Tuesday, December 31, 2019

I wouldn't use "stun Grenades"

The US embassy in Iraq was "stormed" by protestors.

Embassy security used "Stun Grenades"and "tear gas" to drive them back....

This is US sovereign soil. The Iraqi police ("Security Forces" have failed to keep the mob outside the walls. Were it up to me, I'd not use non-lethal force to protect the compound and the people within.

I'd use whatever force was required to keep those walls and gates secure.
Send a message. "Don't fuck with the US".

Do I want to see people killed? No, not at all. But being nice or using "Non lethal" force works for only so long.....Especially with a mob of folks like that.

A pile of dead bodies works better. Once they breach the gate, then all bets are off. If the Iraqi government wants to protect it's citizens, then they need to step up and provide security outside the walls. Letting a mob run amok inside the walls is, in itself, a message.

The US too needs to send a message. Being nice doesn't send the appropriate message.

It is all well and good to be nice if your opponent is rational. If they aren't, then one must Stop Being Nice. Nothing says "Don't fuck with the US, this is a line you cannot cross than wounded or dead members of the Mob.

If you keep on being Nice, then you end up with the same sort of situation that Carter gave us back in 1979.

Enough is enough. Stop being Nice. Be Firm, instead.

People respect firm, I would bet good money that it will only happen once. Then the Mob will respect the boundaries.

Remember: Slow Joe says....

"Use a shotgun, you don't have to aim"

Seems the Texas shooter (now at room temperature) followed his advice. 

Monday, December 30, 2019

Pretty good

30 feet away. (some say 50)

Head shot.

71 years old.

I'm not sure I could do that well.

And I practice fairly often.

Could you do it?


Funny strange, not Funny ha-ha.

The shooter in the Texas Church at White Settlement has not yet been identified.
In most incidents like this in the past, we know the identity and ideology of the shooter.
This time, not so much.

I wonder why? Perhaps because this time it was conservatives who were targeted and the shooter isn't a member of a "right wing" group?
Perhaps there is another reason...I dunno

ETA: Keith Kinnunen. But no other information. Which is wierd, 'cause normally we have all sorts of data immediately after an incident. 

Saturday, December 28, 2019

If she had ebola would they tell us?

Asylum seeker from the Congo presents herself at the US border station at Laredo....

She said "she was suffering from abdominal pain and had vomited.”

She died in a hospital shortly thereafter.

Of what?
Would they tell us if it was something highly contagious?

Why would Congolese folks come to the US via Mexico, anyway?

Thought for the day:

"Duct tape can fix nearly anything...

Except that it cannot fix stupid.
(it can, however, muffle the sound)".


Friday, December 27, 2019

It ain't the GUNZ

It's the CULTURE

Peter brings the news with a link to this article....

Conclusion: What we already knew: Gun violence is a (poor) black culture issue.
But also:
Gun SUICIDE is a  white cultural issue.
And the two are not related, really.

Go read the article...It pretty well lays it out.

Not really news to anyone who pays attention. But perhaps it will shed some light for those who just listen to the headlines rather than collect the facts.

At the end of it, CRIME in general is a black issue. Gun Crime is a significant part of that, but it really is the culture that is the issue.

Cries and accusations of racism in 3....2.....1....

You'd think they'd be smarter

Seems that more and more of PJMedia is going behind a Paywall.

Sad, but they'll be gone in 18 months or a year....

Thursday, December 26, 2019


It is to LAUGH

Poor Greta will be forever the laughingstock of her generation. 

The day after;

I gained 4 lbs eating all the delicacies that come out only once a year.

'Twas good to see my family, especially the nieces and nephews, Most of them have grown up and have been making their own way in the world, so I don't see them as much.

We ate and talked and cleaned up and then, way too soon, it was time for us to return to our own homes.

It was a good day.

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas

Please, remember the Reason we have this Season.

If you are a soldier or sailor or other military, I hope you have the ability to spend time with your families.

If you are standing a post or a watch, then I thank you for your service and sacrifice this Christmas.
If you have a family member that the above applies to, please extend my thanks to them.

Same for those who are Police or Fire or other First Responders.

All of you: Merry Christmas and/or Hanukah.

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Hard on the sled though:

And it ain't even a record:

Mid 50's (F) for the next few days. Before, during and after Christmas. Here in the greater Chicago area.
Fifty-Five Freakin degrees.
On Christmas.

Yet, oddly, it isn't even close to a record high temp for this next few days.

Record High is 64.

(record Low is -18).

