Thursday, November 29, 2012

"Congress has no jurisdiction over the TSA"

Yep, they said it.

Fire them. All of them. Every last manager of the TSA. Then reduce it to what it should be, security screeners at airports (if that). Nothing else.

And anyone else who fails to show up for a congressional hearing gets jail time. Were it you or me, we'd be in the clink. So why not John Pistole?

If any of our congressional leaders had balls, we wouldn't be in the mess we are in. But here would be a good start.

And if not under congressional oversight, then who, exactly is responsible for their behavior?

Well, shit

I didn't win.

I guess I gotta get my ass to work today then.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thought for the day:

"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those
who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
--Thomas Jefferson

Dream stuff

Did ya buy a ticket to the Powerball drawing? You still have time. The drawing is Wednesday night.

Spend a few bucks.

Take a chance. A one in 174 million chance... But hey, sometimes ya gotta say "WTF?".

Half a BILLION dollars is potentially what you can win.

Enough to buy a lot of neat firearms, throw a party or two, and go live on an island with lots of scantily clad women (or, if that is your choice, men)..(or whatever). 

And the rest you can spend foolishly if you wish....

I mean, this is dream money. True "Fuck You" money.  You could do a lot of good with winnings like that, even after taxes.

Of course, if you read this, and  decide to buy a ticket and somehow win, then I fully expect a bit to be tossed my way....

So go! Spend a few bucks. Dream.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How soon until

Things like this happen here?

Holders of debt who refuse to be denied repayment demand their money in court? No matter if the country wants to pay or not? Argentina tried to forestall this by giving new debt instruments to replace the old ones. Not everyone chose this path.

Some holders of the original bonds want their money....Now.

I give it less than 20 years before this begins to happen with the debt of the US government.

Then what? We could, maybe, sell California. but would we get a decent price for it? )Being as how that state is already owned by their own bondholders......who will, someday, expect to be repaid.

Betcha Barry coughs it up

Control of the internet, that is.

It'll be good for us, ya know.

Take an essentially unfettered system and give it to a bunch  of authoritarian folks who want control of the last free means of communication in the world? Who envies the productivity and freedom of the country which invented (and controls) it? A system that frightens them because they have no control over a means of disseminating information at (essentially) the speed of light?

Yeah, that is a good idea.

It'll work out well in the end, I am sure....


Just like that.

"Boil the frog slowly" and all that.....


It has worked so far.

Why not in the future?

"The price of freedom is eternal vigilance". And we are getting lazy. We are conceding the ground without a fight, daily. We will lose only because we choose not to fight.

H/t Feral Irishman

Monday, November 26, 2012

even more

Now they are finding evidence of fraud in Florida.

Voter fraud, that is. Apparently massive amounts of voter fraud.

Again, how much of this is necessary to turn the tide of an election?

Look: It isn't the "will of the people" if there is massive fraud. On the one hand, I accepted that enough people voted for Barry Soretoro Barack Obama that he was, indeed, the legitimate president of the United States, even if only marginally more than halfway. But now I cannot help but wonder. How many people didn't vote for him, yet were counted as voting for him? How many people voted more than once, or fraudulently, in key states?

Enough, maybe, to make those states give him the electoral votes?

How much fraud is too much before we begin to believe that the election was, indeed, stolen? How much before we decide that this government is not a legitimate government and choose not to work under it's rules? How long before we elect our own government and break the United States into something else?

You might think that that is all rhetorical, but I assure you, it isn't.

Until these questions are answered, and until people caught cheating on elections and election officials who are caught cheating or facilitating fraud are arrested, tried, and imprisoned, we will never have a belief that the government we have is a legitimate one.

And if out government is not legitimate, do they really have any say over us? Have they a mandate to govern? To make rules which are supposed to be, after all, the "will of the people"?

ETA: Plus THIS ...(These people belong in jail... after being horewhipped)

Friday, November 23, 2012

what have they found???

They act like it is something really really big.

Little green men?

(Three legged machines that shoot fire?)

Margin of cheat

How much is too much?

Is 1,286.6% too much?

Look: I am sure that this didn't happen everywhere. But really, how many precincts does this sort of thing have to happen in to greatly change the political makeup in our country ? How many states did this happen in, how many precincts? How much DID it change the electoral votes?   How much is too much?

Perhaps we DO need the UN Inspectors..

Why not criminal investigations and CHARGES for anyone caught in such a scheme?Perhaps mandatory hard prison time for anyone caught and convicted of vote fraud...Like 10 years.

