Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Abortion protests

Didja notice that the signs held up by these "grassroots" protesters are professionally printed?

Odd, that, when we are told by the media that these are not professionally organized, that this is "Just a spontaneous protest by concerned women"

More holding practice

This is turning out to be harder than I thought it would....

Winds at 3000 feet were pretty stout from south to north. And my hold was east to west.

My hold wasn't the nice oval that it is supposed to be. Nor were the legs each the same length. more like a teardrop. Gotta work on that.

Having said that, My approaches to 2 different airports were pretty nice. But not what they need to be.

My straight and level flying on instruments isn't too bad, nor are my climbs and navigation is pretty decent too. But the holds are a bitch.

This IFR flying is difficult sometimes....But practice will improve that, I think.

like learning to shoot well, practice and a decent teacher are the key.

Monday, May 20, 2019

I cannot help

but wonder how many times David Begnaud got his ass kicked in High School or at whatever College he attended....I mean, wedgies or locked in a locker or faced in the toilet or other sorts of Bad Things in humiliation because of his looks and mannerisms.

I mean, he's obviously someone's boifriend who is a player at CBS.....
And he's just kinda weasely and creepy.

But hey, however he got there, whatever he had to do to get his job at CBS,  I am sure he makes more money monthly than I do yearly.

Sunday, May 19, 2019


Criminals lie.

Desperate people will use children as tools.

People who do illegal things have no morals about lying.

Illegal boarder crossers lie and cheat....

Such a shocker.

Nearly one third of illegal border crossers with children claiming asylum are NO RELATION to the children with them.

This is my Shocked face. 

Toldya so....

Seems that women are finding that that #MeeToo movement is hurting their chances to advance in business....and now women say that that is unfair and now men need to "Step Up".

Those terrible, mean, insensitive, uncaring men won't meet with them one on one, won't take them to lunches or dinners for mentoring, won't travel with them....Just to protect themselves from accusations....

Odd, that. Being accused of rape, or attempted rape, or other sexual improprieties scares men. Frightens them that they could lose their careers, reputations, and incomes...

And who can blame them?

Women are reaping what they sowed. 

And Congratulations

To my Niece. Who is now a Nurse.

Lots of hard work, lots of dedication. And more hard work.

And graduated with a degree that will be useful to her for the rest of her life.

An actual, degree that will provide her with a job.

Some smart young ladies in my family there.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

But....that's not what they told us!

So it would seem that there are FEWER racist incidents and fewer racist comments since Trump was elected....not more as we were told.

Odd, isn't it? How often the Media and the Democrats LIE about things Trump.

But then again, the Media is, mostly, just spokespersons for the Democrats and repeaters of Democrat propaganda.

Are there still racists out there? Yes. Lots....too many. Both sides. Black Racism is still prevalent, and Latino racism, while still out there, si simply less strident. White racism gets more press, but there isn't more now than there was is simply what the press chooses to cover (and, more importantly, what the press chooses NOT to cover to hide and to influence public opinion.....).

Friday, May 17, 2019

Another nail in the coffin

of Chicago.

Hospitals will be forced to give more free care.

Wanna bet that this will increase the number of hospitals closing in Chicago? It certainly isn't gonna induce anyone to open another state-of-the-art hospitals...

And why should anyone pay for water now? Mayor Lightfoot claims that she will immediately stop water service shutoffs for non-payment. 

So who is gonna pay for the water system? Upkeep and replacement and upgrades? in 20 years Chicago's water system will be worse that Flint Michigan's.

The only thing that Lightfoot had over her opponent was that she wasn't part of the Chicago Machine...But she is a socialist who has no clue how to run a city.

Chicago had little choice....A socialist who will destroy the city or a Machine Politician who would loot it.

Expect Chicago to move more towards the Baltimore model in the next 4 years. the "Rich" will move to the surrounding areas and Chicago will end up with only the poor and the indigent....And business areas will soon move elsewhere too, as crime increases....Just like the current South Side issues.

Which is it?

You can't pick and choose here, folks:

Either the Tenth Amendment is valid, or it isn't.

Pick one or the other.

If y'all get Sanctuary Cities and legal marijuana in your state, in violation of Federal laws, then Alabama gets to ban abortion in their state. Those laws were voted on and passed by the legally elected representatives of the citizens of Alabama.

Since in other states the Tenth is in force, then it is in force with this law it or not. Just because Roe V Wade and abortion is a court ruling that is near and dear to the hearts of Democrats and Liberals doesn't make it any more special or sacred than any other law.

You can't Cherry Pick which federal laws are subject to the Tenth and which aren't. Either the Federal laws trump the States or they don't.

If Marijuana is legal in Colorado despite Federal Law saying it isn't....then Roe V Wade can't be enforced in Alabama either. If Democrat run cities can be Sanctuaries for Illegal Immigrants, then Alabama can ban abortions in that state. 

"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

I'm a big Tenth Amendment kid of guy. The Feds have limits on the laws they can have and enforce. While I am not a fan of abortion, I believe that  Roe V Wade should have been passed back to the States and the Supremes should not have ruled upon it or even heard the case.

The Democrats, however, wish to pick and choose where the Tenth is applied. Can't have that.

Pick one or the other.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Not quite what we have been led to believe....

Seems that there is another viewpoint of the way the NRA operates:

According to Colonel West, the vote for officers didn't go exactly the way that it was portrayed.

Nor is the Board unanimous in it's support of Wayne LaPierre.

I, for one, will not give the NRA a dime until he is removed....and further, until there is fiscal (and other) reform within the NRA.

I've been unhappy with the NRA for a long time....their performance, their finances, and their failures. They may well be the loudest voice that we, as gun owners have, but the board has hijacked the organization.....and the Board has failed the members.

And I voted, but I wonder if they even count them. This is the second year that I had to call the NRA to get my wasn't in my monthly magazine. That, in itself, was a hassle.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Lock up yer daughterz....

The Weiner is loose!

I expect the games to begin shortly. 

Holds and ILS

Did some holds today. Harder than I thought they'd be. Flying the intersections was easy compared to the last time.  The Hold was somewhat difficult. It'll be easier next time.

But the ILS approach and the actual landing were fun.

It was kinda neat to take off the Foggles at the Decision Height and be right where I should have been
There was, effectively, no wind to correct for, and so all I had to do was fly my needles and pay attention to airspeed and my landing checklist. Did a nearly perfect touchdown on 27.

But I am tired. Lots of stress today.

1.5 and 2.

Tim Conway:

Has passed.

I think his best ever sketch was the Elephant Story.

It is one of the funniest sketches of all time:

One wonders how they could actually do anything, what with that bunch of excellent comedians....They must have hurt from laughing so hard.

He will be missed. 

Monday, May 13, 2019

Intersections.....and getting lost

So I flew an IFR lesson on Saturday. Flew VOR bearings and then intersections. It was going pretty well....for a while.

Then I made my mistake and tuned the wrong VOR...# 1 instead of #2 nav radio..........followed the bearings on the needles toward the wrong VOR radial and thus an incorrect heading.

Since I was paying attention to the time, I realized (eventually) that I had flown past the point in space and time where I should have found my intersection. 15 miles should have taken 10 minutes at a speed of 90 knots...I had been flying the bearing for 16.

Took a minute to figure out that I was flying the needles towards a bearing that WASN'T my intersection.

My instructor smiled. She knew what I had done, and let me do it so I'd learn.

