Wednesday, October 21, 2020

An attempt to remain relevant

 The FBI has given a press conference telling us that they are ever vigilant and that they had "some information" about Iran and (possibly) Russia maybe sending some sort of "intimidating" emails to people....

Somehow, someone may have accessed voter information . No one said how, or who,  or what voter databases had been accesses...and what information they had that wasn't already publicly available data. 

But they told us to be assured that the FBI is ON THE JOB. 

(no statement on the fact that they had knowledge that the entire "Russian Interference" meme was bullshit, and they knew it, nor that they had knowledge of Hunter Biden's activities via the emails (and photos) on the Hard Drive that has recently surfaced via Giuliani and the Post...and that they sat on it for nearly a year)

(Start at 8:30)...for some reason it won't embed

So....less than two weeks left:

13 days. 

"Beat the rush, panic early."

If I were you, I'd go shopping. While there may not be the selection in the stores you might like, I'd go purchase some food and water, especially if one lives on a "Blue" city (or, for that matter, any city). 

Plan for some "civil unrest". After all, we are likely to not have "election DAY" but rather "Election WEEK". as mail in ballots that arrive after election day are counted as much as 5 days after. It may be that we have no clear president for as much as a week. 

I fully expect the Left to become violent....followed possibly by folks on the Right deciding they ahve had enough and taking action to quell it. 

Food, water, fuel. (Ammo is pretty much nonexistent unless one is lucky, or is willing to pay 5 times for it). Buy it and store might be that the wise move is to stay home for a week or more. 

Don't forget the pet food either!

If you don't already have it, try to get a 2 (or more) week supply of your maintenance medicine....just to be sure you have some if you can't get it. 

Monday, October 19, 2020

Kinda hard to believe them anymore

 So the evening "News" is telling us that "Hospitals are overwhelmed" ((again), even though they weren't overwhelmed last time) by the new "Surge" in Coronavirus cases. 

Maybe this time they are telling us the truth. Last time, there were very few hospitals that were "overwhelmed".

Much like the little boy that cried WOLF!, the media has lied time and time again, and I find it hard to give any credence to the warnings of doom this time.

The statistics are structured to frighten without giving a real, honest assessment. They tell us the total overall number of cases (since March, in most cases) and tell us the number of new cases without telling us how many of those new cases are symptomatic, how many are hospitalized....And they trumpet the number of deaths...but they make it difficult to find out any usable information....They don't tell us what percentage of tests show a positive, for instance....

When people or organizations use statistics to frighten, rather than inform, I become suspicious. 

I laughed and laughed

 Via Kenny:

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Equal protection under the law

 So didn't Paul Manafort get convicted of failing to register as a "Foreign Agent"? 

Why aren't they going after Hunter Biden for the same thing? 

Just asking....for a friend

Like a Covid death prediction

 The forecast for the winds was less than on-target..

Highest wind was 38 knots...more or less 44 miles per hour.

Most wind gusts were much less.

Power only flickered once, and that was for less than 30 seconds as the automatics isolated the short. 

All prepped up (not really) and nowhere to go....

ETA: If they can't predict the weather 12 hours in advance, what makes them think they can predict Climate 50 years into the future? 

Saturday, October 17, 2020

I can't believe that people pay money for them

 So I had to have some warranty work done on the Truck.

The Dodge dealer gave me a brand new Jeep Renegade to drive. 

What a shitbox.

The transmission never stops shifting, the dash looks like it was laid out by a 4th grader, and the controls feel cheap.

The acceleration is mediocre at best, the engine sounds like a sewing machine eating gravel while tripping on meth, and the handling is almost as good as my Kubota tractor.  The Fiat 124 was a better car 50 years ago.

I cannot believe, as competitive as the small car market is that Jeep sells these things. For $22k, one can buy a LOT of small car from Toyota, Hyundai, Nissan, Kia, even Ford and Chevy and Subaru. None of them are luxury cars, but at least they are decently engineered. 

On the bright side, the outward vision from the Renegade was decent...and the turn signals worked. 

oughta be fun today:

 50 MPH wind gusts forecast. 

I expect to lose power....for how long I dunno. 

Getting the laundry done early, and planning on losing both power and internet for a while. 

If need be, I can fire up the generator, but as it isn't cold enough to need heat, I might not bother, 

No flying today though. 

Friday, October 16, 2020

Of COURSE its "Disinformation"

 So the media is now floating the theory that the Biden Emails (see below posts) are "disinformation" from "Russia" via the Ukraine via Rudy Giuliani 

Odd how the Ukraine (which is where Hunter Biden was "employed" by Burisma for his father's influence during the Obama Administration) has so much power, so many "Operatives" that can control so much influence over the American People and their choice for President, innit? 

Nice attempt to discredit. Nice deflection too. 

Are the emails legit? I dunno. They do fit the theory that has been floating around for a year or more, and it does seem odd that Burisma would hire Hunter Biden for his (nonexistent) "Expertise"...(not to mention the CHinese, but that is another story) ......I mean, they were paying his some serious coin to do........??

Thursday, October 15, 2020

So...the story now is:

 That someone hacked emails from Hunter Biden and "inserted" the "fake" emails in question into the file...

Then put them on a hard drive of a computer that was then taken to the repair shop and left for 90 days...all done months ago so that the data could be released right now. Linking the emails to Biden and making the release "clean". 

Spin, spin, spin. and yet more spin. 

If we could hook a generator to this story we could power Manhattan. 

So...a question:

 It is reported that there is an email chain that links Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Burisma, and other figures "arranging" for Joe to "meet" with officials that could influence (eliminate by threatening the dispersal of US aid) the corruption charges against Burisma....

Supposedly gotten off a laptop brought in for repair...and left, never to be picked up.

Whose content was subsequently copied by the shop owner, who then also contacted the FBI...who confiscated the laptop.

Now, this all happened about the time of Trump's corruption charges and subsequent investigation....

And yet the FBI withheld this evidence and remained silent.  Odd, that, innit?

Forget the millions of Taxpayer dollars spent investigating the bogus claims, TH FBI KNEW THAT THEY WERE BOGUS AND HID EVIDENCE AND REMAINED SILENT. 

Think about that. Again, proof that the FBI wants Trump gone. That the FBI conspired to get rid of him. 

"While Black"

 So, suddenly, YoutTube thinks that I care about the propaganda campaign that shows the terrible treatments of black people by cops simply because of the color of their skin.

The harassment that black men endure....oddly enough, all when they ahve video and oddly enough all in the past two months. 

Strange timing, innit?


You can find many more if you look. Most in the past 2 or three months. 

Of course, this only happens to black people, never to whites nor hispanics, right?

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

So...lemme get this straight:

 Seems tht the Democrats questioners of Amy Coney Barrett want her to be impartial, but also want her to tell them how she would decide some Liberal causes...

I found them to be irritating. They want her to prejudge the issues, even before there is an argument made one way or another. They want her to choose a side...

It would seem that they don't want an impartial judge, one that would do what we expect the Supremes to do...Examine and judge a case based on laws and the Constitution, but rather on ideology...(so long as it is Liberal Ideology, that is).

I find that disgusting. 

Monday, October 12, 2020

Interesting viewpoint:

 So it would seem that the Leftists and the DNC (and the media, but I am being redundant here) are all of the opinion that Judges, especially Supreme Court Justices, are there to legislate by proclamation rather than interpret the law. 

I find that scary, that they miss entirely the reason we have a Legislative, an Executive and a Judicial branch, and what their roles are. 

Columbus day

 And as usual, the LEFT wants to replace it with something else...."Indigenous People's day"

It is, at the end, simply another attempt to erase history. 

We need to stop this shit soon. 

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Huh, what a surprise:

 NBA will stop pushing BLM message on the court after ratings plummet

Who would have thought? I mean, we all want politics with our sports, right? Strife in the things we view for relaxation...yeah, we want that...

Reports are that viewership is down by nearly 70%. 

Saturday, October 10, 2020

They must be scared:

 SO watching NBC news....looking for a weather report.

And I see a "News" segment titled "Inequality in America" about the police shooting Hispanic men, and hispanic men having to have "The Talk" with their kids. (Seems that it is the women in Black families that have to have the talk?)  How terrible it is that police officers are treating the Hispanic community.