We gotta get a handle on this shit..and very soon. If we cannot depend on the election results to represent the true wishes of the citizens of this country, then we are just another "banana republic", albeit a larger than average one....(see also Argentina).

The other choice is the battle of Athens writ very large. And bloody. I'm not advocating that yet but I wonder if it would not be a better alternative than the theft of the country? Would the damage an armed citizen's revolt do be more than what is currently being done slowly?

Thought for today:

"Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God."


Thursday, November 22, 2012

I am thankful

I am thankful that I live in a country where power is passed from administration to administration in a peaceful manner, no matter what the philosophy of the party coming or going is. 

I am thankful that I live in a nation which is, for the most part, a nation of laws, giving me and my fellow citizens stability in our lives.

I am thankful that I live in country where those laws are enforced by police who are, if far from perfect, for the most part honest and decent and uphold our laws in a lawful and (mostly) constitutional manner.

I am thankful that I and my fellow citizens and my country are protected by good men and women willing to do violence to protect same. Who are willing to endure conditions and hardships and ask only for the support of their fellow citizens, and who (most of the time) get that same support.

I am thankful that I have friends and family who are for me, watch out for me, and aid me when needed. Who are not afraid to be honest and forthright with me when it is called for, and who know me well and yet still like and respect me.

I am thankful that I have a partner who cares for me and who truly loves me for who I am, warts, hairs, and all.

I am thankful that I live in a country which, while very imperfect, is still the shining beacon to most others in the world. I am blessed to have the citizenship of that country granted to me by my birthplace, and the protections that that citizenship implies.

I am thankful that I live in a country where I can earn a living without having to bribe or pay protection money, nor where I must have I have great fear of my government officials.

Just 'cause

Happy Thanksgiving.


Found HERE

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Another reason why the ballot box

is likely not the answer anymore. Our very way of life is being destroyed. Slowly, but inexorably.

And the urban portion of this country (click on counties for a real view) has made choices that will change the direction of the country forever...

So what are we left with? 

The soapbox has been stolen by the liberals in the MSM. You can't get anything out there except their agenda.

The cartridge box is certainly a viable (although unpalatable) alternative.

So which box do we open to fix this?

I am open to suggestions.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Alien invasion

No, seriously....

It appears that the Chinese have Built a Stargate.

Or something.

They say it is just art.

I dunno.

Monday, November 19, 2012

An open letter to John Boehner and the RNC

Ok, folk, it is time to stand for something. Time to DO YOUR JOB. We elected you to represent us, and it is time for you to do so.

Negotiations are commencing (no doubt have started already) regarding the impending "fiscal cliff". And you have to do your part in representing us. Time to step up to the plate. You failed us the last two years; failed to stand your ground. Failed to stay the course we elected you to steer. You "compromised" and "reached across the aisle". Enough of that. Stand fast and make some changes.

No one wants to see the government shut down, no one wants to see things fall apart. But the fact is that either of those outcomes is preferable to the current course the country and its finances are currently on.

 It looks like you are waffling in the direction of (or already have decided on) raising taxes. (History shows us that raising taxes seldom produces increasing revenue, only a growing economy will increase revenues, and to make that happen, history shows that reducing taxes is the correct course)...But I understand that the pressure being brought to bear upon you is huge. Likely you will, ultimately, vote to raise taxes. If you must do so, then do so. BUT DO NOT DO SO WITHOUT GETTING CONCESSIONS IN RETURN.

For every dollar of new revenue you raise in additional taxes, you need to get 3 dollars of reductions in spending. 3 for one at a MINIMUM. Stop spending money we don't have. Stop the deficit spending.

CUT GOVERNMENT. Not a cut in the rate of increase. Spend less on government than you spent last year. in 2013, spend 5% less than you spent in 2012. in 2014, spend 5% less than you spent in 2013. Not less than you had budgeted, not a 5% reduction in growth, but an actual reduction in dollars spent in EVERY department and area of government. Yes, I know it seems easy to say, and is likely harder to do. I DON"T CARE HOW HARD IT IS. I really don't care.

Stop lying to us. We aren't as stupid as you think we are. We are aware (for example) that 10 billion is more than 9 billion. We aren't fooled when you reduce spending from the projected 10.6 billion to 10 billion and call it a cut. We can actually count and do basic math. Most of us are aware that 10 billion is an increase over 9 billion spent last year. WE WANT TRUE CUTS. We want you to spend less money this coming year than you spent last year. Period.