Then, she told me to figure out where I was using only the two VOR's.
Which I did right the first time,  only took me about 3 minutes to figure out.
Then I had to figure out how to fly to the original intersection that I should have been going to before my fuckup.

'Twas an interesting lesson in navigation. And an interesting lesson in what not to do to prevent the very predicament that I was in.

Apparently, it is a mistake everyone least once.

Hopefully, this is my one time.

1.8 and 2, as Aaron puts it

Was supposed to take my Dad somewhere today, but the ceilings were too low. I decided that since conditions were WAAAY below my personal minimums, he'd have to wait. I didn't want to disappoint him, but wasn't gonna fly into rain with a 900 foot ceiling and hope that things improved before I got there.

Another IFR lesson tomorrow so I can be less dependent on clear and sunny skies.....eventually.

My goal is Instrument pilot by August and a twin rating shortly after....maybe then a faster and bigger airplane.

I gotta hit the books a bit more though.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Happy Mother's Day

Y'all might not know it, 'cause we don't always show it, but we appreciate you very much.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Congratulations Dr. Niece!

There is a Doctor in the family...another one, actually, as this is the second niece that I have that has earned her Doctorate.....

And, again, like the first niece Doctor, not a useless Doctorate in French underwater basketweaving literature history,  but one which will allow her to have a profession, earn a great living (she will start at a salary that, adjusted for inflation, is TWICE what I started at as an engineer many years ago). Little to no debt, and real, in demand, productive job skills.

I am proud of her and her accomplishment. It didn't come easy, but she succeeded.

This is the American dream.  Both of my Grandfathers were hard working, but not extremely well educated. Working class. Now we have 2 Doctors in the family, and another niece to graduate with a degree in Nursing in a week or so....and another one graduating as a Doctor 3 years out.
Hard work and intelligence, combined with a society that fosters upward mobility for those that are willing to earn it can lead to great things.

I am very proud today. 

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Awesome(r) deal:

An entire AR for $260

(I have found that most "blemishes" are hard to notice on PSA items. I can guarantee they will not affect the functionality of the piece)

PSA must really be overstocked.

But hey, a decent AR kit for less than three hunnerd bucks?

Ain't America Great? 

only $0.30 per round

For Lake City XM855 62 G green tip Steel penetrator.

Of course, you gotta buy the whole barrel of 12,500 rounds.

You oughta get free shipping with that, but nope.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Screaming deal alert:

Palmetto State Armory has lowers on sale for $29.99.  Deal good 'til noon on Wed.

I have used them in 4 builds and they are decent lowers.

A decent price for a good lower.

As they say,: "buy 'em cheap and stack it deep"

2020 elections are coming sooner than you think.

ETA: Sold out!

Monday, May 6, 2019

Yeah, she can tell me

So Ocasio-Cortez (and now Mayor DeBlasio as well) thinks she can tell me how to live my life to keep "The Environment" healthy.

I live in the country. I own land that harbors HUNDREDS of trees, and acres of grass.....all those acres of green leaf sequester carbon.....

I heat my home with wood (at least about 85% of my heat comes from wood....I do have a gas furnace for those lazy days)....all the rest is "Renewable" energy....

I live in a place where my commute, such as it is, is fairly short. 

My "Carbon Footprint" approaches fact, it is quite possibly in some months, a negative number....

She lives in a city, flies thousands of miles monthly, and is shepherd to zero plants. I would wager her "carbon footprint" is nearly 100 times as high as mine.

Yet she (with absolutely no education or qualifications, mind you (Or even, possibly, the IQ to comprehend that which she would lecture me)) believes that she is qualified to lecture me on "Protecting the Environment".....

Odd, innit, how these people want others to change their lives and lifestyles, but yet live high carbon lifestyles themselves.....

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Happy more or less made up holiday day (in the US)

While it IS a holiday in Puebla, Cinco De Mayo isn't, as many people think, Mexican Independence Day.
It is the anniversary of the Battle of Puebla.

It isn't a holiday in most other parts of Mexico besides the State of Puebla.

It wasn't anything in the US until some bar owners promoted it in the LA basin where there were a lot of Mexican workers to have some celebration to sell more beer in the US.

Most people aren't even sure where Puebla is, or really care.

More white people party on 5 May than Mexicans.

But hey, Viva Mexico!

Friday, May 3, 2019

The power of internet people

So I commented below that I needed a distributor drive gear for the '27 Chrysler.

And someone commented and pointed to a gear set that was available at, believe it or not, JCWhitney.

and, while that ISN'T the correct gear, I called the listed manufacturer, who didn't have the right gear, but suggested a third party, who pointed me to a fourth, who gave me the number of a FIFTH party, who ACTUALLY HAD THE GEAR.

It'll be here Monday or Tuesday.

Many thanks to commenter "Knucklehead" for the help.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Not as bad as originally forecast

that next 2.5 + inch rainfall isn't gonna be as bad as originally forecast.

Looks like somewhat less than a half inch. Which is, considering the previous rainfall this week, still significant, but not nearly as bad.

We are still being warned about "Flash Floods" on relatively flat land though. 

Battlespace preparation?

So 2 different shooting this week, at different parts of the country.

I expect a new Gun Control initiative to happen soon.

There is an odd pattern to these hppenings. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Today is Wednesday

And Wednesday is Prince Spaghetti Day

Today some asshole group would object to the stereotypical characterization of 1950's Italian-American culture in New England and the company would pull the ad and apologize on facebook and make a donation to the Gay Italian Rights Brigade in expiation of the sin of offending the 12 people who screamed the loudest and bring out an organic Gluten Free version of the product to satisfy the SJW protestors.

Back then, it was just good marketing. 

This oughta be fun...

So I finally pulled the distributor drive off of the '27 Chrysler.

Now I know why it skips time.  I may be screwed here. Terribly worn distributor gears.

Somewhere, I gotta find a drive gear for the distributor...not the driven gear at the end of the distributor shaft, but the one that is attached onto the end of the cam that drives the distributor shaft gear.

I'm thinking NAPA and AutoZone aren't gonna have a listing.

Anyone got any suggestions where I can find a distributor gear set for a 1927 Chrysler model 50//model 58? (that is the 4 cylinder, not the straight 6 or the 8.

5 inches

Of rain that is.

In the last 72 hours.

and another 2.5 to 3 inches in the NEXT 24 hours.

Pretty much things are full right now. The ditches are full, the ground is saturated and there just isn't much more room for all that additional rain.

The news and the weather forecasters, however, keep talking about "Flash Floods".
Which we don't get here. Not enough elevation to create a flash flood.

Flood? Yeah, gonna have a fair bit of that. But they will happen over hours, not seconds or minutes. Not 'Flash" flooding.

These folks have never seen a "flash flood": "a sudden and destructive rush of water down a narrow gully or over a sloping surface, caused by heavy rainfall."

Doesn't happen here. As I said, not enough elevation. Down south, nearer St Louis, or southern Indiana or Kentucky where they have significant elevation it can happen, but here, there it's too flat for Flash Floods.

But I guess they have to dramatize everything to keep viewers interested. 

Tuesday, April 30, 2019


I'm not ANTI NRA.

Just the opposite, in fact.

But the current board and the current bureaucracy is not the NRA that was there when I became aware of WHY we need an NRA and why I joined over 25 years ago.

I'm a Life Member. A Firearms Instructor.

