Sunday, April 23, 2017

If you live in Providence

Or if you know anyone who does live there

Or you own property in Providence.......(Rhode Island, that is)....

Then I'd advise you to sell, or tell your friends and/or family to sell their property as soon as possible.

Providence has chosen to become a lawless city.

Look at what happened to crime in Chicago when Mayor Rahm and the feds got through hobbling the police force.

The place will be a shithole in less than 2 years. Maybe less than a year...Bet on it.

Yes, it was heading that way already, but when one is in a car heading for a cliff, it is best to keep your foot off of the gas pedal.

Friday, April 21, 2017

So the French

Begin their elections today (Don't fully understand their method, but it apparently takes some time).

And reports are that the "Far Right" is expected to do well...


The current bunch welcomed a bunch of Muslims with no vetting at all into the country.

And like in any group of people, there were good ones and bad ones.

You never hear about the good ones, of course. They just quietly go about their lives. Most refugees are decent...

But the bad ones take a terrible toll. And yes, there are a bunch of bad ones in the "Refugees" that are making their way throughout western Europe.....welcomed by (among others) the French government. And the French are noticing that their crime rate is climbing, and it is nearly all Muslims doing it.

And people are surprised that LePen and others are gonna do well? 

The GOP just doesn't get it....

We don't want a modified Obamacare, nor Obamacare Lite, nor a "somewhat better" Obamacare, nor the current plan that they are "working on".

I want the REPEAL that was promised. Promised during the campaign.

FULL FUCKING REPEAL. Absolute full repeal.

Nothing less will do. 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

What a great idea!

If you are the guy in control.....

"A gun for every militiaman!" 

Except that the "Militiamen" are those who support Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro. 

Of course, regular citizens can't own guns, there have been confications. 

So only the military, the "Militia" (not what you and I would consider militia, but supporters of Maduro) and "private Security Companies" can purchase or own firearms. 

Maduro hopes to keep control over the country from what he labels "imperialist aggression."

Kinda like what the British had in mind, lo that many years ago....

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The events

242 years ago show WHY we need a second amendment.

Men, free citizens with firearms and other weapons EQUAL to those of the "authorities", were able to fight back and to make sure that their voices were heard and that they were able to determine their destiny.

Things are the same today..... If that were the choice chosen.

An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed citizen is, of course, a serf.

That is being demonstrated today in Venezuela. 

Not much changed

Via Old NFO I bring you this:

So really, not much has changed over the years, has it???

'Twas also on this day in 1993

That the FBI proved that they were no longer the premiere law enforcement agency, but merely a puppet of the Clinton administration.

They attacked the compound (or what was left of it) with teargas at approximately 6 AM.
This led to a significant fire about 11:30, which killed 80 adults and 22 children.

To be fair, the FBI was handed a really rotten job, cleaning up after the mess that the ATF had made earlier in the year.
But the FBI, in an attempt to make a statement, in an operation cobbled together by Street agents with no knowledge of how to assault such a compound, really screwed the pooch, leading to the fire and subsequent deaths.

Remember them. The died at the hands of your benevolent government for the simple fact of wanting to live away from others, in the manner they wished, and worship as they wish. And the ATF, in an attempt to gain funding, caused such a debacle that the Government couldn't back down until the victims were dead.

Remember also that not ONE of the agents....Not ONE, refused their orders, even knowing that the service they worked for was in the wrong.

And remember that we, as a nation, stood by and watched it happen. 

Patriot's day

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot." -- Mark Twain

At what point do you say "NO!"?

In all Revolutions, really in all conflicts, there is a spark, a beginning. Thus is the story of the American Revolution. The tinder was there, the unhappiness with the Rule of the King had led to pressures and the ground was dry and ready for  a conflagration to spark.....

The Colonists chose to say "NO!" 242 years ago today.

They chose to stand and fight the legally appointed soldiers of the King of England, carrying out legal orders.

They chose to refuse to be disarmed.

Today, 242 years ago, warned by Paul Revere and William Dawes that "the British are coming!", they chose to stand and fight. To say "NO!"....To do battle with seasoned soldiers in order to keep their way of life and to have their freedom from a King who gave them no representation and who ruled from thousands of miles away.

They chose to keep their guns, and to keep their ammo, in order that they would have a say in what their future would be, rather than be a disarmed serf to be ordered at the whim of the King's men.

'Twas on Lexington Green that early in the morning Captain Parker is said to have ordered his men: "Stand your ground; don't fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.".

Whatever the legend, we do know that several colonist men were shot, and 8 men killed in the exchange of gunfire and the subsequent rush with bayonets.

The bloodshed was to be repaid later that afternoon.

The British marched to Concord, searched the town for arms and powder and shot, finding none, but did find cannon secreted in several places. These cannon were disabled.

The British were foolish enough to fire a shot, beginning the battle of Concord.

The British, after the first skirmish, assembled and took their time before marching back to Lexington on their way to Boston.

The Militia took advantage of the terrain and their familiarity with it, and began sniping and ambushing the column of British Regulars:

"Chasing the red-coats down the lane / Then crossing the fields to emerge again / Under the trees at the turn of the road, / And only pausing to fire and load."

In Lexington, the British were met with reinforcements, nearly doubling their number.
They rested their men, and began the long march back to Boston.

The Militia, whose numbers grew throughout the day, would stop, shoot, mount their horses, dash ahead, and repeat their depredations of the British. The closer to Boston they got, the more the British suffered at the hands of the growing numbers of Militia.  Menotomy and Cambridge were particularly bloody for the British.

The Revolutionary war had begun in earnest.

Remember those men. They, with their blood, and sweat, and their bravery made the country you have today possible.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Intelligence on the enemy's actions

Tonight is the 242nd anniversary of Paul Revere's famous ride to warn the colonists that the "British are Coming!"

Wadsworth chronicled it later:

Listen my children and you shall hear
Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere,
On the eighteenth of April, in Seventy-five;
Hardly a man is now alive
Who remembers that famous day and year.
He said to his friend, "If the British march
By land or sea from the town to-night,
Hang a lantern aloft in the belfry arch
Of the North Church tower as a signal light,--
One if by land, and two if by sea;
And I on the opposite shore will be,
Ready to ride and spread the alarm
Through every Middlesex village and farm,
For the country folk to be up and to arm."

(click the link to see the rest of the poem)

There were, actually TWO men giving the warning (and later, a third), although William Dawes got screwed and wasn't mentioned in Wadsworth's poem.  Both took to horse and rode to Lexington via different routes to warn the colonists along the way as well as the residents of Lexington that the British Regulars, under orders of General Gage were to march  on Concord that evening and confiscate the powder and shot cached there as well as any weapons they could find. (without weapons, the colonists could not effectively fight back!)

Revere risked arrest by crossing the river (in a rowboat) at a time when it was against the rules to do so. He did so anyway risking arrest and imprisonment and waited for the signal from the North Church. One lantern if the British were to travel via land two Lanterns if they were going to travel by sea....

Across the river, Revere (and Dawes) saw two lanterns, and took to horse to warn the colonists. They warned everyone along the way, and Dawes met him in Lexington where they warned Adams and Hancock.. They continued in their travels (accompanied by Samuel Prescott) in an attempt to alert the folks at Concord, but ran into a British Patrol. Prescott got away, Dawes and Revere were detained. Prescott continued to Concord to warn the colonists there.

All in all, the warning carried by Dawes and Revere (and then Prescott) may well have made the difference between there being a successful American Revolution and the leaders of the Revolution being arrested and the colonists weapons and powder and shot with which to fight being confiscated.

