Friday, November 16, 2018


Ain't it the truth?


ETA: This is true as well.


he's got a point:

Aesop has a good one.  Even small actions, in concert, will have a great deal of effect.

The hard part is doing so without getting caught..... or, in planning, not giving the government notice when someone informs.
Easy to plan, much more difficult to execute on a meaningful scale.

The comments, however, are priceless.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Just a fun flight

2 hours of learning.

Flew for 2 hours. The strobe control box came in (finally) at 10:30, they had the plane ready at 1.

Pulled it out, fired it up and taxied to 27 for a left turnout departure. Flew around south of the field and got a feel for the AC. Then I climbed from 2500 to 10,500 MSL and flew west for about 20 minutes. No wind to speak of and had a ground speed (according to both the 430 and ForeFlight) of 137 knots.

Turned and descended to 5K, and had a GS of 128.

Banked and turned and played with pitch, power and airspeeds leaned and played with cowl flap settings. (I did stay out of the approach path to Midway airport, which was about 10 miles from my "play" area....those SouthWest 737's are often overflying at 5500 feet).

Turned towards home and did a downwind midfield entry to the pattern for 27. First approach was too fast, but it worked. Winds were calm to 5 220-300 variable. extended my downwind for inbound straight- in traffic.

Second one was better and the landing was a greaser. So was the third.

I can't seem to find the point wherein people claim that the 182 series is nose heavy on landing though. Flare was easy and touching on the mains first seems to be normal. I don't understand how folks bang the nose/damage the firewall. My worst landing might have been a little flat, but it wasn't hard.

Taxied back and topped up the tanks (44 gallons) with 100LL avgas and put it away. The POH says I can use as low as 80/87 or 100LL. I might try the UL94 available at nearby airports just to see how well it works (it ain't much cheaper, but no lead to contaminate the oil....)

Tomorrow, weather permitting, it's gonna be touch and goes at a few close-by airports and me and the STec-55X are gonna get acquainted. If not, then the day after that. Gonna do a short cross country on Sunday if the weather folks don't change the forecast again, so I gotta gain some confidence in the aircraft first.

This plane flies like a Cadillac after the Warriors, Arrows and 172's. Not a screamer or a truck, but a good, solid, comfortable sedan. Smooth flier, fairly light on the controls. Easy to fly well.

130 knots will take me where I need to go at a decent rate, even if not as fast as I would wish....all at 12.3 gallons per hour.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Spending money

As I expected, the new plane is costing me money. (this was negotiated OUT of the purchase price.)  Like a boat, a plane is a hole in the air which one tosses money into....

Flap limit switches, New strobe power supply, throttle control cable.

But, it's fixed, and as soon as the weather is VFR (Wed, supposedly, according to the "expert"prognosticators) I am gonna go do touch and goes at all the nearby airports to wring it out and see what else is wrong, if anything. Plus burn some of that old avgas.

I've got most of the manuals read, and have spent enough time on the ground working with the assorted (non-obsolete) avionics that I am comfortable.

More later as it happens. 

Sunday, November 11, 2018

One wonders

Exactly how many ballots will "suddenly be found" in Arizona and Florida?

I mean, this is like Chicago in the '70's.

Will the citizens allow it?

Will the Feds allow it?

Can the Republicans beat the "Margin of Fraud"? 

Flew Saturday.

The Insurance company wanted a 1 hour checkride and endorsement with a Flight Instructor before solo flight in my new plane.

My instructor had an opening (student cancelled) on Saturday. So I dropped everything and went to the airport and preflighted so I would be ready when she was.

I had no flaps, but she (and I) did not seem to be bothered by that fact.

So we flew.

Steep turns, climbing turns, spiral descents, slow flight (harder without flaps), straight and level flight, etc.

Kinda like any other checkride.

3 landings. (Still no flaps though)

I am signed off for the aircraft. Plus High Performance endorsement.

Yeah. Now I can fly it whenever (VFR conditions permitting, of course) I choose. 


Take a moment....Thank a Vet.
Today is Veteran's day.

Speak English in this country? Thank a Vet

Live Free? Thank a Vet.

Feel safe from Russians or Chinese governments telling you what to do, or taking your country...limiting your freedoms? Thank a vet.

Get to speak your mind????Thank a vet.

Not all fought. But they Served.

And their Service kept your country and your Constitution you could live as well as you do...better than most citizens of any other country on this mudball.

Thank a Vet today. They, by their Service, kept the Wolves at bay.

To all who Served: Thank you with all my heart. 

Friday, November 9, 2018

It is mine

Yes, it has some warts. It is, after all, a 1976 vintage.I knew that going in, especially after the Pre-Buy inpection. I didn't, after all, have the scratch for a brand new one. But this one is good, even with the warts, and it does have the instrumentaton that I wanted.....So, despite the warts, I bought it.

But it is mine.

There are some issues that come from any piece of machinery that sits for long periods of time....This was owned by an older couple that didn't fly much the past few years.

Something flakey with the flaps (they won't always deploy), but that is easily fixed (likely a limit switch, according to the mechanic) and that did, indeed, affect the purchase price.

I'm gonna have to do the prop, as it it out of date (not time (514 hours since 2005)..)...which also brought the price down.

Other than that, she's cherry.

Garmin 430W freshly upadated
STec 55X with all the goodies
KMD 150 MFD (needs a database update)
King 197
KNS 80
Dual HSI with glideslopes

514 hours on a factory reman

It will need ADS-B (Probably I will get a Stratus)

New(er) interior and paint in 2010

Trued out at 143 knots at 5K on the altimeter.

It was interesting during the test flight not having the flaps deploy (oddly, they worked on the ground and on the second approach, so I dunno). Made for an interesting first landing in that particular 182.  Easy though, especially with a 7200 foot runway.

I got a lot of manuals to read.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Back home

So from open heart surgery for a heart valve replacement on Wednesday to going home on Tuesday.

I picked Dad up from the hospital Tuesday night at 6 pm. They kicked him out.

He ain't ready to rassle allygators, but it still is amazing that he can be discharged after only 6 days. And he is doing very well.

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018


Voted today at 8 AM. In the rural precinct that I vote at, there are 982 members eligible.

by 8 AM there had been 184 votes cast.

I took my Mom to her voting place, and they said turnout was the highest they had seen since 2008.

At least folks are choosing to exercise the privilege of voting.

The fun part about voting where I do, in Northern Indiana, is that they greet me by name at the door:

"Hi, B"
"hi, Anne"
"I need to see your ID. "

'Cause that's the law, you know.

No dead people voting in my Precinct.

If you voted, early or today,  for anyone, I thank you.

If you voted MORE than once, I hope you suffer a crotch fire.

Praise all the Gods

It is Election Day.

Which means that, finally, for a while  anyway, the damnable election ads will cease.
Have you noticed that few of the ads say "This is why you should vote for me"? Instead, they say "this is why my opponent is a rat bastard" ...Even as they undermine their credibility and veracity because of the half truths and outright lies they say about said opponent.

But after today, for a while, they will cease.

In the meantime, if you haven't voted early or by mail, PLEASE get out today and exercise the privilege.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Women never lie

Especially about Rape
At least that is what the folks with an agenda tell us.


She should face charges and a sentence that is at least as great as what the accused would have faced.And, in this case, it should be doubled since her lie  was used in an attempt to derail Kavanaugh's  nomination to the Supreme Court.

Plus, Defamation of Character charges, with civil penalties.

This woman is a slimeball.

And if women really felt that rape was a terrible crime, and had any honor, they'd lead the charge to ostracize her for her false accusation. But they won't.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

I find it interesting

How the media, once the entire non left or right coast voter base (of both AND red) yawned at the idea of Sayoc's bombs being real, or that he was a terrible person and a Trump supporter (which no one with two synapses to rub together believes...except those that think whatever the DNC tells them to) or that the entire story was anything more than an attempt to garner a bit of a sympathy vote from fence sitters...

But innit amazing how, once it became evident that not only did no one believe, but NO ONE CARED....

How quickly the DNC lackys Big Media dropped the story. 

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Looks like I'm gonna own a plane

The offer was accepted, and, pending the A&P inspection on Wed finds no major issues, I will own a 1975 Cessna 182P.

Friday, November 2, 2018

'Tis interesting:

Somehow, "Defunding Planned Parenthood" becomes "Taking a way a woman's Right to Choose"...

Interestin', innit?

If it ain't free, then  the right to do it is taken away.....??

At least according to Democratic political ads in Chicago, that is.

It is amazing, really...

Open heart surgery on Wednesday.

Walking the next day.

Walking a quarter mile on Friday.

Expected to leave in another 2-3 days.

Full recovery in 6-8 weeks.

Sadly, the state of innovation of the medical arts will stall once we get rid of the profit motive with Socialized medicine if the DNC types get their way. 

Thursday, November 1, 2018

So far, so good

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.

Dad is doing ok. He's wired like a Google internet server though, and is comfortable as can be expected.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

If ya got a minute

I and my family (and especially my Dad and Mom) could use your prayers or good thoughts for my Dad,

Today is the day for his heart valve replacement.

Supposed to be all but "routine" and all, but heart surgery.

So whatever good energy you can send his and her way would be appreciated.



Monday, October 29, 2018


Made an offer on a decent 182P today. We shall see. I have verbal acceptance, but nothing in writing.

Also did some pattern work. 3 landings and a go around. There was only a 45 minute window to rent a 172 today, and the following week is gonna be too busy for me to be able to fly. The three landings were decent, and the wind gust caused me to weathervane at about 5 feet before landing, so I saved the tires and went around instead of skidding sideways.

As Aaron puts it, 0.6 and 3. (and 9/10, but that doesn't really count)

Sunday, October 28, 2018

This morning

My prayers are for the victims and families of the victims of the shooting at the Tree of Life Congregation Synagogue.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Apparently, they didn't garner enough sympathy in the US

Or, perhaps, they didn't get the  liberal and undecided  voter base as energized as Soros and the DNC thought they would.

So, apparently, someone pulled the funding for transport and Food and Water and other logistics...

And, oddly, the Migrant Convoy has splintered...with about a third of them turning back, a third staying in shelters along the southern Mexican border, and a third still undecided. 

Probably most of 'em don't wanna continue now that they aren't getting paid without any food/water/sanitation/transport provided...

I'da whacked it with a hammer


But they simply turned it off and then back on again.

Apparently, it worked though. 

Friday, October 26, 2018

As I said:

Some Suspected Mail Bombs Were Not Capable of Exploding

Pretty inept, whoever the perpetrator was....If they wanted to do more than scare people and make a big HuHu.

I still hope that whoever he or she is, they catch him and incarcerate him for a long time.

ETA: Apparently a suspect in Custody....and (and this is significant!) they used his cell phone to track him down. (For good or for bad, having a cell phone in your name destroys your privacy. Even a burner phone, once you take it home, can be linked to you. If it is co-located while  turned on with your "normal" phone, it becomes linked to you, especially if you drive with both phones powered up.  So don't do illegal shit , and the authorities won't have a reason to use your phone to track you)


Seen on a car near a police station in Indiana:
Wasn't a Police car, as far as I can tell.

Kinda macabre, but still, pretty cool.
I may have to get one for the front of my truck though.


Thursday, October 25, 2018

Why some women come in second

This woman tried being assertive....and, oddly enough, people LISTENED to her, and took her as....await for it....A LEADER....Odd how that works. She gave direction rather than asking for a consensus...she made statements that left no room for prevarication, she gave FIRM timelines...and, guess what? People treated her as they would any leader.

She, of course, claims it is "Entitled White male "swagger"" that made it all work for her....not, the fact that she was decisive, didn't try to reach a "Consensus",  wasn't "inclusive" didn't try to make sure everyone was satisfied...didn't take excuses, didn't give extended deadlines, just, like any real leader, expected results and was, like any real leader, firm and clear and gave orders.....and expected those orders to be followed. In  other words, she acted like a boss and got treated like a boss. Like a leader.

Her story is a perfect example why women are "underrepresented in leadership roles"...why so few are top bosses. Why they are fewer in upper management. (Hint, it has everything to do with timidity, and culture of women and failure to take charge, and little to do with your actual physical gender).

Act like a leader, and people will follow. Act like most women do and they won't. Assertive behavior works.

Re: mail bombs

Does anyone think that these are real? That they are anything but either really poor amateurish attempts to make bombs, or (more likely) to make something that LOOKS like a bomb? (Or at least the type of thing that looks like a bomb as seen in the movies.

PVC? Hard to get any decent pressure to make ....well, either you understand or you don't. I'm not gonna give any clues. Coiled wires leading to a box from the ends? Yeah, it looks like a movie version of a "bomb"...meant to be seen and identified when the package was X-rayed. I'm surprised they didn't write "Bomb" on the side in bright red marker just to make sure that it would be identified properly.

Plus of course the "timer" as means of detonation. I'm surprised they didn't use a "Baby Ben" alarm clock (kids, ask your parents).....

Plus, of course, those 6 stamps...even though the packages were delivered by a courier, not the USPS.

But hey, it makes for good press don't it? Lots of pictures and something for the Talking heads to talk about. And, of course, a mostly uneducated audience to believe.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

I tried

I tried to give "FBI" on CBS one more chance......but I hadda stop watching.

THis one was about Nuclear Power plants....and the errors to make the plot work were....huge.

Plus, I think the intelligence level of the target audience is about 85...with a 9th grade education.

(and, the writing sucked and the acting was....marginal)

As an engineer with some small level of technical training (but a broad, if not deep, level of knowledge), I find shows like this.... poorly written and (obviously) done without a technical consultant of any be painful to watch. 

But, seriously, if this "New! Hit! Series!!" is aimed at a mainstream audience (or, God help us, a new Millennial audience) then we, as a nation, are circling the rim.

I think I'm gonna have to change my routine and find something else to do on Tuesday nights..,

Monday, October 22, 2018

Short field practice:

Spozed to be winds of less than 10 knots for when I had scheduled the airplane.

and they were....but the occasional (mostly not too "Occasional" though) gusts to 24 made me rethink that.  On the other hand, it ain't like I will never encounter gusty wind conditions...But I didn't wanna waste my money and not learn anything.

However, in the end, I went up with an instructor and (mostly) hit my marks.... Crosswind shortfield landings in gusty conditions are a challenge though.


Buying a used airplane is kinda like shopping for used craigslist/want ads....only a LOT more expensive and with even more deceptive advertising and creatively done photographs. The dealers are just as much liars as the private individuals...

It might well be worth going through a broker and paying him/her a fee to find what I am looking for.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Gotta wonder:

So I was watching TV Tuesday evening, and happened to catch the opening scenes of the "New Hit Series!" on CBS...."FBI".

The scene was about a shooter. A sniper. In NYC.

And the character's speculations about the gun used tell me that they believe that most of their audience has never held a rifle and has never read a gun magazine.

Are the majority of Americans that truly ignorant of rifles in general?

Or is it just writing by east coast urbanites trying to explain the plot details to themselves?

Some of that "Civility" they were talking about:

Try this sort of shit in the  "Red" states.

See how well that works for ya.

Be sure you are enrolled in ObamaCare first though.

I doubt the outcome will be what you want, though.

This time, however, everything was peaceful....'cause it stopped when there was no support from others. I expect, however, that at some point that will change.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

I hate Emoji's

and I think they are one of the stupidest things the cell phone industry has come up with. They are a poor and childish embellishment to a basic communication.

I am only slightly less derisive of those who use them regularly in their conversations via text.

Most of us aren't 7th grade girls, we shouldn't act like it.

Time to Grow Up. Act your age, 

Welcome to the blogroll!

So... Garry, from Thomas Whispered is now a part of my blogroll.

Go over and check him out.

I'd post more, but I'm planning on being out all day looking at junk used airplanes

Friday, October 19, 2018

I really hate folks who falsely advertise products on the web.

It's not like I'm not gonna see those flaws when I come to buy it.

Waste of my time, and theirs.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

ANd stuff like this is exactly why some folks need their asses beaten. wants little known (even on campus)  "Clarence Thomas Building" renamed because "Some students feel unsafe because of the name".

I sincerely hope that the campus administration tells 'em to go pound sand. 

The Cherokees don't care

But Lizzy Warren keeps pushing it, cause she knows we all know she was lying about her connection to the indian nations just to get special treatment at the university... a

She did (finally) take a DNA test...which was, as we expected, inconclusive anyway..
(ETA: Apparently she is less indian than the average white American citizen)

And the Cherokee nation stated:

"A DNA test is useless to determine tribal citizenship. Current DNA tests do not even distinguish whether a person's ancestors were indigenous to North or South America. Sovereign tribal nations set their own legal requirements for citizenship, and while DNA tests can be used to determine lineage, such as paternity to an individual, it is not evidence for tribal affiliation. Using a DNA test to lay claim to any connection to the Cherokee Nation or any tribal nation, even vaguely, is inappropriate and wrong. It makes a mockery out of DNA tests and its legitimate uses while also dishonoring legitimate tribal governments and their citizens, whose ancestors are well documented and whose heritage is prove. Senator Warren is undermining tribal interests with her continued claims of tribal heritage."

- Cherokee Nation Secretary of State Chuck Hoskin, Jr.



Truth HERE.

But not to Liberals.

Words mean something here in my world.

But to liberals they are only tools (much like the liberals themselves) to help their Party get what it wants. 

Monday, October 15, 2018

It never happens..

Women never lie. 

Especially about "sexual assault".

Never. Ever. And they always deserve to be believed.


groped. By a 9 year old.


I hope they charge her.  Especially for claiming to be a police officer.

Was there a racial component here?

WOMAN  forced to apologize after accusing a 9-year-old boy of sexual assault. But CCTV footage proved something else.

Women like this harm the credibility of women who have truly been assaulted.

Much less Ms Ford's testimony and the harm it has done to real victims. 

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Why no arrests?

Why can't the Portland police arrest anyone for this anarchy and civil disobedience? Yeah, standing aside and letting them fight might be entertaining, and later breaking up the fight with pepperball rounds is no doubt fun, but why even allow this sort of shit to happen?

Note: Both sides come looking for a fight. Neither gets my sympathy. It is just plain wrong.
Their behavior chases decent people off the streets and makes the city and the police look like incompetent idiots.

And, at the end of the day, no matter what your motivation, you are acting like a criminal. And you should be treated that way.

Most boys grow out of such behavior about 16 years of age. These morons, obviously didn't.

Y'all that call your self part of the Right? Get off my side.
You morons on the left? you aren't doing your side any favors with your behavior.

I think they all need a bit of 1968 Chicago riot behavior modification lessons. Perhaps some of the old "Hickory Shampoo" applied liberally to both sides would temper their ardor for a fight.

Well, that was cool

I didn't know there were any in the area. Was a bit north of the intersection of US 41 and US 30 in NW Indiana on Saturday and, while waiting at a stoplight, I watched a Bald Eagle fly circles over the marsh to the east of US 41.

I was unaware that there were any Bald Eagles in the area.

Perhaps the DDT issues have helped make a comeback? I dunno

I grew up about 20 miles to the east of there, and this is the first time I have ever seen a Bald Eagle in NW Indiana. And I am over 50 years old.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Your call, Hillary

"You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about,”

Ok,, sister, then lets open the ball:
Here are some of the things YOUR party stands for that I find objectionable.

Statism over individualism.

Ever increasing restrictions on rights, rather than freedom.

More and more groups gaining privileged status over the mainstream.

Sociologist government policies.

Ever increasing governmental agencies, who set rules and regulations with no legislative oversight. 

Increasing dependence on government paid for by the productive people in this country.

More and more "Social Safety Nets" paid for with taxes, instead of those taxes going to infrastructure, and military as is Constitutional.  

Less and less attention paid to our Constitution and to the restrictions it imposes upon Government. 

Entire government agencies which don't produce anything. 

Tax and monetary policies which punish success and hard work, encourage failure and laziness, reward stupidity and penalize intelligence.

An ever increasing percentage of urban dwellers(encouraged by your party and their policies) who produce nothing, but whose very existence is paid for by my side's work. 

Ever increasing ILLEGAL immigration.

More and more (and more blatant) voter fraud. 


I can make a longer list of "things I stand for, things I care about" that your philosophy and your party condone ...that I find offensive and objectionable. But so far, at least, MY side has retained "civility" about our disagreements.

Wanna lose "Civility"? We can go there. You won't like it. So far it has been the Ballot Box rather than the Ammo Box. .....But that can change if Civility is gonna go away.
How "uncivil" do y'all wanna get? Y'all wanna destroy that which I stand for and care  about...can I get all Uncivil too?

Do you really want the gloves to come off? The only thing keeping you and yours alive and fed and housed and/or out of prison is "Civility" and the rule of law. Take that protection away and you won't like how it ends.

We have hard working people with a work ethic, who are well able to take care of themselves....who can think for themselves, are intelligent and skilled...who simply buckle down and move forward when life gets tough.....who plan ahead....Who are polite and decent and law abiding and moral.
 You have a bunch of  spoiled lazy people who can't figure out which bathroom to use and have to be led to get them to do anything and who weep and demand help when life gets difficult...who can't really DO anything...and have the attention span of a chipmunk and the intelligence of asparagus.....and who can't think ahead farther than their next meal....who are rude and already uncivil and who don't generally follow laws of society.
Which side do ya think will win if we get rid of "civility"?

So do you REALLY want to get rid of "Civility"? So far, that' "civility" is what's keeping you and yours safe.

Acute flaccid myelitis

Seems to be popping up in larger cities.

It started, apparently, in Minneapolis. Which took in HUGE numbers of Somalis and other Eastern Africans.

And, oddly, the disease is MUCH more common in East Africa than anywhere else. (still rare, but MUCH less so).

Now, correlation is not causation. Be aware of that. But still, it is likely that the vector for the disease is the population that has moved from a location where it is more common to a place where it is rare....almost unheard of. It could be Global Warming, or Bush's fault, but I doubt it....

And it seems to be appearing in many "sanctuary cities" as well. Might just be the larger number of immigrants, might just be statistical noise.

But I doubt that the reason why matters to those children who are US citizens who are now in Iron Lungs or under care to relearn how to move their limbs. I doubt that they care that the DNC got to feel good by resettling a bunch of Somalis in places where they would not assimilate.

Hope and Change, ya know.  I bet little Suzy Whitebread who caught it at school will be in favor of immigration when she grows up...If she lives.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

I think it is a damned good question:

If the Republicans can band together to confirm Kavanaugh, WHY CAN'T THEY GET TOGETHER AND REPEAL OBAMACARE??

Because the Insurance companies have bought and paid for some of our finest politicians I'm not sure why they can't do it....


It is happening

I expect that women are gonna next complain that this isn't fair either....that the relationships and deals that are made outside of the formal office environment, and the mentoring that occurs after hours that they will lose out on are valuable parts of business and that they are being treated unfairly by being excluded...

But if I were still in business, I'd never be anywhere with a woman that was not my wife or girlfriend for fear of being accused....and found guilty simply because "she said so and women deserve to be believed" or whatever the current catchphrase of the feminists is.

Mike Pence won't do dinner or anything else with a woman...unless his wife is with him.....He looks smarter now than a few months ago, doesn't he? 

Tuesday, October 9, 2018


Needed to clear my head, so since there was an hour where there was a rental plane available, I chose to do some pattern work. I hadn't flown since 9/27 either. when one is new at this game, it is easy to get rusty

Wind was varying 180 to 210, 12 gusting 20. No one in the pattern when I started.

Taxiied out and did the run up at the threshold of 18, took off, entered the pattern and did a crosswind landing on 18. Not my best one, but adequate.

Later, rinse, repeat. 5 times.

By then the pattern was full of airplanes,  spaced almost too close for my comfort. Planes arriving every minute or so. Congested for an uncontrolled airport. Plus there were 6 planes stacked up waiting for departure and complaining that no one would let them out. I landed and taxiied out to the end of 18 and parked the plane back at the flight school.

0.7 and 5.

And focusing on the pattern procedures and the landings cleared my head tremendously.

I really need my own aircraft though. 

One wonders

What leverage was used to push her out?

Nikki Haley Reigns as US Ambassador to the United Nations.

I liked this lady. She kicked ass. Made the rest of the UN pantywaists realize that there was a "new sheriff in town" and the US wasn't gonna be pushed around like it was during Barry's terms. She was making changes in the UN's mismanaged and shortsighted profit centers programs that wasted money too.


So the pushbar and adapter and such for Ed's 182 is finished, and it fits and works really well.

The adapter bolted right up to the tractor. Fit the first time.

The hitch adapter for the pushbar is the right height. And he can pull one pin and take it off when he mows the grass.

The pushbar itself handles the grades up the ramp and into the hangar and is the proper length.

The paint looks decent enough having come from a rattle can of Rustoleum .

I did have to anneal the spring bar at the point of the new weld so it wouldn't crack like it did (which was why we used it in this application) before. (you can see the new blue pushbar in the background)

It handles the change in elevation from the hangar to the ramp as planned.

Not too shabby for a napkin sketch and a bunch of scrap. The only parts not made from scrap are the pin for the pivot, the lynch pin to hold the pivot assembly together and the reused (broken) pushbar assembly. Oh, and the four 3/8" x 1" carriage bolts and the nuts and washers.
All the rest was from my scrap bin.

Took about an hour to figure out what, exactly, I was making and sketch that, about an hour to search out the bits and pieces, an hour to cut, fit, and tack together, and another hour to actually weld it, smooth it and round corners with a hand grinder, and another hour of actual time to prime and paint (took all day for the painting, but I was doing other chores so I could come back after the primer and each coat and paint it again). Since he won't let me pay even for the gas for the two hours (at 12 gallons an hour) I have spent flying it, I figure I am still WAY ahead of the game.....But Ed is happy with his new pushbar. He seems to feel it is a fair trade.

(click to embiggenize)

Hopefully, he won't fall this winter trying to push his plane back into the hangar by himself. Bad idea for an 80 year old man to fall at night at an airport, much less in the wintertime temps. He could be out there 'til morning. 


If our justice system was as good as it should be, ALL of our judges, Liberal or Conservative, male or female, religious or agnostic, Muslim, Christian, Jewish....Catholic or Protestant....Wiccan or Bhuddist, would be interchangeable.

It really shouldn't matter.....

Because our justices, Circuit or Supreme (or any of the lower courts) would adjudicate from the letter of the LAW, not from their beliefs.

No Liberal (or, to a much lesser, but still there, and still wrong) or Conservative or religious "Legislation from the Bench".

No human is perfect. None of us can be entirely objective. But if a judge at that level cannot be impartial, and set aside his or her feelings and judge cases based upon LAW, and the Constitution, then they should not be a judge at all ...especially at that level.

In fact, if our justice system had decent judges, we should be able to take any Federal Circuit Court judge's name and any Court of Appeals judge's name and put them in a hat and pick one.....and get a decent judge that was qualified for the Supreme level.

Sadly, we don't have that.

We have political animals, and biased judges and those who Legislate from the Bench....and who play politics.
And those judges are failing in their oaths. 

Monday, October 8, 2018


I fully expect

That Ms Ford will now disappear back to wherever the Democrats dug her out of, only with a pocket full of cash and other prizes (Plus the GoFundMe which is reputed to be near $1 million) and that the Dems will dump any contact with her...She will be abandoned, having done the job they used her for.

Unless, of course, she meets Vince Foster. 

Saturday, October 6, 2018

I find it disturbing

That the military and our government are just now realizing that this is a problem....that the manufacturing base that is so necessary to fight a war (which, hopefully we don't have to do again) of any large scale no longer exists in this country Raw materials are one thing, the ABILITY to manufacture things from those raw materials is another.... ...and we don't control many of the sources of raw materials, anyway.

Should large scale conflict happen, especially with the Chinese, how long can we wage war without the electronics and other products that the CHINESE exclusively produce? Yes, the Japanese and the Malaysians and the Singaporese can take up some of that slack, but they are in, essentially, the Chinese backyard. How long will they last? Even if they do, how will we transport those components they produce (and we DON'T) from them to us?

Global manufacturing is a great long as everyone is at peace. But the military is about defending the citizens of this country and taking the fight to the enemy should that be required....and they need the tools with which to do so

How much of that manufacturing...of chips, other electronics, exotic smelting and refining, chemical processes, etc has left our country because of taxes and, especially, our environmental regulations? How much because our trade practices made it easier and cheaper to outsource? How do we get enough back under our control and security to make us able to defend ourselves (much less wage offensive war) for an extended period?

"every Blade of Grass" is, indeed, a thing. But that only works so well, for so long.  Real weapons of war take more infrastructure and more manufacturing. Remember: In WWII, the real reason the US (and it's allies supplied by the US) was the ability to produce more weapons and tools of war faster than the opponents...More ships, more guns, more ammunition, more fighter planes, more of the tools of war for soldiers to use. We OUT-MANUFACTURED our enemies as much as beat them man to man. At the end of the day, no matter how valiant the fighter is, he needs guns, and food, and clothing, and the other tools of war to wage war. An empty rifle is just a club, and a fighter jet without missiles is just a fast plane. ...a submarine without torpedoes is just a boat that submerges.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Pretty much the truth:

Roberta has it in a nutshell.


All this hoorah hasn't really changed much. I doubt if it influenced any votes one way or another. The Dems weren't gonna vote for Kavanaugh no matter what.

For folks who think the way the DNC tells them to support the Democrat party , Kavanaugh is the Devil. For those with a working brain, there is doubt of that. 

Big trial in Chicago

Coming to a culmination.

Some cop shot some black teenager who was high on PCP and wandering the streets terrorizing people.

Cop drove up to the scene and in less than a minute, shot the teenager 17 times. Teenager was carrying a knife. I don't see where the cop had reason to shoot at all, but I wasn't there. But he was black, so the professional agitators have something to work with....

I'm glad I don't have to decide this murder charge. Look up LaQuan McDonald.

But the city, both the police AND THE BUSINESSES are girding for protest, riots, and looting. Schools (public and private) have contingency plans for closing as soon as the verdict is announced.... Same same businesses...not just retail, but manufacturing has shutdown plans, or, if they can't shutdown, have plans for limited operations with their staff staying....Behind secure fences and locked doors. They expect riots or other unrest....They are realists.

It'll happen no matter what the verdict is. Bet on it.

And it won't be folks from the north side. Southsiders...Bet on it. One officer I know says that they are praying for heavy rain the day of, and the day after, the verdict is announced. 

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Women always deserve to be believed

And they don't lie about things like that.

Except when they do. Which is, I think, more often that one might think.

SOME women lie abut many things. Somme act as if they are still in 7th grade.

But don't tell the #MeeeTOO!movement. It might undermine their credibility.

Via Kenny

Does this lack of news surprise you?

I mean, you don't hear much about this on the Liberal media, do ya?

Seems that Kanye West pissed off the entire SNL crowd as well as the managers of the show. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Most interesting:

Another viewpoint on the Kavanaugh debacle.

He might well be right, however.

Gonna have to give that some cogitation though. 

classic fascism:

But they claim that the Conservatives are the fascists...

Yet it is nearly always the DNC supporters that do these things.

Really classy folks. 

The really sad part

about this whole attempt at obfuscation and delay until after the midterm electons deamnd for an FBI investigation is that we are expecting the FBI to do an impartial investigation, without letting politics interfere......which, sadly, we can no longer believe might happen....not since the whole pre election failure of the FBI to do any real investigation on Hillary Clinton, and the post election antics (supported by FBI management) of Peter Strozk and his compatriots and other incidents that have thrown the while Fidelity,Bravery, INTEGRITY, motto of the FBI into doubt.

Neither side will ever believe, at least not in your or my lifetime, that there is any reason to believe that the FBI will be impartial in any evidence gathering about such a politically charged allegation with such powerful consequences.

I have known several FBI agents. Most were not the sharpest knives in the drawer....not steely eyed lawmen, but they were honest, decent, thorough investigators, who ferreted out and reported FACTS.

Sadly, not so anymore. Those agents have retired years ago, and I have no doubt that they were embarrassed by the actions of the current FBI agents (and, apparently, FBI management) in the events before and after the election of 2016. 

Will either side be willing to believe that the investigation onto Kavanaugh and Ford was conducted without an agenda? I can't honestly say that it will be.

What say you? 

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

In a just world

Kavanaugh could sue Ms Ford for Defamation and win such an award for her trashing him with unproven (and likely unprovable) statements.

Jury awards ex-Army colonel 8.4 million dollars from blogger who defamed him. 

The parallels of the two cases are many.

One can hope. I mean her GoFundMe is at or near a million bucks.

Monday, October 1, 2018

A most interesting point


Interesting, Innit? 

Just to stir trouble:

Forget Chevy vs Ford (Dodge, actually, is the correct answer, BTW)

Forget GLOCK Vs 1911 (Y'all know my answer to that one).

The real question we have here today, the one that matters,  the one that chooses where you stand, what your lifestyle is, the one that makes us all take sides in life and choose our friends and all that....The one that defines WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU STAND FOR....:

Creamy or Crunchy peanut butter? Smooth or chunky?

I'm withholding revealing my choice at this time, but please, feel free to say your preference in comments.

Sunday, September 30, 2018


I'm still not sure if she really felt threatened or if she was just trying to make trouble....or was truly batshit.

So I am in Home Depot shopping for supplies for an improvement project at the shooting range this weekend.....

My shopping list is on the back of a used NRA 50 foot Slow Fire pistol target (hey, I needed paper, and if there is one thing that a range has plenty of, it is used targets, right?)

This woman is walking down the aisle, sees the target and asks if it is a "gun target".

"Yes, ma'am.". I reply.

"Are those BULLET HOLES!!!!(eleventy)?"

"Yes, Ma'am"...."it's a used target.....recycling you know"...

She actually complained to management...that I (or the target, at least) made her feel "unsafe"... Who were very unsupporting of her "feelings" (and polite to me),  but who did assist me in finding everything on the list to get me (and really, I think, her) out of the store as quickly as possible.

I was tempted to ask her if the fact that I was carrying a pistol under my shirt was important to her, but the poor employees at Home Depot were stressed enough from dealing with her, so I didn't let her know...although it would have been fun to see if her head exploded from anxiety or something....... Plus that could be taken as "brandishing", so I didn't......

But really...A paper target makes one feel threatened? 

Saturday, September 29, 2018


So in the last weeks of fiscal 2017, assorted government agencies spent the last money in their budgets.

50 Billion dollars. In less than 2 weeks. If they don't spend the money, they lose it. So they spend it.

Fifty Billion in arcade games, unneeded autos, shuffleboards, advertising, Fidget spinners and paddleboards.

Even TheDonald's office flushed their budget before they lost it.

Remember that next time they claim budget cuts will destroy their ability to do their jobs. 

A thought:

Re: the Kavanaugh "investigation" by the FBI.

What can they come up with, and write a report about, in a week? (what can they really investigate, period, that hasn't already come out and been testified to?

And the biggest issue: Can we trust a politicized FBI to be fair and honest and truthful? If we could say that about the FBI, and trust them, Hillary would have been in jail before the election.

Friday, September 28, 2018


In Chicago the motto is "Vote Early, Vote often.

Early voting has started.

Expect busses to be lining up at cemetery entrances soon....

lunch flying

So, the dude who let me fly his '66 182 is 82 years old and has been having issues rolling the plane up the ramp into his hangar some days. (the 182 weighs 1600 lbs empty and, while it rolls easily, can be a bit of a chore to move up the ramp when full of fuel)

So, when I was talking with him after we had put the plane away, he said he wished he had a method of hooking his towbar to the front of his garden tractor that he uses to mow the grass around his hangar so he could let the tractor do the pushing (apparently, he told me today, he slipped last winter and banged himself up pretty good in the fall)

"Not a problem" I said. "Lets see the tractor".

So I got a tape measure and measured the front frame rails and made a sketch and went back to my shop.

I made him a plate to fit the front frame rails and a bar he can hook to his towbar which will allow him to use the tractor to push the plane up the ramp. Simple to cut a bit of scrap metal and tack it together with the welder. I figured it was the least I could do since he wouldn't let me pay for the fuel we used last time.... I'm a pretty good fabber if you don't mind that it ain't pretty....

Today, he was at the hangar, so I was able to meet him out there to test fit the plate and mark some holes in the frame so I could finish it up and full weld it together. A pretty nice piece of design, considering I made it from the pieces I had available, if I do say so myself.

As it was about 11:30 when I got there and it took about 40 minutes to mark the holes and fit everything else, he asked me if I wanted to have some lunch.

"Sure, where would you like to go?"

"Rochester" he replied. "I know a place". (About 55 miles away from where we were)..."Up for a flight?"

Since I didn't have any plans that afternoon that I could not change, I agreed.

We pushed the plane out of the hangar and preflighted and I started to get into the right seat.

"You don't wanna fly?"

So I climbed into the left seat and started the engine.

Winds were 210 so we used 18 and I flew us to Rochester. about a 30 minute flight. I've been there before, so it was a sorta familiar route. He has a Garmin 430 and an I-Pad with ForeFlight, so navigation was easier than paper charts. First time I have simply taken off and flown without a real flight plan though.

3500 feet and MAN that is a nice, easy to fly airplane. Climbs at over 1000 FPM with just the two of us, and cruises at a bit over 140 knots (He is still breaking in the new powerplant, so we didn't cruise at over 65%).

Winds at RCR were 180 at 12 gusting 15 so I chose 110 as the runway (110/290) and I did a straight in approach as there was no one else in the pattern. Did a nice, if not great crosswind landing and taxiied to park on the grass near the restaurant, which is near, but not on the airport property.

Lunch was good, and we walked back to the plane, preflighted, and taxiied back to the end of 11.

Took off and climbed to 4500 feet and set course back to home.

AWOS said winds were 250 when we were 20 miles out, 240 at 10 miles out, so I began setting up for a downwind for 27, but then were at 220 at 5 miles, so I instead entered the downwind for 18 and did a bounced landing due to a slightly late roundout and gusty wind at touchdown. Added a bit of power and stabilized and then set it down....Not my best landing, but not too bad either. Not a hard bounce, but still, a bounce.

Taxiied in and pushed the plane into the hangar.

Since everything fit right the first time, I will finish welding the pieces and do a bit of grinder work on the edges and such and then paint it this weekend. He will have a towbar and a more or less permanent hitch to hook it to. No more slipping and falling on a slippery ramp when he is by least not when pushing the aircraft back into it's hangar.

I should have it done when he gets back from his trip next week.

He still won't let me pay for even my share of the gas though. I did buy lunch.

As Aaron puts it....1.1 and 2.

I gotta find one that I can buy.

Not without a keeper

So, despite trying to NOT watch the Ford/Kavanaugh debacle, the media has pushed it into my face.

Radio, TV, even the internet.

However, if there in one thing that this debacle has shown it is that at lest some of the women who inhabit the DNC are exactly what many men think they are. Helpless, tiny, foolish, easily controlled, and duped creatures who should not be allowed out without a keeper to make sure they are safe......

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Formation training

The Geese are forming up into Vees, teaching the adolescents how to formation fly, and retraining those older members as well.

'Tis a month or so early, but they seem to know something....Perhaps we are in for an early winter. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2018


I wish the media could learn the difference between "Flood" and "Flash Flood".

The flooding in the Carolinas due to the rain from the hurricane is not a "flash Flood". It is a "Flood".