The NRA no longer serves it's core mission, but rather serves the NRA....and now we find out that the NRA served, to a limited extent, the board members instead of the rest of us.  .
In other words, the NRA uses our money, not to serve the members of the NRA, but to enrich the(some of) the board members, and to enlarge and employ a bureaucracy that doesn't have the members needs,wants,and issues as the primary reason for existence.In fact, I believe that the current management simply sees the NRA members not as a reason to exist, but simply as a source of cash. 

There have been many questionable decisions by the current NRA management. Many that were, in my opinion, wrong. This does not change the fact that they for us, and with us, are a very powerful right organization.

I am, a member of the NRA. I think they are an important part of the shooting community....

But we need some housecleaning. Some sanity. Some reasonableness and some better guidance. Simply some better management. Yes, I'd like to see WLP gone. I've said that for years. I don't know, however, who to replace him with....

The current issues can be fixed....If the Board gets it's act together and removes the people responsible and chooses to fix it.

If not, our most important advocate for our rights will fade away.

I think that the board is failing the  members of the NRA.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Who'da thought that this would be the result???

I mean, just because Gillette spat upon it's customer.

Told him how bad he was.

Told him he should be ashamed to be male and behave like a man.

Who'da thought that this would happen??

Great forecasting:

If one can't get the details correct 12 hours into the future, how can one forecast trends 10 or 20 or 50 or 100 years into the future?

Forecast was for "blizzard Conditions" from 2 pm to 8 pm on Saturday.

Not so much. The freeze line apparently went farther north, so we got a few flakes (and some snow) and mostly rain.

I'm glad I didn't have to pull out the snow shovel, but still, pretty mediocre forecasting there. 

I ain't the only one...

That tangles with power machinery and has been lucky enough to only do damage that heals, rather than remove major parts of limbs and/or digits.

Via email from Jon S. (posted with permission)

Four inch angle grinder with a carving blade.
I said to myself “have to put the guard on”, did not.
Took about a half a second. 
Put my hand in my armpit to as a first reaction, when I took it out and looked and could still see that everything was attached.
I relaxed. 
I can still count to 10.
Not real damage, got really, really lucky.

He's got those gloves hanging in his garage as a reminder of his luck that he is still able to count to ten. And, of course, a reminder that one cannot push one's luck too many times. 

This is pretty good

And pretty funny too:

Saturday, April 27, 2019


Since when some right wing nutjob does something bad it is the cause of either the NRA or Donald Trump or some non-left wing publication....

Can we blame the California Synagogue shooting on THIS cartoon which is blatantly anti-semitic that was run in the New York Times?

Personally, I blame Chuck Schumer for this, but then again, that is as logical as blaming the NRA for all the shootings of young black men on street corners in Democrat-led cities on any given night....


I just wasn't enthused enough about going to take the 2-1/2 hour drive each way, plus finding parking, to go.

I'm kinda disgusted with the NRA lately, Their Training Division has pissed me off enough that I am no longer teaching NRA Basic Pistol or Basic Rifle classes, and I am disgusted by the shenanigans coming to light about the Board and their financial practices with our donated money. I'd probably find the wrong person and not keep my mouth shut and get kicked out or something....

And, while I would like to see the new products,  I don't plan on buying anything new this year, so that motivation too went away.

Plus Midwest Chick was kinda undermotivated as well. So we ain't goin'.

I will miss seeing my friends from across the country who will be there, but what with the forecasted late spring Blizzard conditions (6 inches of snow at 3 inches an hour and 25 mph winds with gusts above 35) at home this evening (when I will be returning) I decided there wasn't enough reason to go.

Sorry y'all, I won't be seeing you this year.

Friday, April 26, 2019

innit interesting:

When thre is an incident including Muslims and/or folks of middle eastern ancestry and death or violence, the "Authorities" always claim that there is no indication of terrorism or that it is too soon to determine if there is any link to terrorism.....

But when it is not a Muslim/Middle Easterner, as in the case of Isaiah Peoples, there was an INSTANT declaration of "Domestic Terrorism".

Now, maybe it was indeed a case of attempted murder. Maybe not. Mr Peoples claims not, of course....But why do we have this disparity in when and/or how quickly a determination can be made?

Strange, isn't it?

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Equal protection under the law???

This could get pretty ugly:

“I’d like to know why Ms. Clark is being treated differently than Jussie Smollett,” asked Cook County Judge Marc Martin. “It’s a disorderly conduct case [false] reporting — a lot less egregious than Mr. Smollett’s case. I have a problem with it. Why is she being treated differently?”

And that is exactly the issue: Why is ANYONE being charged with any similar crimes.....and the open question: How long before the prosecutors CAN charge anyone with similar crimes?

It's not like Mr. Smollett was charged and tried for his crime but got a light sentence....the charges were why is the County of Cook charging anyone?

Monday, April 22, 2019

Just in case you aren't sure....

I do these things so you don't have to experiment on yourself......

11,000 rpm 4 inch grinder (without the safety guard, of course...because I'm a guy) with an 80 grit flap disc...
skin on knuckle
0.0000004 seconds of contact time.

Skin gone.

But it is clean and should heal rapidly.


Now you know, just in case you were wondering. 

Flew Sunday.

Went to have a bit of Easter Celebration with Midwest Chick's sister and her husband.

Now, normally, this is a 3 1/2 hour drive....

Or a 1.2 hour flight.

So, we could go, have time to see each other, break bread, etc. and still return at a decent hour, rather than spend more time travelling than celebrating together.

This is why I learned to fly and own a plane.

1.2 each way, and 3 landings.
Weather was frikkin' perfect. Clear skies, 6 mph winds at 7500/6500, and fairly smooth until the final approach back home.

Friday, April 19, 2019


Today was the day when some colonists chose to stand and fight their government over control....When that Government wanted to take control of the Colonists means of defying the heavy hand of government......And when a government learned what can happen when a pissed off citizenry with arms has had enough. There are those that say (with good reason) that that day, 244 years ago, was the real beginning of the United States of America.  (one wonders what those folks might think of the current residents of those lands today, what they have become....I think they'd spit on those resident of Massachusetts today) (look up the battles of Concord and Lexington if you aren't sure what I am talking about)

Also, 26 years ago today, we have the anniversary of the day when our Government went berserk in middle Texas and killed 76 men, women, and children who were holed up and simply resisting arrest. Killed 'em with fire and gas.
And when that happened, the rest of the citizens sat around and watched it on TV.
And we didn't hunt down and kill those responsible because the folks they killed were a bit strange and were portrayed by the Media as Religious Extremists.
So we watched our Government and their employees kill those folks AND LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT.
After all, Janet Reno is still breathing.....which is a shame, really. As are her commanders on the scene. A further shame. You and I and our fellow citizens watched 'em commit murder on live TV.

And you know......

If it doesn't happen this time, I am sure that soon (like a generation or three, at most) it will happen eventually.

I  mean, is there anyone who didn't think, even for a moment, that the fire was just possibly a bit of arson by a proponent of a different religion?

There is a history of building Mosques on the sites of Churches (and vice versa).

Monday, April 15, 2019

Too soon to tell

And we may never know.
(And it may be that even if there is a connection, the "authorities" won't tell us)

Notre Dame Cathedral may be total loss.

The cathedral holds no special significance to me, I'm not a very devout Christian, The artworks, however, are priceless. The Stained Glass and murals are irreplaceable, as are other artifacts.

And there is this to consider:
Twelve French Churches vandalized in past week

At least one is definitely arson. Perhaps, now, another as well.
And perhaps it is just an accident.

