Sunday, February 27, 2011

Range report

So I got my new Para 3" carry LDA last week at the gun show and got to shoot it both Wednesday and Sunday.

I gotta say that the firearm is a nice one. A few hundred more rounds and I might begin to think that this thing is carry-worthy. I already have it's alloy framed brother, and like the LDA  trigger and find that the 3" 1911 style is great for my carry needs.

 Photo taken by/courtesy of Brigid

Because this is for carry, I have to have great confidence in this firearm. A failure on the range is, at worst, an inconvenience. A failure of a carry gun, should it happen, can be devastating. I never carry a firearm that has not loaded, fired, and ejected at least 500 rounds with no issues which are not ammo related.

I am well on my way there with this firearm. I have fired 400 rounds through it, including Wed. and Sunday. While it won't eat 185g semi-wadcutter, It likes ball, and RNL, in either 230g or 200g versions and seems to like hollowpoints (including Gold Dots, my carry cartridge of choice)

This thing shoots, from a rest, 3" at 50 feet. using a two-had grip, I can shoot 4" and 6" single strong hand. It is easy to handle. I was staying on target at 7 yards and floating 3 cases in the air.

I like it. As I said, zero failures for anything even approaching the design of the original cartridge as designed by JMB (PBUH).

Another week or so (if I get off my ass and do some reloading) and I will be sending it off to a 'smith for the installation of tritium sight.

If you ever have the option of trying the LDA trigger, I would highly recommend it.



If our Democratic politicians had just listened when everyone was crying "Drill, baby, Drill", back in 2007 as the elections loomed, those wells would likely be coming (or have recently come) online right now....and we would have less concern for the psychotic flailings of a madman... and how his actions affect the price of oil.

No, Not that madman .....Sorry, I mean this madman.

And oil would likely not be at $100+ a barrel, and gas not at $3.50+ a gallon.

Hope you have a plan for when it hits $5.00 per gallon for gas, and $6.00 for diesel.

'cause you aren't going to be able to afford to drive anywhere.....and you aren't going to like what the fuel cost does to the price of your food and consumer goods.

And all to appease a very small minority of our citizens....Just so he could gain 5% more votes.

At what cost to the nation?

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Phollow the money

Check out the numbers. Follow the links from here and see how much money has been passed around (and back) via the unions.....And now they want more of your money.


I may seriously have to consider thinking about moving to Montana.

Friday, February 25, 2011


Remember it.

Narrative HERE.

You'll either be interested and go there, or you wont, and you won't.

Your call.

We now return you to your previous space-time continuum.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


"I hate Illinois Nazis"

But that's not what I was talking about.....

I am talking about the National Socialist German Workers' Party....AKA the German Workers Party....

They were socialists too....and with similar tactics..

Draw your own conclusions

Nation (re)building

like the below post, this strikes to the heart of the matter:


I kinda find it hard to argue with. And I tried to find an argument with which to refute the claim.

Read the whole thing.

I just have one question:

Do I have enough preps to ride out the trouble?If and when?

Bullets, beans, and bandaids?

If you don't, and he is right, then you might want to rethink your situation. And change yer prep status accordingly. 
'cause if he IS right, and you have no preps...then yer gonna be in a WORLD of hurt.

It occurs to me:

That things are not going well for the (ahem) "progressives" these days.

And that the tide is turning away from liberalist/socialist/statist ideas in government and those who would push that philosophy on the rest of us. Their message, despite being spun by the sympathetic media is falling on ever deafer and more unsympathetic ears.

It's not that the people have suddenly changed their mind about such policies, it is that most of the population of this country (many of whom are sheep most of the time), have come to realize just what the agendas and goals are of those politicians and their supporters.

Take the latest example: Wisconsin public unions. The unions (and therefore the members) have demanded outrageous salaries AND benefits. Now where once a government worker accepted lower wages for the wonderful security, insurance, and retirements, Today's civil service employee expects all the wonderful benefits (the like which is seldom seen in the private sector) AND fully expects a wage which is significantly higher than that of an equivalent private sector employee as well. And, more importantly, they seem to feel that it is their due.

