Thursday, February 8, 2018

"Men’s increasing unwillingness to mentor their female colleagues “undoubtedly will decrease the opportunities women have at work.”

Yeah, Who didn't see this coming? It's gonna get worse, too. Bet on it.

Men are being more careful....they don't trust women anymore in a professional setting. Can you blame them?

A new set of findings from women’s empowerment non-profit LeanIn.Org and online survey platform SurveyMonkey reveal that, since the media reports of sexual harassment first emerged last fall, male managers are three times as likely to say they are uncomfortable mentoring women and twice as uncomfortable working alone with a woman. The hesitation to meet with women outside of work is even more pronounced: Senior men were 3.5 times more likely to hesitate having a work dinner with a junior female colleague than a male one–and five times more likely to hesitate to travel for work with a junior woman.

In a Facebook post Tuesday morning, LeanIn.Org founder Sheryl Sandberg explained that men’s increasing unwillingness to mentor their female colleagues “undoubtedly will decrease the opportunities women have at work.” The Facebook COO pointed out that, “The last thing women need right now is even more isolation. Men vastly outnumber women as managers and senior leaders, so when they avoid, ice out, or exclude women, we pay the price.”

Ladies: you did this to yourselves....and your sisters, and daughters. In your attempt to get real predators off the street and out of the workplace, you've led to this...
Don't whine about it 10 years from now, that there are fewer executives that are female. You are the ones that set the rules....that told us we couldn't ever make a joke, or compliment you, or notice you even when you dressed to show off.....You are the ones that made it all about sex.....You were the ones who couldn't handle a male advance, or deal with some guy's clumsy offer of a date....You are the ones that told us that all women are snowflakes, unable to protect themselves in a male workplace, who shouldn't be let out without a male keeper...too fragile to deal with those mean men....Unable to say "No"...You are the ones that made us realize that anything we say in a professional workplace would be written down and, when you felt like it, used against us some time, even tens of years,  later....You are the ones that think that there is one standard of behavior for men, and a different one for women.  Yes, I know, you tell us that it was some other women, not you... but you didn't speak up and silence them, did you? Y'all went along with them in the spirit of Sisterhood, and now you have the result.

You forget that there are rules in society for Men....and other rules for Women, and those rules protected both of us. But you and your predecessors changed the rules a few years ago for 'Equality", and now you don't like it....I hope the result...that you and your MeeToo movement that let each of you feel included has, in it's hysteria, set American professional women back about 30 years..... was worth it. I think you aren't gonna like how this ends. Nor, I think, do most working professional women who bother to think about it. But I think it is too late to fix it.

You cannot get that Genie back in the bottle ladies.

Now what?