But there is the fact that to some other religions, religious icons or artworks not of their religion are anathema and should be destroyed...


Another lesson on Saturday

More instrument stuff....Partial panel this time.

1.7 hours. and it was stressful. I was wiped out at the end of it.

Plus intersections. Having 2 VOR's is a nice thing.
As is an autopilot while finding the intersection and VOR info. Plus my first approach using the GNS430.

One landing only 'cause 2 chicks had a stuck mike and we ALL had to listen to the coaching while they did 3 touch and goes..NORDO....and then chattered all the way to out of radio range. No excuse for that, I am sure there are 2 radios in that 172....
(Hint: If you think your radio is broken, stop the lesson and either land and have it looked at or stop the lesson and return to your home airport...and turn it off if you think it is't working!). If they would have broadcast a tail number (they didn't 'cause they thought their radio was broken, so no position calls, nothing) I'd have found out who owned the aircraft and called or something and given them an earful. No excuses for that.

So I only did one landing 'cause there wasn't any way for anyone else to hear me...

The endless chatter slightly marred what was otherwise a great flight.

A great crosswind landing and the stall horn came on JUST as the mains touched. Not even a chirp, just a rumble. I wish I could do that every time.

Filled up the tanks and put it away.

1.7 and one.

It appears, after checking the records for 20+ hours of flight, that I am burning 11.6 GPH in cruise flight and 13.4 GPH in pattern work and climb out.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

You should read this:

Some, at least, understand....

I’m sitting in a small coffee shop near Nokomis trying to think of what to write about. I scroll through my newsfeed on my phone looking at the latest headlines of Democratic candidates calling for policies to “fix” the so-called injustices of capitalism. I put my phone down and continue to look around. I see people talking freely, working on their MacBook’s, ordering food they get in an instant, seeing cars go by outside, and it dawned on me. We live in the most privileged time in the most prosperous nation and we’ve become completely blind to it. Vehicles, food, technology, freedom to associate with whom we choose. These things are so ingrained in our American way of life we don’t give them a second thought. We are so well off here in the United States that our poverty line begins 31 times above the global average. Thirty. One. Times. Virtually no one in the United States is considered poor by global standards. Yet, in a time where we can order a product off Amazon with one click and have it at our doorstep the next day, we are unappreciative, unsatisfied, and ungrateful. Our unappreciation is evident as the popularity of socialist policies among my generation continues to grow. Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently said to Newsweek talking about the millennial generation, “An entire generation, which is now becoming one of the largest electorates in America, came of age and never saw American prosperity.”Never saw American prosperity. Let that sink in. When I first read that statement, I thought to myself, that was quite literally the most entitled and factually illiterate thing I’ve ever heard in my 26 years on this earth.

Read the rest

There is hope. 

Friday, April 12, 2019

Why don't they want those folks?

I fail to see the objection that these folks have to the suggestion that CBP/ICE should deliver the criminals apprehended at the southern border to Sanctuary Cities for a release to await the adjudication of their case. 

What, exactly, are the objections? Since Sanctuary Cities "welcome immigrants with open arms" why should they object? Since they claim that these illegal immigrants are a net gain to the economy, why should they not want thousands of that sort of people to be delivered to their cities? Since they claim that these people are more law abiding than the average American Citizen, one would think that they would have no objection?

Or is it that these "progressives" are lying? That they know that these folks are a net drain on the communities where they reside....That they commit crimes at about 3 times that of the average American Citizen.....that they are, in the end, detrimental to the localities where they congregate? 

I fail to see why delivering illegal border crossers to these cities should be met with claims that the Trump Administration is "Targeting" these cities. If they don't want these people, then why do they support the rest of the country having to absorb them? Or do they just want us to take our "Fair Share" of the problems they wish to inflict upon the country instead of taking that burden themselves?

Put up or shut up, Liberals. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Back laterer


BTW: Why does every test pattern have an indian in a ceremonial  headdress on it?

Monday, April 8, 2019

Closed...for 4 days

Over what? a half cc of mercury? If even that much?

How many man hours over a "broken mercury thermometer"?

How many dollars wasted?

Really, this is totally stupid and unnecessary.

Chicago school loses for cleanup after broken mercury thermometer

If these folks don't know enough to determine a reasonable response, they shouldn't be in the positions of authority they are in. 

Sunday, April 7, 2019


So I went to a seminar today.

We were gonna fly to the seminar, but the forecast on called for clear skies at our departure time (which they were), but ceilings getting very low, down to 1100 feet at our return time and winds 220 7 gusting 22, with a high probability of showers.

So we drove. Met at the airport and carpooled.

One of the topics was on aviation weather and the much improved forecasting for weather .....increased reliability for said forecasts. Hah.

As we departed our home airport, after getting back to our cars, the ASOS said "skies clear and winds calm".  Not even close to the forecast.

Sadly,we drove an extra hour each way when the weather was excellent for flying. Pretty much perfect, in fact.

It's still perfect an hour later. Broken at 6000...170 at 8. No, 3 pilots didn't misread the forecast. We are getting the weather they promised.....8 hours late.

So much for forecasts.

And we are supposed to believe that these folks can predict the climate 50 and 100 years into the future when they can't predict weather 8 hours into the future?

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Isn't this discrimination by gender??

Discrimination is discrimination.

If it wrong one way, then the reverse is also wrong.

I mean, choosing NOT to hire someone simply because they are male....

And announcing it.

Bad enough that there is a 7 year record of not hiring any males for members of her coaching staff.....

But to announce this in a news interview....

Premeditated gender discrimination. Because male.

I smell lawsuits. 

38 new hunters

Did a Hunter Ed class today

38 young men and women. Hopefully, some of what we taught them sticks with them, and they will be safe hunters, considerate of their game, considerate of property owners, and help conserve our animals for future harvest.

A pretty nice bunch of youngsters, really. Respectful, but eager to learn.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Some people

Just need to be beaten daily for the rest of their lives for the pain they cause others

"it's not him!"

So some cheesball shows up and claims to be a kid from the greater Chicago area who was kidnapped (or who disappeared) 7 years earlier.

Turns out it isn't him, but some asshole who, for some reason, claimed to be Timothy Pitzen.

Imagine the joy his family must have felt, upon learning that Timothy had surfaced.

Now imagine the pain they must feel, having the old would reopened when they are informed that this asshole isn't Timothy.

This asshole (I won't use his name) should be beaten daily for the rest of his life for this. With barbed wire. Dipped in vinegar. And salt.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Good advice:


Well, that was challenging

So yesterday was my first Instrument Flight lesson.

Took off at 15Z runway 18 headed south ish to the "practice" area.

put on the foggles and did a slow climb to 3500ft at a heading of 240. Not a big deal.

2 minute turn at that altitude. Easy Peasy.

Climbed at 500FPM from 3500 to 4000 at a steady 90 knots. Not a an issue.

Turning while climbing at a steady airspeed and a standard rate turn.
Yeah, that's an issue.

integrating it all was tough. like juggleing cats while standing on a beachball.

2 out of three? Ok, three out of three? Gonna take some practice.

Plus, I never realized how much those small visual cues....the sight of the ground in my peripheral vision.....were a part of my flying.

And we won't even talk about my scan. It broke down when I had to do turns AND climbs AND at a constant speed. Really easy to fixate.

1.2 hours simulated instrument time.  and it was WORK.

Gonna take some more practice and some more time. Lots more work.

