Monday, August 10, 2020


 Why is it that when there is a "Peaceful Protest" about a perceived injustice to a black person, it always turns into a riot and then looting? Smashed store windows and acquisition of other people's property....

It didn't happen when the TEA Party folks did their marches. 

It doesn't happen when other marches take place, like LGBT and such. Even Antifa limits themselves to destruction, not looting

Only when it is a black protest. 

Why is that? 

The sad part is that this makes every black person look bad.... And most aren't that kind of trash. Most are decent, and as upstanding citizens as the rest of us.... . Now they get lumped in with the folks that did this last night, and they won't ever be trusted because of it. 

Shit like this sets race relations back another generation. 

An interesting take on Covid-19

 READ this.

(vial Common Cents)

Go ahead, I will wait. 

Done? Yeah, it is middlin' long, but it is worth the read. 

Sweden has, apparently, run the gauntlet and is now on the other side. 

The numbers in the article are pretty solid. The approach Sweden took is much more sensible. And it has worked much better that the "Flatten the Curve" strategy (that was originally supposed to be for just TWO WEEKS) and has now stretched on for more than 150 days, with no real end in least until a vaccine is tested and shown to be efficacious (and safe)). 

Every time people interact, we have the chance to transmit this (or lots of others) disease. Only "slightly" letting people interact simply kills us slowly...if it will kill us at all. Thinking that the current "Lockdown" or limited social interaction will prevent people from getting the disease at all is foolish, it simply spreads out the (very small) infection rate over time.....and doesn't really solve the problem. To think otherwise is to abandon logic.

Allowing protests with no "Social Distancing" but preventing people from congregating elsewhere is foolish and illogical. If Distancing is a requirement for safety, then is is required everywhere, not only outside of a political protest....If it is safe to walk shoulder to shoulder with a bunch of strangers, then it is safe to attend a wedding or funeral with your friends and relatives.....or at a high school football game...or on a beach or at a party.... If it is safe to eat in a restaurant with no masks but forcing the patrons to wear the masks while walking TO the table is idiocy. To release prisoners is another example of foolish, poorly thought out prevention. If masks really work, then they should work as well in a prison as at a store or other place of business. Releasing prisoners harms society, the entity that the imprisonment of the prisoner is supposed to protect....and if the measure required to keep those same members of society work in public, they should work in a prison as well  To think that the Social Distancing spacing of 6 feet makes a difference when there is no allowance for airflow or other factors is also foolish. (and there is no evidence that "6 Feet" is any more efficacious than 1 meter or 4 feet or 5  feet. It was just a number that was picked)

Yet we persist in these poorly thought out practices when we have an example, imperfect perhaps, but valid, that shows what a mostly urban population experiences with little or no "Covid safety" practices as we here in the United States are following, to the detriment of our society and our economy.. Sweden is fully operational, and has been, yet they have, effectively, no current "Pandemic" of Covid-19 in their borders. 

Yet we persist in following a poorly thought out and proven ineffective policy, enforced by our government entities, to the detriment of our population....WHY? 

Until either well over 70% of the population has been exposed, or until a vaccine is found and distributed, Covid 19 will be specter that will hang over us. And the measures we are taking aren't fixing the problem...Nor, oddly, are our hospitals even close to overwhelmed.... 

When you see the  statistics on the morning news tomorrow, or the evening news, ask yourself....why don't they tell us the positivity rate for the massive amounts of testing.....oddly, they leave out that statistic. Also, why don't they give us the death RATE for those folks who HAVE Covid?  

The data is massaged and presented to give the recipient the impression that this is a massive "Pandemic"...when it really isn't...but they don't want you to know that. The highest rate of death is currently New 178 people dying per 100,000 people.....that is a death rate of 0.00178, or less than two-tenths of a percent. And that is the HIGHEST of all the states in the country. Yet we re told to cower in fear and wear a mask so we won't all die.....When in reality, the chance of dying from Covid is really very, very low. 

"Peaceful" Protests

 or just plain looting...

And it wasn't the Amish that were looting and vandalizing the businesses on Michigan Avenue and the surrounding areas in Chicago late Sunday evening. More at the Channel 5 news website...including video of the folks doing the looting. 

And the cops weren't allowed to use the crowd control tools they needed when they were outnumbered. 