Paul Revere, William Dawes (and Sam Prescott) were heroes who realistically saved the Revolution.

Revere got credited by Wadsworth. The others got an honorable mention in the history books. Their   warning led to a victory at Lexington and then at the Colonist were prepared for the British.

Then, as now, timely intelligence on the enemy is vital for planning.

Remember those men, and the others you will read about tomorrow. Without them, we might not have the republic we have today.

Tax day

Anyone, no matter who you are, that tells me that I don't pay my "Fair Share" is gonna get punched in the face.

Monday, April 17, 2017

A violent Easter

So, on Chicago's South Side, there were 40 (FORTY) people shot on Easter weekend. Forty people.

'Twasn't good Lutherans that did it, nor those rambunctious Amish Yoots. Probably not European ancestry folks either.

The press has studiously avoided telling us the race or giving descriptions of either the victims or the perpetrators, which should tell you something.

Until we can discuss the problem truthfully, we can't fix the problem.

Yep, I know, I'm a racist.
Truth hurts sometimes though.


Seems that since Trump was elected, there is a rise in citizenship applications.

Some of the spin is that because green card holders now want to be able to vote...So they want to be citizens.

There is also a large group that lived here for years illegally, but never bothered to gain citizenship or any legal status like a green card....

Now, of course, that has changed.

Interesting that once the DNC and their ignoring of immigration laws (and outright violating them in some cases) people wanting to live and work here in the US are bothering to do the right thing.

Funny, that. 


Not so easy when the other side plays by your rules, izzit? 

I have always figured that if you think you need to hide your face, then you feel that your actions are contemptible and something to be ashamed of.

Notice, at Berkely, who wore masks to hide their faces?

And, this is Berkely....As the author says, try this in Texas, or Iowa, or  Kansas or Indiana or pretty much anywhere in the Midwest.

I've always found that a protest sign is most effective if it is stapled to a Louisville Slugger or an axe handle...(YMMV, check local laws, etc.). Especially when gripped tightly in both hands.  ("Ain't nothing like a nice piece of hickory" and all that)

Someone, soon, is gonna get seriously hurt or killed. But hey, they set the rules. Live or die by 'em.

Didja notice in the YouTube, the Trump folks all had First Aid supplies and appeared to know how to use 'em? Planned on taking damage, it appears. I can respect that.

And they ain't hiding their faces, either.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

I Laughed and laughed

@calebWilde 11/16 2013:As a mortician, I always tie the shoelaces together of the dead. 'Cause if there is ever a Zombie Apocalypse, It will be HILARIOUS."

Via a friend who saw it on a facebook page.

2 weeks ago.....

The dealership called to tell me that the truck that I had ordered would be arriving in a week or 10 days...2 weeks at the outside......

Today (Saturday), they told me that it should be here in....2 weeks, maybe a week, ten days...two weeks at the outside.

I am beginning to see a pattern here.... 

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Maybe I will go....

Nah, the Secret Service will likely make me take off my gun(s) and knives and other pocket implements of destruction and mayhem. I hate that.

I dunno. I mean, "Victim Disarmament Zone". I tend to avoid those. I have known 3 Secret Service Agents in my life. One I respect greatly (talking about you, Lee). The other two were Polish and Irish Drunks, with the IQ of a bar piano in a whorehouse.....and that might be insulting the piano.
(In case you didn't get it, I don't trust the SS very much.....Certainly not with MY personal security) there is the To and From the event where I would be Atlanta. 


Now that is what a border wall should be.
Of course, then one needs a minefield to make things even less encouraging for those who would try to cross.

And the company the company that has proposed it is being threatened by the SJW's....

I think they ought to let people sponsor a section.

(I especially l ike his offer to those who would oppose the wall....He will come and remove the fence around their house....for free....Since after all they oppose walls and all...

Friday, April 14, 2017

Lack of posting

Dental issues are taking up most of my meager intellect. Therefore the cogitation needed for blogging is lacking.

Sorry 'bout that.

Monday, April 10, 2017

One wonders how the police officers

Were able to leave the plane unharmed.

Officers beat man unconscious and drag him off plane in bloody mess. 

One would think, in a post 9-11 world, that the attacking officers would be beaten by passengers. One wonders why this did not occur.

I see several things:

1. The officer doing the beating should be "professional immunity".

2. The officers that were with him, who stood by and did nothing, should be fired for failing to stop a crime in progress....specifically battery and/or assault.

3. Once I am issued a boarding pass and seated. That is my seat. You can deny me a boarding pass and therefore a seat, and rebook me on another flight...but once I am seated, the contract (ticket) is in force. (yeah I know, Obeying the "legal orders of a flight crew"...but that is valid only once the airplane has left the terminal, so not valid here) United owes this guy BIG compensation for their actions. If not forthcoming voluntarily, then through the court system.

But, again, why did the passengers allow some guy with a badge to beat a man unconscious for refusing to vacate a seat he had paid for and been assigned? Why was the man with a badge not stopped...with force, if necessary? There were plenty of passengers who could have, at least, blocked the aisles and called for State police or other law enforcement.

Allowing such behavior, cop or not, is wrong. 

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Seems to me

That TheDonald would be better served if he found another person to replace Reince Priebus.

Dude is not giving Trump good advice and he is subtly twisting the Donald towards the (failed) GOP philosophy.

A nice warm evening last night

So 9 people were shot on the south and near west sides of Chicago.

Yes, there is an ethnic correlation here.

No one may want to admit it, but there is. Same same the "victims".  'Twasn't Amish folks that do this in the evening. Nor others that look like them. Nor were the victims Amish. Odd, that.
As the population increases in the West sides, so do the shootings.

Yeah, I'm a racist for noticing the correlation. 

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Well, that doesn't look good...

Man shoot self at NRA training AT NRA RANGE.

As an NRA instructor, I haveta ask just how lax were they? I mean, there are rules for the range in an NRA class......

Rumor has it

That Chuck Schumer was threatened with more "Workout bands" if he got in the way of the Gorsuch Confirmation.

Seems that there were several groups threatening to send him "Workout Bands" if he didn't just shut up.

I hear a lot of rumors, so this may or may not be true. But I notice that his eyes aren't blackened and he has no bruises, so....

Friday, April 7, 2017

For those interested:

The Never-Seize won.

I believe it can get under anything, and that you can spread 0.01 ounces over a square mile.

The Loctite tried valiantly, but lost.

I'm gonna have to use a couple of cans of BrakeClean to get all the mess off of my tools.


I find it hard to feel sorry for him

He didn't ever try to become a citizen because it was too much trouble (And likely because he never thought he needed to because of our laxness of previous presidents).

So for 20 years he has been illegal.

Raised a family here in the US. Married a woman (A US citizen) who voted for Trump (like that matters).

Owned a business here in Indiana.

Got deported.

Family is upset. CNN even interviewed Mexico.

No one is happy.....Except the rest of us legal US citizens.

Undocumented husband of Indiana Trump supporter deported to Mexico


Was firing Tomahawk missiles indiscriminately at the airport in Syria really the best way to remove the threat of further attacks of Sarin gas on the population? How about those folks who live downwind of the airport? Were they safe? I'm asking 'cause I don't know.

If the gas was even there...

As a former business owner,

I approve of this court decision.

The issue with Yelp and other sorts of review sites is that there is no way to verify any of the information, nor (until now) was there a method of determining who the commentor was....Nor verifying the truth of the comment.

IIRC, the Democrats SJWs liked to trash businesses whose policy they disapproved of in comments.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Whoda thought?