One landing with a nearly perfect 45 crosswind. 12 gusting 22. 'Twasn't bad, but could have been better.  Saved the brakes and rolled out to the end.

Put it back in the barn.

Hopefully, more on Friday.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Depends, of course, on your viewpoint:

Was talking with an acquaintance (not a friend) about some stuff, and one of the subjects was the FBI and the fact that they haven't been trustworthy for MANY years, not just the recent debacle with Trump and the "Collusion" farce.

"Since I graduated High school (likely before, but I wasn't paying attention before that), The FBI has been a joke as far as the Fidelity and Integrity part of their motto. See also: the debacle with Randy Weaver"

"Weaver was a racist" (nice diversion there)

"No, Weaver was a "Separatist" big difference. Still, the FBI was pretty bad, even back then."

"He chose to live away from black people. That makes him a racist" (doesn't wanna talk about the FBI)

"Oh, so YOU are a racist, then, also?"

"How can you say that?"

"You too are a separatist.....You live in a VERY "white" area. What, 3% "African American"? Yet not 15 miles away is an area with much higher black and latino population. Like 25%. Go another 10 miles and you are in an area that is 80+% black. And it is closer to where you work. Cheaper property values there too.... Yet you choose to live in an area that is, essentially, all white , a longer commute and cost more to live.....Why is that?...Don't wanna live with the crime, the rudeness, or deal with the cultural issues? Or is it some other reason that you don't live near many black people?...Are YOU racist?"

So the subject was changed...sharply. But made him think.

Odd, innit, how people cry "racist" and such, yet separate themselves if only by the simple method of cost of housing...and then claim they are "holier that thou".

SJW types really irritate me.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Saturday, March 30, 2019

question for Amazon:


Do y'all vet your Prime delivery people? Or do you just hire the first folks that come in the door? Recruit them in bus stations and rehab clinics? Some government program for unsocialized whacked out individuals?

I mean, really. I get a different person every time that y'all don't use Fed-Ex or UPS or USPS which is about 3/4 of the time lately....and they're scary derelict looking folks.  And they obviously Just Don't Care.....Or, perhaps their workload is such that they feel that it is OK to just toss the package out of the Prime Delivery van onto the middle of the driveway (and my driveway is only 100 ft long).

There is no method on your website I can find to report such behavior, nor give feedback on your drivers. I'd rather you used one of the other three carriers. 

At this rate, I'm gonna have to seriously consider not ordering from you and look hard at your competitors. And I have been a customer for (literally) 20 years. 

Friday, March 29, 2019

'27 Chrysler update:

Pretty, ain't it?

Yeah, that's not the one I am working on. Mine needs some work to look like that.

I was asked for an update with pictures, so this is gonna be pic heavy.

This is the one I am trying to resurrect:

Yes, my garage is.....cluttered. 

Good, solid body. Paint is rough though. Doors close firmly and latch. Trunk as well. Wooden wheels are tight and not rotted, but need some TLC. Tires hold air. Drivetrain is loose, it rolls easily. Running boards are solid, as is the frame.

Engine runs and is tight. Carb is now clean and operable. Carb is NOT correct, but apparently many of these cars were retrofitted from the Carter to the bronze Stromberg that is on the car, apparently due to corrosion in the zinc body of the original Carter carb.

 New plug wires (of course)...filed the points flat and installed a new fan belt...can't find the right condenser (or the exact points), but the one that is on the distributor is good. . Surprisingly, Gates had a listing for the belt and I got the belt one day after ordering it.

Note: Automotive engineers back then were just as bad as today's engineers...some things are just a pain to work on or are unnecessarily complicated when they don't have to be. If there was a Haynes manual for this car every procedure forward of the firewall would start with "remove radiator and support rods".

New manifold gasket and the manifold bolts that snapped are drilled out and new threads tapped. No exhaust leaks now.

Carb is cleaned and put back together. It works well now that the varnish is gone.

I found all the parts to the vacuum tank fuel pump in the trunk, but can't make it work. (that is the round thing on the firewall at the upper right in the picture above).

I did make a new gasket for the top, but there are too many worn/dried out parts in it, so I am gonna send it in to a rebuilder
Yes, it looks weird, but that is what the gasket that was on it looked like. Offset and one hole at the edge of the gasket.

(for an explanation of how this canister works as a fuel pump, go HERE... It is a kinda Rube Goldberg-ish, but apparently they work well when complete and in spec (which this one is not!)). I have a low pressure electric ordered in the meantime. 2 psi MIGHT be too much for this carb, have to see. 

So, it starts and runs when the starter motor decides to work. I pulled the starter and switch out and took it to a rebuilder. Should have it back on Saturday. Hand cranking is dangerous! 

When running, it has decent oil pressure and doesn't smoke. I changed the oil and cleaned the pickup screen. Have to see how long that oil stays is already getting dark after about an hour of runtime. Lots of Gunk in the crankcase. Haven't gotten to check the generator, but those are easy to work on, as is the voltage regulator, so not a worry there. 

I'm still not happy with the distributor. That's the next project. Lots of play in it and it has skipped time once again. Something isn't put together correctly. I'm trying to find an exploded view before I pull it apart.  I can time it and the engine will start and run...then suddenly after 3 or 4 or 10 or 15 minutes it will backfire and die and the timing will be off by about 20 degrees. Someone else was in the distributor and it's associated drive before I bought the car, so I don't know what they did or if it is put back together properly. The drive gears are sharp and not worn, on both the distributor and the cam. I painted the distributor gear with a Sharpie, and the engagement is good. I dunno. More research before taking it apart though. It's been about 20 years since I rebuilt a distributor. And it isn't like I can order another one from AutoZone if I screw it up. 

I got about 5 gallons of evil smelling varnish old gas out of the tank, and flushed it with new(ish) gas (Thanks to my brother for his help there). Left some good gas in the tank to soak the bottom.  Lot of icky stuff in there. Probably gonna have to coat the inside of the tank after I get all the varnish out.

After that will be trying to get the clutch to move on the splines. I think it is just rust in the splines. Having said that, I will have to see if there is a cover or inspection plate to let me look, or, if need be, I can easily drop the driveshaft and pull the trans. 

The brakes, including the parking brake, now work. The radiator holds water and so does the block, so I got that going for me. 

One step forward, three steps back. Everytime I fix one thing, I find more yet to fix, or an issue that was masked by the thing I fixed.  And the distributor is just plain pissing me off. 

Lots of work, but it keeps me out of the bars. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

thing is...

It isn't unusual...especially in any large urban area. Happens all the time, has been happening practically forever.

But, like many things in Chicago (Voter Fraud, bribery, etc), it is so BLATANT. They don't even try to hide their misdeeds. They just do it and the people (and the Media) let them get away with it.

I want a Border Wall.

But I am against this sort of shenanigans:

The Pentagon has formally greenlighted the transfer of up to $1 billion towards the construction of “roads and fences” as well as lighting along the US-Mexico border wall, as part of a crackdown on drug trafficking.
In a memo to Secretary of Homeland Security Kristjen Nielsen, acting defense chief Patrick Shanahan wrote that he authorized the US Army Corps of Engineers to “immediately begin planning and executing up to $1 billion” in support of the range of activities necessary to seal “11 drug-smuggling corridors.”

The money was allocated by the Congress of the United States to the Pentagon for military uses . It isn't the Pentagons to give away for other purposes, nor is it Donnie's choice where that money goes.