Forget the issues with efficiency and productivity, forget the lack of caring whether the job is done, or done correctly. Forget the issues with accountability for a job done well. The fact is that these folks care little how much of our tax money is spent in order to keep THEIR standard of living at the level it currently is. They care not how much of a burden they place on their fellow citizens, nor do they care if the state (or county/municipality) goes bankrupt, as long as they get their large slice of that meaty pie.

Their main problem today is a lack of support from the masses. Where once they were able to spin things to make their socialist agenda look good, as they were able to spin the message of prosperity and such in order to hide the socialist roots of their philosophy, they can no longer do so. Despite a sympathetic media, and despite support from Mr. O. (the big cheeze himself) public perceptions of the demands of the public sector unions is one of greedy, petulant children. Where once people expected such tactics from any union, and just ignored them, today people are realizing that the unions and their members (not always the same thing) are only concerned with themselves. The tactics of the SEIU and AFSCME and others are DAMAGING to the nation, and can no longer be cloaked in sunlight. The bussing in of thousands and thousands of other union members from other states is a dismal failure. The flight of the bought and paid for Democratic legislators is seen for what it really is, an attempt to stall for time by legislators who received a significant percentage of their campaign funds from unions, money paid for by union dues. Money that ultimately comes to those inflated paychecks from the taxes paid for by Joe citizen.....That guy who is ever burdened by those increasing taxes, and who is happy to have ANY job, much less one with outrageous pay and incredible benefits.

When greater than 70% of the rest of us have either taken cuts in pay, given back benefits or perks, or have little or no job security see this, we are, at best, unsympathetic to these folks. And we will remember those legislators who support such antics by our employees.

And the media is once again showing its true colors. Sticking stubbornly to its old ways of biased, double standard laced coverage of the event, they fail to realize that the internet, by providing a secondary path for information, is slowly eroding their credibility and showing that they are truly no longer news organizations but rather propaganda outlets for the liberal, statist, socialist power blocks. Their credibility is as good as that of "Baghdad Bob".

This incident, and the ones which are associated with it will cause a change for the better in our society. People will soon expect more from our public employees. And accept less bad behavior from our unions. I think that this is the beginning of the end of the unions. And that will lead, in part, to the end of the Liberals Democrats. Their money will decrease, and therefore their influence. The people, even those who may be sheep, will finally see what has been apparent to many of the rest of us for years. For without the support of the people, the socialist/union/liberal/statists and the groups who are allied with them will fail, they will lose power and become a footnote in history....until they try again.

and try again they will.

"The price of liberty is eternal vigilance"

Just in case you haven't seen it.

You should go HERE.

And seriously, swallow your coffee/beverage before reading the comments.

Thank you, Brigid, for alerting me.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Now they are getting serious with those cowardly Wisconsin Democrats


I was gonna post something like this, but THIS is OUTA THE PARK. I could not do the subject the justice he has.

Take the time to read it. Decide which side of the line you will be standing on if and when. (and it is more likely WHEN rather than IF.



I missed posting THIS.

Big balls, those pioneers had.

Or maybe they were adrenaline junkies. I dunno.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Why Not?

 They seem happy.

"Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son...." 
Dean Wormer, Faber College.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Not the sort of thing you find in every shop

But travelling with Midwest Chick and Brigid means that you never can be sure just what you might find.....
(Klik to Embiggenize)

Brigid has better pictures that I do.

But All in all, a good day. Food, gunshow, shopping, (and my pistol came in!!!!!!YAAAY) and soon, more food. This time with the Mighty Og and family.

Life is good sometimes.

Friday, February 18, 2011

wonder if this is how the Greek protests started???

So it would seem that the good union folks in Madison have decided to protest the fact that they will now be treated as all the rest of the citizens will be treated. Like those in the private sector, public sector folks might actually have to take a hit on retirement, pay, and benefits.

Seems that they are angry that they have to be treated as the rest of us are....And that they cannot keep gorging at the public trough. That the rest of the Citizens will not sacrifice more in order that they should not have to deal with tougher economic times...