This is how the Chicago we know dies slowly. In order to protect the city, the police will shut down the trains from the south side and raise the bridges to limit access to keep the majority of the folks doing the crimes away. Folks who work downtown, if they are actually going in to work, are having to prove that they are essential and have to be in the downtown area. 

There has to be someone organizing the folks from the south side. No way that thousands all decided to get on trains and into cars to go and loot in the more affluent parts of the city all at once. 

And this is a great way to make sure that whites fear and loathe poor black folks. 

Sunday, August 9, 2020


 It could just be rumor:

But the story is that a major chain is having a "Michael Jackson Memorial sale".

Supposed to be Boys Underwear Half Off. 

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Friday, August 7, 2020

Just sayin'

A thought before you go out for lunch:

A damned good question.

Of course, the Left and the Media (But I repeat myself) have never been known for their consistency, have they. 

I mean, if they didn't have Double Standards, they'd have no standards at all......

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Update to the update, Raptor edition:

outa my hands now. Gonna be a longer stay as well. 

This 2-3 year old Red-tailed Hawk was brought into the rehab center on Monday after being found near Rt 30 in Valparaiso. A slow response time and slight head ticks suggest it sustained head trauma, likely from being hit by a vehicle. What's more is the damage done to its feathers. During admission exams, feather quality is always examined and taken into consideration when assessing a bird.

As you can see below this bird is missing multiple primary feathers on each wing. These feather shafts are actually snapped off as opposed to being new growth from molt. This damage will take a long time to repair itself as we will need to wait for new feathers to grow in. This bird will likely be in our care through winter and into next spring as a result of this feather damage.

As with all of our birds of prey, a blood draw was also performed to test for lead toxicity. We will know more in a few short days if there is any lead in this birds system.


48 degrees this morning.

Forty Eight. 

In early August. 

Almost sweater weather. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Raptor update:

So the bird survived the night. They gave her (she's a young female, probably a year and a half old, according to the wildlife refuge folks) some fluids last evening, and she perked right up. 

Apparently, she ate a mouse this morning, and is drinking. 

She does still appear somewhat disoriented, snd they think that my analysis is correct: that she was tumbled by a car or truck.

The reason she cannot fly is that most of her primary flight feathers are broken....probably from being tumbled by the vehicle.

She has no obvious broken bones, but is bruised. 

They think she was on the side of the road for a while, likely several days. She did not poop during the evening hours, which apparently indicates that she has not eaten for a while. 

Prognosis: Good. She will have to live in a cage for a while while her feathers grow back, and they think that as long as she is eating and drinking she will recover and be able to be released in a month or two when her feathers are back to the point at which she can fly again.

It was only plain luck that she tried to fly as I drove past.  If she'd have waited 20 seconds, I'd not have noticed her there on the side of the fact, my brother had driven that same road only 20 or 30 minutes before, and he did not notice her...he's pretty observant, and would have likely seen her had she been struggling when he drove past (and he'd have done the same thing I did, if had seen her).  

When I saw her, I assumed that she was entrapped by a silt fence that was there in the median, as she rose up, then fell back. I figured she had a foot tangled in the silt fence or something like that. 'Twas just luck that the timing put me there and that I saw her struggle. 

Lucky bird, on many accounts. 

So it looks like full recovery and release in a month or a bit. 

I'll be making a small donation to help feed and house her during her recovery. 

If you care to as well, the website is   They apparently have a facebook page as well, but I don't facebook. 

I am supposed to get some photos later so if they email them to me, I will post 'em here. 

Monday, August 3, 2020

Raptor rescue

I did my Good Deed for the day....

So there I am, driving down the highway at about 50 miles an hour (construction zone, so not speeding). 

And there, on the side of the road, I see what appears to be a hawk flapping and trying to rise. It was only a glimpse, but when I looked back in the truck's mirror, I didn't see anything take off....

So I turned at the next safe spot and reversed course. Back a mile, and then turned again.

As I approached the spot, I pulled off the active lane and into the cones marking the construction zone, and parked the truck. 

Yep, sure enough, a hawk, right at the edge of the pavement on the far side of the road....When I say the edge of the pavement, I mean the bird's tail feathers were ON the pavement.  

I approached the hawk, and it didn't move. I could see it breathing heavily (panting) in the hot sun, but it didn't seem to have the energy to do more than eye me warily. (S)he looked stunned and kinda weak. 