I gotta say, this comes close to bordering on unconstitutional and illegal actions. 

So next time...

Someone commits a "hate Crime" or a "Hoax crime" will the prosecutor let them go as well?

Or is it only stupid, gay, half black, actors who get off for crimes? People of a protected class.
I mean, this seems to be as much justice as Hillary Clinton got...

"yes, the accused is guilty"
"Yes, their actions had costs"
"but no, we won't force them to do any punishment, nor even pay for the costs of, nor the consequences of their actions."
"In the end, they re gonna get away with it.

Yes, the Fix is in.

What's next? If I know the right people who are willing to make the right calls to the right people, can I get away with Murder too? I mean, if I am rich and powerful enough.....

Next time some person actually commits a Hoax Crime, or gives false testimony, or makes a false accusation, do they get off as well?

What happened to "Equal Protection under the Law?"

Who has to pay the hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs for the investigation of this hoax?

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The Chicago Way.

So it would seem that Jussie Smollett, while guilty, has finagled things so that the charges against him are suddenly dropped. No trial. And the case is, oddly, sealed.

I am sure that there was, in this case some sort of "agreement" made between some parties...It is, after all, the Chicago Way. Been happening that way since long before my father was born. If it isn't the Cops, it is the Politicians, or the Unions, or the Judges....Power Brokers make some difficult things happen....For a price.

First Assistant State's Attorney Joe Magats said that he thought Smollett was guilty but that 'based on the facts and circumstances' of the case and his 'lack of criminal background', the decision was made not to pursue the 16 felony disorderly conduct charges that a grand jury returned. 

It came after a furious press conference from Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie T. Johnson who decried it as a 'whitewash of justice' and said Smollett got off 'scot-free' because he is famous.

Odd, how 16 felony charges of lying to police and other charges were expiated over $10,000 in bond forfeiture and 16 hours of phantom community service....

(I am sure that that there was more than $10K involved as well)

This is blatant. A terrible injustice. A manipulation of "Justice".  Jussie, for whatever reason, somehow got out of his wrongdoing.

Lots of "influential" people were trying to make Jussie's misstep go away...apparently, enough people with enough pull were able to make that happen.

And this sort of thing is why I don't believe that we can trust the integrity of the votes coming out of Chicago either. Politicians, Aldermen, government workers, prosecutors and Judges don't even TRY to hide their blatant misdeeds and twisting and manipulation of the laws... There is not even shame to keep them in line....most are willing to sell their integrity. One must expect that Kim Foxx and her minion, Joe Magats, are either retiring soon or have been well compensated by someone...

ETA: Good question: Can we whites start rioting and burning and generally commit mayhem since a black man was let off for a crime?

444 miles

3.5 hours. 126 knots.

The day (Saturday) was clear and warm(ish) and not much wind. The Weather Briefer said it was gonna be awesome there and back. She was correct.

Pulled the plane out, did a preflight, checked the fuel and called for a top off . Was told I was number 5 in line for 100 LL. (The Self Serve fuel being out of service, so it is fuel truck or nothing)

So I warmed up the motor and cycled the prop and did all could do while waiting and moved it farther down the taxiway while we waited.

Got fuel after a 40 minute wait and then waited 10 more minutes to check for water. Found none.

Fired up, taxiied to the end of the runway, waited for two planes in the pattern to land, called my runway and took off with a southbound departure. Set course for Evansville (EVV).

Called for Flight Following and the Chicago departure controller was cheerful and professional. She handed me off to Champaign approach, who handed me off to Hulman aproach, then to Evansville. The winds were negligible at 6500 feet MSL, so our groundspeed was pretty much our airspeed.
1:40 wheels up to wheels down.

Evansville Regional (Evansville Indiana) is a pretty nice set of runways and is well maintained.  I did a nice slight crosswind landing, barely even chirped the tires.

Evansville tower sent me to Tri-Star (the FBO at Evansville field) for transient parking. They gave us a crew car no questions asked and we went to do our errands and then have lunch.

Lunch was Mission Barbecue...yes it's a chain.  Good chow. Great folks. Nice, polite, happy to see customers. Awesome respect to Veterans.
as you walk up: right in front of the door, right next to the Handicapped spaces. 

tons more like these all over the walls.
The food was good, the prices fair, For a chain, this is pretty good barbecue....and sides.

After eating, we drove around a bit more, then decided to beat the clouds building to the west (Perfect conditions for icing!!) and went back to the airport. Fueled up and that's when my impression of the folks at Evansville field took a nosedive.  The nice, polite crew that had greeted us at first call had obviously gone home and another crew had taken over....The clearance woman was pretty much a snotty bitch. She was GREATLY offended when I asked her to speak slowly enough that I could understand her. The Ground controller took the cue from Clearance, and the Tower controller was also a snot.
Departure controller was nearly impossible to understand (Hint: take the wad of chaw out of yer mouth when giving heading instructions to folks on a radio!) I wasn't the only pilot who had to ask him to repeat his instructions either. Was really glad to be out of their airspace. While I haven't got that much experience, that is the first time I have ever felt unwelcome at an airport.,,,also the first time I have ever encountered unprofessional attitude in a controller.

The trip home at 7500 MSL was mostly uneventful after that, except for the dude with his transponder on standby that passed us in a steep dive from left to right about a quarter mile in front of us...passing through our altitude at about 200MPH (really,, that fast) He didn't show on the IPAD on ADSB until about 2 minutes later...I don't know if he had his transponder off, on standby, or what..... MC saw him as he passed through our altitude, before I saw him. The controller didn't warn us about him either, so I don't think he saw him. I dunno. We didn't hit him, so all was good.

Other than that small bit of excitement, it was an uneventful flight home. I hand flew for practice rather than use the autopilot. I did let "George" fly for a moment while I took a couple of pictures of some gravel pits/mines . (there isn't much else to see besides wet and soggy fields in Indiana right now.)

yeah, that is about 1.6 miles long, taken from 7500 ft MSL...figure 7000 AGL more or less. A  big trench.
Time to get home was only 1:38. Did a 45 entry to the downwind and a decent approach. But a slight bounce at the end. Not bad, but still, a bounce that shouldn't have happened.

overall, a good day. Left in the daylight, landed just before dusk.

3.8 (what with taxi and runup) and 2.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Innit odd....

So when Hillary actually DID commit a crime, the Media didn't spend 1/10th of the time discussing it. Even though the summary of THAT investigation DID say that she had violated the rules in her handling of Confidential and Classified (and higher) documents and information. Had she been anyone else, she'd have been charged and tried and convicted.

The media is, once again, showing their bias. I wonder if they are even self aware enough to realize that their bias is showing. Their disappointment of the results of the Mueller investigation and their dashed hopes that Trump would be found to have done something wrong is plain. But their coverage shows, with no room for doubt, their bias. The DNC folks who are clamoring for the full report....where were they when, at best mishandling of classified documents and, at worst, treason were committed by a presidential candidate?....Why did they not demand the release of the full investigation and supporting documents then?

Why didn't they have a 1 hour hit piece "special" on Hillary's misdeeds like they are all having about Trump?

I'm loving the cries that "If only we looked harder or broadened the scope we could find SOMETHING to pin on Trump". Again, we couldn't look too hard at Hillary, only at her use of an unsecured server.....not at the Clinton Foundation or any of the other shenanigans like Uranium One...
But they want an investigation into EVERYTHING about Donnie.....