Too fuckin' bad they, boys and girls. You got great bennies, AND great pay for a long time. Now the Gravy Train seems to be losing steam, and you want all your perks to continue, even though there isn't any cash to pay for them.

And why you think that as a public servant you have the right to strike, (or even do a sick out) I have no idea. Want to be able to strike?? Find a private sector job. As it is, you are getting benefits and retirements that most private sector folks would love to have...(Unless you work for GM or something....and we know how that business plan seems to be working....

Will they riot? Throw cheese? They are already threatening violence against the folks who are making the laws......You know, those duly elected representatives of the people?

Or does Democracy only work when you agree with what is happening?I wonder what would happen if all of us who are unhappy with Obamacare chose to demand (with violence and threats) that Obamacare be repealed.....

I also think that if any of those protesters who called in sick can be identified ion the capitol grounds, then there should be disciplinary action taken.

But hear me. and take note folks..

This is how  the Greek troubles began. And it ended with people dead and injured and millions of dollars in property damage...All so no one would feel any economic pain and so that their individual happiness could be paid for by others.

(note....the Greeks are all but socialists, and Unions are too.)

Expect more like this, until things get better...... if they do.

Adventures in Impromptu teaching

So my brother purchased a 1911.

And, of course, wanted a lesson on how to feed and care for said new acquisition. (he'll seldom own a piece of machinery unless he is intimate with the workings of it's innards, and his machinery, be it a tractor or a watch, is always well cared for. So he wanted a quick lesson.

"No problem", says I..... pulling out a 1911-A1.

We go through field stripping and reassembly. He learns that it is easy to field strip and reassemble. Does it himself a few times.

...Then to detail stripping...Demonstrating, I remove the grips, safety, beavertail and hammer...I show him how each part can be used to remove the next (the 1911 is it's own toolbox!)...we get the mainspring and leaf spring out... I get the sear and disconnector out of the frame, remove the magazine release and then the trigger  from the now empty frame.... demonstrate the action of the trigger, sear, and disconnector, and then....

I drop the damned sear.

Which flies off into the great unknown. Or somehow reached 88 MPH on the way down and departed for the future....Or maybe transported itself off the planet or something....

Seriously. we look and look, and look. And the part has apparently evaporated on it's way down.

We got out magnets and flashlights and other implements of search and recovery. No dice (dice we could have found!)

After terminating the lesson, he leaves, and I continue to look. And look. And look. And look...

Finally, MC brings out the vacuum and when moving a piece of furniture 10 feet from where we were working, finds the sear.

How can a piece weighing less than a gram fly so far?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Why is it

That no one makes a decent production 1911 in .40 (or even better in .357 Sig)?

Some folks make 1911 pattern firearms in 9mm (Warthog and such) but unless you are willing to shell out Big Bucks, there are no decently priced 1911 s in anything but .45 ACP. And nearly nothing in .40 or .357 Sig.


Monday, February 14, 2011

First there was, then there wasn't.

I doubt we will ever know for sure.

Perhaps he just misspoke. Then again, it is pretty clear.

Either way, I advise a get home bag in your car and a Bug Out Bag in your home, always ready to go. If ya got an office at work, then you can be easily prepped for a lot.

Kinda makes ya think, doesn't it?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Swiss sense

Seems that the Swiss have roundly rejected the attempt to remove their firearms from their homes.

Once again, sense wins over reactionary, knee jerk fear and progessivism.

If it is happening in Europe, when will it start to happen here?

I mean, if the Swiss will vote to keep guns in the hands of citizens.......

Thursday, February 10, 2011

About time

Now if all the other states will follow suit, then we can begin to fix things.

It would seem that there is a disconnect in Washington (dun). They don't want to impede the flow of new democrat voters illegal aliens and the majority of the citizens DO want the illegals stopped at the border.

2012 will be here soon enough.


This is a clip

This is a magazine.

Fer gawds sake, get it right.

If you still have issues regarding the difference, Watch this:

And the liberal gun grabbers are still active

They are even trying to gain ground in Switzerland.

One would hope that the Swiss will be smarter than, say, Kalifornians...

But the liberal holophobes never seem to stop trying. Ever.

See HERE for details

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Write the NRA

if you are a member, that is.