 I read this ad desperation by the Dems. They have realized that LOTS of Hispanics are gonna jump ship, simply because they are better off, despite the "Covid", under Trump than they were under the previous DNC rule. 

Bet on it. 

Instrument Pilot

 Yeah, you might have noticed that I have been posting very little and what I did post was not my "A" game. 

That's 'cause I was studying hard for my Instrument exam and checkride. 

And all that work paid off.

I now hold an Instrument rating on my Private Pilot certificate. 

I am an instrument pilot.

5 hours of oral exam, and a 1.4 hour flight.

All culminating in a landing on a 180 runway with a 220 wind at 21 GUSTING 34...(and it was a good landing too). 

So now my ability to go places just  got a bit greater. If this Covid shit would finish (or after the election) I will put it to good use. 

It only took a year longer than I had expected it to take, but I got there. 

Friday, October 9, 2020

lot of truth here

 Borrepatch posts a comparison on Glowbal Warming and Covid. 

Interesting how the parallels are there, the manipulation of data, and then the change in how the data is presented. 

I'd noticed the change in data, but hadn't made the connection to how the Glowbal Warming Climate change was presented. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

See ya on the other side:

 So I have been busy, but I learned last night that Eddie Van Halen, a significant music figure in my early years, has died of cancer. 

Bummer. I guess this is how my parents felt as the icons from their youth passed away one by one. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Sad Press

 The disappointment is palpable. 

Donne didn't die (YET!) 

BUT...He did remove his mask. OMG!

His going home is, of course, terrible. Because reasons. 

In the meantime, the rest of the country doesn't seem to care one way or another. 

Except, of course those with TDS, they have something new to froth up about.  And they have.

Monday, October 5, 2020

Have ya noticed?

 While the press is focused  on Donald Trump's condition, as far as I have seen none of them are asking how the First Lady is doing....Odd, that. One might think that her condition would matter as well. It does to me, anyway

I guess that it only matters if she is dying. 

I think that tells us something about the Press. 

Friday, October 2, 2020

I expect the Left to go completely Apeshit

 I mean, moreso than they already have. 

Seems that Donald J Trump has tested positive for Coronavirus.  

(Note: He has not yet shown symptoms, nor is he, at the time, sick)

I fully expect that the Trump Haters will go nuts and bloviate on and on ad nauseum how he deserves this, how it is his own fault, etc, etc, etc

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Well, that was a total fiasco

 What a waste of an hour and a half.

I would hope that they can get a better moderator for these next debates. 

INteresting stipulations

 Seems that Joe Biden and his team would not allow Joe to be inspected for electronic earpieces and won't allow a drug test. I wonder why? 

They are both old men, I can understand the half hour potty break though. 

We shall see if Joe can keep focused. I fear that he will get lost, and I'd hate to see him get embarrassed when that happens.  

In a just world

 The Federal Government would be investigating as to who leaked the information on Trump's taxes. 

If this were Joe Biden (Or in the past, Hillary Clinton) the cries for the head of the perpetrator would be vociferous all across the Media. 

But it isn't. 

Why the silence? 

(forget the fact that this is a big deal about nothing)

Monday, September 28, 2020

They must be getting desperate

 The DNC leaked Trumps Tax Returns. 

I wonder who is gonna go to jail for it? (Probably no one, even though it is a crime)

But this tactic smacks of desperation They are pulling out all the stops to damage Trump. I don't think that it will make a difference, but someone is desperate enough to try to do this in order to win. 

Sad that the DNC can't field a candidate that folks can vote FOR, rather than damage the opposing candidate enough in people's eyes to get them to vote for Slow Joe.....or tell us why Joe is better.

If I were the DNC I'd have waited to unveil this 'til a week or two before the election. 


Sunday, September 27, 2020


 Sixteen new shooters. (Would have been more, but covid restrictions limited the size of the class)

Most were first-time-ever shooters. 

Some had already purchased a pistol for defense, others were planning to do so after taking the class (If they can find one). 

Few have any faith in their government or the police to protect them from Leftist mobs, even the Left leaning folks that were taking the class. Hence their new interest in firearms.

16 new gun owners, or will-be owners soon.

16 more supporters of the Second amendment.

And at least 12 New Shooter Smiles. 

'Twas a good day. 

Saturday, September 26, 2020

New Shooter Day

 Yeah, my club has a Pistol Safety course today, so I gotta go do my instructor thing. 

It is work, but the reward is the "New Shooter Smile" on their faces as they learn that they can do this. 

Worth the time, if you ask me. 

Friday, September 25, 2020

Today was a good day to fly for me too

 Did a 2.5 hour lesson this morning, then took an acquaintance up to get his plane from where it had been undergoing emergency repairs. 

Left my home airport and flew a few minutes to pick him up at KMGC, then we flew to KFFX via KLWA. 

A 1 hour flight that would have taken 3+ hours to drive (plus return).

Called South Bend approach for flight following, they passed me off to Great Lakes approach then I landed at KFFX (Fremont, Michigan) and taxiied to the mechanic's shop. 

My friend paid his bill while I taxiied out and left. His turbo arrow is not appreciably faster than my naturally aspirated 182. I left 15 minutes before him, but he landed only 7 minutes behind me. We both flew at 8500 feet on the return trip. (Had we gone higher he'd have passed me, as the 192 cannot maintain full power past about 7500 feet because the air is just to thin...the turbo makes up for that at altitudes). 

2.4 hours of flying and 2 landings. It was severe VFR all the way. 

We fueled up both aircraft and I flew back to my home airport. 

Seems that Aaron had a good day of flying as well. 

I gotta say that 5 hours of flying in one day is a lot, really. 

Battlespace preparation:

 Notice how the Media is going on and on about the fact that Donald Trump won't promise a "Peaceful change of leadership"? If the election results are in doubt? 

Forget the fact that he hasn't lost the election yet, nor that there may well be some malfeasance in the election process itself....

We all remember the debacle of the 2000 Florida election mess...."Keep counting until Gore is the winner!"

One thing I HAVENT heard from the Democrats (or the Media) is a promise from Team DNC that THEY will abide by the results of the election if they lose. In fact, I have been hearing all sorts of things...that they plan (already) a court challenge unless Slow Joe wins. 

Odd double standard, that. If Trump wins, then they feel it is OK to fight the results. If Kamala and Joe win, then Trump should just step aside like a good boy. 

Where is THEIR promise to gracefully bow out if the election doesn't go the way they want it to? 

Odd that they have one standard for Trump and another standard for their candidate, innit? 

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

And yet they can't keep the lights on

 But Califronia is gonna mandate that by 2035 there be no "gas powered" cars and trucks sold in the state....including hybrids.

How are they gonna make this work? They are shutting down generating plants in the state.....and they cannot purchase enough power from out of the state when demand is high as it is....

How are they gonna power all those electric charging stations? They can't power the state right now as it is. 

Expect riots

 So the Grand Jury declined to press charges on the officers involved in the Breonna Taylor debacle

I fully expect riots tonight, tomorrow, Friday and Saturday. (apparently so do most Louisville downtown merchants) I bet that most metro police departments are prying for rain over the weekend. If I were a business owner in a city of any size at all...and one where there is a sizeable number of black people, I'd be boarding up my windows as well....'cause one can expect that there will be riots. 

Innocent or guilty, Breonna Taylor and Kenneth Walker had the right to live in peace. The No Knock raid was poorly executed (and should not have been a No-Knock raid anyway). The officers, even IF they felt justified in shooting, failed to identify their targets and essentially just sprayed bullets around. 

While I cannot see any racism here, I can see that they officers and the system failed to act responsibly. Were in a non-police gun owning private citizen, they'd surely be charged for such reckless behavior. As should be the cops in this incident. 

Having said that, rioting isn't gonna change things, nor will it help. But that is what we have come to expect of inner city black people today....I mean, it has happened about every 4 years (sometimes more often) for most of my lifetime. 


Expect more riots in the upcoming days. Try to stay out of inner cities. If you see a crowd of people, go another way. or turn around quickly.  Try to be home soon after dark if you live in an urban area. Expect protests that then turn into riots, looting and burning. 

It is the "new Normal"

After all, it is an election year...and the Dems need the black vote so they keep 'em riled up so they won't vote for Trump, despite the Dems record of broken promises. 