Barry Manilow is gay? Who knew?
Who even suspected?
Besides everybody, I mean.

More importantly, who really gives a shit one way or another?

Yes, this is indeed my shocked face.

In further news: Water is wet. 

I think I will just let 'em fight it out

Well, Shit.

So about an ounce and half of Never-Seize got loose in my truck's toolbox.

At some point, there was a partial tube of Loctite Red that broke open as well.

So an ounce and a half of Never-Seize is fighting it out with about a third of an ounce of LocTite.

The carnage should be epic.

I just closed the lid and figured I'd let 'em finish fighting and clean up the mess sometime later.

We shall see who wins. 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A "compromise"

Nope. screw that. FULL REPEAL.

The issue is that the concept that the State is responsible for someone's health care....that  as a citizen, they are "owed" some sort of free health insurance is, at best, faulty.

Until we get past that, there is no "compromise" ...No Deal.

Full Repeal. Then we can talk. It is what was promised, and what we want.

Anything that keeps State mandated, State controlled, State paid paid healthcare is unacceptable.

Trump Administration Floats Compromise on Health Care

I want what you promised me....FULL REPEAL. 

The most dangerous place to be

Watching the Chicago Morning News stations:

Seems that in the South Side of Chicago, the most dangerous place to be is where everybody gets killed....or shot at by SumDood.

The Corner.

And the most dangerous thing to be doin' on that Corner is "Minin' my own Bidness".

'Cause a lot of folks are shot just "Stannin' onna Corner minin' my own Bidness" when "SumDood came and shot at us"

Odd, that.

Credit goes to Ambulance Driver for introducing me to the evil deeds of SumDood. You should read his book

Monday, April 3, 2017

And now you know.....

I remember it. No other antiseptic burned/hurt as much as Mercurochrome. I don't know if it was any more or less effective, but it sure felt that way.

What ever happened to Mercurochrome?

Typical FDA, really. 

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Sadly, not an April Fool joke

Democrats want to keep ICE from arresting people in "Sensitive" locations.

Church, schools, DMV, etc.

“Members of our community deserve to feel safe and to be safe when they are accessing justice, when they are seeking education or healthcare or when they are practicing their faith,” she said."

No, if they want that, then they shouldn't come here illegally. But that is just me, you know, a law abiding citizen. Son and grandson of immigrants. I'm odd about these things. 

Give 'em a fair and speedy trial

Then, if found guilty, publish their names and likenesses. Chain 'em to a spot and publish where that spot will be. Allow commuters to drive by.....

You won't have to feed the perpetrators nor even give 'em water.

They won't last long enough.

3 men arrested in conjunction with fiery Atlanta highway blaze. Arson suspected. 

To be fair, if they believed what they were told, fire can't melt steel or damage concrete, or so we are told by the 9-11 conspiracy folks.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

'Member this?

I do.

Odd that we didn't hear much about this 5 years ago, the Russians cooperating to help change the perceptions of  Barry Obama...(and the President ASKING them to change policies until "After the Election").

But then again, there is that double standard in reporting and in behavior expected of Democrats vs Republicans.

ETA: And then then is THIS to consider....

Put down the coffee first

Then watch this:

Ain't it the truth? 

"tis what you all voted for:

Large Burly Man in ladies restroom at Disney is disturbing.

WTF did y'all think was gonna happen?

We separate women from men, not for the men's protection or comfort....Y'all felt sorry for some chick or dude with mental problems "Gender identity issues" and couldn't resist being PC.

Ya got what ya paid for, ladies. And if you didn't vote FOR this, you chose to stay silent and not smack your activist sisters down, and this is what your silence bought you. 

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

There is really nothing new..The next leftist riot

we need to deploy several of these and pen the little bastards in so we can arrest 'em.

Or, we can, of course, go "Old School" and use this method of riot control.

Either way, we gotta do something to discourage the rioters. 

Somethin' ta think about


California went from drought to too much water in one single winter season.

I just can't work up any sympathy:

I tried real hard, but I just can't seem to find any sympathy at all.....

Seems Colin Kaepernick is having issues finding a job.


Free speech is not without consequences. Especially when you are an ass about it.....and even moreso when your cause is bullshit.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Mr. President Trump:

Instead of blaming the Freedom Caucus for the failure of your "replacement bill" (RyanCare) that couldn't muster enough votes...

Instead of blaming the Democrats for the failure of that stinking turd of a bill....

You might think about a couple of points:

We don't want ObamaCare, ObamaCare lite, RyanCare, RommenyCare. etc
We don't want socialized medicine, period.

You have a great advantage here. You have the sort of advantage that the Democrats had in 2010 when they chose to RUSH a bill through the legislature...leaving us with the pile of shit that we call ObamaCare. You are squandering that by offering a bill that is, essentially, the same thing. We didn't elect you as President and our Senators and Congressemen to give us Democrat Lite, Nor Socialized Medicine 2.0 (the light version), nor any of the shit we have been forced to eat for the past 8 years. You enjoy a great deal of support from the People and the Republican legislators.....But you couldn't muster enough support to get this stinking pig of a bill to even come up for a vote.....Blame only yourself and the authors of this crappy bit of legislation.

Repeal. Put it forth and you will win. Not a lesser/bad and evil version of today's law. Repeal. Yes, some folks will be unhappy. Some might even lose their insurance. Yes, you will need to give the insurance companies time to redo their plans. Build that time into the bill.  Go back to the insurance legislation and laws we had in 2008. Move from there if you wish.

But get rid of the stinking turd that is Socialized Medicine.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Democrats are smart

At least the leadership appears to be.

Someone asked yesterday at the gunshow where the Democrats were regarding Obamacare and Reform?.

'Twas pointed out that Napoleon once said "Never interrupt yer enemy when he is engaged is doing something really, really, stupid". Which answered the question pretty clearly.

Saturday, March 25, 2017


Overheard just before I abandoned a cart full of food and walked out of the store:

"I wish they'd bring back the Self Checkout lines.....They never have enough cashiers and there is always a long wait"

It's folks like this that keep the DNC alive.

"Yer poisoning us

and our kids!.

You MUST fix this....We want you to do something about our free housing being contaminated with lead......Our children are at risk! There is no safe amount of exposure to lead!


You want to MOVE us?

East Chicago section 8  families to protest forced move

So they want, exactly, what?


Some folks, if you gave 'em the keys and title to a new Caddy, would bitch about the color.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Looks like we STILL have BarryCare

'Cause the friggin Republicans can't do what they promised and REPEAL ObamaCare.

Instead they have given up (for now) on trying to shove more crap RyanCare onto us. C'mon folks.... REPEAL. Just fucking REPEAL...give us what we want, not a shit sandwich with a different kind of mustard.

And you think you are having a bad day....

The folks in Ukraine would think your day is one that they would trade for....

Large munitions depot up in flames in Ukraine, nearly 20,000 evacuated

Other reports are that there are Chemical weapons in the mix.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

So.... the more things come to light.....

the more it looks like Comey perjured himself about that domestic spying on Now-President Trump.

We knew he was sleazy. We knew he was in the tank for Hillary. We knew the DNC gave him some of his marching orders.

So now....when does he go to jail for Lying to Congress? For disseminating classified information (oh, if you area  democrat, that charge never applies).....

Seriously. When does he go to jail? 

Don't mess with the bull....

You'll get the horn.
(warning, the video at at the link isn't pretty)
Jesus, that had to hurt.
That could ruin your whole day

That pig with the makeup?

Yeah, now they gave her some heels.