Nope, not Glowbal Warmenating, sorry Mr Gore. Not even close.

At least we don't have to shovel all this sunshine, even if it does make it hard on Santa's sled runners.


If Hunter Biden didn't do anything illegal in Ukraine, and Joe (his father) Biden didn't do anything to prevent him from being investigated by the Ukrainians, then exactly how would an investigation of these two fine upstanding gentlemen by the government in Ukraine in any way benefit Donald Trump?

If there was "Nothing to hide" then why did Joe quash the investigation in Ukraine? If there is "nothing to hide" then why the big huhu about there even BEING an investigation? much less the accusation that Donald Trump "pressured" a foreign government using US dollars for his own gain

Think about it. What are they hiding? What, exactly would the "Quid Pro Quo" have done for Donnie if there is nothing to investigate?

Enquiring minds and all that....

Monday, December 23, 2019

This training is hard:

Instrument lesson.

Jesus, I am having to work HARD to learn these skills.

It just doesn't seem to be coming together. While I am sure it will, at some point, at this time I just can't seem to get all of my shit into one sock.

Holds are still a bitch.

But my RNAV approach last night was decent, if not great, until the last 500 feet....I lost both the approach path and the glide slope for a moment....Got slow and was low and left until I recovered (I was about to go missed). Then a decent, if not perfect crosswind landing. (Winds were 190 at 11, and I landed on 9). Didn't help that some other asshole on an approach on 27 (5 miles out) decided to turn the lights UP from low intensity to HIGH intensity on my last 50 foot of final. I was kinda blinded there for a moment, but still pulled it out.

This is harder than learning to shoot accurately at long distance. And I struggled to learn that, even if I did get decent at the end of my training.

Lots of shit happens really fast in an approach.

I am gaining a great deal of respect for pilots who do this shit every day.

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Asking the hard questions about race

And why it is that Black people are pulled over at a higher rate than Whites or Hispanics or Asians...

(just like the same questions are asked why Black kids are disciplined in schools at a higher rate)

It could be that it is because statistics ALSO show where the crime rate is....

And where the crimes are committed...

And where the cities put their police assets to combat the crime levels.

But to actually put the blame for the crimes (and subsequent arrests) at the feet of those who commit the crimes is.....racist.
Which is why the issue will never get fixed. 

Friday, December 20, 2019

The fun of a 44 year old airplane

Did a lesson today. Holds were better, not perfect, but better.

Did 3 approaches, they were good. All RNAV, so pretty much just "follow the needles" Didn't talk to ATC, they were pretty busy.

Second approach, I couldn't get the Carb heat to work. Not the cable, it is brand new. So returned to the barn for some maintenance....

De-cowled the 182 and found that the pivots for the flapper were just dry. a bit of oil and they now move freely....Nothing wrong with the whole thing, it is just shit that happens. Tuesday and Wed the carb heat worked fine. I did the maintenance 'cause the main mechanic was busy and his help had all left after the lunch/Christmas feast....Plus I helped him re-cowl the last plane to be released today....I will never understand how someone can bitch about how long a repair is taking, especially one that is a last minute rush job, all while standing around watching the person who is doing them a favor by staying late work.

Irritating, but not a big deal.

Oh, and I broke the main hangar door. Halfway up (just high enough for the tail to clear) the main lift cable on one end just snapped. It's only 30 years old......

So the plane is gonna be hangared in the maintenance shop for the next few days until they can get a cable made for the big hangar door.

I think tomorrow I will fly to Clow International for lunch. 

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Stop for pedestrian....

Ger blamed for a death, and cited with a $100 ticket.

Cedarburg police issue citations to 2 motorists in fatal bike crash, including to driver who stopped for crosswalk

Stop for a bike crosser AT A Crossing. Dude goes around her, strikes the crossing pedestrian...Who died from her injuries...They blame the person who stopped AS THE LAW REQUIRES.....not the person who struck the rider with his car. 

One wonders what they smoke in Cedarburg....

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Innit interesting.....

How the Democrats are so worried about "The Citizens of the United States being able to choose their leaders"...and the "Integrity of our elections"....

I find it interesting that they ignore the tens of millions of dollars that were paid into Barry Obama's campaign via credit cards that came from overseas....

And that they COMPLETELY ignore the voter fraud in places like Baltimore (lots of fraud there) and the Hundreds of thousands of dead people who arise to vote every election in the greater Cook and Lake County areas in Illinois...in other words, resurrected by the Chicago Machine.

Or the persecution of Conservative campaign non profit groups by the Obama administration's IRS.