Ask 'em if this is true, and if so, why?

People of his caliber should NEVER be brought into an organization such as the NRA.  Ever.

And if they keep him, I'll spend my money with the SAF

You can find the NRA contacts page HERE



I got nuthin but a case of the fuckits today.



Sunday, February 6, 2011

I can ship directly to you........

Stolen from HERE


THESE are worth reading....and thinking about.

On this day

in 1911

Ronald Reagan was born.

IMO, it should be a federal holiday. One where every business closes.

YMMV. Mr. O can't even find his birth certificate, much less be as presidential (or even as good a leader) as Mr. Reagan.

I think the left hates him because they have no one. absolutely no-one who can emulate him.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Not what you expect from a chaotic dictatorship in decline

Via Say Uncle, there is this story, where the remains of the government is applauding the use of "illegal weapons" and civilian/neighborhood militias to keep law and order.

Contrast this with the US, and especially New Orleans/Louisiana National Guard and LEO post Katrina.

Yet we think that those folks in Egypt are uncivilized.

Seems that they are doing a decent job enforcing local law and order if left alone. But the left thinks that we, in the US, cant and won't be able to do the same.

So the police....

were warning people to get off the roads during Snowmageddon. Now, I will agree that most people had neither the skill in driving nor the equipment to be out on the roads during the height of the storm (and I was out only by necessity, with a 4wd truck mind you, and went back to base as soon as possible, ), but to threaten people with fines for exercising their right to be stupid travel is IMO, not constitutional.

You should have seen the look on the sheriffs face when I told him that, and asked how he could follow orders when he know they were unconstitutional. I asked him if his oath was to uphold and defend the constitution?

He just grimaced and asked me to move along.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


If you are needing a belt that is well made, and bulletproof....Or at least as tough as nails, take a look at The Holster Site . I ordered one of his belts and loved it so much that I ordered a second, this time in basketweave.

These things are very well made, stitched and glued to perfection. Lined with, I believe, a kevlar weave between the two layers of leather. They come with an awesome warranty and are built like a brick outhouse.

I was so impressed, that he and I are now discussing a custom holster for my 1911. It likely won't be cheap, but I am willing to pay well for my gunleather as long as it is well built and functional, and I think that, based upon my experience with the belt(s) that it will be.

His leather is (mostly) sourced from the US, and each item is assembled in the US, by a US citizen no less.

(crossposted to


Go here for some.

Sometimes I am ashamed of my fellow man

While the blizzard in Chicago (and the surrounding area) was bad, the denizens of Chicago must be (some of them at least) the weakest, most lily livered bunch of weaklings I have ever seen. I am fully aware how cold it was, and how windy it was that night. I WAS OUT IN IT, thank you very much. I didn't have any choice either.

(perhaps the all pervasive welfare state and union influence is causing the weakest to not be culled from the herd....)

"I thought I was gonna die!"

Couldn't walk a hundred feet to safety. Jesus H. Tapdancing CHrist. It was cold. It was windy. It was dangerous. But if you can't walk a few hundred feet with your back to the wind (and yes, the wind was from the east, so the wind would have been at her back while walking towards the rest of the city (look at a map)) then either you are one weak sister or you failed to bother to dress for winter conditions (even mild winter conditions) in Chicago.

And any car with a half tank of gas should be able to idle for at least 8 hours to keep you warm. If people ran out of gas waiting for rescue then they weren't prepared.

Shoulda let them get colder so they'd learn next time.

People were warned to stay off the Drive, but they went anyway. So the city tied up how many hundreds of man hours to deal with the idiots? 

Wonder what will happen if a really bad storm happens? Or if a real disaster occurs?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


It's Groundhog Day!

Not a chance that the little rodent is gonna see his shadow. Not a chance.

I hope they make groundhog sized snowblowers.

Having been dealing with the blizzard all night, I am not sure how much total snow we have here. But the drifts are shoulder high in some places. Likely 16" of actual snow so far. Maybe a bit less, maybe a bit more.

Anyway, for most of you, this is no doubt old hat, but do you remember this?

I never get tired of it. Or this: