Tuesday, January 31, 2017

State of Jefferson on the horizon?

So California is making noises that they will defy the Federal government and make the entire state a Sanctuary for illegal (Mexican) invaders immigrants.

I say, Bring it. They need the US more than we need them. And, really, it is the southern part of the state (occupied by Leftists), not the northern, which wants this. The northern part wants to form their own state....They'd rather secede from California.

And if California goes up against the Feds, they will lose. They need the monies from Federal coffers to keep 'em alive. If they lose that, they lose about $100Billion in revenue. Add in revenue from the ports, (which would close if the Feds blockaded them or put an import tariff on all shipments from California). Other west coast port cities would thrive. The State needs the Fed money to keep the road network running. Without interstates (and the Fed monies to keep em in repair) the state is in Gridlock nearly immediately.

The southern part of the state can't pay their bills now. If they are no longer a part of the US (CalExit) then they won't have the rest of the states to prop up their deficits....The day it happens, they are bankrupt. The State doesn't produce enough electricity to power itself., so if they choose to defy the Feds, that can be a lever too.

If they want to secede, let 'em. That is just more wall to build, and more jobs to do so. The rest of the US can do without their vegetables, but they can't do without our cash. 

And just in case you missed it:

Please, Read this.  "We need to take another step, Quickly"

Act accordingly.

I admire her standing firm

And losing her job over her convictions....

I don't feel sorry for her though.

Trump fires Acting Attorney General who defied his orders

Notice that at no time did she say that the Executive Order was illegal. Had she said that, and explained why, I might have some sympathy for her. But she didn't, so I don't. She lost it all over activism.

She defied her boss, and she lost her job over it.


Monday, January 30, 2017

Not my "values at stake"

My values are just fine with Trump's actions, so far at least....

Barry can't stay quiet. Can't stand not being the center of attention. Narcissist.

Or maybe he gets his news from CNN and a bunch of liberals on Facebook, like most of the folks who protest everything Trump does. Sure as hell isn't fact based.

On Jan. 18, President Barack Obama told reporters in his final news conference that he would comment on his successor’s actions only at “certain moments where I think our core values may be at stake.”
He managed to stay quiet for less than two weeks.

And, of course, he forgets that HE named the 7 countries as hotbeds of terrorism and all....And HE banned musilims (or at least folks from some muslim majority countries....)  But that isn't any of our business 'cause it all be in the past and all....

Now that's funny,

I really don't think it matters who you are.....

Stolen from Elmtree Forge

These aren't protests

Not as we know 'em.

The Womyn's March, these immigration protests, etc. They aren't really protesting because they believe something, and are against a policy that goes against what they believe...

They are instead protesting Mr. Trump. The TEMPORARY immigration ban? Done by, among others, Barry the O did it, Clinton (William, not Hillary) did it, Carter did it, etc.

But that wasn't wrong, then. But Trump? OMFG then it is is REALLY BAD.

The Womyn who marched? No two of them could agree on what they were marching to accomplish. But "Vagina" and "Trump Bad" and "He won't take away my Rights" (no one could explain WHAT rights, mind you) ....But "Trump Bad".

It's almost like these are organized, like someone is planning them....Like someone is paying for them.....Just to protest Trump.


Dude interviewed at Ohare airport:

"The constitution says all refugees are welcome"....Really? Must be the abridged version. I checked just moments ago, and my version doesn't have that. Nor does the one I found in Wikipedia or any other source on the internet....I wonder what version he has read...if at all.

The Pope says we should welcome all refugees......This from a man who lives in a compound, behind a wall, and who controls an organizations sitting on BILLIONS of dollars in assets....that they choose not to use to change the plight of these people they condemn others for not helping. Can you say "hypocrite?

I have come to expect behavior of which the above are examples from leftists....ut it still irritates me when I see it.

If they can do this to them...

They can do it to you.

This looks like a made up reason to "Disarms the uppity niggers".

They don't get their firearms back until Monday? WTF?

And that raises question for those who say they believe in the right of the people to keep and bear arms. The Panthers’ being race-obsessed collectivists notwithstanding, the question becomes one of whether such laws comport with “shall not be infringed.”

Does being on “public property” create a “compelling state interest” necessitating citizen disarmament? How about being organized? Does that justify the state denying a fundamental right without due process?

Sorry, I'm no fan of the Panthers. (Had a run in with several Local  "New Black Panthers"  about 15 years ago. I'm not their favorite person even today, I'd bet. Didn't end well for them....I didn't like it either...

Having said that, One has to remember that they have the same rights as every other citizen, despite being counter culture folks who are, really, Black Supremacists....Until they break the law, they get the same shake as anyone else.

Disarming them is/was wrong. You can ban firearms in the courthouse (Not that I agree with that, but the courts have upheld that)....but to ban them in any demonstration? I don't think so.

Hate to say it, but I gotta side with the Panthers on this one.


Sunday, January 29, 2017

with out any comment:

Image may contain: 1 person, meme and text


I lied about the comment. Sorry.

Eye know, right?

Damned good question there.

Guess you only like white folks who speak english or something.......

Has anyone noticed

That the folks who are screaming that "The Russians Hacked the Elections!!!!!!!!..!!!!" are the same ones saying that "There Was No Voter Fraud"?

So really....which is it?

I know that in Chicago, the dead vote, and that the phrase "Vote early, Vote often" is not a joke....Seriously

And I know that the above folks are the biggest opponent of Voter ID.

Odd, these coincidences ,,,,,,

So, we need to take another step quickly....

Since we have a Leader in the big seat now that seems to understand the issues with illegal immigration, we should also take a few additional steps.

1: Every business that panders to people who fail to learn English needs to hear about it...This is the USA....English is the language we speak (actually, "American" is our language...."English" is what the Brits speak) "Press 1 for English" is just plain wrong... The fact that these businesses choose to accommodate people who choose not to learn the language of the country that they now live in   permanently shows that they are willing to put profit and convenience over their country's security and that they care little for assimilation of these folks into our culture and way of life. Banks that have Spanish (why only spanish, why not other languages too????) as a choice on their ATM.....Stores that do signage in any language other than english. Take your business elsewhere.

Learning the language of your new home is the first step to assimilation. Until you can speak to your fellow countrymen, you are an outsider..... you are forced to stay in the neighborhood where everyone speaks the language you do, and cannot interact with others of different cultures and cannot be a part of the country you have chosen as a home. You are not an immigrant, you are an invader or a colonist.

Pandering to those who decide not to be a part of our society should be punished.  Call, write, email. If they don't change, take your business to someone who does change.

2: Push for defunding any government program that doesn't use English as its primary language. Yes, we can help those from other countries learn our language...that doesn't mean that we should make it easy for them to NOT learn english. No Drivers License tests in Spanish or any other language. Provide translations in a courtroom or when being arrested, yes. (I am all for everyone being given a complete understanding of what they are being charged with, and making sure that they have a complete understanding of courtroom proceeding, understanding their rights and representation). But no spanish or other languages in welfare offices nor other government assistance programs. Learn English or bring your own translator...or don't get help. Schools that provide transition language classes, yes. But no classes taught primarily in Spanish...."bilingual Education" has become "teach 'em in Spanish"...which, again doesn't fix the issue. This goes especially true for local and county and state programs....English or nothing.

3: If you employ people, or hire a contractor, make sure that the workers are citizens or have a Green Card....make sure they are here legally.  If you need to, ask. If they won't show it, or otherwise prove that they are legal, then go elsewhere or use a different contractor. ....A few years ago, I had a roof replaced on a business...a big one. I specified in the bid request that all workers had to be legal.....the crew showed up and were speaking spanish. I asked for proof......they left....The next day, a different crew showed up to do the work....and they did have legal looking paperwork.....Do this every time you buy something, pay for a service, etc. Make it something to be ashamed of for a business to hire and employ illegals. Hell, make it a shame for them to employ folks who don't speak english....Accented english is one thing, no english is another.....

I include here all languages other than English.....There are places where Russian is the only language...Others where Syrian or Arabic is. There were once places where Polish or Italian were the language of the neighborhood. But all those immigrants bothered to learn English. Not so in some communities today....

The largest barrier to assimilation is language. Making it easy for people to NOT learn english is one way to help them fail to assimilate into our country and culture. I know many immigrants. Some I call "Friend"...It takes guts and determination to come to another country where people are "strange" in order to make a better life for yourself and your family. Most of the immigrants I know, I respect and I think they have more guts than I do. And most of 'em agree with me that learning English is a part of becoming a citizen....if nothing else it shows where your loyalties lie.  I welcome folks from nearly everywhere who will be productive citizens...who will be loyal to whatever the fuzzy concept that America is....not to a 7th century religion (and I'm not just talking Muslims here) nor to a flag that isn't the American Flag.....Who will work and produce, and be the kind of immigrant that will make America what it was and can be again...strong, productive, and a shining beacon to the rest of the world...People who won't hate what the USA and it's people are ...who won't hate our culture or mores or freedoms....Who won't enter and demand changes to make the US like the shithole they left....and who won't demand that someone else pay for it either.

I urge you to help me on these three things. Write, call, email, do whatever you have to to make your opinion known to those who need to know. Be willing to move your accounts and money...take your business to places where they have the interests of the USA and it's citizens at heart. Choose USA

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Odd, Innit?

When Barry the O used his "Pen and Phone" to "make things happen" and essentially violate the spirit of the idea of Executive Orders and bypass the legislative process when he knew he wouldn't be able to make Congress start legislation, it was a GoodThing because his policies were "progressive" and worked for the Liberals.....

Now, Barry is out and Trump is in. And he is using his Pen to reverse many of the abominations that Barry did....and is making proclamations of his own.....and the Liberals Do Not Like.

Tough Titty, Little Kitty. I didn't like it then, but you accepted it. I don't like it now, really, but at least things are happening that I approve of....stuff that makes this country safer, stronger, less vulnerable and more independent.

I still, however, would like to see something that limits actions on Executive Orders to 90 days....that would give Congress time to act and make a law, but would still allow our leader some freedom of action in an emergency or other crisis. This for ANY president...No matter what party.

But until we get that......, Fuck the whining Liberals who are seeing their utopia broken down now that their Messiah is ousted.  At least things are going more or less the way I think they should right now. We have 8 years of "Fundamental Change" to overcome. 

I remember:

I was living in Indianapolis Just off of 86th street. Was at a friend's apartment we were studying and getting ready for class, Bob and Tom (Local morning drive time comedians) were on the radio. Playing music....

Then (I think) Tom came on and said "The Space Shuttle has just exploded on takeoff".

I remember saying"That isn't something to joke about"

Todd said, "Turn on the TV.

And there it was.

The launches had become so routine that we didn't bother to watch.

Until that day.
10:38 AM Central Standard Time, 1/28/1986. 

This image is I will remember as long as I live:

Friday, January 27, 2017

A better idea:

Instead of charging a tariff on goods manufactured or sourced in Mexico and imported into the US to pay for the Wall...

I'd rather see a tax on all monies transferred to Mexican banks from US banks....The single largest income from the US to Mexico is monies transferred from individuals in this country (legal or not) back to families in Mexico. $26 BILLION dollars are remitted every year.

If we charged a, say, 20% tax on all such monies that would pay for the Wall nicely. And it would be a greater Dis-incentive to come here and choose to not make this your home.....

I'm not sure if such a scheme is legal or not. But if it is, IMO this is a better solution. 

Thursday, January 26, 2017



Stolen from Angel. Do me a favor and click over to her blog, eh? 
So yesterday, I stopped at a McDonalds for a coffee.

There was a guy sitting there wearing a Bernie hat.

I only had a coffee

So, I took half of his fries.

He didn't get it. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

From CNN to boot:

THIS picture should put to rest the question as to how full the Mall was for The Donalds Inauguration. (you will have to follow instructions to "turn around" and look at the Mall.

Bu, oddly, it isn't as empty as the media portrayed.

And it is from CNN, so there can be no worries that some Trump Deplorable photoshopped it or something...

I would like to see

Trump garner enough support in Congress to have them legislate his executive orders into law.....

Executive orders were never meant to be laws....They were meant to allow a president to do things he needed to do quickly, and it was expected that Congress would move soon thereafter.

Enough abuse of these EO's by ALL presidents. 


'know, I really don't want to be a Trump Supporter.....He got my vote because he wasn't Hillary nor Cruz, nor Bush. (especially not Hillary).

But the bastard just keeps doing what he said he would do, and he keeps doing things that make the Liberals Scream.

President Donald Trump on Wednesday ordered construction of a U.S.-Mexican border wall and punishment for cities shielding illegal immigrants

At least he won't be a liar about illegal immigration border crossers that Barry and anyone associated with the DNC was....

Driving thoughts:

We should test for, in addition to vision, reaction time. There are those folks out there that have the reaction time of arugula and broccoli....Fresh out of the fridge. (and that might be insulting broccoli....)

Why is it that about 85% of the women I see have a smartphone stuck with one hand to the side of their head while driving (poorly)? I mean, I see men doing it too, but generally only about 25%. Yes, I've done a fair sampling, no it wasn't done well nor scientifically....yes, it is fairly accurate. No I won't describe my methods....

'Tis a good thing

That the press is now doing their job....


If only they had bothered to examine every statement by Barry or his spokesweasel(s) over the past 8 years as closely as they have to anything Trump has said in the past two days.

It would appear that the Media has spent more man hours checking every presidential statement over the past few days than they have in the previous 8 years.

Odd, that.

No, It isn't. The press hates Trump and fawned over Barry.

News? Haha.....Propaganda. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

I do like hearing that

"President Trump"...

Not because I was (or am) a fan of TheDonald, but for one even more important reason:

They aren't saying "President Hillary".

Monday, January 23, 2017


White House web page is now English only. 

No Spanish. (why weren't there other languages there....We have immigrants from everywhere). Not anymore. English only.

As I said already....outfuckinstanding.

About time.

I am the son of immigrants. Mexico is in my heritage. My parents and their parents are proud immigrants.....Part of the "Melting Pot".

When I was in high school, I washed dishes for an italian man in his restaurant after school. He didn't speak great english,...in fact, he had a really strong italian accent. So did his wife. BUT HE (and she) SPOKE ENGLISH. His kids were as american as any other kids in the town..(Except they spoke Italian as well as english). He told me "When you make another country your home, you should damn well learn the language of your new home....or you are just a visitor".

Phillipo was always gonna consider Palermo his first home....But The US was his adopted home. He was an immigrant...He assimilated. He wasn't a citizen, but he was proud of his green card.

He wasn't a visitor nor an invader, unlike some other folks here now...... 

So Hillary is dead as a brand....

And, it would seen, now No One is buying it anymore....

In a tax filing, the Clinton Global Initiative said it's firing 22 staffers and closing its offices, a result of the gusher of foreign money that kept the foundation afloat suddenly drying up after Hillary Clinton failed to win the presidency.

It proves what we've said all along: The Clinton Foundation was little more than an influence-peddling scheme to enrich the Clintons, and had little if anything to do with "charity," either overseas or in the U.S. That sound you heard starting in November was checkbooks being snapped shut in offices around the world by people who had hoped their donations would buy access to the next president of the United States.

Read the entire thing. I couldn't help but smile when reading it.

Bill and Hillary can't sell any influence anymore....they got nothin', and no one is willing to pay them for it.

I wonder how much money they made over these past 8 years? And really, I still gotta wonder how the DNC could let them run the show, knowing they were for sale?

Big Hat Tip to Opie for this article. 

Happy Birthday

John Moses Browning. 

There are other firearms, but his designs are still in use today. Think about that: over a hundred years, and his designs are still relevant.

Had a discussion with my Dad the other day...What would Browning do with modern manufacturing methods....and materials?

In his day, you started with a chunk of steel and carved away anything that didn't look like a gun. And steel was all he had to work with.....
Today we mold plastics (and metals), surface heat treat use induction heating, have wonderful alloys of steels, aluminum, and exotics such as scandium and titanium....

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Who you gonna believe?

The Government?

Or the reality?

Government claims 2016 "hottest year on record".

Yet arctic sea ice is greater than any time in the past 40 years....and is at a level reported by explorers in the 1900's and 1920's.

Odd, that.

Not a Trump voter, I'd bet

So, weather in the 40's.

Go walk the beach again. I needed the exercise. Didn't figure too many folks would be out today.

Put 20 lbs in the pack, some water, and a few trash bags.

Drove to the beach.

Foggy, but not raining. Was quiet and lonely...Just the way I like it.


Walked all the way out, couldn't cross the stream...was running 2 foot deep and didn't feel like getting my boots wet. So I turned around, took out a Menards bag, and began walking back, picking up trash as I went.

Was nearly back, when I met the only other person I saw on the beach. Large lady, not good shoes for walking. She asked what Iwas picking up.

"Trash" I said. "I got one bagfull, and will likely get another before I am done walking...I try to take at least one every time I am out here....Keep my park clean and all that"

"What a great thing!" she says. "I wish I had brought a bag!"

I handed her an extra bag. She didn't take it.

"I don't want to get my hands dirty" she says...

I looked at her...disgusted...."I bet you voted for Hillary"....."Always want someone else to do it"

Walked away before I could get myself into trouble.

5 miles, 2 bags of trash. Was a wonderful Sunday.

(oddly, I picked up about 100 shotgun wads this time...almost all 20 gauge)

Saturday, January 21, 2017


Yeah, when travelling, Uber is a really great way to travel from point A to point B without having to get a rental car. I'll likely not use it except when travelling, but when I am travelling, it's prolly gonna be my main mode of ground travel away from home.

If your movements in a city are gonna be limited, I cannot tell you how much easier and more convenient Uber is than taxis....Plus a LOT more cost effective.

Oh, and BTW...if you own any stock in taxicab companies, I'd sell it real quick....

Thanks to the internet and smartphones, Taxis as we think of them are dead....they just don't know it yet. 

Friday, January 20, 2017

How many

Shots of Diazipam did it take to get Hillary into a state to where she could attend the Inauguration?

She looked Stoned Out of Her Mind.

"Whacked right of her skull" comes to mind....

'Tis a good thing

That the Right wasn't inclined to be as poorly behaved 8 years ago as the Leftist protesters are today...

We have guns. Lots of 'em.

Good thing that we are (generally) law abiding.

I find the fact that these folks are doing what they are doing, and that it is accepted that they will do it to be a demonstration of how the Left has brought the level of our civilization down a notch or seven.

Were I in charge, you'd be told ONCE, to leave...then everyone would be arrested....and none to gently.

This is disgraceful, no matter who is president.

But we have seen that the Left is largely composed of childlike people, haven't we?

ETA: It is always the Left that can't protest peacefully, isn't it? Riots and property destruction during a protest has been a Democratic tactic as long as I can remember. Of course, many of those folks were just recently repudiated and tossed out of Washington, weren't they? 

Noticed something today:

The folks there for Trump did NOT "boo" Outgoing President Obama . There were no bad words, no disrespectful comments, nothing. They left him alone.

Unlike 8 years ago, when Barry took the reigns from George W.

One might think that there is a maturity difference there. Or just some class. 

"America First"


The Media Does Not Like That idea...at all.

The one thing he left out:


Seriously, It'd make her head explode

If, once he is sworn in, he has his office find Hillary and connect her to him in the Oval Office just so he could gloat enquire about her health (since she hasn't been seen for a week or so).

I'd pay good money to hear that conversation.



So about half of the folks in DC today will be protesters.

Most of whom cannot articulate the thing for which they are protesting.....
Mostly they appear to be protesting Donald Trump....Because: Reasons.

I've always believed that if you cannot articulate the reason for your protest in 2 sentences/10 words or less, then you lack focus for your protest. These folks can't explain their reasons in 5 minutes.

Women are marching because.....vagina? (many say they are marching in solidarity.....Solidarity for WHAT?
 Gays are marching and protesting because.....????

Others are marching (seemingly) because Trump not Hillary.

Either way, they are really wasting their time.

If they weren't such and irritant, they'd be a joke.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

The end of an error:

One more day. come a little after 10:00 Central time.

One more day!

Then a new day dawns for America.

He'll prolly fuck it up, along with Congress (who could screw up a 19 year old boy's wet dream without trying).

But at least he won't be trying to "Fundamentally Change" the country.....and Trump, at least, loves the USA and the citizens therin. And he has the country's best interests at heart, not the welfare of the Saudis.


So while we are experiencing near record and unseasonable warmth in most of the country.....

Fairbanks Alaska is experiencing:


My understanding is that tires break at those temps.

Coldest I've ever experienced was -46. and that not for long....'Cause I said "Fuck NO" and went back inside.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

CBS is SHO'NUFF doin' they job...

They are making sure to report the news.

'Specially that news about the report by the failed spy ("Christopher Steele", Really? ) about Trumps actions in Russia. Of course, after they've repeated all the bad things they can about Mr. Trump (Over and OVER and OVER again....) they make sure and tell us that the report is, of course "Unsubstantiated" and "Unconfirmed"....then they repeat the allegations again to firmly cement the image in the audiences mind.

They are, in my opinion, libeling Mr. Trump. I'd feel the same way if they were using this tactic against Barry or Hillary. There is biased, and then there is over the top.

Really Sharp

The problem with carpet knife blades is that you don't realize that you've cut yourself until you see the blood on your jeans.

And the new carpet.

NEVER try to catch a dropped knife.


Luckily, I clot fast. 

Why is it....

That the head of the EPA has to be a climate change believer?

And a climate change Skeptic is totally unacceptable?

The statement that a skeptic can't be unbiased is as ludicrous as the theory that a believer can be unbiased.

Scott Pruitt is at least as acceptable to me as the Gina McCarthy is.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

"Stop Resisting!"

Gotta love how cops always say that as they dogpile some dude (been there!) that they are overreacting on....just so they can say you were resisting arrest...both to give them something to charge you with to cover their ass when they realize that they overreacted....and so that they have some excuse for their overzealous action on the dashcam.

Don't believe me?

See this.

(much longer version HERE)

Not as rare a happening as it should be...takes 6 cops to take down one unresisting dude. (Once they get started, you can't "not resist" enough......trust me.). I think these cops should be personally liable, not their employers, the taxpayers.  Massive overreaction. Cuff him? Maybe. The rest?, come on. All these cops are unfit to be peace officers. Every one that participated in the dogpile. All should be forced to find other career...(like maybe greeters at WalMart...or the dude who follows the horses with a shovel in the parades....).  

Traitors pardoning traitors

So Barry wasn't content with his destruction of "Fundamentally changing" the United states, and damaging the American Way Of Life....he screwed the economy, doubled the debt (for no gain to anyone except his cronies) and totally fucking health care insurance for the productive sector of the population. These and other actions over the past 8 years were not in the best interests of the United States or its citizens....they come close, IMO, to Treason

Now, he has the balls to commute the sentence of Bradley Edward Manning (Chelsea) that traitor who turned military secrets over to WikiLeaks....(Were it up to me, he'd be shot, instead)

Only 2.5 days left. 

Monday, January 16, 2017


What would he think of the state of Race Relations today?

Of HIS OWN PEOPLE...and their relations with whites? Of black people failing to take the advantages given to them and build upon them, instead of wallow in their own issues....And failing to clean their own houses and their own neighborhoods.....and living the stereotypes that Whites have of them.

Of the black folks who survived the Civil Rights movement and have gained power in government but have done NOTHING to help the "plight" of their fellow minorities??? (Yes, I am talking about Jesse and John Lewis and others who have ridden the Civil Rights movement to gain power)

I think he'd spit on all of them...

American weapons sold to Taliban?

Is this gunrunning by the US?

Or is it just incompetence?

Corruption in Afghanistan. What a surprise!

Taliban buying US supplied weapons and FUEL from Afghanistan police and army. 

Is ignoring this part of a plan to foment further strife? Or is it being ignored in order to keep the programs in place so the suppliers can make more money(and kick some back to US interests....)? Shades of Vietnam style corruption here.....

Just so you know:

(image stolen from Earthbound Misfit (I have no idea where she got it))

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Interesting conflation

I like how they conflate the proposed De-Funding of Planned Parenthood (a good idea) with reversal of Rowe V Wade (which the Supremes should have sent back to the States)

The two are in no way related, however....Planned Parenthood, as an organization, does not perform abortions, but rather refers women to abortion centers. And Roe V Wade is, like it or not, the Law Of The Land.

But abortion is a hot button, emotion eliciting tool to get women upset about....and it has worked so far.

I wonder who is funding the protests? 

Children being childish...

And just plain Churlish/

And, proving that to everybody...

Yet, obviously, their constituents continue to vote for 'em...

So Children apparently leading children.

What immaturity. How childish. And they, of course, will want Trump to work with them later...

Twenty-four Democratic lawmakers now say they are skipping Donald Trump's inauguration ceremony on Jan. 20, a number that grew Saturday after the president-elect dismissed a congressman who is a civil rights icon as "all talk."

At some point they have to realize that their behavior is just stupid, right?

Did any Right leaning politicians skip Barry's first Inauguration? I don't remember hearing about any....And Barry was then still in doubt about his citizenship... and legal suitability for President(and in my mind still is...) (and yes, he is legally president. Once he was sworn in, as far as I am concerned, he was legally president.....doesn't mean he was/is a citizen)

Were I Donald Trump...

One of my first 10 calls from the Oval Office would be to Hillary Clinton.....just to enquire about her health.

But I'm like that....a compassionate, caring sort. 

And the house lights down....


So yesterday I had someone tell me I was the most foul mouthed person she'd ever met.

I said "No shit? Hey, I'm fuckin' sorry if my language offends you"

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Something you can chew on all day:

Or, at least your mind can gnaw on it for a while....

Here. Don't go there unless you want to have something to scare you for a while...

(ETA: I, for one, will remember Vanderboegh's words: "No More Free Wacos")


A thought:

Here is something that most liberals (and a fair number of conservatives, too) need to keep in mind...especially those who suffered from Bush Derangement Syndrome...and now suffer from Trump Derangement....

(And for those who suffered from Barry Derangement as well)

Here's the thing:

Just because you don't like someone doesn't mean that they are the Spawn of Satan. They may not be anyone you'd share a drink with, and their policies and attitudes may not be anywhere close to what you'd find acceptable.
This does not mean that they are terrible people. Just because you'd like to believe that they would gleefully laugh as they stuffed children and puppies into a sausage grinder, laughing at the screams of terror and pain as they were consumed doesn't make it true. No matter how hard you wish for such things about the "other guy" no matter what sort of stories you hear.....vet your sources and do a reality check first. Think before you post garbage......Check before you begin to believe. Take a deep breath and run it through your own reality meter....does it pass the smell check? Does it even begin to sound real? Is there any doubt in your mind? Do a reality check. Do a check on your own rationality.....

Cause some of you are starting to sound like the dude on the street corner telling everyone about his visions of the end of the world....you know, the ones that make you wish you'd crossed the street to avoid? The wide eyed crazy-expressioned dude with the nutso eyes that can't stop talking about the vegetarian lizard aliens who are secretly taking over to make a one world government and all that?

Yeah, that's what you are starting to sound like.

Get a grip. Check with your own sense of reality and think: Are there facts?? (If so, check'em...) Or izzit just some dude posting on Facebook or a Blog and it fits with what you'd LIKE to think about the guy....?

Friday, January 13, 2017

I just realized

that this is a Friday the 13th.

and just after a Full Moon.

so far,so good, though.

Holy shit!

The CBS Evening News is really throwing aside the cloak of impartiality and "news" organization and has gone full-blown propaganda machine ....

So the Liberal in Chief:

Once again shows liberal logic:

Undocumented immigrants are good....unless they are from Cuba....then they are bad.

Perhaps they should make sure the enter a sanctuary city? Or pretend to be from Mexico?

I mean,I am against all illegals entering the country, no mater where they originate from, mind you....I think they all should be deported and forced to go the legal immigration route.

But let us be consistent when we ignore laws. 

Yoots....but prolly not Amish yoots

And likely not too many had a job to go to in the morning.

Story HERE.

Thing is,most of 'em will get away with their pack-like behavior.

and yes, I'm a racist for pointing out that they likely weren't Amish.  Or Norwegian....or Chinese...

One week

One week from today, the beginning of the undoing of the "Fundamental Transformation" over the past 8 years begins.

Will a Trump Presidency be any better than an Obama Presidency? I dunno.

But it will, at least take us on a different track.

We shall see. 

Not sure what to think about this:

Cops household possessions auctioned off to help pay shooting victims medical bills.

On the one hand, I'd like to see police and government officials held personally liable when they do something totally illegal and outside the bounds of the law.

On the other hand, I think cops have to be given some leeway as they often have to make split second decisions in a dangerous environment.

On the other hand, a LOT of cops are very quick to use deadly force when there are other options available....and they DO hide behind the concept of "Professional immunity" and let the taxpayers of the communities that employ them pay any civil penalties and continue their employment with zero consequences to their actions.....even in instances where the average citizen would be charged with murder or other penalties....

On the other hand, criminals (generally) don't let themselves be arrested without fighting back, and often that fighting includes deadly force.

On the other hands, cops often abuse their privilege....and fail to "Police" their own ranks of bad cops. In fact,they often unite behind that so called "Blue Wall".

On the other hand, seeing this, why would any cop do anything, at any time to place their possessions and family and income in jeopardy ? (And despite our attitude towards cops, we DO need 'em.).

On the final hand, note that the income generated by the auction of Deputy Lin FIRST go to the fees claimed by the US Marshalls and other government employees...anything left over (if anything) goes to the victim.....

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Makes me want to buy something

From LLBean. (And i am cheap, and consider their items quality stuff, but terribly overpriced.)

L.L. Bean Is Fending Off Trump-Related Boycott

A family member donated to help the president-elect win.

Let us hope that it goes as well as the boycott of Chic-Fil-A did a few years ago. 

So how could they have been sure?

Riddle me this, Batman:

So, despite the posturing, the dramatically grave pronouncements on the morning news media, there is one small flaw in that whole "Russians did the DNC hack and changed the election" meme:

FBI Director James Comey acknowledged Tuesday that his agency failed to get access to Democratic National Committee servers and the smartphone of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman allegedly hacked by Russia in the 2016 presidential race.

But the FBI’s repeated requests for access to the devices were denied. So the agency instead had to rely on the findings of a “highly respected private company,” hired by the DNC Comey said.

So....The FBI never actually looked at the "evidence"...Yet they told the world that "the "Russians" did it."

And, one wonders why the DNC "denied" the FBI's attempts to examine the "evidence" on the servers.........What were they hiding that they didn't want the feebs to see? What secrets on the server or in the emails were more important? 

One other question: Did Comey perjure himself when he testified to the above?

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Something to think about:

One expects the press to be biased. But when the "Intelligence" agencies of this country are.conspiring against the President-Elect...then it truly is time to begin lopping heads....either literally or figuratively, take your choice. What the inteligence agencies of this country are doing is, essentially, treason, and certainly against their oaths.  


Thunderstorms in early January...in Northewest Indiana.

Maybe Climate Change is real.


Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Dillon Roof gets the Death Penalty.


One could onlywish that it could be slower, and more painful and more public than it will end up being.

Were it up to me, I'd see him dismembered in public over a perod of days. 

Monday, January 9, 2017

So what exactly, did they do?

The News media and the Democrats (but I repeat myself) just won't let go of the story that the "russians" hacked the election.

But wht, exactly, did "they" do?

As far as I can tell, they hacked a private server owned by Hillary Clinton and then (via John Podesta) got into the emails of the DNC  and (supposedly) distributed them to WikiLeaks and others.

So how, exactly did "they" "hack the election"....

....and why is the security failure of a private server in any way the business of the United States Government?

And where, exactly, is the proof? According to some stories, the Feds haven't actually...you know.....examined any of the servers that were "hacked"...they are, instead, relying on the words and conclusions of a third party firm that was hired by the DNC....

And there is, of course, no forensic information on Hillary's server, as that was "Wiped" (with a towel?) on the orders of Hillary...so no data there.

Did this information influence the election? Probably...almost certainly. The Soviets have been trying to influence elections as long as I have been alive....since BEFORE the Vietnam war....

But the "russians" (if that is who did it) didn't"hack" the election. They didn't in any way change a vote, or change the count of votes nor did they change the outcome of the election as far as the votes cast by voters.....)Sadly that can't be said of the polling places in Philadelphia, and Cincinnati and especially Chicago and Detroit (and likely many other "Blue" strongholds...)

But really, this "Hacking" story is a lot of light, but no heat. There is no "hack" of the election. Just a hack of a private server.....and the publicized emails and the attitudes of the DNC they presented have NEVER been refuted by the aggrieved parties. All someone did was to show private emails that were embarrassing to Hillary and the DNC.

So I would ask the media....How, exactly, did the "Russians" (if that is who did the "hack") hack the election?

ETA: Borepatch says it prolly wasn't just the Russians in the servers

Sunday, January 8, 2017

The one thing about NyQuil:

It does let me get some needed sleep when I have a cold. It does give symptom relief from congestion and a runny nose and coughing.

While I can't take much (the Dextromethorphan makes my meager intellect hide in a cave for a while... to the point that cannot operate complicated machinery safely....like forks or staplers), I do occasionally use NyQuil just before going to bed (Taking it in the kitchen means I wake up in the kitchen...likely on the floor) it has one terrible side effect........

I wake up with a coating on my teeth that resembles engine sludge mixed with wallpaper paste and used cat litter.....possibly admixed with black powder ash residue and beach sand....and leftover (and cold) beef with broccoli sauce....


This very bad:

Camel's nose under the tent:

So the DHS has decided that the voting machines and other voting infrastructure is a "critical infrastructure"....And this means they can take control from the states without being asked. They can set the rules. What voting machines (and what software???) and many other parameters. They can, in effect, change the election outcomes..............(and let us remember, they use the excuse of a "Russian hack" even though there is NO Evidence that there was any hacking of election related voting machines or software)...the "hack" was to the DNC email servers through John Podesta's account because the DNC and Mr. Podesta failed to do any basic security measures.....Again, there was NO hacking of election infrastructure. None. Zero.

I find this disturbing on many levels....it is not in the purview of the feds (much less DHS) to interfere in any way with the state operated elections. If a state wants to use a show of hands to decide who is elected, then that is up to the leaders of the state and the citizens who voted for them, not the Federal government. If they want to have the state legislature choose their federal representatives, that is not up to the citizens of the other 49 states, nor the Federal government. It is, really, a States Rights issue. and not in any way the business of the Federal Government.

I sincerely hope that Trump makes this go away. It isn't, again, a part of the DHS mandate, nor is it any business of anyone not a citizen of the state affected.

Moreso, it can affect greatly our choices as Citizens in the future, Our votes count for little enough as it is, and this takeover can in many ways affect (or even remove) our right to self determination.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

only labor

No need for the Taxpayers to have to pay for the wall...

I mean, all we gotta do is collect the materials. There are lots of 'em there, and have been since November. Probably more than enough to build a wall...

On Nov 7th, (actually early Nov 8th) 62,000,000 Hillary voters shit a brick.

'Tis a good thing

That white people don't blame all black people for some ignorant, inner city "yoots" doing a terribly racist thing, and beating and torturing a white man....and a mentally disabled one at that.

And it is a good thing we aren't disposed towards rioting and violence and burning neighborhoods and such....and that we (mostly) respect the rule of law.

So we don't riot,we don't lynch people just because they have more melanin than we do, we don't burn out black neighborhoods....And,in fact, we don't judge based on a facebook post or a sensationalized news story....We, in fact. generally let Justice take its course.

'Cause if we did, and were so inclined, the carnage would be terrible. (there is more of us than of them, and despite the posturing, we are better armed and better trained to use 'em.)

Friday, January 6, 2017

another gun free zone shooting

Yeah, and the MSM talking heads are having a fit because the dude shot people with a gun that he checked in his baggage....and that ANYONE can check a gun by following the TSA rules for doing so. 

Of course, the baggage area is not a "Secured Zone" so there is nothing but a sign and a set of rules to keep anyone from carrying a firearm into that area.

The most odd (and sad) response is that "Other airports are increasing their vigilance in the wake of the shooting at Ft.Lauderdale"...Either you are vigilance, or you aren't. It is like sterility in an operating room. There can be no half measures. Either the operating room is sterile,or it isn't. Either the airport security is vigilant, or it isn't. (Not that I think the dogs and the "cops" walking around are worth anything as "security"....slightly better than 'Mall Cops"...but only slightly).

I think it is a trap

So we all like the idea of National Reciprocity in concealed carry. 

Which is great, in theory..

Until you run afoul of that pesky Tenth Amendment. Which provides us with a lot of autonomy from intrusive Federal Government......

I think that this will, if passed, be used to remove other States Rights.

It is, in reality, a honey sweetened trap.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Some thoughts for blue state liberals


Think about it .


So why is it that any time a white person or white cop shoots, beats, runs over, or in any other way damages a black person, the claim is that that person's actions, be they premeditated, reaction to a situation, or even accidental, MUST be racially motivated....but when we have an incident where we have VIDEO of black teens are making racially charged remarks while committing a crime against a white person the first statement by the authorities and the press is that "There is no evidence that this was racially motivated" and "There is no reason to believe that race played a part"...

And please note that "There is no connection to Black Lives Matter" in these incidences....but thre is always a link to white hate groups when the races are reversed....which is why we MUSTget rid og every Confederate memorial and the Confederate flag.

The double standard is......strong.

And it is beginning to irritate me. Strongly.

At least the kids were FINALLY charged with more than just kidnapping.

(please note that all other links denying the connection to race have been scrubbed, apparently, from the internet. Odd, that. )

ETA: They are, apparently, just poorly raised

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

I found it!

Or, rather, Ma Nature uncovered it for me.

You may remember that I sighted, on the beach near Pines, Indiana, what I thought might be a capstan from a nearby shipwreck.

Then, when I went to find it again, it was covered up in the sand...
Which led to a whole lot of fun when I set out to find it with a poker and a shovel.

Well, Monday, being as it was above freezing, and had been for a few days (during the day at least) and with an expected high of 40, I got to the beach for a hike...when I got there, the sand and shingle were mostly scoured from the beach...the level was about 4 foot lower than my last time at the beach.

So, I went off in the direction of the "artifact" instead of the other way, as I had planned...... I didn't go to find it, mind you, just to enjoy the beach when it wasn't frozen and under a foot or more of snow and ice (unusual on Jan 2) But since the sand was low.....

2 miles later, I was at the stream. It was low and I could step across on the rocks in the streambed.

And there it was.

Just west of Michigan City, Indiana. Looking east.  
Looking west-ish

Just about exactly (within 5 paces) where I had looked for it last time, only not covered by 3 feet of sand and a foot or more of shingle. It was, honestly exactly in the area I had dug to find it. This time, however, it was above the sand... mostly. the beach was at least 3 feet lower than last time I was there....almost exactly one month ago. .... Such are the vagaries of wind and wave.

It wasn't however, what I thought it was.....

I had originally thought it was a capstan, but it is instead, I think, a 1920's era Delco Light Plant .....I think. Or something similar...(lots of images at that link)...It likely isn't a part of the shipwreck.... (ETA: These WERE apparently used on boats, but not in the era of the nearby shipwreck..so it isn't related to 'Unknown #3")

For scale, the water bottle is 7.75 inches long
 I hadn't brought a shovel, nor a tape measure...I hadn't planned on looking for the thing. I'd only planned on walking the beach for exercise and to relax...I had honestly thought it was buried again forever....

As always, click to embigginate.
Prolly not fixable...

I did take pictures, and I did get a good Lat/Long...
(Latitude: 41° 42' 24.71112''  Longitude: -86° 56' 24.5224'')

Also close by was a riveted well tank.  Also likely from the 30's or 40's. Maybe connected with the light plant, maybe just coincidence.
Glove for scale. Men's large. 
I'm figuring a house fell into the lake at some point due to erosion and these were buried under the sand until now.....who knows how many times these have been covered and uncovered?  Who knows exactly when (or where) they became part of Lake Michigan? What else is buried there or nearby?

Monday, January 2, 2017

First at the range

So me and Ed went to the range on 1/1/17.  He called and said that he was gonna see if he had the new night sights on his 1911 aligned....and did I wanna go with him?

I allowed as I had time. So to the range we went. We were the first two folks to sign into the range this year.

50 rounds of Blazer Brass out of the Sig 1911 at 50 feet later, it was happy...there were 50 holes in the paper. Not a great target, but they were all in a 12x12 paper..... I gotta lighten up the trigger jut a bit.

'Twas a good way to start the New Year.