She's still a pig though. FULL REPEAL folks.
It is what was promised.
Now deliver on that promise. Nothing else will do.

It is terrible

That 4 people are dead and 28+ are injured in London.

The thing is, the attacker was apparently "known to police" and "had been previously investigated for terrorist ties".

"Raids were conducted around London and other cities in England" means that the police KNEW who was a threat. Knew that there were people who were a danger (otherwise how else would they know who/where to raid. Which means they knew who were the rattlesnakes living in the midst of the citizenry.....and allowed those dangers to fester until 4 were killed and other injured.

Why allow these folks to live in the country when they know they are dangerous? 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Yep, that'll do it...

Darwin: Cleaning the Gene Pool for many generations.

Man dies while charging I-Phone in the bath.

(As an aside, 50 cycle per second like they use in Europe hurts worse than the 60 hz we use here in North America....I know this for a fact)

That pig I mentioned earlier?

yeah, now he's rolled in some shit.

Immigration provision cut from Obamacare rollback

So what we have offered to us is Obamacare Lite without fixing any of the issues that make it so objectionable.

Lipstick and eye shadow

The GOP is making changes to their proposal for the RyanCare replacement for ObamaCare.

Lipstick on a pig (and some mascara)

REPEAL the Damned Thing.

You can't fix it, it sucks, and no matter how pretty a dress you put on it, it still won't get any dances at the ball. 

Discrimination against Muslims?

I mean, now folks flying from 10 (Predominantly Muslim) airports are now not permitted to (basically) carry onboard anything larger than a smartphone...

Isn't this discrimination? Where are the activist Judges? Why aren't they claiming that this is Unconstitutional (it isn't, but they don't know from Constitutional anyway) and discriminatory and causes great harm to someone and all the other arguments they used against the Travel Ban earlier? This is is aimed at predominantly Muslim points of origin and all...

Monday, March 20, 2017


"The biggest problem with the AHCA is it leaves in place the concept that it is the responsibility of the federal government to provide health insurance for Americans who don’t have employer-provided coverage."

And that, right there, is why I oppose it.

What caliber for drone?

THIS caliber.

According to sources, the military is testing 'em too.

I'm kinda skeptical about the claim of 1200 FT range though.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Where have you been?

So the Democrats, in the Sunday Talk shows, have conceded that Obamacare needed some Tweaking....Just not the Tweaks that RyanCare is tweaking.....

My question to them, however, is just where have you been for the past 7.5 or so years?

Why didn't you tweak it to make it better during any of those those years? Especially the past 4 years?

Public funding

of Private Enterprises:

I dislike the Federal funding of private enterprises via block grants to states.

I dislike the method of funding Meals on Wheels....which is a really good program.

It gets about 35% of it's funding via Federal money.

I dislike the same method of funding for Planned Parenthood.....for the same reasons:

These are PRIVATE organizations. The Federal money they get has, effectively, no controls on how it is spent.....

Does Meals on Wheels do good work? Yes.
Does Planned Parenthood? Depends on your view.

Either way, and for the same reasons, I  am glad to see that Trump is trying to cut out this practice.

More is needed. But it is a start.

Like one of Pavlov's dogs

So I am in line at Menards to purchase some (Ozone killing) spay paint and primer.

2 behind me is a guy in a "Bernie 2016" hat with a "Bernie" button still on his jacket.

I couldn't resist.

As my turn to pay came up, I looked back at the "Bernie" guy 2 behind me.

Caught his eye and gave him a Thumbs Up.

"Y'know, Bernie was Robbed" I said, casually.

Dude directly behind me rolled his eyes and shook his head.

Guy with the "Bernie" accoutrement started in telling everyone who could hear him on how the system was rigged and the DNC was foul with people who perverted the election process and was still winding up about Trump after I had paid and was on my way to the door.

Damn, these folks are easy.

I wonder who he voted for?


ETA: I found this a few minutes ago:

(HT Common Cents)
(Warning: Video may not be SFW)


So Rachel Maddow and her cohorts at MSNBC revealed Trumps tax returns for 2005 against his wishes (or at leaset without his consent).
Which is a Federal Crime punishable by 5 years in prison and $5000 in fines.
Plus, since they left his Social Security number visible would seem to open up a whole lot more civil damages. President Trump ought a sue 'em for about $250 million and then donate that damage award to a worthy Meals on Wheels.

How to save money at the Gunshow:

Went to the bank yesterday, got some cash for the gunshow.

Got up this morning, picked up the backpack and drove 2 hours to the Indy 1500.

Where I realized that I had left the envelope with cash back on the desk......

Luckily I did not see any deals that I could not do without.

'Twas a good gunshow. Less "white"..... lots of black dudes with the kids... Not just white dudes with their kids. (lots more of both, actually) Either they are getting more family oriented or they are just going places where they used to not. Either way, a good thing. The more we get people interested (and participating) in second Amendment issues the better.

Saturday, March 18, 2017



So I am in the grocery line checking out yesterday....

Ahead of me is a dude of obvious Chinese descent buying Corn Tortillas, Swiss Cheese, and Corned beef.
I commented on the mix.
He smiled and said the Russians he worked with had given him the recipe for  "Irish Tacos".

Think on it.......
This is supposed to be how America works.

Not enclaves where they don't speak English at all.  

Friday, March 17, 2017


Approaching BATF(E) level of incompetence.

One would have thought that the Secret Service might have some standards.

Apparently not.

Nothing like it....

On a cold spring day, 36 degrees and drizzle, after being outside, there is nothing better than the heat given off by a hot woodstove to warm you up.

Some shit technology just can't improve.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

A Good Idea

A "Snowflake" test for new applicants:

Job applicants for a Connecticut-based marketing company have a unique “snowflake” test to pass before being hired.

Of course, it is likely that the liberals in the Justice Department will get with the weenies in the Department of Labor....and sue them for this test...Discrimination and/or something like Civil Rights or something. Having had to hire millenials, I gotta tell you that finding good ones can be a challenge.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Didja notice?

So since the "Russians hacked the elections" meme didn't fly even though the news media pushed it HARD (even Democrats Hillary voters Liberals aren't that stupid), the Media and the DNC types have finally stopped bleating about it  every 5 minutes?

Then they tried the "Trump is Anti-Semitic" (which fails on any examination of the facts) and "Trumpers are doing terrible things to Jews because Trump" But that didn't fly because reality kept smacking them in the face.....The Jewish cemetery's that were trashed.....were just neglect by JEWS......The bomb threats were called in by other Jews or Democrats Hillary voters.

So what will the next meme be? The "Taxes" meme? Rachel Maddow's minion got sent Trump's return (from 2005?) "anonymously" via mail....."Appeared in my mailbox!".. and it showed that he paid taxes. Quite substantial taxes.

Now what will they try?

Someone who wasn't paying attention (or unconscious) might think that what with ABC/CNN/NBC/CBS/NPR and the major east and west coast papers all playing the same song at the same time...that someone was coordinating this......

Kinda like Barry and his anti gun agenda and all those mass shootings.......

And without any Federal "Help"

 (Angel already posted on this)

Give Texas farmers and ranchers 48 hours and they’ll answer a call from anywhere.
Even from way up in the Panhandle.

'Course, that is the midwest....Conservatives and all that.

Do what they think needs to be done without 'Government" deciding or telling 'em what to do. That is what happens in "Flyover Country".

In the East or West coast, they'd still be waiting on someone from the "government" to show up....While the Midwest has done fixed the problem already.

I don't want TrumpCare

any more than I want ObamaCare.

I want full repeal.

No federal healthcare requirements. Just like we had in the beginning of 2010...Before Barry Fucked everyone that had employer provided insurance or bought their own insurance.

CBO says we'd be better off with FULL Repeal.

And isn't that what the Republicans (and TheDonald) promised us they would do once elected? Once the Republicans had control of both houses?

Well, boys and girls, you got it. House, Senate, and the white house.

None of this Mamby-Pamby "incremental" bullshit that Ryan is all for. FULL REPEAL.

Do what you promised. 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

"The weather outside is frightening"

But at the indoor  range, it is merely Loud with Sudden Flashes of Light.

Shot a hunnerd rounds of .45 through a couple of 1911' full size, one 3". I kin still keep em all on the slow fire pistol target at 50 feet....

'Twas good.
Very good.

I should spend more time at my gun club, seeing as it is only 3 miles from my home. Odd how easy it is to get lazy. 

"Tenth Amendment. Now fuck off"

Pi day

Happy 3.14.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Izzn't this interesting"

Maine drops 9000 food stamp recipients after instituting work requirement.

If states would give a similar requirement for welfare and/or Foodstamps and other handouts, along with a drug test at least quarterly, we could pay for Obamacare with the savings. I'd like to see all those folks show up at 8 AM somewhere and have to work for 8 hours like the rest of us to get their checks, even if it was doing make work. At least they'd not be able to sit at home sleeping in... nursing a hangover on Tuesday morning....

But then, it'd be "racist" somehow....

H/T BorePatch who posted it before I did. 

"Dese Yoots"

Was it really 25 years ago?

My Cousin Vinny

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Use your points soon....

Seems that the Big Pile of Male Geese is falling down.

Gander Mountain files for bankruptcy:
The outdoors retailer will close 32 stores in 11 states, look for a buyer. 

I wouldn't order any guns from them, were I least don't put down a deposit.

Question for Liberals:

(I don't think that I have many readers who are liberals, but maybe some of you have friends who are and could ask them for me....?)

At what point is enough, enough?

How much "Free Shit" is enough?

Free housing....according to Liberals, a "Basic Human Right"
Free education.....also a "Basic Human Right"
Free food.....also a "Basic Human Right". (although the recipients can get prepared food payed for if they choose....even Fast Food) , not food that requires cooking or preparation).
Free money....Welfare is unrestricted on what it can be spent on in most places( (even casinos and liquor stores), also , apparently, a BHR.
Free cell phones.....again, many liberals consider them a "Basic Human Right"
Free health care now too. again, in the mind of some, a BHR.

Of course, that "Basic Human Right" is only valid if you are "Poor" or live in (newly defined every year) "Poverty".

All of this is, of course, supposed to "Help those folks out of their situation".

Yet there are more on the Free Shit wagon every year. We have 5th generation "Welfare Queens" (and Kings too!)...

So the question here, today, is at what point is enough, enough. At what point is enough Free Shit enough??

At what point does it stop?

Free cars? Free Internet? (wait, we have that for a lot of folks already!)

Where, as a Liberal, does it end?

From a conversation elsewhere: "Nobody has a right to passable roads, clean water, books at the libraries, restaurants inspected for sanitation or a basic education.
But we have all of those things, because we have concluded that in a civilized society, we should have those things. So I see no reason why medical care should not be discussed."

So, as a "civilized Society, at what point does it stop? How much Free Shit is enough?
Why does 53% of the population have to pay for the other 47%? (remember, those folks get all that Free Shit without having to DO anything for it. They aren't required to take any classes to learn a trade, or (in most places) even be drug tested for that Free Shit. It is, after all their right because they are poor or a minority or an immigrant. 

Don't forget, "Poor"people somehow always seem to find the cash for Liquor, Smokes, and Drugs (if they choose to partake).

(Now, I have no issue paying for those who are disabled, handicapped, or otherwise unable to support themselves....but those who just keep getting a free ride? Nope)

And remember, this isn't voluntary for most of us. Taxes are taken from us, ultimately at the point of a gun. We have no choice.
The Liberals who want us to give more don't first voluntarily give all of their money and goods away and reduce themselves to poverty before expecting others to give their hard earned assets to others. Nope, they live their lifestyles and expect the Government to take that money to pay for Free Shit from others.

So, to my few (if any) liberal readers.....How much is enough? Free education, Free housing, Free food, Free phones, Free spending money, Free health care. No work, no drug tests, no requirements except that you choose not to work....and ask for Free Shit.

If you know a Liberal, show this to them and ask 'em to write a response in the comments.

Did you forget to change your clock?

Do you feel that you are running late today?

It isn't too late to fix that.

"Spring forward"

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Fuck you, you fucking fucks

And all of you who apologized as well.

Don't like this country? Go back wherever you came from. our?

Ashamed of your country? Go find somewhere else to live.

Fans wearing red, white, and blue at HS basketball game called ‘offensive’
If you find this offensive because you are an immigrant, then perhaps you never took your citizenship oath seriously.

Don't let the border hit you on the ass on the way out, dickhead.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

CBS....why didn't you try doing this for the previous 8 years?

"in our current attempt to educate the public and separate fact from fiction".

Yeah, if they only would have done this for Barry and his statements half as hard as they have for TheDonald.....

Yeah, like that will be different.

""Trumpcare is here and you are going to hate it," Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT)

So what is gonna be different?

Obamacare has been here for a while, and everyone hates it.

This kinda sucks, but it prolly won't be any worse.

Until you get folks to be productive, and try, at least, to pay their own way, you can't have universal healthcare. When fully 30% of the citizens don't want to work, and would rather gather "free shit" paid for by the rest, any economic model fails.

When you make it economically sound for jobs to go elsewhere, and the government actually promotes those moves, you have folks who can't pay for their own health insurance cause they have no job...even if they would rather be working.

Unfucking the country by changing Obamacare isn't gonna be easy or quick. (Which was, I think, a part of the reason Obamacare was implemented the way it was)

One real issue in this is the current belief that poor and perpetually uncemployed people are supposed to get their insurance for free, and the rest of us should pay for it.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Preppers paradise

Just the thing for the coming civil unrest....

Or the Zombie Apocalypse.

And, as an added bonus, highly tornado resistant.


The only real issue is that it is located in Pretty Much Nowhere, Missouri. (actually, just a bit north of there....)

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Yeah, that's pretty much it...

I thought I'd give the NASCAR race boys another chance....Tried watching the Atlanta race.

Pretty much like the Daytona race. I got better things to do. Like take a dump. Or pick my toenails. Clean catboxes....Or a multitude of other things.

Guess that they don't need me to be a part of the audience anymore.

Yeah, I'm old and all that. But with viewership declining, you'd thing they'd stick with what did work:
Balls out racing flag to flag, slowing only for crashes and to refuel and get tires... not this silhouette racing in "stages" with "cars" that all appear to be the same....And now with stops so the "drivers" can rest and change their onesies. This was once a race for (and by) men. Not so much anymore.

I think Jeff Gordon got out just in time....

The good news is that I will have 2-3 more hours to do things every weekend....

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Tryin' to understand here, Boss....

So for the past 8 years, Barry did everything he could to snub and undermine and otherwise damage the State of Israel.

And during his reign, the incidents of anti-semitism jumped up significantly  but Barry Obama didn't do anything to stop it. Never said a word about these incidents.

And the press ignored them. And ignored the silence of Barry the O.

And the claim (although a lie) is that "incidents of Anti Semitism are on the rise since Trump began his campaign" and it is all because Trump is encouraging it in his supporters.

Yet, oddly, Trump has been in  office a bit over a month. There has been several incidents of antisemitic threats and vandalism at cemeteries. And somehow, this is Trump's fault. Somehow, he is the enemy of Jews. Somehow he is anti-semitic. Even though the rate of incidences has decreased...

Yet he is held in high regard by Israel. Called "friend" by "Bibi" Netanyahu.....

And yet, he is held as Anti-Semitic.

Is this just more lies by the MSM (and the ADL)? Are the "rank and file" jewish folks buying it? Are they that stupid?  Some that are normally highly intelligent and discerning seem to believe it.  Perhaps their Trump Derangement Syndrome predisposes them to want to buy it....

Or is it just more Big Lie by the press repeated over and over?

Friday, March 3, 2017

I'm pretty sure I'd refuse

at least until either they:

1. Showed me their legal statutory right to demand my identity papers inside the borders....Which they don't have. (They can try and claim the 100 mile rule, but that wouldn't fly in this case)
2. Explained WHY they needed me to show my identity papers (and asked politely).

Option 3 is, of course, arresting me. Which has happened in the (far) past, so isn't that frightening to me.......especially since I don't have to worry about my boss being unhappy about and losing my job or security clearance.

A search for a deportation target leads to a demand for travelers' "papers" at JFK

But so many people aren't sure of their rights and are afraid of anyone with a uniform and badge. Which is why they get away with it....

The big deal

is that the "Russians" "Meddled" in the 2016 US elections.

What, exactly, are the "Russians" supposed to have done?

Changed vote counts? Hacked the voting machines so they registered incorrect votes?

Brainwashed the citizens to vote for Trump (or Hillary)?

What, exactly, did they do?

'Cause I haven't heard any specifics.

I'm all for an investigation if there is likely to be something there at the end of it.

But if we are gonna spend MILLIONS of dollars no direction to the investigation and end up with just a platform to have our elected officials pontificate and then nothing at the end....I got issues with that. The Conservatives did it several times using Ken Starr and wasted big bucks and got nowhere. I don't want a repeat of that.

I'd like to see some specific charges before we go much further. 

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Laughable, if not so tragic

Early spring storms erupted in northern Illinois as canadian air clashed with warmer humid southern air, creating a line of extremely strong thundercells and tornadoes along I-80.

Hard hit was the small town of Naplate Il. . The physical damage, like in all such storms, was one was seriously hurt in that town....For the residents, it was tragic

The news media personalities are a joke, however. Most were unsure as to where the town was, how to pronounce the name of the town, or what the people of the small town might even look like or speak like......these news personalities have likely never BEEN to a town of less than 10,000 people...

Their reaction to these people is almost comical. 

'Twas, as always...

Short on details....such are Presidential speeches.

Having said that, his direction is the drection I would like for us to take our country.

Not too keen on the paid leave, but overall, a good speech.

I liked the "America first" theme, and the fact that he feels that he "represents the American people, not the world" About time we had a president who understood that.

At least the Democrats more or less behaved like adults. 

Blame the DNC

All you folks suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, and all you weeping sisters crying about Trumps actions taken since his inaguration...... you folks who can talk about nothing else but how terrible Trump is as a person and a President...

Blame the DNC. They are the ones who put Hillary Clinton into the position where folks had to choose the lesser of the two weasels.

Trump may have been the weakest candidate to ever win an election. But he won. He is, like it or not, no matter how much you cry or pout, the legally elected Preident of the United States....he is my president, and no matter ho many times you say otherwise,  he is your president too.... just as Obama was our president..even though about half of us disliked him nearly as much as you disliked Trump.

Why? Because many of the folks who voted for him did so only because the alternative was a vile, slimy, nasty, woman who sold her office (when Secretary of State) and who failed to follow the  laws....and got away with it because she was the DNC presidential candidate. A woman who hated the country and the citizens. Who wanted to set herself up for even greater profits as President. A candidate who couldn't hide her disdain for a great portion of the productive citizens of the country. One who believed in the State, rather than the Individual. Possibly the most disliked candidate ever.

There are those who point out that she won the popular vote. Yes, but take out the cities and counties where the citizens overwhelmingly depend on Federal goverment largesse, (and have huge illegal poulations) and she lost, overwhelmingly. Or, discount the states with no voter ID and get the same result (draw your own conclusions there...).

Had the DNC (or, for that matter, the RNC) presented any candidates that weren't repugnant to a great percentage of the (legal) voting population, Trump would not have had a chance.

Few people voted FOR Trump. Many, probably most, voted AGAINST Hillary.

Don't like your President? Then blame those who gave you shitty choices....but grow up. Stop whining and pissing and moaning like a snippy 13 year old girl.

You have four years to think about it.....

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Still no computer

The local Geek Squad could't fix it (deleted comment) so it was shipped out to Depot Level repair for a hard drive replacement.

Bloggging will continue to be light and terse because Android doesn't work well with Blogger and there are, apparently, no decent keyboards avaiable for bluetooth.

24 yearz ago

TheATF attacked the "Branch Davidians"compound in a remote part of rural Waco Texas. Believing that the isolated ocation would allow them to get away with a commando style raid, the untrained agents stormed the compound...leading to a debacle that lasted an additional 50 days and one that showed the ineptness of the ATF management and the Federal  oversight of that agency.

Further, it showe the Federal Government use propaganda to demonize the Branch Davidians and whitewash the mess the Feds made when they negotiated and eventually stormed the compound and killed 76 people.

Somewhere I have a t-shirt that asks the question: "Is Your Church BATF Approved?

'Tis a good question....

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Don't play well together.

Laptop is in the body & fender shop due to imminent hard dive failure, so am using the Android tablet.

Which is nice for surfing the web, but SUCKS for adding content to it.

Expect a lot less bogging for a while. Blogger and Android do NOT play well together.

Which is ok, as the weather is nice and I gotta go help my brother clear a fenceline for his new homesite.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


7 miles on the sand today. Monday.  Total for the day 11.

I helped a friend at the Gunshow this weekend....I was on my feet all day, both days, but I didn't actually MOVE that much. I only walked a mile and half on Saturday, and a little less on Sunday. Not my normal level of exercise...

So, Monday, I went for a walk on the beach. The temps at noon were 61 degrees F and there was little to no wind. The lake has 4" waves. Looked like a millpond. I  walked the whole way in a tee shirt and jeans...Got a sunburn.

The sand was soft, so that 7 miles probably equalled 10 (or more) on pavement.

Feelin it this mornin. 

Monday, February 20, 2017

A report for Harry:

The Valpo gunshow was as normal. Lots of old collectible rifles and some pistols..., lots of plastic and new guns available. Pricing for New firearms was 10-15% under MSRP.

There were no cases of old surplus import rifles for sale. Mosins were $230-300 (each), little old ammo for sale.

Powder and bullets in bulk were a bit pricey, new ammo the same. .22 LR is available, and the prices are coming down......bricks for $35-45.

Lots of lookers, not as many buyers as last year. No panic. Lots of Trump hats and such (go figure). People seemed to be waiting for prices to go down.

Watching on the Tee-Vee

The evening News Propaganda....

The Media just can't miss a chance to twist what they report to try and make Trump look bad, can they?

The thing that pisses me off is that they seem to think that I and my fellow Citizens won't notice....Or that they ALL use the SAME terminology and descriptions in their slanted reports of The Donald.....Almost as if they were coordinated.........

Sunday, February 19, 2017

I am told

By the News Media, so the story is somewhat suspect) that the Government and people of Canada are "welcoming Syrian Refugees with open arms and smiles".