Flash flooding is when the water rises rapidly in a f=riverbed or other waterway due to accumulation of rainwater from a large area funneled through a very small waterway or streambed....generally with a downhill component. mostly caused by a thunderstorm or downpour, often miles away. Water can rise by FEET in a matter of minutes.

A flood, like the folks in the Carolinas after this last hurricane, is cause by too much rain falling faster than it can drain off. This water does not rise at nearly the same rate.....and it is, generally, predictable. Often, it is hours or even days to rise to flood level. I strongly doubt that anyone with more than three working brain cells is surprised at the areas that are flooding in the Carolinas....further I doubt that the rates were anywhere close to more than inches per hour.  If you are trapped by the flooding there, then you are apparently not paying attention.

But, to the news folks, any flood is a "Flash" flood.

But there IS a difference. 

Have ya noticed?

The Left, when talking about Kavanaugh, keeps using the term "Reproductive Rights" when they mean "Abortion".

Why can't they say the word? Are they afraid of it? Afraid of turning women off by using a word that mean "Killing Babies"?

Look: I think that Roe V Wade was bad law.

No, I don't think abortions should be illegal. Not at all, although I don't like them....I do believe in a woman's right to choose. The right to choose whether to be a mother or not and care for a child for 18+ years.  (Now lets make things equal, and let MEN decide whether they want to be a father and support a kid for 18 years as well.....But that is another argument for another time....)

But it was bad law, because the Supreme Court should have sent the decision back to the States (that whole 10th amendment thing, you know....).
But it is law, and I really doubt that the Supremes will do anything to change it.

I really believe that the Left is afraid of Kavanaugh for other reasons.  The abortion fearmongering is just a tool to influence women's emotions against him.

And they will do nearly anything to keep him off the court, as we have seen.

I think it is just the beginning

Monday, September 24, 2018

Is he guilty? Or being framed?

I dunno.

Sex with a minor? Bad. If true.

And, oddly, this seems to happen to people who get crossed up with the Feds.

Just like if the local police can't find anything to hang you on, but they are sure you are guilty, they "find Kiddie porn on the hard drive on his computer" after executing a search warrant.....(odd how that is always easy to find and un-encrypted, isn't it?)

Sadly, after all the other things our Federal Law Enforcement have done lately, I don't trust them anymore when they say a high profile person is guilty of anything. 

And that's the point:

Every survivor of an attempted rape can tell you the exact date, time, persons present, etc., when the rape or attempted rape happened. They can tell you the color of the carpet, the drapes, the walls....

Yet Ford can't remember..... Anything. Odd.


Friday, September 21, 2018

I find it interesting

That so many women are willing to rally behind a person with a claim of a crime 30 years ago, simply because she, like them, is a woman.

While I don't know what happened 35 (ish) years ago (I say (ish) because we don't have an exact date because the  accuser is (so far) hazy on the date of the alleged incident), and neither do you. I find it interesting that they are all so quick to pre-judge the people involved.... simply because one is a woman.

I don't know either of the persons involved....I can't make a judgement. I can say that this appears to be agenda driven, and very similar to other somewhat dubious and shady claims put forth previously against other judges that the Democrats have opposed....a person comes out of nowhere at the last minute making an accusation that cannot be proved (and therefore, since it is hard to disprove a negative, is difficult to disprove).

Is Kavanaugh guilty of that which is is accused? I dunno? Is Ms Ford lying? Again, I don't know.

Her timing and 30+ years of silence seem.....suspicious. That does not, however, make her a liar.
Having said that, Kavanaugh has 65 women willing to testify as to his exemplary behavior.....and, as we have been told over and over, that many women don't lie about such things....

I do know that the double standard of the folks on the Left is a glaring issue.

Thursday, September 20, 2018


Even women (and even LIBERAL WOMEN, at that) don't find Ms Ford credible.

Even the Huffington Post's OWN POLL finds this lack of credibility (Page 9).

I mean, if the Dems can't carry the Huffpo crowd.....

Death threats

She claims she has received them.

Maybe she has.

How? Telephone? Emails?

Carrier pigeon?

If the first two, then there is a record and those folks can be traced.

Is the investigation happening? Are the local Police checking her story? Are the checking the phone and/or internet records and traffic? Can anyone verify her story?

'Cause it seems like every time someone claims that they are getting "Death Threats" that no one ever follows up.

Odd, innit? 

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

When all else fails...

You can "Bork" the candidate.

And, if that doesn't work, You can, you know, use the "Thomas" gambit.

I think Peter has the right of it though......Where has this woman been for the past 30+ years? Why did they not come forward when Judge Kavanaugh was nominated for previous judgeships in lesser courts?

This is politics at the dirtiest level. 

It wasn't even worth the $29.00 per day....

Back from my trip. 'Twas an enlightening and educational trip, if not terribly productive...
But, I drove a thousand miles in a Nissan Versa.
Jesus, how can a car company make such a pile of Suck and Fail fit into a compact car?

I mean, I knew I was renting a small car....and I expected it to be somewhat underpowered.

And I got what I paid for in that regard.

The nice parts that I can say about the car is that the doors did open and close and the engine did start every time I turned the key...It did come with 4 tires that rolled.

The locks, however, seemed to choose to lock the doors at random times and under random conditions. We never left the car without having the keys in hand or at least one person staying in the car to make sure we were not locked out.

The seat? There was no place in the adjustment envelope where I could find any comfortable position. I mean, seriously, the ergonomics of the entire car were terrible. I seriously doubt that they could have made it worse if they had tried. My riding mower has better ergonomics, both in the seat and in the controls. Even the front passenger seat was torture after a half hour of sitting.

The acceleration, when the transmission computer chose to shift the gears in a sequential manner  was...adequate. Notice I said "shift in a sequential manner"....this did not appear to happen most of the time...

The suspension and steering seemed to have been designed to allow both understeer at high speeds and oversteer at low speeds....My Kubota tractor handles curves better.

One wonders how they can sell these cars if they allow the buyers to test drive before purchase. 

Friday, September 14, 2018

I'm thinkin' I would have peed myself just a bit....

Notice her tiny voice when she is informed of her issue.  I'd probably have been even less calm at that point in my training.....

She was scared but handled it pretty well.

I'd probably have pissed my pants. I give the young lady pilot credit for her composure. Once the initial shock wore off, she was pretty calm.

And whoever owns and maintains that aircraft,,,,be glad it was a 17 year old girl. I'd have beaten 'em for renting me an aircraft where the MAIN GEAR was in that bad of shape....Beaten them badly.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Just as an FYI

If you have a Menards in your area, and shop there because of their 11% rebate, but prefer to buy from Home Depot, or if Menards does not have what you are looking for..

Anytime that Menards (or, I am led to understand, any competitor) offers a rebate, Home Depot will give you a gift card for that same 11% if you make that purchase at a Home Depot in the same area as the competitor.

I often buy lumber from the Home Depot instead of Menards because the quality is (generally) better.....And since HD will match the rebates.....

Just though some of y'all might find this info useful. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Yep, that's the one

Flew a 1966 182 yesterday. Airframe was nearly as old as I am.  Owner was a friend of my latest CFII.

I LIKE it.

Pretty sure that's what I am gonna buy. Still looking, but.....

Decent load, decent fuel consumption, fast enough (who doesn't want a faster airplane?) but also pretty decently low approach speeds. Feel was not too heavy (Much lighter than the Arrow) and yet the heavier airframe made it feel smoother too.

Cruise was about 137 (at ~5000 ft), approach at final with 20 degrees of flaps was 70 knots. (And, I think, with practice and more flaps, that could could be a LOT lower). Feel at cruise was really smooth.

I flew it for a while, just getting the feel for it, then went an airport that has very little traffic...Normally. ...
5 planes in the pattern when we arrived!..... I entered at the end of the downwind after circling a bit to let one plane land and leave some space in the pattern for me, then followed the other four planes in and did a low pass just to get the feel of it at approach speeds. Back around the pattern and then I did a really nice landing (wind was variable at 4 so it was fairly easy) and then a taxi-back and takeoff.

Stayed in the pattern and did a second landing just like the first. Was gonna do a crosswind landing, but there wasn't enough wind to make it worthwhile, so we went back to the home airport, where the wind was 220 at 5 so I landed on 18, with another greaser (hard not to with that airplane in those wind conditions).
Put the plane away and the owner, who is 85, wouldn't let me pay for gas or anything....("do this for some other "kid" when you buy a plane") so I took him to lunch. He does want a towbar  and a bracket for it for his small tractor, so I might just weld one up for him....

All in all, I liked the 182. Decent speeds, decent approach, and (with trim) I did not find the nose to be too heavy on final or flare. Yes, you need more trim than a 172 or even an Arrow, but very, very doable. More flaps might have helped, but I was following the advice of the owner, who was sitting next to me.

And, guess what? My latest issue of Trad-A-Plane just arrived last night!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

DO you remember?

I do.

I remember the day.

The carnage.

The....not fear, but horror. The deaths of innocents.

Do I blame ALL muslims? No
But I do realize, that there are those of that religion that hate the West. And others of that religion that support those that would kill me and my fellow countrymen simply because we are not Muslim....Unbelievers.....And believe  that any muslims who would associate with us are as bad as we are....

I will never forget.
I especially will never forget those in power who would have us forget, or who try to minimize the act, the attack....

But, in the end, I will live and simply remember.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

I've asked this question

Just not as well, nor as clearly:

Where is the crime?

How long is the Fishing Expedition gonna go on?

Especially without a real crime to investigate and, especially, PROSECUTE. ('Cause that is what Mueller is, a prosecutor).

Expect the Liberals to cry "Kenneth Starr!!!!". But there, there was an actual crime that was being investigated. Not so here, just a bunch of innuendo in this case. 

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Gunshow todae

Prolly be bizzy all day.

I expect attendance to be big, as it is a rainy dreary day.

Friday, September 7, 2018

If you used to wear Levis

And are tired of their SJW posturing.....

I highly recommend Texas Jeans Company as an alternative.
Good Jeans. Well made. Wear well. Comfortable. Priced fairly.

And MADE IN AMERICA. (Oddly, in North Carolina)...which no other major brand (not even Carhartt) is anymore.

I moved from Levis a few years ago..... while I liked Levis, I grew tired of their Social Justice Posturing.  So I switched. And I've been happy with my new brand.

Yer big boys and girls, buy what you want....But if you are considering switching, check out Texas Jeans Company. 

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Bandit has passed.....

Burt Reynolds has died .

To me, he will always be the actor in "Smokey and the Bandit".....Of course there is "Deliverance" and "the Longest Yard" as well. 

I always figured the next epidemic

to spread across the world would be "Airborne".

'Twas, apparently not that big of a deal this time.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Another endorsement

I now hold a "Complex" endorsement.

I did it with a Piper aircraft. Which flies OK, it just isn't the aircraft I would choose to buy.

"Complex" isn't really that big of a deal, actually. Just more to do at takeoff, climb, descent and landing. Pretty simple though.

Damned fast, that Turbo Arrow, what with no gear and no struts causing drag. 

Said no man ever:

So I am at the Dr's office. I like my doctor, I really do....

I had an issue which caused a bit of pain, and we discussed the level of pain it caused.

She said that women experience pain and deal with it better than men, so a 10 for a man is like a 6 for a woman

"Not true", says I.  "While we may handle it differently, men simply deal with it". Women can't handle the pain of a fight, or an injury as well as men". Putting a number on it isn't a good comparison. Most women can't handle the level of pain that men can and keep going.

"Oh yeah?" she asked. "explain"....."Women handle childbirth...a greater pain than you can ever imagine".

"I cannot ever experience the pain a woman undergoes giving birth, but it can't be that bad, either."

"how do you figure?" she asked.

"Women often choose to have another child after their first can't be as bad as say....getting kicked in"

"how can you compare the two?

"Well, again, women often choose to have a second, or third or even more children...If it were as bad as you say, after the first birth experience, no man would ever touch you again......But you often choose to have another child."

"So?" she asked

"No man ever stands there and says "Gee, I think I will ask someone to kick me in the testicles again"

We moved on to other areas of discussion after that.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The more I fly Piper products...

The more I like Cessna's engineering.

So I have flown a Warrior and 2 different Arrows....One Turbo and one not.

And I gotta say that there is no one thing that is terribly bad on any of 'em, but SO many things, switches, electrical busses, controls, fuel selector (WTF is wrong with a "Both" position?), etc. are just....less than ideal, at least in my mind. Kinda half assed, if you will.

They fly ok, but I don't like the "feel", especially on approach. And I HATE the way they sink when the power is pulled back.

But hey, to each their own. Some folks like'em. I think, however, that I will start with a Cessna.

I mean, this is like Glock V 1911 (1911 for me)....pretty much a preference thing. 

Saturday, September 1, 2018


The press that couldn't wait to trash him, denigrate him and dig up dirt on him when he was running for president against their chosen lightbringer candidate now cannot wait to praise John McCain now that he is safely dead.

But hey, he has good attendance at his funeral, if only so most of the attendees can check out his corpse and make sure he is really dead.

Hopefully you can backorder them....

O'Reilley's auto parts


I have 2 on order, but they are backordered until 1985. October 27th, I believe.

Someone has a sense of humor

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Well now, isn't this an odd thing......


I find such coincidences somewhat odd, don't you?

Remember, the Feds have "Not been able to examine" the weapons used in the Vegas massacre yet.....


I am growing tired of having to share the road with people who are less intelligent than week old lettuce, less situationally aware than an overripe tomato, and have the nervous response time of wilted broccoli. This makes for bad drivers...

And that is, of course BEFORE they start driving while using a cell phone to distract them and block fully 50 percent of their peripheral vision.

'Tis a good thing I am not subject to Road Rage....Just Sayin'. 

Monday, August 27, 2018

And I thought the Gun Fora were bad

I mean, anyone can buy a gun, all you need is money.

But I was trying to do some research on airplanes for a possible purchase and ended up on several airplane forums ....


I mean one might expect some level of disagreement, but the thing is, there is a minimum level of intelligence required to be a pilot, right?

The same infighting, the same unreasonable defense of one brand over another, the same unreasoning hatred of the "other" brand... the same illogic, the same defense of what that person had purchased...

I mean, you can substitute 1911 for Cessna and Piper for GLOCK and see nearly identical arguments (and then sub Mooney for FN to get the REAL argument started)

And the rumors and untruths repeated by people that have never experienced that product,  But they know it is true because they heard it from a friend of a friend of a cousin of the brother of the guy who shares the next hangar over....

I guess, no matter what the forum topic, people are people.
And topic discussion fora are really not reliable sources of data. The same level of noise to signal exist there as well.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

McCain dead

He were a senator, and was a prisoner of war after being shot down in Vietnam....

As for the Eulogy:
(My Momma taught me that if I can't say something nice, to say nothing at all):

I do hope his passing was painless and quick. 

Friday, August 24, 2018

Public service announcement

Just in case you ever think of it....

DO NOT step on the carpet tack strips in stocking feet.

I was pulling them up  to putting down new flooring the phone I stopped what I was doing and answered the phone.

Upon returning to the job at hand......I stumbled and recovered with one foot upon said tack strip.

Yikes, that hurts.

No major damage, but holy shit those things are sharp. 

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Point of view:

So was talking, along with a few others,  with two gunsmiths professional, one a gifted amateur.

The amateur and I were discussing gun oils and CLP type products.

Most were acceptable to him for the purpose to which most people use 'em. Cleaning and preventing rust, and lubrication.

Then one other person brought up WD-40....

The amateur gunsmith stated that that was the worst product he had ever seen. The pro stated that loved it....Most of us turned and stared at him:

Then he smiled and said fully 20% of his work would go away if folks stopped using WD-40 as a cleaner and lube...."It "gunks" up more guns than even 3-In-One oil.".....the first thing he does with most malfunctioning firearms ts strip 'em and clean 'em with a solvent bath and a brush.... Fixes about half the issues.

Best to choose a product intended for the use to which it is intended, I guess....

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The police are the problem

In Chicago, according the the folks on the South Side. Especially those folks who listen to the activists.....

"They are killing all those people"

Of course, "those people" shot 48 folks this weekend...and the police shot no-one in that time frame.

And of those shootings? 'twasn't whites, or asians, nor native Americans, nor even mexican immigrants doing the shooting either.... .

But it isn't the fault of the black people. They tell us so, so it must be true.

It's all Whitey's fault. And the white police especially.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Darwin missed

Both father, and Son.

What kind of an idiot waits that long before leaving in the face of a forest fire? Waits until the fire is on the road? Especially when there is only one way out?

Video shows father, son driving through forest fire in escape from mountain

Damned lucky there was someone with a boat to take 'em to safety.

I hope the insurance company denies their claim for the car.....


So, after flying to meet Aaron for lunch yesterday, I met some other members at the Range and pulled some video cables yesterday...through conduit. 10 video cables through 250 ft of 2" plastic conduit.

I had engineered things such that I would be able to pull straight up....using my legs more than my arms. (I was the youngest and in best shape so they guided the cable from the other end as it went and I did the pulling)

And we used plenty of wire pulling lube.

100 (more or less) squats later, the wire was pulled through the conduit. the last 30 feet was a lot of resistance (a long sweep bend that we simply could not get any lube into, so lots of friction)

All was well last night and this morning. I was actually surprised at how well I felt (I don't normally do TEN squats in a day, much less a hundred(ish) with resistance. Pretty much no stiffness when I arose from my slumber.... No pain other than normal aches and pains. Old friends, as it were.....My legs were fine, my calves and ankles were good....I had expected my forearms to hurt, as gripping the rope was something I no longer do on a regular basis...But no

Then, around noon, it began to hurt. Calves, thighs, glutes.  I can barely hold a covefffe cup in my hands

I normally walk about 12,000 steps a day. I might make 8K today. Maybe.

Where did I put the 'Vitamin I" ?

This gettin' old is a bitch. I may have to have to crack open the bottle and have some liquid muscle relaxer later, over ice.

Low clouds and haze

But that did not stop either of us, just delayed us a bit.

I met Aaron of the Shekel about halfway for lunch on Sunday. He's out of the greater Detroit area and I am out of NW we each flew about 90 miles.

I had to delay departure for about a half hour due to visibility issues at KOEB (our destination). But other than the last 20 miles or so, it was awesome. Vis was +5 Miles all the way... I flew east-northeast at 5500 feet, 500' (more or less) below the clouds with flight following from South Bend (and then Kalamazoo) approach. At Sturgis, MI I had to descend because the wall of clouds went up to about 10K and the bottom was a little below 4000. So I flew my last 20 miles at 2500 feet MSL. Approach was standard downwind entry.

Oddly, moments after  I called my base to final turn for Rwy 25 at OEB, Aaron transmitted his "10 miles out" call. Couldn't have worked it out much better. I got to watch him do a very smooth touchdown. I don't even think he chirped the tires.

Other than parking at the wrong parking area, it was perfect...but we both needed that half mile walk after flying for most of an hour anyway.....

The restaurant wasn't the best, but it was good enough. The food was decent (Bacon, Mushrooms, and Swiss burgers) (Plus Tater Tots!!) and the service was attentive. Sadly, until now, Aaron and I had only met in meatspace once. It was cool to talk to him in person. We had a great time chatting, and then, because he was looking at less-than-ideal weather moving into his area sooner than planned, he did a preflight and taxiied to the runway and took off. (I wondered why he did rwy 22 until I too left shortly thereafter).

After he did his departure and turned for home, I preflighted and fired up the rental 172 and taxiied out and also was confused by the signage, and I too found myself taxiing to the end of 22.....Which wasn't a big deal 'cause the winds we 16 at 4, so it was an acceptable departure runway.

'Twas bumpy on the way back, and a bit of a headwind (which, in a 172 is not a minor consideration!) so I used a bit more RPM's than I normally do. Not quite "Full Rental Power", but more than the recommended 70% throttle...

I arrived at home just in time to change clothes and go to the range to meet some other members where we cut and pulled (manually) 10 pieces of 250 feet of video cable. Which pretty much wiped me out.

But again, I am reminded that I need a faster airplane....and not a rental, either. Maybe an R182? I dunno.

I will let Aaron post the pics, he has the better software to clean 'em up, but here are 2 so you can see what a dashing airman he is....

Plus, of course, a pic of the proverbial (but more expensive than that) "$100 hamburger".

As always, click to embiggenify


Here. Might wanna swallow first though. 

Sunday, August 19, 2018

I tell ya, it's the culture:

There area LOT of folks on the South Side of Chicago that are decent...who just want to live their lives and have a bit of fun and a decent life.

But there is a subset that are violent....that just don't care.

Friday into Saturday there were over 25 people shot....40 so far this weekend in that paradise of Gun Control and Democratic rule.

And Oh! the Irony!...3 shot at a "Peace Picnic".

THis doesn't happen in other neighborhoods where the Demographics are of a different sort.

Yeah, it is an uncomfortable fact that no one wants to face, but it is true.

Cries of "Raciss" will be ignored with derision. I'm just pointing out the facts here.  

Saturday, August 18, 2018

And Political Dubble Stadardz

Seems that John Brennan required the Beghazi veterans, those me who fought to save all of the folks that were attacked when the "Rebels" rioted and killed the ambassador....Yeah, those folks...

Yeah, he made 'em all sign Non Disclosure agreements or be fired.

And, oddly enough, was the promoted by Barry the First to Director of the CIA.

First he claimed they had no need to talk about the incident.

Then he denied forcing them to sign the documents.

Odd, that. And now he thinks his continued security clearance is a Right?

Seriously? He claims that losing his security clearance is a violation of his First Amendment rights? What about those folks he silenced (and got promoted for silencing them)? Or are there two standards?

We all know the answer....If he has his security clearance, lots of folks will hire him to "consult"....If not, he is unemployable.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Dubble Standardz

If a white man said "Vote for me because I am white" then the cries of racism are loud and strident.

But it is, apparently, OK for a black woman to say " it disgusts” her seeing black people holding signs for “these Asians” and not supporting “their own people.” "...

Racism, in any form, is wrong.

But it is odd how the standard is different, isn't it? Negroes can be as racist (and are, generally) as much as white people.

Unless, of course, you are a Democrat...

And there you have it:

So, I mentioned an issue with the training department at the NRA....
Which was discussed at the monthly meeting at my club last night.

This opened the door to discussion of the NRA and the services they (allegedly) offer. And the discontent in a hundred members who are angry at the NRA.

I was, quite frankly, shocked at the amount of anger and discontent directed at the NRA organization...

There were complaints about failure to follow up with Life insurance (2 2 years old now and still unresolved) and complaints about gun insurance (one member STILL has not gotten any response ...not even an email or phone call, despite having put in a claim after a house fire 9 months ago.....and repeated emails, phone calls/voicemails, even a registered letter for his claim on the 25 or so firearms that were destroyed in a house fire)...But, as he pointed out, they have people call him weekly to ask for more money....

At this point, the club is investigating alternatives for insurance and is seriously considering cutting ties with the NRA after a 48+year association with that organization. The only reason we can see for continuing is the discounted insurance ... And those of us who have cautioned patience and waiting and not acting rashly.....

It appears from the discussion last night that everyone who has dealt with the NRA has come to the same feeling...that the NRA is openly working only for the NRA, not the members. That it sees the members only as a profit center, and that it's mission is to squeeze as much money out of that membership,  rather than serve their interests or promote the shooting sports.

There was a lot of talk about GOA and Second Amendment Foundation, and the fact that those organizations have done more in the courts for Gun Rights in the past 10 years than the NRA has done in the past 30....(on the other hand, I pointed out that the NRA has done significantly more in the political arena with our legislators )...Still, the discontent was there, and came to a head

Where does YOUR club get it's liability and other insurance to operate?
Please, feel free to email me if y'd rather not say so in comments. (TheMiddleoftheright@Gmail)