Or the failure to investigate the Entire Clinton Campaign....and it's many instances of malfeasance and outright lawbreaking.

But the "integrity of our elections" is suddenly important to the DNC boys and girls...When a Republican President is in office....I find it duplicitous that they conveniently forget that they claimed moments after his inauguration that they would impeach him. I haven't forgotten, and despite the Media failing to mention that, I think the American People haven't.

One could point out that the subversion of our voting process has happened here, in this country, led by the Democratic Party......their determination to damage or remove the duly elected president...one elected by the People of the United States, even despite the DNC led voter fraud. Who is trying to subvert our election process?

ETA: If they are really interested in doing justice, and not just removing TheDonald from office, why aren't they questioning the behavior of then Vice President Joe Biden for his role is squashing the investigation of Burisma (and his son) by both Ukraine and Latvia? I mean, he BRAGGED about it on National news, fer chrissake. Explain how that is different than what they accuse (but cannot prove) Donnie for: Using his power of office to enrich (or in this case, protect) himself or his family.

I don;t dislike the political fights.

I am angered by the duplicity and the double standards.  

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

You know it is the Christmas season

When you start seeing television ads for Chia Pets and Clap-On  and Ove-Glove.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Police "Protect and serve" the everloving shit out of her....

Bobbi Sapp was in her home asleep.

The Winter Park, Florida police had been called to do a well being check on her. Apparently her ex-boyfriend claimed she was heavily armed and suicidal....He showed the cops how to break into her home......

They failed to announce themselves, broke into her home and entered her bedroom while she was asleep.
When she woke up, she failed to obey commands quickly enough, and so one of the cops shot her in the shoulder. 

They claim she pointed a weapon at them (Oddly, only ONE cop shot her though...and only ONE round....Cops re not generally that restrained if they have a fear for their life)...She denies she pointed a weapon at them.

She has no record of interaction with the Po-Po before....ever. She is 49 years old.

They have charged her with attempted murder.

Know what happens if any of you are found uninvited or unannounced in my home at 3 AM (or any other time?)? Hell, my MOTHER or my Girlfriend is in danger if she is in my home unannounced at 3 AM...

I am sure Ms Sapp is thankful for the police protection though....

Saturday, December 14, 2019

SO the Pensacola shooter did legally obtain his firearm

Seems he got hisself a Hunting License and was, therefore, legally able to purchase a pistol, even though he was not a US citizen....

See, this is the two edged sword of regulation.
A loophole that allows foreign nationals to purchase a firearm, Ostensibly for "hunting"....
Why even have any regulations at all?

Of course, one could restrict such rules to long arms, but in the end, it really doesn't matter.
He did indeed go "hunting". With a Glock 9mm pistol. Because he had a Hunting License. Also because he was a "Representative of a Foreign Government".

And the FBI was concerned about this "Loophole" ...a real one, not a made up loophole like the "Gun Show Loophole".
A question though: If the FBI was concerned that some foreign nationals were enough of a threat to warrant a memo, why were these folks here in the US at all?

And, of course, the real question: Since he was a representative of the Saudi Air Force, will they (the Saudis) pay for the care of the wounded and for the support of the families of the deceased?

Friday, December 13, 2019

Home automation

I hangar my plane in an unheated hangar. Since it is now winter in NW Indiana, that means the plane is cold when I go to use it.

So, on the advice of my airplane mechanic, I installed an oil pan heater. That way the engine is somewhat warm at the time I go to start it.
Except he advised me not to leave it plugged in 24/7, but only for a few hours before starting.

Dilemma: I live 20 minutes or more away from the hangar. It takes a MINIMUM of one hour for the heater to work it's magic.

Solution: Since there is WI-FI available in the hangar (or at least nearby) I use a Smart Plug, a wi-fi enabled plug to switch on the Smart Plug in the morning an hour or two before I plan to use the plane....

This is kinda handy, actually. So handy that I also have a (single) smart plug in my home to turn on a light when I am gonna be returning at nigh, obviating the need to keep a light on so I can see when I enter after dark.

I use an app for my Iphone to turn these two devices on and off.

I'd LOVE to use one of the Home Assistant devices (like Alexa) to do this, or even use Siri (which I have (hopefully) disabled) as this would be very handy....In fact, if i COULD use them, my home would likely be even more heavily automated. ("Siri: Warm up the plane")...

But I cannot trust any of the vendors of voice activated Home Assistant devices to ensure my privacy.....Not from the companies themselves, nor from them giving that data to a government nor even a third party. I can't even trust them not to record the sounds in my home (or picked up by my smart phone, for that matter)...

I simply don't trust them to keep my privacy. Not one bit. Not from their own "analysts", nor to keep my voice or other sounds in my home from being sent to (sold) to third party vendors without my knowledge, much less my government (who I definitely DO Not Trust).

For the same reason, I don't have any "internet of things" devices. no Ring doorbell, no Nest Thermostat, no connected TV. I simply don't want to have my privacy invaded. It's not like I have anything to hide, I'm not doing anything illegal or immoral, or anything that could get me into trouble....I simply like my privacy. And since the vendors of these devices can choose to do whatever they wish with the data these devices collect WITHOUT MY CONSENT, I simply don't own any. Don't purchase any, and won't own any.

Hell, I am not even sure my conversations in the vicinity of my cell phone or my cars are private anymore (but I have carefully labeled the correct fuses for the data collection devices in my vehicles in order that, should I choose to, I can easily disable them)...I can choose to leave my phone at home.

But if I put a listening device in my home, one where I have no control over the usage or monitoring of, then how can I expect to have any privacy? 

Wednesday, December 11, 2019


Yeah, it's becoming the new code word for "Inner City Yoots".

Another word: "Kids".

Zoolights Chaos: Video shows kids mob store near National Zoo, attack employees

Mobs of "Kids" are trouble, every time.

My Grandfather always told me that if the crowd becomes more than 50% "Yoots" 
"Juveniles" then one should leave the area 'cause there was gonna be trouble....So far, I have found him to be correct every time.

Odd that this doesn't happen in Amish neighborhoods,

You'd think they would have realized that it was slippery.....

Seeing as how they were salting the jogging/biking path...

Chicago Park District truck slides into Lake Michigan due to ice

Probably diversity hires. Fer shure politically connected hires. (gotta put those less than stellar cousins somewhere, right?) Notice that it took TWO men to drive ONE salt truck....

Both men were ok. The water off the edge of the breakwall isn't deep....

Amazing: Our Government actually CAN govern

Despite the acrimony and the just plain childish behavior on both sides, our government has actually done a replacement for NAFTA:

The USMCA agreement addresses (some of) the issues with NAFTA, and provides for a much better balance of trade between Mexico, Canada, and the US.

Is it perfect? No. But compared to NAFTA it is a great deal. And the House actually dealt with the President fairly enough for this deal to be agreed upon.
And, oddly enough, it appears that our Government, both the Congress and the House, as well as the White House, are willing to put the Country first, at least long enough to make this happen.

Frankly, I am shocked.
Happy, but surprised.  

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

excellent point

Well, at least they have finally done it

Now, perhaps we can move forward to end this farce.

I mean, all these months of Political Theater can begin to move towards an ending.

Sadly, I don't think the Dems realize how farcial this whole debacle appears to most of us.

At least it is now coming to a head.

What a biased, self serving, innuendo filled (yet wrapped in the mantle of the Constitution!!) set of statements the announcement was. 

Monday, December 9, 2019

Other people's money

"Education is a human right"

"Of course, we should give illegal immigrants free tuition"

"No, I'm not willing to donate any money to that cause"

That is pretty much every Democrat's socialist's attitude towards the causes that they think someone else should fund.

All those folks who think we should allow "undocumented immigrants" into our country are, of course, not willing to fund, nor house at their own expense, or in their own home, any of those undocumented immigrants.

Nor are they willing to fund someone else's Health Care.
Nor share their home with someone less fortunate than they are.

Never yet seen a Democrat who was willing to use their personal fortune to do any "Good Works" that they agitate for or "Support".

Instead, they want Someone Else to pay for it. They don't mind using someone else's money.

I am reminded of a young woman who worked for me when I ran a motel. She wanted me to give unused/unsold rooms to the homeless. A noble goal. (of course, these folks had been working the system of government assistance and church donations for several months already, but she didn't know that..she simply saw them as needy and felt that I should help them....

"Tell you what, Jen.....Instead of one room for one night, how about you split the cost with me....I'll donate half the cost of the room as long as YOU pay the other half.....that way they can stay for a few days or a week....."

She, of course, demurred and the "homeless" family moved on and did not stay at the hotel. In fact, since they had used up all the goodwill in the area they moved on to other areas where they could find other compassionate folks.

Odd, that. 

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Pearl Harbor Day

"Infamy", and all that. (if it was "Infamy), may have been simply bureaucratic incompetence in that the Japanese may well have delivered a Declaration of War prior to the attack)

Also incompetence of the Navy leadership (but that is easily seen from the rearview mirror),,,,

Lots of Heroes that day. Many unrecognized.

And a turning point for the Navy, as the Battleships were destroyed or damaged, and the newfangled Carriers (which were not in harbor and therefore not sitting ducks) were undamaged.

But remember those who Served that day as well. They did their job, thinking it was peacetime, even if they were unaware that they were about to go to War.

I am amazed

That the Media is admitting that the Pensacola shooter was a Saudi citizen.
(and that he was aided and abetted by other saudis)

I expected silence as to the identities and origins of the shooter and a statement that it is "Not Terrorism Related". ...In other words, SOP.

And, apparently, there were two heroes, men who charged, literally, into the gun. Ryan Blackwell and Charles Hogue.

Question that the Media isn't asking: Where (and how) did a Saudi citizen, a guest in this country, get a pistol?

Friday, December 6, 2019

Won $50 last night

At the range, there was discussion of field stripping semi auto pistols and reassembly. Some folks said it was difficult:

I stated that I could field strip and reassemble a 1911 blindfolded, it was that simple. (and another dude claimed the same thing for him and his Glock)

So bets were made. The contest was on.

I was blindfolded (really) and took my empty (we checked before the blindfold...several times) full size 1911 and field stripped it, laid the parts out, then reassembled it...blindfolded (the only hard part is getting the pin into the barrel link, really). Won 20 from one guy, and ten from three others. (and I think there were some side bets going on, but I'm not sure) Then they bet me I couldn't do it again. I agreed, but there was no money on the table, so I did it again just to show off.

'Twasn't hard, until I went to put the slide stop in....it wasn't there! Seems that it was in someone's pocket.....I fumbled and fumbled and then gave up and took of the blindfold...
All laughter and I got my slide stop back.

And I proved a point...if you've been cleaning your firearm regularly for long enough, you SHOULD be able to do it blindfolded. (assuming your carry gun isn't something weird, like a Bergmann, or a Luger or a Broomhandle (ETA: or a Ruger Mk 2 or 3))

Glock Boy was able to do the same....Easier for him as there are fewer parts....But he did it with skill and speed....methinks he's done it before. He was faster, I think....

It was a fun evening, and I won some ammo money.

And proved a point. 

Antisemitism at CBS?

Today, on CBS This Morning, the commentators could not help but point out that Bloomberg would be (if elected) the first "Jewish President".

Now, I don't want ex Mayor Bloomberg to be my president. His record of thumbing his nose at the Constitution (Stop and Frisk, etc) is a big reason, as is his socialist tendencies...
Oddly, however, the fact that he is a Jew wasn't even on my radar. It is neither a reason to vote FOR him, nor a reason to vote AGAINST him. It really doesn't matter to me one way nor the other....his religious upbringing and whatever shape the Deity he prays to might be, I mean.

I wonder why Gail King and her staff at CBS thought that was an important fact? 

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Strange Coincidence?

I dunno.....

So I stopped the plane last time with 666.0 hours on the tach.

Went to fly a Instrument lesson, and broke the Carb heat cable.....Taxiied back and ordered a new one.

We replaced the cable...did a runup. now tach time is 666.4

Went to move it, and had a low tire (new this last February). Filled the tire and moved it to the hangar as it was too windy (+50 MPH) to fly. Did a complete warmup before putting it away. Tach time now 666.8

Taxiied out today for a lesson (tire pressure was still fine). During the runup, left mag showed a 300 RPM drop and lots of engine roughness. Leaning the mixture and running the engine up did not help. Taxiied down the runway to the nearest turnoff. Checked again. Engine now runs fine (apparently the taxi at more power/higher load/higher RPM was enough to get the plugs to cleaning temp.

Tach time? 667.0...

Coincidence? Or something more sinister?

Either way, did a 1.4 hour lesson and had nary a glitch.

Odd that the entire 666.X hour was gremlin prone though. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Odd Bank officer's suicides:

It seems that these "bankers" are dying by hanging..."Suicide"....Just like Epstein to whom they are (or were) connected.....

Odd, that.

Also, it seems that they at one time arranged some loans for the Trump Corporation, so who knows. Also Putin, so there is that.

But also connected to the late and unlamented (except for the stories he could have told) Jeffrey Epstein, who may or may not have been laundering money through those same banks and whose connection to both "bankers" is most recent.

Coincidence? "Arckancide"?  Likely someone tying up loose ends now that Epstein is safely silenced.

Second link via It Ain't Holy Water

Still alive

I just got nuthin' to say at this time.