(Perhaps the Government, but I doubt the "People" are welcoming)

I say, if it is true, fine. Let 'em have all the Syrian refugees they want to take in. In fact, they can have all the ones that aren't welcome here.

A caution, however:

They should look to most of western Europe for examples. Germany, France, Switzerland, etc. Where even the police and other white people can't go before they welcome too many,....but hey, they can invite as many as they want into their country. We don't get a say.

Of course, at some point we will likely have to build a border wall in the north too, and the fallout of the unchecked muslim immigration  will, eventually, cause issues with the maple syrup supply and the some other Canadian products like back bacon and whisky, but I am sure we will adapt when the Syrians take over canadia.

A joke? Not really.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Gunshow today

Valpo Gunshow today.

Oughta be a different show, now that Trump is President.

I'll be there looking for deals.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Just FYI:

The "Day Without an (Illegal) Immigrant was, again, a flop.

This despite the help from the Media.

Such a surprise.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Who knew this was illegal?

While it has been a few years, I have, indeed, been intoxicated enough to try something like this..........

Riding a couch, towed by an ATV, though a drive though. 

Hammered, of course. And the cops had to, (because cops) arrest someone. Killjoys.

Dude, McDonalds run...munchies.

But at least they were  wearing helmets.

Safety first when out in public while intoxicated and riding a couch....

Now if the couch had been pulled by a moose.....

"A day without immigrants"

"Seems that in Chicago, there are gonna be massive protests over the recent actions of ICE in rounding up illegal immigrant criminals....That is, folks who have committed a crime HERE IN THE US AFTER ENTERING ILLEGALLY....And that, is somehow unfair.

So, a Day Without Immigrants.....(they forget to say Illegal, but that is passed by the media)......And, of course, they won't just stay home quietly, which would make an impression. Instead, (surprise!!) there will be protests and gatherings and such.

And, oddly, a bunch of businesses in the greater Chicago area will be closed ....Restaurants, service facilities, other low wage paying, (relatively) unskilled job producing businesses. Odd, when I worked in restaurants, I could never afford to take a day off......

All because some criminals have been deported. No massive deportations, although, apparently, the threat of that has a LOT of folks has , from reports, seriously impacted the Mexican (Latino) business community.....The one that serves the illegals.

ETA: It was pointed out to me that if ICE is smart, they'll observe which businesses are closed, in order to know where to look for undocumented illegal immigrant workers later...

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

'Yknow....I fail to see the problem....

"Shame on ICE for putting New York’s immigrant communities—four million strong—in a state of panic,” said Steven Choi of the New York Immigration Coalition."


"Every arrest produces fingerprints that are sent to federal law enforcement officials.”

Just what is the problem here?

Undocumented immigrants invaders should live in fear of being caught and deported.  They should be afraid. They should be afraid of breaking ANY law....for fear of being deported.

Notice in the article that many countries ....Australia, Canada and others deport criminal immigrants at rates higher than the US....

And, in my opinion, anyone who puts race or culture before their fellow citizens and the law is a traitor to their country. 

Warning order:

The Valpo Gun Show is this weekend.

AKA Dunes Rifle and Pistol Club Gun and Knife Show

Monday, February 13, 2017

Note to self:

Stay out of Winnipeg for the near future....seeing as the Canadian Government has disarmed most people. ....seeing as how murderers and cannibals and such go free....

WTF? How does this man NOT present a danger to the other citizens? "Not criminally responsible"? 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

I miss all of the dogs

That I have been blessed to share a portion of my life with. Sometimes I think about getting another dog...But I'm not ready yet.

But some days, I miss some of them more than other days. Lucky, Kaira, Gip, Schmoo. Others too. Even the Poms.

Some days it is terrible. I miss 'em so bad.

I have the cats, but it ain't the same.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Am very confuzed here....

So lemme see if I got this straight here:

On the one hand:  Liberals say that "Terrorism has NOTHING to do with Islam".

On the other hand: "If we ban Muslims from entering the US...Especially from those 7 countries....then we will create more terrorists".

Odd, that, Innit?

First world problems:

So I was at the grocery store...

In the produce section.

This woman was bitching about the quality of the green peppers. (they were pretty bad).

I pointed out that it was a great thing that they had any fresh green peppers AT ALL...It was, in fact, February. In North America. That 20 years ago, there would have been NONE available...unless frozen.

She really didn't get it. As I said, "First World problems".

None so blind... those who refuse to learn.

Yeah, a paraphrase.

But for so many, it is true.

There is no shame in being wrong. There is shame in refusing to admit it, when someone points it out...Refusing to learn, or even BOTHER to learn where or when you went wrong. Of refusing to learn, or expand your knowledge. Of insisting that that which you believe is correct, even when the evidence causes doubt.

I don't expect people to believe when it is pointed out that they have an error in their knowledge or assumptions....I DO expect them to investigate and learn and decide if they are correct or not. Failure to do so is childish. Assuming one is always correct is foolish.

We have all been guilty of that, I suppose. I certainly have....

But some of us grew up.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

22 years

And a in the US......22 years.

Yet she couldn't be bothered to try to become a citizen.

Got caught using a false Social Security number...and did the thing she thought was right, which was to show up at the immigration official's office when she was scheduled to.

By all rights, all accounts, a model citizen.....
Except she wasn't, and apparently never wanted to be, nor saw a need to be, a citizen.

Now she is deported.

While I feel for her and her family, when one breaks the rules, one often must pay the price for that. I don't feel sorry for her. Were it not for Obama's politics, she'd have been deported years ago. Being a Felon and all...
Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos is paying the price for her behavior. 

Monday, February 6, 2017

Interesting coincidence:

The Left has begun using the word "Nazi" to describe anyone that they disagree has become their "hate" word in the past few weeks (Seems "Racist" doesn't work anymore?)

And, oddly, we are shown on the Television and Print media a great spate of incidents where people are drawing, spray painting, and using stickers of.....Swastikas.....Generally where there are a great number of people of Jewish extraction.

Is it just that the Media has "suddenly" decided to show us all these incidents? (or is it a false flag thing?)

Or are the Swastikas and other "Nazi" symbols.....part of the campaign to make "Nazi" the new hate word? The new epithet..?

One wonders. I have come to believe that there are no coincidences when it comes to the Media and attempts to influence public opinion. 

'Tis interesting

When Trump makes a remark or a tweet, and the Republicans feel the need to bloviate make a comment on his words, it is often in opposition to The Donald.

Which is reported by the Media as "Even Trump's own Party opposes him.

This is foolish and disingenuous....The Republican Party is not Trump's party. They made that plain all the way until he was elected in November.

But the media can't not take any advantage to damage TheDonald.

Lawyers making sure lawyers are employed....

Should be interesting in the courts today
Trump's team is gonna appeal the stay on his immigration ban.

As he should.

While I am not an attorney, (and don't even play one on TV), I haven't heard nor seen any arguments as to why the stay should be legal, nor valid. Some say "unconstitutional", but I don't see that....and I have asked for explanations....But no one can seem to come up with any cogent argument as to why that is....Nor even why the lower court found any reason to give the decision that it did.

"Because" won't cut it. Real, legal reasoned arguments will. And so far, besides emotion, I haven't seen anything. besides the former. Nothing resembling the latter.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Superbowl (commercial) thoughts:

5:30 Central:

Coke commercial:
If you want to honor "America", then sing it in American, not some other language. (If you can't speak the language, you never gonna be a part of this country). THis shit doesn't belong here. Advertise your product, don't try social engineering...

5:34: Now, Ford understands.....They just told me why I should buy a Ford, with no social commentary.