So really, what is so hard in cutting 5 % or even 10% across the board? Yes, I understand that some of your constituents will lose funding for their projects, or lose business supplying products to the government. Again, I don't care. Not a whit. We don't have the money to spend.

Ideally, you'd make a balanced budget happen immediately. Sadly, you and those before you have made decisions in the past which would make that terribly disruptive were that to happen instantly. I understand that. But really, what is so terrible about starting to change that? Yes some people will be unhappy. Some folks who work for and supply many government agencies will feel the pinch. I, again, don't care. Most of us (your constituents, remember) are already feeling the pinch, and have been for years. TIme that the government and its workers do so as well.

By the way, when I say cuts, I don't mean mythical cuts which take effect 10 years from now either. I mean cuts which take place in, and are felt in 2013. No more phantom savings which never materialize. No more lying to us. CUT THE SPENDING.  NOW.

As you consider where to cut (beyond, I mean, the 5% or higher across the board cuts) I would suggest those "entitlements" which are consuming an ever increasing share of our federal budget. Start with a simple plan: No more unneeded handouts to anyone beyond rent and food. Cut SNAP (EBT, or Food Stamps) to a level which only pays for unprocessed food and basic rent. No more McDonalds and frozen pizza for those needing our money to keep from starving. Supply only basic food:  meat, potatoes, milk, rice, cheese, etc. Food that must be cooked.  Stop wasting my money giving people late night snacks at Taco Bell. Same with rent. Pay the landlord directly rather than giving the recipients of that aid cash with which to do so and which they often spend poorly..

Here are a few easy ways to cut welfare and other entitlement rolls practically overnight: Make it federal legislation that anyone receiving federal government aid provide a clean drug test before receiving aid. If they have time and money to purchase and take drugs, then they have time to find (or at least look for) a job. Set limits on the total lifetime entitlement benefits that any one person or family can acquire.  Perhaps require that anyone receiving aid provide 20 hours or more of community service in order to get their benefits.

Stop spending federal money on boondoggles like Solyndra and wind energy and 123 systems which have no real possibility of ever creating a positive cash flow without continued funding from the federal government. Stop wasting billions of dollars on shady deals and risky, unproven technologies. Stop subsidizing boondoggles like wind energy. If the windmills are viable, then industry will finance them. Since they aren't viable without federal subsidies, stop wasting money we don't have. 

I am sure that you and your staff have many ideas and options as to where the cuts need to be, and I would hope that you are better  informed than I am as to where the cuts could come.

But, again, I really don't care what cuts you make. Spend AT LEAST 5% (a greater cut would be better) less this coming year than the government spent last year. 5% less again the year after that.

Remember, many of your colleagues were campaigned for, and elected by, the fiscal conservatives in this country in 2010. We expected a change. You failed to provide it. We don't forget....we DO remember. We got rid of those people who failed to represent us and we worked for, and voted for those in the House and Senate now. We can replace you too.


Seriously. The time has come to do the job we elected you to do. TIme to step up. Stand your ground.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Gotta have it

ID, that is, Photo ID.

Even to board Amtrack. To travel? "Ihre papieren, Bitte" "Your papers please".

But not to vote, Nossir, that is a hardship.At least if you are a minority or elderly or in any way a DNC demographic.

At least according to the lying sacks of pustulent ooze DNC and it's minions it is. Just not for travel.

Why do we allow this? Why do we accept that they will use double standards in order to cheat?

Thursday, November 15, 2012


I have a fair number of friends and some close family members who are nearly as big an asshole as me (takes some work, I tell ya).

Having said that, it is very nice to know, and experience the fact, that when I need help they will drop everything and come and lend a hand.

And it is very much appreciated.

Ossipher Harliss gets his job back

Seems that it is hard to keep a bad cop off his job in Ohio.

Remember Officer “As soon as I felt your gun, I should have took two steps back, pulled my Glock 40 and just put 10 bullets in your ass and let you drop,”  Harliss who was, surprisingly enough, actually fired for the incident? 

Yeah, he got his job back. He had been getting workers comp for this entire time.

Surprisingly, it was an arbitrator, not the union, who made the decision to give him his job back. 

Were I the chief, I'd have him doing some REALLY nasty jobs until he quit. 