Look, I am all for it, either way...., but lets have ONE standard. Not one for (definitely) sleazy Democrats and another for (maybe, and [probably}) sleazy Conservatives....

I was told there would be Collusion:

We were promised "Collusion" by the DNC folks.
Where is ANY charge of collusion?

All this time and we get NOTHING. Waste of time.

There was enough that they were able to get Mueller appointed so he could do a fishing expedition...with open ended options to investigate pretty much any avenue that would get Trump or his team members in trouble.

How many MILLIONS of dollars spent? Thousands of investigative man hours wasted (but paid for by the US taxpayers) just to inconvenience the Trump administration? All based on dubious evidence from the losing team in a Presidential election...Sour grapes, really,,,,people who could not admit to the world (or themselves) that they lost because of who they were, rather than because someone "cheated".

At the beginning of this, there was no proof, no evidence, nothing to validate the claims of "collusion". There was only a claim by the losers....and NOTHING credible to back that childish claim. Mostly innuendo and veiled accusations that had no basis and could not even be validated.  This investigation should never have been funded in the first place, much less gone on for as long as it did.

Since the DNC cried "Wolf!" then perhaps they should be saddled with the bill for the fishing expedition investigation by their chosen attack dog and all his minions.

At least Mueller is honest. I did not expect that from a person hand picked by the DNC.

Remember: The claim of Russian "hacking" the DNC server was based on a claim by the DNC...the server was NEVER forensically examined by any Law Enforcement or by anyone because the DNC would not give it up....So then after that, they floated (and pushed) the "Collusion" story.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

'tis difficult

Working on a car that has pretty much ZERO documentation. And there isn't much available for a 1920's vintage car.

No exploded specifications for clearance.
And no torque specs. How tight do you tighten manifolds? Snug? Tight? Really tight?
Sure as hell no good Chilton's or Haynes manual. I am looking for a "Motors" manual, but can't find one for anything pre-'35.

I mean, one can adjust the valves and make it work, at at worst they will be a bit noisy. Best to err on the side of too much clearance than too little. Easy choice to make.

Belts are pretty standard on tightness. Same on carb bolts.
But manifolds? Head bolts? Not much tolerance there.

And it ain't like on can easily get those parts if they break....
 And I have had enough drilling and tapping old, hard, broken bolts and studs for a while.

I dunno

Irish has a pretty convincing argument that the New Zealand shooting at the Mosque was not real, but rather a CGI fake.

I just don't know.

I DO know that it is not impossible. Which is, really, frightening to me. 

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Fresh trout

So my brother, who is a very skilled outdoorsman, called me:

"Want some fresh trout? I just pulled in 2 large trout and if you'd like some, come get it".

So, since I was going that way, I did.

Man, was that was worth the trip.
A hot pan, melted butter. a 1 pound filet. Just a dusting of  onion powder (I didn't have an onion) and a blessing of cayenne on one side.
Cook 4 minutes, flip.

A little seasoned rice on the side and a piece of bread.

Man, there is nothing like FRESH pan fried trout. Less than 2 hours hour from stream to plate.

The only way it could have been better was if I had other companions and it was cooked on a campfire streamside.

Thanks, bro. 

'27 Chrysler update

Gettin there....
Got the issue with the distributor fixed, and it now stays in time. Odd how well it works when it is out together correctly instead of how the prior owner did it...

Runs pretty well, except for the exhaust leak. Leaks, actually. Major.

I found gaskets at He has gaskets for pretty much any car up to the early '70's. Pretty nice guy to work with too. Highly recommended. Not cheap, but good gaskets and good advice and quick service,

Of course, when taking the manifolds apart, some of the bolts in the manifold snapped.

So drill and tap,...Except they were so hard after all these years that that was difficult, as I could not get a punch to make an impression in the bolt. So very careful drilling and filing was necessary....It ain't like I can go to a U-Pull-It Junkyard and get another manifold for a car that is nearly a hundred years old. But I got the remains of the studs out, even though no local stores had any left handed drill bits for extraction. 

2 drilled and tapped, one had to be tapped up to the next size. (from 5/16" to 3/8") I left the other 2 the original size....One can always move up but it is hard to shrink them....

All surfaces cleaned, scraped, and brushed, and assembly should take place tonight or tomorrow.

Oddly, none of the auto parts shops in the area carry copper based Never-Seize....which I like to use because I may have to take it apart someday....And they don't carry much in the way of studs either. Still have the Dorman drawers, just nothing in them anymore. I ended up making the studs I needed with some rod and a die set.

Then I gotta see if the cooling system will hold any pressure (or water). I know for sure I gotta make a gasket for the radiator cap.

After that, of course, is cleaning out the fuel tank and lines (and fixing the vacuum fuel pump setup) and then it should be roadable.

Between flying (and doing the annual on the aeroplane), shooting and now this project, I'm keeping pretty busy. Keeps me out of trouble though.

Sporty...but nothing important fell off....

Time to do the first flight after the annual.: Weather was a bit better for VFR flight on Friday than it was on Thursday.....Winds 36 ,12 gusting 29. But skies clear to 12000 and vis was greater than 10. It was time to fly after nearly a month...
Windy and gusty...But, since I have a runway 36, I pulled the plane out, cranked it for 3 minutes (30 seconds crank, 3 minutes to cool the starter, repeat) and then pushed in the mixture and primed three times.
The engine caught and ran. I had oil pressure.

I warmed it up and then cycled the prop until it FINALLY (took like 10 minutes) until it too was full of oil and working as it should.

Taxiiied, did my runup, called my runway (36) and took off to the north, entered a crosswind and did a downwind departure to the south.

Climbed, trimmed, and leaned. Then climbed some more. Then did some turns, some descents, and ended up at 2000 feet and did some turns around a point over barn south and west of the airport. Climbed some more and then the air was (relatively) smooth, so I leveled at 4500 and drove straight west. I flew at 136 KIAS for about 10 minutes, but then it got rough again, so I slowed to 95.

Turned into the wind, climbed and did some stalls. At 5500, the wind was 36 at about 48 knots, so I was at zero ground speed and, at one point, slightly negative GS.

Recovered after some of that fun, leveled off and went back to flight at 90 or so and turned for home.

Entered the pattern and my first approach was less than perfect. But my short final was pretty good and my touchdown was right at my aim point and smooth and on centerline.  Took off and did the pattern, this time a better approach. Final was great and the touchdown as, again, exactly where I wanted it. It should count for two though, 'cause just as I lowered the nosewheel to the pavement, that pesky wind gusted and lifted me up about 2 inches and set me down again. Kinda fun, actually. I think it was the retracting flaps that made it settle down again.

I figured that was enough, so I taxiied back and put the 182 back in the barn.

Saturday, a short cross country, and then the start of the the reassembly of the manifolds on the '27 Chrysler.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Maybe today

So the plane is ready for runup and flight. Was ready Wed evening, actually.

Sadly, yesterday (Thursday) the ceiling was 400 ft and the visibility was less than a mile.

Today is spozed to be clear and unlimited. I intend to wring it out for a trip on Saturday.

But, yesterday, I got the broken bolt holes drilled and retapped on the '27 Chrysler exhaust manifold  and picked up the fan belt. (No one stocks it...who knew??)
Reassembly happens this weekend.

Plus selling raffle tickets for the range at a gunshow this Sunday.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

737 MAX

Some interesting comments here.

If you are interested.

Plus, read the linked blogpost.