Showing her true colors

 So Cindy McCain, the widow of John McCain just could not help but step into the ring to trash Donald Trump.

I understand that she dislikes Trump because he would not say nice things about her late husband, 

But seriously?  This is being a harpy. 

Nothing like the vitriol that an old lady can bring. They can hate better than anyone. I'm sure she thinks she is hurting Donnie, but all she is doing is showing us what a bitch she is. At the end, her endorement won't make one iota of difference. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

So let me see here:

 The Democrat Machine is gonna oppose the Supreme Court Nominee no matter what....even before the person is nominated. 

The RNC Machine is gonna support the nominee no knowing who he or she is....

Neither side knows who the nominee is gonna be, neither side has anything to vote for...or against. They don't know the positions, the philosophy, or the history of the nominee.

One side is pledging to support the nominee, whoever she or he is, simply because they want to get a "Conservative" on the court. 

The other side wants to oppose her or him simply because the choice is being made by Trump, and they will oppose him no matter what. 

Neither side is covering themselves with glory or showing any integrity here. 

Again, I am disgusted. Why not wait and find out if they can find something to like or dislike? Anyone who is already on a Circuit Court should already be qualified to be a Supreme. If not, they are likely unqualified for the position they currently have. 

We really need a better class of elected officials. 

Question for the attorneys:

 especially Aaron, although anyone with anyone with a legal opinion can chime in....

Can the "authorities" legally prevent me from voting if I show up at a polling place without a mask? 

I can't find any argument for or against it in Indiana's code

I'm tempted to find out. Just 'cause I am an agitator. 

"The bottom line is aerosol transmission possible but not the main way that spreads"


So the CDC does a 180 on their view of the method of infection of Covid-19....then removes it.

I toldya there was no "science" behind the 6 foot "Social Distancing" rule. 

Now we have evidence that there wasn't. 

And, of course, if aerosols aren't the main method of transmission, then we are back to "Do masks really do anything?" 

(yes, they do keep large droplets from spraying onto that person next to you, but are they really effective? I mean, we were told that the "Science was settled" about the 6 foot too....and now we know that that is bullshit....will they flip=flop about the masks too?) 

I mean, so far, according to the CDC, masks are not effective, except that they are, except that they aren't, unless you are in a crowd that is protesting (when they aren't needed) unless it is a right-leaning protest, when they are effective and required....Now we have the whole 6 foot rule in doubt....Are we really getting any value out of the money we spend on the CDC? Or are they just making pronouncements and hoping for the best? 

Thoughts from a lady smarter than I

 "That's their job. There's nothing in the Constitution that says that the President stops being President in his last year."

Chief Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg  2016

And we have proof that both sides are weasels

 So last time, when the positions were reversed, it was one side saying that the nomination (and subsequent acceptance) of the next Supreme Court Justice should wait until after the election.

Essentially, both sides have started parroting the other's arguments from when they were on the other side. 

Does no politician have any principles? No integrity? 

Naive of me, perhaps, but I do expect some minimal level of integrity out of my politicians. 

Not so today though. 

Sad. And disgusting. 

All for some power and leverage. 

Saturday, September 19, 2020


 All you folks celebrating the death of Ruth Bader Gisnburg...

Y'all have no class. 

She was an old lady who earned her post on the Supreme Court of the United States. 

I disagreed with most of her decisions. Still...she was a well educated lady who did serve the country as a Judge and did it with honor, and while I (or you) may disagree with her decisions, that does not make her evil nor entirely wrong. 

I too wish that someone else had been in her position, and that she had retired much earlier. 

And, at the end, she died of cancer, not a good or painless way to go. 

If yer cheering her death, then you are showing what an ass you are. Just as bad as those antifa assholes who were outside the hospital where those ambushed cops were being treated chanting "We hope you die". 


If you got nothing good to say about her, then say nothing. 

Friday, September 18, 2020

This oughta make things interesting:

 Seems that Ruth Bader Ginsburg has passed. 

While not unexpected, it gives rise to a really big issue.....Can Trump get a Supreme Court pick past the Congress before the election? 

One can hope. Oughta make for some interesting bloviation by the media and some interesting fireworks by our politicians. 

My condolences to Ms. Ginsburg's family.

It's not often that I have nothing to say:

 But last night, at the monthly meeting, my gun club members gave me a lifetime membership and an award plaque for service and leadership. 

I was floored. Seriously. So much so that I could not form words to say "thank you" properly for a while. 

I'm not sure that I deserve it, but they all seem to think that I have given outstanding service. I just try and keep the club going, and pay it forward with work and by doing classes for new shooters and such. After all, I get to use the club that others before me built.... Keeping the tradition going so that the club and the facilities will be there for the next generation. I didn't think that I was doing anything special...... But the other members all congratulated me and felt that I have earned the reward. 

It was pretty cool. 

A REALLY nice ending to a day that didn't start well. 

Thursday, September 17, 2020


 Undermotivated and uninspired.

Best that I don't post. 

Read the folks on the left side

Maybe more later.

Monday, September 14, 2020

A tip on how to Vote By Mail and make sure that it is counted.


Instead, get off yer lazy ass, go down to the polling place on Nov 3 (Nov 5 if yer voting for Biden) and do your civic duty like an adult. 

Anything else is subject to higher rates of fraud, rejection, and ballots arriving late. 

Unless of course, you are in Chicago.,...and deceased....Special procedures are in place for you to vote by mail.  

Saturday, September 12, 2020

NFL fans tired of Social Justice

 They just want to see football.

They are tired of Social Justice Posturing, tired of symbolism, and just tired of the bullshit. 

So when the Texans and the Chiefs did their stupid posturing, the fans BOOED them. Fans that had paid to be there and see the game. 

The left, as seen in the link, is losing it's MIND over the fact that fans would not support such Social Justice Posturing. 

Does the NFL really think that this will end well? 

Friday, September 11, 2020

19 years ago

 I remember.....

Do you? 

I can never forgive....Not only the terrorists themselves, but the oil rich individuals that fund them, and governments that provide such groups with safe harbor....

Not just for the deaths of my countrymen, the insult to my country, but for the destruction of my freedoms that their acts engendered....the last more than anything else. 

I won;t ever forget, nor will I forgive. 

Thursday, September 10, 2020

55 days

 Just 55 days to the election. 

Time is running out. 

Plan accordingly. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

It's all how you say it....

 A perfect example of Newspeak:


Trust the mail

 Trust them with your ballot. 

THIS COULD NEVER HAPPEN with Mail In Ballots. 

No one would ever stoop this low with ballots. Ballots are sacred, right? 

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

But But But....

 Black Lives Matter!!!!

Except that in Chicago over the weekend, Black people killed 10 other black people....and shot 41 others on the South Side. 

That is more in one weekend than the cops killed this year.....

But Black Lives Matter...when the killing is done by police and when it gives and excuse to riot. loot, and steal. 

When it is black people killing other black people it doesn't matter....

Monday, September 7, 2020

Of all the protests

 Only the one for Breonna Taylor has any real validity. 

The sad part is that were it not for the false memes and faux outrage for the the others "deaths by police"...(I mean the George Floyd incident and the  Jacob Blake incident and all the previous ones where the outrage was carefully manufactured), she'd likely get some real justice. 

Of course, Justice is not what the folks that fomented this want, is it? 

 ETA: Divemedic has some other viewpoints ...see comments

Sunday, September 6, 2020

The best way to travel:

 So we went to see MC's sister yesterday. Normally a 3 1/2 hour drive, even with our modern interstate system, but only a 1.2 hour flight. 

A quick preflight (I keep the plane ready to go most of the time, but still, do things the right way and one can prevent issues in the air) and a check of the weather via 1-800-WXBrief,  and we were off. A quick stop at VPZ for fuel (less than a total,of 15 minutes from pattern to departure), and we were on our way. Called for flight following from South Bend and settled in on course. It was a nice flight. Smooth. A layer of clouds at 3500 feet, but we found a hole and went up to 5500 for the trip up to KLAN.  133 knots ground speed. The forecast was for clear skies at KLAN and that is what we found. We got a "Straight In" approach and landing. Really helpful controllers at South Bend approach and Great Lakes approach. The Lansing folks were bored, but were professional. 

We spent a few hours, had some lunch, walked around the river area, and before I knew it we were back at the airport ready for departure. 

Took off, turned on course, and climbed to 6500 feet. Over the southern edge of Great Lakes airspace, we hand to climb to 8500 for the cloud layer to stay VFR, but that was no big deal. We had good ground speed too...148 knots .  Did see a (I think) Stearman biplane going the opposite way at 9500 feet with a Sonex as an escort. Had to be cold in the Stearman....our OAT was 42 F...he had to be cold. 

A gentle descent at the airport of arrival, and a decent landing with the wind at 4 nearly straight down the runway. 

2 and a half hours of flight time rather than 7 hours of driving. Makes for easy visits. Less tiring too. 

It's what I learned to fly for. I'd have been doing more except for the Covid Lockdowns, but hey, I got to enjoy it yesterday. 


 Lotta truth here:

Stolen from, and credited to It Ain't Holy Water

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Social unrest thoughts...part three: "prepping for the election"

While I think that rural areas won't have the issue as much as urban areas, it doesn't take much to interrupt the steady flow and delivery of electrical power...a few hours by a few people each with a chainsaw could cause cause havoc. A few people willing to poke some holes in the casings of large large transformers to let out the coolant oil ,or take down a couple of steel towers for high tension supply lines can do long term damage..More importantly, it takes even less effort to cause enough fear among the utility workers that they will refuse to repair any damage unless guarded by police or other security.  

There are people willing to do that sort of damage to cause mayhem and panic and add to the civil unrest. 

Plan accordingly.....

Not many city services will work without electricity...In a city, will you have water? If in a high rise, can you get up and down to your apartment? Cool or heat that apartment? 

If in the 'Burbs or in a small town or a rural location...Do you have a method of powering your home (or at least the most important portions of it)? Generators or solar? Can you live without electricity if not? DO you need electrical power to run your heating system? 

Refrigerators? Do you have an electric stove (if so, you might wanna plan an alternate means of cooking).  Can you live without power? Do you need refrigeration to keep your medication from spoiling? Do you meed power to make your well work? CAN YOU EVEN OPEN YOUR GARAGE WITHOUT POWER (Most can, but not all).  How much of your life needs electricity? Can you live without it

If you have a you have fuel for it? How much? For how long can you deal without utility power Have you done a realistic assessment of how much you will need to run a standby generator to deal with the minimum time you will need power? (Hint: It is likely more than you realize.. say 4 hours a day, minimum, times say 2 gallons an hour, for say 2 you have a hundred (plus) gallons stored?)...If you have a generator powered by natural gas, remember that, while the gas lines are underground and less vulnerable to mischief, the valving is often above ground, and the pumping stations are also easily accessible (and vulnerable) to someone determined to do them harm....Don't plan for there being uninterrupted natural gas if someone should decide to mess with that service as well. 

Can you heat your home if there are disruptions to the piped gas supply?? (even if you do have electricity via a generator and fuel for it).

If you do have a generator, have you serviced it recently? Gas is only one part of running a generator....oil fuel and air filters, possibly oil filters...And oil. Have you enough oil to change it after the recommended runtime? Some portable generators require an oil change after as little as 50 hours....Do you have a spare spark plug? If a portable, do you have a means of securing the generator OUTSIDE your home when it is running? (they've been known to walk off, so have a chain or cable to keep it in your possession). 

If you live on propane, it might be a god idea to have your tank filled just before the election as well. Having a full tank of propane just before the winter is a good idea anyway, but especially THIS winter, what with the election and all. Depending on where you live, it may be that the propane delivery trucks may not leave the yard for a week or 3 due to protests. 

Friday, September 4, 2020

And Happy Birthday

 You know who you are. 

No names to protect the innocent, but Happy Birthday nonetheless

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Not that we need proof

 But this Daniel Prude story that just popped in the Mainstream Media (and, oddly, on ALL networks at the same time???)  is a pretty good example of collusion. 

Seems that back in March, in Rochester, New York Mr Prude was all messed up and high on PCP. Cops found him naked in the street. He was spitting and had other issues. He was restrained with handcuffs and his head covered with a "spit hood" to protect the officers. 

His death days later was ruled a homicide "caused by “complications of asphyxia in the setting of physical restraint.”". (In other words he aspirated his own vomit while handcuffed)

Now, I'm not a doctor. and I don't know any other details about this case. I do find it interesting that days after his arrest, after his demise in the hospital, that a medical examiner was able to find a reason to blame the fact that police restrained a spitting, struggling man high on PCP for his death. 

I also find it interesting that, as the Jacob Blake mess dies down in Kenosha and in the national media that the same media (again, all at the same time) started up with this story from MONTHS ago. Strange, innit? I guess they felt that they had to have something to keep the Black people riled up enough to vote DNC. 

And innit strange, despite the fact that they keep telling us about how black men are being systematically murdered daily by racist cops, that the only story they can come up with to keep the heal on the bubbling pot of race relations is a story from March? A story about a man who died with a lethal dose of PCP in his system while having a "mental health crisis" running around naked in the streets in the snow? 

What with the wholesale killing of innocent black men by the cops one would thing they'd not have to go back nearly half a year to find an injustice to fan the flames with. 

And if you can't see the careful manipulation of public opinion in all of this, then you are either blind or stupid. 

ETA: Notice that "black" is capitalized in the headline.....

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Planning for unrest Part 2

 You've read part one.....where I discussed medication and food and other supplies and mentioned Social Unrest.

Plan accordingly when it comes to your food supply and other stuff you can put aside for if and when. Food, paper products, gasoline....ammunition. 

Lets talk about food. You should already have a 90 day supply of staples in your home, just on general principles. If you don't , start VERY soon acquiring those items. If you do have that stash, however, it might be a good time to add to those. Make sure you have checked your preps, looked for holes in your preps, and fill those holes. Perhaps take the time to extend those from 90 to 180 days. Remember, most grocery distribution warehouses are in larger (and often Blue) cities. Expect that to be where the unrest is. It doesn't take many people to block the roads leading to those warehouses. 

Might even be worthwhile to add some to your freezer preps. While it could be that there will be enough social unrest to make a reliable electricity supply unsure, having food in your freezer might not be a bad idea. Frozen vegetables aren't that expensive and can contribute to you overall health. If you lose a hundred dollars worth of frozen food because your power goes out, at least you can eat some of it for a day or three before it spoils......

Paper products are shelf stable....So stock up when you find 'em (if you can find em).  Maybe don't clear the shelves, but have a 90+ day supply. Be a little greedy.  Caned food is easy to store, under beds, bottoms of closets, behind other things on shelves. It is shelf stable for years and you can hide it or stack it anywhere. Be smart, stock the canned foods that you already eat (again, if you can find 'em).  

Maybe buy an extra couple of gas cans......and fill them a week or two before the election. Buy some gas stabilizer perhaps (I like Pri-G  stabilizer but there are others). Make sure you have enough to meet your basic needs for a few months. Again, in lots of places, the refineries/tank farms are in places near larger cities, where the protests riots are likely...or where such riots might block the roads leading to the tank farm. Plan for limited supplies for a month or two. 

Ammunition: At this point, of you don't have it, yer likely not gonna find any. But if you do, buy it. You might need to use it to keep your preps or defend your home.  Ammo doesn't spoil. Expensive ammo is still better than no ammo. 

It is a shame that we have allowed a small minority of leftists and anarchists to challenge and disrupt  our way of life....but the Blue governments in many cities, probably sympathetic to their cause, have indeed allowed them to we have to deal with them until the rest of our citizens demand that it stop...or take action to stop the anarchists themselves. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Now they've done it....

 Some stupid fucker decided to vandalize the Elvis memorial at Graceland with Black Lives Matter and other graffiti.

This, of course, did a lot to garner sympathy with the rest of the people for the BLM cause. 

Kinda findin' it hard to feel sorrow

 for any of the people dead at any of the recent "Protests".

I mean, did ya think it was gonna be all hosannas and welcoming arms? Have a beer and let's sit and talk out or differences? 

Aaron J. Danielson was killed in Portland. He came to an area and had to know that it was dangerous. He was looking for a fight and found one. 

Same same Kyle Rittenhouse. He may be a kid, and he may not have intended to be chased by the Mob and have to defend himself and shoot and kill 2 men and wound another, but he should have been smarter (even as a 17 year old) than to be alone in that crowd. Stayed where he was until morning. He didn't. He found more than he bargained for, but he should have been smarter. 

Same thing with the three lowlifes he shot. They weren't there to hand out flyers.  

"Don't want none, don't bring none".

The best way to not get shot is to not be where there is trouble. 

All those folks were where smart people weren't. Most of them went looking for trouble. They may have found more trouble than they planned to find, but they were's innocent, either. 

Remember the shortages? (Prepping for the election part 1).

You know, those shortages that we had of all sorts of stuff since around March, when the States put us on "Lockdown" for 2 weeks to Flatten the Curve 3 months to "contain the CoronaVirus.... (which, oddly, didn't do much, but hey, don't criticize because Shut Up)?

Remember when one could not find Terlet paper, nor paper towels, nor flour nor rice nor a whole shitload of canned goods? When milk and cheese and many fresh meats were hard to find) or non existent) in your grocery stores? 

Now, I got a prediction for you....

I'm not sure yet who is gonna win the election this fall. But it is coming up quickly. Nov 3 will be here before we know it. I expect things to get....sporty....if Donald Trump wins. (Or if the DNC cheats blatantly enough that us non-DNC folks won't accept the "result"...and that is possible, sadly)....Very sporty. We have all sorts of people who are barely civilized at best and who have been emboldened by the inaction of the police in response to protests for Black Lives Matter because of the wholesale slaughter of Completely Innocent black men who were just minding their own business when the cops showed up....Or whatever the meme of the day pushed by the News Media and the DNC is in order to foment a race war and pass that off as an excuse for Social Unrest. If it looks like Trump will win, one can expect the Media and the DNC (but I repeat myself) to change their propaganda target to false election results and point finger to claims of fraud (oddly though, the majority of fraud in previous elections was DNC based, but that won't matter) and one can expect some even larger and more managed protests, likely well-choreographed across the country....and for longer than a few days,  can have a larger impact of our way of life than you might have thought about...

Real interruptions of both utilities and our supply chain could happen is someone, say someone with access to a large group of people who wish for anarchy, planned for chaos....

The point I am making is that the organization is in place.....the BLM "protests" are not spontaneous, but rather organized....fairly well organized. IF the folks organizing this hate and turmoil and "Social Unrest" can organize such things with only a few days (or hours, in some cases) notice, what can we expect if/when Trump wins? 

You'd better prepare. Expect days, if not weeks, of supply chain issues....Plan and stock accordingly.  A few days of riots widely scattered across the country are one thing.....,massive (and planned and choreographed) riots across the country are another. Widespread civil unrest will cause a great deal of supply chain issues, especially in some areas. 

Do you need maintenance medication? Blood pressure, Thyroid, Diabetes, Arthritis....any of these or others? Stuff you take every day? Substances that you need in order to stay healthy? Perhaps you should talk to your doctor. See if he or she can give you a 90 day subscription for that (or those) medications. Have them filled about 10 days or so before the election. If you do "Pharmacy by Mail" then plan accordingly. EVEN IF YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR IT YOURSELF. But make sure you have at least a 90 day supply of any medication you require to live or to make your life bearable. 

More later. 

Monday, August 31, 2020

The epidemic of police killings of black men


The numbers just don't play out that way. This entire thing, the BLM movement, and the rest of the chaos it has engendered, is a lie. 

I think the DNC thought it would rile up those darker folks in order to get them to vote Democrat, since without that unthinking voting in lockstep the DNC loses....and that they saw the polls last year and realized that decent hardworking folks of every race would vote for Trump because under his administration, they had what they wanted....a good job and some financial security. 

So the DNC did what they could to "Stir 'em up". I mean, it worked for them in the case of Treyvon Martin.....But they forgot that Black people are intelligent.  They can smell bullshit when you wave it under their nose often enough. 

So why isn't the Portland shooter jailed?

 I mean, he shot and killed a guy in Portland.

His FAMILY identified him, fer Chrissake. 

Yet no arrest. 

I guess the fact that he killed a 'Trump Supporter" makes it ok...especially if it happened in Portland. 

Yet a mob can attack a kid in the midwest and he gets tossed in the pokey for defending himself. 

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Holy cats

Watching the coverage of the  "protests" in downtown Chicago....One might call it Theater and be more correct, in fact. 

I mean, really.

How can anyone with a rational mind NOT see these "protests" for what they are? See the theater and hatemongering? 

And don't these folk realize that once the election is over the DNC (who is the prime mover behind these "protests) will forget about them until about a year prior to the NEXT election? 

Preparing for more "Peaceful" protests

 So the businesses in Downtown Chicago are preparing for more "Peaceful" protests this weekend.

Yep, construction crews are boarding up all the storefront windows in most of downtown. 3/4 inch plywood and lots of 2x4's to make sure those "Peaceful" protesters don't accidentally break those plate glass display windows and stumble inside to be tempted by all that unguarded merchandise that might fall into their possession. Those damned greedy Irish folks....

This is what liberal governors have wrought. Businesses cannot depend on the police for protection. The South Side residents cannot be depended upon to behave in a civilized manner. "Rage!" is the order of the day, with emboldened savages expected to once again ravage the downtown areas looking for :Reparations" for the plight of their won culture and behavior. 

I fully expect that the next step is armed security, or, failing that, those businesses will simply relocate elsewhere. 

The late Mayor Dailey is said to have told his officers to "shoot anyone looting" in his day, during the late 60's. Perhaps he had the right idea. It did keep the looting to a minimum, didn't it? 

Friday, August 28, 2020

Benjamin Crump

 Is a lying whore of an attorney. The worst kind of rabble rouser that can be. 

He should be ashamed of himself. 


" If yer gonna do day drinking, best to start early...No sense in burning daylight"


 So, since Kyle Rittenhouse is 17 years old (and threfore a minor) How is it that we all ahve heard his name? 

The media generally doesn't give out the names of minors, no matter what the crime they are accused of. 

Yet in this instance, the media has chosen to spread his name far and wide. 

Must be part of those Double Standards that we have these days....wherein RightSpeak flourishes. 

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Oughta charge 'em with murder

 I mean, sending people with Covid-19 (or, for that matter, any disease that can be deadly to elderly people) to nursing homes....and when those facilities balked, ORDERING them to accept those patients is tantamount to murder, really. 

Every death in one of those nursing homes from Covid should be another charge of murder. 

Coronavirus risks

  Put into perspective

You have a much greater chance of dying from a lot of other causes. Lots greater. 

Unless, of course, you are a Liberal and reject the "science" for Feelz.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

"Rooftop Kenoshans"

 Kenny's term, not mine. But it fits.

He has some articles with interesting videos. (warning, graphic video of a dude with a gunshot wound to his bicep). 

Seems a couple of friends of the business owner decided to keep his business from being looted and torched (again) and this led to some kinetic interactions with the looters protesters. (watch the second link)

(a side note, dude in the video with the AR helping the gunshot guy is lucky the cops didn't ventilate his ass). 

There's gonna be more of this, as people in free states are gonna use the tools at their disposal to protect that property which they have worked hard for. It hasn't happened elsewhere 'cause those folks are limited as to what weapons they have (and can use) to defend their property and livelihoods. But now that they rioters have moved into a free-ish state like Wisconsin, where lots of people are able to arm themselves (and are willing to use force to defend what they have) things are gonna get serious....and they have. (in other words: This ain't Portland, boys and girls....these people fight back, and your ass might just get shot)

The State will have it's Revenge:

 It seems that the 3 mile Border Wall that was built on private land in McAllen Texas pissed some folks in Hidalgo County off. 

The Hidalgo County Appraisal District sent a letter to the landowner, sugar cane farmer Lance Neuhaus, of Neuhaus & Sons, advising him that his property south of Mission, Texas, has been valued at millions more than the previous year because of the private border wall structure.

I expected that the Liberals would find a way to get back at him. 

One might argue that the 3 mile border wall adds no more value than any other fence, and therefore the valuation is bogus....and that the change from Agricultural to Commercial is capricious. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

I don't know what happened:

 And neither do any of you, or likely any of the folks protesting in Kenosha.

We do know the dude shot by the cops in Kenosha had a warrant, that he had a record, that he had a conviction on weapons charges, that he disobeyed a police order, Tazed before walking away from the cops, that he ignored their orders to stop and that he was reaching into his car for something. 

The folks protesting don't want "justice". they want a lynching. Instant "justice"....

They don't care what really happened, they don't care about anything except that a man with an African ancestry was killed by a police officer. 

And they are trashing another city because of it. 

I don't know the circumstances surrounding this shooting. Nor do you. I have questions, and I can't make the call if it was a god shoot or not. I'm not prepared to condemn the officer, nor am I prepared to exonerate him either. A 30 second video is not enough data to make the call. 

But then again, I'm not African American, nor am I likely to act in a Mob. I'm more deliberate than that. 

Monday, August 24, 2020

"Defund the cops!"

We should give 'em a sample...Just a taste, as it were...

So in the inner cities (or any community that wants it, for that matter), if the folks in a neighborhood or community can demonstrate a majority of people inhabiting their area really wish to have no police presence (just to be sure that most people really want that), (and this election is a great time for that sort of referendum, innit?) the governing bodies (city or county, or for that matter, state) should grant them that wish. 

But first, they should give their citizens a taste of what they think they want...

Along about the middle of, say, October, the governing body should choose a Friday night, say 8 PM, to Sunday morning, say 8 AM, and declare a "Police holiday" police response to those areas that currently wish to "Defund the Police"...Any crimes committed in those places will not be responded to by the police. Further, there will be no investigations then or later, of any crimes committed during the "Holiday". Let the people get a sample of what "No Police!" really looks like. 

No one to call when someone is breaking into your house. Up to you to make sure your property remains in you possession. No one to call when your wife or sister or girlfriend is raped....or'd better escort them everywhere. No one to call when your car is stolen..... or someone wants your wallet and jewelry. Better keep those locked up or well hidden. Better be able to defend all of your possessions or have them locked up so no one can steal 'em from your home.  

And, of course, no one to haul off the bodies when all sorts of grudges are suddenly able to be dealt with...Payback is a bitch when the cops are not there to arrest folks who might want revenge for wrongs you might have done...especially when they have no fear of consequences from the police or the Law. I'd expect a lot of issues to be dealt with once the rule of law stops protecting criminals from righteously outraged citizens.......Maybe there had better be designated places for corpses to be stacked for disposal....

Oh, and fire and ambulance services? In most places, especially in those areas that want to "Defund the Police", most ambulances and fire departments require a police presence when responding, so they might not show up when you call. You might be well advised to get a decent trauma kit and some fire extinguishers too. Probably better make sure your garden hoses work so you can fight random arson as well. 

I'm thinking 36 hours should be enough to help those folks make their decisions as to whether the police need to be "Defunded". Might be it is actually too long. maybe only from 8 PM on Saturday to 8 AM on Sunday might be enough time. I think lots of action might happen in 12 hours. 

We'd have to schedule it, so that decent folks there can secure their belongings and give 'em time to figure out where they can relocate to, or hire armed security of their own to defend that which they think they value, but the logistics can be fairly straightforward with a bit of thought....

I'm thinking it will change a lot of attitudes. Probably would be good for the cops as well....a bit of time off, and a bit of respect afterwards. Probably some beatings for those who continue to insist on defunding the police afterwards too, I would imagine. But it would let people have a small taste of what they think they want. 

I think it would be an excellent lesson for the rest of us too. 

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Well, that escalated quickly

 So last weekend, I stepped out of the shower. 

Heard that odd sound that there was one loose floor tile. 

Closer inspection revealed loose grout and a tile that was, indeed, loose. 

Ok, no big deal. gently removed the cracked grout, and the tile came up easily. 

And the tile next to it moved as well. And the one next to that..... aaannd the one next to that, and of course the one next to that....

The last tile revealed a bit of soft flooring.  

So now I have 9- 6 x 6 tiles loose. and a half dollar sized bit of soft underlayment . I let it all dry out, cleaned up the old tile glue (I think the previous owner used Liquid Nails) and got the floor dried out. Stabilized and filled that soft section with some epoxy. Sealed the floor (who uses PARTICLE BOARD for an underlayment in a BATHROOM?) and then pulled the wall trim so I could get the edges clean to re-glue the tiles back down. ( I hope not to have to pull ALL the tiles up, 'cause then I gotta move the terlet and vanity and then GOD knows what other issues that is gonna cause). 

Pulling the wall trim revealed soft drywall, which is gonna have to be replaced...which is gonna necessitate repainting the walls...Unless I can find the paint I used 5 years ago when I last repainted that bathroom.  (and if that paint is still good). 

I am afraid of what else I am gonna find. Maybe it would be easier to move....


 The House can do a "Special Session" to find a way to suddenly come up with 25 Billion Dollars funding for the Post Office......

Yet they could not, and would not take the time to find a way to give our unemployed citizens some sort of  relief.

The first is most obviously an attempt to make sure that their push for "Vote by Mail" with it's abundant opportunities for fraud and cheating and all the other attendant issues is not damaged by a lack of funds for the Post Office.

The second is a slap in the face of all those folks put out of work with the Coronavirus "Precautions" in order to damage the economy. 

I hope those folks remember who could not find the time to even discuss any relief efforts for them when it come time to vote. 

Thursday, August 20, 2020

So...not all of those looters in Chicago were poor, it seems.....

 Seems that some were fairly well-off, some were college students, some were recently unemployed (and therefore getting unemployment PLUS that extra $600/week from the feds. 

But we are told they had to break into stores to loot and steal just so they could eat, just so they could clothe themselves. 

And, BTW, I have a question:

Who was buying all of those high-end goods that they liberated from their white oppressors stole from the stores they broke into? I strongly doubt that the pawnshops would take 'em, so they must have sold them to someone.....and where did THOSE folks get the money? 

SO which part of her is "Black"?

 I mean, everyone is going on and on how she is the first "Woman of Color" Vice President candidate..

But other than having sorta brownish skin, what color is she? She isn't African, except partly through some of her fathers's ancestors. He was from British Jamaica...

It isn't from her mother, she is from India. 

(here for some background)

She isn't, except for the shade of her skin, an "American" black person. Certainly not an "African-American". 

But I guess to those DNC Liberals, all people that are darker than them are all the same....These are the same folks that think that we need lesser standards for non-whites, after all. 

Notes from the road


Had to travel to Cleveland for a deposition. (I was not the one being deposed)

Flew the 182 to Burke Lakefront Airport (BKL)... flight time was about 2 hours. Much better than the nearly 6 hour drive. (Or the 4-1/2 hour time to travel if I had flown commercial)

Flight was enjoyable. Fairly smooth, fairly uneventful. When I got to the Cleveland class Bravo airspace, I asked if they would clear me direct instead of having to go around it. They gave me clearance through, direct BKL, so that took 15 minutes off my flight time. Never hurts to ask. Sometimes you get lucky.  One almost NEVER gets VFR clearance through the class B airspace in Chicago.  Landed, taxiied, parked as the marshaller directed, tied the wings down, checked in at Signature Flight Support, and locked the plane. waited a bit for their courtesy shuttle and off I went. I got to the hotel (near the Stadium) and spent the evening looking around a nearly deserted area that is apparently usually teeming with people from football games and conventions and such. 

The downtown area near the stadium is like a scene from a dystopian novel. probably less than 10% of "normal". Not much business travel to fill the hotels and there is NO convention business. The Hilton had rates of $129 a night, so I stayed there. It is a sad reflection of what it once was. Services are at a minimum. If it is even 10% full I'd be surprised. They have to be losing tens of thousands of dollars a day. There is only one restaurant open, and that wasn't being used much. The food was good though. Services are at a minimum. No valet services, few bellhop services, no concierge at all, no room service, etc. Masks are, of course, required in all indoor spaces. 

Since the place I had to be in the morning was only about 2 miles from the hotel, and the evening was cool, I thought I'd walk to it and see where I needed to be, just to get some exercise in and reconnoiter the area. 