(real action starts about 0:50)

'Cause he's just the kinda guy I'd want representing my department. Or even having a gun and a badge, for that matter. If police officers wanted respect, they'd hound officers like this until they found somewhere else to work....Like maybe Mexico. 

You need to decide if you want to be

like these people: Refugees.

"We feel like we are in a concentration camp"

Look: even if you are prepared, you might end up being a refugee....Helpless and at the mercy of people who see you as cattle.


I can guarantee that if you fail to prepare you will be at the mercy of someone (or someones) who will determine where you live, where you sleep, when (or if) you eat, when you shower, and how you spend your days. Someone who may see you (and treat you) as cattle. Someone who may not care about your comfort, your dignity, nor your security. Someone who may choose to set rules that you may not care for. And who may, once you enter their care, choose when (and if) you can leave.

Decide if you will prepare, or if you will willingly place yourself at the mercy of others, under their control.

There are no guarantees, but preparation increases your chances of having choices.

Reason # 57 to consider moving to Texas

Seems that they actually have not only the right to secede, but could do pretty well financially if they did.

(One could hope they would wall off Austin though, kinda like Berlin)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Does anyone else

wonder what is going on in the military??

Seems that the shakeups at the top are many.....

General Ham was relieved of duty:
Rear Admiral Gauette was relieved

Marine General John Allen
General William Ward.

All connected to Benghazi either shortly before or during the 9/11/12 incident. What did they know? What could they tell us if they were allowed to?

And former General and CIA director David Petraeus:

Petraeus failed to fall on his sword over the Benghazi incident. The administration could have simply let him resign, but instead punished him further by publicizing the details of his affair (the Chicago (political) Way is, after all, to screw your opponent into the ground, then shit on him.). And the Mainstream Media is helping by publicizing the issue..

I find the possible connections disturbing. I just don't know what to do about it. Perhaps this needs Congressional investigation (if they'd actually do it).

So will Holder investigate?

I don't doubt that Obama won the Presidential election. He won even over the "Margin of Frud" (didn't he???) that we all expected. The sad part is that we even use the term "Margin of Fraud".

But the sad part is that we expected it. The sad part is that we all, every citizen of this country, KNEW that voter fraud was going to happen, and that 99% of it would be done by Democrats.

KNEW it. Knew that it would happen. Knew that it would occur (mostly) in "blue" areas.

Yet we choose to let it slide. We choose to look the other way and accept that this fraud happens. We CHOOSE to allow the courts to stop Voter ID which would prevent the fraud. We do not demand better controls, and we fail to demand prosecution when fraud happens.

We allow things like THIS to happen. And we allow and accept that people like Al Franken will be elected in ways like THIS. Where hundreds of ballots "accidentally" are "found" a day later in an election supervisors car, with a statistically improbable proportion for the DNC candidate (which, incidentally elected Mr Franklin the elected candidate which likely made the majority needed to put Obamacare over the top).

We, the populace, allow this to happen. We, in fact, expect it. But we allow it. We feel that it is OK, and that democratic fraud is a part of the process. We make jokes about Chicago, "where the dead rise and vote" and the statement from Chicago Mayor Richard J Daley about "vote early and often". We expect that this sort of fraud will happen in DNC strongholds. We ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN. And in doing so, we disenfranchise many voters whose votes are offset by the fraudulent votes.

How do we stop it? I have ideas, but not on a public forum. I'm not advocating (yet) the cartridge box over the ballot box. And I am open to ideas.

But we have to do something. The press is in the pocket of the DNC. The "Fourth Estate", which has so much power and special Constitutional protection, isn't doing it's job. It is not bringing this to light for the citizens to see.It is, in effect, encouraging it by ignoring it.

And so are we. We allow this to happen, and accept it as a part of the process. 108% of the registered voters in one district had their votes count..... 99% of any district voting for one candidate? (where the election inspectors were (mistakenly) illegally removed. It's not the fraud that bothers me, because I expect it too. It is the blatant disregard for the law and the fact that it is so (smugly) obvious, and yet it happens with the full (smug) knowledge that there will be no repercussions. With the thought that you and I are stupid enough to believe it and that they can get away with such obvious fraud. Get away with it because we will either believe that the results are accurate and true, or because we (you and I and all the rest of the opposition) will be ineffective (or impotent) enough to let them get away with it. And we are.

And we allow it. Over and Over and Over...Election cycle after election cycle.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Protect and serve?


'Cause stopping people from saving their house is important...

Info Bleg:

Anyone have any alternatives to Sitemeter? It has been nearly constantly offline for over a week.

Yeah, I know it is a free service and I shouldn't bitch (at least, I'm not paying for anything). And yes, I am getting exactly the service I am paying for.  But still.

Any suggestions? Any comments on other statistics collectors? Any good or bad comments about any of them?

'Cause while the service may be free, it lately hasn't even been worth that.

In which I show that I am a heartless bastard:

Not to make light of the individual tragedies that have happened in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy....But I'd feel more sorry for these folks if it weren't for the fact that every few years people in the Midwest have to deal with power outages at least twice this long (in serious winter cold) and it never makes the mainstream news..In fact the media doesn't care.

Ice storms happen, and the people of the Midwest just prepare for and deal with the aftermath of the outages.They don't protest nor do they expect the feds to come and fix it. Floods happen, and the Feds don't care at all.

I am growing tired of the coverage of (and the whining by) the people who were "victimized" by Hurricane Sandy. The folks who seem to feel that the "government" should fix their uninsured homes (or homes that were less than 6 feet above sea level that flooded and aren't covered because their owners chose not to purchase flood insurance). Folks who seem to have the attitude that "it shouldn't happen here" because they are the chosen people of New York or something. Folks who made few (if any) preparations for a storm that they KNEW was coming days in advance and would bring HUGE tidal/storm surges, power outages and infrastructure damage. Folks who live on a barrier island where it was inevitable that this sort of storm damage would happen sometime. Yet they are somehow more victims than the rest of the people who have tragedies throughout the country. Folks who made choices and expect someone else to fix the consequences.

We only get coverage of them because they are close to the newsmakers homes. When tragedies like floods happen in Kentucky or Tennessee or Iowa, or ice storms in Oklahoma or Missouri, or wildfires  "somewhere out West" then the media ignores that news 'cause it isn't close to home, and likely they aren't even sure where, exactly, those places are.

And had Bush been in office (or, no doubt, any Republican) the cries would be loud and long that he/she wasn't doing enough to help New Yawk/New Joisey recover.  But the current White House occupant gets a pass to go golfing.

Strange, that. 


They knew:

Stolen from

Monday, November 12, 2012

Ya know...

If Christmas was on a Sunday, we would't move it to the next closest Monday.

If the 4th of July fell on a Sunday, we'd not celebrate it on the 5th either.

So WHY IN THE HELL do government offices and Banks move their holiday to the next Monday?

It dilutes what the holiday is for...

I realize that it makes for an extra paid day off for a lot of people, but so what?

It's not like they are going to bother (or care) to remember WHY they got the damned day off.

ok, rant off

Thought for the day

It was free speech when it was the "Shrub"

But now it is investigated and treated as a crime.

Strangely though, THESE never led to any arrests or investigations 4 years ago.

Strange that. Innit?

Perhaps the Dear Leader is less of a man? Maybe he is afraid of a 22 year old girl? Maybe he's a wimp and has to sic the Not So Secret Service on her..(maybe they were out of Colombian prostitutes to play with and had to find something to do???)...... (I probably shouldn't say things like that either, in case I get a visit from some guys with a distinctively SS attitude). 

If I suddenly quit posting you'll know what happened to me....

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Back to the top

Still trying to raise awareness for Tam.

And Old NFO has a raffle going on.

And JayG has links and another raffle going.

If you'd be so kind as to send a donation and help me help my friend, I'd appreciate it.


You go boy.

Don't hold back.


And say "Thank you"

I would like to take this time to say "thank you" to each and every veteran.

While the press may not give you the attention your day deserves, I appreciate your service,

Thank you for the freedoms I have, and the sacrifices  you have made, both large and small, to make sure I keep it.

11th day, 11th month, 11th hour.

I'll remember. Hope you do too.

Say "thank you" even if it is to those that can no longer hear you. 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Couldn't have said it better myself.

So I won't even try.


Hope it don't come to that. But I think it will. And actually, I'm good with his methods of resistance.

No matter what, it ends in SWAT though


There was no voter fraud:

We are sure of this.

We have nothing to worry about.

Remember: it matters little who votes. It matters much who COUNTS the votes.

Happy Birthday, Marines

US Marines, that is.

237 years

Friday, November 9, 2012

help our own:


I consider Tam a friend. And I'll be helping. Think about it.

Skip that large coffee from Starbucks for a day or two. Or have a few less beers.

Your choice.

What likely turned the tide

for Obama and the DNC, was immigration.

And now they want their due.

Race bets love of country for these people. Sadly, race trumps all for so many.

When your loyalties lie with people who you have never met, yet who look like you, talk like you and come from a culture like what your parents came from over the country under whose laws and protection you have prospered, then there is something wrong with you.

When you put race over the welfare of that same country and your fellow citizens, then I have to question your patriotism.

I find it sad that I can do so in this instance. We have so many citizens of hispanic ancestry who have strengthened this country.

But many will drive this country into ruin to gain something for people they don't know, but with whom they share ancestry.

Race above all. If whites began to act this way, we could take our country back. I'm not suggesting that we do so, but it is a thought.

ETA: It occurs to me that since he (the WON) didn't fulfill any of his previous promises, and since he fooled the Hispanics long enough to get re-elected, he likely will ignore them for another four years. This allows his successor the same opportunity to promise them "immigration reform" and reuse the hispanic vote again. Fools.

I got nothin today


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ya knew it'd happen

Feinstein can't wait to ban yer guns again.

Not that it is likely to happen, but you knew she'd try.

We shall see.

I already stocked up on "assault weapons" with the "shoulder thing that goes up" as well as ammo.

Watch the prices soar based on rumors.

I'm not saying

That Barry didn't win.
 I'm not saying that the American populace (at least those who bothered to vote) didn't select him.

But, having said that, I have to wonder:

What was the margin of cheat? How many of those votes tallied for Barry were legitimate? How many were counted correctly? How many votes for Mittens weren't counted?

I'm just sayin'

Now a note to the RNC: Perhaps next time you'll run a candidate who is not DNC-Lite. Find someone we can vote for, rather than leave your candidate to be the guy we vote for only because we fer his leadership less than the other guy. Find a man or woman we can actually get behind and rally round rather than one we will have to hold our nose for. Find a candidate who is different than the establishment/Big Government/Statist person we are voting against.

'Cause as you have seen, Mittens wasn't that guy. And we got Barry for another 4 years because of it.


ETA: Unless this is some long term strategy to position your next guy for the 2016 election? 


Ferfal shows them to us.

I find it frightening for my country.

You should too.

Click the link. Read it. Seriously. See the parallels.

See the future from the past. 

Congratulations, Barry

While I am shocked (but not surprised) that the American citizens chose to vote for 4 more years, I sincerely hope that they can deal with the consequences.

Sadly, you won well beyond the margin of cheat. Which means that enough of the people actually voted for you. Which surprised me.

Now please, take this next 4 years and go out and be a leader, not a Carter.

A note to the Republican party: Thanks. Thanks for giving the people a choice between DNC and DNC (less).  You apparently can't learn. While you did pick a better candidate than McCain this time, (although by not much) you still lost, wasting a lot of peoples money and time for no real gain.

Perhaps if you found and actually SUPPORTED a conservative candidate, thereby giving folks a choice, you'd have a chance at winning.

'cause what you are doing isn't working, is it?

Another Question:

Why is it that, when I, as a white male, choose to vote for the male, white candidate whose philosophy is closer to mine and whom I believe will do a less bad  better job than the guy who is a different color than me, but whose philosophy is the antithesis of what I believe, am a racist, and that motivation is wrong....

Yet when they interview African-Americans, who overwhelmingly vote for the guy who looks like them, that is not racist, and is ok?

I mean, I have many reasons to vote against the statist, socialist, beta male weasel who wants to damage our economy further, who believes that my success is merely a cow to be milked, who thinks that "you didn't build that", who believes that those of us who make smarter decisions than some of our fellow citizens should pay for the plight of the rest, mostly which is of their own making. The color of his skin has nothing to do with my decision.  I am offended that anyone assumes that I would even consider that as a factor.

Yet I am further offended that it is understood and deemed ok for others to choose based on "his skin looks like me an my family". I am offended by the fact that it is assumed that people of color will make the racist choice, and that one cannot expect any smarter behavior from them.

Yet, sadly, events seem to bear that out.

But why are their choices not racist, yet the choices of me and my brethren are? I do not think that I carry any significant prejudice, if any. I am sure that it is significantly less than that which I observe from others, be they black, white, latino or asian.  I care little what you look like, but rather believe in who you are and how you think and what you believe and how your morals mesh with mine and if your worldview matches in any way that of my own. If yer a lowlife, you'll be treated as one. If not, you'll get treated as a citizen. I choose to judge people by the "content of their character", rather than "the color of their skin".