5:43: Google gets it too.

5:55 Now the Skittles ad is FUNNY.
6:00 API pissed their money away.

So did GoDaddy.

6:05: #WeAccept...a nice message. Still, doesn't belong here....Superbowl folks, not Kumbayah.
Yellowtail wines? Yeah, you wasted your money. But at least no social commentary.

6:13 The choice of spokesperson by T-Mobil is nearly as good as having Lon Horuchi give testimony on rifles......:

6:24. Tide. Nice.

6:29: Coke: Now that is a good commercial. No politics.

6:46 Alfa Romeo. Makes me wanna buy one.

7:09: 84 Lumber. Nice sentiment (you gotta go HERE to understand the whole thing) But breaking into the country isn't a good start to begin your life in you new home, now is it?
Again: This doesn't belong in the Superbowl.
I will remember this...and buy my home improvement products anywhere but 84 Lumber. No wonder Fox wouldn't run the whole thing. This is, at best unpatriotic....

7:39. Audi has a great, inspiring commercial.....
Right up 'til the end. Then it pissed me off. I may have to go look at Alfas...
Social engineering doesn't belong here...even if the message is good.

7:54 Funny, but I'll prolly not buy a Kia Niro.

8:05:30....Nice.....Walking Dead. Works for me.

8:12....T-Mobil is hitting it after stepping on their crank at the first....and no social commentary.

8:19 Lite Beer. Nice. Even though they never told me why theirs is better. But at least they didn't try to tell me why I should give up my country to invaders.....nor try to make me feel guilty for being an American....

8:31 Bud Light told me why I want to drink their beer. Works for me.

9:24 Congrats Patriots.

9:30 Hyundai. Nice commercial. Classy.

Overall, the commercials were not terribly entertaining, nor original, nor funny. Some did the job....I remembered the product and the name and others made sure I wouldn't buy that product or from that company. The social engineering , for me at least, backfired.

Don't get me wrong, I believe that these folks can spend their money any way they want, up to the FCC limits and to the limits that Fox will allow....That First Amendment thing and all....


A thought for

All of you folks who like to toss around the word 'Nazi"....
Especially those who use it for Trump and his supporters, or Right wingers in general.

I'd like to see even one example of Nazi-ism. Seriously. You toss it around, but you won't back it up.

The Right leaning folks aren't acting like Brownshirts, we aren't eradicating you because you have a different race, nor religion, nor gender appeal, nor sexual identity. For the most part, we follow the law..... We are not frying people or beating them because we don't agree with your lifestyle.....We haven't penned you up because you don't meet the norms.....And you are still alive to use the word "Nazi"....Trust me, if those you care calling "Nazi" were, in fact Nazis, then you'd have a hard time complaining because you'd be dead or imprisoned awaiting death.....

Whereas the Left has nothing but hate for those who are different from them......They bash out windows everytime someone who is different than them or has different views tries to speak, they loot, they burn, they threaten violence and death. They don't seem to follow the rule of law, instead depending on numbers to let them get away with their violence and disregard for others. There is no tolerance for those who are different than they are. They use a lot of terms that aren't true, and make false statements ("against the Constitution!!!" when that thing isn't) and generally lie.... and people hear those words and believe in an unthinking manner.....Much like the happenings about 1938 and 1939......

So, again, where is the validity of the comparison to Nazis? How can you legitimately compare the Right to the National Socialists of Germany? Do you even know what the word means? Do you know enough history to even know what you are saying?

Or are you just parroting the words your facebook acquaintances are using to feel like part of a group? Following in and wallowing in the GroupThink and the crowd?

I'm waiting to be convinced I am wrong....

ETA: Read THIS too...

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Activist Judges

So Trumps "Muslim immigration Ban" (which isn't a ban, and doesn't target muslims, but hey, let's not quibble over the truth) has been (temporarily) stayed by a judge in Seattle. On a Friday (of course).

The temporary ban will likely be overturned.

It is my belief, that in cases like this, if a judges order is overturned they should be  temporarily removed from the office of Judge pending removal as a judge permanently  after case review by the judges who overturned that decision. Give them a chance to explain their reasoning and justify their decision...

Judges can make such decision with no consequences. There should be consequences. They have HUGE power, and it should be used well, and sparingly and with good conscience. Too often, judges fail to do the latter.

If they had the possibility of being removed as a judge, they might well think twice before making such decisions.

Thursday, February 2, 2017


Good point.


How many

Feminists does it take to change a lightbulb?

They Never Will. They'd rather march and blame men...Because "Patriarchy". The bulb will stay dark, but there will be calls for legislation and eventually a government commission that will result in no change in photon output.....

Go ahead, tell me where I am wrong...

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


How does one deal with a person who is so totally party loyal they that they simply cannot look at any issue outside of "Political Party" and "What I read on Facebook". Not stupid, mind you, but really unthinking... Just a sheep following the herd. Parroting the party line because others do it.

Especially when it is a family member.

So far left they couldn't see the center if it was lit with flares. And they can't even understand that.

You really need

To read this.

Read it all. 

Follow the links.

Take the time.

If you can, (and can get them to read it) show it to your liberal friends. They won't like it.

But this is something that needs light to disinfect.

Not that it is a surprise to any of US, mind you, but the level of detail in the Soros plan is....scary. 

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

State of Jefferson on the horizon?

So California is making noises that they will defy the Federal government and make the entire state a Sanctuary for illegal (Mexican) invaders immigrants.

I say, Bring it. They need the US more than we need them. And, really, it is the southern part of the state (occupied by Leftists), not the northern, which wants this. The northern part wants to form their own state....They'd rather secede from California.

And if California goes up against the Feds, they will lose. They need the monies from Federal coffers to keep 'em alive. If they lose that, they lose about $100Billion in revenue. Add in revenue from the ports, (which would close if the Feds blockaded them or put an import tariff on all shipments from California). Other west coast port cities would thrive. The State needs the Fed money to keep the road network running. Without interstates (and the Fed monies to keep em in repair) the state is in Gridlock nearly immediately.

The southern part of the state can't pay their bills now. If they are no longer a part of the US (CalExit) then they won't have the rest of the states to prop up their deficits....The day it happens, they are bankrupt. The State doesn't produce enough electricity to power itself., so if they choose to defy the Feds, that can be a lever too.

If they want to secede, let 'em. That is just more wall to build, and more jobs to do so. The rest of the US can do without their vegetables, but they can't do without our cash. 

And just in case you missed it:

Please, Read this.  "We need to take another step, Quickly"

Act accordingly.

I admire her standing firm

And losing her job over her convictions....

I don't feel sorry for her though.

Trump fires Acting Attorney General who defied his orders

Notice that at no time did she say that the Executive Order was illegal. Had she said that, and explained why, I might have some sympathy for her. But she didn't, so I don't. She lost it all over activism.

She defied her boss, and she lost her job over it.


Monday, January 30, 2017

Not my "values at stake"

My values are just fine with Trump's actions, so far at least....

Barry can't stay quiet. Can't stand not being the center of attention. Narcissist.

Or maybe he gets his news from CNN and a bunch of liberals on Facebook, like most of the folks who protest everything Trump does. Sure as hell isn't fact based.

On Jan. 18, President Barack Obama told reporters in his final news conference that he would comment on his successor’s actions only at “certain moments where I think our core values may be at stake.”
He managed to stay quiet for less than two weeks.

And, of course, he forgets that HE named the 7 countries as hotbeds of terrorism and all....And HE banned musilims (or at least folks from some muslim majority countries....)  But that isn't any of our business 'cause it all be in the past and all....