Apparently, the "anomaly" wasn't a new thing, it's just that most other pilots had the training to overcome it. The ones from places where there was good training and oversight by the governments had "incidents" and the pilots disconnected the automation and simply flew the plane manually....pitch and power/stick and rudder.

The 'Third World" airlines: Not so much.

Please note that the "copilot" only had 200 hours of time in the Ethiopian Airlines crash.

Prop Day

So the prop came in for the 182 yesterday. Fully rebuilt/resealed/repainted... Last thing besides pressurizing the front strut and putting the cowling on.

And the weather is suppozed to be AWESOME! tomorrow.

I should be flying about noon local on Thursday. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

And again, MAGA

"MAGA" is only used by Liberals. MAGA is not used by folks who think it is time to "Make America Great Again"....

Pretty much only journalists and Liberals who ahve never actually known a Conservative (or a Blue Collar tyoe, or anyone else who might wear a 'Make America Great Again" hat.

Jussie Smollet told everyone that 2 people told him "This is "MAGA" country" before they put another leftist symbol around his neck...and we found out later (although anyone with a brain already knew) that he had made the wole thing up.

So, having said all of the above, O gotta wonder....Who paid this guy to write "MAGA" and all the other stuff that Leftists think means some secret hate speech slogan on his hand?

Suspected mob boss killer writes ‘MAGA Forever,’ QAnon symbol on his hand

The only people they are gonna influence are already convinced.

Monday, March 18, 2019

And no father in sight

Not mentioned in the article, either. Wonder who is payin' for all those kids???

Woman gives birth to sextuplets in Houston

ETA: Kenny had the link first, I think.

'Twas very sad

So in trying to get the manifold apart for the '27 Chrysler to fix the exhaust leak, I snapped off 3 bolts.

Not a surprise, they are likely the original '27 bolts in an exhaust manifold been heated and cooled man, many times......but I needed some left handed drill bits to try to pull out the bolt stubs and my lefty bits (at least the small ones) were worn and of dubious utility.

So, off to Menards.
Pretty disappointing. Not much selection and what was there were all brands that I had never heard of. I really don't want to use cheap drill bits that will snap off in the work and compound my problems...

Next stop: Home Depot. Not only NO lefty drill bits, but also the clerk in the hardware section was unbelieving that they even made such things....the look she gave me was one of "Don't fuck with me, dude, I know they don't make 5 lb tubs of "Elbow Grease" either....".
 I had to explain (and show via her internet) that there really are such things as left handed drill bits. She'd never heard of them. So much for qualified folks in the stores.... But Home Depot doesn't stock 'em . So no joy there.

Lowes online only has "Hanson", "Irwin",  and another brand which I haven't ever heard of, so I think I will pass there as well. Hanson/Irwin drill bits are about Harbor Freight quality in my experience...

I guess DeWalt and Bosch don't make left drill bits. I really don't want to use some cheap bits that will break off or some cheaper cast screw extractor that will break inside the work and leave me in worse shape.

I may well track down a Snap-On guy and buy some lefty drill bits...maybe some extractors too Snap-On is pricey, but their tools are good. Not so much with the home improvement stores cheapo ones....The manifold on which I am working is too hard to replace.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Only White Nationalists

do mass murder....And we are told it is terrible to be a Muslim in the US today....
Yet things like what Joe refers to happen often around the world....and the media doesn't make a big deal about it.
And it isn't very newsworthy, for some reason.

Haters of all races/cultures/religions are haters. And these folks should be stopped, no matter who they are killing. No matter who you are, as a group, someone hates you. Someone wants to kill you because your beliefs aren't theirs. Because they think they know the One True Way and younaren't following it.

But the selective media reporting would make you believe that it only happens to Muslims (and the outcry would make you think that as well).
(Ok, maybe the Jews and the homosexuals cry that they are just as persecuted....) But the statistics here in the US don't support that. Other countries? Well. they even eat their own.

 Bottom line: If every time they attempted this they'd get shot (early and often), the attacks would stop pretty quickly There are hateful people who would commit mass murder in nearly every society. Don't be defenseless.  Let them do the dying, not you and your group. Not saying go looking for trouble, but don't let it happen if it comes to you.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

How is this not prostitution?

Now, make no mistake, I believe that men and women should be able to rent themselves out or otherwise choose what they do for pay. It really matter little to me if you work 8 hours on a factory abusing your hands to assemble Widgets or on your back...either way, it is renting your body. The only difference is the work you choose to do.

Having said that, lets look at this:
Johnson said often older men have paid for her school, where she lives and even what she drives.

Now, if she and her (ahem) "Sugar Daddies" are happy with the arrangement, I'm all for it. This sort of thing has, in one form or another, been going on informally since the beginning of time. Young women and older/rich/successful men. In the Keys and Bahamas, they have "Boat Bunnies" the ski areas, they have "Snow Bunnies". And it has been going on elsewhere where some folks have "Mistresses" or "Kept Women".

But this? This is pretty blatant. And while I think it ought to be legal, it is, at best, the authorities turning a blind eye to prostitution.

More jobs than people

Yeah, it is a simplistic headline.

But in the end, there are more job openings than there are unemployed people to fill them.

This does not really mean more jobs than people, just more jobs than people that are looking for jobs.
Nor does it take into account that many of these jobs require some skill, not just a strong back or willing hands. (and many of the jobs require a clean blood test and/or that folks actually show up on time and/or work for a whole 8 hours....)
And this is the FIRST TIME IN 18 YEARS that there are more jobs available than there are people looking for jobs.

Lets hope that the DNC majority in the House doesn't break that.

Friday, March 15, 2019


So some dude shot up a mosque in Christchurch.

Now, I totally hate folks like this. I won't use their name. They don't deserve any fame.

This sort of act is despicable. I hope they hang him. It would seem that he livestreamed the heinous act. There is little doubt of his guilt.

I also, however, despise the folks who use this sort of act as a Gun Control lever....One where they cannot help but dance in the blood of the victims to further their aim.

Also, I despise the folks who use this sort of act to tell us about how terrible it is to be a Muslim in America....Hint: It didn't happen here, and it isn't just white people who kill Muslims. More Muslims kill other Muslims around the world than non-Muslims. You are safer here in the US as a Muslim than anywhere else in the world. (and, the terror attack in New Zealand notwithstanding, in most majority Christian countries). My disgust also goes to the Jewish people who use this sort of act as a soapbox to tell us how THEY are persecuted as much or more than any other group).

The world is an imperfect place. There are folks that hate people of any other religion. Christians are persecuted in many places. Jews in others. Muslims are, for the most part, not persecuted in "Western" countries. Disliked, perhaps. Persecuted systematically, no.

Perhaps, since the genie in out of the bottle, instead of bemoaning the persecution, these folks should choose to protect themselves. With armed security, the asshole of Christchurch would have (maybe) gotten off 3 shots before beginning to assume room temperature. It need not be blatant, but a few vigilant and trained concealed carriers could stop things before they become massacres.

I'm not sure how we stop such attacks. Haters are out there, and one can make bombs, either explosive or incendiary, easily. For that matter, Arson is also easy to perpetrate. Haters gonna hate. Simple vigilance and security precautions can change a massacre of innocent worshipers into a small incident. Choosing not to be a victim is what it takes to stop this.

I hope they try him and his cohorts and find them guilty and kill them in a public and messy way as a deterrent to others who might think such actions are a grand idea. 

Yup: Hint for those who believe in Socialism