Not so with many others whose melanin content is somewhat greater than my own. I abhor those who have a skin color like mine who judge others based on skin, and distance myself from them, There are too many whites who cannot get over skin color, and there are too many blacks who do the same. The ratio of racist Caucasians who vote based on skin color is much lower than the ratio of Negroes who vote based on the same criteria.  Yet the racist whites are derided and decried, but not so the racist blacks.

I find the fact that the bar is lower for people of black descent than that of whites. Strangely, I hold each group to the same standard, and believe that I am no more and no less intelligent than they. Obviously, some in the media and in the Democratic party feel differently.

I find that sad. Sad that racism still exists and that it is excused at any time. Sad that people of color cannot hold themselves to the same standard that they expect and wish for from whites.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Overheard at the polling place:

"how do I vote a straight party ticket??? I don't know any of these names"



How is it that the "New Black Pantherz" are so intimidating? They appear to be just standing there. So what?

I mean, if I were a 14 year old boy or a 17 year old girl, then yeah, I can see where they might be somewhat intimidating.

But an adult? Afraid enough of the scary looking black guy(s) dressed in semi-paramilitary black outfits (how cute)  that he/she chooses not to vote, or feels intimidated into choosing to vote for their candidate (how would they know?)

Look, I'm mot there, and I am not an inner city dweller, so maybe I don't understand. But really, what's the big deal?

If they chose to attempt to accompany me to the voting booth, then that is one thing. But unless they do, then what is the big deal? Just a couple of friends hanging out. It's a free country. As long as they stay out of the polling place, let 'em. They aren't breaking any laws until they force people to leave the area and not vote under the threat of violence...and I just haven't seen that happening.

And if they choose to do so, the protect yourself,... deal with the threat by whatever means is necessary. After the first one bleeds out on the sidewalk figures out that you won't let him intimidate you, the rest will get the message. Stand up and refuse to be cowed.

Else you are just a sheep.


"It is not who votes that counts, so much as it is he who counts the votes"


thoughts from someone who has been there:


Today's the day

When the citizens of the country decide whether they want more statism, more socialism, and less freedom.

Or if they want 4 more years of Obama's agenda.

Seriously though, this election will, like few others, decide the direction of the country and its policies. Whether we choose as a whole to go down the path which Europe has already taken, or take another route to destruction.

No matter the outcome, expect cries of "fraud" ,"cheat" and "vote tampering". Expect multiple recounts and maybe even court cases. Likely there will be cases full of (exclusively) votes for the blue team found in an election supervisors car the next day in Minnesota, Wisconsin and (of course) Chicago if things get close. Expect intimidation by the NAACP and/or Black Panthers (snicker, let 'em try that here) at polling places in the cities.

Oh, and depending on the outcome of the election, we shall see if those folks who promise to riot are men of action or not. I'm betting not, but I plan for riots. Just in case, if Obama loses, plan on staying away from potential hotspots, and pay close attention over the next few days. Leave quickly if a large group of "blue" folks get together and/or appear agitated.

You can't reason with an angry crowd. Don't bother to try. leave, or get out of sight.

Stay safe. Maybe keep your kids home from school if that seems necessary. Your call.

Me, I'm in a rural (more or less) area. I got no worries and a clear field of fire. Gonna work, go home, and watch things (un)fold.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

About that union darkness:

seems it is true.

Union solidarity...Over bringing power back to the residents so they can have light and heat and such.

Interesting set of priorities, ain't it?

I B wantin' one

Just 'cause

Saturday, November 3, 2012

SO. Where is the outrage?

In 2005, the press and the DNC sycophants  (but I repeat myself) were castigating the Bush administration  within 48 hours for not having had FEMA personnel on hand to rebuild homes immediately and hand feed each person who chose not to evacuate and to lead them by the hand to an individually and personally built shelter for each family unit.

Where is the outrage today???? 72 hours into hurricane Sandy, which likely affected more people, and the press is silent on the fact that people still have no power and are apparently starving to death because the corner bodega is out of beef jerky, chips and bologna and and are nearly killing each other for gasoline.

I don't see the massive FEMA convoys coming into the east coast, C'mon man, where are the convoys? Where is the aid? People are out of cigarettes and coffee!

Where is the press on this? Why aren't they crying out that "Obama hates east coasters"? Especially the folks in Hoboken? Mostly white people (82%) and only 4% black, so he must be racist right??

Where is the outrage?