Nope, ...I changed my mind about 2 blocks from the hotel (heading west)...I did not realize until then that the streets change hands at night. Gone were the smiling, happy folks, clean cut and greeting even strangers with a "hello" (while, of course, staying "Socially Distant") were a bunch of much more scruffy looking folks, playing loud rap music on their car stereos and congregating closely. It looked like a scene from Mogadishu...seriously.  Lots and lots of things being offered for sale, if you know what I mean. Men squaring off and women chatting and showing off for the men. No one was in any way threatening, mind you, but it was clear that not only did I stand out in my differences, but that I, whether because I was a stranger or because I was white, was not welcome. 

I took the hint and went back to the hotel. I found the same thing about 4 blocks south as well. I ended up going back and staying in my room, as there wasn't much to do...

The day of depositions went well and we got done about 7 pm local,  earlier than I had been told to expect, and I got an Uber to the hotel. Called 1-800 WX-Brief and decided to fly home that evening as the weather was clear, broken layer of clouds at 7500 and only about 15 knots of headwind forecast. 

Went to the FBO and untied the plane, and had them top off my tanks. I MIGHT have been able to make it, but the forecast headwind would make the trip back home with the fuel I had left marginal, so I chose to buy their (fairly expensive) fuel. 

Checked the oil, used their ladder to clean the windshield, and waited 5 minutes to check the fuel for water. Fired up and called ground for taxi.

They had me wait at 06R while a Learjet crossed to 06L, then cleared me for takeoff. However, I was afraid of the jetwash of the big Lear sitting just of my runway, so I waited....and waited...and waited. He didn't move, and Tower called me and repeated that I was "clear to takeoff" I told 'em that I was waiting for the jet to move as I was afraid they'd blow me off the runway, so they asked him to pull up a bit and he did, then I took off. 

Climbed out on runway heading as instructed, and then turned left "West on course" when they cleared me to do so. Changed to Cleveland Departure and, again, they cleared me right through their class B airspace at 6500 feet MSL.  

I never did find that headwind. My groundspeed matched my airspeed for nearly the whole flight plus or minus a knot or two. I moved right along at about 134 knots. Pretty smooth flight in the calm air. VFR all the way. 

1.9 hours home. If I had known the winds were gonna be calm, rather than a headwind, I would not have bought the expensive gas, and paid nearly $2 less per gallon back home. But, better to land with expensive gas in the tank than none at all. 

2 hours each way is so much better than nearly 6 hours driving (each way). This a part of the reason that I own a plane....I just don't get to use it that much for that what with the WuHan stuff these days. 

Monday, August 17, 2020

Of course we should have "Vote By Mail"

 (the above was sarcasm, just in case you weren't aware of that)

Nevada sends nearly a quarter million votes via US Mail to wrong addresses. 

and, of course, there's all the "rejected" ballots, (lots of reasons, some legit, some not, some caused by the voters, some caused by the USPS) that happen in Mail-in votes....

And those are just the ones where honest errors were made. How many more can be mis/un/not counted when the folks that have and interest in defrauding the voters get involved? We know that Donald Trump had to (in the last election) not only win a majority of voters, but overcome the "margin of fraud" in many "blue" enclaves. 

Why should we think that the political party that (disingenuously) tells us that it is racist to require people to prove they are who they claim to be in order to vote (Racist? Black people don't possess government ID? Really? Or are they too stupid to get one? Too lazy to get one? Who is racist here? ) won't continue the vote manipulation that has historically happened in Blue strongholds? 

Why, if we can go to the grocery store and the liquor store and such in a safe manner as long as we wear a mask, can we not vote safely wearing a mask? If we can march in the streets shoulder to shoulder for hours with a bunch of unmasked strangers why is standing in a line for a few minutes so dangerous? (Masked and, "socially Distanced" of course) 

One with a suspicious and untrusting attitude (such as myself) might think that there is an....underhanded reason for such changes....

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Some folks will sell themselves again and again,

 So, in addition to being Willie Brown's "Side Piece" so she could get the appointments that have led to her current positions (some might think she had prostituted herself for those positions, but other might just say that she was "helped" by a decide for yourself) there is this to consider....

Let us not forget that a year and a half or so ago, Ms Harris said about Joe Biden, when he was accused by a bunch of women of "Inappropriate touching" that she believed those women .... “I believe them, and I respect them being able to tell their story and having the courage to do it.” . (to be fair to Dopey Joe, this was at the height of the "Mee Tooo" movement, where nearly every left leaning woman who could get a camera to focus on her long enough had a story to tell about a man being bad to her)...

Yet now, since she couldn't get enough people to want her as President, she's hitched her wagon to the star of Joe Biden....

Odd, innit, what ambition and lust for power will do to a person, especially one with a history like Ms Harris. Some people have standards and moral, then there are politicians....then folks like Ms Harris, for whom no sacrifice, no sell out is too great for advancement. 

You'd think that, if she wasn't lying when she "believed" those women, that she wouldn't want anything to do with a man she has all but accused of being a serial rapist. But then again, she's sold a part of her for advancement once, what is another piece of her soul?  

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Finally, some said "NO".

 So the planned March/Protest/Riot/Shutdown of the Dan Ryan Expressway was a fizzle...

Oddly enough, when the police (the Illinois State Police, actually) stood in a line and blocked access, the protesters, already less than well organized, chose to do their protest on City of Chicago streets instead. 

Funny how that works, innit? When these folks who want to protest are not allowed to do so, when confronted with an authority that says "NO, Not Here" then they....don't. 

If the leftist mayors in Blue cites would learn from this lesson, and NOT LET THE SHIT START, then they wouldn't have to stop it later. 

Kudos to the ISP for not letting folks commit a Federal and State crime...and especially for not aiding them in committing one. 

AAANNDD this looks like a good start

 Seems that the feds investigating the "RussiaGate"  debacle by the FBI...By that I mean the malfeasance in targeting the Trump campaign to try and keep him out of the 2016 Presidential election...In essence, politicizing the FBI....have found someone they have been investigating that figures it's easier to cooperate and plead guilty. 

I fully expect that there will be more folks that are convicted from the leads he will be providing. 

Unless, of course, he is suddenly introduced to Jeffrey Epstein. 

Friday, August 14, 2020

And the start of the exodus from Chacago

 Macy's has informed it's landlord that it will be leaving it's Water Tower Place store location in Chicago's "Mag Mile". 

I guess they got tired of the looting, and the failure of the city's Administration to provide enough police to keep the peace when looters came out of the south and west sides to break windows and steal merchandise.  The images of cops sitting in their cars, outnumbered 20:1 and helpless to intervene while (mostly) poor black folks brazenly walked through broken glass doors and windows and left with armloads of merchandise. While teams of people loaded large box trucks (some say U-Hauls) and left with tens of thousands of dollars of property. (One would have though that the cops would have taken license numbers, but what do I know?). 

Merchants cannot do business without the rule of law. 

I expect that in a year, three at most, the "Mag Mile" will not be so "Magnificent"... It will take a while, but it will soon be an empty shell, as merchants leave for safer places to do business, taking with them millions of dollars in wages, taxes and ancillary costs that will, instead, go to other, safer, communities. 

Look at Detroit and other cities where riots happened. They still haven't recovered even decades later. 

Macey's is just the first rock in the avalanche. 

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Happy Birthday

 To my brother. 

If you were a car, you'd be a "classic". 

An interesting CNN of all entities

 "...someone whose resume suggests being ready to step in, if and when Biden decides to step aside."

I guess the cat is out of the bag then. We all know Biden will have to "step aside" because of failing mental faculties very soon. It is sad that they are using him this way

This gets (should they win) a fairly far Left candidate into the White House when she could not make it there on her own...

And it was CNN who brought it to the forefront. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

You just gotta wonder

 What, exactly, Kamala Harris had to do THIS time to get her position as Joe Biden's VP pick. 

I mean, it isn't like she hasn't "assumed a position" before, is it? 

Was in Joe himself? Or someone (or someones) else that she had to take care of. 

Enquiring minds and all that. 

You would have thought that even the DNC would have found a woman with some character to be the First Black Vice President nominee. 

I see it as giver her some payback for services rendered but they realize that Joe (and now Kamala) won't be in the white house after Nov, so they have nothing to lose....

Looting is "reparations"

“That is reparations,” Atkins said. “Anything they wanted to take, they can take it because these businesses have insurance.”


“I don’t care if someone decides to loot a Gucci or a Macy’s or a Nike store, because that makes sure that person eats,” Ariel Atkins, a BLM organizer, said. “That makes sure that person has clothes.”