I called the local wildlife rehab agency, but they did not have the staff to come and pick it up. Shit. Oh well, time to improvise. Needs be when the devil dances and all that. Do nothing and the bird is gonna get hit by a car again, or maybe die on the side of the road. 

So I looked in the back of the truck and found an old zippered hoodie, got out some thick leather work gloves, and walked across the one lane of traffic. Tossed the hoodie over the birds head, and scooped her up. Wrapped the sweatshirt around the bird, and back to the truck. She struggled a bit, but settled nicely. As MC was with me, I got her to open the door and we (me and the hawk) settled in the passenger seat as MC closed my door and she got in the driver's seat...and on the way to the wildlife rehab facility we went...with me holding the bird snugly on my lap. 

She was mostly quiescent, but did get one foot down on my jeans-clad leg sharp talons, I tellya. Real sharp. and pretty strong real damage, but my leg is gonna have a bruise..... part of the gig, I guess.  

15 minutes later, we are at the wildlife rehab facility. They took the hawk and put her in a cage. She was somewhat disoriented, but aside from a limp, appeared to be relatively uninjured. We shall see how it goes. Live or die, I tried. 

I think she (or he) got hit (or sideswiped) by a car. The bird was somewhat dehydrated and I think it had been there most of the day, maybe longer. 'Twas luck that I was it struggle, really. 

Hopefully, they can get it back to health and release it. 

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Passing it on:

You should read this post .

and ask yourself....why? 

I am sorry I will miss it:

I'm talking country fairs...

This is the week we would have had the county fair in my county. This week and the one two weeks prior are the 2 weeks that I looked forward to going to a county fair....

The hot afternoon heat and dust, the scent as one approaches the gates of dust from the parking lots....the smell of sweat, of cooking food that isn't good for you...fried things....battered stuff that has way too much salt, and too much fat, and too much of everything that tastes good, but is so bad for you...of roasting meats and vegetables, of sweet corn and hot dogs and sausages. 

The scent of sweating people. of the animals in the barns, of diesel exhaust from the generators, of grease and hot bearings and unwashed carnies. 

The scent of sweets of all kinds. fried dough, cinnamon and sugar, of lemonade and root beer, Of cotton candy, and melting ice cream.  

Close you eyes, you can smell it if you try...

Sadly, due to the Wuhan Crud, it ain't gonna happen this year. 


Saturday, August 1, 2020

We need more of this:

So Trader Joe's got a complaint: Their brands were "racist". 

About time some companies had some leadership that stops bowing to a small minority of crybabies. Enough is enough. Changing policies or branding of colors of your logo or whatever because one person is offended and gets his or her 3 friends to sign a petition is bowing to the tyranny of the minority....One cannot win, as no matter what one does, there will be another tiny group of people that will find something offensive or just simply complain....

No one has a right to "not be offended". Enough of this pandering to those who complain just to complain. 

I believe the one of the first instances of bowing to the minority was "Taco Neck Syndrome" wherein Taco Bell had a long and well funded ad campaign planned featuring folks who turn their head sideways to eat a taco without spilling the contents...with Shaquille O'Neal as the spokes-celebrity...

After the first few days of the opening of the ad campaign, some folks with an affliction called "Dystonia" screamed and cried loudly and long enough that Taco Bell cancelled the ad campaign....costing MILLIONS of dollars. 

There were, at that time, less than 4000 people in the country diagnosed with Dystonia, an affliction of the neck, also called "Spasmodic Torticollis" 

But they got Taco Bell to toss a multi million dollar ad campaign over a few people being "offended". 

It has snowballed from there, with corporate appeasement happening more and more. 

Kudos to Trader Joe's for (finally) saying "NO!". 

Triple jeopardy?

So, for a third time, the case of Michael Brown was reviewed....and still, the investigator could not find any evidence that the police officer involved, Darren Wilson....and, for the third time, there was not enough evidence to show wrongdoing. 

This time, as some have pointed out, it was a black prosecutor....(why that matters, I dunno?) who exonerated Ex-officer Wilson.

Is there ever gonna be a time when Mr Wilson will be left alone? Will the Black Community ever accept the fact that Brown was simply a thug, a jerk, and a guy who got shot because he believed that "Might makes Right"...and he found out that sometimes it doesn't?