Friday, November 2, 2012

in other news, 60 years ago,

on this day in 1952, the first thermonuclear bomb (H-Bomb) was detonated.

It wasn't a weapon, but it led to other designs which were.

Food for theought


This darkness and cold brought to you by good union (IBEW) labor

At least, according to this story. (if true, I haven't been able to verify) (update: It is denied, but not officially by the IBEW)

Never let the thin edge of the wedge get into union solidarity. Especially the IBEW.

No matter what.

Screw those people without power, we got to take a united stand against scab labor....

They knew it was coming.

But in less than 3 days, some residents are already starving.

Dumpster diving for food.

3 days after the storm shut down the city and more or less destroyed portions of the area.

3 days.

Apparently very few people in the greater New York/NJ area had the intelligence to stock up on non perishable/lo prep food and water and gasoline. Even though they knew that the storm was coming, and that it's effects would be bad.

People are apparently starving and running out of water in Hoboken because no one can get food into them because of storm damage.

Starving..... In their own (relatively undamaged) homes....... after only 3 days.  Sad that. Very Sad. I am saddened that people can't plan ahead any better than that. These are supposed to be intelligent people. Hell, even squirrels store food for hard time.

I know some people in the area. I know that they were prepared, In fact, I know of one person who is feeding others, and who is allowing them to shower and eat at her home, because she has a genset and stocked food (and has running water).... She is a better person than I.

But apparently a significant number of people did not prepare. Out of food and water after only 3 days. I am sure that many folks did indeed prepare in a prudent manner. We just don't see them on the news. They are at home doing what must be done rather than standing in a line for food or water or rationed gasoline.

We only see the less than intelligent folks, 'cause they are the ones that make news.

At least they aren't whining as loudly as the folks in Nawlins post-Katrina.

So where are

all those countries which we (the US) have helped recover from disaster over the past few years?

Are they sending relief or food or workers to the affected East Coast?

If so, I haven't heard of it.

Perhaps we should think about that next time they need help.

Just Sayin'

Thursday, November 1, 2012


I feel for the folks on the East Coast who have had their lives disrupted by the storm. I hope that they get their power back in time to keep them from freezing , and I have nothing but sympathy for them. Their way of life has been seriously disrupted, and some folks have lost everything. I can only imagine what these folks are experiencing right now.


Looking at the areas that flooded, and the very little sandbagging that was done to protect things, it occurs to me that many of the issues with flooding  (and a significant amount of damage) in New York/New Jersey could have been avoided if proper sandbagging/barricading had been done (and assuming that they had materials available to do so).

Don't just pile sandbags haphazardly....this gives no strength to your wall... Stack them in layers with one layer overlapping the next much like bricks...if you go more than three high, then you need a second layer behind the first, interlock those too... You have to sandbag all around the areas that need protection, not just part of them. A semicircle of sandbags does no good if the water can run around behind the sandbag wall. Covering the sandbags with plastic sheeting helps too.

While now isn't the time to criticize the folks in the east coast for their storm preparations, it does appear that many of the flooded buildings and tunnels and subways could have been saved (or at least damaged/flooded less) if doors and other areas of water infiltration had been sandbagged or barricaded properly to prevent flooding into these areas. There was very little evidence of any storm water prevention/blockage in any of the pictures or video I have seen. Perhaps I missed them, but I don't think so. It seems as if someone had used closely stacked K-rails or even sandbags and visquene to barricade the entrances to the tunnels and subways and air vents that the stormwater flooding could have been greatly reduced. Such preparations would have prevented or greatly reduced things like this. Such barricades might not have been watertight, but they would have reduced the flooding greatly. I'm not talking individual homes here, but rather larger infrastructure.

It does appear that there were very few portable generators in the urban areas, and fewer pumps, and nearly zero sandbagging. I realize that most of the time, they don't need such items, but nature has a way of finding your vulnerabilities. Preparation is the key. And it appears that there was little of that.

Perhaps they will learn for next time. Folks in the South and the Midwest learn how to deal with floods and other examples of nature's wrath, apparently the east coasters don't. Sometimes, thinking about the New Yorkers and especially the citizens of New Jersey, I expect that they were thinking "this won't be so bad... we are the chosen folks, it never gets bad here...". Either way, it does seem that preparations that could have been taken, weren't.  And that led to significantly more damage that didn't need to have happened.

Others have similar opinions.

Perhaps they will be better prepared next time.

Or not.