I didn't see any of those folks without clothes or anyone looking like they had missed a meal .

So it's OK to loot someone's store because "reparations"? Or because they think they need a meal? 

Fuck that. No matter how you try to justify it, that is theft, plain and simple. 

Watch it here: (start at 0:30). Even Jesse Jackson is ashamed at the actions of these folks. 

And it is all OK because "Insurance".

These folks are animals. Not all black people, but a significant portion of those urban Blacks. They are a cancer on society, and need to be locked away from the rest of society. We corral dangerous dogs for a reason. 

Monday, August 10, 2020


 Why is it that when there is a "Peaceful Protest" about a perceived injustice to a black person, it always turns into a riot and then looting? Smashed store windows and acquisition of other people's property....

It didn't happen when the TEA Party folks did their marches. 

It doesn't happen when other marches take place, like LGBT and such. Even Antifa limits themselves to destruction, not looting

Only when it is a black protest. 

Why is that? 

The sad part is that this makes every black person look bad.... And most aren't that kind of trash. Most are decent, and as upstanding citizens as the rest of us.... . Now they get lumped in with the folks that did this last night, and they won't ever be trusted because of it. 

Shit like this sets race relations back another generation. 

An interesting take on Covid-19

 READ this.

(vial Common Cents)

Go ahead, I will wait. 

Done? Yeah, it is middlin' long, but it is worth the read. 

Sweden has, apparently, run the gauntlet and is now on the other side. 

The numbers in the article are pretty solid. The approach Sweden took is much more sensible. And it has worked much better that the "Flatten the Curve" strategy (that was originally supposed to be for just TWO WEEKS) and has now stretched on for more than 150 days, with no real end in least until a vaccine is tested and shown to be efficacious (and safe)). 

Every time people interact, we have the chance to transmit this (or lots of others) disease. Only "slightly" letting people interact simply kills us slowly...if it will kill us at all. Thinking that the current "Lockdown" or limited social interaction will prevent people from getting the disease at all is foolish, it simply spreads out the (very small) infection rate over time.....and doesn't really solve the problem. To think otherwise is to abandon logic.

Allowing protests with no "Social Distancing" but preventing people from congregating elsewhere is foolish and illogical. If Distancing is a requirement for safety, then is is required everywhere, not only outside of a political protest....If it is safe to walk shoulder to shoulder with a bunch of strangers, then it is safe to attend a wedding or funeral with your friends and relatives.....or at a high school football game...or on a beach or at a party.... If it is safe to eat in a restaurant with no masks but forcing the patrons to wear the masks while walking TO the table is idiocy. To release prisoners is another example of foolish, poorly thought out prevention. If masks really work, then they should work as well in a prison as at a store or other place of business. Releasing prisoners harms society, the entity that the imprisonment of the prisoner is supposed to protect....and if the measure required to keep those same members of society work in public, they should work in a prison as well  To think that the Social Distancing spacing of 6 feet makes a difference when there is no allowance for airflow or other factors is also foolish. (and there is no evidence that "6 Feet" is any more efficacious than 1 meter or 4 feet or 5  feet. It was just a number that was picked)

Yet we persist in these poorly thought out practices when we have an example, imperfect perhaps, but valid, that shows what a mostly urban population experiences with little or no "Covid safety" practices as we here in the United States are following, to the detriment of our society and our economy.. Sweden is fully operational, and has been, yet they have, effectively, no current "Pandemic" of Covid-19 in their borders. 

Yet we persist in following a poorly thought out and proven ineffective policy, enforced by our government entities, to the detriment of our population....WHY? 

Until either well over 70% of the population has been exposed, or until a vaccine is found and distributed, Covid 19 will be specter that will hang over us. And the measures we are taking aren't fixing the problem...Nor, oddly, are our hospitals even close to overwhelmed.... 

When you see the  statistics on the morning news tomorrow, or the evening news, ask yourself....why don't they tell us the positivity rate for the massive amounts of testing.....oddly, they leave out that statistic. Also, why don't they give us the death RATE for those folks who HAVE Covid?  

The data is massaged and presented to give the recipient the impression that this is a massive "Pandemic"...when it really isn't...but they don't want you to know that. The highest rate of death is currently New 178 people dying per 100,000 people.....that is a death rate of 0.00178, or less than two-tenths of a percent. And that is the HIGHEST of all the states in the country. Yet we re told to cower in fear and wear a mask so we won't all die.....When in reality, the chance of dying from Covid is really very, very low. 

"Peaceful" Protests

 or just plain looting...

And it wasn't the Amish that were looting and vandalizing the businesses on Michigan Avenue and the surrounding areas in Chicago late Sunday evening. More at the Channel 5 news website...including video of the folks doing the looting. 

And the cops weren't allowed to use the crowd control tools they needed when they were outnumbered. 

This is how the Chicago we know dies slowly. In order to protect the city, the police will shut down the trains from the south side and raise the bridges to limit access to keep the majority of the folks doing the crimes away. Folks who work downtown, if they are actually going in to work, are having to prove that they are essential and have to be in the downtown area. 

There has to be someone organizing the folks from the south side. No way that thousands all decided to get on trains and into cars to go and loot in the more affluent parts of the city all at once. 

And this is a great way to make sure that whites fear and loathe poor black folks. 

Sunday, August 9, 2020


 It could just be rumor:

But the story is that a major chain is having a "Michael Jackson Memorial sale".

Supposed to be Boys Underwear Half Off. 

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Friday, August 7, 2020

Just sayin'

A thought before you go out for lunch:

A damned good question.

Of course, the Left and the Media (But I repeat myself) have never been known for their consistency, have they. 

I mean, if they didn't have Double Standards, they'd have no standards at all......

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Update to the update, Raptor edition:

outa my hands now. Gonna be a longer stay as well. 

This 2-3 year old Red-tailed Hawk was brought into the rehab center on Monday after being found near Rt 30 in Valparaiso. A slow response time and slight head ticks suggest it sustained head trauma, likely from being hit by a vehicle. What's more is the damage done to its feathers. During admission exams, feather quality is always examined and taken into consideration when assessing a bird.

As you can see below this bird is missing multiple primary feathers on each wing. These feather shafts are actually snapped off as opposed to being new growth from molt. This damage will take a long time to repair itself as we will need to wait for new feathers to grow in. This bird will likely be in our care through winter and into next spring as a result of this feather damage.

As with all of our birds of prey, a blood draw was also performed to test for lead toxicity. We will know more in a few short days if there is any lead in this birds system.


48 degrees this morning.

Forty Eight. 

In early August. 

Almost sweater weather. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Raptor update:

So the bird survived the night. They gave her (she's a young female, probably a year and a half old, according to the wildlife refuge folks) some fluids last evening, and she perked right up. 

Apparently, she ate a mouse this morning, and is drinking. 

She does still appear somewhat disoriented, snd they think that my analysis is correct: that she was tumbled by a car or truck.

The reason she cannot fly is that most of her primary flight feathers are broken....probably from being tumbled by the vehicle.

She has no obvious broken bones, but is bruised. 

They think she was on the side of the road for a while, likely several days. She did not poop during the evening hours, which apparently indicates that she has not eaten for a while. 

Prognosis: Good. She will have to live in a cage for a while while her feathers grow back, and they think that as long as she is eating and drinking she will recover and be able to be released in a month or two when her feathers are back to the point at which she can fly again.

It was only plain luck that she tried to fly as I drove past.  If she'd have waited 20 seconds, I'd not have noticed her there on the side of the fact, my brother had driven that same road only 20 or 30 minutes before, and he did not notice her...he's pretty observant, and would have likely seen her had she been struggling when he drove past (and he'd have done the same thing I did, if had seen her).  

When I saw her, I assumed that she was entrapped by a silt fence that was there in the median, as she rose up, then fell back. I figured she had a foot tangled in the silt fence or something like that. 'Twas just luck that the timing put me there and that I saw her struggle. 

Lucky bird, on many accounts. 

So it looks like full recovery and release in a month or a bit. 

I'll be making a small donation to help feed and house her during her recovery. 

If you care to as well, the website is   They apparently have a facebook page as well, but I don't facebook. 

I am supposed to get some photos later so if they email them to me, I will post 'em here.