why let them federal Park Police close our parks? (or even our oceans?)

Because we choose to be obedient.

If, instead, we follow the example of the WWII vets and just choose to disobey, we win.

Unless we choose to do it piecemeal, as individuals. Then they can arrest each of us individually. As a group, they cannot.

No, I don't want to be labeled by the State as a criminal either. I too have a lot to lose. But if we let them win, then we, as citizens, lose more than just access to our parks. We lose our freedoms. I would have no issues if there were a sign at every gate and entrance to our parks and trails and beaches that stated: "There are no services available due to the ongoing budget crisis. All visitor centers and other facilities are closed and there will be no other service available, but the parks remain open for visitors" No lifeguards on the beaches, no park police, no trash removal, no rescue. That is what we are paying for with our taxes. We aren't renting the land from our government. We already own it. The park police are only there to keep order. They work for us. They are not our masters.

"But they have guns!" you say.....Yes, they do. So what. We do too, for just this reason.

They only rule because we recognize their authority and because we let them.

The intent of closing the parks, whether funded by taxes or not, is to make us, the citizens make news and to force the media to see it and cover it, to get the agenda of the President and the Democrats to come to fruition.

Why let them? Choose not to obey...choose instead to assert your rights.

I find it interesting

That the President and the DNC are willing to spend more money and time, even during a government "shutdown", to keeping American citizens out of the parks that their tax money paid for than to keep illegals crossing our southern border from entering the country.

Our parks are better blockaded from citizens than out border is from illegals.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I think I'd join that movement

Mark Levin says it:

Methinks we as a country should enter each and every federal park we might choose, in defiance of the Obama administration and the Federal Government and their our employees.
These are OUR parks, OUR monuments and OUR federal lands and OUR trails and beaches.. We should not be kept out by gates or fences or barricades. 
These lands belong to us., not them. 
Perhaps we as a people need to remind them of that. 

And, while we are at it....

Lets stick it to the people and SHUT DOWN A PARK WE DON'T EVEN FUND 

'cause, you know.....we need to make this shutdown HURT. No matter what.

Food for thought:


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

And yet...

The Obama care exchanges opened on time.

Even though government is shut down.

Something about the fact that they were "already funded"

How, with no budget, could they be funded?

Seriously, this whole thing is a joke. All the way around.

'cept it ain't funny.